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  1. Hello everyone, we want to present you serveroffer hosting services. Connection test: LookingGlass Services for resellers ASN parking IPv4/IPv6 Network resources leasing Private router hosting Unmetered traffic Payment notification interface (IPN) Dedicated servers - get free trial Custom dedicated servers for wide variety of purposes. Optional ddos protection Optional Graphics processor - GPU Windows and Linux operating systems (SSH / Remote desktop access) For custom dedicated server configuration - ask support Prices f
  2. Hello, We are going to start a new project l2j Interlude ( l2jfrozen files ). We are looking for a good dedicated server with DDoS protection. Any suggestions? Can anyone tell me something about this hosting https://www.hetzner.com/ ? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. GodlyCloud is an upcoming hosting provider based in London. We specialize in website hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers, with various managed services as well. Our startup team consists of industry veterans who are motivated and ready assist our customers at a moment’s notice. TEST IP: 512MB RAM VPS: 1 vCore | 30GB SSD | $4.99 $3.49/month for the first 3 months with code: LET |ORDER SSD VPS (KVM) - https://www.godlycloud.com/vps/ Personal Plan: Supports 1 Web
  4. ❖GRAND OPENING 9/9/2016 18:00 GMT+2❖ ❖ MAIN FEATURES Why you should join? No lag No rolback Easy farm Maley auto and gm events Helpful Staff Maley unique custom features 99% of skills balanced 90% of classes balanced... (daily updates for perfect balance) ❖ General Informations Server Rates Xp Rate x5000 Sp Rate x5000 Adena Drop x5000 Party XP x1 Party SP x1 Drop Rate Item,Weap,Equip - 30%,30%,30% Augmentation Top LS Skill Chance = 20% Enchanting Safe Enchant: +5 for Normal +20 for Blessed Max Enchant: +20 with Crystal +25 Normal: 70%
  5. L2Sins PVP High Five Features list. All Players start 80 LvL with A grand items.(Max lvl 85) All Subs start 70 LvL. Grand Reward: 50 Donation Coins for the Leaders of the clans who will get the CASTLES OF GIRAN ,ADEN AND GODDARD. GMSHOP TILL S84 DYNASTY All BOSSES WORKS WITHOUT Q Special Shop Sell Enchants EVERYTHINK Festival Adena Droped for Raid Bosses and Festival Zone Medals from all Mobs - Website www.l2sins.com www.l2sins.com -Facebook www.facebook.com/l2sins www.facebook.com/l2sins -Rates: - x2000 Experience - x2000 Skill Points - x110 Ade
  6. www.L2ShadoW.eu www.L2ShadoW.eu www.L2ShadoW.eu www.L2ShadoW.eu
  7. Hello everyone, im here to present you L2 Gemini. Site: http://www.l2gemini.com Server Started: Sunday 26/10/2014 time 18:00 GMT+2 Rates: EXP: X30 SP: X30 DROP: X1 ADENA: X120 Buffs/Debuffs: 20 (+4 with Divine Inspiration) 12 Dances/Song Slots 2 hours buff duration 6 Debuff Slots Canceled/Stolen Buffs Return after 10 seconds. Gameplay MODS: Auto-Loot Auto-Learn Skills (Full) Free Class Transfer 2 minutes teleport spawn protection Global Gatekeeper Option Included in all Town Gatekeepers Top PvP/PK Players NPC Custom Buy options in Giran Shops (With S84 Grade items and more) Magic F
  8. You chosen to play on our ServerS Now you can feel the real power of our projects. We run these platforms over a years under many construction and hard work , we continue every day to work more and more for the better future of those projects. Thank you all of you for the support & for continue to keep playing on MoraNetwork! More informations about what we are and what we have done so far you can find on our official forum! Have a nice day & Stay on our server! Support us & you wont regret! [ OUR NETWORK OPENING THE DOORS WITH ONE OF THE BEST H5 UNIQUE PROJECT AROUND ]
  9. PlusOneL2 - Bringing back that warm fuzzy feeling to L2 The image above signifies the L2 player today being spammed with Generic Interlude servers that offer the same old experience, short lifespan, instability, and corruption. PlusOneL2 is built to bring L2 back to its roots and offer a longterm, stable, and fun community. We are doing this by actually offering Interlude the way it was server on the official servers back in the day. This means 1x rates, normal spawn windows and quest rates. Only a few small tweaks are being made and you can see those below. PlusOneL2 Features
  10. We are an L2J FULL HIGH FIVE server. Rates: XP 5000x / SP 5000x / Adena 2000x / Spoil Rate 15x - Amount 5x / Drops 5x. Detailed list of changes below: Rates x5000 Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels GM Shop full, everything for adena avec Custom Armor Sans stats!!! Enchants / Elements 100% Safe / Max +12 Attribute max lvl 7 All buffs available (except kamael and class specific) Npc Buffs enchanted +30/+15, 4 hour duration 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances Mana potions available Level up zone Farm zone Raid zone (clan skills) PvP Zones PvP Zones PvP Class Balance Heroes select
  11. Launch Time 11.05.2014 at 16:00 gmt +3( you can check counter in our website) Website : www.l2aop.com Forum : www.l2aop.com/forum We are glad to announce the opening of L2 AoP, a heavily PvP focused Lineage 2 Interlude server. Our project is designed to offer you an experience close to retail servers, all skills working with no custom restrictions and a good balance between classes.Here are a few key features: Server pack -We are using a russian pack for our server which will provide the best experience for an interlude private server. -Classes are balanced for high enchanted it
  12. Server Platform : L2OFF High Five I want to welcome u at lineage enyo world and to spesific that all kind of suggestions are welcome i got a lost for those people who want to participate at building of this server. About us exp rate : 35 sp rate : 40 spoil : 15 adena rate : 35 attribute stones : 40% attribute crystals : 30% max attribute value : 7 Npcs Buffer Custom gatekeeper GM Shop till 84 Service Manager Black Market Class Manager Economy(Infos) Gold Knigh (special item) adena (usefull for everything u want to buy) Stones (dropable from mobs) Gcm (Dropable-buyable) Buffs NPC Buf
  13. 2012-2014 © Lineage 2 Imperial Inc. - All rights Reserved. Chronicle : High Five Part 5 Website : www.l2imperial.com We have a RIPPED website till Live Server ! - Website Concept Page : Take a look here ! Forum : www.l2imperial.com/forum Open Beta and Test is Available Grand Opening : 25 APRIL 2014 20:00 GMT+2 Lineage 2 Imperial Inc. - Basic Information DDoS Protection - Proxy Channel for every Class IP GameServer + LoginServer. Lame-Guard (Anti Clickers too Available on LIVE START) Class Master - Available to 3rd Occupation with Special Gifts Official Community Boa
  14. Server CLOSED! Files for free: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/178154-l2jpack-l2rebirth-database-website/
  15. L2 Overdose After Leaving Lineage 2 for about 3-4 Years i Decided that a Reborn of my older project could be pretty exciting. for me , for the players that joined , and will join. Our Server and our team , promises not only a great lineage 2 experience and lots of fun, but something phenomenal from every aspect. First things first , L2Overdose 2013 Project has NOTHING to do with the Old L2Overdose. the team changed , we came up with more ideas , and more fun stuff for our players. so let me explain. [RATES] Exp: x300 Sp: x300 Adena: x250 Drop / Spoil: x10 Karma Dr
  16. ​Welcome to Lineage II Cydonic Server website: http://www.l2cydonic.com/ Grand Opening: 13/03/2014 18:00 GMT +1 For more info visit our website.
  17. Client: Interlude Platform: L2JAcis premium project Type: Custom PvP server Rates: High rates Starting Level: 80 Experience: x5000 Skill Points: x5000 Rate Party Experience: x1 Rate Party Spell Point: x1 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil: x1 Adena: x5000 Safe Enchant: 5 Max Enchant: 20 Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom Enchant Rate Armor: Custom Enchant Rate Jew: Custom Normal rate : 75% till +15 Blessed Rate : 100% till +15 Enchant NPC[Vote Items] : 100% till +17 Crystal Scroll : 80% till +20 With your pvps your color name & title gon
  18. L2Renous x1000 No Custom items Unique Balance Unique features Retail Gameplay like c4 Grand Opening 16.02.2014 ( Today ) Webiste : L2Renous.net
  19. L2renous is a new no custom private server is starting after 2 years of endless work in order to offer a stable and unique gaming experience. Balance though classes is worked very detailed after thousands of tests. Farming is easy , only enchant and nobles are hard. ~Rates~ * Experience: x1000 * Sp Experience: x500 * Drop Item`s: x20 * Party Experience: x1.6 * Party Sp Experience: x1.6 * Adena: x300 * Consumable Cost: 1 * Drop Item Karma: x25 ~Features~ * Anti-Dual Box System * 3 Window`s Per IP * Vote Rewards Only x1 Box (Reward is buff) * Unique Economy System * Flawless Geo
  20. I would like to present you Momentum a high rate Interlude L2OFF private server. ~ Server Information ~ Server type : L2OFF Chronicle : Interlude ~ Rates and Enchants ~ Exp/Sp : x350 Party Exp : x2 Adena : x500 Enchant with normal scrolls : 70% ( Lowering by 5% after each enchant ) Enchant with crystal scrolls : 100% ( They sell at our special merchant, but notice that they won't be easy to get ) Maximum Armor enchant : +12 Maximum Weapon enchant : +16 ~ Features ~ Main Town : Giran Castle Town NPC Shop : Armor
  21. #L2 Primer Features Client: Interlude Type: Custom PvP server Rates: High rates Starting Level: 1 Experience: x5000 Skill Points: x5000 Rate Party Experience: x1 Rate Party Spell Point: x1 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil: x1 Adena: x5000 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 20 Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) With your pvps your color name & title gonna change. Moreover it will be a list of pvp skills that are going tto be added on your char related
  22. Rates # XP: x5000 # SP: x5000 # Max Enchant +16 # Safe Enchant +4 # Normall Enchant: 70% (up to +13) # Blessed Enchant: 100% (up to +13) # Crystal Enchant: 50% (up to +16) Full NPC Buffer: # Max buffs: Normal 36+4 divine inspiration; D # All buffs are free. Protections: #DDoS Protection Cisco Guard, Filter 100MMPS #Lameguard Protection #Max 5 Chars from same IP (auto protect) #Chek Dualbox/Feed in Olympiad Game (auto protect) #Walker,OGG.PHX.... Protect 100% (auto protect client+server side) #Flood Protect Bypass,Chat (auto protect) #Check Players for ilegal items and enc
  23. Dear community, We would like to introduce you L2Revealed, a server based on l2j private files & running on Interlude client. https://www.facebook.com/L2Revealed http://l2revealed.elfocrash.eu/forum/index.php Rates - Experience points: x1000 - Skill points: x1000 - Adena drop: x1 - Party experience points: x1000 - Party skill points: x1000 - Top grade lifestone chance: 15% (working glow) Enchant Rates - Safe enchant: +3 - Max enchant: +15 - Normal scroll chance: 66% - Blessed scroll chance: 88% (if fails, item's enchant will be +3) - Crystal scroll chance