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Found 439 results

  1. HELLO CHEATERS FROM SKELTH [ SKELTH ] CHARACTERS / ADENA / PWLVL / iTEMS ADENA 1kk = 1.3 euro PWLVL 1-40 lvl 1 kk exp = 0,7 eur/kk exp 40-60 lvl 1 kk exp = 0,15 eur/kk exp 60-80 lvl 1 kk exp = 0,3 eur/kk exp we can see table with prices for each lvl CLICK HERE CHARACTERS ALL ACCOUNTS FROM THE FIRST OWNER CHARACTERS WITH PROFESSION: TYRANT 61 LVL 90 EURO WARLOCK 58 LVL 90 EURO SWORDSINGER 58 LVL 90 EURO WARCRYER 58 LVL 90 EURO PROPHET 58 LVL 80 EURO PALADIN 80 LVL PRICE PM TITAN (destr) 80 LVL PRICE PM CHARACTERS WITHOUT PROFESSION: HUMAN MYSTIC 52 LVL in future can be PP * BISH * SORC * NECR * WARLOCK 80 EURO or 65kk ELVEN MYSTIC 52 LVL in future can be SPS * * ES * EE 80 EURO or 65kk DARK ELF MYSTIC 52 LVL in future can be SE * SH * PS 80 EURO or 65kk iTEMS SOUL SEPARATOR = 150 EURO DRAKE LEATHER SET +8 = 1000 EURO FULL PLATE SET +6 = 60 EURO KARMIAN SET +6 = 65 EURO QUEEN ANT'S RING = 250 EURO CLOTH PIECE = 100 EURO SUPER OTHELL lvl 10 = 150 EURO TOI Talisman VI = 750 EURO Dark Crystal Robe Set +6 PRICE PM EMI +17 PRICE PM Demons Staff +10 + Feo lv. 13 (M.Crit. Chance) PRICE PM PM ON FORUM OR SKYPE : ARTEM.POGOSYAN.32 if you haven't account skype u can click this link than click "Join conversation"
  2. Selling my char on Skelth server Spectral Dancer almost 79 lvl +zaken cloack with top c duals and bw heavy set + all rewards pm me for more info NOT A BOT BUT MAIN CHAR - 200 euros
  3. Hi, Orc monk 41 lvl 14 days SUB left Elf wizard 40 lvl 94% 14 days SUB left 15 Euro Each
  4. WTS/WTT SORCERER LVL 78 FULL SKILLS With: Talisman Baium III Full dyes EXP SCROLLS, BALLS, AND A LOT OF MORE EXP ITENS. Hats and more cosmetics AQ AND CORE/ORFEN CHAR You can pay with money or adena. skype: erumarotrade
  5. Custom Interface for Interlude containing custom features & functions. Some of the features: Farm Bot AI: Relax and enjoy farming. Select mobs to hunt and skills to use (or bot will use auto attack). [Update] You can now use as many mobs as u want. [Update] You can now us also macro as skill. Aggro-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to aggression. Aggro-like skills will become useless against you. Trick-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to trick. Trick-like(including dreadnought skills & aura flash) skills will become useless against you. Auto Skills AI: Are you bored of using nobless and toggle skills each time you respawn? No Problem. You just select your skills and you don't have to use them anymore. Auto Macro: You just right-click to a macro and it gets auto used every one second. Useful for creating CP potions or custom actions under fight. Augmenter AI: Select weapon, lifestone, type and let your hands free. Augmenter AI will stop until you get your augmentation that you want. Skill Enchanter AI: Select skill, enchant type,enchant level and let your hands free. Skill Enchanter AI will stop until your skill gets the enchant level that you want. Item Enchanter AI: Select item, scrolls, enchant level and let your hands free. Item Enchanter AI will stop until your item gets the enchant level that you want. Multiple Item Destroyer: Delete multiple items at once with few clicks only. Press the trash(hah?) button, right click on items and press DESTROYYY! . So simple! Custom and advanced party window: Fully configurable with a lot of options (see below). Custom class icons. Custom nobless (replaced by celestial shield or salvation if necessary) icon on party window. You can see the level of a party member. You can move party members by holding ALT and dragging the member to the desired location (Like H5). Advanced Auto Assister : No more right clicking. It auto assists without pressing any hotkey. You select up to 2 MA (Main Assisters). If the 1st MA dies or goes out of range automatically assists 2nd MA. You can fast enable/disable it by clicking ALT+Q . Show only the party buffs that you want: Fully configurable. Custom Buffs Window : Fully Configurable. Timer on debuffs. New Advanced Olympiad Window: You can see who dealt the most damage. You can see how much time left until match is over. You can left click on the window to target the enemy. Auto use of buff potions: It uses buff potions depending your class. It doesn't use them if you have block-buff effects (eg Celestial Shield). Configurable (See below). On Screen Messages: Fully configurable (see below). Including Critical, Resist, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken Custom Shortcut Hotkeys: Fully configurable. You can bind 123...90 row & QWE...P[] row to a specific shortcut page. Chat/Shortcut Window Transparency: Fully configurable (see below).. Custom Menu (ALT + Z): You can find every custom function there. Fully Configurable through the new Options Window: You can customize almost every function of the interface there. Instant and simple. Entire Interface: Price & Info: Binds to 3 Names. (NOT HWID BIND) It works on servers with patch/interface protection. (SGuard, Smartguard etc.). Lifetime cost: 24.90€. (You pay once and that's it, NOT per month). Including lifetime free updates & support. There are special discounts if you want multiple interfaces (eg If you want to buy with friends at once, more friends more benefit!). Contact with us for those prices. Contact Info: Skype: live:la2v_3 (V Team) Email: la2v@outlook.com (la2v@outlook.com) You can also pm me here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want extra informations.
  6. Welcome to citygamers New prices and New Design http://citygamers.ru/lineage-2-eu-us.html accept paypal skrill webmoney Now we can take also Bitcoins cheap price instant delivery , discounts for const clients, personal approach to each client Now our stock is Valakas Retributer ( Chronos) Valakas Slasher (Chronos) Valakas Retributer (Freya) Valakas Slasher (Freya) https://www.facebook.com/nikolay.demiurg Whats up +79275608835 add our buissnes skype digitaldemiurg@citygamers.onmicrosoft.com add our new 2018 year skype Preferred communication in FB or Whatsup For verifed our skype click on skype button on skype icon top side our site citygamers.ru PLZ BE ATTANTION!!! U CAN CHECK OUR SKYPES: IN ONLINE CHAT SITE , DIRICTLY LINK FROM SITE, FROM PM FORUM , IN FB. DONT BE MORON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scammers skypes : live:digitaldemiurg, citygamer.innova , digitaidemiurg and digitaldemiurg.
  7. Vn5socks.net - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist Service Price Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Methods - PLEASE LOGIN TO PLACE ORDER - Auto payment Perfect Money - PM - Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ - Auto update socks new 24/24 - How to get socks5? -> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5! -> Contact: Skype: vn5socks.net - ICQ: 673820903 Welcome to Vn5socks.net
  8. {HIRE US} Hello, we are the group of hardworking developers, working on different CryptoCurrency-project since 2010! Our team - Blockchain Developers and Smart contract expert. We provide quality and unique work in projects at a reasonable price, We've worked with many Outsourcing companies around the world some being startups and other being large corporate companies. We offer Solution of Blockchain Development -Smart Contract -Exchange -BlockChain Development -Hyperledger -Multi Chain/Supply Chain -Wallet -Crowdsale -Proof of Existence ** Work with us with confidence ** 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our 1st draft - no questions asked 100% Client satisfaction Contact US: Skype ID: bdm.br Email id : sales@brsoftech.com Website: https://www.brsoftech.com/blockchain-development-services.html
  9. Gladi 79 with - ZAKEN cloack - FULL SKILLS- AQ CHAR- CRAFTER WL 61 all skills OFFER €/Adena Warlock 60 60€ ( dyes , ALL scrolls from lvl reward and ALL scrolls/cakes/runes from attendance check event, MALE, good nick) PW 54 all skills OFFER €/Adena ES 52 30€ MIDDLEMAN Hello Guys i wana add my middleman services you can speak to me in skype in any moment my fee will be the 10% of the value (if you have to pay 100e, you have to send 110€), max 20e fee feel free to try me guys i do the deals with fresh accounts and clean IP you can messg me here but i prefear skype THX SKYPE: s1ncop3@hotmail.com or also answer here BladeDancer 78.90 300€ SOLD WC 78 full skills 450€ SOLD PP 55 all skills OFFER SOLD DA 70 OFFER SOLD HE 55 all skills/ naked OFFER SOLD SWS 55 all skills OFFER SOLD SE 60 DW/stigma learned OFFER SOLD PR 76 all skills OFFER SOLD DA 66 all skills OFFER SOLD BD 62 all skills OFFER SOLD SE 55 DW learned OFFER €/Adena SOLD Tyrant 52 almost all skills OFER SOLD WTS DOOM HEAVY SET +6 140€ SOLD WTS LANCE+8 OFFER ($ or ADENA) SOLD WTS AQ LVL 1 220€ OR 215Kk SOLD WTS SET BW LIGHT +6 220€ OR 175KK ADENA SOLD
  10. Hello, Cheaters! Im selling Adena | Items on skelth: ADENA: 1KK = 0.7 € Items: Enhanced Ofren's Earring (Orfen lvl 2) = 500 € Refined Queen Ant's Ring (AQ lvl 3) = 700 € Talisman Of Insolense VI = 550 € Cloth Piece [pack] = 400 € Blue Wolf Robe Set +6 = 200 € Blue Wolf Light Set +6 = 120 € Blue Wolf Helmet +6 = 35 € Blue Wolf Boots +6 = 35 € Blue Wolf Gaiters +6 = 50 € Blue Wolf Gloves +6 = 35 € Blue Wolf Leather Armor +6 = 18 € Karmian Robe set +6 = 45 € Full Plate Heavy set +6 = 35 € Doom heavy set +6 = 150 € Demon Dagger +7 = 80 € Samurai Long Sword +10 = 100 € Bellion Cestus +11 = 600 € Bellion Cestus +10 = 340 € Deadman's Glory +10 = 340 € Great Sword +10 = 250 € Dwarven Hammer +10 = 130 € Yaksa Mace +9 = 75 € Yaksa Mace +10 = 100 € Berseker Blade +10 = 110 € Blue Wolf Heavy set +0 = 8 € Blue Wolf Robe set +0 = 8 € Black Ore set +0 = 3 € Accept: PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi Skype - CowOnMars(photo on a blue background) or pm on forum (Click) <<-- link on skype.
  11. WTS Chars/Exp/Adena@ Skelth Server Hello cheaters, Selling adena/accounts on L2 from Teon back on C3 Devianne on High 5 now on L2 eu Skelth since Feb 2017!!! "Updated Price for adena" : 23-June-2018 adena 0.8€ 2nd Class Quest: 10 euro or 13kk "Updated Price for Exp" : 23-June-2018 Powerlvl 1-72: infos on skype "Updated Price for accounts" : 23-June-2018 Accounts: 52-78 lvl GLADI 55: 20 euro WL 72: 100 euro PP 52: 70 euro PP 58: 100 euro BP 70: 120 euro NECRO 76: 250 euro SPH 74: 100 euro SK 74: 150 euro DUELIST 77: 130 euro NECRO 71.90%: 80 euro CARDINAL 77: 220 euro SPOILER 62: 80 euro DOOMCRYER 78: 450 euro DESTROYER 66: 80 euro DARK AVENGER 75: 160 euro " ITEMS ADDED " SLS*SLS+6: SOLD SLS*SLS+4 Othell 6: SOLD SLS*SLS+8 Othell 8: SOLD Kesh*Kesh+4: SOLD SLS*SLS+6 Othell 6: SOLD Augm.Demon's Dagger+7: SOLD AQ lvl 3: SOLD Tallum*Damascus+3: SOLD DOOM HEAVY SET+6: SOLD KESH*KESH+6: SOLD BELLION CESTUS+8: SOLD DAMASCUS+3 Othell 6: 50 euro AOBA+3 Othell 6: 45 euro WC 63: SOLD / SE 52: SOLD / GLADI 65: SOLD BP 64: SOLD / EE 52: SOLD / PP 52: SOLD SE 64: SOLD / PP 46: SOLD / DESTRO 52: SOLD WARLOCK 52: SOLD / DA 52: SOLD / PP 52: SOLD BD 53: SOLD / EE 52: SOLD / SE 52: SOLD BP 52: SOLD / PP 53: SOLD / AW 62: SOLD SE 52: SOLD / EE 53: SOLD / EE 58: SOLD NECRO 54/BH 52/HE 53: SOLD / SE 58: SOLD PR 58: SOLD / OL 56: SOLD / NECRO 61: SOLD OL 69: SOLD / PR 62: SOLD / PP 54: SOLD PP 55: SOLD / BH 54: SOLD / PR 68: SOLD WC 48: SOLD / PP 58: SOLD / BP 58: SOLD EE 56: SOLD / BD 58: SOLD / TYR 56: SOLD BD 52: SOLD / TYR 55: SOLD / SWS 51: SOLD GLADI 52: SOLD / WL 54: SOLD / ES 52: SOLD AW 58: SOLD / SK 54: SOLD / AW 67: SOLD EE 54: SOLD / BD 55: SOLD / SE 54: SOLD PP 68: SOLD / SPOILER 57: SOLD / WLC 53: SOLD TYR 68: SOLD / PP 59: SOLD / WC 70: SOLD SWS 55: SOLD / BD 62: SOLD / PR 58: SOLD ES 50: SOLD / ADV 77: SOLD / PR 74: SOLD YOU QUITING GAME AND YOU WANT TO CASH OUT FAST??? I WILL BUY YOUR CHARS/ADENA/GEAR!!! JUST ADD ME ON SKYPE AND LIST WHAT YOU SELLING!!! I ACCEPT Skype ID: live:33467661fd4c6499 Skype nickname: Squaaak Viking Location: Volos , Greece ACTIONS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE TRADING WITH ME!!!!!!!!! 1.Add me on skype from the link on my topic or from skype id+location i post here! 2.Pm me here on mxc forum to verify you add the correct skype id! 3.Do not make any trades if I dont verify my skype through forum pm! I will not be responsible for any scam if you not follow the actions of trading
  12. I Want to sell L2Insane Server files+Source,based on Interlude pvp server,more informations via pm Few server info here: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2insane-high-rate-pvp/28146/ If someone is intrested send me a pm.Files can be used for Custom/No Custom. Few Npc Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/iyvxp5 http://prntscr.com/iyvxf7 https://prnt.sc/iyvxtf https://prnt.sc/iyvxyd http://prntscr.com/iyvy36 http://prntscr.com/iyvy9p http://prntscr.com/iyvye7 https://prnt.sc/iyw0qi http://prntscr.com/iyvyjr http://prntscr.com/iyvyre http://prntscr.com/iyvyxn https://prnt.sc/iyvz3f http://prntscr.com/iyvzc7 http://prntscr.com/iyvzhw http://prntscr.com/iyvzm6 http://prntscr.com/iyw09p https://prnt.sc/iyw0fb https://prnt.sc/iyw0kl
  13. As the title says Pm here Bellion cestus +17 Expensive Serious eur/usd/cad (canadian dollars) offers only I am not interested in any kind of trade or gear. All the offers kicking up dust for less than 1500 eur are not being taken in any kind of consideration.
  14. WTS Adena on new L2RISE// L2Lion INTERLUDE /l2scryde(x30) Adena Prices : contact me via skype (If you find cheaper, i make it cheaper from the guy that u found WTS ADENA L2Zaken.net x15 cheapest than anybody WTS ADENA L2Scryde cheapest than anybody WTS ADENA/COL L2Lion (INTERULDE) cheapest than anybody L2Scryde : 790b / x4 b zakens (Highfive) -Highfive Java Servers : If you wanna buy adena contact me i support all of them You play a populated server and you wanna make money? Add me tell me what items u have and i will try sell them for you! How to Contact me? - Skype : live:adena_91 - Payment methods : Paypal , Moneysafe Cards (Greeks too)
  15. Hi Guys i Selling adena on Skelth. Price: 0.70euro = 1kk PM me or skype undertaker831
  16. Here we go, leaving Core. As I did in the past selling out the leftover stuff, delivering shiny adena and sexy characters for you! The characters always get transferred to your email + phone number, maximum security. Core + Ramona server adena 10€ / B. Ready to roll characters (with some gear, good level, poor abandoned chars just need a new Master) Sayha 102 / Feoh 104 Hero pretender and farmer / PvP Beast DD Sayha 101 / Healer 104 Badass PoWind Healer Titan 103 / Tank 101 Ultimate farmer machine, can solo any instance Tank available for CPs Support accounts (perfect to box, use to farm or solo any content) Wynn 101 / Yul 101 Okay this one low and cheap. Lv 3 Obsi, Lv 3 Ruby equipped Bracelet +3 STR Exalted lv 2 Coming with VIT items and Runes Iss Hiero 101 Iss Hierophant with PoM Wynn 100 for farming on the account + VIT items Iss Hiero 101 Iss Hierophant with PoM Iss Doom 99 Lilith/Anakim chars on the account SoSBox 100 Noblesse character, can use jumps Dragon quests ready Crafter 99 +15 Luck Dye on, great crafter Paypal only. Thank you!
  17. Here we go, leaving Core. As I did in the past selling out the leftover stuff, delivering shiny, sexy adena for you. Core + Ramona server adena 10€ / B. Paypal only. Thank you!
  18. Adena: 0.7 euro 1kk Items: WTS BOP +13 - 560 euro\800kk. SOLD WTS Damascus +13 500 euro\720kk SOLD WTS BOP +13 - 560 euro\800kk. SOLD WTS SOM +7 500 euro SOLD WTS Bellion Cestus +17, all info in skype WTS AOBA +8 90 euro SOLD Pwlvl orders: 1-76 650 euro ~ 1 month 1-40 40 euro\57kk adena ~ 1 day 1-52 70 euro\100kk adena ~ 2 days 52-65 0,15 euro per 1kk exp ~ 200kk per day 65-76 0,2 euro per 1kk exp ~ 200kk per day Accepted only PayPal Good discount for big orders. skype: truehahoha
  19. Hello cheaters :) I am selling >>>ADENA<<< on Skelth Prace : 0.55 euro 1kk buy big stock get discount Any proff char 40 lvl - 30 euro POWERLEVEL service 1-65 I accept : QIWI, PAYPAL, SKRILL, YANDEX Skype : live:207e7e009d594dbf
  20. WTS SKELTH PLVL 1-40 25euro pm me here
  21. I am selling my personal account , there are a lot of AAA games inside, never VAC or any ban. My account lvl is 500, over 3k badges,it's on top 250 world wide and on top 100 europe. Almost 1300 games,200 dlc's inside and over 8.000 hours of playtime. https://imgur.com/a/nwvqLJm Account games worth 6.7k $ - THE COST OF THE LEVELS NOT SHOWN ON STEAM DB! The list of the games https://pastebin.com/WcZs0r1q For any further informations feel free to message me ! Price is 3100 euro but we can discuss it, only serious offers :)
  22. WTS SwS 62 lvl Skelth , have good name, on the same acc Craft 37 lvl sh 36 lvl all goog names. Have 100 days subcribtion
  23. Hello I have for sell Phantom Rangers 77 lvl with e-mail. With equipment: - Emi bow +10 + Othell 7 - BW heavy set +3 - Bo set +3 - Doom light set - PL +6 set + FP +6 set Pm me with offer, euro/usd Payment by PayPal
  24. L2-Arena Proffessional Custom Interlude Ready To Go [bassed grankain source] Project based on last grankain source revision Project ready to start Tested live Perfect working geodata Perfect working skills like l2off Perfect working sieges Video with server preview here skype contact: l2developer (kamex) I wish to sell my Lineage2 Interlude Custom PVP Project Project have ready banners and ready server name for who wish to purchase it Server name: L2 Arena You will be able to see logo and banners in the video below... Project will be sold only 1 time to only 1 person After the proejct will be sold once to 1 person, the next person who will wish to buy it will recive a reworked project, with changed gameplay style, changed zones, monsters, items, farming items, farming style and whatever the customer ask for. I do not have time for open the server, i can offer support if there is any bug inside ( for free ), if the customer want support for adding new things or anything else, it will cost, depend how many hours i will work. I can help setup the server for free. Project contains latest 2016 bug fixes All skills reworked to be similar to L2OFF Same i can say about balance Do not hesitate to ask for test server, you can test the project whenever you want Call your friends and come to play on it and see if you like it or not! :) The project is an update of Lineage2Prestige ( my last custom pvp server ) The project is based on Prestige Source ( my own private project ) Q: Why i consider this my own private project? A: Because everything has been added manually and allmost everything has been reworked by me! PS: Source is suitable for any type of server, even for low rates one.For more info about features contact me on skype. Here you can see a little preview of the project, here is video: If you want more detals add me to skype so we can discuss more about it PS: The project will be sold only 1 time, for the 2nd customer project will be rebuild, same for the 3rd customer. Skype: l2developer you will see my name as: Kamex If you have trouble finding me leave me a private message here in maxcheaters forum Chronicle: Interlude Rates 1000x Main Town: kamael Village Max level 85 3 Tier Weapons: - Lindvior Weapons - Tier 1 - Valakas Weapons - Tier 2 - Kelbim Weapons - Tier 3 3 Tier Armors: - Exile Armor - Tier 1 - Valkyria Armor - Tier 2 - Ertheia Armor - Tier 3 Upgradable Raid Boss Jewels: - Core -> Improved Core -> Blessed Core - Orfen -> Improved Orfen -> Blessed Orfen - Baium -> Improved Baium -> Blessed Baium - Queen Ant -> Improved Queen Ant -> Blessed Queen Ant 5 types of Elemental Shirts with Awakening Powers - Ogre - Monk - Witch - Empower - Rabbit Farm Items currency: - Adena - Ancient Adena - Red Libra ( from boss, low chance from mobs, from champions etc... ) Farm Zones: - Level Zone - Cruma Tower ( custom ) - Solo Zone - Underground Temple of Prayer - Hard Zone - party recommended Raid Bosses: - Golkonda - Lilith - Chaos Van Helsing - Halisha - Halisha PVP ZONE - Antharas - Valakas - Baium - Exiled Anakim ( The Lindvior Guardian ) - location inside Undeground Temple of Prayer Secret Boss Room PVP Zone - need type: .exit for leave - auto flag when enter - auto nobless when enter and when respawn - auto respawn in 10 seconds - respawn full hp/cp/mp - Zone can be changed whenever you want in any other location ( current loc: Pagan Temple ) - Show hp/cp/mp left of your killer SERVER NPC: - rank manager - show pvp/pk ranking top 10 - augmenter/skill enchanter 2 in 1 - Custom Gm Shop - Custom Shop - upgrade armor/weapon - Raid Boss manager show info about raids alive/dead - Global teleporter - NPC buffer with all buffs included malarias - service npc sell all augments directly to your weapon - class changer - all in 1 npc warehouse - symbol maker - auction npc buy clan hall - siege npc - class master npc can add all subclass in same npc even overlord SPECIAL ITEMS - clan rep scroll - premium rune ( x2 all rates for 24 hours ) - recommend item get instant 255 rec - clan coin - get instant clan llv 8 - clan skills coin - get instant all clan skills SOME SERVER PHOTOS