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hellbound [L2 - L2 Ru files] PVPwith.US 30x Epilogue


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    The PvPwith.US team is preparing the start of a new middle rate 30x server for middle of March !

      Open Beta will start on 09.03.2011 officially ending on 14.03.2011 ! We will wait you all to test everything and report on our forums what's wrong or missing !
      This way, together we can make the perfect server.
      Live Server will start on 15.03.2011 not ending even if aliens strike !
    First of all we're not using L2j server like all of the other 99% privates around, and the most important thing is that we're the first 100% epilogue server
    You will probably ask why are we opening a 30x server with 2 hour buffs and mana potions like the rest of the servers when we should be fully retail-like instead. The files we have are from Russian developers and I can proudly say they're of the same quality as Rpg-Club's, this is why we decided to open an easy 30x server , so you guys can test the quality of our files.
    This does not mean that we're going to close this server or something, on the contrary we are planning to build a multiserver community with this being the starting point. So if you join us you'll see the outstanding difference between us and the other so called "servers".
    I can continue for hours but you don't need to take my word for granted, you can just test it out yourself with the upcoming open beta.
    Our Server will offer you the following :
    * 30x xp/sp
    * 2x party xp.
    * 15x item drop
    * 10x spoil
    * 30x adena
    * 5x quest drop
    * 15x raid\boss drop
    * 1x epic Jwls drop
    * 5x manor rate
    Dualbox allowed.
    Subclasses does not require Quest, maximum 3 subclasses.
    Nobless with retail Quest
    Shift on monster for drop: Enabled
    Fame System
    AutoLearn Skills (81-83)
    NPC Class Manager.
    On every MID-RATE servers you'll see thousands of CUSTOM NPCs, not in our server ! We want it as clean and not exploitable as possible.
    Instead of this we provide another improved system ! For example :
    Instead of a buffer, you'll have all buffs in the comunity menu pressing Alt+B or just B for those with enter-chat !
    Being in a peace-zone you'll be able to buff yourself this way
    Buff slots will be retail-like 20 + 12 ( +4 from divine inspiration )
    Instead of a teleporter npc, press Alt+B and there's a list with every location being able to go to !
    You won't see a proper GMShop, weapons\armors\jewels will be provided in the LUXURY STORE, cosumables in GROCERY SHOPS
    As for enchanting we will provide you :
    Safe Enchant 3 (4 for full body), Max Enchant 16, Enchant success rate 66%, Blessed Enchant success rate 70%.
    *** GOOD LUCK ! ***
    Features :
    These features will be greatly improving the gameplay, and should attract your attention :
    * Professional Bot Protection !! We want a clean comunity, and we will have it !
    * Professional Anti-DDOS Protection ! Never have to worry about lags anymore !
    * Premium Geodata & Geoengine
    * Dynamic Geodata Pathfinding
    * Hellbound 100% working
    * All Epiloque zones working and pre-tested
    * Seed of Destruction fully working as retail
    * Seed of Infinity working including raiding of Ekimus
    * Retail-like Raids system, we want everything perfect
    * Retail-like Vitality system
    * Kamaloka Instances, Pailakas Instances
    * Chamber of Delusion - Retail Like
    * 7 Sign Epic quests series working like you only see it on retail
    * All Talismans working 100%
    * Foundation And Masterwork Items
    * All Clan skills work how they must work. Added at lvl 8 lvl 9 lvl 10 Squad Skills
    * Siegable Clan Halls
    * Gracia Areas and Quests 100%
    * PVP Weapons \ Armors 100%
    * Fully web-integrated game/forum account manager
    * Full automatic events
    * Passive events retail like
    * Very experienced administration with social skills :)
    The decision to do a high quality, guaranteed bot- and exploit-free mid rate is our answer to the fast-lived Lineage 2 world of today.
    Meet and greet your friends and defeat your foes in the farming zones, like in the good old times!
    Prepare for a new journey!
    The PvPwithUs Team,.

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nasky i wasnt sure either but i logged and u can see the difference mobs are not like on java lol skills either its cool stuff.

later edit, i dont see where u saw +6 items i not see anything like this on their website.

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They never said if you read carefully that they have RPGClub's FILES ! Same quality means totally something different.

And as I said on a different forum, who cares what files and from where they got them if in the end every GRACIA QUEST\ZONE , INSTANCE , SKILL work as it should do and as it does on RETAIL ?

That's why we're joining, because of the "COMPLETE" part ! To not facing GEODATA or NORMAL bugs everyday, not to have to report everyday something and wait 10 years for a STUPID GM to fix it ...


So, in the end, join their OPEN-BETA, test everything you want, and convince yourself that a better MID-RATE PRIVATE you can't find and this is a FACT !!

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i played there on pre test time

the file is realy good


i realy dont know if its java or no

but since everything work as it should

who care?


anyway its x30 full buff

its so easy to test and check by yourself

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