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Found 615 results

  1. WTS Adena at NA Classic Giran. 100K - 7.5 Eur Skype: Knaya81
  2. Hello, Selling acc in Giran NA server: 1. Destroyer 40 lvl with 2prof +1 VIP 2. BD 40 lvl with 2 prof + 1 VIP 3. Bishop or Prophet 40 lvl with 3 MARK quets for prophet, but if you wana Bishop I can change one of Mark. Skype: Spartas1
  3. Wts ORC RAIDER 34 lvl ( 23 days premium vip 4) MOON SET + D GRADE LOW 2H
  4. Wts on skelth Toi6 - SOLD Bop +10 - SOLD Doom la set +6 - SOLD Doom hvy set +6 Adena 500kk - SOLD Santa cloak - SOLD Dama +7 DD +8 Agathion 4 Quiver B grade BO set +3/4 78 SR TOI 4, Lots of xp scrolls, 100%runes, have some xp scrolls 77 PW Xo scrolls til close to 78 78 DA Xp scrolls til close to 79, TOI 4 65 BD Lots of scrolls, runes 59 PP I will only deal with trusted ppl or deal through a middle man. All will go rly cheap if u buy more.
  6. Greetings, fellows! Talking Island/Skelth If you are looking for fast, clean and cheap adena or PWLVL, welcome ! Our service is working 24/7 and you will recieve your order in 5 minutes. If you didnt get answer in 5 minutes, just make a call for our attention Contact information: 1. PM at forum 2. Skype: live:sashka75462 , press here to add me in Skype - 3.https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006420725477 4.https://www.facebook.com/groups/2348619451846959/ This group was created to share relevant content of Lineage II Classic NA servers and others. We accept: PayPal, Skrill, QIWI.  Talking Island We are running the "Bring a friend" action. Get a bonus 10% from its purchase in Adena (If your friend will buy it for 1kk you'll get the bonus 100k for his purchase). Adena is always on the current price. Price is updating every day at 4: 00 am et Adena: Price: 0.85 $/ 1k 85$/1kk --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters: Prices in PM Class necro 55 necro 51 sorc 51 sorc 50 pp 52 ee 46 se 48 sk 52 wl 46 sws 54 bd 52 spoiler 49 crafter 42 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear: ( helping at create any gear )  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: ( Help you find any item ) +3 Sage's Staff - price specify in PM Staff of Magic - price specify in PM goat staff - price specify in PM karmian set - price specify in PM Composite Armor - price specify in PM С Set jewelry - price specify in PM Spellbook: Stigma of Shilen price specify in PM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First class transfer - 5 usd Second class transfer - 10 usd ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Skelth Core 3 lvl offer Characters: PP-80 offer Orfen 3 lvl offer 79 warlock offer AQ 3 lvl offer 79bd offer Dark Crystal Robe set +3/4 offer 79 svs offer Dark Crystal Robe set +6 offer 79 destr offer Talisman Baium offer 79 Wc offer
  7. Hello guys , selling adenas on Skelth Server, All adenas are made legit, you can ask proof on skype. Current price : 0.5€ / 1kk Current stock : 350kk Payement : Paypal / Skrill Skype : live:easysell_7
  9. WTS ON SKELTH: ADENA: 0,6e = 1kk POWER LVL EXP: 10kk exp = 1e CHARS: BD LVL 70: 100e PP LVL 70: 150e PP LVL 65: Sold EE LVL 70: 80e SK LVL 78: 200e OL LVL 78: 250e AW LVL 74: 150e BP LVL 77: 180e FS LVL 77: 200e HE LVL 76 WITH ES 77 & DESTRO 74: 200e BP LVL 79: Taking Offers AW LVL 80: Taking Offers ITEMS: Great Sword+9: 140e Berserker Blade+10: Sold Demons Dagger+9: 150e Dual Sls+10: 200e Blue Wolf Heavy Set+6: Sold Baium Talisman: 900e Talisman Of Insolence Lv6: 400e Orfen Earring Lv3: Sold Queen's Ant Ring Lv2: 350e Eminence Bow+16: 320e Bow Of Peril+16: Sold WTS ON TALKING ISLAND NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1KK - 100e WTS ON GIRAN NA CLASSIC: ADENA: 1KK - 90e WTB ON NA CLASSIC SERVERS: DRIVERS & POWERLVL SERVICE I ACCEPT PAYPAL & WESTERN UNION PM ME HERE FOR MY SKYPE, MORE DETAILS AND QUESTIONS!!!
  10. WTS orc raider in TI server lvl 29 and 23.30% with HVY moon armor novice 1h sword and no grade jewel set.1750 baits, 22 xp/sp scolls, 8 special frut buffs, 13 1st transfer scoll buffs and some more event iremsaccount also has 1 orc in Giran server 19 lvlaccount can be also sold for adena in Core server Account is NOT VIP Skype: tomastotomari
  11. We offer you from 12000 private qualitative proxy online for only 95 dollars per month. A free test for 3 hours for all users of the forum with registration until 2018! If you like our proxy and you want to leave a positive feedback about us, we will give you a promo code for 1 day! If you want to test our proxy free and you have account registration until 01.2018 - just write in Private Messages. Each day our base consists of more than 70 000 proxy from all countries of the world which support all protocols - http/https/socks4/socks5. All proxies is private Unlimited Bandwidth High Anonymous Proxies (Elite) Support all protocols: http (s), socks4, socks5 24/7 Support, Fast Response Updating of proxy each 10 minutes on 3 % All countries of the world It is very convenient to use it for parsing of search engines, brute force, mailout, posting, and for own private purposes which require many different proxy. Everyday free shared proxies for everybody are always available here - http://awmproxy.net/freeproxy.php Website: http://awmproxy.net FAQ: https://awmproxy.net/faq.php All prices: https://awmproxy.net/modules/socks/
  12. Hello I sell adena, items and chars with subclass all lvl 72+/78 on dragon-network server Nova 7x. PM on skype: paulbr1 Thanks!
  13. Hello, i developed an engine which i call Phantom from scratch (No it's not using Elfo's roboto engine). The purpose of the Phantom is not to bypass the brain of players. It's more like a fun - interaction engine. It use a smart algorithm which allow to act like a normal player, pick items, do res other party member, give priority to targets who have karma or attack them e.t.c A Small preview of the the AI: Updates 1.01: Added realistic Archer behaviour Re-design the core of skill engine (In order to allow classes like bishop to realise which skill is needed) Realistic movement pattern and no move directly on target
  14. As title says Destroyer 66 lvl with destro 40 and tyrant 49 at same account for low raids 50 euro AW 58 lvl 40 euro BD 69 lvl with many 100% xp items 60 euro SWS 72 lvl with many 100% xp items 80 euro TK 76 lvl many scrolls 80 euro Necro 79 lvl 200 euro Shilien Elder 76 can go 77+ with xp tickets that has120 euro Tyrant 78 lvl 100 euro Cardinal 78.50% 200 euro Bladedancer 79 lvl 210 euro Super Othell Rune 11 100 euro !!! Toi Talisman VI 250 euro !!! SOLD 78 lvl Shillien Knight +12 CON dyes nice name TK 42 lvl for AQ inside.many 100% xp items 250 SOLD 68 lvl Prophet with many 100% xp items 150 euro SOLD 74.40 lvl DA with sorceror 40lvl , necro 52 lvl and HE 55lvl in same account for epics 200 SOLD I accept only PAYPAL or ADENA
  15. Hello, Cheaters! Im selling Adena | Items: ADENA: Skelth 1KK = 0.6€ Giran 100k = 7€ Stock 5kk Skelth Items: Refined Core Ring = 1000 € Blue Wolf Light Set +6 = 100 € Blue Wolf Helmet +6 = 35 € Blue Wolf Leather Armor +6 = 20 € Blue Wolf Heavy Set +6 = 180 € Avadon Robe set +6 = 90 € Doom heavy set +6 = 90 € Full Plate set +6 = 40 € Samurai Long Sword +10 = 100 € Bellion Cestus +11 = 360 € Deadman's Glory +10 = 250 € Dwarven Hammer +10 = 110 € Demon Dagger +10 = 250 € Demon Dagger +7 = 85 € Staff of Evil Spirit +8 = 250 € Ant Queen Ring lvl 1 = 210 € SLS Duals +7 = 85 € Dwarven Hammer +7 = 40 € 10 x Scroll Enchant Weapon (B) = 14 € 100 x Scroll Enchant Armor (B) = 14 € Accept: PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi Skype - CowOnMars(photo on a blue background) or pm on forum (Click) <<-- link on skype.
  16. Come with an offer on chars what u think they are worth im open for discussion. i got 1b adena in stock. 0.5euro WTS 79 bishop deleveld to 78 (scrolls to go 79) 200 euro 76 Destroyer 70euro 79 Necro deleveld to 78 has scrolls to go 79 150euro 70 Abyss walker scrolls to 74 50 euro 79 Shilien Elder Offer (its deleveld to 78 but has scrolls to get 79 again) 200euro or offer 78 Elven Elder (deleveld to 77 but has scrolls to go 78) 150 euro or offer 78 Dark Avenger scrolls to get to 79 150euro or offer 80 Prophet 600 euro or offer 79 WarCryer (delevel to 78 but has almsot 10b in xp scrolls) 250 euro Offer 78 Swordsinger (has exp items and scrolls for exp think about 4b) 150euro comes with +6 doom set some good jewels and iss wep 77 Warlock 100euro 76 tyrant x2 70 euro 76 warcryer X2 100EURO <-- FAST PRICE 1 wc has scrolls to be 77+ both sold 74 sws 70 EURO 74/ 76 SE 80 EURO 75 SK X2 70 euro / each 74 spoiler 70 euro 76 Bladedancer (has scrolls to be 77 or close) 100euro comes with +6 full plate 78 Tyrant with scrolls to 79 100euro DC ROBE+HELMET+6 150euro Sword Of Ipos +7 400euro or offer Sobek Hurricane +8 400 euro or offer Tallum hvy set +6 unsealed 500 euro Majestic hvy set +4+3 unsealed 150euro Aq lvl3 x1 400euro Core lvl3 x2 400euro Orfen lvl 3 x2 600euro PACKAGE PRICE ORFEN+CORE 900EURO Baium Talisman x1 500 euro Toi talisman lvl 6 400euro yes this prices is real and its not a scam......... stop pming me asking..... same second i give u skype u know its real....
  17. S>>aden 100k-6e 1Kk-55eu Paypal/maestro Skype getnaked Scammers dont even try ;)
  18. Giran NA classic 100k = 4€ 600k stock Sold L2Dragon.net 500 DP 20€ + positive feedback on mxc Sold only 1 pack E-Global & Valhalla - Interlude final 25x 56 warlock - 1€ - include email 56 warlock - 1€ - include email 56 warlock - 1€ - include email 600kk + DC robe set (unseal) + homunkulus +7 acu - 5€ - Sold L2 Zaken 15x Avadon robe set +6 10€ Sold pagrio staff +10 15€ Sold E-Global & Valhalla - Interlude final 7x Spoil 70 15€ Sold Prophet 70 15€ Sold BladeDancer 70lvl + Spellhowler 65 + EE 66 = 20€ for all Sold 200kk adena = 15€ Sold -------------------------------------------------------------- Beyond 3x Necromancer 71+ Shillien Elder 70+ Bladedancer 66+ 100kk adena all for 5€ ------------------------------------------------------------- accept PayPal Contact here or Skype : dominekl2 i am owner account emails
  19. RSorder has come into the gaming field since more than 10 years ago, and we can provide the most professional service when you want to buy cheap RuneScape gold here. Meanwhile, our gold is very convenient to get.Now The new version of Mobile is live, you can buy All RS products with mobile conveniently and quickly! Sell Runecape gold with 24/7 Live Service RS gold for sale at a very low price Easy & convenient site with mobile version
  20. Hi Guys i have good char, what need?? Bd lv 42 Armor D / dual saber vip 3 Human Wizard lv 38 Armor D / weapon EE lv 41 Armor D / weapon low D vip 4 Classic Giran! info Skype : mattia burini (extralburro) Mail: extralburro@gmail.com
  21. ROGUE 32 lvl EQ: MOON SET VIP 3 240 NC coins in store RUNE 50% 26 days skype : davidtcv payments by paypal, ebay, allegro
  22. WTS SwordSinger Female Cool Name Lv 76 With Scrolls Exp 14 High,37 Medium,39 Normal, 3 Runes 100%exp 2Hours, 4 Scrolls Mid grade +50kk Exp,Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days . Offer WTS Spectral Dancer Female Cool Name Lv76 With Scrolls Exp 88 Normal, 7 Scrolls Mid grade +50kk Exp, Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days, Wizard Hat Accesory, Bracelet of Duty Lv3. same account ES 42 Offer WTS Sword Muse Male Cool Name Lv76 With Scrolls Exp 179 Normal, 7 Scrolls Mid grade +50kk Exp, Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days, Bracelet of Duty Lv2. Offer WTS DoomCryer Female Cool Name Lv77 With Scrolls Exp 199 Normal, Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days, Bracelet of Duty Lv3. same account AQ char .Offer WTS Fortune Seeker Lv76 Cool Name Female. Offer WTS Spectral Master Lv78 Cool Name Male. (59% exp) eye patch accesory. same account artisan 54 and other chars 40+ OFFER SOLD all of my chars have the most important skills acquired by hand killing mobs and not with Clan Arena WTS Plains Walker Female Cool Name Lv74 With 8 Homerun balls 100% exp 1 hours,2 Rare accesory Box, Accesory Cat Ears,Bracelet of Duty Lv4, 300 Attedence Coin,same account TK Lv52--- 90€ SOLD WTS Phatom Ranger Male Cool name Lv65 (With 67%) With Scrolls Exp 71 Normal, 4 High/Medium, 10 Balls Home run 100% 1 Hour,1 Rune Exp 100% 2 Hours, many Rice Cake, same account AQ Char and Silver Ranger Lv48 with all Scrolls Exp. 50€ SOLD WTS Elemental Summoner Cool Name Lv76 With Scrolls Exp 13 High,34 Normal, 4 Runes 100%exp 2Hours, 5 Rice Cake, 11 Scrolls Mid grade +50kk Exp, Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days . 250€ ---- SOLD WTS Arcana Lord Female Lv78 With Scrolls Exp 10 Normal,11 Scrolls Mid grade +50kk Exp, Refinade Accesory Rare Pack 7 days, Pirate Eyepatch Accesory and Talisman of insolence lv 4 . 300€ SOLD Use Services Middle-Man.
  23. http://L2shop.info - always available and at a good price! -ADENA -PWLVL CHARACTERS -ITEMS -EPICS ON THE SERVER: *New NA Classic servers: [GIRAN] / [Talking Island] / [ADEN] [Skelth] / [L2Classic.Club x3] / [ GameCoast x3] / [GameCoast x10] / [Asterios.tm x7] / [Beyond.lt x3] / [KetraWars.net x1] / [Naia] / [Core] / [Chronos] / [Paagrio] / [Gran Kain] / [Shillien] / [Einhasad] and many others - FAST! QUALITY! SAFE! Ask all the questions you can via live chat on our website - http://L2shop.info!
  24. Hello, Lineage 2 Eola it's selling its files Some words about Lineage 2 Eola Servers On the files worked best developers of Java community such as Katara and Anarchy The server has been going and working on it for 3 years. Lineage 2 Eola as most of the people know has the best java files so far because of the perfect gameplay and features and content, we added and worked on it. Lineage 2 Eola Was and it's one of most Populated PvP Servers in Java Community Many seasons where open and they were all successfully with tons of players and very big upcoming in Donations. We're Selling Compiled Pack of Lineage 2 Eola as cheap as 200 Euro (If you buy the compiled files, the files will be Binded in 1 IP) We're Selling the Full Source of Lineage 2 Eola at 400 Euro (Source will be truly yours, not Ip Binded) Many people were interesting on buying our files, so now here is your chance. Server Features? Well so many features you can discover, and all our features are on Configs, for the better control of Administrator (Me) Eola Has features which other servers never made them before We have lots of more features of which are not yet discovered by the Community, Which we let them for a feature update You will get however the full Package with the Updates and everything. Payments Methods to Pay western union Bank Transfers Wire Transfers BitCoin Paypal (Only from Moderators, very trusted persons) Contact: Skype: eola@usa.com Also by pm on Maxcheaters Some Media from our server: Can find much more media on youtube or google Thank you
  25. Chronicle Pack (VIP3); Top NG Dagger; Moon Knight Armor; ~200K adena Skype: marfoldi_