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[L2OFF] L2Insomnia 5X

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After months of work and a good beta we are going live! it has been a amazing journey so far. The community has exploded and currently has 3400 members and we expect that number to get much larger once the server goes live and people have to make accounts to make a game account. Live should be packed.


Our staff has grown a bit. We keep a small but very tight knit team. Please have a look at our staff page if you are curious.


Server Information


Chronicle- C5 (Oath Of Blood)


5x xp


5x sp


5x Adena


5x Drop (chance)


3x Quest item (chance)


5x Spoil (amount)


1x Epics




The client protection is top notch and afaik has never been bypassed. There will be no bots. It also blocks dual-boxing even if you use sandbox or vm.


Server Hardware


The server is bought and paid for, there is no rentals here. I did this so I could afford to put the server on a real ddos protected network (not cheap). More about the ddos protection farther down.


Server Specs-


2x Dual Core AMD Opteron 2212s


2x SAS 15k RPM, 73GB HDDs


12 GB RAM, DDR2 667 MHZ


The server will hold 3k players with no lag.


The server is located in the USA and we are using Internap as our carrier now. For those that don't know about Internap they are one of the largest and higest quality carriers in the world and the same carrier that NCSoft uses on their servers. We changed to Internap after some Euros  were having lag issues and we found some of the problem was with our old carrier.

DDOS Protection


The main reason many of the bigger servers are closing or being forcibly closed is ddos attacks. Unfortunately it is a reality of the L2 Private server community. Not many servers are investing in ddos protection and most of those that do are being tricked. Many datacenters offer ddos protection but it is false advertising. A Firebox, Cisco router, or software ddos protection may work against small non-flood type attacks, but they all fail against large flood attacks. Those attacks are what is being used to shutdown so many large servers.


I contacted over 100 Datacenters all over the world over the course of 2 weeks not too mention did a huge amount of research. **FACT** If the protection offered is not network wide and based off Arbor Peak Flow/Analysis and Top Layer technology...it is BS! We are hosted on one of these networks..shielded and fed clean traffic by the best ddos protection/mitigation in the world. Expensive? Yes...but if your going to do something do it well, right?


I would like to thank the community for all they have done in helping us grow as a community. All our hardwork was to give the community a fun, longterm, secure, stable server. We hope you enjoy it!!


Here is the site http://www.l2insomnia.com


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