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  1. Hello, here are some recently cracked EUNE accounts. Enjoy!! [Hidden Content]
  2. Hey folks, back again with a list of EUW accounts (LVL 30 / Working). As always enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  3. Hey guys, I am new here and wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is still Lol Accounts being Leaked ? And are ppl still cracking them?
  4. Current Patch: 7.6 Status: Working How to use: 1. Save your accounts into a .txt file 2. Open LoL Checker 3. Go to 'Accounts' 4. 'Import' 5. Load your .txt file 6. Choose the region 7. Press 'Start' Download
  5. Being trying recently to crack some low level accounts so i can get hextech annie so i got a shit ton of fresh cracked accs There are couple low and lvl 30 in there ( like 50) Have fun
  6. Hello Everyone We are a professional League of Legends ELO Boosting and Coaching Services website. We are new to MAXCHEATERS. Looking for some positive feedback and will give it back in return. Thanks, -EpicBoosts
  7. VOID BOOSTING.COM High Quality Verified Challenger Boosters Click the image to add me directly on skype! ELO BOOSTING PRICE LIST Duo Queue Boosting Starting at $6 Per Game Per Win Boosts: You are purchasing wins over losses, you get +1 win for every game we lose. Example: You purchase 10 wins and we lose the first game, you get 11 wins. PLACEMENTS=$60 Depending on your preseason rank, price may change We Guarantee 7/10 Wins If, for any reason, we lose more than 3 games, you will be rewarded with a free Division Boost. Season 5 Placements Completed P
  8. SOLD OUT. But couple accounts was been banned cause someone here reported me to RIOT. Nice community :D
  9. First Of all...CHAMPIONSHIP RIVEN! And then all this....Debonair Ezreal.Mythic Cassiopeia.FrostbladeIrelia.Mafia Graves.HearSSeeker Vayne.Dragon Fist Lee SIn.Northern Storm Volibear.Tundra Fizz.Surpise Party Fiddlestics.Darkforge j4.Sewn Chaos Orianna.Aristocrat Vayen.Cottontail Teemo.Leprechaun Veigar.Sakura Karma.Outback REnekton.Pharaoh nidalee.lil SLugger trundel.BLade mistress Morgana.Nightblade irelia.prestigius,Wicked,Raveborn Leblance.Sorceress Lux.Spellthief Lux.Shadow Evelyn.Bird Of Prey ANivia.French Maid Nidalee.White Mage Veigar. Division Platinum V
  10. Hello MaxCheaters. I'm here to share my Facebook like page and Twitch channel, i'm a new streamer on twitch.tv to stream and play lots of games that i like and i have been played the past years. ~A few thing about me, I'm Greek who lives in Canada the past years. Obviously my stream will be in 2 languages English & Greek, also i'm practicing in France language because i live in Quebec (French state). Stream will be mostly at 2 games, lineage II and League Of Legends. Also i will stream games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Tera, Dota2 and Heroes of the storm. Depends the mood :)
  11. Server:EUNE Current soloq ranking:Platinum 1 Last Season:Platinum 1 Number of Champions:108 Number of skins:10 -Red Baron Corki <-rare* -Judgment Kayle <-rare* -Pharaoh Amumu -Mad scientist Singed -Badger Teemo -Vandal Twitch -Buccaneer Tristana -Unchained Alistar -Pharaoh Nidalee -Dreadknight Garen Rune pages:7 Influence points:2086 Riot points:44 70 euros paypal
  12. [EN][GUIDE] League of Legends Season 3 (all you need to know) By: Chucky, aka Tessellate(ingame) ---------- I re-updated this post for the third time, one for season 1, and one for season 2. few days ago WeirdSituation requested me to update this post to one that matches with the current Season 3, so i did. Hope you enjoy it and find it very usefull ---------- Information has been taking from the ingame client, the net & self knowledge ---------- How to download the game: Go to: Sign Up <-- Click me Fill in your Username, Password, Email & Date of Birth. Dont forget to selec
  13. Hey guys! I'm a master tier player that has been giving lessons for several months, and now that I have some more free time, I'm looking to take in some new students! Generally, the student uses OBS to record 1-2 games per session, then they are uploaded to youtube as a private link so that only we can view them. Then we review the vod togther via skype screenshare, then have a short session afterwards to do a quick recap, and talk about major weaknesses that should take priority. You will be able to ask me questions at any time reguarding general LoL information such as matchup tactics, mid g
  14. Tested and updated working Sentry MBA LoL Configs for all servers.! You can use them with proxy or without. Supports Capture. Tested 8/2/15 Working! LoL BR Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL EUNE Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL EUW Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL KR Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL LAN Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL LAS Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL NA Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL OCE Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL PBE Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL RU Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL TR Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL Garena SG&MY Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL Garena VN Sentry MBA Config 4$ LoL Sentry Configs Complete Pack 40$ (This p
  15. League of Legends Referral Service (2.0) Click on images to make your order! Or the "BUY NOW" below for different amount! NEW SERVICE!!! Your acc have reach 200-250 Referrals (max raferrals you should have at your acc to avoid ban) but you are out of RP's?! No problem! We have the solution to give you more RP's with out risking your acc getting banned!! Tested and working 100%!!! More infos at my skype! Items you can buy! System RAF 2.0 (5 lvl) 1. 5 referrals = 1€ - You receive Influence Points : 1250 2. 10 referrals = 1.5€ - You receive Influence Poin
  16. Hello there.. i am interested on buying an EUNE account platinum III or more with ALOT skins and valuable also alot characters and at affordable price.. i am out of account and i dont want to get to much behind by starting a new one.. i would appreciate if you skype me at: Legi0n96 or send me some accunt stats here in posts.. Payment methods: Paysafe/Skrill/Bank Transfer/Western Union/MoneyGram! i might buy more than one accounts (just in case) waiting for offers!
  17. Hey, I'm here to sell my LoL Account. This account is on server : It has RP/IP : Also, about champions(86 if i count correct ^^) : Skins i think they are 39+(same as above ^^)as u can see i got new skins and rare : Special icons from most celebrations,events,teams,pulseEzreal: A special ward skin : My runes , 5 rune page and much runes : Normal Wins : Ranked : Well, this is my account . I will consider any offer.
  18. Hello guys,I want to sell my main account! 4 years acount without a single ban. Good mmr. Season 3- Gold 1. Season 4- Platinum 5 . -Account LvL/RP/IP: 30/227/9197 -Normal Matches -Champs owned -Runes/Rune pages Marks Seals Glyphs Quintessences -Skins(83) -Icons -Paymenth method:bank deposit For more info feel free to pm me here
  19. Hi all , im selling my lol account level 30 . Its a account with 91 champs, 40 skins ( pulsifire ezreal, rare skins etc ) Season 1 Bronze, Season 2 Silver, Season 3 Silver, Season 4 Silver New Season is coming the elo will be reset . The account have many runes . U can add me in skype for more informations : brunoportugal17 Waiting for offers .
  20. #Title Champions Owned: 79 Skins Owned : 27 Rune Pages : 7 Icons: PM me with your offers.
  21. Skype: fasteloboost123 It is guaranteed that we will do the job fast and efficiently. With boosters hand-picked from across the globe, you will be sure to have a booster in the region you are in. We have the cheapest prices within the ELO boosting market. We have always strived to keep our prices the best by actively comparing them with our competition. All of our workers use custom VPN servers which change the IP address for each and every account, making it nearly impossible for Riot to trace the games back to us. We are also working on our website and we offer free TIPS&TRICKS how to