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interlude [L2J] Lineage ][ Ties of BlooD - Zephir


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Good day to everyone, today i will present my server, an interlude FUN SUBSTUCK server, reacently opened [Opening day was this Monday 11st]. We offer a fun stay and nice pvps, enought long and worthfull ofc.


Lineage ][ Ties of BlooD

Zephir Server [substuck]


General Info

Exp ::: x5000

Sp ::: x5000

Adena ::: x5000

Drop ::: x1

Max. Atk. Speed ::: 2000

Max. Cast. Speed ::: 2500

Main + 5 [stuckSub]



Enchant Rates

Safe ::: 5

Max ::: 20

Enchant Rate ::: 80%

Blessed Enchant Rate ::: 95%

Crystal Enchant Rate ::: 100% [only on events]




Buff time 5 hours

60 Buff Slots

5 Debuff Slots

Custom Farm Zones [ Farm Solo (Peace) . Farm Mini Raids (Pvp allowed) . Pvp Area ]

C1 - C6 Skills Fully Working.

Fully working C6 Olympiad & Sieges.

Augmentation rate 35% but you can use only 1 at once


Custom Stuff

2 Custom Armor sets [same stats]

2 Weapon sets

Coin of Luck [events reward]




Adena [basic stuff]

Festival Adena [Custom Stuff]

Coin of Luck [Event reward]

Beleth's Gold Dragon [Vote Reward]




Team vs Team

Capture the Flag

Death Match

Simon Says [by staff]

Suicides Rathunters [by staff]



Dedicated Machine Info:

- Processor: Intel Xeon X3440 QuadCore 2.53Ghz

- Operative System: Windows Server Standart Edition 2008 R2

- Memory: 16 Gb DDR3 1333 Mhz

- Traffic: Unlimited

- Hard Disks: 2 x 1500GB 7400rpm, 8MB

- Network: 100 MBit

- Located on GERMANY


Note: everything about Donations, are via paypal or western union sent to Peru [southAmerican Country]


This a FUN SERVER where you can go, and really fast get enought items to go pvp, then there is no big problems about balance and such things, we accept any suggestion [Closing server is not an option], so you can tell us whatever you want, there is no problem, we will take you seriously [Ofc only if you say your suggestion seriously too] and we will do what we can do with your suggestion.


Visit us !




P.S. There is another server, named LIONA, it is a future project we will start when we finish Zephir server, enjoy and have fun :)



FINAL NOTE: The option to add prefix is disabled, so i had to put [iNTERLUDE] in order to replace it while prefix be unable to be usable 6_6

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Good luck ;)

I prefer Liona

but maybe can you make server 1+1 stucksub (with passive skill yoo) it will be better?! :>  there I will join at 100%  :D

Liona is a project yet, we can't say how it will be, but we are taking all the suggestions we get from players and friends, same like you, there out is a clan asking for a 1+1 stucksub server, some other ask for a x10 base+3, and some others x500 no custom base+0, but we will think about it slowly when we finish zephir server because we are adding some more stuff :)

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base +5 is too much , if you change it to +1  i will try


Agree,but im gonna try the anyway the liona srv.





RE-EDIT : Lol liona down for sure i wont play on zephir :))

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homemade srv also community is too low and i think this server dosnt worth


nice, you don't know how to read :P btw, server is located on germany, on a dedicated machine [duh ?], that info is not fake, btw, first day we had 59 on, second 72, third 29 xD! because of some idiots came to advertise their servers, and lol people like .tk servers xD! zephir beta testing time is over, and we are adjusting some things before wipe :)


Agree,but im gonna try the anyway the liona srv.

RE-EDIT : Lol liona down for sure i wont play on zephir :))


We started to work on Liona :P, will be



-B grade in shop for FREE

-A grade for some adena

-S grade for some coins

-Noblesse via Item(Buyable with events reward)

-about 6 custom zones(Lvl, Farm, Pvp)

-a main town [wherever you die, after clicking GO TO VILLAGE you will go MAIN TOWN (Goddard)]

-Raids respawn edited to 3 hours [queen ant, orfen, core, zaken, baium, antharas, valakas, benom], we are not sure if leave frintezza only for quest, or set free Scarlet VanHalisha so you can go directly kill him ???

What else .. i don't remember what else xD! oh yeah, fun :P

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