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Found 12 results

  1. Hello i need script who in server have bigger pvp scores 3 top places they get the IMPRISIONING_1 effect But when someone get from 4 to 3 place they changes effect old one lose big_head effect new one in top 3 place get the effect. pls help L2jFrozen pls help :)
  2. New Server Gracia Final Pvp join: l2absolutepvp.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfvsjOcoDkw Server Client: Gracia Final Server Type: Custom PvP Open Server 26/6/2017 No donate Starting Level 85 DDoS protection Dedicated Servers Free Armor/Weapons For New player Custom Tattoo Custom Cloak Custom Talisman Custom Jewels Custom Armors ( Vesper,Titanium,Epic ) Custom Weapons ( Vesper,Titanium,Mordor,Icarus) Custom Hair Accessory Custom Raid Boss Custom Raid Boss Castle Custom Pvp Flag Auto Custom Sub Class Lvl 80 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +30 Weapon Max Enchant: +45 Armor Max Enchant: +40 Jewels Max Enchant: +40 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 70% Augmentations Rates Mid life stone skill chance 5%. High life stone skill chance 10%. Top life stone skill chance 15%. Voiced commands .castle [ join in a siege ] .noble [ Noblesse status ] .pass [ Change Password ] .info [ Server Info ] .Giran [ Teleport Giran ] .Aden [ Teleport Aden ] .event [ Teleport Event ] .pvp [ Teleport Pvp ] .pvp1 [ Teleport Pvp1 ] .Tvt Event system TVT event Npc Npc GM Shop Npc Tvt Shop Npc Buffer Npc Global GateKeeper Npc Transfomation Npc Augmenter Npc Top 20 Pvp-pk Info Npc Weding Manager Npc Color Manager Npc Hero Status Npc Enchant Free 0+30 Npc Trader Npc Clan Fame points Npc Hero Status Npc Free Armor/Weapons For New player Allows players to view NPC stats via shift-click Offline Shop Pvp Color system Announce castle lords Announce Hero Announce player killing 5/10/15... Noblesse .noble
  3. Hello , So I made the lifestones to stack and when I am trying to augment it uses all lifestone I have.
  4. Dark Elf Female Main Class Spectral Dancer Subclass Duelist Full RB Set +20 Tattoo of Damage +20 Imperial Set +20 Majestick Set +20 Dragonic Set +20 Duals +20 passive Might lvl 10 Dragonic Bow +20 Passive Duel Might lvl 10 Dagger Rsk.Haste Active Duel Might lvl 10 300 Vote Coins 15k PvPs (you can rename) http://www.l2damage.com "Images" http://i.imgur.com/UtjaA4U.png http://i.imgur.com/AQmiCpU.png http://i.imgur.com/MCP8jji.png http://i.imgur.com/eyZMgld.png http://i.imgur.com/PBELNBK.png Payment via Paypal-PaysafeCard-Bank transfer !!! PRICE 50€ !!! Offer me for fast selling. PM ME! FAST!!
  5. Welcome Mxc Community I wish to introduce new upcoming PVP Server Rates: » Xp Sp Aden Drop Reworked to PvP« » Starting character level - 80 (start Up Engine)« » Free Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Consumables B-Grade« Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 70% « » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 70% « » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100% « Augmentations: » Top life stone skill chance - 20% « » Augmentation skills: 1 active + 1 passive (20%) « Unique features: » Main towns - Giran « » Share your item information with other players (click on an item while pressing the "Shift" key) « » Remove unnecessary buffs (click on the buff icon while pressing the "Alt" key) « » Improved radar features (shows terrain information, player/party member/monster location) « » You can Play with any client (from Interlude to High Five) and any OS (Windows / Linux / OS X) « » New features and effects including some skills « » Better graphics and performance! (enjoy) « » Tattoo « » Giran castle siege « » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants « » New Gatekeeper « » Reworked retail farming areas « » Max count of buffs - 36 « » Npc buffer with Sheme « » 24 Buffs « » 12 Dances/Songs « » Symbol maker-Augument-Sub Class « » One Npc « » Sub Class « » Max subclasses - 3 « » Auction manager « » 9 Raid Bosses « » Instance 5 Clan lvl After Creation « » Rep and Egg's can be obtained from Raid bosses and Gm Shop « » 4 Clan hall can be obtained for Adena « » Adena system like low rate for better economy « Voiced commands: ».online - To see online players « ».Vote - To Vote for server « ».ping - To see yours ping in game « Event system: » TvT event « Olympiad: » Retail olympiad game « » Competition period [1] week « » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] « » Olympiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager «​ Server website www.l2-immortal.com
  6. Hello there! First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s very simple ! gamesranker.com is a private server ranking platform, similar to many of the ones you're used to, but focused on quality rather than quantity as you will see in our design and features. You will not see banners floating everywhere, you will have many features without paying anything. Server owners features: - adding your server on the platform without a headache ! - customized server avatar in the server listing - 5 custom tags to best describe the server - customized page header on the server detail page - the opportunity to showoff and attract people by uploading fraps from your server to the Video&Fraps section - also, your players have the possibility to submit custom fraps in the Video&Fraps section and the server admin just approves them - you can add "Coming soon", "Beta" or "Live" servers - when a player votes for your server he will be asked to rate or review your server, once a week. - custom background in server listing ( light background, nothing spamish ) - custom tags in server listing - reward API - easy to install, live Javascript Chat, for your website ( more information here: https://gamesranker.com/plug-and-play-chat/) Here is an example of a fully customized server: https://gamesranker.com/mmo-games/lineage-2/l2-cyan/ Player features: - a clean design where as a player, you can actually find what you are looking for without banners everywhere. - easy navigation - advanced Filtering system, based on Chronicles + features ( a live example here: https://gamesranker.com/mmo-games/lineage-2/ ) - the ability to rate/review any server - registered members do not have to complete the captcha every time they vote - the ability to follow their favorite servers and get updates about them. - the ability to submit Fraps on the server you play on, and all the people playing there will see it - NO SPAM, NO FUSS As a bonus, there will be a draw every 2 weeks, and the wining server will get 500 real facebook likes.
  7. Hi everybody, 9side Group is going to re-organise our party, in this case we want to invite some new faces to our community for upcoming servers. We are Polish based party playing together since 2 years, mostly we was played on mid/low rate servers in top pvp sides. Contact via forum only.
  8. WTS Necro 40 lvl. Demon's Staff - Best C mage weapon. + 5 I HAVE DONE IT !!! Karmian set. Elven set ( +7 speed ) Top C jewl. +12 WIT For more information pm me here or skype : friedrich_fv Skrill money, paypal. Skype : friedrich_fv
  9. WEBSITE: www.lineage2europe.com FORUM: http://www.lineage2europe.eu/forum/ L2OFF - Interlude Mid Rate Experience (XP): x100 Drop (Adena): x100 Drop (Items): x45 Spoil: x2 Seal Stones: x5 Drop (Quest Item): x1 Quest Reward Adena: x1 Drop (RaidBoss): x2 Drop (GrandBoss): x1 Manor: x1 1st 2nd and 3rd class changes can be bought from special NPC 1 class change - FREE 2 class change - FREE 3 class change - FREE Sub-class FREE Noblesse 500kk adena item Olympiad period - 1 week Free Buffer in town Lucky Wheel System with Raid Boss Jewelry added. Unlimited boxes Working all interlude features/ skills All quests and zones working retail Bot protections Buff time - 2 hours Gap level - 20 levels NPC Buffer full with 3rd class buffs 28 buff slots Gm shops in towns Most of the things works "as normal Lineage" We asure you that big donations which affect a game hard will not be provided Transparent system or raids Custom Raids with special drops Titanium Custom armor Custom Farming Zones Custom pets: Hero protector pet is back in game Everything tested and worked on balance 1 month ! Balanced olympiad system Experienced Staff and Developers Balanced siges with incresed siege guards Improved ressist on castle doors and walls so siege GOLLEMS and CANNONS required :) dwarfs are back FTW! Enchant rate 66% with safe enchant +3
  10. New Lineage 2 PvP Server Experience. Meet your new home! Desired L2 Here are some quick preview features: Instant level 80. Rebirth System with 200x rates after performing rebirth. Special Enchant system. Really nice economy system with medium farm difficulty. Custom weapons and armors with just a little bit better stats then S grade. Much special events. Balanced classes and races. All classes are playable!! And more more more!!! View our website for details.
  11. Dear players, are you looking for long life and balanced High Five server? DDOS AND ANTIHACK PROTECTED This is my answer www.l2world.pro REGISTRATION: www.l2world.pro/acp NEED ACTIVATION FROM EMAIL ! Rates and basic info: 10 Xp - 10 Sp - 15 Adena - 2x Party - 7x Drop - 10x Spoil - 2x Epic Jewels - 5x Raid Drop Buffs for 2 hours, balanced PvP NPC BUFFER (special, not standart what you can see on anothers servers.) GM SHOP (Up to S grade, consumables etc..) TELEPORT (teleport to locations) ACHIEVEMENT (Achievement events with rewards) Enchants and Attribute: 3+ Safe on parts of armor and weapons 4+ on full part armors 60% Chance 50% Attributes Special Commands: .castlemanager - Check castle info and register clan to event .xpoff, .xpon - Disabled and enable XP .changepassword - Change your password Raids and Grands: All raids from 70lv to 79lv changed to 80lv. Changed droplist to S grade weapons, armors, jewels, enchants, attribute stones. All raids from 80lv to 89lv they have changed droplist to S80 Dynasty weapons, armors, jewels, enchants, attribute stones. Land Dragon Antharas: Wait time 20mins. Respawn 264Hrs +- 72Hrs. Fire Dragon Valakas: Wait time 20mins. Respawn 264Hrs +- 72Hrs. Baium: Respawn 168Hrs +- 48Hrs. Beleth: Respawn 192Hrs +- 148Hrs, min. players 36. Core: Respawn 60Hrs +- 24Hrs. Ekimus: Min. 18 players, max. 27 players. Freya Easy: Min. 18 players, max. 27 players, min. level 78. Freya Hardcore: Min. 36 players, max. 45 players, min. level 82. Frintezza: Min. 36 players, max. 45 players, min. level 80. Orfen: Respawn 48Hrs +- 20Hrs. Queen Ant: Respawn 36Hrs +- 12Hrs. Sailren: Respawn 12Hrs +- 24Hrs. Tiat: Min. 36 players, max. 45 players. Zaken Daytime Easy: Min.9 players, max. 27 players, min. level 55. Zaken Daytime Hard: Min. 9 players, max. 27 players, min. level 78. Zaken Nighttime Easy: Min. 9 players, max. 450 players. Achievements: Champion: Gain level 80 Hero: Gain hero status Noble: Gain noblesse status Zaishen: Gain a 16 weapon Norn: Gain 4,000 PvPs Commander: Be a clan leader of a level 8 clan Darkbringer: Gain 1,500 PKs Bravery: Have 3 subclasses Dealer: Bring 200 Sprignant fruits Gamer: Be online for 100 days Conqueror: Be clan leader of a clan level 8 that owns a castle Codex: Have a 15 skill Famous: Be clan leader of a level 8 clan with 100,000 clan reputation points Myth: Have hero status for 15 periods Wisdom: Kill Hallate, Kernon and Golkonda within 24hours Slayer: Kill Baium and be level 80 Joker: Kill Antharas and be level 80 Legend: Kill Valakas and be level 80 Lightbringer: Claim 1,200 Raid points and be lvl 78 Vanquisher: Complete all personal achievements Tycoon: Complete all achievements Events: Battlefield at 8:00 AM CET Capture the Flag at 10:00 AM CET DeathMatch at 12:00 AM CET Domination at 4:00 AM CET Last Man Standing at 16:00 AM CET Team vs Team at 18:00 AM CET Zombie at 20:00 AM CET
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