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[WTS] RPG X 15 ITEMS & CHARS - ADENA [Lain Service]

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  • DC 79 lvl, Nobless from tw, subclass quest almost done (has all 3 bosses), basic caravan cerificate.
  • Adventurer 79 lvl, subclass BD 50 lvl, Ketras Alliance lvl 3.
  • DC 79 lvl x 2
  • BD 79, basic caravan certificate
  • SE 76 lvl
  • Bishop 74 lvl
  • Duelist 79 lvl, sub tyrant ~ 50 lvl, Ketras ally lvl 3
  • SPS 79 lvl, Sub Cardi 79 lvl, Fortune Seeker 79, Dark Avenger lvl, Nobless, Premium Caravan Certificate
  • Draconic set full resist 60 all
  • S duals +4 150 holy
  • crafter 70 lvl with all dynasty armor recipes in book
  • tateo set
  • 2 am acumen (water 150 and dark
  • 2 x dc robe set
  • Eva's Templar 82 lvl, with ic set pvp +3 , fb +150, tateo set +3, subs bounty hunter, sws, treasure hunter, wolf 86 lvl, basic caravan certificate.


100kk adena for 0.6 euro - 1kkk=6 euro limited stock


sell for euro or ingame adena. no ingames items please.

Paypal OR WMZ accepted, able to use Lain service if u dont trust me. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=202247.0



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