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[SHARE]Spoil/money makin guide ^^

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Take the quest at port too, at 120 kills(u get them easyly) u go to the same NPC and trade the quest items for mats, a really nice welcome extra income :D i do that too btw, i have been spoiling there ^^

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I think you done it wrong. at levels 20-25 (I played on x4 server) go to PARTISAN HIDEAWAY/FORTRESS OF RESISTANCE*, is at the north-east of dion. There under the name (Partisan Hideaway) there is something like a triangle, go there and go UP TO THE NORTH HILL, and kill ol mahum raiders! drop: IronOrex2 and A.Bonex2( succes rate:  Animal Bone (1-3) = 1/2        Iron Ore (1-2) = 1/1





*The name is changing every chronicle (check C3, C4 and Interlude,++)



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nice guide , but in lvl 28 u should go (just my opinion) in crypts of disagreace (u can spoil there Orihacun ore + braided hemp in one mob , and in another one : Steel + Mithril ore

this is the best way to earn money , better than hatchlings , in 2hour , u can make 120KK in x15 server , i am making it , i bought SOM +ACU in 3days loool

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