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Found 5 results

  1. Sick and tired of new chronicles that look and feel like Star Wars? Feeling nostalgic about good ol' Lineage II C6? Then you just found a server with promising logevity, experienced, active, friendly dedicated staff, GM events, no corruption at all and lots of fun! Player suggestions are always welcome! See you soon at the Grand Opening: 8 January 2016 GMT+1 http://promo.lineage2azure.com/ https://www.facebook.com/l2azure/ RATES: EXP/SP: x25 Adena x15 Drop: x15 PartyExpRate:x1 Spoil: x10 Seal Stones: x10 Raidboss: x10 Grand Boss: x1 Features: Autoloot: ON GmShop: Up to B-grade Skills: Autolearn Buff Slots: 20+4 (You need divine inspiration to learn them) NpcBuffer: Full buffs Buff time: 2h Profession changes: First class - 100k Second class - 3 kk Third class - 10kk + 700 Halisha Marks Marks are obtained by killing mobs in Shrine of Loyalty Subclass: Cabrio Infernum scepter Golkonda Infernum scepter Hallate Infernum scepter Kernon Infernum scepter All scepters are tradable/sellable and can be taken multiple times by talking to the boxes spawn after killing the raidbosses and paying 3kk for each one Nobless: 50kk Adena nobless pass - obtained by the party that last hits barakiel, you must best at least 75 (max level 80) and on subclass to obtain it nobless pass is tradable/sellable Quests with x10 drop: Supplier of Reagents The Finest Food The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 Alliance with Ketra Orcs Alliance with Varka Silenos Zero hour An Ice Merchant's Dream Clean up the Swamp of Screams Yoke of the Past In Search of Fragments of Dimension Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe A Powerful Primeval Creature Matras' suspicious request Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 Legacy of Insolence Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 Quests with x5 drop: War with Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos All Quest rewards have increased adena/exp/sp to: х10 Except: Dangerous Seduction - adena x1 Castles & Sieges: Every week: saturday at 18:00, sunday at 20:00 ; Olympiad cycle: 1 weeks cycle
  2. Hello guys, Welcome to Lineage 2 Azure: We plan to launch on 04 September. Here you can find full description and how to connect in our server. Planned Schedule: Open BETA: 25 August GMT+3 Grand Opening: 04 September GMT+3 Official Links: http://lineage2azure.com/promo/ http://forum.lineage2azure.com/ https://www.facebook...zurecom?fref=ts http://www.twitch.tv/lineage2azure Azure 15x Rates: · XP: 15x · SP: 15x · ADENA: 10x ADENA DROP RATE: 70% · DROP: 8x · RB: 4x, amount 1x · SPOIL: 5x Materials: 3x Max - Amount, 1x Chance How it Works ? Click here ! · QUEST XP: 5x · QUEST ADENA: 5x · SEALSTONES: 8x · PARTY EXP: retail · QUEST DROP AMOUNT Quests Changed: Click here ! Azure 15x Features: FILES: PLATFORM: INTERLUDE [OFF] · Windows 10 Ready · All Quests Works · All Skils Works · Geodata Full · Augmentation System Full · Duel System · Herb System Full · Interlude Olympiad System · Interlude Clan System · Death Penalty · Shadow Items · Cursed Weapons · Interlude Freight System · Hero Skills · Interlude Quest Slots · Offline Shop System · Client/Server side protection system checking client version and preventing dualboxing and hacking · Antibot Protection DUAL BOXING POLICY: Maximum amount of characters that can be in game from one computer, at the same time is limited to three ( it is per Hardware ID, not per IP ). ADJUSTMENTS: The adjustments are made to create a nice and unique game-play. If something is not written here,it means that it's unchanged, examples are the Subclass, Noblesse, Class III quests, they are retail. Dynasty Craft System: We wanted to increase the life time of the server, so now players can craft Dynasty Armors and Accessories. · Added two new high level Quests ( for Dynasty Recipes ) The Quests names are: "Slay the Dragon !" and "Dragon's Legacy". · In the first quest you will need to slay the Ancient Dragon Balerion, as a reward will be granted "access to the second Quest" ( Willow's Letter ). · In the second one you will need to hunt Dragons and bring their "Dragon bones" to Willow, as a reward you will receive Dynasty Armors or Accesories Recipes ( randomly or selective ). Dynasty Craft 1. Quest - Slay the Dragon ! Dynasty Craft 2. Quest - Dragon's Legacy · Added Dynasy Armors and Accesories items ( recipes, parts, sealed, full items ) Fully Client and Server Side · Retail Events · Class I & Class II Buyable · Team vs Team Manager · Support Ticket from the Website · Support directly using our chat from the Forum · Friendly Administration Donation List Vote List Server Hardware and DDoS Protection: · Dell PowerEdge R810 | 4x HexaCore Xeon E7540 | 48x 2,0 GHz | 256 GB RAM · DDoS Protection: 500 Gbps ( Netherlands, Romania, America )
  3. L2tales Ruby&Azure Adena >>BIG STOCK, GOOD PRICES<< Adena 1KKK- 0,4 euro 24/7 in 5 min! Like in the topic - adena in game Lineage 2 on Ruby&Azure (Lineage2tales.com) You paying 0,4 euro and getting 1,000,000,000 adena THE FASTEST and THE CHEAPEST 1.We always trying put adena the cheapest, but if some1 put it lower than us, contact with us, we will make better offer for sure! :) 2. We trying to be the best and the fastest Service, That's why we're sitting ~20h per day at PC, all adena trades takes 1-10minutes after payment! WARRANTY OF SECUIRITY -We are exeperienced team, who knows very well this game, We farm virtual good since very long time We guarantee that you will not get ban after trade with us and all your nicknames/perosnal date will be only our secret DISCOUNTS FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS -It's not our first or last server, we will be on most popular servers. Trust us and become our regular customer and we in thanks will give you discounts/bonus :) PAYMENT METHOD this moment we accept only Paypal transfer (as gift/ family and friends option). Other payment methods will be added soon CONTACT SKYPE: E-ITEMZ.COM
  4. About me: I got 9 years experience playing various classes: DDs - Glad, GK , WR , Adventurer Mages - Necro , sorc tanks - Pk , HK My gmt is +1 , would like a CP with a set prime time. Can use ts3,vent,mumble. Leave your skype in the topic or pm me , so we can talk further. GL,HF
  5. Hi, I come to Offering VPS / VDS for your Server at a very good price and best service. Compute Instance Name Virtual Cores RAM Basic Standard Extra Small (A0) Shared 768 MB $20/month $23/month Small (A1) 1 1.75 GB $70/month $100/month Medium (A2) 2 3.5 GB $172/month $200/month Large (A3) 4 7 GB $340/month $400/month Extra Large (A4) 8 14 GB $700/month $800/month for more details and access to test server. PM
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