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[Guide]How to jungle with the saddie.

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Hello, I am kind of new and unknown to this community. Today I'll present you an Amumu jungling guide the way I play him.


Amumu has to level up as soon as possible so I suggest that you jungle with him.Start off with a cloth

armorcloth-armor.gif and 5(five) health potionshealth-potion.gif.


Your skill order should be as follows:


1-  W, Despair amumu-despair.png

2-  E, Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png

3-  E, Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png

4-  Q, Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png

5-  E, Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png

6-  R, Curse of the Sad Mummy amumu-curse-of-the-sad-mummy.png

7-  E, Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png

8-  W, Despair amumu-despair.png

9-  E, Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png

10- W- Despair amumu-despair.png

11- R, Curse of the Sad Mummy amumu-curse-of-the-sad-mummy.png

12- W- Despair amumu-despair.png

13- W- Despair amumu-despair.png

14- Q, Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png

15- Q, Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png

16- R, Curse of the Sad Mummy amumu-curse-of-the-sad-mummy.png

17- Q, Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png

18- Q, Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png


Initiate your journey getting the blue buff in your jungle. At start, have your entire team scout the place for you to avoid being ganked and giving first blood to the enemy team. The neutral minion that grants you blue buff once it is slain spawns at 1:55. Once it's up, tell the guy that lanes in mid to hit it once and let you kill it.


Make sure to get

Flashflash.pngand SmiteSmite.png

as summoner spells.


Your mastery build should be 1/21/8 (I'll edit it with a screenshot as soon as LoL gets up).


As far as Runes are concerned. Go for MR per level glyphs. Armor seals. Health or magic resist  Marks and Ability power quintessences.



Have your W toggle on so you deal an additional damage on it and hit it with auto attacks silmutaneously. When you have gotten -+ 150 damage, use one of your pots.


When its life is around 500 use SmiteSmite.png to finish it off.


Once it's slain and you hold its buff (means your Mana regen is insanely high and your CDR is lowered) go for the wolves right below him. On your way there, use another pot. Deactivate Despair amumu-despair.png when walking and only activate it when you are to slain some minions. It shouldnt take you long to kill the wolves, have Despairamumu-despair.png on and use Tantrum

amumu-tantrum.png whenever it's ready.


Now, head to the golems next to the bot lane. Your summoner skill SmiteSmite.png should have been ready


by the time you get there. If not, do not hestiate to start attacking the golems even without it. Always use Despair

amumu-despair.png and don't forget to use Tantrum

amumu-tantrum.png whenever it's ready. Consume a third health potion if you see you are dying and use smite on the second golem if you feel unsure.


Once you're done killing them, go for the ghosts. They will be quite hard as their HP regen is high. However, if you haven't used your SmiteSmite.png on the golems, it will ease you killing them by using it on the biggest ghost. What you have to do is the same old story, Despair amumu-despair.png in order to deal an additional damage and

amumu-tantrum.png whenever it's ready.


By this time you must be level 4 and your Blue buff should be finishing. However, this should not bring you down as you can kill it again, on your own. Go kill your jungle's wolves and then the enemy ones. Hopefully, you have hit level 5. Go for the enemies' Blue buff. I do it this way:


Stand behind it and use Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.pngto automatically get on him and stun him. Make sure you do not fail at aiming. Use Despair amumu-despair.png and

amumu-tantrum.png whenever it's ready. Waste your smite when its HP is 700.


You must've been level 6. If not, go for another round killing wolves and ghosts until you are finally level 6. Your Gold must be pretty much 1.500. Go back and buy a

pair of boots of speed boots-of-speed.gif, a chain vest chain-vest.png and a ruby crystalruby-crystal.gif. Go grab the red buffBlessing_of_the_Lizard_Elder.png which slows your target upon an attack and help the guy that lanes top on his own with a gank.


Repeat this over and over until the teamfights start taking place. DO gank whenever/if  it's needed(preferably with the red buffBlessing_of_the_Lizard_Elder.png on you). At level 9 you can kill the dragon with one of your mates' assistance because your damage is not enough. Once the dragon is killed it gives every one of your team mates 190g. See the EXACT time it died and add a 6 min delay until you can go kill him again.


Your final item build should be like this:







Barely does any match last too long for you to be able to build all 6 items so these are your main 4.

As a fifth item you can pick a rod of ages rod-of-ages.gif because not only does it give you some additional HP and MP


with a bonus per minute which you need, but it will also make you deal higher damage. Do not expect to get a pentakill, or course, but it's still useful.


As a sixth item you could get a rylai's crystal scepter rylais-crystal-scepter.gif basically for the same reason as

rod of ages excluding the per-minute-bonuses. Instead, it has a chance of slowing your enemies down during an attack. You may also build another defensive item such as banshees veil item_29.jpg if you don't feel safe with your current survivability.




Why boots of swiftness boots-of-swiftness.png over ninja tabi

ninja-tabi.gif or mercury treads mercurys-treads.gif


The answer is because you are the tank, the initiator. You need to have higher speed in order to do it right whereas that nallity of MR/Armor they grant you can be obtained by the rest of your items.


In a 5vs5 teamfight:


You stay in front of your mates to protect them, have Despairamumu-despair.png on, use Bandage toss

amumu-bandage-toss.png on the most squishy enemy of yours, then use your ult, Curse of the Sad Mummy

amumu-curse-of-the-sad-mummy.png to render them sensless and use E, Tantrum

amumu-tantrum.png to deal some damage. AVOID stealling kills because you are NOT the one to carry your team. It doesn't mean, though, that the entire match can depend on how well and smart you play.



If you see that an enemy champion is breaking free, do not hestiate to use this combination:



Bandage toss amumu-bandage-toss.png,

Despair amumu-despair.png

and Tantrum amumu-tantrum.png to get him.




Alright, this is it. I hope i explained it in as much detail as possible. For further information, feel free to message and ask me.

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lol,swiftness boots on a tank?

warmogs?i used to believe that warmogs was a tank item when i was 400 elo.

About boots, I predicted that there would be people asking about it beforehand so I said why I think they're better. About warmogs, I'm sorry, I've never been at 400 elo.
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FoN is not that much preferable for its MR. the 8% MS and the extreme hp regen surely help a lot along with MR!!!!a must for tank!!!banshees saves you from one spell only(if ashe shots the hawkeye what will you do? effect 0 than FoN)


also i like mercury treads for tenacity effect and instead of RoA i get Sunfire Cap which stucks with Despair.



PS: why warmogs is so cursed by the majority of players? i love this item!



good guide too


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im sure you didnt want to gang a tank with those 2 champs since i doubt a tank would solo for too long without a back up...few possibilities to win(especially with malz).for extra protection under heavy ap enemy force i d take it too though a heavy ap enemy team has less protection,they re more squishy and they cant win easily

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Ok, Amumu is my main and I have to say...


You should level W instead of E. Helps so much more for killing these high HP jungle creeps. Also makes your team get dragon/baron faster when it's not safe.


Actually, I max his E last since you need a short Q CD much more as a tank.



Also... Warmogs is a bad tank item. There are so much better items you can build in order to get some HP like Banshee, Randuin's Omen and Aegis of the Legion.



Finally, you should always get mercury treads, except if the enemies got 0 disables. Your role as a tank is to protect your squishies, so you need Tenacity in order to land stuns more easily.

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