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  2. http://prntscr.com/iifdm1 how can i fix? :/
  3. Credits: This Looks Great Format : PSD File Size : 38.8 MB Smart Object : Yes Download: https://mega.nz/#!4hlGWR7A!0yy21D8TilsoImAN02KMoJWYT3B_YT07Xsm_qf1Er9c Resource from: https://freedesignresources.net/
  4. Hello I would like to preview a special LOGO design for a priavte server project. Feel free to share Your comment, opinion and ideas to enhance my workflow. FOR MORE, CHECK MY DeviantART HERE Additional information: PS + AI 61 overall layers, overall 5-6h of work, based & evolved on simple sketch idea. Take care, Ave
  5. Hello I would like to preview a special LOGO design for a priavte server project. Feel free to share Your comment, opinion and ideas to enhance my workflow. Additional information: PS + 3D, AI 56 overall layers, overall 5-6h of work, based&evolved on simple sketchup idea. EDIT: Added higher resolution preview image. Take care, Ave
  6. Hello everybody. I need a Logo for L2Project. If someone is interesting contact me. Will be not for free :D
  7. Hello Here I have one logo for Dev Atlas Website http://dev-atlas.info/ I Wish you like it :) Previw : Have Fun.
  8. Hello everybody i would like a logo for my grepolis alliance. Size: 240x180 pixels Render: whatever you think its better. Text: Judicial Branch Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear MXC users, Back in 2014 I wanted to upgrade the design of one of my non-profit pet-rescue website. When I was looking for designers, I decided to pick xDrac, which seemed to be promising due to his massive reputation, production and the fact that he said he also does projects not related to gaming, seemed promising at first glance. So I paid him 150 euros, kept waiting, let him have all the time in the world because of his trustful reputation, until one day he disappeared with the money, unbeliveable uh? For people wishing to read the full story, please visit my post on his topic: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/106835-professional-graphic-web-design-websites-banners-logos-forums-anything/page-20?do=findComment&comment=2447667 Now to the point, I cannot allow my self to lose more money from that non-profit organization, the loss of 150euro was really hard for us, because we got many better ways to spend the money on rather than attempting to find a design, and hope not to get scammed again. So if there's anyone of you willing to contribute, a logo, a cover photo for facebook, a new title or a whole web design PSD, we will be really happy to accept it (note we only interested in graphic designs, we do the coding ourselves). In exchange we will put credits back to you and your gallery on our website, aswell as we might make a deal about money - but we give money only after we receive the design. Our site main language is not english, but we got an english version which you can view: http://petpal.co.il/en/ Please contact me on skype: sahar.ati or email sahar.petpal@gmail.com Best Regards, Sahar, Pet Pal.
  10. Hello members of MaxCheaters. I'm about to make a giveaway for maxcheaters members. The first 10 replies will get a Free logo for their servers NPC's! Just fill the code below. Name (Your nickname): Dimensions (ex. 300x100): Logo Image (If you have a ready logo post the link here): Additional Info (If you don't have a ready logo write here how you want to look): I will update the topic with the winners. Winners: Kelrzher aris96 Reborn12 `NeverMore mikemaster L2Aaron L2Cartoon P.S. Winners will receive logo.png, texture for the npc and the code for the html! Results:
  11. Hello guys, i can't fint tut how to add your logo to client, to use it in htm dialogs like for e.g. skills icons - icon.skill0337, help please.
  12. This is my own creation and i would like to know your feedback guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7a9_V0_9gw p.s not sure if it is the right section :D
  13. lock it please
  14. HELLO to all i am looking for a designer to make me 2 simple logos ...i will pay with paypal or paysafe send me a message for more info and to discuss the details... Thank you...
  15. Hello there fellow members. I just started a tech news blog and i want a simple and cool logo My site is located at vivartio! here is what i had in mind something simple and plain like this but at the same time pretty cool in design Specifications: Size:300x76 Text:vivartio.com Text below it: TechWorld News P.S. I would recommend to pay a visit at my website so you can see the colors i use and combine them with the logo Thanks in advance for your time. All efforts are apreciated!
  16. I will use this logo for all my websites , because i see people RIP my websites ;)
  17. Hey there guys. I dont have any skills in photoshop or anything similar and i would like some help with a logo for my tech news site which is still under development. My sites url anouvis I tried to make a logo but i am not so good with gfx stuff here is my try I would like something like this but not with capital letters and if its possible to include my full url something like: www.anouvis.com The secrets of the world Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance,merry Christmas to all of you guys!
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