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Found 312 results

  1. WTS ACCOUNT CLASSIC CLUB X3 Grand Khavatari = level 78 Bladedancer = level 72 Swordsinger = level 75 Warcryer = level 76 with COV Spellhowler = level 70 Elven elder = level 69 Shilien elder = level 68 WTS Adena CLASSIC CLUB X3 1,8KKK Possible payment means : PayPal and localbitcoins, also might do a trade towards retail classic servers. Middleman accepted if we shake hands on my price and you pay him 100% of what he charges. P.S. Invoice/charge back scammers are not welcome. Also not dealing with people from south american countries without middleman since i was scammed twice on this website by them.
  2. WTS Adena Naia 8$ \ Core+Ramona 5$
  3. WTS Adena on Giran Classic server 1m = 0,9Eur Talisman Fate 1 +9 110Eur Please don waste my time if you don't want to buy. paypal protection payment not accepted! If you realy wish you have a fair trade, we do it in small transactions 1kk=0,9 and we do it all day long if you don't bellive in me ! Also please stop contact me and asking to give you first the adena, you make the payment you get the adenas, same as every sealer, you pay and after you get the adenas, if you want middleman trader, no problem we can use Pufa or someone else ! Skype : wody.wow
  4. Hi Mxc, WTS Core / Vitality / Eola / Centos Sources View more here
  5. Available for l2elixir: 2x Tallum heavy set 2x Draconic bow 1x Dual S 1x Tatteo Set + some more rings/ears 3 Parts of imperial crusader Pm for infos and price
  6. Hello guys.I want to sell 1) gladiator lvl 70 -->60 euro 2)spoiler lvl 70 --> 50 Euro 3)PP lvl 70 ---> 40 Euro 4)tallum heavy set-->40 euro NM heavy set 20euro karmian Set 5euro 5)dc robe set --->40 euro 6)interlude pole (tiphon)--->40 euro 7) interlude 1h blund (barakiels axe)--->40 euro 8)500kk adena 10kk-0,60 euro so 100kk-6 euro 9)top d weapons +5/+6/+8 please leave message here thanks
  7. Items in Stock: Set Doom Heavy x3 (2 set with shield) Set Doom Light x3 Set BW Robe x3 Set Avadon Heavy (6 pieces) Set Zubei Heavy (6 pieces) Set BO Jewels+3 Set Jewels A x3 Bow Of Peril+3+Othel Lv 5 x3 Damascus+3+Yul Lv 5 Valhalla+Iss Lv 7 Deadman Glory+Yul Lv 5 HomunKulus Sword+3+Iss Lv 6 Adena in Stock: 200kk+ Accept Paypal or wire transfer. If u want more info give pm Here and i give Discord for talk. Regards.
  8. Make sure to use the link below so you aren't dealing with a scammer. Vouches from Clients:
  9. WTS LAST ADENAS IN l2 ASHENVALE CLASSIC ARIA x5 STOCK 200kk Prices by quantity. Pm For more info
  10. Dominator lvl 85 - MJ R +8 - Hat + WIT - Cabrio Hand +8 - Procella +8 - Land Dragon Belt - Cloak - Bracelet lvl6 - Pendant +8 Duelist lvl 85 - MJ H +8 - Hat + STR - TOP Duals +8 - Ignis +8 - Land Dragon Belt - Cloak - Bracelet lvl6 - Pendant +8
  11. Hello. I am selling the following items on x0.5 server The following items are: Arcana Mace Acumen - 20.000+enchant Major Arcana Robe set - 10.000+enchant Tattoo level 10 Mask ( increases + 50.000 hp ) Champion T-Shirt level 3 Full Epic Set - 7.000+enchant Only way to pay is within PayPal. Any question you have write me in inbox so i can tell you prices.
  12. Lineage 2 Adena -> Items -> Account -> Boost There is also an exchange for another game gold ! Why should you choose us : 1. Always provides good/fair price. 2. Safe and Secure Trade - Your trade with me will look no different than normal trade between players, thus no risk of getting banned. 3. Loyal Supplier will get even better price. 4. instant payment. 5. always buy any amount. Short guide: 1. Add us on Skype -> Discord -> Gmail. 2. Wait for our reply. 3. Trade the goods to us. 4. Receive payment. 5. Comment and leave feedback. Payment options: Skrill -> Webmoney -> Paypal -> Bitcoins -> (You can discuss your payment method) My contacts: GMAIL -> wtsgoldwtb@gmail.com DISCORD -> wtsgoldwtb#6140 SKYPE -> live:wtsgoldwtb
  13. wts Adena 10kk=1,5$. There are 2 DC sets(enchanted/without enchant) 2 Swords of Miracles +1/+3 w acumen both TT necklace, earning, ring discord wildsmoque#3323
  15. WTS Адена: 1кк = 0,16 $ / 10kk = 1,6 $ / 100kk = 16 $ / 1 ккк = 150 $ / Комплект Dc > / TT Kit> / Аркана Маг Add skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/l1i47fFxkyWt or pm me here
  16. WTS - ACCOUNT - Adventurer 77 lvl - naked ADENA - GIRAN Classic https://difmark.com/en/profile/dielos
  17. WTS Адена: 1кк = 0,16 $ / 10kk = 1,6 $ / 100kk = 16 $ / 1 ккк = 150 $ / Комплект Dc > 50 $ / TT Kit> 50 $ / Аркана Маг 100 $
  18. WTS Adena: 1kk = 0.16 $ 10kk = 1.6 $ 100kk = 16 $ 1 kkk = 150 $ WTS A sets: All A sets S armors Parts: Draconic, MA, IC TT Sets WTS All A / S Weapons WTS Epic: AQ / Zaken / Core / WTS: COL 200+ WTS SA: 11/ 12/13 all collors Skype: dp280888pvs
  19. WTS: Hell knight lvl 77.65%/32kk SP left/TOI talisman 2/VIP 2/2x7day 50% runes/M def talisman CAN CHANGE EMAIL 95eur Tyrant lvl 76.45% (really cheap this one) CAN CHANGE EMAIL 55eur Shillien Saint lvl 76.24% 21kk SP/most important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 90eur Sword Muse lvl 76.26% 49kk SP/Most important songs learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 90eur Spectral Dancer lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most important dances learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 90eur Eva's Saint lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most of the important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 90eur Doomcryer lvl 76.26% 54kk SP/Most buffs learned (missing vampire and COV) note: has the log in bug on website, will give email along with account. can change pin. Will sell cheaper than usual cause of this. 80eur EDIT:price drop
  20. Hello, i would like to introduce my Vray Event Engine which is a completely new engine. There will be new updates every week and new features such as Title & Achievement System Vray will be a standard high quality choice for all owners of any type project (L2J, Frozen, aCis, Mobius e.t.c) Current version: 1.0 (Last Build 7/9/2019) Features of engine: 1. Map System (You're able to create different map for each event. Upon start the event picks a random map) 2. Reconnect System (If config allow reconnect for the specific event, upon disconnect your info will be stored. When you get back online, server asks you if you want to rejoin the event) 3. Scheduler (Using the scheduler you can set hour, minute even day for events. You can schedule event holder without id and scheduler will categorize it as a random event. You can also as i mentioned pick day. By default every event is Daily. The events will start exactly the hour and minute you set without waiting. If for instance you set CTF to start at 15:00 it will start exactly at 15:00 without any delay) 4. Simultaneously (One or more events can run at the same time. This mean you can set at the same time CTF & TvT to start. Players will be able to pick which event they want to participate to) 5. Observers (Each event can have observers depend on the configuration. Upon event start on observers tab of the Manager, the event will appear with the time remaining of the event and the number of players. Players outside event can enter as observers and view the event). 6. Point System (Each event give an amount of points that is visible on the registration page for each player. You can use this point system for your server for exchanges e.t.c). 7. Reload Config (You can reload event configuration and scheduler using admin command live) Current Events 1. CTF (Capture the flag) 2. DM (Deathmatch) 3. KOTH (King of the hill) 4. LUCKY (Lucky Chest) 5. MUTANT (Mutant zombie) 6. SIMON (Simon Says) 7. TVT (Team vs Team) Note: Those event's are implemented by default. V-ray engine will have new event in the next version. Some of them are listed bellow Vray Events(Update) 1. RACE (Racing) 2. CC (Copy Cat Dance) 3. HNS (Hide and Seek) 4. STP (Save The Princess) A Sample event [KOTH]: People who gonna buy the engine will get the new events for free in the next update. Please contact me here (PM) if you're interest to buy my engine or ask further information with your skype. Price: 80e Payments: Paypal, Western Union, E-banking
  21. drac/major/talum r/2x tts/dc/talum h/ sets.700 col/am acu/as haste/2x s spear/donate shield.+a gr random shit if wanted. 30e paypal for everythingskype snxx88
  22. Website : LINK (CLICK) YouTube : LINK (CLICK) Facebook : LINK (CLICK) Discord : GameBoostCEO#1583
  23. 85lvl mage- sold. 85lvl mage - sold. 82lvl eva saints, full atr. 82lvl dark avanger, full atr. Adena and dp - sold. Pm
  24. - Character level 85 with full attributes (Lv10 Fire-Water-Earth-Wind) - Garnet Lv4 - Sapphire Lv4 - Jade Lv4 - Bracelet of Duty Lv5 - 1 Rare Skin:
  25. WTS Full account Naia all 6lvl jewerly set +10 dark roba Instanity 7S Abundance Lv.4 PVP Caster +21 10lvl sa etc. Offer privat msg