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Found 525 results

  2. WTS account on Lineage 2 Classic EU 4game Server: Skelth 1- account with Shillien Elder 76 pm for more info
  3. WTS WC, BD, WK 63+, SWS 55+, FULL C/2x PL SETS, ~5kk adena, etc. pm me here.
  4. wtt necromancer 59 with cdl skill for sorcerer same or lower lvl or higher no items
  5. As the title says wts destro 58 lvl and warcryer 58 .Destro equiped with c grade and wc with karmian. Lot of mats and adena
  6. Wts , soon we will have charachters, epicks. ATM only adena click https://r33team.com/buy-adena-l2mordor.html
  7. WTS 10.8b adena Sayha Seer lvl 100 (same account Tyrr GK 99 with Longing and +6 R99 hvy set) Offers on Discord iJuche#0086 Also can trade for items/adena at Skelth Ty
  8. WTS 800 Donation Pound all at once better deal. pm here
  9. WTS on TI NA Hawkeye lvl 67 vip 4 for 1year+, 3 agathions, 2 hats, dye - 215usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 (60%) vip 3 for months, silver coins - 90usd!! Shillien Elder lvl 55 80usd!! If you buy both SE i can make it 160usd I do accept adenas for payment too. Use of known middleman available skype: alm0st-gm discord: Almost #7981 Trusted seller, a lot of sells done last few weeks.
  10. accept paypal skrill webmoney Now we can take also Bitcoins cheap price instant delivery , discounts for const clients, personal approach to each client our site http://citygamers.ru Cheapest most sites Now our stock is Wts on Core adena 100b+ 6,5usd /1b dragon claws 86 left *With Citygamers u got clean adena* *We have long time experience * *Safety trade * *No one ban our customers * *If u want be best-choose best service * https://www.facebook.com/nikolay.demiurg Whats up +79275608835 add our buissnes skype digitaldemiurg@citygamers.onmicrosoft.com add our new 2018 year skype Preferred communication in FB or Whatsup For verifed our skype click on skype button on skype icon top side our site citygamers.ru PLZ BE ATTANTION!!! U CAN CHECK OUR SKYPES: IN ONLINE CHAT SITE , DIRICTLY LINK FROM SITE, FROM PM FORUM , IN FB. DONT BE MORON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be Attantion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE SITE: citigamers.ru FAKE SKYPE: live:citigamers Scammers skypes : live:digitaldemiurg, citygamer.innova , digitaidemiurg and digitaldemiurg.
  11. WTS DB+16 ZAKEN/AQ/Tezza/Baium (+10 to +13) Drac Armor 13/14 IC+10 25k Gold Some bogs/LS I sell them only as a pakage and for 200 euro local trade if near me is possible.
  12. Interlude L2J Stable Project Ready to Open Informations.. Server was created for a Mid/High Rate Server Non custom. Featured Information: Customized enchant system. Controlls if item breaks, crystalize, etc. Custom server currency, usable and services related items core sided. Daily Reward for chars with IP check. Daily Clan Rewards for chars with IP check. Custom Instanced Dungeons. (Solo & Party). Skills and classes reworked and stats are balanced for a non custom server. Custom Chaotic Zones. 2 Custom Party Zones. With party members check. Chaotic and non-chaotic. Custom Restrictions for Olympiad. Automatic 3vs3 and 9vs9 Tournaments. Party Matching System. Custom Noblesse System. Last hit party gets noblesse status. Custom Voiced Commands. & A lot more cool features. You can ask for more information if you need. Server is also ready to open in case you want a ready server, this project has already very well worked economy system and features to be opened. PM me for offers. I will sell only 3 copies of this project. Midleman & the person who will provide the files @Designatix so in case you wanna test the files u will go trought him
  13. Selling a DA level 64. Naked or with C Weapon/ BW Heavy set / +4 top c jewels /vip level 4 for a long time.... Selling a WC level 61. Lux shop jewels/Karmian set/vip 4. both come with complete access to the email addresses linked with the account. serious offers only. pm me here
  14. wts adena/items on l2saga.net skype john_grown
  15. wts Giran 37kk adena 5eu/kk pm here or skype : vargaa.aadam
  16. I have for sale a Lv77 mage with Lv78 Overlord and two rechargers both 77 (SE & EE). The accounts come with original emails and can either be geared up or naked. However discounts can and will be applied if the accounts are taken with gear. The party can efficiently farm at any current location on the map, all the characters have loads of exp boosters and high exp scrolls from Baium and CA, the OL, SE, EE have so many that they can go 79 in a click. If the offer is right I can take them to Baium and make all supports Lv79. The characters have the most important skills learnt for their levels and can be ran as a CP or join any top side. Mage: +3 Top A 2H Blunt & +6 Avadon Robe Set OL: +3 BW Robe Set and Phoenix Jwls & Great Axe with Lv7 Iss MP Reg SE: +3 Zubei Robe Set & Mixed B Jewels & Top C 2h Staff with Lv7 Iss MP Reg EE: +3 BW Robe Set & BO Set & Mid C 1h Staff with Lv6 Iss MP Reg
  17. Hey mxc ! I am selling those web templates for lineage 2 Servers with Php and PSD pm me for prices ! Just 1 copy each template ! add me on skype : he4rlessss or pm here.
  18. i want to sell : lvl 52 vip 4 sph , dyes , CDL ! lvl 58 vip 4 EE . Clarity , party recall. all buff learned. +6 karmian set PM ME or add me on skype : vargaa.aadam
  19. WTS Elemental Summoner almost lvl 64 (VIP 4 for 1 year). - no items/adena Server: NA Giran
  20. 57 Spellhowler w/ CDL++ Geared no weapon Original owner, comes with email+credentials. VIP 3 ITEMS: -Set karmian Full -Top C Jewels full+3 (Nassen Earrings, Rings Of Seal, Neck of Seal) - Avadon boots + alot of mats to craft avadon -1.500.000+ Adena SKILLS -Clear mind (learned) -Silence (learned) -Tempest (learned) -Curse Death Link (learned) All skills worth 20million + https://www.playerauctions.com/l2-account/143154335a!57-spellhowler-w-cdl-geared-no-weapon/ contact me here or on playerauctions
  21. l2lionna classic 15xmj heavy set unsealed,meteor shower othell 8lv hair +con +menaden cloakbracelet of duty 5lvbrooch 2lv , jade lv3agathion braclet lv4toi 3gift 200kk, energy 2, 1x cel shardas, mj phx jew rec,matsu,b grd shit 30euro Mail: malucokuko@gmail.com
  22. Hello, i am selling chars/items on President x3 Rpg-Club server. 1. Grand Khavatari 84 lvl (Tyrant 3rd class) noblesse, 3 subs, 3rd lvl buff books, 82 skills. Cloak of flame +6 skills +10 2. Elemental Master 85 lvl (Pony 3rd class) noblesse, 1 sub, 3rd lvl buff books, 82 skills. skills +11-13 +4 Vesper Noble Rob Set 1380 attri Vesper Caster 300 water Vesper Sigil Orfen Earring Vorpal Earring Moirai necklace Moirai Rings Golden Noblesse Cloak RPG over 500kk adena, A/B grade sets, etc. If you are interested in, pm me here or on skype: matosu88
  23. Hello, I'm selling Lvl 80 Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) DS + 8 +8 Drake Leather Set 800~ kk in pocket A lot stuff in eq. (Worth 100++kk). ------------------------------------------------------- lvl 61 Spoil with Zubei hvy set. ------------------------------------------------------- lvl 73 Bishop (no eq) For more info contact me on skype - xdonalfonso