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Ποιος πιστευετε πως ειναι ο καλυτερος ; Ghost Hunter ή Wind Rider ;


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o gh einai pio polu gia critical damage , o wr einai gia na xtupas enw exeis trelo evasion , kai na trexeis meta me tetoio speed pou exei..aplo..o ka8enas dialegei auton pou pisteuei einai kaluteros..o gh mporei na tous trwei pio grhgora alla psofaei k pio grhgora..enw o wr tha tre3ei kai tha sw8ei kai tha 3ana gurisei..

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Άνετα Ghost Hunter στο IL.

Έκτος και το παιδί που παίζει gh δεν ξέρει καλά καλά τι είναι το hex.


Gracia ++ πιστεύω Wind Rider.



Gracia - Wind Rider

IL - Ghost Hunter

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ghost hunter.


αλλά θα μπορούσες να αποφασίσεις και από τα τόσα thread που έχουν γίνει..

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    • Hello MXC Community, glad to be here.    To be honest i registered so fast, because i had some issues, and i was seeking to receive fast answer, that i forgot to make a topic, and introduce my self.   I hope you have a wonderful day, like i do 😊   So i’m New to Game Development, and i decided to join MXC community, as far as ,here i can find a tone of information, and support  my future journey with Game Development and other stuff.   I am seeking  becoming   a future L2 Developer, either on L2J or L2Off. Haven’t decided yet. Anyway i hope, i will learn both sides of Development.      So now, i will be often in the MXC forum, as i already started learning on a Local Server that i opened recently on my PC.      I hope i will get the necessary help from the Pros in this Forum.       Best regards, Softcore.
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