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  1. Hello , i download this buffer for l2 acis https://maxcheaters.com/topic/223485-npc-player-buffer-acis/?tab=comments#comment-2688248 The only that i did is to make a folder in gameserver/data/html/mods/buffer and i paste the html files there, then i create a new npc in xml. After that i spawn buffer, i can see the Index of buffer ( buffs,heal,fighter set,mage set, etc) but i cant get buffs from this npc. No any message showed up on my screen. Any idea on how can i fix the problem above? ( if yes, be specific at comments ) Thnx in advance
  2. Hello. I have create a costum npc ( buffer ) .. its working well.. After a server restart if i dont use //reload , buffer is not working. Any idea about how to fix it? i will upload 2 images before and after restart. Thnx in advance.
  3. Hello, I have AdvExt64 L2OFF Gracia Final. Can u recomend me any good buffer (AI,htm,..) ... ideally with possibility create own macro to every player. Thank You.
  4. WTS SE LVL 56 (58 skills) on Skelth PM ME
  5. Iss Hierophant lv 100 -45% -Have Battle ditty Dual : Iss Sword Muse lv 98 - 60% 1st sub : Shillien Templar lv 80 2nd sub : Spectral Dancer lv 80 71k pa points The char comes with : -Seraph Heavy set +5/4/4/3/3 3 3 X 60 -Requiend Duals 2 sa -Talisman - Destruction -Angel Circlet Pdef -Old Elemntal Shirt -Maphs Shirt +5 -Venir lvl5 -42k ment of marks -740 Dayli coin -17 freya -3 Rare Accesory box 7 days -4 Xp buff 1h -15 Pomona -23 EAR ~350kk Adena La Vie En Rose's (3 slots) with the following gems : - Diamond lv 3 - Pearl lv 3 - Tanzanite 2
  6. Hi Friend, I want to ask about NPC BUFFER How To edit Remaining Time buff . I hope my friends can help and i Very appreciate who helped me Thanks :) :D
  7. Character: IssOfLoLaZZoo Class: Iss Enchanter(85 lvl) Subclass( Phantom Summoner(67 lvl) Status: No Noble(100Reputation Green Name Color) Ítems on INV: Set R réquiem (Heavy-Attack Type) Jewels: Dynasty of Event(never Disspear) Ítems on Warehouse: Shunaiman Weapons R Pack(of event are reserved in WH) Vitality Potions(20) of 20min Soulshots for use(base class and dual class) 28Diplomas to expend 1lionel's soul crystal 12 rune of exp lvl 85+ And Much More Skype and Email to contact with me: goodinterludelineage2@outlook.es Price: 85euros or 90euros
  8. WTB pp lvl 52+ on skelth pm me here or leave msg (only acc w/ email)
  9. I started playing on L2 Dawn (5x) and I would like to boost up my leveling and not waste time with items. I would like to buy some adena and/or items. My skype id is jimmyzax. Thx
  10. Need l2j acis buffer, no have ... need me please
  11. WTS Prophet/Warcryer in L2E-Global x7 can go first with trusted members or do in parts skype farmbomb
  12. Hello guys ! Me and my friend have developed a pretty nice Server Buffer with Navicat (mysql). He is using all the Buffs, Dances and Songs. Now we want it to use a real healing skill to heal the Players. Maybe Battle Heal. My question: Is there a command to make it cast a spell like Battle Heal ? Right now it makes the Heal Animation but it is handeled like a Buff ("...flew through you") and doesnt heal you. For the Buffs it is something like "action="bypass -h makebuffs...". Is there a command instead of makebuffs ? Maybe "castspell" or something ? Thank you. :happyforever
  13. wts buffer prophet 43 lvl eu skelth naked .........SOLD Also selling sorc 45 lvl (naked)+8 wit. .........SOLD And se 37 (naked) All with emails For more info pm skype liakourakos7
  14. Cashing out I've got 3 accounts Account 1 43 Artisan with a 21 warrior ( Dwarf has Light Crossbow +3 /Brig +4 armor or can sell to you naked for less) ( SOLD ) Account 2 30 Shilen Elder, 20 Cleric ( SE has Devotion set just used as a box) ( SOLD ) Account 3 31 Warrior with 30 Rouge a 18 dwarf or something ( NAKED and CHEAP ) Looking to sell fast PM me fast
  15. Yul Ghost Sentinel 101 // Dual Othell Rogue 99 MAIN: Yul Ghost Sentinel (DE) 101lvl 16AP DUAL: Othell Rogue 99.40% 8AP Other subs: 80/80 OTHER DETAILS: Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 All skills +10 immortal scrolls left ~90 Dyes 3x legendary +5 STR +1DEX Brouch jewels 5xLVL3 Replica Tiara Almost finished Exalted quest (3part one quest left) Aria's Bracelet STR/DEX Augments: All skills and physical skills 3lvl refresh, active 3lvl reflect,active anti reflect, active PVP dmg etc. 60K PA POINTS 15k XP bottles Prestige+SP runes 30d. -----------------------------------
  16. Hello guys! Can anyone share an Interlude buffer with the stats of each buff as a text next to the buff? (If scheme buffer even better ;) ) Thanks! <3
  17. Hello everyone. I wanna ask you if anyone know about YANModPack and how we can install it! Here is the link https://github.com/AntoineKouma/YANModPack
  18. Hello everyone! I have add npc buffer by nevermore in my test server: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/164855-collection-all-my-npcs-freya-h5-updated/ As u know this buffer is too old and u must fix for new packs, so i try update and make it work! Everything works fine except this one: <td><button action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 13" 99999_NPCBuffer" value="Heal Me / Remove" width=120 height=22 back="L2UI_ct1.button_df" fore="L2UI_ct1.button_df"></td> </tr></table></body></html> <html><body><title>Ultra Buffer<
  19. Καλησπέρα παιδιά! Ψάχνω για μία scheme buffer για το pack των L2JHellas Team. Δοκίμασα μία παρόμοια με του R1N4S αλλά χωρίς τύχη... Έχετε κάποια καλή που μπορείτε να κάνετε share; Ευχαριστώ!
  20. Hello guys! So I am trying out the L2JHellas project but it seems that I have a problem adding ANY buffer... I Changed the imports to com.l2jhellas.gameserver.etc.etc.etc like this BUT at every buffer I import to the server I get the same error at the error log. This is the source of the last buffer I tried. Any help please? <3 PS:Line 109 is at the "CREATED = State('Start', QUEST)"
  21. Kalhspera paidia pws mporw na kanw tin buffer na mhn kanei heal se combat kai flag players l2jfrozen
  22. http://massivenetwork.eu Server features: Massive Network Rates: 8x Exp 8x SP 10x Adena 68% Enchant Rates 1.2x Party Exp/SP Multiplier ________________________________________ Massive Network Features First 3 clan with 40 online will receive 10 clan level and 500kk into clan warehouse (dual-boxes won't be counted) Scheme Buffer with 2h Buff Duration GM Shop – All staff available (up to S Grade with Adena and over S Grade with custom drop items) Global Gatekeeper Global Chat New Geodata system A lot of events (not only TvT, bleh...) Automated Remote Backups Daily, so t
  23. Hello guys, I am using l2jacis instance buffer and I want to add buff sets(Mage buffs,Fighter buffs) this is the line I am trying to work with <a action=\"bypass -h npc_%objectId%_getbuff 1204 2\">Mage Buffs</a> , but I am not sure how to make multiple actions. I tried seperating buffs by colonn,semicolon,but it didn't work out.I know that you can get action value and do something in Java,for example: <a action=\"1\">Wind Walk</a> if(action == 1){ doSomething(); }, but I am not sure how to get this action value. This is the link to my instance buffer: http://www.maxchea
  24. WTB Community Board for L2J Hi5 BETA . It should have Buffer , GM shop , and etc. For Price and Details Contact me: skype: sandro_kaxadze Email: grend731@gmail.com (prefered)
  25. Forum: http://l2hope.ace.st Interlude x750 Mass PvP Server Auto create account system The server launched on 15/12/2014 Every saturday the XP rate becomes 10000x Important Notes - Our work is for free, we will never ask for donations or account informations. - Inactive accounts will be deleted after 3 months - Automated backup system, every 24 hours - Active Staff - Economy currency: adena & ancient adena Some server features * XP rate: 750x * Adena rate: 750x * Boss drop rate: 3x * Party XP rate: 2x * Enchant rate: 65% safe +3 max +18 * Karma drop rate: 50