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Found 328 results

  1. HOSTBASTIC.COM SUMMER SALE - MAXCHEATERS SPECIAL 70% OFF PROMO CODE AT CHECKOUT: MAXCHEATERS70 Valid on all Website hosting plans! 7 Locations: USA - CA - UK - FR - DE - SG - AU WEBSITE HOSTING - starting from £0.60 /month or £3.60 /year https://hostbastic.com/shared-hosting PROMOTE HOSTBASTIC AND EARN £50 EASILY: https://www.hostbastic.com/affiliate TEST OUR NETWORK: https://hostbastic.com/network CONTACT US: https://hostbastic.com/contact DDOS PROTECTION 500+ GBPS: https://hostbastic.com/ddos-protection HOSTBASTIC REVIEWS: Maxcheaters Reviews
  2. Wts WC 53 lv. on Giran.All buffs learned, full Avadon Robe set, Augment Mid ls Deadmans Glory+ CM+8, +30kk adena, Karmian Set and items on inventory which get to 10kk. Or trade for adena on Naia
  3. Hello, Lineage 2 Eola it's selling its files Some words about Lineage 2 Eola Servers On the files worked best developers of Java community such as Katara and Anarchy The server has been going and working on it for 3 years. Lineage 2 Eola as most of the people know has the best java files so far because of the perfect gameplay and features and content, we added and worked on it. Lineage 2 Eola Was and it's one of most Populated PvP Servers in Java Community Many seasons where open and they were all successfully with tons of players and very big upcoming in Donations. We're Selling Compiled Pack of Lineage 2 Eola as cheap as 200 Euro (If you buy the compiled files, the files will be Binded in 1 IP) We're Selling the Full Source of Lineage 2 Eola at 350 Euro (Source will be truly yours, not Ip Binded) Many people were interesting on buying our files, so now here is your chance. Server Features? Well so many features you can discover, and all our features are on Configs, for the better control of Administrator (Me) Eola Has features which other servers never made them before We have lots of more features of which are not yet discovered by the Community, Which we let them for a feature update You will get however the full Package with the Updates and everything. Payments Methods to Pay western union Bank Transfers Wire Transfers BitCoin Paypal (Only from Moderators, very trusted persons) Contact: Skype: eola@usa.com Also by pm on Maxcheaters Some Media from our server: Can find much more media on youtube or google Thank you
  4. L2Classic.club shop Items: WTS 2 x Cloth Piece WTS 19 x Magic Tablet WTS BW Robe Set +6/7 parts WTS 1.4kkk adena on stock NEW WTS Baium Soul WTS Orfen Earring NEW WTS Great Pata + 16 WTS Bow of Peril +10 NEW WTS Demon Staff +16 NEW WTS Lance +10 NEW WTS Maj Light NEW WTS Crystal Dagger +16 WTS Ring of Queen Ant WTS DS +14 WTS SLS +7 WTS Ring of Core WTS Talisman TOI VI and more.... pm for details Characters: PM for offers, selling my items cheap as bulk or individually. Accepting only PayPal and BTC payments.
  5. Why You Should Buy From Us ? 1. Best Prices Available 2. Many Stocks On Many Servers 3. Fast Delivery / Instant 4. Online Most Of Time For Taking Demands Payment Methods: PayPal & Skrill & WMZ & Crypto Talk Me On Skype & Discord To Ask About Prices & Stocks Available & What Payment Methods We Accept At The Moment ADD MY SKYPE BY CLICKING HERE Skype: Live:LargeSells Discord: LargeSeLLs#7167 Join Discord Server By Clicking Here Make Sure Always My Discord Full Name Is Exactly ( LargeSeLLs#7167 ) And All The (L) In CAPS/Capital Letters To Avoid Any Discord Impostors/Scammers Note: To Avoid Skype Impostors/Scammers Add My Skype Directly From My Skype Button/Link Or Make Sure It's Exactly My Skype Username/ID From Inside The Skype Contact Profile Page Which Can Be Found By Right-Click On My Skype Contact Name/Picture & Select "View Profile" From Inside The Skype Contacts List & Sure You Can Always Ask For A PM
  6. http://L2shop.info - always available and at a good price! -ADENA (Need supplier on all servers!!!) -PWLVL(Need supplier on all servers!!!) CHARACTERS -ITEMS -EPICS -Passage of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession (class trasfering quests) ON THE ALL NA/EU/RU/FREE SERVER Top servers: Talking Island GIRAN ADEN GLUDIO L2Elixir.com x3 L2E-Global Interlude Final x7 [Skelth] / [L2E-Global.com Interlude Final x7] / [GameCoast.net x5 FENRIR] / L2Era x50] / [L2E-Global.com GvE] / [KetraWars x1] / [L2ERA x25] / [L2lionna x15] /[L2Classic.Club x3] / [ GameCoast x3] / [GameCoast x10] / [Asterios.tm x7] / [Beyond.lt x3] / [KetraWars.net x1] / [Naia] / [Core] / [Chronos] / [Paagrio] / [Gran Kain] / [Shillien] / [Einhasad] and many others - FAST! QUALITY! SAFE! Ask all the questions you can via live chat on our website - http://L2shop.info!
  8. Sph char with 1300 pvps +7 Daimon crystal wynn lvl 10 Dc robe blooded +6/3/3/3 +3 b neck/b earring +3/majestic earring +3/majestic ring +3/+5 cloak of cold darkness rag belt bracelet of duty lvl 4 talisman of insolence v 5k adena and more things averia club card wit +4/men-3 x3 dyes trust lvl 3 pvp attack 6 lvl pvp defense 4 lvl will updated if new items are added
  9. Hello as you are reading this topic i am sure you are looking for someone to help you grow up your server. Someone that offer good services and good prices. I am here to present to everyone what i offer! Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Facebook Advertisement services. a): Owner of Lineage 2 Facebook groups with over 3k+ Members and pretty much active. b): Facebook sponsored advertise included in our services. c): Beside our groups we will post your server everywhere people speak about Lineage 2. (English, Brasilian , Russian) d):Your server will be everywhere on Facebook. (Pages , Groups , Comments , Inbox) Lineage 2 Forums. a): We will post your server on every possible Lineage 2 Forum that is knowed. (10+ L2 Forums) b): We will maintain your topics and will bump them daily. Skype/Facebook/E-mail Contacts. a): Based on what chronicle your server is we will provide you with contacts of Clan Leaders , Party leaders and Factor players. b): Spam groups for Skype and Facebook. c): If you are looking to create your server logo or different desing you can allways ask and we will provide you with contacts. Promo/Trailer videos for your server. (New) a): Our newest service is creating , designing Trailer's/Promo's on any length and format you prefer. VK (Comming soon) Some of our creations. P.S: This are just for preview text and images will be chosen as you want. First promo: Second promo: Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Feel free to ask any kind of questions :) Server we worked with: L2Saga L2Reality L2Alendria L2Europa L2TheGame (High Five) L2DAMAGE L2Infinity L2Baron L2Elixir L2Origin Project Lipo L2BIG L2BattleRoyale L2Hellfire L2OvC L2Flector L2Endeavor L2E-Global TheBattle.club L2Neverland L2Gxzone (Alynna x7) L2Mafia L2Mercury L2Arena.club L2Gytheon List will be updated after every work. Thanks for your time and best regards :)
  10. Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com DELIVERY IN 60 SECONDS* - Lightspeed delivery! AFFORDABLE PRICES - we are not the cheapest but is it worth to risk $ with super cheap prices? 200+ LOCAL PAYMENTS via G2A PAY - Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Skrill / WM / WeChat and more! END-GAME ITEMS - gear up now and stop wasting time on farming BONUS ADENA TO EVERY PURCHASE - more you buy = bigger the bonus AFFILIATE PROGRAM - recommend us to others and get commissions for their orders TRUSTED PREMIUM SERVICE - Guaranteed protection against fraud! PRE-ORDER ADENA and ITEMS - pre-order what u need and we will inform you when it's available[/FONT] NCwest: [CHRONOS] [NAIA] [Classic TALKING ISLAND] [Classic GIRAN] [Classic ADEN] [Classic GLUDIO] Innova EU [CORE] [SKELTH] *instant delivery available during our business hours: 6am - 12am UTC+1 *Get up to 10% BONUS in ADENA for your PURCHASE!* Stay in Touch with us!
  11. Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com DELIVERY IN 60 SECONDS* - Lightspeed delivery! AFFORDABLE PRICES - we are not the cheapest but is it worth to risk $ with super cheap prices? 200+ LOCAL PAYMENTS via G2A PAY - Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Skrill / WM / WeChat and more! END-GAME ITEMS - gear up now and stop wasting time on farming BONUS ADENA TO EVERY PURCHASE - more you buy = bigger the bonus AFFILIATE PROGRAM - recommend us to others and get commissions for their orders TRUSTED PREMIUM SERVICE - Guaranteed protection against fraud! PRE-ORDER ADENA and ITEMS - pre-order what u need and we will inform you when it's available[/FONT] NCwest: [CHRONOS] [NAIA] [Classic TALKING ISLAND] [Classic GIRAN] [Classic ADEN] [Classic GLUDIO] Innova EU [CORE] [SKELTH] *instant delivery available during our business hours: 6am - 12am UTC+1 Lineage 2 ITEMS ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE STRONGER YOUR NEGOTIATION SKILLS ARE = LESSER THE PRICE :D If you wanted to upgrade your old GEAR this is the best moment! ****The available item list is always up to date on our website!**** Stay in Touch with us!
  12. - Offer you assistance in selling your in-game goods. - We have a great experience as Middle-Man and good reputation as Merchant. - The largest open trade online chat ( over 1000 active users ) - - Facebook open trade group ( new search system ) - - The largest marketplace ( we collect goods from all sellers in one place ) - - For sellers ( add your goods at pufa.store ) - Skype - llesaneda Facebook -Maxcheaters - Attention!!! Not to be scammed follow next steps:
  13. Description New fast, easy & secure as possible donation panel for your players, using Sguard or Smart Guard! Few words about the panel This panel is used by many admins with success is also the reason that has no known exploits or bugs because its already tested and fixed. I try to keep it simple as possible so it can be easy to be designed by others with no design knowledge, easy to setup and use out of the box but no mistake this is not an account manager this is a donate panel by definition of name it does what it suppose to do nothing more if you want account manager with design you can check here: Players Pay in easy 5 steps 1) Login with his player username. 2) Select the donation method (Paypal/Paygol/Nextpay/G2APay). 3) Select the amount of payment. 4) Pay. 5) Automatically recieve the reward ingame when he login but also while he is online! The shop is special edition with SGuard & Smart Guard explanation in steps: Player clicks on a button called “Buy Donate Coins” of an NPC. The shop opens in user’s default browser and automatically login with our API. So user repeats Payment steps 2, 3, 4. SGuard & Smart Guard API is not mantatory you can still use the donation panel without the API Features Protections Full SSL website (forced by htaccess) XSS Protection just in case. Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level Session Validation COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized SQL Injection protection Cookie and Request protection Query String protetion Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there) Google Captcha to check for bots SEO & Public management SEO Friendly urls (in htaccess level) Google Analytics Code ready. Terms and use ready to go (specially for paysafe in order to accept you as payment service) Terms for G2A Pay ready. Refund policy Contact For the terms text where implied the server name is showing config SERVER_NAME or SERVER_WEBSITE variables you dont need to change anything. Speed Zip Content (faster load) Memory save (unloading global vars) Using CDN's for bootstrap Scripts are loaded in footer Images are soft to max 10kb Small and smart organized code style Functions Multilanguage (4 langs so far) EN ES NL EL (Easy to add more) Payment methods Paypal, Paygol, G2APay (NEW), NextPay (NEW), Paymentwall (IPN exists not installed cause they ask for company papers) After payment or cancel the user is redirected back to "Thank you" page. Technologies Bootstrap CSS MySQL (PDO Driver) PHP 7.3+ 10.2.18-MariaDB Systems Paypal supports sandbox and live. Server items in XML file copied and used for getting item ID's, properties and images (for now its disabled, and item is hardcoded for speed). Log System for website and IPN's. Log in database Payments and services used. Google Analytics Configs Website Title Server Name Contact Email Use sessions (user has to logout or auto when close the page) Show Google Captcha Google Analytics Code Use of sandbox in paypal Sandbox/Live Emails Currency Code Payment Item ID for donation Unlimited Donate Prices and Donate rewards ingame for all payment methods (NEW) Log enable or disable Delay on failed login try in seconds Login attempts and timeout Enable Icons Log location Enable or disable for each language Timeout (user is redirected to login page after innactivity) Database and Server Configs Files included Website files Java Files for your project in eclipse (aCis, L2JFrozen, Fandc, Mythras, Freya (NEW) so far asked and supported) SQL Files Instructions included How to install NPC HTML BUTTON. How to add in game server task manager. How to implement SmartGuard Packet. Small example of code. Requirements Java Server with source (in order to install) PHP 5.6 or 7.3+ (7+ is recommended) Cpanel Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) also needed for paypal (rare case) Apache (tested on nginx if you can't make it work contact us) MySQL Database Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions) PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php Java how to modify your source with a patch Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files Supported Chronicles for Panel all Chronicles it uses char_name of table characters in your database Supported Chronicles for API (java part) aCis Interlude Fandc H5 Frozen Interlude Mythras H5 Freya Farfurion (Mobius) if your pack is not listed my developer will do it for free Price 55€ Check first reply for special discounts On your part you need to make accounts for IPN in options for paypal/paygol/nextpay/g2a Example: https://yourwebsite.com/shop/system/assets/ipn/ipn_paygol.php and thats it the rest are configs. Updates Images FAQ Will the panel work if you don't have SmartGuard or SGuard? - YES perfectly! You don't know how to install any of this? - My developer will contact you Developer cost? - FREE Setup time? - Setup time aprox 10min (for more than 1 hour will be a small charge under discussion first) How the developer will get access - Teamviewer on your computer to upload files and install java/sql Does my paypal account have to be business? - NO Does my G2A account need to be buisness? - YES Does my Paygol account need to be buisness? - YES Does my Nextpay account need to be buisness? - YES Is sguard, smartguard madantory? - NO it works without the guards but with guards it has extra function to login automatically from ingame (needs a java code and inside the files is provided an example and java classes) Contact Links Join My Club in MaxCheaters Visit My New Webpage Like me On Facebook Follow Me in Twitter Pin My work In Pinterest Wach Random Events Of DenArts In Instagram Click to send me E-mail: info@denart-designs.com Add me on Skype: denart_grafistiki Find the panel here https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/ Thank you for your support!!! <3 One of my customers that nicely edited this panel: https://donate.l2mafia.net/ <3
  14. Hey I have for sell 200 col Tts set +6 Dc set +6 Am acu +7 sold Pm me if U have question
  15. Selling ES 72 & SE 66 SE 66 learned DW , STIGMA have Karmian set & staff of life ES VIP 4 , Valhala + 5 , Avadon Robe Set . If you are interested pm me your skype & I invite you.
  16. 1. Female Se 58 (have scrolls to 60) 60e 2. Destro 67 vip 4 for 3 months 100e have rune inside wh 7days unopened 3. Spoil 56 67% vip 4 for 14days/ 70e Sold 4. Tyrant 65 lvl 91% (inside acc necro 41 lvl) vip 4 3.5 have rune pack in wh 7days unopened month 120e 5. Prophet 48 w/o dw+haste 30e 41kk in stock, 2e per kk Sold Karmian set +6 90e For more info write pm or discord. Pedals#7604 Make sure u talking witm me in discord write pm in mxc with code so ill have to retype for u same
  17. DA 68lv gear c/b grade worth 20kk the most important skills bought to 68lv negotiated p only paypal - pay friends/familly top offert 350 euro if you are not interested, do not write
  18. hello everyone,we sell adena on lineage2 classic,fast and cheap,add our skype==live:a1hamren
  19. 1-10kkk = 1.8 Eur / 1kkk 10-30kkk = 1.5 Eur / 1kkk 30-50kkk = 1.3 Eur / 1kkk 50kkk+ = 1 Eur / 1kkk You can find me on funpay.com by selecting rpg-club x15 federation server. Or facebook: Metras Pykčio And skype: Chaosas9878
  20. WTS Adena Giran NCWest Lineage 2 Classic server. Contact: discord: RobsonAske#2175 skype: rizzer1991 or pm forum. ONLY THIS CONTACT METHOD, ALWAYS CHECK IF U SPEAK WITH ME VIA SENDING PM AT FORUM BEFORE ANY DEAL TO AVOID SCAM. Payment method: paypal gift, skrill.
  21. WTS Adena on skelth - discount for big amounts - pm for details WTS: AQ3 Core3 Orfen3 Daimon Staff Berserker Blade +16 + misc gear - pm if you're looking for something specific Safe trades only. If we execute by SEPA transfer no need for middleman, if we use paypal middleman is mandatory. Fees on buyers side.
  22. BD 56 LVL VIP2 ES 54 LVL VIP1 pm with ur offer if sold together better price
  23. NPC with effects & sounds. Available: server logo on NPC head. Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Personal messages
  24. Giran: WTS PP lvl 64 (all skills learned, VIP 2, deleveld to 63,99%) - 50 € WTS WC lvl 60 (all skills learned, VIP 3) - 50 € WTS BD lvl 63 - 50 € WTS Warlock lvl 63 (VIP 3) - 50 € WTS SWS 63 - 50 € WTS Destro 48 - 20 € WTS 75kk Adena sold Skelth: Treasure Hunter lvl 71 - 73% 16x Mid-grade EXP-Ticket (50kk exp each) 6x XP-Rune 100%EXP 39x normal EXPscrolls 13x medium EXPscrolls 28x high EXPscrolls 22x rice cakes 20x pirate fruits bracelet of duty level 4 + 740 daily coins Warcryer lvl 69 smany mid-grade exp tickets xp runes 100% many exp-scrolls Spellhowler lvl 53 (silence, tempest, cdl learned) 5 dandy balls 6 xp scrolls some buffscrolls Shilen Elder lvl 52 sold DD+8 with othel 8 sold BW Heavy Set +3 sold Doom Heavy Set +4/3 sold BO Set +3 sold message me offers, if i dont answer here then write me in discord. miepmiep#6189 paypal only.
  25. Hello, NCS - L2 classic - Giran WTS> Prophet 65.41%lvl / Haste, dw, Greater S-M / 2x7day 50% xp runes / elk / can change email. 100EU WTS> Hawkeye 71.70%lvl / VIP 4 / 9 NCoin / 2x7day 50% xp runes / elk / can change email. 150EU WTS> Bladedancer 74.12%lvl / VIP 1 / 79 NCoin / 1x7day 50% xp runes / elk / Rara accessory pack 30d / Baium border doll 7day / can change email. WTS> BEWA WTS> Doom helm +6, Gloves +6 WTS> Karmian gloves +6 WTS> High ls 2x WTS> Tallum heavy, DC robe sets WTS> px jw set WTS> Othel 8, 9 WTS> BOMT, SOM WTS> mj jw set WTS> Unsealed Majestic Plate Armor +6, sealed helm+6+cloth WTS> Adena Be CAREFUL there is some retarded scammers! When you make deal with me be sure me discord ID or skype information is same like in this post!!! Write me in skype for more info. skype - donatas.kkk2 Skype profile: https://ibb.co/VDLmCH8 Discord id - 551347947191795726 Paymen: PayPal ---------------------------------------------------------- Sold! sorcer 56lvl - SOLD to Pufa SE 57lvl - SOLD to GiranGamer - Op**** WarLord 60 / Se 52lvl - SOLD to 13********* SE 52lvl - SOLD to GiranGamer - Op**** SE 63lvl - SOLD to johnpapas21 SPOIL 49lvl - SOLD to somalo Warlock 64lvl - SOLD to Cường SPH 52 / EE 51 - SOLD to babykate