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[L2OFF/C6] - Interlude Extender (Working Well!! Vanganth/Kation Extender!!)

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Well, a big thank to share this, but i have some problem.

I got lot of different error but it's almost working.

When i connect ingame, my character start in the sky and go down and after few secondes, he is stopped like this and i can't move: http://img853.imageshack.us/i/l2offspawn.png

And i got this error in the l2server windows: http://img825.imageshack.us/i/l2offproblem.png

And l2npc server give lot of error too (npc dont load).


Thank you in advance & thank again !:)


lol dude, do you know what geodata is or you have no clue at all ? :O

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Good Job Fred xD Btw, Why you use an alter ego ?


I do not use any alter-ego :), but you like to create strange situations in your mind, like saying i bought stuff from dvampire and now that i use an alter-ego :).


I am starting to get "used" with this, so do as you want ;)

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I love how Max64's English is in the same style / structure as yours Fred Bear.


Yeah its even more fun, that before i never said anything to max64 and his greeting is so full of .....

bad feelings ?

We can see Fred's true being, cause he don't have the balls to show his impolite tongue, cause that would be a realy big hit to his customers, and that would mean a big minus in his economical balance.

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