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Found 574 results

  1. Hello. I would Like to sell my Elven Elder 75lv. 55% on Giran NA server 54k VIP 4 points.. All skills learned. Character have rare Agathion sun Joy ( free teleports). Bracelet lvl.3 , Many XP boosts.( 9 irene 1hour 50% xp boosts, 9 rice cakes, mid scrolls,high scrolls. 280 special Fruits, 35 gold fruit Rune 50% for 20 days. 85 water / Victory fish stews . character have many cosmetics accesory. I can sell it naked or geared. Only with middleman. Also I want to sell my Necromancer 72lv. VIP 4 17k points.Bracelet lv3. XP boosts. on same account is sorcerer 40 for ant queen
  2. WTS ELEMENTAL MASTER 52 DARK AVENGER 52 WARLOK 52 x2 Acept pufa middleman services and can be traded for adena on skelth Make ofertas on private
  3. Hello, I have for sell SR with whole info and E-MAIL ( I'm also up to hire middleman) SR 62 VIP 3
  4. https://r33team.com/buy-adena-valhalla.html Fast delivery 24/7 work time A lot of reviews.
  5. Hello! Maybe you want to see new jewels for Lineage? Need something new? It's for you! New icons from popularity game for Lineage! What I can show you: edited default Lineage 2 jewelry box ( new nice texures ). At this moment in box you can see the item from icon but not any default item. Icon = ring => drop box = box with ring. But it's not all! You can see cool interesting effect for box. I did not see in Lineage drop items with effects. Sounds: Available ( throw / equip actions ). I can make for you any mods in this style or this mode with your jewelry package. Interested? Write me! Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Personal wevsite: www.l2j-mod.ru Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/L2jModRu
  6. Hi im selling my account in l2bt VIP CHARACTER WITH DARK CRYSTAL SET +7 TATOESSIAN JEWELS +7 AM ACUMEN +12 TALLUM ROBE SET +6 for only 30 US
  7. L2STORE.info - PWLVL and ADENA service we work on NA CLASSIC (NCWEST) EU CLASSIC (Innova) and Free Servers on our website there is a section where you can place your things for sale in the marketplace section Ask any questions in the online chat or here pm #tags skelth, Talkin Island, Giran, Aden, Gludio, GameCoast.net, Lineage2.com, L2.EU, eu.4game.com/lineage2classic/, if you are interested in another server, we can find the best offers for you.
  9. Hi. WTS this chars in l2Pandora: Elemental Master lvl 79, Storm Screamer lvl 78, Dreadnought lvl 78. And this items: Edit: Just Adena in stock, i have 500kk. 2.5€ = 100kk
  10. Hey all, As my personal situation doesnt allow me to play anymore I'm cashing out. Please see list below for current items and Adena stock. Current list of items left: +13 Dark caster 3 sa (2 lvl 7) Blessed Antharas Lindvior earing Baium soul ring Antqueen Soul ring Ring of Creation Current Adena stock: 480b Adena price is 1b/€5 Drop me a message here, in pm or add me on skype: live:nofxs_core
  11. Hello,im selling adena on l2thegame.com(High5) stock is 5 Billion for more info pm me on skype : kotopuolo
  12. Hero Dyna heavy S duals +4 150 fire DB 3b Draco set HB premium caravan 215k oly tokens 40-100 atri stones tts sets x2 DLE HD 150 fire offers by pm. thx
  13. WTS SILVER RANGER 62 VIP 3 80e I'm albe to hire MM
  14. I sell char with am acu+5 (empo passive) dc/valakas x3 expert scavenger x3 expert tranquility(base stats) x2 m.c rate (perception) PM here with ur offers sph 80 lvl (7700 m.atk,1496 c.speed) OP necro 78 lvl
  15. Hello guys. im interesed selling DC method all players on NCSoft Linege 2. Price 500 USD. I show test PM.
  16. As in topic. I have adena and some items for sell on l2 rise h5 x50. Vesper Noble Leather set all +4 Blessed Earring of Zaken Type here or pm me on forum, thanks.
  17. Gladiator Lv. 68 / VIP 4 / Dual Weapon Defense, Sonic Move / Bracelet of Duty Lv. 2 + Talisman of Insolence 1 - Includes Abyss Walker Lv. 52 / VIP 4 / Hex, Hide. (u$s 250)Prophet Lv. 53 / Death Whisper, Haste. ($50)The 3 characters only have set Moon and the main account has many materials.PayPal only.
  18. Char. -Sell Warcryer lvl 59 full buff - dwarf lvl 28 full recipes lvl 1-2. (vip 1), 2 runes exp 7 days 50%. 100€ or 40kk in game -Spoiler lvl 57 full skill. 100€ or 40kk in game SKYPE ( ZarChiCha )
  19. L2 WARLAND x20 Wts epic jewels set (Valakas, Antharas, Baium, AQ, Zaken) all +10 Wts DC set 10/10/11/13
  20. WTS Grand Khavatari 78 Full S grade Epic jewels (AQ,Baium, tezza etc.) Also got nuker 78 lvl, s grade gear Price to agree Leave pm here
  21. WTS LV79 SK On gamecoast x3 classic with +6 doom set and +9 damascus sword
  22. WTS lv77 Necromancer with +6 set karmian and +5 BO jewel Set