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Found 547 results

  1. Hello I have few cool accounts for sale: 77 EE [male] +65 SWS +62 BD +48 TH (all on one account) Subscription active for 60 days. Full wit dyes on EE. €490 Werehouse full of stuff including: 77 SH [female] +69 Destro +60 Necro +52 Tyrrant +42 Sorc +40 Warsmith (all on one account) Subscription active for 30 days. Full wit dyes on SH. Account coming with lvl3 clan with few skills and +10% exp bonus! (warsmith as CL). €490 Werehouse full of stuff including: 67 BD +58 SWS +56 PP +52 SE +52 Warlock (all on one account) €120 ...sadly I dont have time to play anymore, Im first and only owner of all accounts. All characters have nice names. I also have some gear and adena for sale: 100m Adena €95 +6 Demon robe set (C grade) SOLD +6 Half-plate heavy set (D grade) SOLD +16 Priest mace (D grade 150 m.atk) SOLD +6 Mithrill robe set (D grade) SOLD +8 Great Sword w/ Othell8 SOLD Santa's Cloak SOLD +6 Avadon robe set (main piece is +7) SOLD m4lumos@gmail.com
  2. Lineage 2 Website Template Preview Website Information: -Html based. -Psd files are available. -Logo PSD is included with the site. Warning: Forum is not included! Contact me on skype: (ID:pashalisvrag) You can also send me a PM!
  3. Wts Adena On Skelth server: 0.80 eu - 1kk!!! Skype: live:2398e5c506d9d665 - click to add
  4. Title says it all. Original owner, acc, mail, all done fast and easy. 50kk adena, or 50 Eu. Verified paypal only.
  5. WTS [Adena on Skelth] - 0.9 euro for 1kk (huge stock) Contacts: Skype: mohorex Discord: mohorex#9214 or pm here. Accept: PayPal, QIWI, Yandex.Money.
  6. Hello community I present my work Advertise and Support YOUR LINEAGE II SERVER Owner of Facebook Groups (English,Lithuanian & Brasil community) Owner of VK Groups (Russian,Latin community) Owner of Facebook Pages (Worldwide community) Owner of few Skype Groups (Clan,Party Leaders & admins/players) - Member of Discord Groups (Worldwide community) Your server will be here: More Extras Contact: Here MxC Forum (PM) Facebook: Dimas Bps Instagram: Dimas_bps Skype: Dimakos81 Email: Barlegendofficial@gmail.com SERVERS I HAVE WORKED WITH: L2 Hooligans L2 Elementalist L2 Halisha L2 Narcos L2 Helix L2 Ancientworld L2 Baron L2 Mafia L2 RiseOfEvil I will add more when i finish their advertisement
  7. WTS Crystal dagger +10 +othell 8 offers pm
  9. In stock 300kk adena , I'm looking for stable buyers ,adena is clean,I love to talk, write less. I expect our conversations on the Internet, because I'm studying English))) Skype Anna Moon / 16be5580227febdc I will be grateful for the promotion of the page...
  10. Sell Adena for you!! Skelth server 1kk = 0.8€ (100kk) adena clean Items: Great Pata +7 / 7 Othell / LS +16.8 p.crit Great Pata +8 / 7 Othell / LS +16.8 p.crit Samurai Long Sword +7 / 7 Othell / LS +11.2 p.crit TOP C Dual +7 / 7 Othell / LS +14.0 p.crit We accept: PayPal, and BTC/ETH PM Forum and Skype: megalink25
  11. Plains Walker Lvl 72.8 with lvl 54 Temple Knight on same acct (Lvl 4 Bracelet) - 75 eu Hawkeye Lvl 61.8 with lvl 46 sorc on same acct - 40 eu Prophet Lvl 57.7 - 65 eu Shillen Elder Lvl 54 - 30 eu Eva's Templar lvl 77 Sold All chars are naked but with good reputation... i am also open for any trade or adena offers if possible. RFS: Too many characters to maintain.. My reputation on this forum is top notch and it's up to u if u will use a middleman for any proceeding transactions. Thanks a lot. :)
  12. PP 53 lvl has DW,naked 50euro or 40kk SOLD SPOIL 54 lvl naked 15 euro !!! reduced comes with email Paypal only Contacts: SKYPE: mikrobz
  13. Easy as that. Im willing to sell a Bow of Peril +14 on Skelth also Aoba +10 on Skelth and buy Orfen lvl 3 on skelth ( paypal euros only ) Serious offers via pm or skype live:newplainswalker Thanks Can be vouched by those oldest and major on this server.
  14. Hello i am selling a lot of cheap and clean adenas on Skelth My actual stock is around 1kkk ( 0.8 euro per every ) About security issues i for sure can get some vouches but if you dont trust it this much we can go with several transactions with small parts of payment and delivery each time For any questions or offers message me here or add a skype live:newplainswalker ( Thierre T. ) Thx
  15. WTS Adena on Skelth 1e = 1kk Refined Orfen Earring (lvl 3): 1200e add me on skype: bigdaddy11229
  16. Hello guys , selling adenas on Skelth Server, All adenas are made legit, you can ask proof on skype. Current price : 0.74€ / 1kk Current stock : 100kk Payement : Paypal / Skrill Skype : live:easysell_7
  17. WTS: Adena's at server skelth PRICE PER KK = 0.80 EUR (Big Stock) Items we are currently have for sale : Wynn Rune Lv 13. Eminence Bow +16 Characters: Bladedancer LvL 68. Contacts: Live:ThePrimeSales
  18. Boost your Steam Game hours with FreeHourBoost.com, Look more legit in games like CSGO, Rust, PUBG. You can hour boost any game that you have in your steam library easily through the web control-panel Website: https://freehourboost.com/ FreeHourBoost.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/yHZ2stQ
  19. WTS Adena ( Beyond.lt ) Stock : 153kk Payment accept : Paypal
  20. Bishop level 65.. 82 % - female 10x 50kk exp scrolls from clanarena 22x high xp scrolls, 8x medium, 1x normal, 6x100% xp rune - 2 hours, 18 rice cakes and some fruits, buffscrolls, pots. 750 attendance coins adventurer hat pm me with offer.
  21. Items: Necklace of Valakas Vesper Caster +7 300water Vesper Nooble robe set +6 1800 found Earring of Antharas - sold Ring of Baium - sold Earring of Zaken - sold 30k rur - sold Moirai L set 1800 - sold Vesp L set 1800 - sold Vorpal L set 1800 - sold Necklace of Frintezz - sold Characters: All Sold out. if someone is interested add me on skype:manutdadena I accept only paypal and work with reccomended people only!
  22. 1-85 = 5 min (without any boost) 85-94 = 15 min (with full xp boost) 94-99 = 2 hour (with full xp boost) 99-100 = 4 hour (with full xp boost) Skype: Va1ianT. (with point at end)
  23. Hello, I sell the file decryptor. Easily removes Smart Crypt and other crypt files. For more information, please contact skype. Skype: iPerfect_Dev ======================== Добрый день, продаю декриптор файлов. С легкостью снимает Смарт Крипт и другие крипты файлов. За более подробной информацией, оброщайтесь в скайп. Skype: iPerfect_Dev
  24. MMOAUCTIONS.COM is a new, completely free, online gaming marketplace. www.mmoauctions.com- you can find multiple offers from various sellers! WA ARE LF SUPPLIERS IN : ALL OFFICIAL SERVERS AND PRIVATE SERVERS Adena https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2/adena Items https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2/items Accounts https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2/accounts Classick Skelth and classic private servers. Adena https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2-classic/adena Items https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2-classic/items Accounts https://mmoauctions.com/lineage-2-classic/accounts There are no commision fees, hidden costs and payment gates. Everything is completely free of charge! Registration =FREE Adding offers = FREE Selling fee = FREE “ WE ARE NOT MIDDLEMAN FOR THE TRANSACTIONS Buying fee = FREE “ WE ARE NOT MIDDLEMAN FOR THE TRANSACTIONS Scammers database = FREE Account management = FREE Chat with buyer /seller = FREE Feedback management = FREE Contact verification = FREE Badges = FREE We are covering over 120 titles of MMO games in every region! Need more info? Visit: https://mmoauctions.com/page/about
  25. Hello and thank you for visiting our topic. We are a private developers who has been working for a year on a java emulator for Lineage 2 Freya. It is time to tell the world. We come with the most stable core that thousands of players can handle. Features ( datapack part ) of the server are developed by two experienced developers. Let's take a look at what we offer. We only want clients who respect private work and behave. We want to create a good community. It is forbidden to share the source code at public forums and groups. 1. Basic Informations The pack is fully written in Java. Source code is optimized to Java 8. For Database we using MySQL 5.5 version. Minimal requirements for start server 1024 GB ram, but many depends on online players and size of DB. 2. More Informations >>2.1 Quests All quests are written in Java...includes tutorials, 7 Signs, gracia, hellbound and other Freya quests. >>2.2 Instances In Freya client is the main boss named Ice Queen Freya. Instances and quests for her death are working. Of course, other instances like Frintezza, Seven Signs, Chambers, Gracia with leveling up to last stage and etc. are working. >>2.3 Recommendation Bonus The new recommendation system gives characters an additional XP rate bonus. It's a system based on recommendations, which are like points. Trade your recommendation points with others to increase each other's recommendation level and boost character XP rate! >>2.4 Items All thirty-two new weapons are working with new armor sets: Moirai, Vorpal, and Elegia. A maximum of attributes can now be added to each piece of armor. New Soul Crystal stages 17 and 18 have been added. >>2.5 Zones and new locations All known locations work and are tested. Revamped locations are also working and instanced locations too. 3. Customizations All customizations are the ideas of our gamers and their admins. From premium to other events. We'll add custom features sequentially. 4. Gallery https://www.facebook.com/l2jprivatedeveloperteam/photos/ Skype: L2jPrivateDevelopersTeam Email: l2jprivatedevteam@gmail.com Webpage: l2jprivate-developers-team.eu Price: 50 Euro Paypal: Contact us on Skype or email for PayPal __TEST SERVER__ Would you like to test our Freya server? Don't worry, contact us on Skype and we will setup the test server for you. On our webpage is also test server status. Check the status if is online or offline. For download the patch visit our webpage or click DOWNLOAD SYSTEM.RAR For MaxCheaters Administrators. If something bad or missing, just contact me. Thank you. Retail Like Features Screenshots One of new zones in Freya Client Seven Signs quests series Freya quests series from start to Ultimate Battle One of the Zakens - instanced Chamber of Delusion - party instances Hellbound working from 0 to Grand Boss Beleth Kamaloka AI working Final Emperial Tomb and Frintezza Boss - Instanced Pailaka Quests for all levels Transfer Quests Baium Lair with Grand Boss Seer Ugoros and Plains of the Lizardmans Primeval Isle and Sailren Grand Boss