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[L2J] L2 NetGear

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                                                                                          Hello And Welcome To My Topic!!!


                                                                                                    New c6 l2 server!!!




                                                                                Site ---- > http://www.l2netgear.eu.gl/


                                                              The server runs In Company. This meens no lag in server and no down times.

                                                                         So, you can login whenever you want ( 24 hours in day)



                                                                                     Server Info

Exp: 1.000x / Sp: 1.000x / Adena: 1.000x

Safe: +7 / Max: +25 / Normal Scroll: 75% / Bless. Scroll: 100%


You can find the classic features list below. I am gonna try to say something different. L2 NetGear is new server. Thanks to everyone has been helping this community since the start. We have people from all over the world playing and we all have something in common. If you are visiting this site and reading this right now you havent missed anything. Come join now , we hope you great time and guarantee that you will love this community.




* Apella, Epic


* No-Customs (Just am,db,fb,as etc)

Global GK

* The global GK will teleport to all towns, leveling zones and custom area locations. Each spawn point will have a peace zone. So there wont be any more spawn PK.

NPC Buffer

* We have a NPC buffer ingame, which has all normal buffs, songs and dances and 3rd Class buffs like COV, Prophs etc.

Weekly Sieges

* We will have 3-4 Sieges per weekend , and the castle owner crowns gives extra hp to players.


* Every day at 18:00 gmt+2 (New heroes every month) , and the heroes are granted with a hero skill.


* 5 Events every day and the big event every 100 votes.


* Lineage II Chronicle 6

* 100% working C6 skills. (I mean 100%. All of them work, no exceptions)

* Auto-learn skills.

* Max. level is 80 & 100%.

* Party member locator on chat menu fully working.

* Flawless Geodata, it works perfectly.

* No Clan Penalties.

* Subclasses.

* Noblesse.

* Olympiad fully working.

* Retail-like clan halls.

* Sieges 100%.

* Armor / Misc Shops.

* Class changer NPC.

* NPC buffers in all towns.

* All Buffs in NPC buffers.

* General buffs, songs and dances last 3 hours.

* Join In Our Server To Find All The Features.



                                                                                      The Server Runs In Company :)


                                                                                       Join Us And Have A Nice Game!!!! :)


                                                                           Dont Forget To Vote For More Ppl,More Fun And More PvPs....


                                                                                                       Thanks :) :) :)

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