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[L2J] L2Battle (+ Freya)


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Started on 25 march , 20:00 gmt+2



arrow0.pngXP Rate: x75.

arrow0.pngPet XP Rate: x35.

arrow0.pngParty EXP Rate: x1.5

arrow0.pngSP Rate: x75.

arrow0.pngAdena Rate: x100.

arrow0.pngDrop: x15.

arrow0.pngSpoil: x45.

arrow0.pngQuest Drop: x20.

arrow0.pngQuest Reward: x15.

arrow0.pngZero Hour x5.

arrow0.pngManor x5.


arrow0.pngSafe Enchant: 3.

arrow0.pngMax Enchant: 16.

arrow0.pngEnchant Rate: 55%

arrow0.pngBless Enchant Rate: 65%


arrow0.pngUnique protection system server side & client side.

arrow0.pngOffline shopping system.(Alt+x-Exit)

arrow0.pngBlue Drop System.

arrow0.pngGood Economy.

arrow0.pngNo Subclass Quest.

arrow0.pngAuto Vote Reward:)

arrow0.pngUnpacking quest items 1 by 1 or all option.

arrow0.pngSpawn protection protects you from getting spawn killed 10 secs.

arrow0.pngNPC buffer with all buffs included (without resists).

arrow0.pngNoblesse with quest.

arrow0.pngBarakiel Spawn 4-6 Hours.

arrow0.pngNormal Rbs 8-12 Hours.

arrow0.pngBooks/Amulets/Spellbooks won't be dropped from mobs.

arrow0.pngEnchant skill won't take xp/sp.

arrow0.pngOlympiad starts at 18:00 and end at 00:00.

arrow0.pngOlympiad retail(refreshing skills after each match)

arrow0.pngOlympiad system every 2 weeks (Full Working).

arrow0.pngAnti Boot System.

arrow0.pngPvp/Pk Color System.

arrow0.pngBuffs time : 2 hour.]

arrow0.pngBalanced Classes & Skills Custom Config.

arrow0.pngCraft Learn Recipes=500 Recipes

arrow0.pngYou Can Buy Recipes of mats and Materials From GM-SHOP

arrow0.pngFully Working Augmentation.

arrow0.pngFully Working Fusion Skills.

arrow0.pngFully Working Geodata.

arrow0.pngFully Working Skills.

arrow0.pngClan Hall Siegeble Working.

arrow0.pngSoul Crystal Level Chance = 82 %

arrow0.pngSoulCrystalBreakChance = 10 %

arrow0.pngAuto-Pop Class Manager 20/40/76.

arrow0.pngAnti-Grieff toggle skill for block unwanted buffs.

arrow0.png32+4 Buff slots.

arrow0.png10 Debuff slots.

arrow0.pngMax Subclass= 4

arrow0.pngAuto Learn Skills.

Vote reward for topsites like hopzone/topzone/gamesites200


arrow0.pngTvT (Reworked With Addons).



arrow0.pngStrider Race

arrow0.pngMore Comming Soon


arrow0.pngAll Characters Starts with top no-grade.

arrow0.png.Repair command


arrow0.png.Online command

arrow0.png.Tvtjoin/.Ctfjoin/.Dmjoin command

arrow0.pngNo Drop Off Amulets,spellbooks!

arrow0.pngYou Can Make Sell/Buy Shop With 40 Slots!




arrow0.pngCustom Buffer & Symbol Manager





arrow0.pngNew Gatekepeer View.






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what about classes?? need quest or pussy cat>?


Read the description of server carefully and you will see this line :


Auto-Pop Class Manager 20/40/76.


This means that when you reach 20, 46 or 76 lvl, a menu pops up and you can choose your profession there.

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i deleted interlude from my pc...is not so funny.....i deleted freya too because is unstable and the s84 items are shiths.....in my pc i have only Hellbound now,i wait l2Renewal sstart:D

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