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hellbound [L2j] Seether - HighFive Server - Lowrate - x4


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Website: http://seether.pl/


Forum: http://seether.pl/forum/




Server starts: 15.07.11 (Friday) at 8:00 PM (GMT + 01:00)










•Exp: x4

•Party Exp: x1.5

•Sp: x4

•Party Sp: x1.5

•Item Drop: x5

•Spoil: x6

•Manor x1

•Adena x6

•Fish x2

•Alt Weight Limit x1

•Quest drop: x2

•Quest reward: x2

•Rate Quest Reward XP = 1.5

•Rate Quest Reward SP = 1.5

•Rate Quest Reward Adena = 2

•Rate Quest Reward Potion = 1

•Rate Quest Reward Scroll = 1

•Rate Quest Reward Recipe = 1

•Rate Quest Reward Material = 4

•Pet XP Rate = 4

•Pet Food Rate = 1

•Max Pvt Store Sell Slots Dwarf = 6

•Max Pvt Store Sell Slots Other = 4

•Augmentation NG Skill Chance = 10

•Augmentation Mid Skill Chance = 25

•Augmentation High Skill Chance = 50

•Augmentation Top Skill Chance = 75





•Armor +10

•Weapon +10

•Jewelry +10

•Safe enchant +3

•One Piece Armor safe +4


Enchant rate:

•Normal scroll 75%

•Blessed scroll 80%

•Enchant Chance Element 60%



•Enchant Chance Weapon = 75

•Enchant Chance Armor = 75

•Enchant Chance Jewelry = 75

•Enchant Chance ElementStone = 60

•Enchant Chance ElementCrystal = 40

•Enchant Chance ElementJewel = 20

•Enchant Chance ElementEnergy = 10



•Blessed Enchant Chance Weapon = 80

•Blessed Enchant Chance Armor = 80

•Blessed Enchant Chance Jewelry = 80





•Dualbox- forbidden


•Accessory augmentation

•Seven Signs

•Castle Siege

•Fortress Siege

•Masterwork items



•Dark Cloud Mansion

•Crystal Caverns

•Max subclass = 3

•Sublclass max level = 80


•Alt Oly NonClassed Participants = 6

•Alt Oly Classed Participants = 4

•Quest for subclasses

•Inventory slots - retail like

•Increased wh slots to 200

•Nornils Garden

•Seed Of Infinity

•Seed Of Destruction

•Hellbound + command .trust/.hellbound

•Offline store

•Woking H5 olympiad

•Skills from H5

•Olympiad period: one month




•Buff time retail like

•Friendly donate (Hair Accessory and aghations)



•Class Master

•NPC Merchant

•Title Manager

•Delevel NPC (Vitality and Level)

•Top PvP,PK informer NPC

•Donate NPC



•Gift of Vitality

•The Valentine Event

•Master of Enchanting

•TvT Event

•3 mini events

•Hide and Seek



--------> TvT <--------

TvT is at 9:00AM; 2:00PM; 6:00PM; 9:00PM; 03:00AM. +1 GMT

Each player from the winning team gets a special prize of Adena and coins.

For the coin player can buy a one-time title color change. Of course player must have firstthe possibility of its settings.


In addition TvT events are run periodically.



•Procesor: Intel Xeon 2x3.00 Ghz


•HardDrive: 146GB + BackUp: 160GB

•Internet: 100MB/s with no transfer limits

•Localization: Poland

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Dualbox- forbidden



•AutoLoot (Mages over-powered / Melee nerfed)

•Alt Weight Limit x2 (Dwarfs nerfed)

•Increased inventory slots to 250 (Dwarfs nerfed)

-Low quest reward rates compared to exp rate

-No english boards/irc

-L2J (I doubt you can truly fix bugs, without causing emo fail)

-No proper advertisement will cause start with low number of players, and server will eventually die when everybody hits +80


It looks troublesome, otherwise I would think about starting.

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Auto loot isn't bad lmfao... And how does that make Mages OP? The ONLY BAD THING I see here is that the website isn't in English.. Everyone knows that English is the universal language for a good L2 server. Change the language to English and my team and I will probably make it there.

Also... do not boost the weights and do not boost the inventorys' of people... Keep it retail like. Other than that you're golden ;)

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Auto loot isn't bad lmfao... And how does that make Mages OP? The ONLY BAD THING I see here is that the website isn't in English.. Everyone knows that English is the universal language for a good L2 server. Change the language to English and my team and I will probably make it there.

Also... do not boost the weights and do not boost the inventorys' of people... Keep it retail like. Other than that you're golden ;)

Archers/Mage's have to make a decision. Either run to mob to loot, or kill next mob for faster exp :)

But melee doesn't have to make this decision. It always runs next to the mob. There is the trick.

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We have our website in english : http://seether.pl/indexENG.html You can find all important informations there . Icons to change the lang are there -->     http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/9973/langd.jpg. All suggestions are considered and thoughtful. Regards :)

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Like Discovery already said: just click on the United Kingdom flag eng1.png right under High Five logo 72941531.th.png. This is gonna change site language to english :)

Feel free to post opinions/suggestions on Seether forum.

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Feel free to post opinions/suggestions on Seether forum



-No english boards/irc


As I have said before, you don't have an english bulletin board. And you are not even aware of it, even though I mentioned.


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Unfortunately forum registration process is in polish. I tried to talk about it with GM, but he hasn't done anything about it yet. If you really want to post something just go through registration process with help of Google Translator and post in "English Language Section" (second counting from the bottom, above "Bugtrack"). Unfortunately this seems to be the only way :(


New server changes:

- no quest required for subclass.

- forum registration process in english

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Excuse me, but I still don't get what are you talking about.

you're not making any changes to the website to put it in English or anything

Website and forum is in English. What else do you expect?

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