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Found 24 results

  1. WTS Earing of Antharas x75 PM there
  2. This project uses its customers as a botnet , try not to play their servers . I saw it after once they have found a bug on the site , and took their access to the database. I took their server assembly ( l2off from Vagant , assembly forum ( vbulletin ) , with all the data base (email, login password ( cached ) My advice , do not play there because they are not only that you take with the money , and you still used as a botnet Google translate :gusta:
  3. Server time (game world): +3 GMT (+3 GMT) Server platform: Interlude PTS System of bonuses for all players! Look on lowreit on the new! We developed unique content which will bring pleasant bonuses for the new server. Tears of Luck - special currency of the server, isn't transferred. Is given to all players who are outside the city in the fighting mode. Is given on one coin in a casual period. For this currency you will be able to get various accessories, jewelry, unique agation (not influencing balance), opportunity to baff at Newbie Buffer after 61 lvl and various expendables. Lucky Treasure Chest - at farm mobs, you can meet special chests at which murder, you can receive Tears of Luck and other useful things. Game without difficulties even for solo players! If you have no time for game in clans if you don't like to get off in CP and can't hold online 24/7, it doesn't matter. On the new server there are all conditions, even for solo players! Cats in the cities will provide you with starting equipment and will help is assured to get on feet (give out shadow No Grade and the D gr of a thing), and the modernized Newbie Buffer will give you support up to 61 levels! Also if you was absent in game for long time, when you logging in game, you will receive a bonus in the form of a rune of +30% to all reit for 3 hours! Eternal server? Yes, it is real! Of course everything will depend only on you - players, and whether only to you he will solve eternal. But from our party we can guarantee - this server won't join others, it will function to the last player. Constant game events On the new server you shouldn't miss, constant events will dilute your daily raid/pvp/farm. Take active part in life of the server and on advantage will be rewarded! Detailed description Ester x5 Server Hardware 2х Intel Xeon 5-2670v2 Hard Disk 10x SAS15K 600GB RAM 256GB DDR3 ECC LAN 10Gbps Rates EXP/SP: x5 Adena: x6 (quantity) SealStone: x6 (quantity) Drop: chance x6, quantity x1 Spoil: chance x6 * * Amount of consumables (animal bone, etc.) increases depending on chance * Full armor / recipes/key-materials (pieces of an equip) - amount doesn't increase Manor: x1 - receiving resources Manor x1 - collecting fruits from monsters Quest (drop): x3-5 (some quests) Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x5 * * Dangerous Seduction exception - adena x1 RB exp/sp: x5 RB drop: chance of x3; quantity of x1 Epic: x1 PetExpRate: x5 PartyExpRate: x1 Additional quest reward (amount of items): Supplier of Reagents - x5 The Finest Food - х5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 - х5 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х3 Alliance with Varka Silenos - х3 War with Ketra Orcs - х3 War with Varka Silenos - х3 Zero hour – х3 An Ice Merchant's Dream – x5 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х5 Yoke of the Past – x5 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х3 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х3 A Powerful Primeval Creature – х3 Matras' suspicious request – х3 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х5 Legacy of Insolence – х5 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х5 Relics of the old empire - х1 Gather the flames - х1 Dwarven Kinship x2 Curse of the Underground Fortress х2 Protect the Water Source х2 Legacy of the Poet х2 Features: Starting equipment: (all starting items can't be traded + you can sale it for 0 Adena) Shot's no-grade pack 10 Scroll of Escape 1 Scroll of Wind Walk for 1 hour (lvl 2) Newbie Guide - added an option to restore Full MP for 30.000 adena. Available only for dwarfs, it is made especially for comfortable craft conditions Newbie Buffer - can buff you till level 61! If you log-in to the game after a long absence you will automatically receives a rune "rates +30%" for 3 hours Event NPC Adventurers' Guide Miss Queen is available from the beginning. (Event NPC who gives weapon of travelers to beginners) Auto-loot (drop) Epic bosses are alived from the beginning No player limit in entrance to dungeon of Valakas You dont need spellbooks to learn skills till 3rd proff, you need only SP. 3rd proff skills according to official server. CursedWeapon in 2 weeks after opening. Olympiad period will start on 1st of April Seven seals starts on 23rd of March The maximum number of clans in alliance is increased to 16 Primeval Isle location: Gatekeeper in Rune has possibility to teleport you to Primeval Isle. It costs 150.000 aden Price for teleports at 76+ levels is increased by 5 times. Tears of Luck - special currency of the server, cant be traded. It is given to all players who are outside the city in the battle mode. You randomly get 1 coin (not static period). For this currency you will be able to get various accessories, jewelry, unique agathions (they don't influence balance), scrolls buff, an opportunity to buff yourself with the help of Newbie Buffer after 61 lvl and various expendables. Lucky Treasure Chest - When you kill monster, you can meet special chests. If you kill such chest you can receive Tears of Luck and other useful things. Tears of Devotion - Donate currency, you can get it via donations. Can be traded. Offline trade: Activation via command .offline It doesnt demand off-trade scroll Activation costs 50.000 Adena Time - 48 hours Castle, Sieges and Clan halls: Siege period - 2 weeks First sieges - April 18-19 Amount of adena necessary for purchasing manufactories in the Castle is increased by 10 times The cost of all Clan Halls at auction is increased by 10 times The cost of Clan Hall rent is increased by 10 times 1st and 2nd profession: First profession 10 TOD or 100.000 Aden Second profession 60 TOD or 900.000 Aden HWID protection of your character(not account) is available. 100% protection against unauthorized access Viewing bonus from the runes, operating on your character at exact monent Timer for temporary items Off-trade (it is also available via command ".offline") Turn on/off receiving experience (.exp on / .exp off command is also available) Turn on/off personal messages in chat (This command also swtich off possibility to trade) In game commands: .menu - the universal menu .autoloot on/off - turn on/off autoloot .offline - activation off-trade .exp on/off - turn on/off exp .rune - bonus status of the rune .timeleft - timer for temporary items May 2 "second breath" for the server - a new advertising campaign Bonuses for newcomers Ester x5 Several reasons to start playing on Ester: Huge online, 20-30% english-speaking community, regular events, bonuses for newcomers will be available on 7th of April. All characters which will be created on April 7th or later will start with Newbie Box! This box wil help you to join to Ester world. From Newbie Box you will get: Premium Rune (+50%) 12 hours Sweet Fruit Cocktail х3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail х3 Accessory sertificate (3 days accessory). You can change it in NPC Ester in Services section 2 May 2015 Bonus start on Ester x5 Bonus start - What is it It is a some kind of second breathe for server. We will resume full advertising company next week! Google, Yandex, MMOTOP, L2top, Hopzone, Topservers200, L2jbrazil, Facebook, l2network, topzone, l2servers, sms mailing, email mailing, announcers and so on. Also we are creating promo-page for our server now. Since May 2, every new character will get a bonus which will help you to join to server's life. Also there is possibility for old players to start another character with new players. What kind of bonuses On 2nd of May at 11:00 UTC +3 Server will be restarted. At 12:00 UTC+3 Server will be available and all bonuses will be activated for new players. From 12:00 to 13:00 UTC+3 NPC Ahuron Raulian will welcome all players. Also he will present some gifts for all character lvl 9 or less! Don't miss it, meet Ahuron from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC +3 on 2nd of May in Elven village! Bonuses for new-comers: NG equipment Coupons for D grade armor, weapon, jewelry Coupons for C grade armor, weapon, jewelry NG and D gr shots Premium Rune (+50%) 12 hour Online Rune (+50%) 6 hour Angel Cat's Blessing - It gives you full-buff for 1 hours when used Sweet Fruit Cocktail х3 Fresh Fruit Cocktail х3 Coupon for Agathion from Dota 2 Agathions don't influence balance. It is usual accessory Coupon for accessory for 3 days (Change it in NPC Ester -> Services) All teleports will be free till lvl 61 Only one starting location for all races - Elven Village Registration Download client Download patch Some time ago we have posted our plans for 2015. Also we announced that you can choose future servers yourselves. So, we created special page for you where you can vote for chronicles and rates of future servers. They are relax-PvP in summer and Low-rate in autumn. I hope this voting help us to create the most comfortable server for you according to your opinions. So you have absolute opportunity to create servers of your dream. Pay attention pls, we work with official assemblies: Interlude - PTS Any higher chronicles - offlike Voting page (or you can find it in top left corner of our site) Here is some info about annual plan of our project. For lazy players - This part of message is about life and possibilities of our project. What was before What is now What will be in future Everybody can choose part which is interested for him. Past Frankly speaking last 2 year were rather bad for the project. I don't want to speak about every thing of our life because I think that you already know them. Also as i know, not only our project had some problems but other private servers also were not able to provide high-quality game for you. 1 month is maximum period for each server. Present time I am admiting... this work is very interesting for me and for our team. I am very happy to hear gratitudes in support service or via skype. Of course we make some mistakes but we are trying to create the best server for you. And our Ester shows us that nowadays we make less mistakes than before. We will not stop our on this project thats why we want to share some our ideas with you. Project, servers, advertising - we have no time to relax and it is really cool! Future What can we expect for? Long living and comfortable servers with offlike platform and great advertising company! I hope everything bad has already disappeared . This year we are going to open 3 server. One of them has already opened - Hello players of Ester. So, I'd like to tell you about next 2 servers. 2 great seasons are waiting for us: Summer on We carefully considered the situation and decided to open light PvP server. Probably smbd wants low-rate but nobody wants to spend much time in game during summer. That's why it is way better to open a relaxed server where you can play only several hours in the evening. Advertising company will start in May. Server will be opened in July. Rates and chronicles you will choose by yourselves. Autumn on Autumn is the time of our work, study and so on. Daily rainy weather and other bad stuff force us to spend our time at home. So we have decided to open Low-rate server in autumn! Interlude low-rate has already opened thats why you can choose only these chronicles: Gracia Final, High Five and GoD: Glory Day. Also you will have possibbility to choose chronicles and rates yourselves as PvP server. Advertising company will start in May! Server will be opened in September. During preparation there will be many events which will give you some positivie emotions before opening. At the end I want to thank you all for your support and participation in life of our project. I am very glad that you have chosen our project. Voting ends on 15th of May 2015. When voting ends we will announce the result. - project where you can choose next server yourselves.
  4. Chars 85 Cardinal + Kookaburra 84 Eva's Saint + Kookaburra 85 Sword Muse 85 Spectral Dancer 85 Doom Cryer 85 Phoenix Knight 85 Ghost Hunter 85 Duelist 85 Doombringer All Chars are noblesse, with all subclasses done and subskills learned. 9+ Olympiad matches done on all chars with decent points. Most skills enchanted to +7-10, most important skills are +15 (CoV, Party UD, Rush Impact, etc...) All Chars come with Full A/S Grade Armor and TTS Jewel Set. Items 2x Full IC Sets + Full Element Resist 2x Dynasty Robe Set [Healer] + Full Element Resist 2x Dynasty Leather Set + Full Element Resist Vesper duals +4 Icarus Hammer Adena ( 1€ = 100kk ) Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 16 Epics 3x Zaken Earring 2x Queen Ant Ring 1x Frintezza's Necklace 1x Baium's Ring If you are interested in any of the above listed items then leave me a PM and we will figure out a price. Cheers.
  5. As title says, I'm currently selling adena on Lira 7x GF. Prices will be cheaper than others because I'm not known as "top seller". If you are afraid of buying or dont trust, we can make small transactions untill you buy your wanted amount. Very good prices! 125kk = 1 U$D 138kk = 1 Euro -> Currently on stock ~350kk ~700kk 950kk 250kk 500kk 650kk Out of stock atm 800kk 1800kk 1000kk Out of stock 550kk 2.700kk 3.700kk 2900kk 4.300KK 3.300kk 2.200kk Trade summary: 700kk sold @26/09 790kk sold @26/09 650kk sold @30/09 500kk sold @07/10 800kk sold @11/10 1000kk sold @12/10 800kk sold @23/10 1000kk sold @27/10 1000kk sold @28/10 2.200kk sold @01/11 -> I have AA / materials / crystals if interested aswell (very cheap price) Still, I already sold adena before, you can check that topic with good rep: I'll be available this weekend. During monday to friday I work and study, so I dont have much time to sell. Please feel free to pm me or leave skype so we can talk!
  6. LVL 79!! ST, Noblesse, with sub BD and summoner, GW 64 Pm for more info, or write here.
  7. stock : 4 billion adena price : 0.20 euro per 1 billion adena payment system: webmoney / payza icq: 664111469 skype: Languages: Eng/Rus You can pm me there.
  8. Characters: Mystic Muse 85+ all FS lvl 82 3 euros Nobless Shilien Saint 83+(Subclass Soul Taker lvl 80) 3 euros Nobless Titan 83+(full certificates,fighters will, all FS lvl 82) Nobless Moonlight Sentinel Nobless Trickster (all FS lvl 82, Full subs certs, Judicator lvl 80 with +13+14 Apetite, etc...) Nobless 8 euros Shilien Templar (Have SOS, all FS lvl 82) Equipment: Any S84 Weapon Dynasty Crusher 300 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 12 euros Dynasty Crusher 150 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 8 euros Vesper Nobl Robe set 900+ attribute ~~Hot~~ 8 euros Dynasty Heavy set Tier II ~~Hot~~ 2 euros Dynasty Staff 180 Water Acumen 2 Euros Dynasty Staff 150 Wind Acumen 2 euros WTS Clan Hall in Aden! 40 Euros Send any questions here on private message and for contact leave your skype Transactions done only via Skrill (Moneybookers) at this moment! We do not trade any items before we receive payment My Skype: Trading Stuff
  9. WTS ADENA x30 hel 1 bil = 2 Euro 10 bil = 18 Euro skype Max.big50 update today > LAST STOCK 5 kkk = 7.5 euro <
  10. As the title says, I'd like to sell some chars in Hell 30x server. Doombringer 85 with 3 subclass and skills, noblesse SE 83 Titan 83 50% Spoiler 83 TH 82 70% Soulhound 82 Storm Screamer 85 Saggitarius 85 Warlock 81 50% PM Me with details if you are interested.
  11. Delete this topic please Double post
  12. WTS 4K TODS 1TOD = 0.5 Rub Skype Ratty... Only WebMoney
  13. Nobless Soultaker DC SET + 6 MA SET + 6 TT SET 5/5/5/4/4/ TOD 1300 Skype Ratty... Only Webmoney
  14. Продам Nobless Soultaker X75 Nanna Am +7 Acumen - SOLD MA Set +6 DC Set +6 TT Set 5/5/5/4/4/ TOD 1300 Tallum Robe Set Skype : Ratty...
  15. WTS / X75 Nanna Nobless Soultaker AM + 7 Acu MA SET +6 DC SET +6 TT SET 5/5/5/4/4/ And Something More... Skype Ratty...
  16. WTS / X75 Nanna Nobless Soultaker AM + 7 Acu MA SET +6 DC SET +6 TT SET 5/5/5/4/4/ And Something More... Skype Ratty...
  17. Greetings people I sell my DoomCryer lvl 79 + Sub Titan 78 (Noblesse) with Cov, Magnus and Chant Gate Server: (Dex) LIONNA 7x Payment via Paypal Price: 110 Euro 60 Euro Equipment or Items: Nothing but you can also buy A -Armor and S-Weapon for extra payment from me if you wish. PS: Premium Rune including Note: You will get the Account including E-Mail which was registered only for the Doomcryer account! So you will have full access. if you are interested pm me here at maxcheaters.
  18. Sell list: Armors: - Majestic Heavy set 3 euros - Nightmare light set 3 euros - Dc robe set 5 euros - Tallum Heavy set 5 euros - IC set unsealed +3 all 30 euros Jewlery: - TTS Jewlery set +3 8 euros SOLD - TTS Jewlery set +3 all 8 euros - TTS Jewlery set +3 all 8 euros - TTS separated parts each 2 euros Weapons: - Draconic Bow +7 40 euros SOLD - Arcana Mace +6 211 M attack 40 euros SOLD! - Naga Storm (SA CD) 4 euros - Draconic bow (SA Focus) 20 euros TOD/Adena: - 1000 TOD 16 euros (fix price) - 2kkk = 4 euros Chars: - You can order/ask for any char any lvl, sub nobl, all available and possible price will be decided after!
  19. Selling Items&sets: - Moirai Heavy set [25 euros] half attribute SOLD - Moirai Heavy set [15 euros] half attribute SOLD - Zaken earing +5[45 euros] 40 euros now! - Freya Necklase +4 [50 euros] SOLD - Any Vesper weapon [20 euros] 15 euros now! - Vesper Bow 300 Holy [30 euros] SOLD - Vesper Light set 900 [25euros] 20 euros now! - Angel Slayer [10 euros] SOLD - Vorpal Heavy set [50 euros] 20 euros now! - Dynasty Phantom 150 water [15 euros] 10 euros now! - Moirai Robe set [15 euros] half attributed 10 euros now! - Dynasty Crusher +4 with Focus 150 attribute [55 euros] SOLD - Vesper Robe set [30 euros] 10 euros now! - Blue soul stage 16 Crystal 40 euros SOLD - Blue soul stage 16 Crystal 40 euros Chars: GREAT DISCOUNT ON ALL OF THE CHARS! Dominator - 81 lvl [With email and it has PA] 30 Euros Mystic Muse - 84 lvl [With email] 15 Euros Mystic Muse - 81 lvl [With email] 10 euros Moonlight sentinel - 84 lvl [Nobles]20 euros Doomcryer 83 lvl 15 euros (No email) Sword Muse 83 lvl [Nobles] 5 euros (No email) List will be updated with more items and chars shortly. For any questions ask on private message. Prices on adena lowered allot! 5kkk = 40 euros via Paypal (35 euros via Moneybookers) Money transactions need to be done with: - Moneybookers - Paypal (as gift, option send to family/friends) otherwise it wont be accepted. Fast and safe!
  20. lv85 tank with icon vorpal hvy 1800 moi hvy 900 vorpal jewel set 10k+ fame vesp cutter 150 +focus vesp thrower 150 Shits with around 1kkk worth(crystal,KE,etc.) All together! pm with offers
  21. Hello WTS adena on Arion x5 HF ( add me on skype Zintax4 Adena price 16 euro/400.000.000(400kk) 4e=100kk 5 euro/100.000.000(100kk) Stock 400kk+ >>> Add me on skype Zintax4 <<< Paypal My old thread:
  22. WTS: 78 Storm Screamer 79 Mistic Muse 78 Spectral Dancer 79 Eva's Saint All of those are on different accounts. Payment via paypal. Contact me at: or skype: xNilve
  23. Website: Server: Luna x5 Price: 1kk = 0,30 usd (better than buying tod) Stock: 100kk Every 10kk you buy you get 1kk extra ! Payment method: PayPal
  24. Hey peeps! Selling adena on the new and project l2luna. Some info about the server: server started on: 15.11.2013 L2 version: Gracia final off rates: 5x population first 3 days: 7-8k Link to site: Most important donation item: Birthday cake (vit buff) Payment method is: PayPal Contact me on skype:bazinga110 or here on maxcheaters. I am also Selling on: l2dex - wrath