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  1. Eternal Sin - Valkyrie - Lineage 2 Scions of Destiny. Server is based on PTS files, Geodata and Pathnodes and aims to keep as close to retail Chronicle IV Scions of Destiny patch while most servers are higher chronicles, here is some useful information: Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT +2 Buff times: Regular /Basic/ buffs 20 minutes - Dances, Songs and Summon /Pet/ buffs 2 minutes - Third class buffs - 5 minutes Chance Maximum Debuffs - retail Olympiad System - retail Anti-Bot System (ESL2 Guard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Yes Sub-Class Maximum Level - 78 Master Class - no Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Learn Loot - No Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not Noblesse System - Yes Champions System - No Wedding System - Yes Subclass and Noblesse: with quest. Rates Experience (EXP) - 1x Skill Points (SP) - 1x Adena - 1x Drop Items - 1x Quest Experience (EXP) - 1x Quest Skill Points (SP) - 1x Quest Adena - 1x Quest Items Drop - 1x Spoil - 1x Manor - 1x Extract Fish - 1x Enchants Enchant rates: retailAll configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant. Official grand opening: 02/12/2021 17)00 GMT +2 Site: https://esl2.org/
  2. WebSite: http://l2bounce.ga/ Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/La2bounce Server Rates XP: x60 SP: x50 Adena: x120 Drop: x1 Party Level: x3 Enchantment Rates Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant Weapons : 11 Max Enchant Armor - Jewells : 8 Normal Scroll: 4-11 -> 64% Blessed Scroll: 4-11 -> 60% Additional Information Buff Slots 22 Main Class Automatic rewards Skills Npc Class Free - Giran Sub Class Free Free Teleport Custom Area Farm 1,2 Skills C4 + C5 Customs Information Armors - Titaniun Weapons - Epics Bounce, Destruction Bounce Custom Accessories Style Events Team vs Team - 1hours Olympiads Unique GM events Olympiad Hero period: 1 month Olympiad Starts 20:00 UTC-03:00 Brasilia Olympiad Ends 00:00 UTC-03:00 Brasilia Raid Bosses Boss level 75 + chance drop Epics and Destrucion Bounce Special Boss Barakiel Bounce 24h 100% chance drop Item Nobles(Double Click = Nobles) Grand Bosses Restail Voiced Commands .l2bounceboss
  3. Dear Players, After 9 months of open-beta testing, we opened long-waiting Low-Rate ElmoreLab project. Server opened 7 of March, on C1, but 2 months later, 8 of May, we migrated to Chronicles 2. We fixed all bugs and all known C1 exploits (including html exploits, demon set, and so on). This is not just C1 - we will gradually add support for C2 client, then one by one features from C2 (including craft book, tatto and so on), and C2 content. In our plans we will fully migrate to PTS C2 in 3 months without wipes. Then, same way for C3 in 9-12 months. So you can feel C1-C2-C3-C4-C5 journey once more! Check main features: http://elmorelab.com/ Who we are: we are the team, who have many years of L2 PTS experience as server administration and development. We know almost everything - all bugs, all exploits, all scripts and content. We are working on C1/C2/C3/C4/C5 restoration since 05.2016, and now we think we did the best 🙂 This is free, slow vanila server. No rush, no wipes, no donations (apart from 2nd class transfer), no customs (apart from offline shop and small vote rewards). Check our C2 progress http://forum.elmorelab.com/viewforum.php?f=26 Check our C3 progress http://forum.elmorelab.com/viewforum.php?f=27 Check our C4 progress https://forum.elmorelab.com/viewforum.php?f=28 And our database http://account.elmorelab.com:8080/ All extra commands are available via .menu, including online. We are doing it just for funs like us. Welcome, guys!
  4. Hello! Classic and most widely loved Lineage 2 chronicle returned for all C4 lovers out there who are looking for a stable server with off- like gameplay for the sake of nostalgia. Since it's a private server and most players dont have the time or wish to play on a hardcore low rates, server is made for fast-pace gameplay, with higher rates, a class cat, higher grade weapons, armors and jewels added to original shops, with l2day buff scrolls in consumable shops and custom buffer is everything youll need to have fun and save your precious time from having to farm all day.... Looking to build a friendly and supportive international community of C4 fans, each active players reasonable opinion/idea is important and will be considered in servers future development... (c) Lineage2Retro 2021. Server info: Chronicle: Lineage2 Chronicle4 Rates: Xp x20/Sp x20/Adena x30. Stuck-Sub (Main +3) Class change master, 1st class- 100k; 2nd - 1kk; 3rd - 10kk. Player Commands: .expon; .expoff for On/Off exp gain. .offline_shop for offline trade. C-B Grade weapons & armors in Giran Weapon & Armor shop. Custom Scheme Buffer in every town. L2Day Buff scrolls in Giran Consumable Shop. No huge mods or addons, off like gameplay. Registration is auto. Website: https://www.lineage2retro.club/
  5. Hello dear users of the maxcheaters forum. Today I want to tell you about one server that has been running for more than 3 years. This server is called New Era and works on the site https://www.La2Era.com/ and adapted for a long-term game. L2OFF C4 PTS - Our personal extender EXP and SP x1 Adena and Drop x1 Spoil x1 Quest Reward x1 Quest Drop x1 Safe Enchant +3 Max Enchant +25 Raid Boss drop x1 Raid Boss Epic x1 The chance of dropping epic jewelry is 70% The minimum number of errors and bugs, the client and the extender have been improving for more than 15 years! There are no restrictions on the dual box, but you can play in one window with comfort thanks to a well-developed pet system and a club card. Our online is about 700-800 unique users daily. Online on the site is specified with a double box and an offtrade The main feature of our server is stability. Everything you achieve on our server will remain with you forever and you can continue playing at any time from where you left off. There will never be a higher level or better equipment on the server that will devalue your time. You play your game with your own pace and you can always change it. We don't have an arms race, if you want a big war, you can quickly upgrade and join a big war. Do you want to beat monsters in a relaxed way for 1 hour a week? - Please We have a lot of updates that allow us to make the game on our server as comfortable as possible, here are just some of them: The sharpening limit at the Olympics is +5 Flags and castle walls are reinforced 10 times A quest was developed and added: Seductive Whispers The function of granting privileges to use the clan warehouse (A player who has the privilege can take things) Improving baby pets (as in the chronicles above) A huge number of hats, everyone will find something to their liking A small reworking of the Aggression balance affects the characters Hate Aura affects the characters Switch acts on characters Trick works on characters Added a new skill for PP and SHE - Holy Resistance Holy Resistance 1-level 58 - 10% resistance to light attacks; Holy Resistance 2-level 66 - 15% resistance to light attacks; Holy Resistance 3-74 level - 20% resistance to light attacks. And much much more Bonuses for novice players: A bonus start system has been developed that rewards the player from level 1 to level 40 with A teleport for beginners, which is 10 times cheaper than a regular teleport The beginner's guide supports up to level 40 Equipment from the cat D and C grade, which can not be improved and worn if the PK counter is higher than 0 Free NG SS and BSS in stores High-level players can not farm low-level RB A convenient .menu panel where you can: See the status of the life of the RB Register for the TvT event View the list of available teams Vote for our server and get an Event Coin The server is Russian, but don't let it scare you, the server is adapted to EN Players. There is an English version of the site, a personal account, a game client, special proxies and support that will answer you in English
  6. NEW Lineage2 C4 PVP x300 Server 🗡L2 OFF , ⚔ Npc Full buff 🗡Full Geodata 🗡 Ratesr x300/x150/x30 xp/sp/adena ⚔OfflineShop .offline ⚔ Auto Pickup ⚔ Buff Slot +22 ⚔ GM Shop, Custom Armor/Weapon ✅ Safe +3 ⚔Class Change Cat 💲New player reward 50kk Website: http://www.bushidofiles.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/C4.L2Breaks/ Join Us 👍👍
  7. Greeting to the Lineage II Community. The Game C4 Remastered is Back!! GRAND OPENING ON 27 FEBRUARY 2021 at 20:00 GMT (+03:00) The Game PvP x35 was a server which was the history of Lineage 2 in Greece back in early 2000. The developers tried to make as many things similar to the old The Game. But we had to keep in mind that now we are not young kids anymore, so the gameplay was necessary to adapt to the times. L2 The Game C4 is a long term commitment that our development team has made,based on pure nostalgia for the old times where Lineage was..just Lineage. We tried to recreate the old server with it’s simple features but in order to adapt to the modern times some implementations were made. The second Main reason our team decided to go with Chronicle 4, apart from nostalgia for this forgotten Era of Lineage II, is that Adrenaline is not Compatible with C4 and the rest of the (old) botting softwares like L2 Net, L2 Walker , L2 Tower etc are way easier to stop them. PVP-FARM-SPOIL RAID NO-CRAFT NO CUSTOM Armors/Weapons. GM SHOP ADDED!!! NPC BUFFER WITH FULL 1HR BUFFS(RESISTS ADDED TOO) FREE FOR ALL PLAYERS! UNIQUE LVL 8 CLAN SYSTEM WITH CLAN SKILLS AUTO-FARM LICENSE CLAN RAID RANKING SYSTEM WITH REWARDS FOR TOP CLANS Server features are listed here: https://thegamec4.com/server-info/ Register your clan in order to get clan lvl 5 at the start of the server https://thegamec4.com/register-your-clan/ Visit our NEW Website: https://thegamec4.com/ JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AND GET FREE VIP AT THE LAUNCH OF THE SERVER! Discord: https://discord.gg/y8843pFn5F Anti-DDos Protection: Hyperfilter Anti-bot Protection: SmartGuard v3.1
  8. We went live on Friday, September 25th 2015 as Chronicle 1, currently is Chronicle 4 (6-Sept-2020) L2-Firebird.com Discord Server Rates x1 on everything Before joining please read the server rules: http://www.l2-firebird.com/story/rules/index/en.php?sessionid=lurker MORE INFO: The server is available almost 24/7, except for maintenance or the weekly restart each Tuesday at 8 AM. We are not writing here any technical data about the server hardware like other freeshards because we think that the underlying hardware is uninteresting for the players. We want to tell you some core facts about this project. We love Lineage II and so we decided to bring back the good old times. Internally we were working on this since 2012 but because of some major drawbacks we were unable to launch. On September 9th 2015 we finally took a huge step forward with solving a major issue from 2012. Just a few days later we decided to go public with this project and started to prepare for launch. We keep this server at low rates to stay as retail as possible. We know that playing Lineage II with this rates is very time-consuming, but consider this: Just take your time and have fun playing. As mentioned in rule �1 this project is free and will remain free. We see this as a long-term project so we are not planning to wipe the database. We were running chronicle 1 from September 25th 2015 to April 30th 2017. During it's lifetime we were continuously patching the server up to version First developments for chronicle 2 started around June 2016 with a basically working, but very incomplete version in August 2016. Progress slowed down after August 2016 because of critial errors which led to development stop end of September 2016. We restarted the development of chronicle two in November 2016 and could fix major issues in December 2016. We finally reached a stable state of chronicle 2 in January 2017. During our internal tests we continued fixing errors until the launch of the chronicle 2 server on May 1st 2017. Of course, no data, chars or items were lost during the upgrade. We also changed our forum software as well as the color of our website to have a visible difference to the previous chronicle. Chronicle 2 was active from May, 1st 2017 8 PM to January, 5th 2019 8 AM local time. The server was patched up to version in that time. First very early developments for C3 have been made parallel to the development of C2. In early October 2018 the development of C3 was made public on the website. Since our C3 server shares the same codebase as C2 we could conclude the development on November 27th 2018. Generating geodata took a whole month and was partly automatized. During the development of C2 we generated the geodata completely manually which took us around three months. Chronicle 3 was active from January, 5th 2019 8 PM to September, 4th 2020 8 AM local time. The server was patched up to version in that time. Early development for C4 started in parallel to the development of C3. In early June 2020 the development of C4 was announced on our website. Just like in C2 and C3, our C4 server shares the same codebase as the previous chronicle. The development of C4 concluded on March 27th 2020 followed by fixing and adjusting data till launch. We could optimize the generation of geodata as well as use parts of the C3 geodata, so that step didn't nearly take as much time as before. We finally launched C4 on Saturday, September 5th 2020 at 8 PM local time. Of course no items, accounts or characters were lost during the upgrade. The server is still writing his story as time passes. Do you want to become part of the story? Then come and join us, now.
  9. L2 ELPY is the ultimate C4 server, providing a high quality and long-term gaming experience. The opinion of the players is very important for us, that's why when we created the server we took into account all the elements for a good gameplay. Read full details below. C4 Bartz - Rates XP SP Adena Drop Spoil Quest Reward Raid Boss Drop Epic Boss Drop Safe Enchant Max Enchant Normal Enchant Scroll x12 x10 x10 x10 x9 x5 x1 x1 3 21 68% Gameplay Auto loot (except for Raid Boss) Auto learning skills Newbie Starter Packs Weight limit is increased by 1.5x Restriction: up to 3 online windows per IP Mana Potion: 500 MP / 3 minutes reuse time Equipment NO custom weapons / armors C grade armors (including top C) available in luxury shop for crystals C grade weapons in luxury shop (retail) B grade armor recipes (including top) in GM shop Low B weapon recipes in GM shop Buffs NPC Buffer (only Prophet / SE buffs) NPC Buff duration: 2 hours Buff slots: 30 Skills Fully working C4 skills (including Switch and Trick) Sweep Festival implemented Added Zealot for Destroyer and Tyrant classes Quests First & Second Class Transfers available via NPC Third Class Transfer requires retail quest Increased drop rates for the following quests: Exploration of the Giant’s Cave Part 1 and 2 Illegitimate Child of a Goddess Legacy of Insolence Yoke of the past Whisper of Dreams Part 1 and 2 Relics Of The Old Empire Gather the Flames Supplier of Reagents Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force (improved pouch drop) A necromancer’s Request Mimir’s Elixir Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul (all quest item drops increased) The Finest Food Increased drop chance for the following quests: War with the Varka Silenos War with the Ketra Orcs Epic Raid Bosses Respawn time: retail Ring of Core: Added Increased Atk. Spd. and P.Atk. Earring of Orfen: Added Increased Casting Spd. and M. Atk. Olympiad Olympiad is every two weeks New heroes on Sunday Hero weapons are not allowed in Olympiad matches Olympiad requires 10 minimum participants to start Everything else is retail Events TvT Event - every 2 hours (Reward: 6 Nectar on Win / 3 Nectar on Draw & Loss) Community Raid Event every 5 hours Squash Event - our unique concept of this event is available via NPC John in Giran Commands List (.commands) .epic (epic raid boss status and respawn time) .bank .deposit .withdraw .tvtjoin .vote .expon .expoff
  10. Lineage 2 Gloria | Servidor de Lineage 2 C4 Apertura: Viernes 26 de Junio, 20 hs (Argentina). Servidor Argentino. Crónica 4: Scions of Destiny. Rates x5. Sub Acumulativas +3. Shop y Buffer. Creá tu cuenta y descarga los archivos necesarios en: http://lineage2gloria.com
  11. L2-Reunion is back ! We are happy to announce the comeback of our beloved retail like Chronicle 4 low rate server. We spend lot of time fixing and testing stuff to bring you the L2 game-play you all loved back in 2006. Server went live: 01.06.2020 We got a nice and little community already, which grows slowly but steady. Come and give it a try. Rates: ------- Exp/Sp 5x Drop 5x Adena 5x Spoil 5x Raid Drop 1x Features: ------------ * L2JLisvus C4 files * Dual-boxing: max. 2 clients/IP * Buffs/Song/Dance Times : retail like * Enchant Rates : retail like * Enchant safe : +4 * Geo data and Pathfinding * Full Working Olympiad * All C4 locations and raids * C4 - Fishing * C4 - Baby Pets * C4 - Skill enchanting * C4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests Oldschool C4 gameplay : ----------------------- * No Vitality System * No Herbs * No Common Items * No Shadow Items * No Masterwork crafts Custom additions: ----------------- * Apprentice Weapons for new characters * Quest Item seller for 1st and 2nd class transfer * Increased drop rates for vital quests * Enhanced rewards for low-level one-time quests * Offline buy/sell/manufacture system * Command to enable/disable Exp/Sp gain (.expon / .expoff) * Sorted Warehouse lists * Increased storage capacity of warehouses * In-game droplists (shift+left click) * Spoilers can learn Sweep Festival skill Join our forum and discord now for suggestions and discussions. Website : http://l2-reunion.com Forum : http://l2-reunion.com/forum Discord : https://discord.com/invite/UQEVUD4 Stay tuned.... We are back, and better then ever.
  12. L2-Reunion is back ! We are happy to announce the comeback of our beloved retail like Chronicle 4 low rate server. We spend lot of time fixing and testing stuff to bring you the L2 gameplay you all loved back in 2006. Launch date : 01.06.2020 - 6 PM - GMT +2 Rates: ------- Exp/Sp 5x Drop 5x Adena 5x Spoil 5x Raid Drop 1x Features: ------------ * L2JLisvus C4 files * Dualboxing allowed: max. 2 clients/IP * Buffs/Song/Dance Times : retail like * Enchant Rates : retail like * Enchant safe : +4 * Geodata and Pathfinding * Full Working Olympiad * All C4 locations and raids * C4 - Fishing * C4 - Baby Pets * C4 - Skill enchanting * C4 - 3rd Profession skills and quests Oldschool C4 gameplay : ----------------------- * No Vitality System * No Herbs * No Common Items * No Shadow Items * No Masterwork crafts Custom additions: ----------------- * Quest Item seller for 1st and 2nd class transfer * Increased drop rates for vital quests (2x) * Offline buy/sell/manufacture system * Voice command to enable/disable Exp/Sp gain (.expon / .expoff) * Sorted Warehouse lists * Increased storage capacity of warehouses * Ingame droplists (shift+left click) * Spoilers can learn Sweep Festival skill Join our forum and discord now for suggestions and discussions. Website : http://l2-reunion.com Forum : http://l2-reunion.com/forum Discord : https://discord.com/invite/UQEVUD4 Stay tuned.... We are back, and better then ever.
  13. finally after all these years we got dedicated host we go live! grand server opening http://omenofdisgrace.online/ Discord Channel https://discord.gg/XebzmVD facebook community grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/omenofdisgrace/our old forum but we still use ithttps://netcenter.ucoz.net/forum/Chronicle 4: Scions of DestinyRates x50GMSHOPGLOBALGKNPCBUFFERwearable tattooshero skills via hero jewelsadded zonesBlood CartiaMagmeld Territoryschool of dark arts tune up for lvl 78 farmadded armorsApellaEpic DKNew Dynasty (only via donation all sets have same bonus as dynasty) the plus here is Heavy + 3 STR / - 3 CON Light + 1 STR / + 2 DEX / - 2 CON Robe + 2 WIT / - 2 MEN / + 1 INT Seraph Twilight Immortal Eternal Leviathan ( only Leviathan have same bonus as common S grade sets IC/DR/MA)added weaponsMordorMonster weaponsOmen weapons ( a recolection mix icarus,vesper, freya ) (only via donation all of them same bonus as mordor weapons) Tears Valakas LindviorSkill system auto-learnShilen Icon - just like angelic but with vampiric rage for DA and SKanimations enhance for some skillsyour Warlock can summon a Medusa!added Darion Raid Boss Specific Info about server Featureswe aim to reach an unique pvp experiencedue the server is Retail Basefor this i have implemented the following changesin order to give support characters participation in farm and pvpand ofc i hope you all remember how it was back in C4also i know this may be reflected in olympiads a bit weirdbut know that is not the same that going outside with full buff to pvp and farm than playing olympiad matchi will be listening to opinions and if something of the following things needs to be removed or changed we may open a vote pool and it will be mostly community choiseso here it goes i hope you all like this and enjoy itHell Knightreceives Shilen Icon lvl 1Eva Templarreceives Angelic Icon lvl 1Sword Musereceives Final Fortress lvl 1receives Angelic Icon lvl 1Spectral Dancerreceives Final Fortress lvl 1receives Shilen Icon lvl 1Shillien Templarreceives Shilen Icon lvl 3What is Shilen Icon ? it is the same as Angelic iconbut i changed healing bonus for vampiric attackwe have tested it and is amazingi know it maybe will unbalance a bit the olympiad matchbut tbh people cmon... many of you play sub-stack +3 that is quite crazy compared to thisis just a small enhance for pvp/farmit will not make a hard disbalanceand if it result in a bad shape we can always lower their values or even remove it, but hey... everyone who tested it said that is very coolwarlock cat replacement for Medusait has minor stats upgrade to make this servitor able to farm and sustain a pvp fight with full pet buff ofcdreadnought farm enhanceThrill Fightwe have added attack speed bonus by weapon pole this does not modify the retail bonusthis is only to improve the pole armdue the characteristics of hard monsters in the farm zoneevery other things excluding some buffs time remain retailabout armor sets you can find their respective bonus once you wear the complete set in your pasive skillssame goes for weaponssome itemname info of client does not show the real stats infoto look upon this check your statswe might work on itemname to write the exact server side infofor now everthing you want to check just open and close character statswe did this add very carefully and all sets where tested back in 2017blood cartia and magmeld territory are unpopulatedthis mean there are no NPC, i might spawn for events and use a temporary spawn of npc until i write up all areadatabe aware that i am the only working on this alone without any kind of help so be patient everything will be done time to timetears weapon visual glitch, just unequip the weapon and equip it again, if you want to avoid this do not switch from other weapon equip them with your bare handsim still working on this and i may need a place holder for updaterthat is why i stoped for now making patchesto avoid confusion and to not bother users having to download a new patch everytime we fix something, if we dont find a holder for patch updates we will cumulate from here and so on all fixes and once is all fixed we will upload final patch versionthis is all for nowi hope everyone enjoy the server
  14. Informations L2Khadia 45x - Lineage 2 C4. Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT +2 Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buffs Slots - 26+4 Maximum Slots Dances and Songs - 12 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max Enchant -. 20 Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Not Sub-Class Maximum Level - 78 Master Class - Yes Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not Champions System - Yes Wedding System - Yes Aio Buffer - Yes Rates Experience (EXP) - 45x Skill Points (SP) - 65x Adena - 200x Drop Items - 5x Spoil - 25x Weight Limit - Unlimited Manor - 5x Enchants Safe Enchant - 3 Max Enchant - 25 Normal Scroll chance - 50% Blessed Scroll chance 65% and not crystallizes Changes Farm System: All hunting areas of the game only drop Adena , Materials and Equipment , varying only according to their level,except Custom farming zones which drop Adena,Seal Stones , Blood of Saint, BEWS/BEAS and Essence of Raid Boss(but it spoils at very low chance only in 4S chaotic farmzone). The other drops, considered disposable in this server were completely removed from the game. NPCs - NPCs The weapons are retail like except Custom Khadia weapons, Armors are retail like except Titanium Armors and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment. Raid & Grand Boss: Raid Bosses are retail like , Grand game Bosses have drops and modified status. The drops and strength of Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level. The Drops may include: Adena, Ancient Adena, Blood of Saint, Essence of Raid Boss and Epics Jewels. All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant. http://l2khadia.ddns.net/ Open Beta is ready , all your suggestions , and other things to improve our server we will accept ! Try us , long term server without wipe , no pay2win!
  15. -= Client =- # Scions of Destiny C4 -= Rates =- # Exp [45x] # Sp [55x] # Adena [400x] # Drop [2x] # Spoil [2x] -= Enchant Rates =- # Weapon Fighter [66%] # Weapon Mage [66%] # Armor [66%] -= Enchant Values =- # Weapon[ Unlimited] # Armor[Unlimited] # Jewls[Unlimited] -= Custom Features =- # One Shopping Zone: # Main Currency Adena -> Then exchangeable to other currencies # Custom Armors [Revolution Armor - Apella] <- Top Grade || [Ultimate Armor - Vesper] - Mid Grade # Custom Weapons [Dual ToFA, Dual Blunts, Dual Daggers, Ancient Bow # Custom Accessories # Aden Town full of private stores # Shop to buy Weapons,Armors,Jewls,mp,hp etc.. # NPC Buffer for main Buffs # Buffs/Dances/Songs Last 1 Hour + # 3rd buffs such as CoV Last 5 Minutes+ # Weekly Sieges # Important Notice : - > Class Change: Accept the Quest buy the class items from shop and deliver! NEW FEATURES: Here we will post the latest updates. Ketra and Varka are the main farming zones for Token of Love. Revolution Isle is the farm zone for (BSOE,Adena,S Grade Weapons No S/A) Get materials for Rift Weapons from playing in the Dimensional Rift. In Dimensional Rift the monsters drop rift weapon currencies with mid chance. To enter the Dimensional Rift , speak with the Dimensional Keeper in every catacomb. Make the quest for dimensional fragments and then join the fight! - Revolution Isle Added , therefore you can only teleport using the Revolution Pass! What you will find there? Wide PvP Area for massive fights and 2 kinds of monsters. Right side : easy monsters dropping 14-20kk adena , scrolls - Solo monsters Left side : Party monsters dropping 40-46kk adena , Weapon S Non S/A , Dyes Grandbosses: They have their own cloaks with additional stats, theres 20% chance the raid will drop one! Custom Raid: Now aden castle has its own Raid - Rahha drops adenas/ weapons TODO: Each castle has its own custom raid Some Photo from IN-Game: Web page: up on next week Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2-Viva-la-revolution-383232628947080/ Pre-Beta Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/exa3icz1agv4nvx/L2VLR_Version_1.rar/file
  16. ⚔️ HARDCORE ⚔️ ℹ️ Server C4 x1 - 100% Retail. ℹ️ Without Third Skill's. ℹ️ Without additional Customs. ℹ️ Without Npc. ℹ️ No Donations. ℹ️ Vote Reward Active. ℹ️ All quest and 100% Functional systems. ℹ️ International Host paid 3 years. ℹ️ Free of any Bot, Bug, Attacks Ddos. Web: http://hardcore.l2c4.online/ Really HardCore server to the old school as they say, as was the officer more than 15 years ago.
  17. L2HELL http://l2hell.eu/ https://discord.gg/4GD3c73 * FREE to play Lineage II Server * Unique opportunity to explore the rare Fafurion Client * An easier version of Official GameServers * Interesting PVE gameplay * 100% uptime * Friendly Staff * NO WIPE! RATES * Max lvl: 120 EXP/SP: x50 Adena: x50 Safe/Max Enchant Weapon: +3/+20 Safe/Max Enchant Armor: +3/+20 Spoil: x5 FEATURES * Olympiad: 1 Month Olympiad time: 20:00 - 00:00 Siege: 20:00 Community Board: Gatekeeper, Lv 4 Buffs 1 hour Class Master: Free Class change,Noblesse,Exalted No need quests Auto loot adena Auto learn all skills No Delevel *
  18. OnPulse C4 Best International PvP Server Open Beta Time : 25/5/2019 Time : 18:00 GMT-3 Close Beta Time : 28/5/2019 Time : 20:00 GMT-3 Grand Opening Date at : 31/5/2019 Time : 21:00 GMT-3 Website : http://l2c4.online Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/l2c4.online #GENERAL RATES# Exp/SP: x3333 Adena: x3333 Drop: chance x20 Spoil: chance x20 RB drop: chance х5 Epic drop: chance х1 #ENCHANT# Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +99 Retail Enchant Chance #GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION# Master Class - Yes 1° ,2° ,3° ,Class change Free! 3° Class Skills Working Quest SubClass: 100% Retail Quest Nobless: 100% Retail Noblesse: Noblesse Boss respawn 10 minute. Although you will not need to farm lunargents, which you can find in Shop. Olympiads: 100% Retail Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Learn Loot - Yes Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not Anti-Bot System Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Armors: Dynasty Weapons: Dynasty #BUFFS# NPC Buffer Player/Summon Free (Without 3°class buff) Max Slots: 24 Time Buff: 2 Hours #Game Shop# Armor and weapons up to S grade by adenas All consumables are available in the store. C-Grade, B-Grade, A-Grade S-Grade by Adenas. Dynasty by Farm Coins or Coin of Lucky #RAID BOSSES, EPIC BOSSES AND INSTANCES# All Boss have retail drops but have more quantity. #OLYMPIAD# Daily start at 20:00 GTM -3. 5+ registered players. Hero status is awarded monthly. No Limit Enchant #Clan Info# Siege Every 2 Weeks Alliance Limit: 2 clan No Clan penalty We will offer you PvP Balance Have Fun and Enjoy it!
  19. Hello guys i was searching servers and i found a nice c4 x45 opens tommorow , so im gonna give a try seems pretty awesome and i would like to remember these glory days of cancel > sleep . BAM BAM BLYET! HAHAH :) server site > ---- http://es-l2.net/about server facebook > ------ https://www.facebook.com/EternalSinL2/ Primary Information Chronicles C4 Server Platform OFF(PTS) Location & Timezone London (UTC) Server Type PVE/PVP/FARM Skill System C4 <> C5 Experience Rate X45 Skill Points Rate X60 Adena Drop Rate X200 Item Drop Rate X3 Spoil Rate X2 » Secondary Information Enchant System Hard AIO Buff Status Included Automated Event TvT Auto Potions Included Auto Loot Disabled Maximum Level 78 Subclass Status Shortened Quest Noblesse Status Quest Only Newbie Limited Buffer Included Enchanting +3S / A12 / W20
  20. http://l2golds.com/ L2JLisvus Rev. When you create a new character you will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower and you will have all the needed items to be able to start playing. Starting level is 20 and you need only to choose your classe's and you are good to go. AIO Buffer In every important town, we have placed out AIO Buffers. The buffs last for 2 hours and they are free of charge. Noblesse In order to become an Noblesse character, you need to Buy Caradine's letter from GM SHOP. NPCS Global Gatekeeper Full GM SHOP; incluided Epic Armors and L2Golds Weapons. NPC Buffer Enchant Rates Normal Scroll Weapon 55% Normal Scroll Armor 50% Normal Scroll Jewelry 50% Blessed Scroll Weapon 65% Blessed Scroll Armor 60% Blessed Scroll Jewelry 60% Enchant Safe : +4 Enchant Max Armor/Jewelry: 15 Enchant Max Weapon: 20 Custom Features Epic Amor with different 3 levels, more level more benefits. Custom Events Custom Farm zones, from safe to HARD/PvP Zones. Fixed skills and balanced classes. Custom L2Golds Weapons. Buff Slots changed from 20 to 24. SERVER ONLINE IN BETA TEST, IF U PLAY BETA U WILL GET GIFTS AFTER SERVER LAUNCH!
  21. Status: Closed Beta Website: ES-L2 Main Page Forum: ES-L2 Community We are recruiting players for the Closed Beta Test, which is Going to start on August 1st. If you are intending to join please come to our forum & contact us. Especially for haters: If you don't like us, if you hate us. Please just leave this topic and don't waste your time here for nothing.
  22. Lineage 2 Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny Subclass Acumulativas: Base + 3 Subclass 1° Cambio de clase por NPC Loreadna en Giran 2° Cambio de clase por NPC Loreadna en Giran 3° Cambio de clase por NPC Loreadna en Giran. Con skills de 3° balanceados Autopickup Habilitado Modo Offline Habilitado NPC Buffer Full 1 hora en todas las ciudades. Mezcla de elfos habilitada Sub de Overlord y Warsmith habilitada Sistema de vote reward habilitado, 10kk el vote reward. Pjs Nobles por NPC Cardine comprando el item o bien haciendo la quest.. Evento Busqueda De Elementos En Los Raids Habilitado. Evento TvT cada 2 horas habilitado. Evento Pesca Habilitado. Evento Pociones Habilitado. Evento 7 Pecados capitales Habilitado. Item de iniciante Habilitado. Olimpiadas funcionando. Se juega con la ultima Sub-Class, horario de 20:00 a 00:00Hs http://l2cadena.com.ar/
  23. Hello Friend's maxcheaters! Someone would have the files L2 OFF C4 Server + system ? thank you !
  24. Opening the C4 x300 PVP server - May 11 at 20:00 GMT +3! • Web Site: lineagers.pro • Forum: f.lineagers.ru • C4 x300 PvP is our second server, which is designed to unite the players of the two camps of 1st-oldskul players, who are familiar with the game since that time, and want to feel the taste of the real game again, taste of nostalgia and regain youth, the 2nd players of the modern generation , which for our life to our regret, nothing interesting in Lineage II has ever been learned that wander from server to server with the concept of a-la x1200 PvP Interlude or x100 Multicraft, and a week later losing interest jump to another same server and so to infinity. Although for the second camp, it is likely that this format of the game will be absolutely alien and not familiar, and for some, it may seem "perverted", but we are proud to declare that this server is not for weaklings! We gladly try to do everything in order to collect these 2 camps on the server, and that they give a hot battle between themselves thereby determining which generation of players is the strongest at the moment. These and many other interesting adventures will be waiting for you on the server C4 PTS x300 PvP! Are you interested? Full description is available on the link: http://f.lineagers.ru/index.php?/topic/491-about-c4-off-x300/
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