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Number1 WoW account.


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From original owner since eu release (got cd-keys, secret answer, etcetc.)





- lvl51 NE rogue Black Rock (German EU)


- lvl61 gnome mage (English EU)

Classic wow rank13 Field marshall / justicar (full set) 63K HK, miner/engineer (308/315)


- lvl74 UD rogue (English EU)

Brutal Gladiator gear, Brutal Nether Drake (310% pvp mount), 375 enchanter


- lvl70 Troll priest

Brutal Gladiator gear, Vengeful Nether Drake (310% pvp mount), 286 herba, 375 enchanter



- lvl85 Troll Warrior (Main character, created when wow launched in EU)


Was rank1 in arena season3 (Vengeful Gladiator very unique title + mount)


30K gold + enchanting materials/gems/etcetc in bank, tabard of the lightbringer, Shadowmourne, 377 days played, 162K lifetime HK, 6K achi, ~25 Feast of strh

Mounts: Crimson Deathcharger, Mercilles/Vengeful Nether drake (310% pvp), + some other mounts and companions

Professions: Enchanting/JC 525/525 with lot of recipes, Arche/Fish/Cook/FirstAid 525

Gear: Good PvP gear (3766 resi, 359ilvl, t1 wep)

Titles: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Champion of the frozen wastes, Champion of the naaru, conqueror, duelist, Guardian of Cenarius, Hand of A'dal, Liutenant General, Scout, Vengeful Gladiator, of the Ashen Verdict, of the Horde, the Kingslayer, the Patient, the Seeker, the Undeying


+Starcraft 2 on acc


pickme up on msn: private message me for that

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