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hellbound [L2J] L2 Bulgaria Custom PVP


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[Gracia Final]


Web site  will get domain .com in 1 week  - www.L2Bulgaria.tk



Hello guys I`m here to present my work on my server  until now !!!


I work hard last 2 months to create something new and fresh .


I will show you part of my work . the rest you will see ingame.



Some features: full list Ingame


Rates: EXP 100 / Adena 500


#Enchant Safe +5 Max +16/+20  Armors-Jewels / Weapons

#BEWS 50% if fail = +5  

#Crystal Scroll 100% very expensive


#Sub class to level 85

#You can get Overlord and Maestro Subclases.

#Unique Custom Community Board  [ GK / GM SHOP / BUFFER ]

#Unique Augmenter seller (you can buy any active / passive skill )

they are expensive but you can use Regular Augmenter.

#Clan Reputation Seller (1gb - 100kk = 1000clan reputation points)

#PVP buffer in every town

#Unique Farm zones with HERO MONSTERS 85+

#Custom Solo Event Instance 78+

#5 grade tattoos (5-Mage and 5-Fighter )

#PVP item shop (sell PVP Vesper Armors and Weapons )

#4 automatic event   TvT – Base War – Town War – Death Match

# All event are in Instance zones

# Offline Shops/ Craft (if server is restarted shops will be auto loadet)


# add Best PvP event (every 7 days top 5 PvP players for the week will get reward)

# Unlimited Soul/SpiritShots (you need only 1 they never end)

# RB Gatekeeper with all RB

# All RB are lvl 85 with custom drop (Grand Boss Like retail)

# Augmentation for Jewels was add (no skills only stats)

# Hellbound and other areas withous quest

# All buffs 4 hours

# PvP reward System (adena for now)

# PvP  Efect on WIN (you must see it)

# PvP Color System on 50/500/1500/2500/5000

# Noblesses On lvl 80 cost 1 GB

# Dual Box Protect for Olympiad Games

# Dual Box Protect for Event Games

# PC Bang Points

# Remote Event Joiner (when event start you will see window asking to Join or Not)


# Automatic Noblesser - If you dont have Nobless buff When you Teleport on any area

Our Auto Nobless Bot will Nobless you for Free.

# Add full Geodata + Pathodes work 100%

# Custom Spawn Creation Zone for New Players + Ultra fast Leveling Areas to level 60

# Skills From levels 81-83 are auto learn (Not from Forgoten Scrolls)

# add Siege for some Clanhalls and Fortress  


#Add Arena with PvP reward (only in this arena the player with most PvP`s for 1 hour will get reward)

# add new NPC with a lot of stats on it


# Offline carft system (just like offline shops)

# UNIQUE 5 custom recipes ( to craft Atribut crystals from level 7 to level 9 / level 9 - level 12)

# Hellbound new drop (all mobs in hellbound drop parts for Atribut crystal lvl 7-9-12)

# NEW buffs in PvP buffer (+30 all resist / +15 COV / Extra EXP Aura just like Vitality)

# Raid Boss GK with (Solo BOSSES / Hard BOSSES / Party BOSSES  over 60 RB with custom drop)


# Game  server - ALF protection system (DDoS Protection + Antibot + Flood Protector)

# Login   server - ALF protection system (DDoS Protection)

# Server is moved on Dedicate server machine  (12 GB Ram - 2x 500 GB Hard drives - 1000 MB Net conection)

# Server will support over 2-3k online players !!!

# Community Board GM SHOP protectet (you cant use it in event / PVP / Olympiad)

# Community Board GK protectet (you cant use it in event / PVP / Olympiad)

# Community Board BUFFER protectet (you cant use it in event / PVP / Olympiad)


# voice commands .Fbuff .Mbuff added (inactive for now)

# Trade / Hero / Global chat Filter (auto Chat ban - auto jail - if you use a lot of bad words)

# Siege every week

# Vitality hunt buff  ( Rise your Vitality when you gain EXP )

# PC Bang point are needed to get Scrolls

# Event Manager in giran ( if you miss Remote manager  1 for all events )

#Greater Dyes +5 -0 (not cheap)


SERVER OPEN 26.05.2011







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