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- Experience : 1000x


- Safe Enchanting : +6


- Max Enchanting : +12


- Enchant Rate : 70%


- Blessed Enchant : 100%


- Hellbound-like concept


- Global Gatekeeper, GmShop, NpcBuffer


- 24 Buffs + 12 Dances/Songs


- Good Balancing between Classes


- Skills Are Auto-Learn


- Maximum level 80 (You get the 80-85 skills also)


- Auto-Learn 81 level + Skills


- Wedding System


- No Clan Penalties


- All Region Sieges


- 3 Sub-Class


- Noblesse Seller


- Augmentation System


- Geodata W/o Bugs


- Gold Bar System


- No Custom Items


- PK killer


- 2 Hours buffs


- NO Attribute System


- NO Subclass certifications


- Karma Drop


- Olympiad Games


- Leveling Area


- Farming Zones


- TvT Event every 4 Hours


Server will go LIVE Today 18/3/2011 at 18:00 GMT+2 (Look it up).


How To Connect Instructions will be posted few minutes before the launch.

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great features great server!no lag,active gms,many ppl.

i was in the old one and i was impressed by the balance and features...i will be in the new...give us a try ;)

u wont regret it!

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