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Found 533 results

  1. Description New fast, easy & secure as possible donation panel for your players, using Sguard or Smart Guard! Payment in easy 5 steps: Login with his player username. Select the donation service (Paypal/Paygol). Select the amount of payment. Pay. Automatically recieve the reward ingame (and yes) while he is online! The shop is special edition with SGuard & Smart Guard explanation in steps: Player clicks on a button called “Buy Donate Coins” of an NPC. The shop opens in user’s default browser and automatically login with our API. So user repeats Payment steps 2, 3, 4, 5. SGuard & Smart Guard API is not mantatory you can still use the donation panel without the API Features: Protections Full SSL website (forced by htaccess) XSS Protection just in case. Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level Session Validation COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized SQL Injection protection Cookie and Request protection Query String protetion Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there) Google Captcha to check for bots SEO & Public management SEO Friendly urls (in htaccess level) Google Analytics Code ready. Terms and use ready to go (specially for paysafe in order to accept you as payment service) Refund policy Contact Where we imply our name is showing config SERVER NAME or SERVER WEBSITE variables Speed Zip Content (faster load) Memory save (unloading global vars) Using CDN's for bootstrap Scripts are loaded in footer Images are soft to max 10kb Small and smart organized code style Functions Multilanguage (3 langs so far) EN ES NL (Easy to add more) Payment methods Paypal, Paygol, Paymentwall & G2A (IPN exists not installed cause they ask for company papers) After payment or cancel the user is redirected back to "Thank you" page. Technologies Bootstrap CSS MySQL (PDO Driver) PHP 7.2+ 10.2.18-MariaDB Systems Paypal supports sandbox and live. Server items in XML file copied and used for getting item ID's, properties and images (for now its disabled, and item is hardcoded for speed). Log System for website and IPN's. Log in database Payments and services used. Google Analytics Configs Website Title Server Name Contact Email Use sessions (user has to logout or auto when close the page) Show Google Captcha Google Analytics Code Use of sandbox in paypal Sandbox/Live Emails Currency Code Payment Item ID for donation 4 Donate Prices and 4 Donate rewards ingame for paypal and another 4 for paygol (for other rates) Log enable or disable Delay on failed login try in seconds Login attempts and timeout Enable Icons Log location Enable or disable for each language Timeout (user is redirected to login page after innactivity) Database and Server Configs Files included Website files Java Files for your project in eclipse (aCis, L2JFrozen, Fandc so far asked and supported) SQL Files Instructions included How to install NPC HTML BUTTON. How to add in game server task manager. How to implement SmartGuard Packet. Small example of code. Requirements Java Server with source (in order to install) PHP 5.6 or 7.2+ (7+ is recommended) Cpanel Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) also needed for paypal (rare case) Apache (tested on nginx if you can't make it work contact us) MySQL Database Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions) PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php Java how to modify your source with a patch Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files Supported Chronicles for Panel all Chronicles it uses char_name of table characters in your database Supported Chronicles for API (java part) aCis Interlude Fandc H5 Frozen Interlude if your pack is not listed my developer will do it for free Price 35€ Check first reply for special discounts On your part you need to make accounts in paypal and paygol and set the paygol IPN in options Example: https://yourwebsite.com/shop/system/assets/ipn/ipn_paygol.php and thats it the rest are configs. Many asked for this projects the last 2 days so. Updates 9/11/2018 Supports aCis Interlude Servers (new files added) Supports Frozen Interlude Servers (new files added) Supports Fandc H5 Servers (new files added) 11/11/2018 Supports SGuard Protection (new files added) Patch and HowTo are updated. Added Demo 14/11/2018 Fix paygol diferencial donation amount Added message when wrong character name is entered. Note: tested on nginx and the conclusion is that may need several fixes you can contact for discussion. 16/11/2018 Addition of Voiced Command Handler for players manual .check to get coins 21/11/2018 Better handle on paypal's sandbox Fix 2 paths on image buttons Better handle on Donate ingame and safer way to cleanup donate_holder table 16/12/2018 Fixed bug with currency 19/12/2018 Cleanup on code Paypal IPN now understands if you have SSL (now it works without SSL if you don't have) Paygol IPN rework on log system and added more logs Merged paygol and paypal IPN responses into 1 log FAQ Will the panel work if you don't have SmartGuard or SGuard? - YES perfectly! You don't know how to install any of this? - My developer will contact you Developer cost? - FREE Setup time? - Setup time aprox 10min (for more than 1 hour will be a small charge under discussion first) How the developer will get access - Teamviewer on your computer to upload files and install java/sql Contact Links Join My Club in MaxCheaters Visit My New Webpage Like me On Facebook Follow Me in Twitter Pin My work In Pinterest Wach Random Events Of DenArts In Instagram Click to send me E-mail: info@denart-designs.com Click to add me on Skype: Get the panel https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/ Thank you for your support!!! <3
  2. Hello everyone, I hope I created a topic in the correct section of the forum. I will sell server build with Interlude x100.000 additions. On the server a lot of unique broadcasts, interesting gameplay. The project has been repeatedly tested with real online. A full description of the server can be read here - http://dinasty.club/about.php It is also possible to develop a server for individual order. For communication, write to me on Skype - la2game
  3. As in topic I'm selling Adena at new official EU server - TIAT Price 1b (1kkk) = 11€ 10b+ in Stock Discounts with high amounts. Adena made by myself, I'm not a reseller - 100% safe. Payments via PayPal, Skrill, Blik or Revolut (Revolut doesn't have any currency exchange and transfer fees, try it out) Discounts with Revolut. Skype: SickNurse90 For more info use Skype or PM (I'm usually answering faster if you use skype)
  5. Come with an offer on chars what u think they are worth im open for discussion. Giran WTS 63 Bladedancer 200euro 64 Swordsinger 200euro 62 Shillen Elder 200euro 65 Destroyer 180euro 59 Tyrant 150euro 63 Warsmith 200euro prices is negotiable all accounts comes with birthdate and needed info adena 6e/m Skelth WTS 79 bishop deleveld to 78 (scrolls to go 79) 90 euro 70 Abyss walker scrolls to 74 40 euro 79 Shilien Elder Offer (its deleveld to 78 but has scrolls to get 79 again) 90euro or offer 78 Dark Avenger scrolls to get to 79 90euro or offer 79 WarCryer (delevel to 78 but has almsot 10b in xp scrolls) 150 euro Offer 73 (has 74 skills) tyrant x3 40 euro 75 SK X2 40 euro / each SOLD STUFF 59 Prophet 180euro 62 Bishop 200euro 67 Warcryer 500euro 64 Dark Avenger 200euro Giran 76 Bladedancer 60euro Skelth 76 Phantom Ranger 70euro Skelth 76 Destroyer 70euro Skelth 79 Necro deleveld to 78 has scrolls to go 79 100euro Skelth 78 Elven Elder (deleveld to 77 but has scrolls to go 78) 120 euro or offer Skelth 80 Prophet 600 euro or offer Skelth 78 Swordsinger (has exp items and scrolls for exp think about 4b) 150euro comes with +6 doom set some good jewels and iss wep Skelth 77 Warlock 100euro Skelth 76 warcryer X2 100EURO <-- FAST PRICE 1 wc has scrolls to be 77+ both sold Skelth 76 Swordsinger 70 EURO Skelth 74/ 76 SE 80 EURO Skelth 74 spoiler 70 euro Skelth 78 Tyrant with scrolls to 79 100euro Skelth DC ROBE+HELMET+6 150euro Skelth Sword Of Ipos +7 400euro or offer Skelth Sobek Hurricane +8 400 euro or offer Skelth Tallum hvy set +6 unsealed 500 euro Skelth Majestic hvy set +4+3 unsealed 150euro Skelth Aq lvl3 x1 400euro Skelth Baium Talisman x1 500 euro Skelth
  6. ALL SOLD All chars were farmed with SP instead of spamming dailies, so almost all skills are learned. 55 PP (female) has haste + dw + karmian set - VIP1 - $130 USD 57 DA (female) has FP set, lux weapon and lux jewels - VIP3 - $130 USD or $80 naked 55 TH (male) has FP set, dark screamer and lux jewels - VIP4 - $150 with gear or $100 naked Open to trades for a SH/SPS/Necro skype: live:carter.wilson or PM on here.
  7. CLASSE: BLADE DANCER SERVER: TALKING ISLAND LEVEL: 58 40% + 100 Scrolls de 1kk de XP VIP 1 Moon Set TODAS SKILLS ATIVAS UPADAS, BUFFS DE SCROLL DE PRIMEIRA E SEGUNDA CLASSE TEM 200 Para manter contato comigo pode mandar mensagem aqui, que passarei o Facebook,Whatsapp ou qualquer outro tipo de rede social. OBS1: Sou conhecido no server e tenho muitas recomendações de fidelidade, caso não acredite podemos fazer a troca por meio de outra pessoa. OBS: A conta está aberta para trocar o email a qualquer momento.
  8. we back again 1kk= 6usd !!!! ( legit farmed adena ) 50kk+ stock adamantite jewels set 40usd Doom heavy set 200usd Zubei heavy and more pm for more nfo will try to answer fast and instant delivery paypal only pm here or discord : https://discord.gg/WaccYUm this is group of previous customers over the years (no its not dead ppl just PM the owners when they join)
  9. Selling NPC to order any complexity ... For all questions, please contact Skype : la2-virus
  10. WTS SWS 60+ Giran server vip4 4month left PM
  11. We offer you from 12000 private qualitative proxy online for only 95 dollars per month. A free test for 3 hours for all users of the forum with registration until 2018! If you like our proxy and you want to leave a positive feedback about us, we will give you a promo code for 1 day! If you want to test our proxy free and you have account registration until 01.2018 - just write in Private Messages. Each day our base consists of more than 70 000 proxy from all countries of the world which support all protocols - http/https/socks4/socks5. All proxies is private Unlimited Bandwidth High Anonymous Proxies (Elite) Support all protocols: http (s), socks4, socks5 24/7 Support, Fast Response Updating of proxy each 10 minutes on 3 % All countries of the world It is very convenient to use it for parsing of search engines, brute force, mailout, posting, and for own private purposes which require many different proxy. Everyday free shared proxies for everybody are always available here - http://awmproxy.net/freeproxy.php Website: http://awmproxy.net FAQ: https://awmproxy.net/faq.php All prices: https://awmproxy.net/modules/socks/
  13. WTS a good picture 2-3 day's for work. 30 euro price. You can print this to shirt or another clothes. Skype for orders: truehahoha
  14. WTS lvl 59 PlainsWalker Talking Island NA ClassicEquipped with Theca setI ofc give original email.Skype: Schmidt1337
  15. Greetings friends. I sell adena on RPG-club x3. Do you want a good equipment? Or win in pvp? We will help you. 24/7 work Convenient payment methods Permanent discounts Secure Transmission Conditions Our intentions are serious, and we do not save on advertising, so we immediately bought VIP status on the respected maxcheaters.com. And also with the start of sales, we have shares: 7% discount when buying from $ 50 An additional 15% Adena, when buying from $ 100 150 stones of any element and 20% of adena on top with the purchase from 200$. You can contact us via Skype: live:toptop10facts If you could not contact us, leave your contacts and we will contact you. Price now: 10kk = 1$.
  16. WTS Prophet 40 40 e Warlord 40 35 e Elven Elder 58 180 e Spellhowler 59 180 e Knowledge R Set +6 80 e Augmented ghoul staff +6 offer
  18. I am selling my Spoiler on Skelth lvl 72, character has BW heavy set and some jew. I am the first owner. Account has around 25days subscription I could trade also for other char or items on NC Giran server. PM me with you skype or questions. Thanks
  19. 64 lvl SWS with all the priority songs and skills and sp for backup. VIP 4 for the next months also. without items. pm me with your offer.
  20. Classic NA Giran. No VIP, with or w/o items, not having items for all of them so items are under discussion. Skype: legeorgmail or pm. 52 SH 52 Necro 52 PP 52 EE 52 SE 45 BH 45 Warsmith
  21. wts sws 49 vip 29 days 2500 ncoins 9 days 50 % rune 30 xp scols c grade set and jrls 2 d wep 10 kk adena + other pm with offers
  22. Dear Maxcheaters Community, My name is Strain and I'm providing Lineage II Client Development Services - anything related to Graphics. Here's a list of the services I can provide: NPC Logos (Presentation of your server logo on NPCs) NPC Flags (Presentation of your server logo on an Animated Flag NPC) Login Logo (Presentation of your server logo on Login Screen) NPC Buttons Icons (You can use my icons everywhere: skills, armors, weapons, items, etc.) Splash Screens Loading Screens On-ground Items Contact me by sending a Personal Message here or you can also add me on skype: frstrain Payment Methods: paysafecard / Paypal - (Verified) / Skrill NPC LOGO / BUTTONS LOADING SCREEN SERVER LOGO IN GIRAN SPLASH SCREEN LOGIN LOGO NPC FLAG
  23. Hope this is the right section for this. Im quitting the server and want to sell off what I have. I've seen the adena sellers spamming $18 per kk so I will sell at 15 per kk. I also have a level 40 pp and a couple of 55+ characters if you want to know what they are private message me. I should have some positive feed back from selling adena in the past about being trust worthy. If you want to buy anything pm me
  24. Hello community I present my work They are 2 options (you can choose one or both) Advertise and Support YOUR SERVER LINEAGE II First... I am here to contribute something good to your project, to be positive and help you grow FULL ADVER FOR LATIN PPL [1] Theme advertise: Add to AdWords (google publicity) your server name I contact a lot ppl-players from Lineage 2 Interlude Game: I am owner dragonesnegros (Latin Community) Discord groups (17 groups reference l2 interlude clans, friends, cps, servers full spam) I am owner/member of groups facebook with 3-12k+ members in each one (topic: Lineage 2 Serves). I can sticky your server in some groups, change photos of groups too and Spam every day your Server I have special account in facebook for make advertise. I will send to all my contacts in private message your server and I will spam your server in all comments of l2. I have accounts for create topics/posts/replys/comments/reviews in l2hopzone & topzone & pmfun & l2jbrasil & l2network & maxcheaters & l2boom.net & top100arena.com/lineage2 & l2top.co & en.l2oops.com & l2top.com.br & topservers200.com/lineage2 & l2topg.org/lineage2-private-servers & gtop100.com/topsites/Lineage-2 [I can add your sever in some links - list servers] I will add your server info's (facebook) groups, comments, photos, videos We will maintain your topics and will bump them daily L2 Latins servers with contact players: l2latino.com (Vzla) - l2.gxzone.com (Arg) - l2gamers.cl (Chile) - l2servers.com.ar (Arg). - l2latin.com (Vzla) Advertise on VK groups, pages. (Latins/Russians) Mass activity on your own forum Special acc in Skype for only spam Spam on discord groups of L2 Add your server in L2devsadmin.net (latin community) Spam groups for skype and facebook We will post your server on every possible Lineage 2 Forum that is knowed (10+ L2 Forums) 4 Groups in Whats app about L2. (x4 clans Brasil&Venezuela&Argentina&Chile) Always x5 differentes systems on top servers for give full spam Benefit: Much of the l2 community (specially latin) will know the existence of your server with probabilities to enter. I can tell you for sure, that with my work your server will begin to divulge in the small world of l2. [2] Theme support: Translation work Spanish > English & English > Spanish I create account in the server forum/game/other contact for: Answer / help Latin&Spanish people. I will give you solutions to Spanish people. Personal skype or other social network for support spanish ppl (with the name of your server) In conclusion I will be support on your server... Benefit: - I will solve the problems with spanish ppl. Spanish ppl will be supported. Latest works / Reference (2016-2017-2018) More 35+ servers / owners CONTACT Here MxC Forum (PM) Skype: Nasiferus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2server.interlude
  25. PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FAQ: Why chose lineage2master advertising services ? -Because I offer most professional services at reasonable prices. And because i have degree in online marketing and vast experience with lineage 2 community. Do you really post and advertise how can we know if this is real? -After each purchased service , once the task is completed you will be offered proof in either video format,link format or picture format where you can review the job completed. ADVERTISING SERVICES & PRICES: TWITCH channel streaming = 5 euros per day (24/7): What i offer is constant streaming with background music of your most populated area or video with links so players can instantly connect. Twitch channel information: https://www.twitch.tv/lineage2master Pinned post + Cover picture on my Lineage 2 Community groups: Group number one : Lineage 2 Best servers = 10 euro for 7 days. - 800+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218388575571570/ Group number two: Lineage 2 Advertising = 5 euro for 7 days. - 200+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/253309601904891/ Group number three: Lineage 2 divulgação = 5 euros for 7 days. - 200+ members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2127715960808464/ Posting on social media: Facebook 50 lineage 2 Community groups posts all 5k+ members groups = 4 euros Youtube 50 lineage 2 Community video comments = 3 euros Instagram 50 lineage 2 Community hashtag comments = 3 euros VK 40 lineage 2 Community groups posts = 3 euros Price for all 4 social advertising in a packet is = 10 euros Delivery time 24 hours , multiple purchases are possible for multiple days. Discounts on purchases over 100 euros 10%. Contacts details: You can contact me via messages on maxcheaters or on my personal fb account. Send me message request that you require my services: https://www.facebook.com/markol.stepanovic.9 or on skype: markostepanovic1 Terms of services (TOS): -I have strict policy of customer is always right. You have the right to change the content any time you want. You get the right to keep all intellectual property i create as your own property. (Videos,pictures,texts) -Payments are paypal only. And strictly up front. -Discounts are possible only on purchasing services in the value of 100 euros or greater. Some of the servers i worked for recently (List will be updated): -L2 Wonderlust , -L2 Crysis , -L2 Bezaleel , -Project LIPO , -L2PVP world, -L2 Reality , -L2 Cosmos , -L2 Mythras , -L2 OVC, -L2 Rise of Devil , -L2Raptor , -L2Liberation, -L2Gytheon, -L2Redmoon, -Novaworld , -L2Gr