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  1. Hello everyone , im selling my char in L2Damage. Including: All skillls in everyclass main,subs is +10 some of them are +11 Tallum R set +20 RB Jewels set +20 set Dark Crystal R set +20 Draconic Light set +19 2 parts +20 Damage Tattoo +20 Tattoo of Resolve +20 1 million adena Spear +20 AM +20 with wild magic passive AM +20 with empower passive AM +0 with empower active Draconic bow +0 with duel might active Draconic bow +19 with might passive Agility active, focus active , celestial shield , battle roar act
  2. Hello, i`m offering Discord private message advertise in Lineage 2 channels. It`s most effective advertise method at this moment. If you want to send mass private messages with your advertise text contact me. Skype: relaxtive Discord: Topinis#3878
  3. Please read all carefully! - - Website: https://rinulikes.com/ - -Youtube Subscribers: 100 - 3$ Likes: 100-3$ Dislikes: 50 - 2$ Random/custom comments: 10 - 2$ Comments likes/dislikes: 100 - 2$ Shares(fb/tw/pt/g+/etc.): 100 - 1$ Views: 1000 - 3$ -Facebook Page Likes: 100 - 2$ Photo/Post Likes: 100 - 2$ Photo/Post Reaction(Love/Funny/Wow/Sad/Angry): 100 - 1$ Video views: 1000 - 1$ Custom comments: 5 - 1$ Event interested/going: 100 - 2$ Profile followers: 100 - 2$ -Twitter Followers: 100 - 2$ Retweets: 100 - 2$ Likes: 100 - 2$
  4. I sell lvl 107 82% toon +15 skills and much crap on like insanity talisman and so on. U can just offer. scammers don't waste time ur boring to me. (u can pm me or we can go facebook). As i am leaving official for good i sell it cheap, like 30€ for the toon is all fine.
  5. Middleman Service Price - 7 Euro - More than 3 years as a middleman - More than 200 Accounts sold - Over 750 trades between adena, accounts and items - More than 150 positive reviews in Maxcheaters - 50,000 Views in Maxcheaters topic (most viewed over all posts) INSTANT DELIVERY, 100% GUARANTEES WTS ON Project Essence 85 Shillien Elder 50% bw light set+3/Som+5 augument 100 casting speed/m at
  6. New ACCESSORIES from other games for Lineage 2. Any chronicles The cost of each accessory is 25 euros. The more accessories you buy at one time, the cheaper they are. Everything is discussed only in Skype correspondence, upon purchase
  7. I would like to offer You my NEW Updater / Launcher with custom skins. BASIC FEATURES: - no virus detections, - automatic patch check, - automatic patch download on new release, - automatic soft files check / manual hard files check, - install full game client as option, - fast download, - no disconnections on small files = no slow downs, - the fastest files check = check full game client of 50GB in just few sec., - full control of Your patch link, - the fastest patch build and the best compression, - multilanguage support, - awesome custom skins, - works
  8. Hi, I'm new here but if you want to use my service's I will be very happy! Banners (Animated and not animated) Price: 5/15eur Loading Screens Price: 15/25eur Lineage 2 (Icons, Buttons, Logos) 5-15eur Website Logos 10/50eur FB Covers & Avatars 15eur Intro Videos ( will be available after 2 weeks from now )30/100eur HTML NPC Design 7 eur per page CB Board design 7-15 eur per page Any other designs - PM ME. Here some previews of my past works Loading Screens
  9. WTS Adena at Core server. 400b in stock. 2,3Eur per 1b. Only Paypal, payment first. Can be deals with small amounts to be 100% safe. Contact here. Only serious offers. If u dont wanna agree on Paypal and Euro first ( can be even in small amounts) , Im deeply sorry, i wanna feel safe as well. /edited 14/4/2021 - updated price and stock
  10. Wts sumuner 78 noble (arcana lord). Sub bd+mage Have full S ítems. 2 AM whit acu Set major arcana full enchant 2 sets tateo full enchant 2 sets dark cristal robe full enchant Set jew low A/b 200kk in adena All staf for olys (mental shield, bless body, focus) staff of Evil Spirit (top B) Much material and more ítems (homu +5 acu) Send pm or discord vendovendo#3773 Price $1500 or make offer
  11. Hey! Sorry for my english, i use a translator 🤭 I am open for any orders in the field of design and graphics 😜 What can I do: - Create unique banner ads from scratch - Complete social media design (avatar, header, menu, etc.) - Design of contests, etc. - Redrawing banners - Design of posts for social networks and the forum - Graphic description of the server on the forum (see examples) - Correction of shortcomings of other designers - Change your banners, even if the template is lost - Any other design services I
  12. Elmorelab x3 10kk Adena = 40 Euro Avadon robe set = 60 Euro Only selling adena as pack deal, towards one person! Discord : VermontB#8466
  13. Welcome to MyGamingLounge ! Exclude: Green Trust factor Random ranked Prime account - $18.99 As an introductory offer, we are giving away fresh CS:GO Prime accounts at an amazingly low price of $14.99 $10.99 only!! **Offer valid without the use of any coupon! **Account prices have been updated. Price of some accounts might vary compared to the one shown below! Kindly check the site for updated prices! MyGamingLounge aims to provide you the clean, affordable an
  14. Hello. We are a group of farmers who decide to monetize our playtime. We got large capacity of farming a lot of valuable ingame things, such as ( with prices, in EURO ) : Epic ( BE AWARE, AT SOME CASES TRANSFER OF EPIC MAY REQUIRE THE TAG OF RECIPIENT CHARACTER INTO SAME CLAN WITH OUR PROVIDER TO ENSURE THE SAFE TRANSACTION WITHOUT GM ATTENTION ) Queen ant ring 250 Zaken earring 200 S grade ( prices for clean! ASK FOR SA SPECIFICALLY ) Draconic bow - 100 Saint spear - 100 Arcana mace - 125 Demon splinter - 90
  15. Sell on New warland Zaken 50e QA 80e Db +10 Focus 60e DC/Drac sets +6 30e each STKA#0178 Discord PayPal Webmoney
  16. Hello, i would like to sell lots of stuff on l2 dex union including some rb jews, mw sets +6, over enchanted weapons +16/15/10 and others, tods etc. If u re interested in buying something on this server just pm me. Im also willing to trade those items for items on l2 warland. Looking forward to your Pms See ya. :) Edit: Now i have only DC robe set MW 8/6/6/6, MJ robe MW set 8/6/6/7 (gloves +7 not MW), Tallum heavy MW +6, 2370 tod, 3,4kkk, wizard tear +16, mjlight set +6, 4x AM +3+A , MW Tatoo ring +6 2x, All pa
  17. Hello guys, it's been a long time. I've made a project recently which is based on public aCis sources (382 revision, currently the most stable). The project will be available as diff patch and it will be applied to public free revision of aCis if anyone is interested. Because I've done a lot of work on this project I will show you the most important things and we can discuss the details if you are interested. 1v1 PvP Battlegrounds - It's a tournament for players, only 1v1. - This tournament is scheduled, so you can put unlimited specific
  18. Unverified Fresh MMR Level 30+ Botted Accounts • Starting from €2.99 • EUW/NA/EUNE • Low Banrate • Instant Delivery • 1 Month Botting-Ban Warranty • 24/7 Customer Service • 40.000+/50.000+/60.000+ BE Accounts https://felony.selly.store/ Questions, concerns, order issues? Message me on Discord: Felony#8412 For Cheap Ranked Accounts visit : https://www.g2g.com/r/Felony Make Sure To Join FelonySmufs Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WmkAJDp • Accounts Giveaways • If you invite 10 real people you will get a free 40.000BE/Caps Account
  19. Sell interface Lineage 2 HF Greetings to all. Many in my topic asked to make such an interface on the HF. We collected the source code and started reworking the interface. All functions that were in Epilogue were transferred. So what is in the interface. 1. And the most important. Fully reworked tooltips. Everything is absolutely. What could find. Changed view. Added gadgets in the form of showing icons and bonuses from sharpening. The overlay for icons of layers is also made. It is possible to show sharpening or pet level in the latest chronicles. Dividing
  20. Selling account with lwl 72 warc +80kk adena, fake baium, aq, zaken, 775 jewellery fragments nearly done subclass quest 55 ms in wh. Price 70eur for everything. I can sell the account seperatly or just the adena. Pm me here or telegram +37063823368 for more details.
  21. I'm a game developer that works mainly on Java. My services include fixing bugs, design creation, development, management, markup languages like JAVA, HTML, SQL, and XML, multithreading and synchronization as well. I'm experienced since 2009. I work smooth, focused, and straight. Understanding Java doesn't just mean understanding the language. Many other pieces are necessary to create, develop, and test code. To discuss further details regarding your needs, feel free to message me on Skype or Discord. Price: Depends on the task or time spent. Acceptable payment