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[Discussion]Would you play on such a server?

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Wall of text: Please read as much as possible, to maintain a healthy discussion...


Uniform PvE/PvP system situated on a variety of siege and hunting grounds,

interconnected by a as frequent as every hour "Territory War" between 2

concurable objects/areas (Castles, fortresses, towns and well known L2 Landmarks).

Combat area is filled with 2 advancing NPC armies full of class-arch-type AI

driven enemies. Join either and concure land for rewards and influence,

or stay non aligned and capture Ward points and complete CTF/KOTH objectives

to receive on-hold stat increases and constant but small rewards.


PvE challenge is secured by NPC complexity, which is not driven by the need

to /attack mobs for minutes. Instead, PvE combat is intense due to strength

of NPC attacks, agressive skill use (not simple damage spell/attacks, but

complex geometric position manipulation such as warp,rush, pull, teleport, shadowsteps)as well

as respective combos, buffs and debuffs. Mobs will actively self vamp, UD/UE, barrier, lay traps. Most effects

are short lived, and are also widely recognizable. This allows players to pick tactics

suitable for PvP in a PvE environment, always ready for real PvP whenever it comes up.


*50% Better HP Regen (2s instead of 3s). Indirectly increases potency

of HPregen buffs and passive skills for HP regen.

*3x better MP regen (1s instead of 3s) +7MP/tick for all classes.

*3x better CP regen (1s instead of 3s).

*Mana Drug increase MP regen by 37/tick for 8 seconds.

Reuse 11 Seconds static.

*Mana Potion (Black Market, Raid Boss drop, Donate Reward) increases

MP regen by 62MP/tick for 8 seconds, but is removed if you make any action

except walking. Reuse 4 Seconds Static.

*HP Potion restores 100HP/sec (not regen).

*QHP (Black Market, Raid Boss drop, Donate Reward) Restores 1387HP.

Reuse 15 seconds.

*Elixir common reuse reduced to 90 seconds instead of 300.


*Max Wep enchant +10-12; Armor enchant +9; Chance 67%

*Enchant Failures do not break Gear, but decrease enchant level by 1 or 2.

*No GCM available.

*Every skill enchant requires normal GC

*Skill enchant failures do not decrease enchant level to 0, but by 1 or 2.

*Blessed skill enchants consume 3x XP/SP as is on by default, but do not require GCM.


*Chance to drop items from inventory, including those equipped - 3% by death

from NPC; 1% by death from player.

*B-S Available from Gear Merchant for free.

*Dynasty-S84(all kinds, including Freya, Elegia) available from

Noblesse Merchant for Territory Badges and KE.

*Same parts drop from Territory War NPCs at 3% chance.

*Masterwork items of dynasty-S84 kind spoilable from Territory War NPCs

and raids.


General Notes: A very competitive system for players of any kind:

group players or solo powerhouses, new players and veteran, extensively

active and casual.

All out drops create a situation where every encouter is a risk. But the

nature of the uniform PvP/PvE combat which features full drops/spoils from the

same battleground create opportunities for gain. These cancel out and cause

tension, which players are able to politicaly or forcefully control.


Increased regeneration rates assure that Health and Mana denial can be

overcome solo. Skills like mana burn and mana storm do not

leave players out of the fight. But the inability to spam potions causes

a need for players to tactically use recources.

This also create opportunities for use of rare classes and skills,

eg: Aura sink and WCs to control enemy HP/MP regen

rates, prophets to concentrate on mana burn and ally Hp regen, symbol of honour

and song of life, Saints of both elven races to ensure party MP is always at

the max, soulhounds/judicators to concentrate on their

potentially epic clarity.


General Goods Vendor - Potions,Soulshots, Dyes, etc.

Gear Merchant - Weapons and Armors up to S grade, excluding dynasty.

Mercenary merchant - Dynasty-S84

Masterwork weapons and armors of S-S84 - spoil/drop exclusive.


What would add/take away/change? (why?)


No "Make real L2 noob no need custom need pro interlude".


This is just a hypothetical question. No such server would be created on my behalf.

Just interested in opinions and train of thoughts.

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I'm impressed if you find a developer who has time to make and moderate all this.

But things what I would like to change here are:

1. Enchant rate to 50%, then it's not so simple as spamming scrolls.. you might actually loose all ++.

2. I think QHP isn't good idea. Everyone run out of mana before they get enemy's hp down. ^^


I really would like to see this server in action. Just needs dozen of developers to maintain it :)

Good luck if you are going to make it.

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Well, a majority of it is just manipulation of existing L2j features. Merchant shops, timings, and some packets.


QHP for on 15 secs reuse with MP potions that gradually restore MP - I dont think PvP would end when someone reaches zero MP, but it would be a very tough fight.


The main concept is to concentrate all of the population on a single ground, and revolve it around PvE and PvP and some event-like activities, whilst keeping it drop-in drop-out in terms of participation.


I noted siege grounds because I thought that that way I could bring back the med-evil feeling of the C4 times. When I started to play this game was more of a Castle-Knight-Fairy tale thing. There are lots of NPCs in the client that have the soldier look.


I believe some war-themed PvE on a fortress ground with a free for all PvP and full drops from anything that moves, including players, would attract people.


But as I said, this is just hypothetical. It's a list I've been updating for quite some time.

Pretty much my wishlist.

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