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Found 289 results

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  4. Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I would to offer my services of Graphic Design (WEB, Logo and Others) Please check the services and prices that I'm offering Development of unique designs - Game web design from 300$ - Game logo design from 50$ You can also choice to buy some works from my store by a lower price (Obs: This option is for RESALE works) - Game web design from 90$ - Game logo design from 15$ Payment options - Paypal Contacts - E-mail: dandnl99@hotmail.com - Skype: dandnl99 - Discord: un1k#1201 Check some of my works You can see more works here: https://www.deviantart.com/un1k-dp Thanks for watching and I'm waiting your contact for work by/with you! =D
  5. Hello WTS : Great Wolf 57lvl, Low eq Kookaburra 57lvl Cloak PVP/PVE/MP,HP BOOST ! 2x IRON BELT/2 MITHRIL BELT ! Doom H Set (helmet Found) BW R Set 2 Hom+Acu+3 Club of nature+acu Stick of faith+mana up+1 Sword of delusion+health ADENA ! Characters : BP/TK/EE/OL 60lvl ClubCard perma ! PM HERE OR https://discord.gg/emHwvzQ OR SKYPE : szymek08101993
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  10. Hello. Im cashing out after few years of playing. 1. Greater Ruby lvl 1 - 455 eur 2. Lindvior Earring +6 - 228 eur 3. Blessed Valakas Necklace +6 - 133 eur 4. Blessed Antharas Earring +4 - 140 eur 5. Tauti Ring +4 - 3.5 eur 6. Earth Wyrm Ring +4 - 12 eur 7. Bloody Helios Fighter +12 (2SA) - 133 eur 8. Transcendent Bloody Eternal Leather Set +10 - 280 eur 9. Seven Signs Talisman - 140 eur 10. Abundance Talisman lvl 1 - 53 eur 11. Venir Talisman 14 stage - 12 eur 12. Rare Brooch - 123 eur 13. Adena 80b - 3.5 eur INFO: I can't receive Paypal payments in Ukraine, only WU or Crypto selling (Crypto preferable).
  11. Hello, dear forum members maxcheaters.com Who does not know me. I am the developer of the Interlude emulator, I also have my own protection. My website: click I'm working on the code, as with ... and without it on the decompiler. As for the build, I provide a test server for testing what you want. My services: Work on the code (with and without) any complexity. Java 1. Install / configure Web Strapping. (Connecting to the server, forum) 2. Installing the server on any OS 3. Server configuration for individual tariffs 4. Working with Java.sql.html.xml 5. Develop scripts, quests and any heresy, come up with Java 6. Assemblies "turnkey" on a unique assembly: only "Classic Server" Much that I can, always the main desire. I work on a 50% prepayment - since I'm sure that the order will be executed. I do not work for% of the donation. The client must correctly express his idea, so that the work is not wasted. I also work as a guarantor in transactions. My contacts: ICQ: 685-308-391 SKYPE: qfatalonp IMPORTANT -> I do not have any other contacts.
  12. Hello im selling adena on core. 1b = 4€ (200b in stock) / Paypal i accept (only family and friends) stop to waste my time with scam trys with paypal invoices and so on, only serious offers please. ! I dont send adena before the payment ! Can use middleman service (Pufa) add me on discord: MDK#5808
  13. Hi Guys i Selling adena /items [Skelth] ADENA : 1kk-0.20 off stock : NO STOCK ITEMS : Baium's Ring Lv. 3 1200€ Queen ant lvl 3 100€ Tallum Heavy Armor Set +6 100€ Deadman's Glory +16+Othel 13 rune 220€ Talisman baium 200€ Bellion Cestus +13 110€ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTS CHARS WC LVL 80 -GREAT FURY 150euros BD LVL 80- DANCE BERSKER 150euros SWS LVL 78 80euros SE LVL 78 80euros PM me or skype: Skype :undertaker831---- ME pm me on forum to know if it's me 100% some scamer take me name on skype and try it scam, pm me on forum 1st live:undertaker831 -----SCAMERRRRRR~ss ~~~##€€
  14. Dark Avenger Lvl 72 %76 Set Doom Heavy +3 +Doom Shield Wep Damacus Sword Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill learn lvl 72 Warcryer LvL 73 %41 Set Bw Ligth +Doom shield Wep ArtofBatlleExe Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill learn lvl 72 BladeDancer LVL72 %85 Set BW Heavy Wep Dual Top B samuraiLondSword Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn lvl 72 SwordSinger LvL 72 %18 Set Bw Heavy+Doom SHield Wep Damacus Sword Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn LVL 72 Elemental Summoner Lvl 72 %39 Set Bw Ligth Wep Twitligth Dagger Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn LVL 72 Destroyer Lvl 73 %30 Set Bw Heavy Wep Great Sword +Othell 6+3 Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn LVL 73 Tyrant Lvl 72 %82 Set Bw Heavy Wep Bellion Celtus Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn LVL 72 Bounty Hunter Lvl 71 %20 Set Bw Heavy Wep CourseMaingauche +10 Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill Learn LVL 71 Warlock LvL 72 %43 Set Bw Ligth Wep Twitligth Dagger Jewel 2Ring Adamant-2Earring oF Seal-Necklace of Seal Skill learn lvl 72 Good day I sell pt farm on server TalkingIsland Pt farm 10kk+ per days+Drop etc no need bot only active macros of game
  15. Could be adapted to other datapacks, made for L2jFrozen 1.5. Hablo español, por cierto. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1jUCOmWkxQ&list=PLDuVxN7_6IlMJftsw_-Cggq72YrhIbGGK&index=16 More products: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idpmxbXvQVQ&list=PLDuVxN7_6IlMJftsw_-Cggq72YrhIbGGK&index=4&t=0s If you have something in mind i might code for you. If you don't want to pay the price, do it yourself. If you have someone who charges less, choose him, don't waste my time.
  16. Hello, i am currently mainly selling Adena, but also a few items on Lineage 2 Classic NA Giran server: Giran Adena: 0,4 euro for 1kk Item List: BEWB - 5 euro Magical Tablets x31 - 8 euro Augmented Chic Silver Chapeau <Dex+1 Wit+1> (Active: temporarily becomes invincible) - 15 euro Transformation Sealbook: Standard/High-grade x0: (out of stock / temporary unavailable) 4 sealbooks - 0,8 euro 847 sealbooks (legendary transform guaranteed) - 160 euro Great Swird (Othell 8) - 10 euro Demon Spliner - 150 euro Dasparion Staff Clean - 5 euro Skelth Prophet Lv 54, DW Learned, +12 Wit - SOLD Blade Dancer Lv. 53 (81%) +12 STR - SOLD Shillen Elder Lv. 52 (19%) - SOLD BW Robe Set - SOLD Ghoul Staff +3 (Feoh 6) - SOLD Kris (Othel Focus 5) - SOLD Raid*Raid +1 (Othell Focus 4) - SOLD Blue Wolf Robe Set - SOLD Payment method: Paypal, with family/friend gift method only Contact: For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 (BlackJesus) Make sure you are dealing with me, ask for a private confirmation message on this forum My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longer. FAQ: Q: How will 847 x Transformation Sealbook: Standard/High-grade give me a legendary transform? A: As it can be seen on https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14185-transformation-system/?_ga=2.225893471.491838281.1568120537-795749978.1514456194 By using the evolve transform option you need 10+1 Standard Transforms to obtain 1 Advanced, 10+1 Advanced to obtain 1 Rare, and 6+1 Rare to obtain 1 Legendary. (11 x 11 x 7 = 847)
  17. WTS Adena = 0.15 €/m [ have 1kkk] Charakters = 75 € BD 78 SWS 78 SK 76 WC 78 SE 79 Equipment: Bellion Cestus +16 Great Sword +17 Arthro Nail +14 Naga Storm +11 Behemoth' Tuning Fork +11 Queen Ant's Ring Lv. 3 Ring of Core Lv. 3 Zaken's Earring Lv. 3 Orfen's Earring Lv. 3 Tallum Heavy Armor Set +6 Dark Crystal Robe Set +6 Majestic Heavy Armor Set +6 Majestic Light Armor Set +6 Pm in forum or discord: TradeSkelth #6239
  18. 77pp+pof-naked 77bishop +balance+cleance-naked 77tyrr-naked 77pr,almost 78-naked 72ee-naked (all chars have deys,emails-some of them be transwered to newly created gmail for sell)
  19. Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com DELIVERY IN 60 SECONDS* - Lightspeed delivery! AFFORDABLE PRICES - we are not the cheapest but is it worth to risk $ with super cheap prices? 200+ LOCAL PAYMENTS via G2A PAY - Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / Skrill / WM / WeChat and more! END-GAME ITEMS - gear up now and stop wasting time on farming BONUS ADENA TO EVERY PURCHASE - more you buy = bigger the bonus AFFILIATE PROGRAM - recommend us to others and get commissions for their orders TRUSTED PREMIUM SERVICE - Guaranteed protection against fraud! PRE-ORDER ADENA and ITEMS - pre-order what u need and we will inform you when it's available[/FONT] NCwest: [CHRONOS] [NAIA] Innova EU [CORE] [SKELTH] *instant delivery available during our business hours: 6am - 12am UTC+1 *Get up to 10% BONUS in ADENA for your PURCHASE!* Stay in Touch with us!
  20. Wts aq baium elixir x3 pm offers paypall only
  21. WTS on L2 Viserion.net the following: DR BOW+F+8 DR BOW+F+7 AQ+9/AQ+8 Zaken+7/Zaken+6 2x BAIUM+6/ TAT +8/8/7/7 2x Drac set +6 MJ H set +6 20x EWS 85 GOLD 2.5kkk adena 22k siver Around 40 Bogs 150 LS 120 euro for all. PM me If Greek can do hand to hand trade.
  22. Elemental Master 79lvl 80% exp VIP4 - 120 EURO Arcana Lord 79 lvl 55% exp - 120 EURO Spectral Dancer 79lvl 40% exp - 120 EURO Sword Muse 79 lvl 78% exp VIP 4 - 120 EURO Shilien Saint 79 lvl 35% exp - 120EURO DoomCryer 79 lvl 40% - 100 EURO Spellsinger 73 lvl VIP4 30 EURO Dark Avenger 59 lvl -15 EURO Elemental Summoner 58 lvl - 15 EURO Phantom Summoner 58 lvl - 15 EURO with b grade items in inventory and few adena pm for more info or add me in skype tzortoglou2 items doesnt go seperate from characters NEW ITEM TALISMAN OF FATE +10(MAX ENCHANT) 200 EURO IF NEED PROOFS WITH IMAGES PM ME I WILL SEND YOU
  23. Sell Feoh with items or naked or only items. Items like on screen https://imgur.com/a/iIoa8Jg Whole account with items 1.5k euro. Paypal only or if You are from Poland we can talk more: Pve retri+14 ulty set robe lv1 +8 bless valakas bless antharas lindvior earring Coc belt Noble wizz circlet+5 aq,baium soul rings longing sayha 7 abu lv1 Around 35b in inventory ........ and many more. Or pm here on forum. SCAMMERS DON'T EVEN TRY, NO EUROS IN MY PAYPAL, NO ITEMS FOR YOU!!!
  24. L2 Arion just merged to L2 Pandora, all my stuff is there now, feel free to contact and we can make a deal: Eva's Templar lvl 85 Nightmare Heavy Set +8 +6+6+6 Dark Legion Edge +8 Super Othel 13 - Aug: Chance fear lvl 5 Typhoon Spear +3 Othel 5 - Aug: Might Passive Assassin's Bamboo Hat +1dex +1wit Ignis Necklace +7 Land Dragon Belt Fire Dragon Pendant +8 Brooch lv 2 - Garnet 4 - Ruby 3 - Jade 3 Bracelet of Duty lv 5 Talisman Of Insolence VI - III x2 Agathion Bracelet Lv 4 - Scorpio. Sagitta, leo +3+3+4 50 rune exp 2h 100% 230 High Exp Scroll 100% some days of epics - dolls from missions (missions still unlocked ready to get rewards) Aden Cloak - Legendary 3 High Grade Transformations 35 Enhancement Armor Stone 300kk+ adena Lots of stuff like b grade armors, full set a grade jewel, some weapons B grade, Dasparion staff, some enchants B-A grade, some A armors, some runes lvl 6-8, lots of cry A-B, some mats