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  1. What is L2 Prelude ? It's a Gracia Final pride like server with 1,5 years of pure work. New scenes. New gameplay and server mechanics new custom items and ideas. No corruption no lags no amateur behavior join us today ! 🎯 WEBSITE🎯 https://l2prelude.com/ πŸ”₯ DISCORD πŸ”₯ https://discord.com/invite/zFjeC54Ra2
  2. L2 Memories Gracia Final! Grand opening: May 8 at 15:00 GMT -3 Beta closing: May 5th at 18:00 GMT -3 Website: https://bit.ly/3esES1O Discord: https://bit.ly/3dMT86i Facebook: https://bit.ly/2PkRZta Youtube: https://bit.ly/3gM5j5b L2memories -Gracia Cl Final information -exp/sp - 9300x -party exp/sp - 2x -adena - 6500x -Enchant Rates : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll. -Enchant : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll. -Max enchant + 25 -Max. Level : 95. Auto Event Engine. Sieges every weekend. Extra information -Fully reworked Wedding
  3. Welcome to L2Black! We are very excited to finally announce L2Black, Gracia Final, all settings on the official server! There are additional epic cloaks that drop from epic bosses with a 50% chance! Rates: Experience: 3x Skill Points: 3x Adena Drop: 1x Item Drop: 1x Seal Stones Drop: 1x Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x Quest Item Drop Rate: Gather the Flames: 1x Relics of the Old Empire: 1x Alliance with Varka Silenos: 1x Alliance wit
  4. Meet . . . L2 Viral L2 Viral is a NEW Gracia Final pride style server . Our server offers new unique to our project features as well as extreme optimization of the already existing ones. 🌐Contact Links :🌐 Facebook/Site : L2 Viral Official Facebook Page Discord : L2 Viral Official Discord server We use our facebook page as our web page, as well, since we don't see the need of actually creating a site/forum when we can use Facebook and Discord which are way more interactive, usefull and easier for our community to use.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm the administrator of L2Vehiron and i'm here to show you our server. As you saw already from the title, our server is L2J based. We are using the latest version of the known Pride pack, but we have changed a lot of things that you will be able to explore as we move further. First of all, our server is fully customized with custom EXP rate. The pack has been changed in order to resurrect your will to play. Also, keep in mind that the project is still under development, things come and go. Enough talking, lets continue to more interesting stuff. Grand Op
  6. We are glad to announce the new coming of L][ Gatotcha Gracia Final (CT 2.3 Pride style) Server Features : Max lvl 95 Custom skills/Custom items /Custom zones All classes can be use in game for pvp and for farm (support class in a party is a must) Custom pvp reward + chance to get your items enchanted random at pvp kill Custom zone with S grade restrictions Subclass system ( for example if you are dark elf you can go and add elf subclass) Dress me Premium system Rebirth System Custom start zone Tier items Custom head acc
  7. Launch Date October 23 & 20:00 GMT +3 Click Here to Explore the Best Low-Rate Server. Join our Discord Community Core Settings *Vanilla is Epilogue-ready! This means that the server and client can be upgraded within a matter of minutes! XP: x4 SP: x4 Adena: x3 Drop: x2 Spoil: x3 Manor: x0.4 (60% reduction) - Festive sweeper enabled! Recipes: x4 Drop, x2 Spoil Key Materials: x3 Drop, x2 Spoil Seal Stones: x3 Herbs: x1 Safe Enchant: +3 Maximum Enchant: +16 Enchant Rate: Dynamic General Settings Auto-loot Can be toggled
  8. = Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories = Dynasty , Icarus , Vesper , Titanium , Dread , Unique , PVP , Epic Weapons ============================================================================= Masterwork , Dynasty , Vesper , Titanium , Dread , Rykros Armors ============================================================================== Dynasty , Vesper , Legendary , Rare , Epic Jewels = Custom Mob AI = New form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting. This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosse
  9. I've bought they're protection and im phasing some errors they are not willing to help me at all :D When you purchase the anti-bot they give you they're patch or you can put they're files to yours. The problem is when i put they're files to my patch i get this https://prnt.sc/umny0k When i put my armorgrp/itemname bla bla to the patch they gave me,l2.exe is not willing to open,i will see it running on Task manager but thats it. Does anyone know or have any solution about this weird problem? Client is Gracia Final.
  10. hello, I hope you are well. I'm here to ask you for help, I need a system that works on windows 10. Cronica is GRACIA FINAL. Thank you!!
  11. Click Here to Explore the best PvP Server. Join our Discord Community OPENING: 18/7/2020 & 18:00 GMT+3
  12. Click Here to Explore the best PvP Server.
  13. Website: https://l2gracia.com/ 20 March: Grand Opening We are pleased to invite you to our Line][age II Gracia Final Server. - Best 1x Server | NO Donation system of any kind | NO Customs | Buffer 2H - On our server is play to win no pay to win - Items can be acquired only by Craft, Spoil, Drop, Quest, RaidBoss - Experience/SP Rates are retail x1. - Drop/Spoils/Adena rates are retail x1, - Gear up to C-grade can be purchased with adena. Visit the GMSHOP to purchase gear. - Weapons are sold clean, SA's need to be added normally with crystals. - Sho
  14. I have this items and i need help to change this items on the client side from High5 to GraciaFinal β˜…β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β˜… https://mega.nz/file/eu50lKTB#aUpfS3VdteKFtUybkzHTwFBJ5WVT2FI5VZW5GZKPzLM β˜…β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β˜…
  15. ONLINE Site : La2destiny.net Facebook: facebook.com/lineage2destiny Basic Information Experience Rates: x9300 SP Rates: x5000 Adena: x 1000 Party Exp: x 1.5 Party SP: X 1.5 Enchant Rates Safe +11 Normal Enchant Scrolls 65% Blessed Max Enchant +14 with 65% rates PvP Enchant(every 10 kill a randomly item will be enchanted +1), only in lvl 3 items and after +20. Augmentation Rates Augment Skills 1+1 High grade life stone - 10% Top grade life stone - 15% Custom Features
  16. L2Teardrop:1. The best Gracia Final files around.2. Commercial Geodata3. Very Powerfull server4. Top Premium Network 5. Unique Rebirth System 6. Start Server 6.3.2020 7. Our base think is NEVER WIPE server and LONGER THAN 2 YEARS ONLINE. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage-II-Teardrop-123817871055413/ Website: http://l2teardrop.eu/en/home/ Information about settings on serverItem ShopThis shop is in every town and name is Grimli (L2Teardrop Manager)All items from D-Grade to Vesper (Wepon, armor, Jewerls) !After 6 months online time w
  17. GENERAL RATES Exp/SP: x9300 / 3000 Adena: x5500 Drop: x1 Raid Boss Drop: x1 Spoil: Disabled Quest Drop: Disabled Quest Reward: Disabled Manor: Disabled Safe Enchant: Tier Depended Max Enchant: Tier Depended Enchant Chance: Tier Depended GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Maximum Clients per PC: 3 Infinite duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies. Buff slots: Mages: 25 / Daggers: 26 / Fighters: 28 (+4 Divine Inspiration) Skills are auto learn. Automatic loot for monsters and raids. 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for fr
  18. Launch Date September 20, 2019 http://vanilla.playinera.com
  19. After play Lineage2 since the beginning i decided to start L2Hindemith servers project with the sole idea to offer to all players of Lineage2 profesional(vps host +ddos protection) servers for long term of course . - Opening on 20 January L2Pride server gracia final ( all modes and features from old pride are working + some improvement ) http://l2-pride.com/ - Opening on 5 February L2Dinasty Hi5 Experience (EXP) : 500x Drop Items : 3x Skill Point (SP) : 500x
  20. Grand Opening 20 of September 2019 at 20:00 (+2 UTC) Beta Test will be available from 17 of September Pre-beta available NOW! More info: https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/13700/
  21. 5000X Custom Gracia Final Server based on the popular L2Pride. Custom skills, classes, items and much more. Be sure to check forums for more information and a complete listing of featureS. Grand Opening 07/12/2019 GMT +2 | GMT -3 19:00 Greece time | 14:00 Brazil time Get ready for the best lineage server! Web site: https://www.la2destiny.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Destiny/ Discord: https://discord.gg/9KyJ9va 0 CORRUPTION. You can try use Bot , Good Lucky. DDoS Protection and Low Ping for eve
  22. [Client] The server is running on Gracia Final Client.(pridelike) [Enchant Rates] Enchant rates are totally custom. They depend on the item you are trying to enchant, the enchant scroll that you are using and the enchant level of the item.When you place the item to the enchant box , just before pressing start , you will be informed via a message on the chat about the success chance and the failure penalty. [Other Rates] -Fast leveling to level 85. From level 85 to level 95 the leveling process is slow. This is to get players immediately into the PvP situation w/o putting a cap
  23. Clash of two legends On annual Gracia Final. This is - Gracia Final x7 by E-Global 1 November, 2019 Webiste: l2e-global.com Dear friends! One more year have passed and that means it is time to plug your devices and enjoy the astonishing event on our gaming platform Lineage 2: Gracia Final! This year our team has made really colossal work on updating Interlude, Gracia Final and Glory World (GvE) products. From your perspective this might look that we are trying to master all at once and spend so much energy which usually means you can't do everyt
  24. INFORMATION Server time: GMT -3 Server platform: Gracia final Armor: No Custom Weapon: No Custom New Char LvL 84 No Tattoo Sub-Class LvL 85 free Geodata and Pathnodes 100% Off-line Shop mode Auto Learn Skills Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops) Wedding System Only 3 Clan per Ally Farm system: custom drop areas. Events Automatics All Itens Ingame RATES Experience (EXP) x500 Skill Points (SP) x500 Adena x1000 Party: x2 Drop: x1 PvP Server Gracia Final ENCHANTS Safe +4 Max Enchant Blessed: +10 Max Enchant Crystal: +15 Ench
  25. Hello everyone and welcome to our project. L2 Trinity’s name wasn’t miraculously sprung out of the developers’ minds but was rather naturally born from the three major things that they had in mind while creating this Server. Three major things that are the fundamental elements in order to give birth to an online game that is stable, popular and above all entertaining. Constant Development: It is essential to keep an eye on the Server Community’s thoughts and concerns, as it is the key to understand everything that is going on, keep evolving and always be up to date and balanced.