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Found 18,871 results

  1. GIRAN SERVER: WTS Shyeed Bow+16 Tyrr super 13 / Ferios leg cloak+10 / Adena Skype : Aristotelis ios 12 Discord: osip telis#9415
  2. L2DEX: WTS AM+7 --------------------------------150€ GIRAN NA: TOI 6------------------------------------------175€ WATER 3+9--------------------------------225€ FATE 1+8 -----------------------------------100€ DC ROBE SET UNSEALED +0 ------70€ LACERATOR+7----------------------------60€ ASEWA(12 STOCK)---------------------30€ EACH ONE ADENA STOCK 1.500KK--------------0.25€ MILLION PM OFFER OR DISCORD: Sharkete#2199
  3. L2jSoul is starting its work with the sale and hosting of Lineage 2 servers. We have the Classic 272 protocol server that works with the NA client ready, we also have the Live version also in beta 272 in constant development. For those who already have an online server, we offer migration and upgrade jobs, and we work with support for subscription clients. And also budgets to create customizations and editions. For more information, contact us through our forum.
  4. Hi, I want to sell my main Character in Core Server couse im too busy IRL and dont have much time to play. Tyr maestro Lv. 108 more than 50% // Dual class Tyr Dreadnought 105 40% Fafurion Avenger Lv. 2 Shillien Lv. 5 with it +5 Radiant Warrior Circlet +10 Trancendent Light Set with Cool Appearance +4 Enchanted Levi Shield +5 Enhaced La vie en Roses Brooch (lvl 3 and 4 Jewels) +10 Lucien Bracelet (+10% Patk) Ruler's Of Authority Seven Signs Talisman Talisman Insanity Talisman Abundance Lv.1 Sayha Talisman Lv. 8 Venir Talisman Lv. 12 x3 Legendary Lv. 5 Dye (P atk, P Skill Power, P Crit Dmg) Dragon Rind leather Shirt +3 Bless Antharas Earring +5 Tauti Ring +8 Angel Necklace Assault 1 +8 Atlas Earring Nevit Cloack x1 in box Sealed Longing Talisman A lot of Junk in WH with Freya Runes, Sayhas pack etc etc of last events. Im the ORIGINAL OWNER of this account we can change email with no problem if neccesary. Im actually listen OFFERS FOR FULL ACCOUNT. I keep my right of reject trade with whoever i want, if i dont feel fine with you, i wont trade. Feel Free of private me ^^
  5. WTS Tyrant with FP set/Queen ant 25 days/2x 100% xp rune for 2 hours few xp scrolls/xp transforms/xp cakes and so on + pp 50 level +bd 50 level Tyrant has no weapon all chars with emails. for detailed info contact me in Discord: 023xc#4247
  6. Feather eye health +7 lv7 Vorpal leather set +6 lv7 Vorpal jewels set +4 Hero clock white Olf shirt +6 Agathion volver And what belt you want we can find easy FULL TOP GEAR DB ------> For Price Pm Inbox <------
  7. wts 41b - 0.30e each discord : Maleik#6647
  8. Lineage II Classic - Giran for sale ACC: Spectral Dancer 79.06% with siren. Elemental Master 80.40% with baium talisman from event Wind Rider 77.40% Gran khavatari 78 Titan 78.94 with TOI lv4 Archmage 79.52 Spelhower78.30 Berserker 73 Bishop 64 Bladedancer 61 Prophet 61 Necromancer 58 Elemental summoner 58 Item: Talisman Bracelet Lv. 6 Agathion Bracelet Lv. 5 Hats +3 DEX, INT, 20% xp, interupt skill, sleep, HP/MP/CP recovery Stable eva Colichemarde +16 Draconic Bow+7 Heaven's Divider+7 Imperial Staff Sealed Imperial Crusader Heavy Armor Set with Shield Be CAREFUL there is some scammers! When you make deal with me be sure me discord ID or skype information is same like in this post!!! Write me in Discrod for more info. sorrowfuldk#8206 Discord id - 551347947191795726 Payment: PayPal ---------------------------------------------------------- Sold! sorcer 56lvl - SOLD to - Pufa SE 57lvl - SOLD to - GiranGamer - Opt*** WarLord 60 / Se 52lvl - SOLD to - 13********* SE 52lvl - SOLD to - GiranGamer - Opt*** SE 63lvl - SOLD to - johnpapas21 / Funky**** SPOIL 49lvl - SOLD to - somalo Warlock 64lvl - SOLD to - Cường SPH 52 / EE 51lvl - SOLD to - babykate Hawkeye 71lvl - SOLD to - SpeakNoEvil Spectral Dancer 78lvl - SOLD to - ftreal Shillien Saint 78.89%lvl - SOLD to - angelsdecay Prophet 65.41%lvl - SOLD to - johnpapas21 / Funky**** Warcyer 60lvllvl - SOLD to - djony320 / Evil Arcana Lord 78.56% / WC 58lvl - SOLD to - Hask Trickster 77.53lvl - SOLD to - Steven.T SPOILER 54lvl - SOLD to - Mr.Đạt BISHOP 56lvl - SOLD to - [Bp] Rouxkine WARSMITH 54lvl - SOLD to - Pufa 8x accounts 55-60lvl - SOLD to - FlytoWin BD 63 - SOLD to - TheShadow Spellsinger 78 - SOLD to - pauly Shillien Saint 78.88% - SOLD to - CJ EE 62 - SOLD to - TheShadow Overlord 62 - SOLD to - ShankzPT Prophet 62 - SOLD to - Frenzy SE 77 - SOLD to - l2progamers SE 56 - SOLD to - BestSellerTeon EE 59 - SOLD to - Casper Trickster 66 - SOLD to - ShankzPT Grand Khavatari 78 - SOLD to - ShankzPT SE 61 / SWS 63 - SOLD to - TheShadow SWS 76, BD 71 - SOLD to - FlytoWin Elven Elder 77 - SOLD to - Mr Blue
  9. DC robe set +6 AM(acum)+3 TT set +3-4 Zaken Discord - mex#6840 #6840
  10. Hello For sell alot of items Armor Elegia hv set +6 full attry Elegia leather set FA Vesper hv mw +6 FA Vorpal leather set FA +6 Jewel Baium ring Ant queen ring Blessed zaken Freya Tezza Weapon TOP WEAPON SA 300 ++++++ All mid weapon +10 SA 300 All mid weapon +9 SA 300 Other TOP BELT S PHX DMG TOP BELT DEF TOP BELT SKILL ATC OTHER: DC BEST PRICE !!! ADENA GCM FOR CONTACT PM ME HERE OR DISCIRD: MrMagic#7216 Regards
  11. Hi everyone ! i'm currently working on mobius free pow 1 realese and updated it to pow3. i'm selling the sources to be able to invest a bit into my own server. I did update all the packets from pow1 to pow3 fixed the artifact window not working fixed the agathion to work properly (main ability and secondary were all applying without conditions) fixed some exploits like infinite dualclass certif added the new hairs / faces ... with my team we implemented many pow3 items but may be missing some. basically the datapack isnt complete but the packets are as the most important features You can test the sources on my own server i don't have a fixed price, just pm me with your offer if you're interested or have some questions about it. (i won't answer questions like "how do i upate to pow3") I also started on homun update - Login support done - Favorite teleport done and started the homunculus part aswell
  12. Hello, I dont have anymore time to play during summer time so I `d like to sell some Top ITEMS with Chars from L2 Era Classic x 10. Dominator 80 Wind Rider 80 Items: 300 Donation Pounds 800 VIP Coins Dark Crystal Robe (Set) Blue Wolf Robe (Set) Tallum Heavy (Set) Nightmare Light (set) Blue Wolf Heavy (set) Shyeed Bow Daimon Crystal Branch of The Mother Tree Sword of Miracles Soul Separator Water Dragon Pendant lv.3 +8 Fire Dragon Pendant lv.3 +8 Cloak of Darkness Fire Dragon Belt Contact me here in PM or on Discord: Ajeel#8947
  13. We are happy to announce the Big Opening of a brand new marketplace for Gamers This is the place where gamers meet up together to sell & buy independently. By buying directly from seller you avoiding Middle Man (classic game shops) and saving up to 80% of the total price. Besides it is 4 times safer for your ingame account by buying directly from the players as classic game shops put you in risk by selling from many sources and warehouses. Take a look at the digital goods categories that are available now: Game currency here you can find more than 15 Ingame currencies including Lineage adena, Eso gold, POE currency, Tree of Savior silver Gamecards the keys to your favorite Games of all genres: Fortnite, FIFA, WoW and many others Top up cards cards for your X-Box, Playstation or your accounts on Steam, Blizzard etc. Join our fast-growing community! For Buyers we are offering: Hassle free purchasing directly from the seller Faster delivery in Real Time as you are buying directly from the other players. More than 150 payment methods available For Sellers: Fast onboarding, you can start selling right away. Payouts via Bank transfers, Paypal, Webmoney, Visa/Master card Flexible, userfriendly platform with order tracking, own payment system with 100% worldwide coverage Be the first who monetize gaming skills by selling Gold, Accounts, Keys and other gaming merch.
  14. - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist Service Price Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Methods - PLEASE LOGIN TO PLACE ORDER - Auto payment Perfect Money - PM - Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ - Auto update socks new 24/24 - How to get socks5? -> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5! -> Contact: Skype: - ICQ: 673820903 Welcome to
  15. Hi, I'm new here but if you want to use my service's I will be very happy! Banners (Animated and not animated) Loading Screens Lineage 2 (Icons, Buttons, Logos) Website Logos FB Covers & Avatars Intro Videos ( will be available after 2 weeks from now ) Any other designs - PM ME. Here some previews of my past works Animated buttons for lineage 2
  16. Titan 78 with 2 3rd skills (over the body and Destroyer roar) for sale. BWH set +3, Super othell 10, NO WEP, 20kk, 3scrolls of high/normal/plain/medium xp scrolls, lvl 3 bracelet. 300e. Also for sale and account with warlock 44, Ghost hunter 43 50e. Another account with wc ++all skills buffs (vampire,movement,fury) 50e. mail me
  17. Hello, Cheaters today i will introduce you the Classic Retail Interface that i edited Especially for Server Owners/Admins & Contains some automated features by administrators requested version is still Clean for others Press the link Below to see all features! if you interested Contact me trought forum! Skype: Later will be added directly button! Price Trought PM!
  18. *Barbie Shop* Fast delivery from Authorized seller! You have to afraid nothing! You can buy everything you like directrly from *Barbie Shop* in L2 !!! here is a list with what we sell! There are a lot more things, you can learn about them just by sending a message to Discord : BarbieShop#2337
  19. Hi, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone! Have a couple of chars for sale on raidfight l2 x3 in case someone is interessted, Chars for sale: Duelist lvl 80 (nobless, 2 subs) D.elf Dagger lvl 78 (nobless) SWS lvl 78 PP lvl 73 Summoner lvl 55 (w 56 skills) Spoiler lvl 73 EE lvl 77 (78 skills, nobless) Items for sale: Tallum heavy set NM heavy set Draconic Set Imperial Crusader Set Heavens Divider focus +3 Draconic bow focus +3 Aq/Zaken/Tezza Pm me on Discord: PetrolS#9895