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  1. Hello Fellow MXC community I am Lookin for someone with knowledge of setting up and private server. From picking the correct pack to setting it up on a host. I would prefer to have some one who can speak good english (as it is the only language i speak) and have a mic to talk... im not expecting anyone to give up their life or free time to help me im only asking for guidance and knowledge how to do it on my own. Im not a kid, I have a wife and kids and a life of my own just like everyone else. I have played around with a few pre-config packs but its been mostly copy and paste things...I would
  2. Grand Opening - 27-10-2017 We are pleased to introduce our new L2Age High Five Luna 20x server. Temos prazer em apresentar nosso novo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Estamos encantados de presentar nuestro nuevo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Мы рады представить наш новый L2Age High Five Luna 20x сервер. Server Info: English: https://luna.l2age.com/en/server-info Português BR: https://luna.l2age.com/pt/server-info Español: https://luna.l2age.com/es/server-info Russ: https://luna.l2age.com/ru/server-info Englis
  3. Summer PvP server x50 by Averia.ws project We are guarantee high starting online, successful start and stable work of the project! Briefly about x50: We've been thinking about it, and maybe this is a time to implement long-planned things. For the first time in 4 years we run a classic High Five server x50! We will remove all irritated Amulets, Costumes, Pets, Things for PvP- tokens, the updated Core and Orfen, idiotic events for donate and much more. At the moment we have 3 teams, that will test the locations 24/7, they will solve the problem with the Olympiad, with pets and bugs with them, w
  4. L2 Order VS Chaos Grand Crusade Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 27/05/2017 17:00 GMT+3 The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features. The event routine includes maps, faction events, mini events and a chance for a boss event at the end of each routine. The Portal NPC will display statistics from past events as well as personal player statistics. Every weekend there's also a unique reta
  5. Cronica: H5 Web: http://www.flashbackl2.com Foro: http://www.flashbackl2.com/forum Rates Exp: x15 SP: x15 Party: x1.5 Drop: x10 Adena: x10 Spoil: x8 Raid Boss Drop: x10 Características No custom items/zones Buffer GM Shop (S-Grade) Global Gatekeeper Free Class Transfer Safe enchant: +3 Max enchant: +16 Element Stone: 50% Element Crysals: 40% Free Subclass Class Master (Adena) Subclass No Acumulativas Sub-Class Max. Level: 85 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots Buff time: 1 hora Custom community board (ALT + B ) Buffer (Only
  6. Hello folks! I am here to present you our new Lineage 2 Interlude server! http://www.line2age.net We are starting the open beta tonight, at 6PM (-5GMT)! Come in and have a look of what we are building for you! The server runs with L2Off files with 99.99% quests working and superwell balanced class system. We have no customs added! Server rates are 100x XP/SP, 250x Adena, 10x Spoil Enchant safe: +3 Enchant max armor: +12 Enchant max weapon: +16 Further info in our website http://www.line2age.net!
  7. L2 Order VS Chaos High Five Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 20/05/2016 17:00 GMT+2 Events The gameplay is based on a routine of events which will run constantly, each event has its own goals. * Maps - The longest events with biggest kinds of goals to accomplish, maps will end faster if their goal is achieved, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends. * Faction Events - runs for the winning team of a map (in case a map ended in a tie, this type of event is skipped), if the
  8. Hello My Name is Mohamed its my first time to make a private server Here is my Work (( Private Server )) ___________________________ L2j Interlude 1000x High Rate PVP server Apella with Custom Stats (( focus on balance )) Vesper Weapon with Custom Stats (( Focus on balance )) AIO with hot spring buffs (( Ressest 20 min only )) + aio duels 3 Farm Zones (( Safe, Farm 1, Farm 2 )) Vote Reward System (( l2network, l2topzone, l2hopzone )) Events every houre + GM events "i doubt you can farm ;D " Easy Farm, you will not west your time !! A LOT OF FUN WITH US .. COME AND CHECK EM OUT
  9. Lineage 2 High Five Aerius x70 - International Server [Georgian HighFive Server] Start Date: 20 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Open Beta Test: 15 May 20:00 By GMT+4 Our Website: http://L2Guild.Com Server Version : High Five Server Emulator : PTS [L2Off] Rates: EXP/SP: x70* Adena: x50* Sealed Stones: x20 Drop: Chance: x20, Qty: x1* Spoil: Chance: x1, Qty: x25* RB exp/sp: x1* RB Drop: Chance х8. Epaulette: x10 Epic Drop: Chance x1* Quests - Items Drop: х4 (Not for all quests*) Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x5* (Rates are changed for a few quests, list you can view in this topic*) Community Buff
  10. Hi friends, i am playing this game alot since 2010 till now, I played from official to bunch of privete server. I am feeling need to break a while to play other chronical. But which one the most you play from above pole option. Please vote. I ll play with the most voted.
  11. Hello Fella's Grand Opening 13.02.16 Open Beta Test 01.02.16 Here For You I Present High Five Mid Lineage II server Now server is on other High Five pack with awesome updates and features, so all Players are Welcome to join and test it. From now You never be disapointed because You founded L2 Sativa server. I guarantee! If you are sick of servers that are boring and unstable with lot of bugs, destroyed by reckless Donations and want to experience again the true meaning of Lineage 2 in one stable and long term server, developed by professional team, fully ded
  12. Hi, guys... I would like to invite everybody to this new server from argentina, No custom and great community, bring your clan! Regards, Lord L2 ASHENVALE =========== General information: Release: 27th November Chronicle: High Five - Part 5 Files Type: Java 4 customers allow for PC AntiBot: SmartGuard Protection Red anti DDoS protected. Web protected by CloudFlare. International connection. Rates Information: XP: x25 SP: x25 Adena: x25 Drop: x10 Seal Stones: x20 Party: x1.5 Manor: x3 RateFishDrop: x3 Spoil: x15 (It is a chance, if it exceeds 100% begins to pull more number) Raid Boss:
  13. Lineage 2 Interlude Private Server - L2 Storm 25x Server Grand Opening was 27th May 2015 website: http://www.l2-storm.com ...::::::::::: SERVER RATES :::::::::::... Rate XP = 25x Rate SP = 25x Rate Adena = 25x Items Drop = 10x Spoil Drop = 10x Quest Drop = 5x ------------------------------------------------------------- ...::::::::::: ENCHANT RATES :::::::::::... Safe Enchant = +3 Max Enchant Weapon = +15 Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +15 Enchant Scroll Rate = 55% Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate = 65% ------------------------------------------------
  14. Classic Server is under development and will be open for CBT soon for Europe in English ! The Website is currently under construction. This post is to get the community to support us with this Project. what do you need to do ? Simple ! Like and Share us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC we will update the FB Page from time to time with more info about the server Stay Tuned ! https://www.facebook.com/L2RivalC
  15. Hello i recently tried to create a server for myself, everything seems fine, login, gameserver on, but i have a problem when i edit l2.ini from other servers i can log in but cant target anything or write anything my client is freya, server rev is 7665 from l2j. Anyone have any clues why this happens or where to look for mistakes? I think client is ok, because switching to other l2.ini lets me log in other servers and everything works fine. My guess is something messed up in configs or my l2.ini gets broken when i try to edit it with l2file edit. Since i have router i wrote in server add
  16. We would like to announce start of Oliver project. This project will run as Interlude in PvP/RpG rates. Server Online What can you expect from this project? Last time on test server we had over 1200 online players and rising. Our server is NOT based on usually used "downloaded" java files. We are using our own core that was in development for many months and that can provide you absolutely fluet game play without any delays and problems. We focused on retail like gaming and improved by pvp aspects so players will be able to enjoy game play as it is possible. Our staff can provide you 24
  17. Hello guys we are launching a new server called L2damon. Our team is composed of professionals which include but are not limited to various developers, network engineers and designers. Our team is offering 2 Lineage II Hive Five servers. A Highrate server which is already available called Damon – HIGH , everyone can check it out to see how stable our project is and it’s features A Lowrate server called Damon-LOW which the official release is 2014-11-21. High rates: XP = x50 SP = x50 Adena = x100 Drop = x20 Spoil = x100 Low rates: XP = x5 SP = x5 Adena = x8 Drop = x5
  18. Hello everyone, im here to present you L2 Gemini. Site: http://www.l2gemini.com Server Started: Sunday 26/10/2014 time 18:00 GMT+2 Rates: EXP: X30 SP: X30 DROP: X1 ADENA: X120 Buffs/Debuffs: 20 (+4 with Divine Inspiration) 12 Dances/Song Slots 2 hours buff duration 6 Debuff Slots Canceled/Stolen Buffs Return after 10 seconds. Gameplay MODS: Auto-Loot Auto-Learn Skills (Full) Free Class Transfer 2 minutes teleport spawn protection Global Gatekeeper Option Included in all Town Gatekeepers Top PvP/PK Players NPC Custom Buy options in Giran Shops (With S84 Grade items and more) Magic F
  19. Have you played L2 Destiny long time ago and you miss these times when uncustomized server were fun to play? PvP was just awesome , Sieging has its adrenaline surge , and killing raid wasnt just a simple task? from the creators of L2 Order VS Chaos , we glad to announce the reborn of L2 Rival ! Note : We are still considering most of the features our server is going to have, so this topic will be updated often with new features or changes to existing ones, make sure to check it from time to time! G.O 25/10/14 * Exp: 15x * SP: 15x * Party exp: 1.5x * Party SP: 1x * Adena: 30x (chan
  20. New interlude pvp costum server !! *L2 Lucifer* http://youtu.be/rHZjA5Oy_AE Grand Opening 15.10.14 http://www.l2lucifer.eu Server Features Exp : 1000x Sp : 1000x Adena : 1000x Drop : 10x Enchante Rate Safe Enchant : +4 Maximum Enchant : +20 Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 70% Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +15) : 100% Crystal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +20) : 100% Top Life Stone Rate : 20% High Life Stone Rate : 10% 1 Active or 1 Passive Augment Skill Interlude Costum Server Custom Armor (dynasty,titanium armor) Special weapons(bow of hali
  21. Lineage ][ Kings website: http://www.lineagekings.com forum: http://forum.lineagekings.com = Rates = Exp/Sp: 15x Adena : 15x Epic raid drops: 1x Spoil rate: 15x Quest Adena rate: 3x Quest Exp rate: 3x Party Exp rate: Retail Safe Enchant Rate = 4 Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Lower than Level 15: 66% Enchant Rate for Magic Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 30% Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Lower than Level 15: 70% Enchant Rate for Normal Weapons Equal or Post Level 15: 35% Enchant Rate for Armors Retail Like. Spawn Protection = 30s Max Buy Stores = 4 Max Sell
  22. http://lineageblast.webatu.com/ Hello MaxCheaters!! So I recently released my server and I would like to share it with you! The server stats are: Exp rate: 10.000 Sp rate: 10.000 Drop rate: 1 Adena rate: 500 Custom Farm Area for Adena No special Coin Full working Scheme Buffer GM-Shop all items bought with adena Top Armor, Weapon is Elegia No vote REWARD L2OFF Tattoo Custom Npcs No custom armor, weapon Stats Safe Enchant: 6 Max Enchant: Unlimited! Normal Scroll: 65% Blessed Scroll: 50% You are free to visit our
  23. Hello all we are opening a new server L2 Solaris Info: Type: Interlude Safe/Max: 6/25 +20 to +25 only with crystal scrolls Normal Scroll: 60% Blessed Scroll: 80% (when fails it goes to +6) Crystall Scroll: 100% (only from vote shop and some raidbosses) Xp/Sp: x5000 Donator's: x8000 Adena: x3000 Donator's: x6000 Drop/Spoil: x1 Donator's: x2 TvT,Ctf,Dm Custom Npcs: Gm Shop Custom Shop (inside are Vote and PvP Shop) Global Gatekeeper Scheme Buffer Boss Manager Bug Report Manager PassWord Changer SubClass And Clan/Ally Manager Custom Farm Zones Custom RaidBosses Solo Zone: 1
  24. I'd like to present you our Project L2IKAROS. http://l2ikaros.eu We provide our players with a fast paced high rate servers designed to be casual and joyfull. Main Features Include: Rates: EXP: x2000 SP: x2000 DROP: x1 ADENA: x2000 Enchant rates: Max Enchant: +20 (*Visual) +6 (*Real) (*All +20 items count as +6*) Safe Enchant: +6 Enchant Chance: 60% Max Attribute Level: 4 Attribute Stone Chance: 30% Alternative Gameplay: Castle Sieges every 7 days (Weekly) Olympiad Period end (new Heroes) every 14 days (Biweekly) Spawn protection 2minutes Free Noblesse Status Killing Spree Syst
  25. Hi all... I have seen around a private server of clash of clans. It is possible to find those file? I want those files for fun so if it full of bugs i don't cake... I have search google but i can find only the way to connect to that server and the server is down... If anyone can help i will be glad.. Tnx