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hellbound [L2J]L2Dewell Mid Rate


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Welcome To Lineage2Dewell Mid Rate Epilogue Server

Beta Test is From 23 to 30 juny 18:00 GMT+2

Official Start 30 juny





vfwj9j.jpgEXP: 15x

vfwj9j.jpgSP: 15x

vfwj9j.jpgParty EXP: 1.3x

vfwj9j.jpgParty SP: 1.3x

vfwj9j.jpgDrop Items: 15x

vfwj9j.jpgDrop Spoil: 15x


checkmark.pngAdena rate by Level System:

vfwj9j.jpg- 1 - 10: x150

vfwj9j.jpg- 11 - 19: x130

vfwj9j.jpg- 20 - 29: x110

vfwj9j.jpg- 30 - 39: x90

vfwj9j.jpg- 40 - 49: x70

vfwj9j.jpg- 50 - 59: x50

vfwj9j.jpg- 60 - 69: x40

vfwj9j.jpg- 70 - 85: x30

vfwj9j.jpgDrop Quest: 2-7x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest SP: 1x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest XP: 1x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest Adena: 5x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest Potion: 3x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest Scroll: 1x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest Recipe: 1x

vfwj9j.jpgReward Quest Material: 2x

vfwj9j.jpgDrop RaidBoss: 7x

vfwj9j.jpgDrop RaidBoss Jewels: x1

vfwj9j.jpgVitality: Retail formula




vfwj9j.jpgSafe Enchant: 4

vfwj9j.jpgMax Enchant Weapon: 16

vfwj9j.jpgMax Enchant Armor: 16

vfwj9j.jpgMax Enchant Jewels: 16

vfwj9j.jpgNormal Enchant: 66%

vfwj9j.jpgBlessed Enchant: 70%




vfwj9j.jpgDualbox allowed

vfwj9j.jpg2 Hour Buffs time

vfwj9j.jpgBuff Limit: 30 Buffs , 14 Songs/Dances

vfwj9j.jpgFull NPC Buffer: All buffs PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SS,Cats!

vfwj9j.jpgGM Shop: Up to A Weapons, armors, Jewels, Shots, Consumables vfwj9j.jpgPotions, Quest items for Clan level, Pets, accsesoars etc etc etc...

vfwj9j.jpgGlobal GK: Teleport to all Locations

vfwj9j.jpgMerchant and Blacksmith of Mammon functions added on Pushkin, AA exchange , craft without want recipes for Materials .

vfwj9j.jpgMana Potions Restore 1000 MP.

vfwj9j.jpgBlue Mobs Spoilable.

vfwj9j.jpgSub class without quest: max 3

vfwj9j.jpgSub class max level 85


vfwj9j.jpgAll Caste/Clan Hall work

vfwj9j.jpgIsle of Player

vfwj9j.jpgAll Kamaloka

vfwj9j.jpgTower of Naia

vfwj9j.jpgDark Cloud Mansion

vfwj9j.jpgCrystal Cavern

vfwj9j.jpgHellbound Island

vfwj9j.jpgFortress Dungeons

vfwj9j.jpgCastle Dungeons

vfwj9j.jpgSeed of Destruction

vfwj9j.jpgSeed of Destruction for Tiat:

vfwj9j.jpgLevel min="75" max="85"

vfwj9j.jpgParty min="18" max="45"

vfwj9j.jpgTime limit is 150 minutes, Reset every 3 days (Wednesday and Saturday)

vfwj9j.jpgSeed of Infinity

vfwj9j.jpgSeed of Infinity for Ekimus:

vfwj9j.jpgLevel min="75" max="85"

vfwj9j.jpgParty min="18" max="27"

vfwj9j.jpgTime limit 40 minutes, Reset every Day at 6:30

vfwj9j.jpgZaken - Day/Night

vfwj9j.jpgDaytime Zaken raid time limit is 60 minutes, and the instance is reset every 3 days (Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30am).

vfwj9j.jpgLevel min="1" max="85"

vfwj9j.jpgParty min="9" max="27"

vfwj9j.jpgNighttime Zaken raid time limit is 360 minutes, and the instance is reset every 7 days (Wednesday at 6:30am)

vfwj9j.jpgLevel min="1" max="85"

vfwj9j.jpgParty min="72" max="450"


vfwj9j.jpgChamber of Delusion

vfwj9j.jpgGracia Areas 95%

vfwj9j.jpg81 level skills

vfwj9j.jpg83 level skills

vfwj9j.jpgAuto learn skills

vfwj9j.jpgAll Epic/Grand Boss

vfwj9j.jpgEpilogue Quests for Dynasty

vfwj9j.jpg7 Signs Epic Quests All




vfwj9j.jpgCPU: AMD Opteron 8 Core Magny-Cours 6128 2.00GHz

vfwj9j.jpgMotherboard: Supermicro H8SGL-F

vfwj9j.jpgRAM: 16GB Server 1333MHz DDR3 Reg. ECC

vfwj9j.jpgHDD: Seagate 450GB SAS 2.0 15k.7

vfwj9j.jpgConnection: 1GB International


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Took 9 days for it to die...Overall one of the best servers I've been to. Wish people didn't leave. It died due to the admin lowering all the rates and changing quest's. Had 400+ players on 3rd day and he decided to make those lame changes which resulted in the server having an average of 50 players now.

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    • Greetings forum users! A Telegram bot for conducting contests and automatically awarding prizes to characters is available for sale. Out of the box, it supports the following builds: Paun-Team, L2jEternity, Lucera2. Any other build can be added upon client request for free. Brief bot functionality: Multilingual support: ru, eng, ua Daily and scheduled contests with images Convenient prize and contest configuration Participation bonuses Automatic removal of contests after a specified time Channel subscription verification. Price: $70 Contact: https://t.me/se1dhe A few screenshots below  
    • You can't simply point fingers at others for your own shortcomings it's important to take responsibility and learn from your mistakes.     From here, i can see that you've given up because your servers weren't successful, and now you're blaming the community for your mistakes. You can't just say it's others fault when things go wrong you need to admit your own mistakes and try to do better next time.   peace
    • The same topic comes up time and time again. The "end" of L2 isn't due to the server administrators or the type of servers they create. It's largely because as adults, we struggle to find the time for economic and social stability. The reason I don't play L2 isn't that the servers are shit. On the contrary, many of them introduce fresh content in both PvE and PvP, bringing innovative ideas to a game that's 20 years old. The real barrier is lack of  time our life demands. I can't commit 6-7 hours daily just to make consistent  progress to keep up with the meta and not  to find myself lagging behind a week. This isn't only on l2 but with the  general idea of mmo. In the past five years, I've bought games like New World, Diablo 4, WoW, and Final Fantasy 14. But often, I find myself leveling up at my own  pace and mostly solo since my friends and I have different schedules. So, what do I end up doing when I feel like gaming? I typically boot up a MOBA or FPS, play for a couple of hours on Discord with whoever is available to play, then shut down my PC and call it a day.  Additionally, to stay on topic, I believe we're currently in an era where there are several stable projects for players to enjoy. Examples include Reborn, Classic Club, Talking Island, and Gold, just to name a few. As for the Aqua project, I've observed its launch and closure occur at a similar pace as those scam servers you've mentioned. 
    • WTB POWERLEVEL L2EVE 20-40 any price  
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