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  1. Hello, i am currently selling this character on Innova's Ramona Server (4Game) Elf Yul Moonlight Sentinel Lv. 99 with 13 Ability Points Dual class: Lv. 93 Tyrr Titan And x 2 Subclass Lv. 80 (has chaos essence in wh) Kept pre-awakening skills: Rapid Shot & Rapid Fire Items: 5 slots brooch Ruby Lv. 3 & Obsidian Lv. 3 Exalted: Hellbound 8k quest done 80 days premium account left Price: 100 eur Also taking offers Payment method: Paypal For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 Or use this button: My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longe
  2. Hello everyone, i am selling my character on Ramona. Class: Sigel: Dark Avenger lv 99 with 14 AP Has dual class Iss (Hierophant) 98 The char is noble. Exalted: Hellbound Quest, Hat Quest and Global Shout quests are completed. And it has epic name :) It can come with +4/5/3/3/4 Seraph Heavy Set (Attack Type) 3x120 on every piece. and Apocalypse Cutter 300 Holy (SA: Hp + Hp/Atk Spd (both lv 3, for pvp bonus) Special items: Ruby, Diamond, Amethyst, Tanzanite: Lv 3 Obsidian, Pearl, Garnet: Lv 4 Shiny Elemental Shirt +10 Radiant Brooch (5 slot) And it currently still
  4. close topic
  5. Inside char: Legendary Dex Dye lvl 1(dagger) Legendary Dex Dye lvl 2(dagger) Ancient Dex Dye lvl 4(archer) Ancient Dex Dye lvl 4(archer) Giant Dex Dye lvl 5(archer) Ruby lvl 3 Tw Set(santa app) Apo dagger(no sa)+150 Talisman-hellfire BLES:W BGLES:A 1000 cry R
  6. I am selling feoh necromancer on Core server. Main is necro 99lvl and dual is 95 summoner. Has 2x80 subs. WITH ARCANE POWER SKILL. I am looking for EU/USD or adena. Send me personal message with skype or your FB.
  7. As the title says , I would like to sell my 99 lvl Wynn summoner with dual 90 lvl , who has the items below : Amaranthine Retributer +3 Acumen 300 water R-95 bow +3 300 Holy Eternal Heavy Set +3 120 R-95 Heavy Set +3 120 +5 Necklace / Earrings R-99 Apocalypse Bow 100 Holy 200kk Adena Also , I got some enchanted skills and many mentee's points that you can learn about if you contact with me !! Send me an inbox if you are interested !!
  8. WTS LVL 99 TYRR // LVL 96 YUL Subs 80/80 or WTT for Sayha's Seer Kamael Male Doombringer Main: Skills: 6 skills +10 // 1 skill +8 // other skills +5 +6 +7 1 ablity point 50 k Fame Trickster Dual: Skills: +0 20% to 97 Subs: 2x lvl 80 Equip, stuffs: Character is naked Talisman - Desire Active Reflect aug. Active Skill Refresh aug. Many VIT items in WH In the same account: lvl 86 Yul Archer (d.elf) lvl 86 Sigel Knight (
  9. Hello, As the title says I am willing to sell my personal account which means I have the original email, never boted or used any 3rd software program and on which one I spent many hours. Othell rogue DE MALE 99 with 99 feoh wizard and 2 subclasses 80. It has enchanted skills to from +5 to + 10. 14 ability points. Blessed apocalypse dagger DUAL SA 300 R95 light set +4 120 Desire talisman Legendary dyes +5 Dex + resistance DEX accesory Brosch rubi and diamond lvl 3 Octavis bracelet R95 top grade PVP skill and much more on it.. I accept paypal/skrill/western union as pay
  10. Yul Ghost Sentinel 99 with all skills enchanted to +7++, +15 DEX, 7 AP, Active Reflect Damage, Active Duel Might, All Subs 80 Dual Class 98 Othell Ghost Hunter All Quests Complete In same account toon for AQ. PayPal Only.
  11. listening to offers ( PM ) MAIN 99 (white elf) aeore cardinal - 4 AP DUAL 96 sumoner SUB 80/80 Skills +10 Lumi +7 Giant Favor all passive skills +6, one of them +7 Stuff in char R99 heavt set full att Active reflect Desire Talisman Aria Bracelet INT also have arround 150€ in l2 vitality stuff, like 32 hours Vitality Replenishing Potion, and few nevits 86 d.elf wyn in the same acc could be sold with r99 robe set +6 full att for +120€ SET SOLD U can check prev thread to see im trsuted -> http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/186845-adena-and-items-last-item-of
  12. WTS PWlvl 1-99 or 1-85 for 1-99 that will be in less than a week, just let me know here what lvl do you need and ur offers.. or add in skype i.Latino.i
  13. Hello, As the title says I am willing to buy an othell rogue 99 level with a dual class atleast 95, ability points and decent gear on it. I pay with paypal and I am willing to use a trusted middleman. fergusson1978 - skype id. regards.
  14. Another try to sell the account! All characters are in same account. Lot of days of Premium Account: NEW Sayha's seer 99 with 6 AP and (Still not a lot 99 in server!) 30% dual class feoh necro lvl 97. Sigel Shillien Templar 99 with dual Yul trickster 98(100%sp) Sub 80/68 have exp agathion Tali annihilation. 4 AP. Shield impact +5 Ignore death +5 Iss Dominator 99 dual feoh 95 Have exp agathion 4 AP 40% Lvl 4 legendary con dye +5-1+20 Lvl 3 ancient con dye +5-3+15 (or something like, total is +15 con -9 str) Passive reflect on C-B grade magic weapon (This means no health ca
  15. >>> Innova Core EU<<< Aeore Shillien Saint 99 mainclass / Feoh Soultaker 99 dualclass Feoh Soultaker 80 subclass / Yul Ghost Sentinel 80 subclass Aeore Shillien Saint 99 mainclass: POW (Prophecy of Wind - For 5 minutes, a powerful spirit acts to increase a party member's Max HP by 20%, Critical Rate by 20%, magic damage by 20%, P. Atk. by 10%, P. Def. by 20%, Atk. Spd. by 20%, M. Atk. by 20%, M. Def. by 20%, Casting Spd. by 20%, and Resistance to de-buff by 10%. Decreases Speed by 20%. Recovers 5% of physical damage inflicted on the enemy as HP with a certain pr
  16. >>> Innova Core EU<<< Yul Ghostsentinel 99 main class / Wynn Elemental Master 98 dual class For mor information send me a message here >>>pannoncicus<<< SOLD
  17. Hi i buy tyrr or iss 99 :) dual class is not important :) pls PM ME here :) thanks :) I prefer pay Adena in Game or Paysafecard :) P.S olso i prefer iss or tyrr with 10-16 AP and a lot skills ++++++++++ :) i can buy character naked :)
  18. Hello, I have few toons/stuff I want to sell on Naia retail server : Toons: Feoh wizard storm screamer (99,42 %/98/80/80) Sigel phoenix knight (99, 13 %/99/80/80) 2 yull archers gs/saggi (99/94/75/75) (99,66 %/98/80/79) tyrr warrior titan (99,33 %/96/80/80) Othell rogue (99.44 %/99.8%/80/80) All characters above are noblesse status, enchanted skills to +10, few of them has legendary dyes +5+1 or +5 and talismans. Stuff: Blessed Valakas +6 Blessed Antharas +6 Earth wyrm ring +6 2x Baium ring +6 Ruler's autorithy Blessed specter retributer +7 dual sa 300 Ble
  19. I sell my yul archer lv99 with most skills +7 and dual class 98 40% summoner. The main class has lv4 legendary dyes STR, talisman - desire and 9 ability points. Many random items in warehouse and the account has characters for frintezza,ant queen,baium and other instances. Add me on skype for more discussion: hellsing951012 P.S. I sell the character pretty cheap
  20. WTS Feoch Storm Screamer 99lv + subclas 96 lv +2x 80lv ~ 80eu - no popular nickname - skills +3/6 - arcana - empowering echo - 5 AP Very good char for SP/XP/PVP farms WTS adena ~2B i can sell / x100kk ; 1b - 39 eu only for euro (paypal) Pm if interested
  21. Hi, i would like to buy : Othell rogue First of all race - Light Elf > Dark Elf > Human lvl - 99 dualsubb - 95+ AP - 0-16 server lilith or core doesnt matter which one of these 2 , lilith gonna merge soon, leave pm here or polish gg : 2310322 thx for every pm cya !
  22. for more info add barbysadd on skype
  23. WTS LVL 99 TYRR // LVL 96 YUL Subs 80/80 Kamael Male Doombringer Main: Skills: 6 skills +10 // 1 skill +8 // other skills +5 +6 +7 1 ablity point 50 k Fame Trickster Dual: Skills: +0 20% to 97 Subs: 2x lvl 80 Equip, stuffs: Character is naked Talisman - Desire Active Reflect aug. Active Skill Refresh aug. Many VIT items in WH In the same account: lvl 86 Yul Archer (d.elf) lvl 86 Sigel Knight (human) lvl 86 Othell Rogue (d.elf) all in event gear, ready for Zaken farm.