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[Review][Internet Explorer 9] - 2 million downloas within 2 hours


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Internet Explorer version 9 has been completely revamped from the older software versions and has basically become more modern.


IE9 is much better than IE8 in terms of performance, adherence to web standards, user interface and security. But no Windows XP support.

Graphics-accelerated hardware; better JavaScript performance; cleaner interface; better security.


Internet Explorer slightly gained market share in February with a global market share of 56.8 per cent, compared with 56 per cent in January, according to NetMarketShare.

In the same period, Google’s Chrome browser gained 0.23 per cent while the biggest loser was Firefox, dropping a full percentage point to 21.74 per cent.


IE9 is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. IE9 for Windows Server 2008 R2 is a 64-bit-only option.

Windows XP systems are not supported, even though XP is installed on most of the world’s desktops, and all IE9’s competitors support XP.




User interface enhancements

Perhaps the biggest change users will notice when installing IE9 is the cleaner, less fussy interface, which now includes a combined search and URL address bar.


Another neat feature is "pinned websites", which allows users to attach web sites to the Windows Task bar or start menu, or drag it onto the desktop, making the pinned web site simulate the characteristics of locally installed Windows applications



Another benefit for users is IE9's "jumplists" feature. These save time by letting IE9 users jump straight to specific points on firms' web sites without having to click several links to get there. You also do not need to bookmark the link you are trying to access – the web site has done that for you. However, the feature needs to be supported by the web site the user is visiting, and has to be coded into the web pages.


Security enhancements


Among the security enhancements Microsoft has added to IE9 are a dedicated download manager enabling IE9 to check downloaded files for malware, ActiveX filtering, and also tracking protection.


A download manager has been a critical omission from previous versions of IE, and Microsoft has finally addressed this problem. Clicking the "view downloads" button gives an estimated time left for the download and the current data transfer rate

IE9 download manager


After downloading, the file is scanned for viruses with Microsoft’s own technology, before you can run the file.



ActiveX-filtering and tracking protection

Hitting Tools > Safety allows users to switch on ActiveX-filtering, a security option which gives users the option to manage ActiveX controls, which are normally used to add functions to web sites.

ActiveX controls could easily introduce security and/or privacy issues when users are web browsing and this feature provides added protection.

Tracking protection enables users to allow or block web sites from tracking and reporting their browsing habits on specific web pages. In the tools drop-down, selecting tracking protection starts a pop-up box which can be edited to define which content providers you want to block.


Performance enhancements

JavaScript performance


A lot of development has gone into IE9’s JavaScript engine, codenamed Chakra, making it a much better performer than the earlier IE8 engine. Chakra compiles JavaScript in the background on a separate CPU core (if any are available) in parallel with running IE.


Graphics hardware acceleration

A big plus with IE9 is its implementation of graphics hardware acceleration through support for the HTML5 canvas element. With canvas supported, IE9 draw commands bypass the software rendering engine and go directly to users' onboard graphics card, allowing a 2D drawing surface without requiring a plug-in to be downloaded.


An indication of the quality of the graphics acceleration is offered by Microsoft's Fish Tank demo, a web page allowing IE to show its graphics hardware acceleration prowess.

The main parameter in the demo is the number of fish that can be rendered at a specific number of frames per second.

We used our Labs Core 2 Duo laptop with an onboard nVidia GeForce 8600M graphics subsystem.



IE9 rendered 1,000 fish at between 38 frames per second (fps) and 45fps on a 1,200x600-pixel window

Google Chrome 10 shows 1,000 fish between 10fps and 11fps. However, once you have set the flags to enable graphics card acceleration, Chrome 10 can render 1,000 fish between 35fps and 39fps.

Opera Software ASA's Opera 11.01 browser is set to roll out graphics hardware acceleration soon, but currently accelerates 1,000 fish between 7fps and 9fps.


Add-on management

Microsoft has rejigged its add-ons manager to cut the time it takes for the browser to start.

On our Windows 7 Ultimate system, for example, one of the gas guzzlers is an HP Print Enhance function which Microsoft's add-on manager calculates adds 1.64s to the start process


Browser-based battery life conservation

Microsoft has tried to reduce the power consumption of IE9 by adding a parameter in the control panel power options to change the JavaScript Timer Frequency to save power when laptops, netbooks and other mobile devices are not connected to mains power


The IE9 beta introduced hardware acceleration from the GPU for rendering web pages, improving the speed at which graphics are drawn onscreen. This was a major leap forward, and with the rise of browser games like Farmville, it could win over fans of rich web apps.



Want to use WebM? Install the codec and IE9 RC will use it if the web site requests it

A lot of Redmond's claims about IE9 cite its performance in the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark test, and Microsoft has put a lot of work into improving its results.

Cynics would say this was been done to avoid a panning in head-to-head comparisons with its rivals, and they might have a point.


2D: IE9 includes CSS 2D support, which is what makes these postcards sit at a jaunty angle



New look:




A slightly different interface; Hide Tabs moves down and Suggested Sites arrive

If you're using a Balanced or High Performance plan, more resources are routed to the browser. If you're using a laptop away from the mains and you're in Power Saver mode, the number of call-backs is limited.




If you're on a notebook and you're running on battery, IE9 slows its timer right down to save power


IE9 is no “Chrome killer” but instead functions more similar to its competitor. The two (IE9 and Chrome) will be separated into two markets and will obviously garner their own user base. Users switching between the two browser types will not be disappointed either way provided Microsoft developers can weed out some of the initial IE9 performance issues. There are benefits to using IE9 over Chrome like the shortcut/direct link pinning option, and the ability to still watch playing videos while dragging a tab. Internet Explorer 9 is a little more beefed up on the security front when compared to Chrome, which means a safer browsing experience for average users.



Compability view: websites designed for older browsers will often look better and problems such as out-of-place menus, images or text will be corrected.



Download Internet Explorer 9 here -> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/downloads/ie



I really liked it, it worth a try.

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Internet Explorer never be like firefox and chrome and opera and all other browsers its fail i will not download it !

in fact IE 9 is better then firefox. Not better then chrome yet, but it passed firefox. Oh wait, IE 9 was released 6 days ago and started downloaded 2 days ago.


you'll see that soon IE 9 will pass even chrome. There's a big invest and development on it.

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There's a big invest and development on it.

i expect yes .. because of now sh1tty and lagfull IE 8 @_@! .. i will give a try.. althought i preffer Firefox ^^ [and now that will release version 4 and 5.. yeh .. a bit difficult to be beated by IE :o ]

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i expect yes .. because of now sh1tty and lagfull IE 8 @_@! .. i will give a try.. althought i preffer Firefox ^^ [and now that will release version 4 and 5.. yeh .. a bit difficult to be beated by IE :o ]

i prefered firefox too, even more then chrome.


but this IE 9 is like firefox + chrome.


It just attracted me so much as the first day.

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i prefered firefox too, even more then chrome.


but this IE 9 is like firefox + chrome.


It just attracted me so much as the first day.


daaaaaahh!! xD! .. i can't download it because i still use win XP O.o! .. i shall wait until i upgrade this PC .. or use my another pc xDD! .. hahahahaha xD! .. hora de cambiar la rutina :o

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When i install it, it will be installed like a program or it will update my older IE?

guess update


dunno coz i haven't istalled IE since my last format till i saw IE 9 somewhere on internet. (i installe dit myself)

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