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[Help] Freya login problem... Light & ping 9999



Ok i searched this but all i find is awnseres that do not exactly solve the problem.

everything is 100% ok

When i run l2.exe i put in a acc and everything is ok, after that when i choose server to login, lets say Blackbird it says Light in blue and under ping 9999!

Sombody help me solve this please.

Ive asked in the greek section to under a guide but nothing spacific has come up yet.

Ive checked ports 10times, ive checked ipconfigs 10times!


Please help! Thank you

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paste games server logs so we can see where ur GS is connecting to!

my guess is that it is connection to ur localhost address!

if u did set ur ipconfig correct u should not have any problems!

u know u do not have to edit any IP's in loginserver.properties and server.properties!


Anyway paste logs!

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Externalhost here (Internet IP) or Localhost IP for local test -->

<gameserver address="myserver42.no-ip.biz" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="ipconfig.xsd">

<!-- Localhost here -->

<define subnet="" address="********" />

<!-- Internalhosts here (LANs IPs) -->

<define subnet="" address="" />

<define subnet="" address="" />

<define subnet="" address="" />



Here you go...

There were the stars are is my ip address i just dont want it to be viewable.


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U did it wrong u should not touch anything else only 1 line


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Externalhost here (Internet IP) or Localhost IP for local test -->

<gameserver address="ONLY CHANGE IP HERE TO UR NO IP ADDRESS" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="ipconfig.xsd">

        <!-- Localhost here -->

        <define subnet="" address="" />

        <!-- Internalhosts here (LANs IPs) -->

        <define subnet="" address="" />

        <define subnet="" address="" />

        <define subnet="" address="" />



You do not need to change anything else in ipconfig.xml


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Starting L2J Game Server.


Loading GameServer Configuration Files...

L2Properties: Missing property for key - DatapackRoot

Loaded 6 Filter Words.

-----------------------------------------------------------------=[ Database ]

MLog clients using java 1.4+ standard logging.

Initializing c3p0-0.9.2-pre1 [built 27-May-2010 01:00:49 -0400; debug? true; tra

ce: 10]

Initializing c3p0 pool... com.mchange.v2.c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource [ acquireInc

rement -> 5, acquireRetryAttempts -> 0, acquireRetryDelay -> 500, autoCommitOnCl

ose -> true, automaticTestTable -> connection_test_table, breakAfterAcquireFailu

re -> false, checkoutTimeout -> 0, connectionCustomizerClassName -> null, connec

tionTesterClassName -> com.mchange.v2.c3p0.impl.DefaultConnectionTester, dataSou

rceName -> 1hge2v78f1klcebe1odcend|1f6df4c, debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces

-> false, description -> null, driverClass -> com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, factoryCla

ssLocation -> null, forceIgnoreUnresolvedTransactions -> false, identityToken ->

1hge2v78f1klcebe1odcend|1f6df4c, idleConnectionTestPeriod -> 3600, initialPoolS

ize -> 10, jdbcUrl -> jdbc:mysql://localhost/l2jdb, maxAdministrativeTaskTime ->

0, maxConnectionAge -> 0, maxIdleTime -> 0, maxIdleTimeExcessConnections -> 0,

maxPoolSize -> 100, maxStatements -> 0, maxStatementsPerConnection -> 100, minPo

olSize -> 10, numHelperThreads -> 3, numThreadsAwaitingCheckoutDefaultUser -> 0,

preferredTestQuery -> null, properties -> {user=******, password=******}, prope

rtyCycle -> 0, statementCacheNumDeferredCloseThreads -> 0, statementDestroyerNum

ActiveThreads -> -1, statementDestroyerNumConnectionsInUseAllUsers -> -1, statem

entDestroyerNumConnectionsInUseDefaultUser -> -1, statementDestroyerNumConnectio

nsWithDeferredDestroyStatementsAllUsers -> -1, statementDestroyerNumConnectionsW

ithDeferredDestroyStatementsDefaultUser -> -1, statementDestroyerNumDeferredDest

royStatementsAllUsers -> -1, statementDestroyerNumDeferredDestroyStatementsDefau

ltUser -> -1, statementDestroyerNumIdleThreads -> -1, statementDestroyerNumTasks

Pending -> -1, statementDestroyerNumThreads -> -1, testConnectionOnCheckin -> fa

lse, testConnectionOnCheckout -> false, unreturnedConnectionTimeout -> 0, usesTr

aditionalReflectiveProxies -> false ]

L2J Server Version:    4549

L2J Datapack Version:  7881

Updated characters online status.

Cleaned 0 elements from database in 0 s

Cleaned 0 expired timestamps from database.

IDFactory: 102912 id's available.

------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Engines ]

Initializing Script Engine Manager

Script Engine: BeanShell Engine 1.1 - Language: BeanShell - Language Version: 2.


Script Engine: java 1.6 - Language: java - Language Version: 1.6

Script Engine: jython 2.2.1 - Language: python - Language Version: 2.2.1

Script Engine: Mozilla Rhino 1.6 release 2 - Language: ECMAScript - Language Ver

sion: 1.6

--------------------------------------------------------------------=[ World ]

Initializing InstanceManager

Loaded 146 instance names

Multiverse Instance created

Universe Instance created

L2World: (128 by 136) World Region Grid set up.

-------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Skills ]

EnchantGroupsTable: Loaded 5 groups.

SkillTreeTable: Loaded 42988 skills.

FishingSkillTreeTable: Loaded 109 general skills.

DwarvenCraftSkillTreeTable: Loaded 8 dwarven skills.

PledgeSkillTreeTable: Loaded 44 pledge skills

TransformSkillTreeTable: Loaded 50 transform skills

SpecialSkillTreeTable: Loaded 3 special skills

ResidentialSkillTable: Loaded 39 entities with associated skills.

SubPledgeSkillTree: Loaded 18 SubUnit Skills

PetSkillsTable: Loaded 1815 skills.

--------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Items ]

Highest item id used:22172

Summon items data: Loaded 57 summon items.

Enchant HP Bonus registered for 1892 items!

MerchantPriceConfigTable: Loaded 28 merchant price configs.

TradeController: Loaded 680 Buylists.

MultiSell: Loaded 193 lists.

RecipeController: Loaded 1000 recipes.

ArmorSetsTable: Loaded 198 armor sets.

FishTable: Loaded 270 Fishes.

---------------------------------------------------------------=[ Characters ]

CharTemplateTable: Loaded 103 Character Templates.

CharNameTable: Loaded 0 char names.

LevelUpData: Loaded 103 Character Level Up Templates.

AccessLevels: Loaded 7 from database.

AdminCommandAccessRights: Loaded 460 from database.

RaidBossPointsManager: Loaded 0 Characters Raid Points.

PetDataTable: Loaded 49 Pets.

--------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Clans ]

Loaded 4 forums. Last forum id used: 4

Restored 0 clans from the database.

Initializing ClanHallManager

Initializing AuctionManager

Loaded: 38 auction(s)

Loaded: 0 clan halls

Loaded: 44 free clan halls

------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Geodata ]

Geodata Engine: Disabled.

---------------------------------------------------------------------=[ NPCs ]

NpcTable: (Re)Loaded 10088 NPC template(s).

NpcTable: Loaded 517 Minions.

NPC AI Data Table: Loaded 10088 AI Data.

NPC Elementals Data Table: Loaded 10088 elementals Data.

Initializing Walkers Routes Table.

WalkerRoutesTable: Loaded 34 Npc Walker Routes.

Loading zones...

Initializing GrandBossManager

GrandBossManager: Queen Ant(29001) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Core(29006) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Orfen(29014) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Antharas(29019) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Baium(29020) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Zaken(29022) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Valakas(29028) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Frintezza(29045) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Antharas(29066) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Antharas(29067) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Antharas(29068) status is 0.

GrandBossManager: Loaded 11 Instances

Done: loaded 24 zone classes and 2388 zones.

Searching clan halls doors:

DoorTable: Loaded 977 Door Templates for 19 regions.

StaticObject: Loaded 29 StaticObject Templates.

ItemAuctionManager: Disabled by config.

Initializing CastleManager

Loaded: 9 castles

Initializing FortManager

DayNightSpawnManager: Day/Night handler initialized

SpawnTable: Loaded 41505 Npc Spawn Locations.

Loaded: 21 fortress

Initializing FortSiegeManager

NpcBufferSkillIdsTable: Loaded 1 buffers and 10 skills.

RaidBossSpawnManager: Loaded 186 Instances

RaidBossSpawnManager: Scheduled 0 Instances

DayNightSpawnManager: Removed 0 night creatures

DayNightSpawnManager: Spawned 232 day creatures

GrandBossManager: Initialized 16 Grand Boss Zones

FourSepulchersManager: loaded 20 Mysterious-Box spawns.

FourSepulchersManager: loaded 716 Physical type monsters spawns.

FourSepulchersManager: loaded 716 Magical type monsters spawns.

FourSepulchersManager: loaded 92 Church of duke monsters spawns.

FourSepulchersManager: loaded 68 Emperor's grave NPC spawns.

FourSepulchersManager: spawned Conquerors' Sepulcher Manager

FourSepulchersManager: spawned Emperors' Sepulcher Manager

FourSepulchersManager: spawned Great Sages' Sepulcher Manager

FourSepulchersManager: spawned Judges' Sepulcher Manager

FourSepulchersManager: Beginning in Attack time

DimensionalRiftManager: Loaded 7 room types with 56 rooms.

Sat May 07 22:39:20 EEST 2011 Atk announce scheduled to 40.0 minute of this hour


DimensionalRiftManager: Loaded 462 dimensional rift spawns, 0 errors.

Initializing QuestManager

--------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Siege ]

Initializing SiegeManager

SevenSigns: Currently in the Competition (Quest Event) period!

SevenSigns: The Seal of Avarice remains unclaimed.

SevenSigns: The Seal of Gnosis remains unclaimed.

SevenSigns: The Seal of Strife remains unclaimed.

SevenSigns: The competition, if the current trend continues, will end in a tie t

his week.

SevenSigns: Next period change set to Mon May 09 18:00:21 EEST 2011

SevenSigns: Next period begins in 1 days, 19 hours and 20 mins.

Siege of Gludio: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Dion: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Giran: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Oren: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Aden: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Innadril: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Goddard: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Rune: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Siege of Schuttgart: Sun May 15 01:00:00 EEST 2011

Initializing TerritoryWarManager

Initializing CastleManorManager

Manor System: Manor refresh updated

Manor System: New Schedule for manor refresh @ Sun May 08 20:00:00 EEST 2011

Manor System: Manor period approve updated

Manor System: New Schedule for period approve @ Sun May 08 06:00:00 EEST 2011

Initializing MercTicketManager

Loaded: 0 Mercenary Tickets

L2Manor: Loaded 258 Seeds.

-----------------------------------------------------------------=[ Olympiad ]

Olympiad System: Loading Olympiad System....

Olympiad System: Currently in Olympiad Period

Olympiad System: 35360 minutes until period ends

Olympiad System: Next weekly change is in 9785 minutes

Olympiad System: Loaded 0 Nobles

Olympiad System: Competition Period Starts in 0 days, 0 hours and 0 mins.

Olympiad System: Event starts/started : Sat May 07 18:00:22 EEST 2011

Olympiad System: Olympiad Game Started

Hero System: Loaded 0 Heroes.

Hero System: Loaded 0 all time Heroes.

--------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Cache ]

Olympiad System: Loaded 88 stadiums.


: Running lazy cache

Cache[Crest]: 0.000MB on 0 files loaded. (Forget Time: 300s , Capacity: 50)

TeleportLocationTable: Loaded 930 Teleport Location Templates.

UITable: Loaded 5 Categories.

UITable: Loaded 4 Keys.

Initializing PetitionManager

HennaTable: Loaded 180 Templates.

HennaTreeTable: Loaded 8136 Henna Tree Templates.

Helper Buff Table: Loaded 17 Templates.

Initializing AugmentationData.

AugmentationData: Loaded: 52 augmentation stats.

AugmentationData: Loaded: 24 accessory augmentation stats.

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 0

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 1

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 2

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 3

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 4

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 5

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 6

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 7

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 8

AugmentationData: Loaded: 17 blue, 107 purple and 54 red skills for lifeStoneLev

el 9

Initializing CursedWeaponsManager

Loaded : 2 cursed weapon(s).

------------------------------------------------------------------=[ Scripts ]

AirShipManager: Loaded 0 private airships

GraciaSeedsManager: Initializing

Loading Server Scripts

Loading Handlers...

Loaded 10  ActionHandlers

Loaded 6 ActionShiftHandlers

Loaded 453  AdminCommandHandlers

Loaded 60  BypassHandlers

Loaded 14  ChatHandlers

Loaded 32 ItemHandlers

Loaded 94 SkillHandlers

Loaded 16 UserHandlers

Loaded 1 VoicedHandlers

Handlers Loaded...

Handy's Block Checker Event is enabled

Next TerritoryWarTime: Sat May 14 20:00:00 EEST 2011

[EnhanceYourWeapon] Loaded 54 Soul Crystal data.

[EnhanceYourWeapon] Loaded 238 npc Leveling info data.

Compiled Scripts Cache is disabled.

Loaded: 569 quests

Loaded: 105 transformations.

Initializing ItemsAutoDestroy.

SevenSignsFestival: The first Festival of Darkness cycle begins in 2 minute(s).

Event ID: (Valentines Event) has passed... Ignored.

AutoChatHandler: Loaded 32 handlers in total.

AutoSpawnHandler: Loaded 133 handlers in total.

HellboundManager: Initializing

HellboundManager: Mode: dummy

HellboundManager: State: unlocked

Mail Manager: Successfully loaded 0 messages.

IdFactory: Free ObjectID's remaining: 1879001090

TvTEventEngine[TvTManager.TvTManager()]: Engine is disabled.

GameServer Started, free memory 651 Mb of 989 Mb

Connecting to login on

CommunityServerThread: Deactivated by config.

Maximum Numbers of Connected Players: 100

Server Loaded in 247 seconds

AutoAnnoucements: Loaded 0 Auto Annoucement Data.

Telnet server is currently disabled.

Registered on login as Server 1 : Bartz

GlobalVariablesManager: Database updated.

GlobalVariablesManager: Data updated successfully.

FourSepulchersManager: Entry time: Sat May 07 22:55:21 EEST 2011

Olympiad System: Data updated.



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there must be something wrong with IP's it is 100%

i have never worked with NO-IP before and never hosted server on home PC so i can not give more info


in ipconfig u need to put ur external IP not local,looks like u have pasted local IP there!

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Ok guys listen i changed something in ipconfigs and it works i can log in ok and everything But...

Now the ping says 0 will it effect my gameplay?


ofc not...! Have a good gameplay !!!

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