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Found 565 results

  1. NCSoft NA Classic Giran Server Adena: 2€/1kk 100kk stock Items in stock: Sealed Rune - Stage 1 - 0.7$ Othell's Rune - Stage 4 (P. Critical Rate/ P. Critical Damage - +150/+131) - 45$ Othell's Rune - Stage 5 (P. Critical Rate/ P. Critical Damage - +175/+148) - 70$ Othell's Rune - Stage 6 (P. Critical Rate/ P. Critical Damage - +200/+165) - 120$ Eminence Bow - 60$ Sage Stuff/Paagrio Hammer - 14$ Raid Sword/Shamshir/Spirit Sword - 11$ Ultimate Sword/Sword Of Delusion/Calibrus - 17$ Top D weapons - 11$ EAD/EWD/EAC/EWC in bulk - price specify in PM Items that you can order : Price discussion when order Full Plate +6 Set Brigandine/Half Plate +6 Set Knowledge/Karmian +6 Set Any C grade Set +0 Top C grade Stuff's Powerlevel: 1-60 LVL Price start from 2.5$/1kk exp and going lower in dependence of your boost, contact for price Fast delivery time Payment methods: Contacts: Skype: xblind78 -
  2. Fast and Cheap sell ADENA on Skelth pm on forum for more info or Skype (about price - for good players always best price ) (not reseller - ADENA from first hands ) Stok (there is always a lot of adena ) Skype ====== ( Lar1an ) =====
  3. Character Creation A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower. There you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items. You will be able to use Shout after you reach 40 level. All the low level zones up to 60 level are protected by our low level zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low level players a fair chance to train up to a decent level. Boosted Characters in order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills whitch they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. Third class As soon as your character is 76 level or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change that can be done at the NPC job changer "Carola" who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town.  Rebirth System Once a player becomes 78 level, he can choose to rebirth at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Your char will become level 1 and you will get a rebirth book but you will not lose your occupation. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths and because of sub class and olympiad, you can change them anytime you want.  Noblesse System L2g-Hybrid has its own noblesse system based on Gold style. Once you have completed 3x rebirths, 78 level and sub class you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become Noblesse. Death Lord Hallate Kernon Longhorn Golkonda Shilen's Messenger Cabrio Once you have collected all the items and your character is 78 level, you can go to the Noblesse Manager "Eddy Wally" who is located on the stairs at Aden Town and become Noblesse.  Subclass You are free to make subclass anytime you want. Weapons and Special Abilities To obtain an A and S grade weapon with special ability, you need to farm some mantras and enrias. Then talk to Mantra Manager "Wilbrand". You need 300 Fire Mantras, 200 Wind Mantras, 100 Water Mantras, 5 Enrias and some adena for S grade weapons. You can put lifestones also from the same NPC.  S Grade Armors and Dynasty In L2g-Hybrid you can find a great way of powering up your armor and jewels. Refining is the custom system with witch you have the chance to increase the defence of your S grade armors and Jewels or even transform your armor into Dynasty! Collecting materials and increasing the % of your armor and jewels is easyer if you farm in groups at the special zone of Monastery of Silence or Primeval Island where monsters with Boosted drops and stats can be found. Dynasty armors has passive noblesse from 55%. Some things you need to know before you start to refine your armor: -Refining of armor or jewels can not fail. -As soon as 1 part of your armor set has a different % than the rest, you will lose your set bonus. -You will not lose enchants on the armor or jewels if you refine it. -Keep in mind that Dynasty armor has one more part, you need to buy that extra part from npc "Rex" with 75 Enria. Custom Boss Jewels There exist some special jewels that can be collected only by killing the Raid Bosses that owns them! For example: Earring of Garacsia can be droped only by Cherub Galaxia. 1) Earring of Garacsia: MP +31, +10% bow resistance and +7 speed. 2) Earring of Ipos: MP +31, +10% dagger resistance and +7 speed. 3) Earring of Vermilion: MP +31, +20% fire resistance and +7 speed. 4) Earring of Von Helman: MP +31, +20% dark resistance and +7 speed. 5) Earring of Kandra: MP +31, +20% wind resistance and +7 speed. 6) Earring of Falston: MP +31, +20% water resistance and +7 speed. 7) Ring of Tayr: MP +21 and +100 bow range. 8) Ring of Mos: MP +21 and +10% M.Def. 9) Ring of Shadith: MP +21 and 500% faster hp regen. 10) Ring of Horuth: MP +21 and +10% P.Def 11) Necklace of Naga: MP +42 and +15% HP 12) Necklace of Brakki: MP +42 and +60% resistance to most of the debuffs. 1) Necklace of Hekaton: MP +42 and +15% CP. PK Manager When a player gets more than 5 PK Points he risks loosing his items. To prevent that from happening use the PK Manager standing in front of Aden Warehouse to erase your pks by offering him a few materials. Other System / Info Offline shop system, 3 Clients max per pc, 2 Clans per ally, No clan penalties, Max lvl8 clan, No need eggs for clan skills just reputation points.  Automatic Events Team VS Team, Soon: ( DeathMatch, Korean Style, Capture The Flag, High Rate Event ) Augumentation System You can farm Lifestones at Primeval Island from T-Rex. 1 active 1 passive alowed. Sell files and source pm me Skype Downost
  4. Hi, WTS Necro lvl 51,40% female have buyed cdl skill, dye +4wit-5 Men, +4int-5 Men, have 1,5 kk adena for eq, good name!! Shillen Elder 50,40 % female, have bued skill stigma, good name!! Pm me prv
  5. Dear users, SGuard team proudly presents a new website and a new story for SGuard protection & development. We need no introduction because majority of the users know about us and our capabilities! Started April 2016, we're continuously providing the best service there is to our customers, bringing up new ideas and deploying our work around the globe. We have numerous large clients starting C1 and ending the latest Classic: Seven Signs and countless referrals : Interlude: Interlude.ru, L2Mega.ru, l2mafia HighFive: L2Era, L2Liona. L2Name, L2Destiny, Emerlald L2Classics: L2Zaken, GameCoast, And a lot of smaller servers around the globe. We serve the people around the world and speak their language. We're giving the best technical support and commercial advices. So what exactly we are doing at L2SGuard.com? -Primary: SGuard and Security development, Bot protection and overall server security (Lineage 2 and Other games such aion etc.) -Primary: PTS development (IL, HF, extenders/retail available) -Primary: ACP development (Account Master Panel) -Primary: Launcher Development (premium aka official quality, private development, portable website + direct login in game) -Secondary: Java development (NOT server packs) - Analytic tools, Additions, Systems and Engines. -Secondary: Client side development -> examples: Lobby Collection, Rescale objects, disable macro loop on classic, damage on screen on HF etc. any idea can be done. -Secondary: L2Editors development for higher chronicles - any .dat can be edited EVEN if encrypted. -Secondary: Analytic tools, Ad consultation, server health report and administration. If you have a deadlock and you can't find it - PM us! For more information you may refer to our website. In short words - we can do everything, and if we can't we will guide you for the best next team to fulfill your request! We try our BEST to propose the LOWEST prices on the market, deliver the items bought with 100% quality and on-time. Plans Differences: Both Standard and Total Protection plans are absolutely same with 1 exception of active bot protecting with constant updates and special protective tactics. You will get the SAME module for both versions, nothing is ripped or cut, both options are subject to structural upgrades and features adding. We take extra payments for actual daily work to block bots and make sure your servers are protected from bot activity. We can't continue to maintain free bot protection support with the current pricing, therefore we've lowered the payment to be a monthly payment to let low end servers change to live and save money and high end servers the chance to get unique and individual bot protective services (auto payment will be available soon), both options will serve their purposes. Old customers are not affected. Our prices: Java Standard Plan: * 50$/1 month + our multi year work for less than a meal in a cafe! * 200$ / 1 year + you won't get disconnected if you fill a free extension form! PTS Standard Plan: *200$/1 year Java Total Protection: *From 200$/1 month PTS Total Protection: *Ranging from 200-600$ / 1 month Contact us today and be always a step before everybody else! Skype: live:sguard.soft Telegram: sguard_soft Website: www.L2SGuard.com
  6. Accepted Payment Methods: BTC (BitCoin), BCH (BitCoin Cash), Paypal, Ethereum, Stripe (Credit/Debit card), PaySafeCard and CS:GO Skins. For CS:GO Skin purcahses, please send a tradeoffer to this URL and include your Username as text: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=194097387&token=b1E_67y4 Key prices: Silver - 1 key Gold - 2 keys Diamond - 3 keys Platinum - 4 keys Contact: Skype: nohax.hacktify E-Mail: support@hourboost.com Discord Server. Contact form. Check the FAQ before asking questions please! This is not a support thread, if you got any concerns about our product feel free to use the contact form. As this is a sales thread! Thank you!
  7. What I provide? An Account with a -Hawkeye 45 lvl all basic skills till 42 learned with D moon L set 31 exp scroll (1kk exp each) ring of savior and exp rune 7days/ mount 30days Dragon's Pendant PRICE : 20EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swordsinger 40 lvl all basic skills till 40 learned with D moon H set PRICE : 20EURO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY BOTH FOR 35 EURO sold already in this srv ( warlock 52, bd 40, wc 40, spoiler40) SKYPE: AIVERNIKOS or contact me here I accept only paypal and ONLY 1ST MONEY THEN I GIVE ACCOUNT +EMAIL AND ALL INFO U WILL NEED. Reccomendations at my signature.
  8. We are a development and desing studio. Our last work was for https://www.l2remorse.com https://www.l2remorse.com/promo https://www.l2remorse.com/forum (Everything coded and designed by us) We offer you Web coding front/back-end Web desing (and any kind of desing, logo, banners) (Both protected by Copyright so nobody can copy your product without permission) App development SEO/Add campaings Video edition An any kind of solution for your project. JUST E-MAIL US AT Contact : refraggaminges@gmail.com HOME PAGE LIVE VERSION - https://www.l2remorse.com Promo Page - LIVE VERSION : https://www.l2remorse.com/promo
  9. 3 ACCOUNTS . SE 52 . PP 53 . ES 54 I want to sell all account as a compact sell ! PP / SE have no DW/HASTE/STIGMA . ES has all skills expect 52 lvl and cubics ! ES has Demon Set +3 / top C circlet and Plated leather boots +3, Demons Fang +7 , Approx 2kk in bag with all accounts SE has karmian set. All accounts have a lot of Special Fruits and XP/SP boost scrolls! EMAILS ARE COMBINED WITH EACHOTHER AND THERE IS NO PHONE SECURITY ! DROP ME A MESSEGE ON SKYPE IF IM NOT ONLINE HERE : arestotikidis
  10. poulaw bd 52 lvl full dance armor duals D grade gia perisoteres plirofories pm
  11. Selling account or items, in L2Pandora. SPH 78 (almost 79lvl) with paagrios axe+15 (top mage weapon on server right now) (195m atack), dc robe unsealed set with lot of items. Pm me on maxcheater with your price. Best offer gonna take this account or items.
  12. FreaShop✅ FAST DELIVERY✅ FRIENDLY SUPPORT✅ ULTRA OFFER EVERY ACCOUNT 15 EUROS FOR SALE: SERVER : GIRAN Orc Raider (Destro) 41 Lvl 15 EUROS (30Days TOP D WEAPON) Human Wizard 40 Lvl 15 EUROS Shilien Oracle 40 Lvl 15 Euros( 30 DAYS TOP D WEAPON) Elven Wizard 36 Lvl 10 EUROS (30Days TOP D WEAPON) SERVER : SKELTH Elemental Summoner 57 LVL (Clean) 10 EUROS SOLD: Giran: Phantom Ranger 41 Lvl 15 EUROS (30Days TOP D WEAPON) Orc Shaman 41 Lvl 15 EUROS (30Days TOP D WEAPON) 30kk ADENA HUMAN WIZARD 38 LVL BISHOP 52 LVL CLERIC 40 LVL CLERIC 40 LVL Skelth : Necromancer 68 Lvl Karmian Set +6 Demon's Staff +8 YOU CAN REQUEST/ORDER ITEMS,SERVICES,ADENA,PW ON EVERY SERVER JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE Contact Send me message on Maxcheaters OR Skype : FreaShop (Always make sure that you are talking with the real FreaShop BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS) PAYMENT METHODS : PAYPAL Trades with Items/Accounts/Adena (EVERY SERVER) are POSSIBLE/ACCEPTED
  13. WTS AT LIONNA x15 GLADIATOR Level 85, BW HEAVY +10 set , +8 DUALS TYR's stage 11 , lilith stage 1 runes , TOI VI , PROCELLA NECKLACE +8 , +STR MASK CLOAK OF DARKNESS WTS for 200euros or nearest offer.
  14. WELCOME TO L2PROGAMERS FAST DELIVERY!!! GREAT DISCOUNT SYSTEM!!! POWERLVL SERVICE!!! PRE ORDER ADENA-ITEMS!!! MIDDLEMAN SERVICE!!! CLEAN ACCOUNTS WITH ORIGINAL MAIL!!! BEST PRICES ON THE MARKET!!! WEBSITE LINK: WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM WTS ON SKELTH: ADENA: 1kk = 0,55€ CHARS: DA LVL 76: 80€ SK LVL 78: 100€ TH LVL 79: 350€ OL LVL 78: 100€ EE LVL 79: 200€ WC LVL 79: 200€ BP LVL 77: 80€ AW LVL 78: 175€ WL LVL 77: 100€ SE LVL 76: 100€ SWS LVL 78: 110€ NECRO LVL 78: 125€ NECRO LVL 79: 155€ TITAN LVL 77: 100€ TYRANT LVL 78: 100€ WTS ON GIRAN NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 2€ EXP: 1-40 LVL CHARS: Hawkeye LVL 50:VIP 3 Necromancer LVL 53:VIP 3 Necromancer LVL 55:VIP 4 Necromancer LVL 65:VIP 4 Destroyer LVL 58:VIP 4 E.Summoner LVL 62:VIP 4 Prophet LVL 50:VIP 3 Prophet LVL 56:VIP 1 Prophet LVL 58:VIP 1 Prophet LVL 58:VIP 1 Prophet LVL 60:VIP 2 Ph.Summoner LVL 65:VIP 3 Elven Elder LVL 56:VIP 1 Elven Elder LVL 58:VIP 4 Shilien Elder LVL 60:VIP 3 Spellhowler LVL 58:VIP 3 Spellhowler LVL 60:VIP 3 Bounty Hunter LVL 42:VIP 0 Bounty Hunter LVL 60:VIP 3 Tyrant LVL 58:VIP 2 Tyrant LVL 60:VIP 4 Swordsinger LVL 57:VIP 1 Warsmith LVL 55:VIP 2 Bladedancer LVL 53:VIP 2 Bladedancer LVL 56:VIP 0 Bladedancer LVL 58:VIP 4 Spellsinger LVL 52:VIP 1 Spellsinger LVL 52:VIP 4 Sh.Knight LVL 60:VIP 1 Sorceror LVL 57:VIP 3 WTS ON TALKING ISLAND NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 1,5€ / 1,7$ EXP: 1-40 LVL CHARS: Human Wizard LVL 40:VIP 0 Elven Wizard LVL 40:VIP 0 Elven Elder LVL 52:VIP 0 Prophet LVL 52:VIP 0 Spellsinger LVL 53:VIP 4 Shilien Elder LVL 55:VIP 0 Overlord LVL 57:VIP 2 Warlock LVL 60:VIP 2 Dark Avenger LVL 65:VIP 3 Warcryer LVL 66:VIP 4 Sorceror LVL 67:VIP 3 WTS ON GLUDIO NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 1,5€ / 1,7$ EXP: 1-40 LVL WTS ON ADEN NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1kk - 1,5€ / 1,7$ EXP: 1-40 LVL ATTENTION:THE FINAL TRADE WILL BE ON MY WEBSITE LIVE CHAT WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM TO AVOID SCAMMERS PM ME HERE ON FORUM TO VERIFY YOU ARE TALKING WITH ME I ACCEPT PAYPAL , BANK TRANSFER & WESTERN UNION !!! PM ME HERE OR ON OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS AND QUESTIONS!!! WWW.L2PROGAMERS.COM
  15. 1. Female Se 58 (have scrolls to 60) 70e 2. Destro 67 vip 4 for 3 months 120e have rune inside wh 7days unopened 3. Spoil 56 67% vip 4 for 14days/ 70e Sold 4. Tyrant 65 lvl 91% (inside acc necro 41 lvl) vip 4 3.5 have rune pack in wh 7days unopened month 150e 5. Prophet 48 w/o dw+haste 50e 41kk in stock, 2e per kk Sold Karmian set +6 110e For more info write pm or discord. Pedals#7604 Make sure u talking witm me in discord write pm in mxc with code so ill have to retype for u same
  16. I hvae last 2 char for sell 61PP- (ALL SKILLS) NO ITEMS- 110$ 58PP- (DW, HASTE, GM)- 90$ PM ON SKYPE: g0mezqq@hotmail.com
  18. As title saying char 100 euro avadon set 50 soes 150 If u buy all 250 euro discount skype id : Apostolis N or pm here paypal only if u want middleman his payment will be from you
  19. List of my services : Contact me on email: instaboostbusiness@gmail.com or instagram @instaboostbusiness Facebook : 1000 Friends / Followers 2.50 $ 1000 Post likes 2.25 $ 1000 Facebook Page likes 30 $ Twitch : 1000 Subscribers 14.50 $ Reddit : 1000 Upvotes/Downvotes 100 $ Youtube: 1000 Subscribers 25$ Instagram : 1000 Followers 1.50 $ 1000 Likes 0.40 $ 1000 comments 1 $
  20. WTS Adena Giran 2$ = 1kk discounts for large purchasers Stock 174kk PAYPAL GIFT TO F/F ONLY, if your country does not accept this option search for a 3rd party. Not giving adena first at any case.
  21. Hello . List of Characters , items , adena stock I have is written and will be updated below. Characters : Warcryer 58 - ALL buffs learned , No equipment Bladedancer 58 - ALL dances learned , No equipment , but I will leave D grade duals in it Swordsinger 56 - ALL songs learned , CM+2 , Chain set Shillen Elder 56 - Recharge , heals learned , no equipment. DA 64 - ALL skills learned , no equipment. OL 64 - All skills learned , no equipment. + Original emails goes with accounts. Items : Bow Of Peril - 400$ Bow Of Peril + 7 ! (488 P.ATK) Adena in stock 50KK 1KK - 5$ Contacts: Skype: Live:David.Schreiber23
  22. All chars are naked PR LVL 68 AND 3% VIP4 60 DAYS PR LVL 68 AND 22% +HEX VIP4 60 DAYS PR LVL 68 AND 15% VIP4 60 DAYS BP LVL 68 AND 40% VIP4 60 DAYS EE LVL 68 AND 32% VIP4 60 DAYS WC LVL 68 AND 35 % F.SKILLS VIP4 60 DAYS BD LVL 68 AND 70 % VIP4 60 DAYS SWS LVL 68 AND 7% VIP4 60 DAYS pm me for prices
  23. Giran: 100kk+ Stock 3 euro/1kk Tirant 59,70% 50 euro Tirant 59,90% WC 60,95%----sold Elemental Summoner 59 50 euro sold Spoiler 59,85% 90 euro sold BD 60,20% 50 euro sold SWS 59.60% 50 euro--sold SE 59.99% 50 euro anthro nail+8 180 euro sold
  24. Hi! Im selling @ Giran (NCSOFT): - Spoiler Lvl 60 Vip 1 Reply here or catch me ingame: "Zariguella Already SOLD: PP 59 DW+Haste and Warsmith 55.
  25. Hello i sell 3 acounts 1) Prophet 53lvl without haste/dw 2) Bladedancer 56 50% vip1 + 50% exp/sp for 1 week 3) Tyrant 54lvl vip3 28Days / human archer 45lvl / 35lvl dark elf assasin 6kk adena stock 100% trust pm me