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  1. How i can change the enchant delay? Than you!
  2. Hello, i created new skill ( buff ) and i put on buffer alt+b. All good. But when i try to buf, i get jail for exploit. Can someone tell me why this happends? L2jSunrise High Five Pack Thank you !
  3. Anyone know from where i can get updater for patch? Please few links to help
  4. HI all, i set in my npc to make character hero. In next settings you will see. But, i want to set hero for 1 month. Now, if player buy hero, after restart, hero it's gone. Here it is few setting. else if (event.equalsIgnoreCase("hero")) { if (!player.isHero()) { player.setHero(true); player.broadcastPacket(new SocialAction(player.getObjectId(), 20016)); // Hero Animation player.broadcastUserInfo(); player.destroyItemByItemId("Get your hero!", 6391, 25000, player, true); return "character.htm"; } else if (player.isHero()) { player.setHero(false
  5. How i can make more macros than 48? I edit line in RequestMakeMacro.java if (player.getMacros().getAllMacroses().size() > 48) to if (player.getMacros().getAllMacroses().size() > 100) And in game i still have 48. Greetings
  6. Hello, i hosted server on Contabo servers. And in my pc, i don;t get any error of what i show you now. And i don't know what cause this. Java from hsot, or i don't know. java.lang.NullPointerException at l2r.gameserver.model.actor.L2Npc.getExpReward(L2Npc.java:1187) at l2r.gameserver.model.actor.L2Attackable.getVitalityPoints(L2Attackable.java:1728) at l2r.gameserver.model.actor.L2Attackable.calculateRewards(L2Attackable.java:541) at l2r.gameserver.model.actor.L2Character.doDie(L2Character.java:2594) at l2r.gameserver.model.actor.L2Npc.doDie(L2Npc.java:1244) at l2r.gameserver.
  7. chance="50" /> chance="50" /> chance="50" /> Item in xml, are 50%, Premium drop x1 if i set on xml chance="100" /> chance="100" /> chance="100" /> Item in xml, are 100%, Premium drop x2 Strange it is, i don't know how, chance affect amount. (for quest drops). Why this problem affect Chance+Amount? How i can fix this? I want the drop to be x2 regardless of the chance of a drop. And not to affect the amount of chance?
  8. How can i do premium buffs with 3 h? All buffs. I hear about L2Effect. But i don;t know what method i should do
  9. Hello all. Why premium some items no have x2? For exemple Torch it is quest item and it is dropable x2. Vacualite/Vacualite Ore is quest item too, but drop it is x1. greetings. P. S. - PremiumDropMultiplierByItemId = 57,2;7265,2;7266,2;9630,2; ( Item are still x1)
  10. HI, Someone can tell me why in L2jSunrise xp and sp are not correct caluclation? For exemple, with method bonusExp from java, if i set on skill 10%, it's not 10%. It's like 6%. if mob drop for exemple 1 exp, with 10% rune should drop 1,10, but now drop 1,05-1.04. How i can fix this fail calculation of Sunrise?
  11. Hi all, how i can make a npc which players can learn just 3rd skills from each class? I can do this? If i have to make a new class in java, where i should do? Greetings!
  12. Hi all. I have a problem. With hp. After 16 kk hp, when player restart his charater, he go back on previous location. Can someone help me ple?
  13. How can i change announcement color and keep text Announcement? I change from Say2.java public static final int ANNOUNCEMENT = 20; This is yellow and Announcement it is replaced with my name here should be Announcement: New Free .... How i can change this?
  14. Hello all. I do a small mistake. And this mistake it is on custom_spawnlist. I duplicated all spawns. Npcs/monsters. How i can delete duplicated spawns? It is a command on sql or query? Greetings
  15. HI all, how i can make a npc which list skills from player and he can have option to delete a skill?
  16. If i put a weapon ++ as ingredient, i can buy +0 with this method? public Ingredient(StatsSet set) { this(set.getInt("id"), set.getLong("count"), set.getInt("enchantmentLevel", 0), set.getBoolean("isTaxIngredient", false), set.getBoolean("maintainIngredient", false)); } Weapon ++ i have set as ingredient. And player can't buy next weapon. Because weapon that (++) must be +0. I can fix this? Same problem i have for armors. Xml with multisell <list maintainEnchantment="true" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=
  17. HI all, how i can change Range for anti-pk guard? I have this syntax. <npc id="9996" displayId="30346" name="Sentry" usingServerSideName="true" title="Map Guard" usingServerSideTitle="true" type="L2Guard"> <sex>MALE</sex> <ai type="BALANCED" aggroRange="900" clanHelpRange="1000" isAggressive="false"> </ai> <stats str="99" int="99" dex="99" wit="99" con="99" men="99"> <vitals hp="999999999" mp="100" /> <attack physical="100000000" magical="50000000" attackSpeed="5000" range="900" critical="100"/> <defence physical="50
  18. Where i can see time specify in java for jail? I try //jail name 10 (i thought it was for 10 minutes) But it is for ever! How i can give jail for x minutes?
  19. I can make skill replace with another in fishing npc skill learn? If a player have skill for exemple, id 1000 and i add a custom one 1001, i want when player buy 1001, to exchange for 1000. I search , but i haven't a documentation about skill "set". In fishingSkillTree i put this for 1001 preRequisiteSkill id="1000" lvl="1" /> but player still can have both skills. id 1000 and 1001 Greetings
  20. Tell me someone please why i get critical error when i try to look on player inventory? This is happend not all time. Just sometimes. And after i restart client, all good.
  21. Why i see current Votes: 0 when in site i have 18? I put same link on configs. This are configs. # Enable or disable l2top.co vote AllowTopCoVote = True # Enter your server's link for top.co # E.x. http://www.l2top.co/index.php?page=server_info&id=1341 VoteLinkTopCo = https://l2top.co/vote/server/L2DetyMultiskill&id=11082 # With this option you specify the rewards for l2top.co vote # Default: 3487,100;57,1000 RewardsForTopCo = 3470,1 I want to fix this. Please help. And after i vote in site, in game i don;t get reward because say i didn't vote!
  22. how do I reduce the chance of debuf enchanted in cost? debuff enchanted in "Cost" are chance more than when enchanted in "Chance". can someone please help me? what is causing the most trouble is the Curse Fear enchanted in "Cost". (besides it lasts 60 seconds, it is get very easy)
  23. Someone know how i can fix NoItemName error from system patched high five? I add etcitem in etcitem.dat How i can arrange? I put my custom item in itemname-e.dat in as last row (with empty row after) Saved on 413, still noitemname. I try over 5 systems/3 file edits. What't wrong?
  24. From what setting i can remove 9 lvl diff on drops? Fixed. Can close topic anyway.
  25. Looking for someone who know to make Drop runes in High Five Server. Pm here for more info and for price. Just Drop runes with time. 1 h for exemple. Greetings