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Found 18,767 results

  1. Site includes: Account Control Panel Scripts(Top PvP/Pk/Online/Level/Clan/Olympiad/Boss Status/Castle & Siege) Every image like buttons/backround/logo can be edited. Preview: Contact me through: Personal Message
  2. 45 kk adena to sell. Gladiator account. More info pm here via DM.
  3. wts th with mj l set +6, tts +6/7/8, tatto , as with chance m.def (+400 m.def almost every first hit ) sub sagi with db +6 passive duel might , mucho adena and some shits pm here
  4. Hello guys, I have made several mods & features for my project and I'm going to sell them individually. This topic has nothing to do with the project's topic. Here I'm selling only the features individually. They are made for aCis but they can be adapted to any project. 1v1 PvP Battlegrounds -> 60 Euro - It's a tournament for players, only 1v1. - This tournament is scheduled, so you can put unlimited specific times to run. - You can set the duration in minutes. - Tournament is instanced, that means unlimited matches can be done in the same time in the same zone. - Spectate mode for all running matches is available. - Spawning NPC with special effects when tournament opens and the opposite when closing. - Queue task running every X seconds to generate new matches. - Battle task running every X seconds to check disconnected players. - Buff restoring after finishing a match -> removing all extra buffs comparing to buffs you had at beginning. - Perfect working and totally debugged (including all checks). Donate NPC -> 20 Euro - - - - Change name, change sex, nobless status - Clan level 8, clan reputation, clan skills - Hero status for X days - Augmentation for equipped weapon (just picking the skill you wish and your weapon gets augmented). - Special skins (accessories) including try option for 10 seconds. - All prices & values can be changed through the HTML without restarting the server. Buffer NPC -> 10 Euro - - Ready buff sets. - Options to create your own buff sets. - Showing your current buffs and the maximum buff slots. - Each buff includes detailed description & skill icon in HTML. - Organized with pages to avoid long HTML. - Clicking again on a buff, it's getting removed. - Buff time configurable for each buff (id,time;id,time). - Custom list for counting buffs (you can add which buffs you want to count as buff slot). Event engine -> 40 Euro - Currently implemented 6 events (TvT, CTF, DM, LMS, RITM, URF). - Running vote poll every X minutes and next event is chosen by players. - You can create a new event really easy by extending an abstract class. - Reward for kill, reward for top teams, reward for top players. - Result panel after event is finished. Vote engine -> 15 Euro - - Global vote reward (hopzone, topzone, network) including reward limit per IP. - Individual vote reward (hopzone, topzone, network, l2votes,, l2jbrasil, l2topservers). - A mini weekly event, rewarding the player with most votes of the week. - Vote Buff which can be used after voting X sites. Fast Augmentation -> 5 Euro - If you double click on the Lifestone, your equipped weapon gets augmented. - If you get a skill, you get an announcement on screen and the weapon gets unequipped automatically. Real clan ranking -> 10 Euro - Real clan ranking counts your clan's efficiency based on actions. - Clan ranking is increased in the ladder by hunting bosses, conquering castles & killing war enemies (you can add any other option you like). - You can choose the exact date to finish the event and the rewards as well (you can set different rewards for different ranking). A unique monster instance -> 5 Euro - It's used for party zones mostly. - The monster drops rewards individually to each player who did X damage. - Bishops are getting rewarded also based on heal value they did to attackers. Dynamic pvp zone -> 10 Euro - Changes automatically every X hours or minutes. - Very easy to add/remove zones with unlimited respawn points. - Respawn button to respawn inside the pvp zone, To Village if you want to leave. - Reward for top X players based on pvp made inside the zone (result panel as well). - "Blessed" version of pvp zone (% chance to be blessed) and double pvp points, rewards. .soulcrystal Soul crystal leveling info -> 10 Euro - Useful tool for mid/low rate servers (can be put as VIP account feature etc). - Displays information for the crystal currently in your inventory. - Displays crystal leveling monsters/bosses, sorted by monster level. - Auto generated (you don't need to change htmls never when editing soul crystal parameters). - Automatic paging systems, no need to edit htmls manually. Video: CB Auction House (like L2Tales) -> 40 Euro - Many configs to customize it as you want. - Instant DB item saving/loading to avoid item loss (roll-backs when server shuts down etc). - Easy searching for items with many options. - Simple & clean html design. - Inventory view build in the auction house. Video: The descriptions aren't detailed, just the necessary information. In case of many codes, a discount will be applied. Contact via PM, Skype (harris.devlin) or Discord (Devlin#3715)
  5. Game: Lineage 2 Paralax: Yes Animation: CSS3 A new completely unique game theme design Lineage 2 for your best server. An illustration of the character of the elf's hat of an archer was drawn from scratch especially for this project. A unique logo will add to your project greater importance among other similar ones. The design set includes additional player ranking and download pages. Many additional pop-ups and windows included too. The site design looks modern with preservation of all the best stylistic traditions of the game Lineage 2. The forum easily adapts to the Invision Community engine. DEMO: MAKE UR OFFER
  6. Hello, WTS 3 accounts 1. 79 GS with soulbow + TTS +5 set, Mj La set +6 with 30 days premium 2. 79 Cardinal Dc robe set/ tallum robe set + TTS +5 set + WT (can add Arcana Mace if needed) + wizard hat with 30 days premium 3. 77 Necro (with 78 skills) b grade equip (can add AM) with 7 days premium and a lot of Donation Coins + mats, can give all my boxes for free to this accounts Best if bought at once :) Paypal friend/family method or Revolut (can use middleman if You want ).
  7. Tank lvl 61 with gear pm here
  8. Hi, i have 1.500 donate coins for sale on IL 15x. PM here. Take care!
  10. Hello everybody So almost 3 years ago I released a very primitive Fake Players engine called L2jRoboto. It lacked many features and it wasn't really manageable. Thanks to the quarantine situation I decided to spend some of my spare time writing a completely new engine from scratch. So without any further ado I present to you, Autobots, the most Advanced Fake Player Engine. The engine currently supports every class between level 40-80 except for the summoner classes and prophet-like classes. Features Full autobot control through an in game dashboard with amazing UX Spawn/Despawn/Delete Inspect a bot's inventory, status, skills and buffs Customise the bot's combat and social preferences in game Target radius PvP aggression and preferences Self sustain with potions that can be configured in game Infinite buff replenishing Infinite consumable replenishing Ingame bot filtering Persistent bots that are saved in the database and can be logged in where they logged out Unique behaviour on each bot based on its class Archers will kite Spoilers will spoil and sweeper Pet owners will have pets following or assisting them Create an autobot in game Name Level Class Appearance Create random Autobot Bot chat control You can see what the bot sees in the chat and you can do things like talk in general chat or shout chat and also use PMs Bot clan control Create a bot clan in game and change the members of the clan from the dashboard, including clan crests for remote locations Full ingame bot control (movement, attack, skills, chat) Here is a video showcasing the features as of 04/05/2020 Some images: New feature: Full bot control Movement Chat Skills Action Combat PvP/PK (Ctrl button support) Features under development Social in-town behaviour Party creation and coordination Bot anchor points A lot more Possible usages Calibrate how long it will take for a player farming to get the top gear Tweak the PvP match-up between classes to enhance the balance Make your server look more populated than it really is, (obviously) Project support aCis L2jEternity Adaptations available on demand Licensing The engine is licensed, which means you buy the right to run it. There is a initial fixed fee of £150 and if you want to get updates you need to pay an extra £50 every month. This is a premium product and I wanna keep it to those who are willing to invest. The initial fee includes one month of updates. The license is bound to the person, not the server but you can only use it on one server at a time, meaning that you are free to open 10 servers with the same purchase but only one server can use it at a time. To ensure customer satisfaction, you will have as much time as you want on my private server, testing everything about the engine before you make any purchase. Contact Interested in the development progress or more info? Join our discord:
  11. Wts items: - aq - baium - zaken - antharas - valakas - dc robe set +6 - draconic set - adena (100kk = 5€) - HD+focus - Saint spear + haste payment: paypal contact: leave me message here
  12. Sell interface Lineage 2 Epilogue (Plus) I want to apologize for the translation. Greetings to all. I want to offer my work for sale. The interface was made more than a year. Something changed, something was altered. And now it is constantly changing and redone. In the end, bit by bit gathered his interface. Epilogue is not the most common chronicles, but I like them and therefore created for Epilogue. So what is in the interface. 1. And the most important. Fully reworked tooltips. Everything is absolutely. What could find. Changed view. Added gadgets in the form of showing icons and bonuses from sharpening. The overlay for icons of layers is also made. It is possible to show sharpening or pet level in the latest chronicles. Dividing strips stretch automatically to the width of the tooltip. Equipped items highlighted. Quest items have been added to the quest items and the name of the quest. In store tooltips with fast hover, the price of items is also displayed. Added display for complete items and also shows what items are dressed and what give bonuses. 2. On the login, a mapping of the keyboard layout is made when entering the login and password. Now you can clearly see if the layout is not English. 3. In the lobby menu, everything is redone in accordance with the new chronicles. Including animation selection of Persians. 4. The character creation menu has been completely redone. Everything is clicked and has tooltips. Race, gender, class, person, hairstyle and hair color. Everything has a highlight and tips. Also, when creating characters, characters are generated by default randomly. Left a window with a hint in which direction further pumping will be. 5. Made ExpBar with duplicated buttons of the main menu. The main menu is also remade and left. More familiar))) The clock is displayed, now it is not necessary to turn off the client to see the time. At night, the moon is shown instead of the sun. There is a show and hide Adena. If you have a karma, the Exp bar is colored red. 6. The system menu is changed and made as in modern chronicles. Removed unnecessary buttons. 7. Notices completely reworked. All that was and were added new. About clan search and new skills (test function) Notifications are dynamically linked and linked to each other in the lower right corner above the menu. Not overlapping each other. Are highlighted. 8. Completely rebuilt window with detailed information about the character. 9. There is a debuff timer. 10. Reworked Vitali strip in accordance with Epilogue. Separation is fully consistent with the epilogue. (2000-13000-17000) There are tooltips about bunuses. 11. Made a selection of windows in the party and pets. Now visually visible who is selected at the moment. Also reworked tooltips. 12. Made a strip of caste as in the high chronicles. Almost completely coincides with the standard strip. Even the use of the nipple is taken into account. Which slightly accelerate the caste. In the strip there are all effects. The strip is also broken if the spell was broken. 13. Redone Target window. Now it shows the profession and the profession icon. 14. Redone macro window. Now added up to 105 icons. Also shows tips that are written in the macro. You can minimize the macro window - in the end you get an additional socket with macros. You can select new icons with arrows (the old choice is more familiar to you), and also when you click on an icon, a panel with icons appears. 15. Made panel autoshots. And for pets too. And even for fishing rods. All possible actions with shots are taken into account. For example: if there are less shots left than you need to use, the auto-shutdown is disabled. When adding shots to your inventory, the auto-adjust automatically turns on if it has been activated before shutdown. You can choose which shot to use. When clicking on a shot, a panel with a selection of shots is shown. If there are fewer spirit shots than you need to use, but there is a spirit of spirit shots, it will automatically switch to them. Well, etc. What could remember the conditions. Well, there are a lot of them. It all depends on the circumstances. Shots are automatically inserted below the rank of your weapon. Displayed in both vertical and horizontal panels. 16. Implemented context menu. The menu automatically resizes and various menus are added for different conditions. Implemented for target, pet menu and party members, as well as for menu status. Various menus for the very person for someone who is in the ticket. For pets for Varov. There is a blink effect as in the original. 17. Fully redone radar window. Maps of cities are displayed. Also, the NPC display in cities has been tested. The radar is not static (except for cities), outside the city, as in the standard, you can choose a rotating radar. All functions saved. Added transparency, etc. Left the display of the current location. I'm tired of constantly pointing to the icon to see the name of the location. 18. Redesigned inventory window. Made tab separation. Expansion and sorting. Made a warning about the overflow of inventory. If the items in the inventory are more than 80%, then the inscription of the number of items changes color to yellow, if 90% or more, the inscription changes color to red. Removed stretch bug. When, after stretching, in the middle of the empty cells, blocked cells appeared. 19. Redone minimap. Added display of various dungeons. (Not all) Could not find maps of dungeons in original style. Krum Tower - all floors are shown. Maps of cities with new chronicles. In the future I will do with the latter. 20. Redone warehouse window. Added tab separation. No need to shovel everything to put for example the collected ingredients. 21. Redone shop window. 22. Made a window with inventory. With scrolling and tooltips. Hiding. It has a completely original functionality. 23. Fully redone window multitselov. There is a search. Reduced the size (otherwise almost the entire game window overlaps). Added tab Available. If the item is available for exchange or purchase, arrows are added to its icon. Selecting the type of display (list - cells). All as in the original. 24. Created window exit - reboot. Shows the amount of experience and adena. Well, as in the original shows TROPHIES. There are hints and reset works. 25. Implemented fly away damage. Because The patch is entirely multilanguage - then when you switch the language, the damage also changes. No restrictions on showing. Even if you beat very quickly - it will not overlap or be replaced. Animation included. Works for the character itself. If you are hit, the damage will fly off. 26. Added dialog buttons with chronicles above. There is a binding to the coordinates. Text orientation, tooltips, text color changes, icons change (QUEST, NORMAL, TELEPORT, RETURN). 27. The work of inventory has been completed - now you can transfer to shortcuts from any tab. The patch is entirely multilingual (rus - eng), down to the small inscriptions. A huge number of strings were added and rewritten, corrected. Each new or converted window was made from and to. Many windows were altered several times. For example autoshots. This is 3 of their implementation. Radar also reworked. In the patch there is a re-sharpening and circular insertion of drugs. All cheating was out of principle not implemented. Much has been done, something small, something large. Just do not remember. Did not paint about every little thing in every window. If you are interested, the patch will constantly evolve. A lot of things on mind. Sorry for inaccurate translation. Translated Google. Skype: BadStealth Patch with a link to any 3 accounts at your discretion. 5000 rubles. Patch interface with binding to the server, binding occurs at the ip address or domain name, at your discretion. 10,000 rubles. For all questions, please contact Skype : BadStealth I would like to thank the user - Eressea
  13. Tezza +5 Antharas +4 Baium +5 AQ +5 Zaken +5 5 Set TT +3 4 AM +3 Acumen 5 Set dc 3 set talum 3 Talisman Worth of 50 Euro Each 4 Tattoo of Bravery Worth of 40 Euro Each 600 Donation Pounds 3 Character Noblesse With a lot of Mats. Contact me trought PM Payment Methods Bank Transfer , paypal i will only accept payments friends & family not going firist.
  14. Hello Welcome, I am preparing a website at affordable prices for you. You can contact me to get an offer. My Contact Information Whatsapp : +905432451707 Mail :
  15. Hello dear users and future customers. So as composition our team slightly changed, I decided to personally create topic. Many know our team, someone heard, someone else does not know :) We would like to present our updated emulator High Five part 5! And also to offer favorable conditions for purchase of our emulator and further cooperation! Development has resumed and is already quite a long time. A huge number of global changes have been made to core itself, geoengine, AI, scripts, packages and much more. You can see changes [ timeline ] on our forums. ---> For all questions you can contact: ICQ - 397086629 / Skype <--- Main advantages of our emulator and team: -> Stable core, no lags and freezes with minimal resource requirements. -> Availability to configure server for any rates due to the large number of configs. [ Download configs ] -> Easy to adapt add-ons. -> Informative community board with a large number of services. -> Emulator is adapted for Strix-Guard; -> Emulator is adapted for CMS. -> Prompt technical support, problem solving up to 24 hours*! -> Adequacy, integrity and friendliness. A broader description can be found on our forum [RU] and [ENG] Prices / Conditions: -> [ View options ] Writing scripts / mods / add-ons for any source and any chronicles (according to your technical task): -> Writing scripts [ from 10 Euro/hour ] -> Mods and add-ons: [ negotiated personally ] -> Adaptation of protection mods: Free for [ Expanded ] and [ All Inclusive ] options Bonuses / Promotions / Loyalty: If you have already become our customer -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on interfaces from EMU-DEV command -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on protection Strix-Platform for your server -> Provide [ 10% discount ] for services to scripting -> Provide [ 50% discount ] when global update on "Standart" option All information, prices and conditions are current at the time of publication. Detailed information can be found on our forum *Additional time may be required to test/validate/recreate error.
  16. WTS ADENA AT L2CLASSIC.CLUB ADENA AT MMOWAY.COM CLASSIC ADENA AT RAIDFIGHT.EU My main topic : Buyer goes first or pays known European mediator services. I accept Paysend and some other methods. PM me or add the discord MidnightInTokyo#5367 Skype :
  17. Lineage Projects Sites Pack's Cover Facebook Banners Forums The purpose of Lineage Project is to sell, sell and advertise Gamers! We are a Staff specialized in offering the best gameplay of today, based on the C ++ platform (L2OFF) and will improve the best SERVER Selling Graphics Design & Client Development Services Need some previews? Check out my
  18. 14 years in business, 9 years on maxcheaters, buy from trusted! WTS Adena on Classic Vanilla x3 server MMOWAY.COM LEGIT ADENA NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 4Eur Current stock: 30KK Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 WTS Adena on Official server Lineage Essence EU Blue + Red LEGIT ADENA NO ASI WIN NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 0,30Eur BLUE Current stock: 130KK - BLUE Sell Price: 1KK = 0,22Eur RED Current stock: 40KK - RED Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 WTS Adena on Interlude x3 server LEGIT ADENA NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 0,35Eur Current stock: 150KK Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1
  19. WTS ADENA WC lv 60+ SOLD SE lv 40 Leave me priv msg and we can talking about them.
  20. I would like to sell my MAIN account with 3 characters on QUARANTINE X30 : - SK 85lvl Nobless: Moirai HV set (Boots+4 RAR 360atr, Gloves+3 RAR 360atr, Chest+6 360atr, Gaiters+3 180atr, Helmet+3 180atr) Olf T-shirt+4 Freya Cloak Icarus Sawsword+16 Focus 300Wind Frinteza Necklace +3 Vorpal Jew +5/+3/+3/+3 All Skills Enchated +10/11 Cert Haste, Spirit, CL - Tyrant 85lvl: Moirai L set +3 Vesper Fighter +1 275 Fire Vorpal Jew +3 Mass Skills Enchanted +10/+10 - SPS 80lvl: Moirai Robe set +3 900atr Icarus Spirit 150 Price : Offer PM If you have any question feel free to ask Contact: PM Payment Option: Bank Transfer l PayPal Thank You
  21. Wts Full Human Archer Queen ant +6 Vorpal L Set +6 LVL 7 x2 Vorpal ring +6 Vesper Thrower +10 300 Holy Frintezza +6 Olf shirt +6 x2 Vorpal Earring +6 Belt Skill +6 And +10 Buster Acuman 300 FIRE Vesper Caster +12 Acuman 300 Fire +200 Donation Pound +30 Skills Paypal Only.
  22. Hello everyone. I would like to introduce you my services! A lot of you know me already so i won't put any new previews, if you want to know more just contact me. What kind of design services i can provide: Logo Designs. Facebook Cover Designs. L2client Related Designs (such as buttons, logos, icons, etc). Banner Designs. (Static only, not animated GIF). What kind of general services i can provide: Forum Installation and configuration (IPS, SMF, XenForo). Forum Themes. Website templates (Only templates i already have ready. just change them to your needs). How to contact me: Skype: psyancy.psychedelic Email: Facebook:
  23. Thank you for your trast! ABOUT US: We are a company with great experience and we have a lot of great boosters, so you will not wait too long before we start boosting. If you have any questions - please contact us on LiveChat, Email or on Skype, we'll gladly answer all of them. Also check our FAQ or CONTACT US pages. All boosting is done by real players, no third party software is ever used. Our boosters are located across the Americas and the European regions. By using our services, you fully agree and acknowledge that you may be violating Blizzard's ToS. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Our boosters mainly use VPN (Virtual Private Network) Technology. This results in 100% safety of your account. We never ask your answers to security questions, so you cannot lose the access to your account. Also we may gladly provide you with a live stream of your character. One of our main concerns is our customers? privacy. You can be sure that none of your information will ever be given to anyone.
  24. Community Board Community Board Raid Boss Part Personal Menu Pops off when you type .menu in game As for the Vote Rewards, i have no Live server ==> no API keys. Once the player has voted & clicks on each reward he gets 1 custom coin. Custom Skill Seller Players can buy extra skills for the price of 1 custom coin (you can configure the id and count) You can configure which skills you would like the NPC to sell Maximum skills are limited to 10 (you can configure this) per class (and each subclass aswell) Once a player already owns/buys a skill it doesn't appear in the list anymore Once a player clicks on the remove extra buffs, he gets a refund depending on the extra buffs he bought. (For example if he bought Dash and Anchor, he gets back 2 coins) If you're so hardcore you can make this non refundable too. Some extra info These codes were written for acis 382, can be adapted to more IL packs though Any further support won't be charged of course Once you are interested feel free to send me a PM Accepting Paypal & any Greek Bank Transfer