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Found 328 results

  1. If you have an idea for a custom server and do not know how to do I can help >:D I know the basics programs: 3D Max Photoshop Unreal Engine UCC and many other programs You can make unique logo in 3d, effects, npc, armor, weapons, add models to l2, and lots of other stuff. Demo: Link download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/asbrl5dj0sdpc1p/Asuki_npc_logo_monster.rar files prepared for H5 l2jserver FB: https://www.facebook.com/asuki.lineage YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtF-vTx4DRsj1Jd4PeyueBQ Skype: asuki.tex
  2. hello cheaters, back in sales,wts adenas at GIRAN server current stock is 50kk Characters: 1.warcryer lvl 60 all skills learned,many boosts-exp scrolls,naked 2.tresure hunter lvl 60,all skills learned,many boost-exp scrolls,naked all account is given with original mail no personal infos,1rst owner legal played no using 3rd party software accept paypal as gift msg me here first to avoid scammers of skype to contact you and be sure you talking with me,fast delivery and smooth as always
  3. I got 50B to sell on Core server (Innova) 6E=1B
  4. Hello, WTS x2 Tyrants 56lvl Bd 56 Sws 56 Spoiler 56 Prophet 56 (all skills learned ) Sk 56 Elven elder 56 All chars are vip 0 pm me here for info
  6. Design: -> Community Board theme -> Community Board Html -> NPC Html -> Interface Theme & Style -> Game Features -> Websites -> JAVA Services & Codes / Mods More services: - redesign whole game ( new interface textures / new buttons / new panels ) - design banners and logos for your server - design html however you want or like your favourite game From my point of view, i like diablo game Here is one example: lobby interlude Buffer Community Board: choice 2: Buttons change texture on hover and clicked L2 PURE NEW COMMUNITY BOARD WORK FOR ANY CHRONICLE PS: can add any function you immagine or any design and style ( use your immagination and contact me ) CONTACT SKYPE: l2developer (saddam)
  7. Hello, if you are looking for safest and cheapest adena this is the right place! Server: NA Classic Giran Price: 1EUR or 1.1USD per 1kk Skype: Tazman5555 Discord: Tazman#1856
  8. Hello, if you are looking for safest and cheapest adena this is the right place! Server: EU Innova Tiat Price: 6EUR or 6.5USD per 1b Skype: Tazman5555 Discord: Tazman#1856
  9. Vendo: ACC WTS: ACC Base class : Titan lvl 79 Sub class : hawkeye 74 Card buff : Permanet Itens : Infernal master (SA) +3 Focus Carnage bow +3 jewels ; A grade jewels ; S grade Several material dagger C Sa (rsk haste) Auto loot permanent Keys DB and AS Damange zaken Zaken soul Cloack Draconic ( boots,helm,Armor) Payment : Paypal BR : Paypal ou deposita direto na loterica Price in private Preço no privado
  10. WL 85 full sub nobles 50 euro PP 83 25 euro + other support accs 80+ pm if interested
  11. WTS prophet lv 76 6% Cloack Agathions Bracelet 3 and 300+ daily coins Own email of character (you can change it later to your own) 100eu accept PayPal (sold)
  12. Hello everyone, my friends! Selling Old Facebook Pages 2007-2016 year of registration We are providing various types Gmail accounts - of USA, RU non PVA Gmail accounts. What types of accounts we provide: New USA non PVA Gmail accounts. - Per 100 USA non PVA Gmail accounts - 19$ When buying in bulk - good discounts! New RU non PVA Gmail accounts - Per 100 USA non PVA Gmail accounts - 19$ When buying in bulk - good discounts! The proposal is relevant. Waiting for you. Also register the country to order! Payment methods we accept: - PayPal - WebMoney etc. All questions ask for contacts. Contacts: Telegram: @exfan Skype: whiteangel_rsv E-mail: admin@exfan.su
  13. Hello, I am YourGamingDude.com site owner and i would like to invite you all to add your server/ website to our server list! I would like to offer free advertise in our l2 server list. Its absolutely for free! You don't even have to force your players to vote like in other sites! No ads, no bullshit just pure server list! About site: My website is focused on game servers (like Minecraft server, RSPS server list, L2 Servers, and of course Wow servers), game markets (like OSRS gold, Lol Boosting services and more!) and gaming guides (like Fortnite pro settings, How to create Wow private server, how to create rsps and others!) including Discord servers also almost every listed site have backlink to our website that means our SEO is growing every day and its really good opportunity to increase your website and server traffic for free! Best wishes, www.YourGamingDude.com
  14. Selling adena on classic serversADEN = 0,75$/1kk GIRAN = 1,1$/1kk GLUDIO = 0,7$/1kk TALKING ISLAND =0,85$/1kkWMZ Western union BTC Paysend.comMy exchange procedure is 100% safity. We divide ur order into N parts. You pay for 1 part - I send u this amount of adena. Select N and don't worrywrite for discount skype: live:mytemp1_2 discord Incurable#0423
  15. Hello everybody! Core server WTS Sigel Evas templar 104 level and 70,28% Dual class tyr titan 101 level All sub class 80 level Skills: Old aggresion that has 100% chance to land party ud and party rescue +20 many skills +10 and more Items: Pve Cutter +8 2 sa HP/ HP+Haste Brooches : Diamond, Obsidian, Tanzanite, Emerald, Pearl, Garnet (all level 4) magical reflect shirt +10 Soul tezza tauti ring Soul Ant queen ring Mental coc earing 40% Orfen's soul earing Hats: con , pdef, mdef Talisman - annihilaion Venir's talisman lvl 7 Aria's Bracelet con +2 Dyes: con+5 str+1 dark resistance +25 con+4 cha+3 con+5 str-1 dark resistance +20 Exalted level 2 character has vitality maintaining potions (8) In same account there are some low lvl boxes and 1 sigel hell knight 103 with iss 100lvl that has pom buff Pm me serious offers only! thanks in advance
  16. im sell 2 interlude projects which i have work on them many months first project is L2Hydra and seccond Project Is L2GamersUnion both project is very good and can be improve more. im stop to develop this projects, so for that reason im sell them. P.s i will not give any further support for any of this 2 projects p.s2 you can ask any time to test any of that projects. p.s3 i will give only 2 copys of project L2GamersUnion. Price Inbox.
  17. Welcome to MyGamingLounge ! As an introductory offer, we are giving away fresh CS:GO Prime accounts at flat $2 off exclusively for members of this forum, use the coupon - "OPEN2" and get fresh CS:GO Prime account at an amazingly low price of $10.99 $8.99 only!! **Offer valid for first 10 order made through MaxCheaters! MyGamingLounge aims to provide you the clean, affordable and best quality smurf accounts. Here's the list of accounts on our web-store: =============================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fresh CS:GO Prime account - $10.99 $8.99 only (With "OPEN2" coupon) Pvt 2 CS:GO Prime account - $11.99 $9.99 only (With "OPEN2" coupon) The Global Elite Prime Pr 19 account - $35.99 $24.99 only (No coupon required) The Global Elite Prime Pr 17 account - $34.99 $23.99 only (No coupon required) Supreme Master First Class Prime Pr 19 account - $23.99 $19.99 only (No coupon required) Supreme Master First Class Prime Pr 17 account - $21.99 $18.99 only (No coupon required) Supreme Master First Class Prime Pr 13 account - $20.50 $17.99 only (No coupon required) Legendary Eagle Master PrimePr 13 account - $19.99 $17.50 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian - 2 Pr 21 account - $25.99 $20.99 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian - 1 Pr 21 account - $25.99 $20.99 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova Master Pr 21 account - $25.99 $20.99 only (No coupon required) Legendary Eagle Master Prime account - $16.99 $15.99 only (No coupon required) Legendary Eagle Prime account - $16.99 $15.50 only (No coupon required) Distinguished Master Guardian Prime account - $15.99 $15.50 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian Elite Prime account - $15.99 $14.99 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian 2 Guardian Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Master Guardian 1 Guardian Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova Master Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 3 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 2 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Gold Nova 1 Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver Elite Master Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver Elite Prime account - $13.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver 4 Prime account - $14.99 $12.50 only (No coupon required) Silver 1 Prime account - $22.99 $20.50 only (No coupon required) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== Payment methods via PayPal/G2APay: Allows access to following payment method: 1. G2A Wallet 2. Skrill 3. Neteller 4. Union Pay 5. bitCoin 6. WebMoney 7. Visa/Master Cards **Paypal has been recently added to the website, please let us know in case you face any issues while placing orders through Paypal or contact us at admin@mygaminglounge.com
  18. Hello community I present my work Advertise and Support YOUR LINEAGE II SERVER Owner of Facebook Groups (English,Lithuanian & Brasil community) Owner of VK Groups (Russian,Latin community) Owner of Facebook Pages (Worldwide community) Owner of few Skype Groups (Clan,Party Leaders & admins/players) - Member of Discord Groups (Worldwide community) Your server will be here: More Extras Contact: Here MxC Forum (PM) Facebook: Dimas Bps Instagram: Dimas_bps Skype: Dimakos81 Email: Barlegendofficial@gmail.com SERVERS I HAVE WORKED WITH: L2 Hooligans L2 Elementalist L2 Halisha L2 Narcos L2 Helix L2 Ancientworld L2 Damage L2 Mafia L2 RiseOfEvil L2 Mordor L2 IpotoniC Project L2 Oberon L2 Humanity L2 Eternal Sin L2 Malakas L2 Tales L2 Age l2 Dragonage. I will add more when i finish their advertisement UPDATES: Payment Methods: Paypal.Paysafe card, skrill if you live in Greece i accept payments from national banks too + More groups and partnerships with Top Sites added in plans
  19. WTS on Skelth, Lineage 2 Classic ADENA Adena in stock: 800kk Price: 0.5€ per 1kk Adena has been farmed 100% legitimately. ITEMS Bellion Cestus +12: 200€ Bellion Cestus +10: 100€ Lance +11: 100€ Dark Crystal set unsealed +4333 : 120€ All weapons have +Crit. Rate augments. Characters: Arcana Lord level 77 : 150€ If you're interested send me a DM on MXC or Skype: perrine.xox Destroyer lvl 60 SOLD Warcryer lvl 56 SOLD Bishop lvl 66 SOLD Elemental Summoner lvl 60 SOLD Prophet lvl 58 SOLD Dark Avenger lvl 60 SOLD
  20. Character: Lvl 80 Ghost hunter on skelth with +9 str -2dex/-1con, 4th Buffslot book learned, all skills, 200m sp, tons of xp scrolls 100m / Exp buffs / lvl 4 bracelet of duty and 600 daily coins / 270 water ele atk /Lvl 4 dia, pearl, lvl 3 ruby, jade, sapp, garnet etc. Alt chars on account lvl 59 Hawkeye, lvl 65 Destroyer, lvl 44 Bishop. 500 euro Boxes Sword muse lvl 78 100 Euro 6 Sell slots Spectral dancer lvl 78 100 Euro Warsmith lvl 56, most B recs learned Doomcryer lvl 79 250 Euro All skills learned Hierophant lvl 80 330 Euro All skills learned Adena 0.475e/m Stock 1300m Items: Majestic light set +6 unsealed 550 Euro TOI lvl 6 200 Euro Core 2 250 Euro Orfen 3 550 Euro ------ Sold AQ 3 335 Euro ---------- Sold Nebula necklace 300 Euro Soul seperator +9 225 Euro Only payment through paypal.
  21. WTS: . Adena (more adena, better price)* 100kk - 500kk 0.5€ 500kk - 1kkk 0.45€ 1kkk + 0.4€ Items: Ecliptic Sword +16 WM2 Deadman's Glory +15 Refined Ring of Core Refined Queen Ant's Ring Super Feoh 13 and other cool stuff.. Contact me here or, Discord: astronaut#6666 Skype: live:astronautwave Sold: Demon set +6 Berserker Blade +16 Sealed DC set +6 Unsealed DC set +6 Orcish Poleaxe +10 Super Feoh 12
  22. Mystic Muse 86. All elements in maximum Set DC Robe +10 Daimon Crystal +12(Anakim lvl 2 + Super Iss 13) with Passive Wild Magic Nebula Necklace + 7 Brooch 2, Bracelet Duty 6, Agathion Bracelet 4 Hats Wit+Dex and Con+Men Talinsman Baium Garnet, Saphire, Jade 1,1 bi in adena. AND MORE €200
  23. Wts arcana lord 77 lvl Wts propeth 76lvl Wts spoil 77lvl Wts bishop 77lvl
  24. Hi Mxc, Current Services For your L2Server or business: - Remarketing / Retargeting all your Web Visitors with Professional Marketing Tools. - We are selling custom audiences to target them via special marketing tools. (50K Fresh Audiences WEB L2Players Visitors of Year 2019 from Servers: Aaron, GR, Zariche, Dominion, Core, Titania, Vitality, Custom, Malakas, Nostalgia, Cornelius and BR) - We are selling 350K Lineage 2 Email Lists in General since 2007. (GDPR?)No worries, you can target them through facebook and google ads! - 15k Fresh L2 Email list of year 2019 - 200 Players subscribed via push notification (one signal) - 5 Discord L2Groups with more than 400 l2 members each - 3k L2 Skype Contacts - Other classic services spam: on fb(1000 groups)/vk/instagram. - Streamers - Video Animation - Web Design - Banners View more here Now Available Vote bot for L2Network, L2Hopzone, L2JBrasil, L2Servers For Free Trial Contact me on Skype: l2vitality-network or discord: pigasos#8102 NEW*** Select a package of 10 Fan Page or Groups (Include all members aprox equal to minimum 12k Players) = 750 Euro Select a package of 20 Fan Page or Groups (Include all members) = 1.400 Euro Select a package of 30 Fan Page or Groups (Include all members) = 2.000 Euro Select a package of 225 Fan Page or Groups (Include all members) = 15.000 Euro Select a package of 750 Fan Page or Groups (Include all members) = Ask for Price Ask for prices! Checkout also prebuilded l2 packs: here Email: admin@athena-project.eu Google Adwords and Facebook Certified Member. Guarantee 500++ Online Players on Grand Opening depends based on your Budget.