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[Quest]Pailaka -Injured Dragon(73-77)

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There are 3 Pailaka quests


Level 36-42: Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire

Level 61-67: Pailaka - Devil's Legacy

Level 73-77: Pailaka - Injured Dragon


In this quest,we are gonna talk about the 3rd one


Players more than 77 level cannot do this quest


It's not a hard quest,anyway


It's rewards are:


-Pailaka Shirt (A grade, pdef 28, +40 MP)


-2.850.000 SP

-Full Vitality Replenish



Tt starts outside Goddard, from the Ketra Orc Shaman right outside town. You must talk to him in order to get access to the instance. It doesn't affect your alliance with the Varkas Silenos or Ketra Orcs in any way, so go in with no worries.







The Ketra Orc Supporter will be right next to you as you are ported inside the Pailaka Instance. He will explain a bit more about the problem, and will give you a Spear.







So first, let's talk about the Spear, before we go to the rest of the guide. It's a Polearm, which means it will hit multiple mobs. It has good Patk/matk and it can be a valid weapon to use.



You don't NEED to use the Spear in order to complete the quest. I completed it with my SoM with no problems. However... The most interesting thing about the Spear, though, isn't exactly its patk or matk, but the skills that come with it:





The Critical UP skill will act as a sonic charge or force charge that is common for Gladiators and Tyrants, for example. Except that it will raise the level of Critical (up to lvl 7) with every critical hit you give mobs. That buff lasts an hour and it's necessary in order to use the skill on the Spear, called Obliteration Storm, which is a ranged AoE skill that is very powerful and can be VERY useful later on. I'll get to it in a bit.


So first of all, I'll indicate on this map the fastest route to the dragon. Simply because you have a time limit on this instance, and if you start exploring too much, you might not be able to finish. You don't have to clear all mobs in the map to actually finish the quest successfully, so if you take the route shown on the map below, you can get to the dragon in a faster way:




The dragon is at the left part of the red line. But before you can actually GET to the dragon, there are a few things you must do first. Upon first entering the Varka Silenos Outpost, you will find some Antelopes. I highly suggest you kill ALL of them, since they drop Quick Healing Potions and Instant Shields that will be very, very useful later on.




Now on to the mobs you will find there. Throughout the instance, you will find "barriers" of Varka Silenos mobs, blocking your way through. There's no way to pass through them without killing them, as the instance will send you back to face them if you try to just pass them without killing them. So, there's no choice here. You HAVE to kill them. They will generally present themselves in a line, one next to the other. This is the first group you will find:




Now, since all the groups are going to be pretty much the same way, just increasing in difficulty, I'll talk about strategies to kill them now. They are ALL nuker mobs, and their nuke is the same as the Flash of Splendors in Valley Of Saints (I simply cannot recall the name of that particular nuke). The good thing is that they don't move, so you can run away from them far away enough and they won't chase you, in case you need to run for your life. But they're social, meaning that if you attack the first one, all the others will start nuking you as well. Oh, and to make things more interesting, once you start killing the Silenos, a group of Mages with a high magical crit rate might spawn behind them as well, to join the fun!


See the difficulty? Yes, well, that's when I'll give you tips on how to proceed. Remember when I mentioned the Spear at the beginning of the guide? Well, if you're a melee character, I strongly suggest you use it, even if your own weapon is a better one than the spear.


I'll explain why (Thanks Althar for the melee tips, by the way):


- The spear is a Polearm, which means you will hit more than one mob at a time. But that's not even the best part of this weapon. The critical up will greatly enhance your attack speed and the Obliteration Storm skill is a 900 range skill that will often one-shot the Mage groups that might spawn behind the Silenos. You WILL want to deal with them, as they will nuke you and they can very easily magic crit you, and the only way of getting rid of them is by either killing THEM or killing the Silenos on the front. If you try to melee them, you have the risk of being teleported to the front as you might go beyond the "limit". So using the Obliteration Storm skill will often one-shot most if not all of those mages (depending on how many of them spawn). It will also do damage to the mobs on the front, and some will get stunned, although they do not get one-shot, so it's a worth tool to use.


I'll explain how the Obliteration Storm skill works now. First, you need to use the Critical Up skill that comes with the Spear. With every critical hit, it'll add one force to the skill, and that force lasts an hour. Each Obliteration Storm skill uses 3 Critical Ups. So a suggestion given to me as well was to hit one of the Ketra Orc NPC's to build up your critical up power before you face the Silenos (thanks Isane for this tip).


So that's why I suggest using the Spear if you're a melee, even though the quest itself doesn't require it.


Now for nuker/healers/support, things get a little more tricky. I was able to go through the sets of mobs by silencing them one by one (and anchoring when necessary). I also had the help of my summon, being a Necromancer, but not all the nukers/healers have the access to silence or a pet such as Great Wolf to help taking damage. So my suggestions would be:


- If you have silence, USE IT. Do not worry about the mana management, you do get mana and HP pots with the kills, so you can easily go back to full. Or you can simply rest for mana.


- If you don't have silence, what you can do is a "hit and run" technique. Nuke once, run back until you're safe from their nuking range, then step in, nuke again, and so on. It might take you longer, but it's surely safer. Oh, and don't forget to use those Quick Healing potions and Instant Shields you got from Antelopes. Or you can also take advantage of the Obliteration Skill. Equip the Spear, cast the Critical Up buff and hit the Ketra NPC until you have enough charges. Then use the Obliteration Storm skill to kill the Silenos.


Those hints are what I could come up with after two attempts of completing it. If you have any others, send us an email and I'll be glad to insert your ideas in this guide.




Anyway... now that the hints are covered, I'll show you where you'll find more of those group mobs. They will give you the scrolls that will allow you to enhance the Spear to give it more Patk/matk, and they are found all throughout the map. But, since we're covering the fastest route to the dragon, I will only show you the locations of the groups you will find on that route.


Remember that there's a chance they will spawn the Nuking priests/mages behind the first row, so be very, very careful. The second group of mobs can be found here:




Past the second group, you will find a Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer. He will be the NPC that will enhance your Spear if you got a scroll, and he will also provide you with 5 buffs of your choice, to pick from a list of buffs as shown on the screenie:




The third group of mobs can be found here:




The fourth (and last if you take this route) here:




Before we go to the dragon, I want to comment on another thing. If you need more healing pots and instant potions, there are two more places where you can find. One is at the location on the map below, from a mob called Grazing Flava:



And not far from there, you can find Elder Grazing Antelopes as well, that will drop you the Quick Healing Potions and Instant Shields, but unfortunately I couldn't get a screenie of those. But in any case, if you ever run out of those pots, you know there are other mobs you can kill to get them. Beware, all those mobs are aggro, although they're very easy to kill.


Anyway, back to our normal route and the dragon. Once you get past the fourth Silenos group, you can find Latana not too far from there.




When you first attack it, the game will show you a very neat cutscene (I've never seen cutscenes in L2 before this quest, and I have to say I LOVE the addition), but don't get lost in watching the cutscene, as the dragon will start attacking you as soon as it's over. Now for the strategies to kill the dragon:


   First of all, it nukes, and it has a fire-breath attack that is NOT a nuke, and it hits hard OVERALL. So it will be a good idea to use all those Quick Healing Potions and Instant Shields.

   It doesn't move. So if you ever get into trouble, just run as far away from its range as you can. And have I mentioned to use the Quick Healing Potions? Yeah.

   Pay attention to the mob's behavior. Whenever it stands on its two back legs, it's preparing the very powerful fire breath attack, so it would be a good idea to use those Instant Shields right as it's putting its paws on the ground and RUN until it's done with that spell. The main nukes don't hit that hard unless they crit, but the fire-breath attack got through 9k of my Reanimated Man's HP in 3 hits.

   Silence will work with the Flame nukes, but it won't work with the fire-breath attack as it's not magical.


For melees, here I suggest equipping your normal weapon if it's better than the spear, since you can't use the AoE nuke on the dragon. For Nukers, hit and run. Unless you have some sort of paralyze such as Anchor, nuke it, when you notice it's about to launch the fire breath attack, run and use all those quick healing potions and Instant Shield as you can. For healers, go into Inquisitor, unless you have a pet such as a Great Wolf, and even though, if your Great Wolf gets caught into one of the fire breath spells, it might die pretty quickly.

Once you kill Latana, another cutscene will show up and the Ketra Orc Supporter will spawn. You will need to return the spear in order to collect your reward.




The rewards are 28m EXP (yes, that much. At lvl 73, it gave me roughly 31%), 2.850.000 SP and a Pailaka Shirt. You are also rewarded Vitality points. For me, it recharged me to full vitality and I entered at completely 0 vitality. So I suggest doing this quest when you're bottomed up in vitality, so at least you also get a free recharge.





And pailaka quest is finished,and now your vitality is full :)


All credits to this guide go to : ValerieRose for making it and Finito for bringing it at MaxCheaters.com


Other 2 pailaka guides can be found here( 36-42) and here(61-67)


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Did this on RPG 15x. Stabbed it to death with my abyss walker after hitting it a couple of times with a great wolf. The mobs on the way are WAY harder than the boss, all those mages mcriting and 4 shotting you before you can pop some more pots....

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Did this on RPG 15x. Stabbed it to death with my abyss walker after hitting it a couple of times with a great wolf. The mobs on the way are WAY harder than the boss, all those mages mcriting and 4 shotting you before you can pop some more pots....

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