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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know, how can i edit the GmShop in my admin Panel. I mean, I would like to add another categoriy like "Custom Weapon" and put all custom weapons in. I already add this line in my Gmshops.htm : "<td align=center><button action="bypass -h admin_buy ??? " value="Custom Weapons" width=85 height=21 back="L2UI_ct1.button_df" fore="L2UI_ct1.button_df"></td>". But know, how can i add my weapon in? Thank you
  2. Hey guys, sorry for the stupid question, but how can I edit the items in the GM Shop? I made a server a few days ago and now i'm almost done with the NPC's and some other stuff. The only thing left is the GM Shop. I've already looked it up on youtube, google and some other forums but 95% of the stuff I found is in lithuanian, greek or other languages. I'm new to this kind of stuff, never used Java before. I've checked the htm and xml files but I couldn't find anything.
  3. Freya-H5 Gm Shop. Download Link: _____________ http://www.mediafire.com/file/ojv3a4bg6l60e0r/GM_Shop.rar Credits: Asuki. _____________ `Thanks.
  4. L2REBORT SERVER INTERLUDE DIFFICULT HARDCORE 15 - 11 - 2015 Grand Opening Day :D!! About Features XP/SP: 500x Adena: 500x Drop/Spoil: 10x Party Xp/Sp: 2x<br> Raidboss: 3x Quests: 3x Safe Enchant: +5. Armor & Jewel Max Enchant: BEAS+20/CEAS+22. Weapon Max Enchant: BEWS+20/CEWS+22. Normal Scroll: 70%. Blessed Scroll: 85%. Crystal Scroll: 100% Drop Bosses. Skill Chance: NG 0% |Mid 0% |High 75% |Top 75%. Glow Chance: NG 0% |Mid 0% |High 75% |Top 75%. Class Master Npc in all Town | Villages. Subclasses Npc Custom (Base + 1 Substackable) Olympics: (14 Days) Not allowed to use Summons/Cubics. Sieges: (7 Days) Event TVT every 50 minutes. Additional Information: Npc Buffer | 42 Buff Slots + 4 debuff | Buff Time 2 hours. Gm Shop: (Grade C & S, Comsumibles. Necropolis/Catacombs Gatekeeper Special. Noblesse killing Barakiel all Party. Auto Learn Skills. Stackable: Scrolls. Items of server: Tickets. Coin Farm / Coin TvT. Custom Dual Dragon Slayer Grade (A) Custom Armor (Fire & Water) Custom Weapon (Fire & Water) Tattoo's : Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, GM & GOD Power. www.l2rebort.net.ve www.l2rebort.net.ve
  5. WEBSITE: www.lineage2europe.com FORUM: http://www.lineage2europe.eu/forum/ L2OFF - Interlude Mid Rate Experience (XP): x100 Drop (Adena): x100 Drop (Items): x45 Spoil: x2 Seal Stones: x5 Drop (Quest Item): x1 Quest Reward Adena: x1 Drop (RaidBoss): x2 Drop (GrandBoss): x1 Manor: x1 1st 2nd and 3rd class changes can be bought from special NPC 1 class change - FREE 2 class change - FREE 3 class change - FREE Sub-class FREE Noblesse 500kk adena item Olympiad period - 1 week Free Buffer in town Lucky Wheel System with Raid Boss Jewelry added. Unlimited boxes Working all interlude features/ skills All quests and zones working retail Bot protections Buff time - 2 hours Gap level - 20 levels NPC Buffer full with 3rd class buffs 28 buff slots Gm shops in towns Most of the things works "as normal Lineage" We asure you that big donations which affect a game hard will not be provided Transparent system or raids Custom Raids with special drops Titanium Custom armor Custom Farming Zones Custom pets: Hero protector pet is back in game Everything tested and worked on balance 1 month ! Balanced olympiad system Experienced Staff and Developers Balanced siges with incresed siege guards Improved ressist on castle doors and walls so siege GOLLEMS and CANNONS required :) dwarfs are back FTW! Enchant rate 66% with safe enchant +3
  6. Hello guys and sorry for bothering you again. I have a problem with Global Gatekeeper and GMShop. I enabled these options in powerpak.proprietes and doesn't seem to work or I'm doing something wrong. Here it is my powerpak.proprietes: # Npc Gatekeeper - Global Teleport GKNpcId = 14159 GKEnabled = True GKCommand = globalgk GKUseCommand = False GKUseBBS = False GKExcludeOn = RB OLYMPIAD PVP SIEGE EVENT ATTACK GKTimeout = 10 GKPrice = -1 # Npc GmShop GMShopNpcId = 53 GMShopEnabled = True GMShopUseBBS = False GMShopUseCommand = False GMShopCommand = gmshop GMShopExcludeOn = RB OLYMPIAD PVP SIEGE EVENT ATTACK After I saved this file, I restarted the server and nothing has changed. Also I don't see the Wedding NPC either. What I'm doing wrong? The server seems to handle that in the console: INFO Initializing CoupleManager INFO Loaded: 0 couples(s) INFO Global Gatekeeper is Enabled. INFO GM Shop is Enabled. INFO Raid Info is Enabled. INFO ==============================================================-[ EventManager ] INFO TVT Event is Enabled. INFO Loading offline traders... INFO Loaded: 0 offline trader(s) Thanks in advance!
  7. Voice Command = .gmshop i found that when i am close to merchant my exchanges are working fine but when i am away from merchant i cannot buy anything what do you think? html <html> <title> VoiceCommand </title> <body> <center> <font color="B8B8B8 " align="center">___________________________________________</font> <table width=224> <tr> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_l_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_i_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_n_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_e_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_a_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_g_i00 height=32 width=32></td> <td width=32><img src=Icon.etc_alphabet_e_i00 height=32 width=32></td> </tr> </table> <font color="B8B8B8 " align="center">___________________________________________</font> <table align=center> <tr> <td align=center><button value="Weapon" action="bypass -h custom_doShop Chat 1" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal"></td> <td align=center><button value="Armor" action="bypass -h custom_doShop Chat 2" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal"></td> <td align=center><button value="Jeweler" action="bypass -h custom_doShop Chat 3" width=75 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal"></td> </tr> </table> <font color="B8B8B8 " align="center">___________________________________________</font> <table width=210> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Consumables" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 90023" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Dyes" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 90051" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Scrolls" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 90050" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Clan Items" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 90021" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Olympiad" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 999997" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Acessories" action="bypass -h custom_doShop multisell 99994" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> </table> <font color="B8B8B8 " align="center">___________________________________________</font> <br> <table width=220> <tr> <td align=center> <button value="Sell" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Sell" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> </td> </tr> </table> <font color="B8B8B8 " align="center">___________________________________________</font> </center> </body> </html> multisell <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list maintainEnchantment="false"> <!-- Soulshot: S-grade --> <item id="1"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1467" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soulshot: A-grade --> <item id="2"> <ingredient id="57" count="1600000"/> <production id="1466" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soulshot: B-grade --> <item id="3"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="1465" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soulshot: C-grade --> <item id="4"> <ingredient id="57" count="400000"/> <production id="1464" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soulshot: D-grade --> <item id="5"> <ingredient id="57" count="200000"/> <production id="1463" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soulshot: No Grade --> <item id="6"> <ingredient id="57" count="100000"/> <production id="1835" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: S Grade --> <item id="7"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="3952" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: A-Grade --> <item id="8"> <ingredient id="57" count="1600000"/> <production id="3951" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: B-Grade --> <item id="9"> <ingredient id="57" count="1400000"/> <production id="3950" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: C-Grade --> <item id="10"> <ingredient id="57" count="1200000"/> <production id="3949" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: D-Grade --> <item id="11"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="3948" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Spiritshot: No Grade --> <item id="12"> <ingredient id="57" count="160000"/> <production id="3947" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: S-grade --> <item id="13"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="2514" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: A-grade --> <item id="14"> <ingredient id="57" count="800000"/> <production id="2513" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: B-grade --> <item id="15"> <ingredient id="57" count="700000"/> <production id="2512" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: C-grade --> <item id="16"> <ingredient id="57" count="600000"/> <production id="2511" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: D-grade --> <item id="17"> <ingredient id="57" count="100000"/> <production id="2510" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Spiritshot: No Grade --> <item id="18"> <ingredient id="57" count="80000"/> <production id="2509" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Beast Soulshot --> <item id="19"> <ingredient id="57" count="600000"/> <production id="6645" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Blessed Beast Spiritshot --> <item id="20"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="6647" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Greater Swift Attack Potion --> <item id="21"> <ingredient id="57" count="20000"/> <production id="1375" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Greater Haste Potion --> <item id="22"> <ingredient id="57" count="20000"/> <production id="1374" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Greater Magic Haste Potion --> <item id="23"> <ingredient id="57" count="20000"/> <production id="6036" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Greater Healing Potion --> <item id="24"> <ingredient id="57" count="200000"/> <production id="1539" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Mana potion --> <item id="25"> <ingredient id="57" count="200000"/> <production id="728" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Spirit Ore --> <item id="45"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="3031" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Soul Ore --> <item id="46"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1785" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Energy Stone --> <item id="47"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="5589" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Battle Symbol --> <item id="48"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="8875" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Magic Symbol --> <item id="49"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="8876" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Phoenix Blood --> <item id="50"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="8873" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Einhasad's Holy Water --> <item id="51"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="8874" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Cursed Bone --> <item id="52"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="2508" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Summon crystal --> <item id="53"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="8615" count="10"/> </item> <!-- Bone Arrow --> <item id="54"> <ingredient id="57" count="200000"/> <production id="1341" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Iron Arrow --> <item id="55"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1342" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Silver Arrow --> <item id="56"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1343" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Mithril Arrow --> <item id="57"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1344" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Shining Arrow --> <item id="58"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1345" count="1000"/> </item> <!-- Scroll: Recovery (Grade S) --> <item id="59"> <ingredient id="57" count="200000"/> <production id="8599" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Crystal: S Grade --> <item id="61"> <ingredient id="57" count="10000000"/> <production id="1462" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Crystal: A-Grade --> <item id="62"> <ingredient id="57" count="5000000"/> <production id="1461" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Crystal: B-Grade --> <item id="63"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000000"/> <production id="1460" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Crystal: C-Grade --> <item id="64"> <ingredient id="57" count="1000000"/> <production id="1459" count="100"/> </item> <!-- Crystal: D-Grade --> <item id="65"> <ingredient id="57" count="500000"/> <production id="1458" count="100"/> </item> </list>
  8. Game Overview and features! Valkyria is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for over one year. The reason we are working on it is because we love lineage 2. We want you to provide you a unique private (mid rate) Lineage II experience. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, bugless, without lag, without wipes and enjoyable gameplay. Opening date: 01.03.2015 Quick Overview Before getting started, please note that this list will not include all retail features available in Valkyria. Only some of the custom features and various information we found useful to publish has been added in this listing. Custom Economy System Valkyrias' economy is based on custom items. Aka custom currencies are used to purchase equipment and various items. The currencies below are used to purchase armors, weapons, jewels (from their respective stores in towns and custom NPCs) as well as various other items. Bronze coins are obtained in Low level Zones. Silver coins are obtained in Medium level Zones. Valkyria coins are obtained in High level Zones. Additionally, event coins are obtained when winning Team Vs Team event or Vote reward. You can exchange them through the Event Shop in Giran for Accessories. Pvp badges are obtained upon killing an enemy inside Primeval Isle. You can exchange them for Custom Skills through PvP Master in the Giran. Raid Token can be obtained from mini-raids and raids. These currencies can be used to purchase Clan Skills and Access to Grand Raid Bosses (1 per player) as well as various other rewards (Crystal Enchant Scrolls) through Event Manager. Custom Stores All stores were customized on Valkyria. Any equipment available in-game can be bought directly (using our custom currencies) from the stores - up to S-Grade Gear. The A-Grade and S-Grade armors and jewelries being sold are sealed. You are able to unseal them through the Blacksmith of Mammon. Almost all custom trader are located at Giran castle town (main town). Raid Bosses Updated client support to match with Valkyria Raid Bosses. Reputation points replaced with 1 Raid Token per Raid Boss. (1:1 Cystal Scroll). Raid curse removed. All players are free to access the Grand Raid Bosses once they have 1 Raid Token. All informations about drops / respawn of the Grand Raid Bosses and Normal Raid Bosses can be found in our website. All Raid raid bosses are setted to 80 level. PvP System and Protection System When player A, kills player B a point is added in player A name for that player B. if player A kills player B three times a pvp protection starts for 30 minutes, where player A won't take pvp points / pvp reward at that time when killing the specific player. Then a task begins to make the points 0 after 30 minutes. If you kill him again before the x seconds pass, another point is added. When a player normaly gain a PvP point he is reward with a PvP Badge. When a player gets 3 or 6 PvPs in row an announcment apears Auctions / Clan / Clan Hall / Castle We keep only 1 Clan hall per town and 3 Castles (Aden, Giran, Rune). Changed the currency of BID system, from adena converted to Valkyria Coins.(monthly paiment stays retail) Clan Skills can now be gain by Adenas and Raid Tokens Clan level up system changed. (easier) Clan Hall/Castle crafting is ~= -40% than normal crafting. Town Buffer The NPC Buffer can be found in every town / village / clan hall / castle. NPC Buffer provides characters a FREE magical support. We have four types of buffers, Newbie NPC Buffer at Ivory Tower, normal NPC Buffer, Enchanted NPC Buffer for Clans with Clan Hall or Castle and AIO (player) Buffer. Players with Clan Hall / Castle can access the Enchanted buff only at their Clan Hall / Castle. Newbie, Normal and Enchanted buffers provides buffs for 1 hour. AIO Buffer provides buffs for 7 hours. PvP Skills PvP badges are obtained upon killing an enemy inside Primeval Isle. You can exchange them for Custom Skills through PvP Master in the Giran. Players can exchange their PvP Badges to Passive Skills (80 skills). Hunting Areas All hunting areas of the game drop exclusively Adena, equipment and Coins, varying only according to monsters level. The remaining drops which are considered disposable in a PvP server (materials, recipes, parts, etc.) were completely removed from the game. Below we will list the hunting areas, which have more specific drops. ⇒ Adandond Coal Mines is the 1st Farm Area, players here can farm Valkyria(gold) coins without worried about PKers. Drops are kinda low. Perfect Area for Solo! Challenge Level: Low ⇒ Imperial Tomp is the 2st Farm Area, players here can also farm Valkyria(gold) coins but they have to worry about PKers. Drops are higher than Abandoned Coal Mines. Perfect Area for Party! Challenge Level: High ⇒ Monastery of Silence is a retail like area, players here can farm for the Secret Book of Giants. All players must get our custom quest at the begining of the area. The trader is Katerina. Drops are mid. Perfect Area for Solo/Party! Challenge Level: Mid ⇒ Primeval Isle is a retail like area, players here can farm for Lifestones. All players must get our custom quest at the begining of the area. The trader is Hierarch. WARNING: This is a chaotic zone (pvp zone), all players spawn flaged, when a player dies he spawn again at the Primeval Isle, players cannot lose their buffs and PvPs count! Drops are mid. Perfect Area for Solo/Party! Challenge Level: High Enchants and Misc Informations Website: http://www.l2valkyria.eu
  9. Visit us at www.L2-Titan.com! Join us for an Open Beta weekend, this weekend from 24 - 25 January 2015. Account creation is available now. Server will be open to the public on 24 January 2015, starting at 0900 Eastern Standard Time. Server will close to the public on 25 January 2015, starting at 2359 Eastern Standard Time. Purpose: - Collect feedback from players on features/changes they would like to see - Promote the server Server Stats: Data Center located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States Intel E3-1200 v3 Haswell Xeon 3.5 GHz 24GB DDR3 2x500 GB Raid 1 1 GBPS DDOS Protection Windows Server 2003 64 Bit Features: Interlude Official - Flat world XP/SP rate: 15x | Drop/Spoil rate: 15x | Adena rate: 15x - Enhanced Leveling Zones feature 30-45x rates - GM Shop includes Non-Grade through B-Grade and a variety of consumables - A and S Grade require crafting, raids, or luck via farming - NPC Buffs (e.g., Full Prophet and Shilien Elder buffs and single Sword Singer (Hunter) and Blade Dancer (Fire)) buffs are offered in towns to make early leveling enjoyable - NPC Class Changer - Buffs cast throughout the world last one hour - Specialized buffs (e.g., COV, Prophecies) are 10 mins - During sieges, buffs last like retail (e.g., 20 mins for Warcryer, 2 minute songs/dances) - There are no mana pots for obvious reasons, but herbs are available (and sufficient) for leveling. - L2 Titan features two enhanced level zones which encourage players to cooperate and compete for their territory which is discussed below. The idea behind these zones is to bring most players into relatively centralized locations which will lead to the start of alliances and wars Enhanced Leveling Zone: Cruma Tower (CT): Levels 35 - 58 Cruma Tower has dramatically increased exp, drops, and spoils. For instance, the mobs on Cruma Tower 1 have a 30x exp rate and 30x drop rate. Enhanced Leveling Zone: Tower of Insolence (TOI): Levels 58 - 80 The sets of TOI floors (e.g. 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-13) have dramatically increased exp, drops, and spoils which increase with each set of floors. For instance, TOI floors 9-13 has experience rates near 40-45x. While you can level in other areas, the benefits of leveling in TOI make leveling elsewhere a poor decision. - We recommend having at least a three man group and top B grade in order to start leveling on TOI 1 at lvl 58 - TOI offers raid bosses on nearly every floor and are the easiest way to acquire A and S grade - Monsters in TOI will drop seal stones for unsealing newly acquired A and S grade Dual Boxing and Bots - Dual boxing is allowed - Botting is not allowed and it will result in a ban (there is no reason to do it with the enhanced zones so just have some fun and PVP your way to lvl 80) Notes from the Administrators: 1. You will notice that donations on this server in no way dramatically alter game play. We are not offering Baium rings or +16 S grade weapons for cash 2. No A grade and S grade in the GM shops is designed to build a long lasting server with intense competition and cooperation for the best items 3. If clans want to take castles, their rosters should be filled with classes that are necessary to take castles. Sieges will be retail like with regards to buffs and they are unlikely to be won with groups of archers and no buffs or heals. As a result, players should consider DPS and support classes and swapping roles for their 3rd class change Tentative Beta Testing Dates: 24 January - 15 February 2015 Tentative Live Date: 20 February 2015 Donations: 1. Cosmetic items 2. Noblesse 3. 3rd Class Change 4. Inconvenient Parts of 3rd Class Change (e.g., killing 700 mobs) 5. All In One (AIO) Buffer a. Note: AIO cannot be used in sieges b. Note: AIO cannot be taken outside of towns Visit us at www.L2-Titan.com!
  10. Hi, I'm inviting you to visit the brand new server (started 28/01/2015), we have NO DONATING system, only play and remember good lineage times. Site: http://l2oldtimes.esy.es/index.html
  12. L2 CIRENE www.l2cirene.tk L2 Cirene mid rates interlude craft server FACEBOOK PAGE HERE
  13. L2 DRAGON-BITE Grand Opening 08/28 FACEBOOK! Share with your friends
  14. [L2J] L2Requiem NOW X35 New Server Grand Recharged Server Re-opening (21.08) Server Grand Opening Today!!! The server is now ONLINE!!!! JOIN US!!!! Website: www. l2requiem. com Server Info: L2 Requiem x35 - Basic Features L2 Requiem is a mid-rate server, our server will debut on 21.08, here you can find the server information: Basic Rates Experience (EXP) x35 Skill Points (SP) x35 Adena x100 Quest Drop x2 Enchants Safe Enchant Weapons +3 Safe Enchant Armors & Jewels +4 Max Enchant Weapons +25 Max Enchant Armors & Jewels +16 Basic Configurations Buffs, dances and songs duration 1h Buff Slots 24 + 4 Divine Inspiration Max. Clients per PC 4 Anti-Bot Yes Geo-data and Path-nodes Yes Sub-class cumulative No Subclass with Quest No Noblesse with Quest Yes Class Master Yes Off-line Shop mode Yes Auto Learn Skill Yes Auto Loot Yes Wedding System Yes Gm Shop Grade C,B,A and S Buffer Yes Vote Reward soon I will see you in the grand recharged opening...
  15. www.l2-puregold.com RATES - Experience (XP): x50 - Skill Points (SP): x50 - Drop (Adena): x40 - Drop (Items): x30 - Spoil: x30 - Seal Stones: x15 - Drop (Raidboss): x20 - Drop (GrandBoss): x1 - Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 QUESTS - Drop (Quest Item): x10 - Quest Reward: x3 SPECIAL FEATURES - Raid Boss level 20-71 drop event medal - Resist buffs have been added to clan hall instead of old useless buffs - A-S grade drop rate for raid boss is increased ENCHANT - Safe Enchant amount: +3 - Max. Enchant amount: +16 - Real Chance (for Regular Scrolls): 66% - Real Chance (for Blessed Scrolls): 66% BOSSES - Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 6 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Valakas: 120 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Antharas: 96 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Baium: 72 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Frintezza: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Zaken: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Core: 30 hours / Random + - 6 hour - Orfen: 30 hours / Random + - 6 hour - Queen Ant: 24 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Normal Raid Bosses: 36 hours / Random + - 1 hour - Normal Raid Bosses: LIVE STATUS ON WEBSITE FEATURES - 100% working all Interlude features - Full working skills - All Quests full working - Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles - Full working Raid / Grand Bosses - Working cursed weapons - Buffer 2 hours buff time - Buff slots 27+4 - Free class change - Sub-class Free - Nobless questable / buyable - Player command .menu - Everyday event TvT - Olympiad Period (1 WEEK) - BOT protection - Offline Shops Working - Autoloot system, Autolearn skills - Mana Potion - Agumentations System - Mammon NPCs added to Giran Castle Town - GM Shop up to Top B-grade - Full Working Geodata
  16. L2DreamWorld x45 Interludewww.L2DW.eu Grand Opening: 07.02.2013 [18:00] GMT+1 Server has AUTO Registration!L2 DreamWorld coming back better than ever. After months of hard work, after fixing everything that You reported to us in the pass, now we are glad that, we can finally present you and invite you to the NEW L2 DreamWorld. We present a trully L2 world server, where you can enjoy Your time in world of L2 with best patching result ever: 29 total reworks of functions, 527 Fixed Bugs, and thousands of corrections with live server backups (every 60 sec)seconds machine as live copy without lags high performance of server machine totally reworked connection system fully optimized connection webserver easy contact with administrationskype contact remeika.vygantas will help you to contact with administration 24h Fully working Interlude chronicle90% of fixes are retail like without corruption all testers/helpers are only testing bugs new and trustly staff perfect olympiad systemour matching players system minimizes the feeeding and much more We are here to create for You the best Interlude midrate server. We hope that You will enjoy that. The first heroes will be after 1st week. See you on first sieges. Grand Opening: 07.02.2013 [18:00] GMT+1 Rates: XP: 45x SP: 45x Adena drop: 50x Item drop: 30x Spoil: 45x RaidBoss drop: 30x Quest drop: 10x Party XP rate: 1,5x (45* 1,5 = 67,5x) Party SP rate: 1,5x (45* 1,5 = 67,5x) The Zero Hour reward: x2 Enchant rates: Simple enchant rate: 66% Blessed enchant rate: 66% Safe enchant: +3 Max weapon enchant: +16 Max armor/jewel enchant: +16 Extra Information Lifted Inventory space limits Dualbox/Multibox is allowed Dedicated Geodata Achievment NPC Casino dealer GM Shop up to B-Grades GM Shop trading SealStones Global Gatekeeper Merchant of Mammon in shop Blacksmith of Mammon in shop Player's spawn protect: 15 sec Autolearn skills Mana Potions/Drugs Trade chat only for Noblesse AutoLoot Allows Players to Shift-click Mobs and view their Stats and Droplist Subclass no quest - free Up to 4 subclasses Command .away & .back Champion mobs Turns random mobs into Champions Offline trade/craft How enter on offline mode Enable Command /offline_shop Olympiad Olympiad period : 2 weeks Olympiad min players: 9 (Non-Classed) Unique antifeed system Instant macros for Armor Sets Rules : retail like Class change 1st - No quest needed - cost 100,000 adena. 2nd - No quest needed - cost 1,000,000 adena. 3rd - No quest needed - cost 10,000,000 adena + reward Book of Giant. Buffs Dance/Songs Time - 30 minutes Buffs Time - 1 hour Summon Buffs Time - 5 minutes NPC Buffer with basic buffs Sell Buff System + Offline mode Type .sellbuffs Requirement level to sell buffs 40 Buff slots 26(+4) Auto events DeathMatch DMStartTime = 13:00;15:00;17:00;19:00;21:00;23:00; TeamVsTeam TVTStartTime = 12:00;14:00;16:00;18:00;20:00;22:00;24:00; TownWar by GM! Donations limited to Player Name/Gender change Clan name change Nobless, Life stones, Adena, Soul Crystal for weapon SA, Basic premium account, Hair accesories, and some more NOT powerfull items. * Item list and prices can be checked only in game at NPC Donate/Vote Shop placed in main towns. Grand Boss respawn time Valakas 169+2 Antharas 96+2 Baium 72+2 Frintezza 48+2 Zaken 48+2 Queen Ant 24+2 Core 24+2 Orfen 24+2 www.L2DW.eu
  17. L2 Anius X20 { Mid-Rate }. Wipe & Re-open ~ NEW! Server is going to be re-opened again. http://l2anius.com/ RATES Rate EXP x20 Rate SP x20 Rate Party EXP x2.0 Rate Party SP x2.0 Rate Drop Items x15 Rate Drop Spoil x25 Rate Drop Adena x25 Rate Quest Reward x5 Rate Quest Reward XP x5 Rate Quest Reward SP x5 Rate Quest Reward Recipe x1 Rate Quest Reward Adena x5 Rate Grand Boss Items x5 Rate Grand Boss Jewelry x1 GAME STYLE Max Buff Amount: 24+4 Max Dance Amount: 14 Safe Item Enchant: +4 Max Armor Enchant: +20 Max Weapon Enchant: Retail Like Element Stone Rate: 50% Element Crystal Rate: 30% I'm not the owner of this server i just want to help them advertize if owner will ask me to delete or remove consider it done.
  18. RATES Rate EXP x20 Rate SP x20 Rate Party EXP x2.2 Rate Party SP x2.2 Rate Drop Items x15 Rate Drop Spoil x25 Rate Drop Adena x25 Rate Quest Reward x5 Rate Quest Reward XP x5 Rate Quest Reward SP x5 Rate Quest Reward Recipe x1 Rate Quest Reward Adena x5 Rate Grand Boss Items x5 Rate Grand Boss Jewelry x1 GAME STYLE Max Buff Amount: 24+4 Max Dance Amount: 14 Safe Item Enchant: +4 Max Armor Enchant: +20 Max Weapon Enchant: Retail Like Element Stone Rate: 50% Element Crystal Rate: 30% Auto Drop Loop: Enable Player's Spawn Protect: 60 seconds Max Run Speed: 300 Max PCrit Rate: 500 Max MCrit Rate: 200 Max PAtk Speed: 1500 Max MAtk Speed: 1999 Max Evasion: 250 Max Subclass: 3 Max Subclass Level: 85 Subclass without quest Weight Limit: 10 Subclass certification working properly Olympiad Min Players: 6 Classed/Non-Classed Olympiad Min Players: 3 Party Spoil Blue Mobs: Enabled Delevel decrease skills level also ! H5 FEATURES H5 Items,skills and quests. Frintezza, Freya, Zaken Olympiad Quests Working Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas updated to H5. Nevit's Blessing, Hunting Bonus working. Antharas , Valakas % Freya Hard drop Elegia 100 % x 1 item (custom) Normal Freya drop Elegia 30 % x 1 item (custom) OTHER FEATURES Hellbound works up to 11 lvl 7s quests work 7s instances work Nornils Garden instance Mithril Mine instance Steel Citadel Kamalokas Sel Mahum Training Ground- Retail Like Chamber Of Delusion Naia Tower + Beleth Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses Torumba/Taklacan/Dopagen - Retail Like Seed of Anihilation farming zone Crystal Cavern Talismans Seed of Destruction + Raid Boss Tiat - Retail Like Seed of Infinity + The Two Brothers instance - Retail Like Achievements Titles Mob Kills: Obtained by killing mobs in your level range (+- 9 levels) Event Participation: Obtained by participating at events. PvP Kills: Obtained by PvP fights. You won't obtain points for killing clan mates or killing same player multiple times Siege PvP Kills: Obtained by PvP fights on Sieges. You won't obtain points for killing siege side mates or killing same player multiple times Pk Kills: Obtained by PK fights. You won't obtain points for killing clan mates or killing same player multiple times Raid Slayer: Obtained by participating in Raid fights. GrandBoss Slayer: Obtained by participating in Grand Boss fights. Treasure Hunter: Obtained by searching for Treasure Chests. Enchanter: Obtained by successfull enchants. Star Stone Collector: Obtained by collecting Star Stones. Seed Energy Farmer: Obtained by farming seed energies. Fisher: Obtained by fishing. Quester: Obtained by finishing one time and daily Quests.
  19. Lineage2Fit is a brand new L2J server, based on aCis project. The server was and is being prepared carefully, based on people's choice and suggestions, but also, on several years of experience with Lineage2. Our server is Online since November, 7th 2013. Why would you join this server ? Well, there are a few reasons, such as : 1. "The Team" knows everything about Lineage 2 ( or at least up to Interlude Client ). 2. We know exactly what to do in order to make the server work properly. 3. Staff Members are trusted people who do not quit after one week of starting something new. 4. Because we promise to never let you down ! Who are we ? We are a Team of students at the "Al. I. Cuza" Faculty of Computer Science in Iasi,Romania. How did it start ? Simple : At the Request of RazRazvan ( beloved, Server Administrator ). He asked us to help him with the website, with scripts and other things.. And this is how "Lineage2Fit" started. Why this servername ? For him, making a Team of students with different knowledges and all willing to help, seemed Perfect. He taught of "Lineage2 Perfect". But, let's face it : It sounds ridiculous ! What is our goal ? Our goal is to reach all those players who had a difficult time finding a good server, without wipe, without corruption, without thousands of errors. To offer you, and other players, a good and stable Lineage2 server, so the question : "Is it worth the time?" do not pop-up ! By doing this we gain experience, knowledge. We also learn foreign languages such as : English, Greek, Spanish, Italian... thanks to you, players ! This is the question that made me think, by a "connaissance" : You are students. When do you have time to work on server ? We work every day, as much as we can. In our free time...after we finish courses. Sometimes at courses, when we get really boored. What about Donations ? Uh, this is a "Taboo Subject". Let's cut the ... as they say. Everybody thinks about Donation. There are many other ways to make money, not just by Donate for items. Honestly, we answered all the questions above as straight and sincerely as we can. Server Rates : Rates Experience (EXP) : 50x Skill Points (SP) : 50x Party Experience (EXP) : 1.5x Party Skill Points (SP) : 1.5x Drop Adena : 40x Drop Items : 20x Spoil Items : 25x Raid Boss Drop Items : 5x Grand Boss Drop Jewelry : 1x Quest Rates Quest Experience (EXP) : 5x Quest Skill Points (SP) : 5x Quest Adena Reward : 12x Quest Drop Items : 15x Quest Items Reward : 10x ( *Exceptions : The Zero Hour, Alliance with Ketra Orcs, Delicious Top Choice Meat and others ) Other Weight Limit : 7x Manor : 5x Extract Fish : 3x Enchants Safe Enchant : +3 Maximum Enchant : +25 Normal Scroll Chance : 60% Blessed Scroll Chance : 65% More Information can be found at : http://www.lineage2fit.com ( This site is just a Preview. We still have some work to do at our website ). More and more updates will come. Hope you will join us ! I chose to answer you sincerely because hiding/lying is not the way to collaborate. Besides that, is my birthday, the only day in year when I can speak truth, betting I will be forgiven ! Good night to you all !
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