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Found 18,215 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I would to offer my services of Graphic Design (WEB, Logo and Others) Please check the services and prices that I'm offering Development of unique designs - Game web design from 300$ - Game logo design from 50$ You can also choice to buy some works from my store by a lower price (Obs: This option is for RESALE works) - Game web design from 90$ - Game logo design from 15$ Payment options - Paypal Contacts - E-mail: - Skype: dandnl99 - Discord: uni#1201 Check some of my works You can see more works here: Thanks for watching and I'm waiting your contact for work by/with you! =D
  2. and more.... pm for details BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNTS (-30%) between 27 - 30 NOVEMBER PM for offers, selling my items cheap as bulk or individually. Accepting only PayPal and BTC payments.
  4. WTS ADV 78 bw light set +4 dagger top c and top b B grade jewels set 50kk Premium account until 25 december
  5. Wts adena 500b in stock Chars feohs,tanks,iss,heal all 105 some with dual 103
  6. --update supported last official chronicles orfen 152 protocol image from ruoff skelth server . up to last korean official client Hello, i have made an unrealscript compiler necessary to make highFive god, epesodian+, interface.u Official way, without problems of manual fixing int64 Here is a couple samples that i made with it. Original highFive interface!YlgGCI4K!8BuOMDdc3hLi6pSWriuH33beFbx7OtIH7DqizrDMeBs And recompiled!l4gUyYSC!NF2Mvg8k1R9FesueOVKGewfZofGIEyaZ0J6NAyaRytM Take a look that i not only renamed few variables, but also deleted 1 class AITimerWnd. If u are interested in buying it, contact me here
  7. WTS 100k Gold on L2warland Each 10k gold = 12 euros is my skype pm here or in skype
  8. Sephirofl is a highly regarded Unbanner, whom has been conducting his Service, on multiple sites for two years now. He has experience with over 500 clients, on over 25 different games. On a day to day basis, his knowledge, ability, and methods increase. If you have been banned once, or multiple times, seek the guidance of someone with the knowledge, and experience, to help you recover your account. What I am here to do, is to help YOU, the customer, get Unbanned from the game that you love. I am passionate about helping customers retrieve their favorite accounts. As many of us know, bans can be an annoyance that renders you unable to play your favorite game, or account. I have studied extensively ways to maximize your Unban chances, and recover the account that you love. I will NEVER ask for any of your account information. I want my customers to feel security in knowing that their accounts will always remain safe. When utilizing this service, you will be treated with the utmost respect, and receive the highest quality service, from the oldest active Unban Service around. Any questions you have will be answered up front, and a Honest opinion of your chances will be given. You may ask any of my users that have gone through me previously, I am Fast, Reliable, and Dedicated to getting and keeping you unbanned from the game you love. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me via: Skype - BigZuc0 Email - Premium Lifetime Unban Service Cost: 40 USD 35 Euro Lifetime Unban Service Cost: 25 USD 20 Euro One Unban Letter Cost:: 15 USD 12 Euro Unban Count Total Customers: 562 Unbanned Customers: 448 Customers still in progress: 114 Frequently Asked Questions: Does this Service Guarantee an Unban? Unfortunately, there is no way for this service to 100% guarantee and Unban, but it does maximize your chances at an Unban. I have knowledge, and trade secret methods, that I utilize to give your chance the best possibility at receiving an Unban. If I stay banned, can I get a refund? Due to the type of service, there are no refunds. Do you need any of my account information or login information? NO! I will NEVER ask you for any of this information. I want your account to be secure at all times. How long does the Single Unban Letter last? This service is just what it means, a SINGLE letter attempt at getting your account Unbanned. How long does Lifetime Service last? With this service, you receive Lifetime Support as long as this service is in existence. This means if you are banned, and I unban you, that you are still eligible to use my service if the account is banned again. I will write letters for you until you ask me to stop. What is different about Premium Lifetime Unban Service? Certain players need their accounts IMMEDIATELY for raiding, or other types of events. Users who purchase this service will be moved to the front of the email list when they respond. Typically, emails are answered in the order they are received, but this service pushes you to the front. Can I upgrade from one service to another ? Yes, you just need to pay the difference in cost from the first service to the next. Does Lifetime Service cover all my accounts? No, Lifetime service is based is for one account only. I have multiple accounts I want unbanned, do you offer any bulk deals? Yes, I offer a discount on lifetime service for each additional account you need service. These numbers can be discussed on a term to term basis, dependent on the number of accounts. What type of bans can you help with ? Typically, I can help with nearly any type of ban, but my only exceptions are the following: I cannot service a Chargeback Ban. I cannot service a Credit Card Fraud Ban. What are my chances of Unban? Unbans depend on your account history. How many times have you been banned before, How many appeals have you submitted, and What the type of ban, all play part in this. I will need more information to give you a review of your Unban chances. Do you make fake ID's if the account isn't in my name? No, I do not do this type of service. I do not want to be held legally at fault for any occurrences of creating a false identification. What games do you do this Unban Service for? The typical games I write for are, but not limited to, Age of Wushu, Aion, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online, Cabal, Darkfall Unholy Wars, Dark Age of Camelot, DC Universe, Defiance, Dekaron, Diablo 3, Dota 2, Eve Online, Everquest, Everquest 2, Final Fantasy XI, Flyff, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, Lineage 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Neverwinter, Planetside 2, Rift, Runescape, SWTOR, Tera, The Secret World, Ultima Online, Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, and other MMO’s. As long as there is a support system in place, I am typically able to write for the game. How long have you been doing this, and how successful have you been? I started this service in June of 2011, I have been servicing clients for over 2 years now as of June 29th. My success rate is ever changing, but I update forum posts monthly to the new numbers. Typically I am around the 70% - 80% success rate range. What makes your service so special? As stated above, I have been doing this for over two years now. I have the experience of utilizing multiple methods, and knowledge of the best ways to approach each individual ban, with each type of support. Not only can I write professional letters to help you get unbanned, but I have other trade secret methods I will provide you with to maximize your chance at receiving an Unban. How can I pay for your service? As of now, I am accepting payment via PayPal, PS3 Giftcards, Amazon Giftcards, PaySafe Cards, and Western Union. How can I contact you? Via Skype at BigZuc0, or at my email Vouches from Clients: - THESE COME FROM OTHER SITES, I CAN LINK YOU IF NEEDED.
  9. WTS Adena on Classic.Club X3 - 0.16 / 1M Cheap, Trusted and Legit = No bot, no scam, no ban. PAYPAL, CRYPTO, WEBMONEY
  10. WTS Evas' Saint lvl 84 Spectral Dancer lvl 83 Sword Muse lvl 83 Grand Khavatari lvl 83 Titan lvl 84 All the characters are noblesse Contanct me with discord TDOM#6092
  11. Hello, I am selling the files that l2remorse use (clean) CLASSIC 2.8 (Saviors: Seven Signs) source files. The source im selling bought by Remorse Admin for 2.000€. Its L2S rev 31620/15460 I will sell the source 700 EURO 500 EURO to only 1 buyer, im not interesting to do anything with those files (resell or use them in the future) i just want the money that i lost by providing my services to L2Remorse server and never get payed of. The files worth 2.000 + EURO. I will provide proper support to the customer including: Explain him the source configurations, all the file paths, videos of how to set the source and compile it on the compiler, how to make it public etc. If you are interesting feel free to pm me so i can make a public server to check the source . Payment can be done with a middleman or pay infront 70%. Drop me a pm if you really interesting.
  12. Hello everyone I'm selling my char RPG-CLUB 84lv Eva Saints with Nobless as I have no time to play it anymore. The hero have a 75lv subclass, Spellsinger and its with DC robe set , A gr jewels and Acumen C grade weapon. I'm open for offers. Thank you and have a nice day.
  13. Doomcryer Lv 78, With Gate,Cov, Bracelet 5, Cloak, Scrolls, itens 100 and 200% xp, own email of account linked to character clean and provided. Sold Evas Saint EE Lv. 76, bw robe, bracelete 4, scrolls xp, Daily rewards, own email of account linked to character clean and provided. Sold Titan Lv 78, Cloak, scrolls xp 2 tablets skills, bracelet 5 naked, own email of character clean and provided. Sold Duelist Lv 76, naked, account with own email clean and provided 80 Euros. Sold PP 68, full Lv skills but no account email. Message for more info. . Sold Discord: BirdBox#4604
  14. wts gold on the serwer L2WARLAND EMAIL :LINEAGE2KONTO8@GMAIL.COM
  15. AQ TEZZA ZAKEN BAIUM(the highest bidder will purchace it) Payments available through Cryptocurrency ONLY due to real money ban circumstances
  16. Dear Maxcheaters Community, My name is Strain and I'm providing my services as a Designer and here's the list of the stuff I can design: Fully coded Websites Banners (Animated or not) Logos (Transparent or not) Signatures Cover images Forums (SMF/IPB) Wallpapers Avatars Contact me by sending a Personal Message here or you can also add me on skype: frstrain Payment Methods: paysafecard / Paypal - (Verified) / Skrill In order to watch previews, click on the Links below & they will redirect you to my DeviantArt. Website Previews: Click Here ~/~ Lineage II Logo Previews: Click Here ~/~ Other Logo Previews: Click Here ~/~ Facebook Cover Previews: Click Here
  17. WTS 24 B on Core 4e = 1B or 3,5 if you buy all of them. skype: live:.cid.11115ec17308e14d
  18. - Offer you assistance in selling your in-game goods. - We have a great experience as Middle-Man and good reputation as Merchant. Largest open trade online chat ( over 1000 active users ) - Facebook open trade group ( new search system ) - Marketplace ( Goods from all sellers in one place ) - Skype - llesaneda Facebook -Maxcheaters - Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow steps:
  19. Hello everyone... As I mention on the title I sell 850 biblion for 70euros. On the original site that costs arround 100euros. So it is 30euros cheaper. I live in Athens of Greece and would prefer to do this with a short meeting, but i'm happy to send it to anyone who pays! Thanks
  21. Hello, I sell the file decryptor. Easily removes Smart Crypt and other crypt files. For more information, please contact skype. Skype: iPerfect_Dev ======================== Добрый день, продаю декриптор файлов. С легкостью снимает Смарт Крипт и другие крипты файлов. За более подробной информацией, оброщайтесь в скайп. Skype: iPerfect_Dev
  22. Всем привет. Выставляю на продажу, набор агатионов из 15 штук для Interlude. Подойдут как для пвп так и для классических серверов. Каждый агат идет со своим эффектом,звуком, настраиваемым умением и т.д. Могу внести любые изменения по желанию покупателя. За более подробной информацией и ценой обращайтесь в Skype: iPerfect_Dev ============================= Hello. I'm putting up for sale a set of agathions from 15 pieces for Interlude. Suitable for both pvp and classic servers. Each agate comes with its own effect, sound, customizable skill, etc. I can make any changes at the request of the buyer. For more information and price, please contact: Skype: iPerfect_Dev
  23. Hello community I present my work Advertise and Support YOUR LINEAGE II SERVER Owner of Facebook Groups (English,Lithuanian & Brasil community) Owner of VK Groups (Russian,Latin community) Owner of Facebook Pages (Worldwide community) Owner of few Skype Groups (Clan,Party Leaders & admins/players) - Member of Discord Groups (Worldwide community) Your server will be here: More Extras Contact: Here MxC Forum (PM) Facebook: Dimas Bps Instagram: Dimas_bps Skype: Dimakos81 Email: SERVERS I HAVE WORKED WITH: L2 Hooligans L2 Elementalist L2 Halisha L2 Narcos L2 Helix L2 Ancientworld L2 Damage L2 Mafia L2 RiseOfEvil L2 Mordor L2 IpotoniC Project L2 Oberon L2 Humanity L2 Eternal Sin L2 Malakas L2 Tales L2 Age l2 Dragonage. I will add more when i finish their advertisement UPDATES: Payment Methods: Paypal.Paysafe card, skrill if you live in Greece i accept payments from national banks too + More groups and partnerships with Top Sites added in plans
  24. WTS AM +12 DC ROBE +6/+6/+8/+9 RING OF CORE PM ME
  25. Some Available Java Codes startUp system for S-A Grade : 25euro Random Pvp Zones Changer: Available for L2jpacks Using Java 8 Automatic Zone Changer 25e Vote Zone Changer 30e Configurable Random Zones Config: Api Vote System : Based Topzone/Hopzone/Network/ You vote in website and then in game you must click one button or if command .getreward and you will receive rewards instant... Current Addapted Chronicles And Packs L2jscripts h5/classic : Price 35e L2jsunrise : Price 35e Fandc : Price 35e L2jaCis : Price 25e L2jFrozen : Price 25e L2Lucera If Sources Available : Price 30e EVENT ENGINE AUTOMATIC : Price 50e Capture The Flag : Players must Stealas many flag as they can in order To win And They Must Delivery back in their base! Team Vs Team : Kill as many players as you can in Order To Score for your Team And Win The Event DeathMatch : Player Must make The Biggest Amount of Kills in Order To win The Event And Receive His Rewards! H5 compiled and lisenced projects for sale... Interlude files for sale or lisenced for monthly use.. Payment Method : paypal Skype: vasilis.kostidis Discord : Have a Nice Day..!!!