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Found 565 results

  1. WTS / WTT Silver Ranger 62 lvl VIP3 for BD + Adena ( Pm me with offerts here or skype) Skype : puma00@op.pl
  2. [Shopsocks5.com] Service Socks5 Cheap Great Promotions 5-10 Days - Open New Site Shopsoks5.com - 10/11/2017 -> 10/12/2017 Payment Instantly Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Wmtransfer, BTC-E ( Please click Buy Socks ) Our proxy service offers you a solution to Internet anonymity problem:Best Quality SOCKS5 PROXIES! Service Price PLAN DAILY For example, Daily 60: It is allowed to get maximium 60 socks for a day. If you don't use, you will lose 60 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days PLAN CREDIT For example, Credit 60: You will have unlimited day. After you get enough 60 socks, your account will expired. PLAN API For example, Socks List 30: You can get unlimited socks5 per day. Numbers of socks5 will get at Socks List and it will be auto change socks everytime. An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Instantly Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Wmtransfer WMZ : Z994476647137 PM: U15580999 BTC: 14Wmsja5BVH6srbW7YtQRLni8xH97b7iwx [Shopsocks5.com] Service Socks5 Cheap Contact: Skype: Shopsocks5 Email: admin@shopsocks5.com ICQ: 727362912
  3. WTS All with item 110 Euro Warlock - 61 lvl - 60 euro vip lv 3 - 2x pack 7 day exp / 25x pack 1h exp and more more more exp scrols WC - 62 lvl - 60 euro vip lvl 2 - Clean - got all skils ......................................................................... SWS - 60 lvl - 70 euro vip lvl 0 - Clean - SOLD Adena : 40kk - 3 euro for 1kk / - sold
  5. OFFICIAL ADRENALINE BOT KEYS STRONGLY RECOMMEND, ASK ABOUT BOT WORKABILITY ON SPECIFIC SERVER BEFORE PURCHASE OF THE KEY. (LIST OF SERVERS AND CONDITIONS FOR THEM, CAN BE CHANGED, FOR CLARIFICATION OF INFORMATION, ALWAYS WRITE DIRECTLY IN SKYPE / ICQ BEFORE PURCHASE OF THE KEY.) WWW.L2SOFT.EU €14 / month - Unlimited clients €6 / month - Private classic servers $10 / month - EU classic Innova $20 / month - NA / EU Official main version $7 / month - NA Classic (Giran/Aden/Gludio/Talking Island) Bylinski4skype 668204354 admin@l2soft.eu fAkeN#0324 L2Soft discord: join PAYMENT METHODS
  6. WTS Adena in Giran server 1.8 euro - 1kk if you find cheaper - i will make more cheaper! skype - coinsbomb BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ADDING. SOME GUYS CREATED LIVE:COINSBOMB / COINSB0MB / C0INSBOMB SKYPES TO SCAM PEOPLE! BE AWARE!!
  8. OPEN FOR NEGOTIATION PRICE ! WTS DarkAvenger 62lvl 400E Vip 4 11k points used Doom Plate Set+CM+top C jewellers, Bracelet of duty lvl2, AGATHION JOY PERMAMENTLY ! RunePack(7Days) ! Fruits,Clan Coins,Reward Coins Etc ! WTS BLADEDANCER Close to 59lvl 70E RunePack(7days) MoonSet/Duals Low D/Some D gr Jewellers // 15 boost xp/sp scroll,50fruits etc ! (was a Box BD) WTS 39 Dawrf Scavenger 30E Brigandine Set,CM,500k~ adena,Elven Set Jewellers,2 other 40lvl~ characters in same account(PR,Glad) Can do Aden :) VIP 4 5,5k Points Used ! WT BISHOP 64lvl 200E Vip 3 Twilight knife/6,5kk adena/crystal c 2,3k/zubei shield/bw robe boots/rune pack 7days 50%exp,sp/120fruits/2,5k silver coin/gloves of knowledge+6/TOP c jewellers ! WTS SWORDSINGER 55lvl 50e ! 7days rune pack ! (was a box) 50fruits/200clan coins/ewc/d jewellers/ WTS DOOM PLATE SET !!! (OFFER) !! IF U HAVE ANY QUESTION PM TO ME !
  9. Hi , leaving giran so I'm selling my Prophet & BD Level 58. SE is 66 Prophet and SE has Karmian Set & BD is no gear. I don't want a lot looking for fast sale , I can provide all proofs I have these toons & scammers don't even try and don't waste my time , please. Thank you ! Skype : Live:JackyC7112
  10. We are proud to present a new product for Interlude market. New Interlude is a fresh breath to market, a opens many new windows to launch extremely successful Interlude projects, which are still covers 50% of Lineage2 Free market. What key differences of this Interlude, in compare with old one, based on c4 core? Its fully stable on 3000+ onlines Fast L2NPC loading, 30 seconds, instead of 15 minutes Support of all actual protection systems - SmartGuard, StrixGuard, ActiveAnticheat. Support all our GF core features - PVP events based on deep engine integration, Java-like Community board, new Auth server, offline traders loading after server restart, etc. More flexible in additional features which you can order from us It supports from the box all the GF-HF features(your fantasy is limited only by Interlude client limits): - Instances - Evolved Pets - Flexible schedule - Managing Max Level of main and subclass - HTML size extended from 8kb to 16kb - Correct system augmentation - Correct fusion system - All Clan Hall sieges and Swoop Cannon works correctly - Support of monetization system like Olf shirt And the base of server is fully implemented Interlude server, where all works as it should. Versions of extender: unlimited, limited (400 players), test. Price: 575$, 290$, 90$
  11. SKELTH Characters: Cardinal [79] - many XP boosts (XP scrolls +- 30% -250 € SKELTH Items: WTS ADENA : out of stock pay via PAYPAL contact me on skype : encube6
  12. As topic says i am selling adena on L2 Pandora x15 classic and L2 Rise x50 high five. Price: Pandora-100kk for 4e Stock: 2b Rise-1b for 7e Stock: 7b For more informations pm me on skype Mon3ymate@mail.com Payment method: PayPal
  13. ADENA: 20 kk (2€ = 1kk)--- SOLD ITEMS: SET FULL PLATE+SHIELD (ARMOR+4 / HELMET+3/SHIELD+0)= 40€ SOLD NASSEN EARRING +3 (x2)= 5€ SOLD CHARS: PP (42LVL)= 40€ BD(42 LVL)= 30€ DA(55 LVL 50%) FULL AGRO SKILL + HORROR +PANTER LVL 2 ( 2 RUNES XP 50% (7 days) +92 Fruits Buffs + 1 Scroll 40% XP/SP + 65 Scroll 30% XP/SP) = 80€ INFO: DISCORD : MaDNnesS#8734 MAIL: lineage2pirata@hotmail.com PAYMENT BY PAYPAL <<< FAST AND SECURE/ NO SCAMMS
  14. - Offer you assistance in selling your in-game goods. - We have a great experience as Middle-Man and good reputation as Merchant. - The largest open trade online chat ( Over 800 active users ) - - The largest marketplace ( we collect goods from all sellers in one place ) - - For sellers ( add your goods at pufa.store ) - Skype - llesaneda Facebook -Maxcheaters - Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow next steps:
  15. Selling on Lionna: PK 85 full +30 skills subbed and noble PVP Elegia Heavy Set +6 Fully Attributed AQ+6 Tezza +6 Zaken +6 Oly jewells Top hornament PVP attack, Steel bracelet mtril shirt cp +6 PVP Icaus Hammer Rsk Focus +6 Augmented STR+1 300 Vesper Thrower fundation +4 300 Oly sticks, Alt chars as gift Fully package is 200e, PM into fórum if interested
  16. Hi maxcheaters users! I suggest to your attention the following services: Developing unique designs: - eCommerce shop - from 175$ - Corporate website - from 150$ - Game design - from 100$ *Lead time up to 7 days Conditions: - 50% advance payment, or full payment via time-protected transfer from 1 day. - If you find any loose ends for my part, we will eliminate them within the shortest possible time. (Unfortunately, it is human to err, and I'm no exception) Guarantees: - Great number of satisfied customers. - Personal WebMoney attestat, BL - 245. Payment options: - Qiwi - PayPal - WebMoney - Visa/MasterCard Contact details: - ICQ: 810385 - MAIL: coolnessweb@gmail.com - SKYPE: coolness.su ( coolness web studio ) Please click here to read my portfolio
  17. I have 300 Cols for sell on new la2dream x 50 !! 1col=0.10 € !!
  18. Hello, selling that accounts on Talking Island: PR LVL 68.8 - 180$ VIP 4 DOOM LIGHT SET SPOIL LVL 63.8 - 150$ VIP4 EE LVL 54 - 50$ Skype: leandrozanata@hotmail.com
  19. CHARACTERS: ARCHMAGE 78lvl with subclass DOOMCRYER 78lvl - NOBLESSE MYSTIC MUSE 77lvl with subclass DESTROYER 76lvl - NOBLESSE EVA'S SAINT 78lvl with subclass TITAN 77lvl - NOBLESSE BISHOP 75lvl with subclass SOULTAKER 76lvl SPELLHOWLER 75lvl with subclass WARLOCK 77lvl SPECTRAL DANCER 78lvl SWORD OF MUSE 78lvl HIEROPHANT 78lvl SHILLIEN ELDER 72lvl SPOILER 68lvl ITEMS: x2 TALLUM HEAVY SET x5 DC ROBE SET x1 MAJESTIC ROBE SET x1 MAJOR ARCANA SET x1 BW HEAVY SET X3 TATEOSSIAN SET X4 ARCANA MACE ACUMEN X2 HEAVEN'S DIVIDER FOCUS more items A/S grade,keys,enchants etc on warehouse... EPICS: x1 AQ +3 x2 TEZZA +3 x1 ZAKEN +6 SEND ME A MESSAGE HERE !
  20. Hiya I am a java coder/developer and I am looking for work on a L2 Server since I am bored after work and want to train my developing skills more. I can work with Java, html, xml and sql and have experience with L2 servers since c6 been developing them for years till h5. Been playing L2 myself since C3. If you need more info feel free to contact me. Contact info: Skype: live:king_flex_1 Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me if you need anything.
  21. Char. -Sell Warcryer lvl 59 full buff - dwarf lvl 28 full recipes lvl 1-2. (vip 1), 2 runes exp 7 days 50%. 120€ or 50kk in game -Spoiler lvl 57 full skill. 110€ or 40kk in game SKYPE ( ZarChiCha )
  22. We place illegal on dedicated servers. (Brute, Scan, Spam, Paharmacy, Malware, Adult). If you have any questions, please contact: jabber id: tornadopro@xmpp.jp
  23. We are selling DA 64 and WC 58 in Gludio ! PM for more details ! Scammers avoid and dont waste time .
  24. We offer you • Game Currency for fair price! • Fastest delivery on popular servers • Personal Discounts • Fair trading: you pay - you get. If we don't have any goods - we will tell you in advance. Short pricelist: We have a rule - if you find cheaper in other shop we will make even cheaper! We accept all g2a payments,webmoney,paypal,skrill,Bitcoins Skype: r33tfreez http://r33team.com Choose r33team. There is nothing impossible for our team in the Lineage2. ©