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Found 9 results

  1. We are glad to inform you about the opening: 14-02-2020. L2C3.COMLineAge 2 C3 Rise of Darkness.The real atmosphere of the classic Lineage 2.Server rates x1.Maximum number of gaming clients per computer = 2Offline Trade.Automatic macros.Donat: Head accessories and (rune) (30 day) + 30% EXP - SP.We will preserve our uniqueness for many years to come.Unforgettable atmosphere of the original Lineage 2.We're not counting on big online, we're counting on those players,Which is really expensive game and memories of it.
  2. U hating the whole new Stuff of l2 ? Then we have something for U http://2old2play.eu/index.html This isnt H5....This isnt Interlude THIS IS... Lineage 2 Full C4 L2OFF Server Grand Opening 05.09.2014 Forget about all those bugged L2j Cores. U will find a full working L2 OFF Core Working Clan halls Working Geodata Working Newbie Buffers Working Seven Signs Working Olympiad System Working Manor Working Castle Sieges without invisible Walls Full Working C4 Skills Woking Subclass AutoShots And here we go with the rates: EXP: 8x SP: 9x Adena: 8x Spoil: 4x Qty: 2x Quest rate: 8x Party EXP retail-like Enchant safe : +3 Enchant chance : retail-like Buffs Songs/Dances: retail-like IMPORTANT: NO GM BUFFER NO GM SHOP Hope to see u there http://2old2play.eu/index.html
  3. Server just started some days ago Site: http://eposwar.com/index Full Craft Rates x 30 : Experience x 20 : Adena Drop x 30 : Skill Points x 20 : Item Drop x 20 : Spoil No Grade Items for new chars. NPC's Class Master (2nd and 3rd class for free) - In all castle towns Added to luxury shop: Armors C with adena: Jewels C with adena: Cry D/C Mana Potions Shots D/C Scroll Buffs Quest items Class 1:Clan lvl 4/5:Star of Destiny Stage Crystals from 7 to 12 with adena No Buffer and global GK. server is 90% retail. Extensions L2Walker With Maximum 20 Connection. Scripting With L2Walker Is Excluded.
  4. Hello We Are Illicit Awakening and we are currently running since 2005 Illicit Awakening is a old school c3 server based on L2Off. Illicit Awakening is currently running 2 servers 1. Aria 2. Victoria Aria: Rates 192x Aria Server is a solo version server, that you can farm very easy, that means you dont need party, and there is no enchant system, there are daily quests that you can get massive ammount of items. (also your welcome to join our beta test) Victoria: Rates 200x Enchant Rate:50% Safe Enchant : +3 Max Enchant without donation +16 Easy Level up System Custom tattoos Custom Level Up Areas Custom Farm Areas More Informations: Join Our Webchat: http://www.iagaming.net/chat/chat.asp Our GameSite: http://www.iagaming.net/ Hope we will found you there, and have a great game and meet each other. Regards, Ostro
  5. illicit Awakening is an old L2OFF server. Our server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience with Lineage II, in order to provide an incredible experience that you will never have on other server. Victoria features: No donations. XP Rate : x200 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil Rate: x1 Custom Adena system. Custom SP system. Safe Enchant Rate: +3 Enchant Rate: Aprox. 66% (retail) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Global Gatekeeper With all Villages and Towns Custom PVP / Farm zones and Peace Zones. Grand Raid boss and Raid Boss. Fully working Sieges. Siege every weekends. Full GM Shop (craftable herow) Custom Tattoo system. Merchant of Mammon Blacksmith of Mammon Placed on Giran and Aden to service your requests! Buff Scrolls. Buff Slots: 20 Buffs, Dances and songs time : 255hours Balanced Classes. Class Masters. Raid boss events. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Bugs. No Lag. DDos Protection. Auto restart every 6 hours. Active GMs & Friendly community. Dedicate machine. Website : http://iagaming.net Forums : www.forums.iagaming.net Web chat : http://iagaming.net/chat
  6. http://l2oldskool.org/ Staff Silentz0r and ToolPunk :-beep- yeah: Server Rates XP x35 / SP x50 / Adena x200 / Drop x5 / Spoil x5 Server Features -Chronicle 3 (Rise Of Darkness) -Full C3 Geodata (Actually Full C4 but using only the C3 ones) -Full C3 Skilldata -Full C3 Itemdata -Full C3 Npcdata -Ancient Adena Farming Areas (Catacombs) without registration to SSQ Event -Hunter’s Village PVP Zone -Dusk Shield/Dusk Staff/Dusk Sword available -Raid Bosses and Raid Jewels (Necklace of Valakas etc.) -Custom Titanium Armors (Available by pvp events and donations) -Hero Weapons, Hero Quest and Hero Skills (L2Extreme style) -S,A,B and C Grade Special Abilities (S grade is balanced, A/B/C are the default SA’s) -Custom SSQ -Old C3 Tattoos (Tatto of Avadon, Tattoo of Soul etc.) -Buffs last 30 minutes, Dances + Songs 10 minutes (Might decrease to make Sword Singers and Blade Dancers more usable in PVP as well). -Antharas, Baium, Zaken, Orfen, Core, Queen Ant, Lilith and Anakim drop Raid jewels, but they respawn every 95 hours (Approximatelly) -Shops are in Hardin’s Academy for C/B Weapons and Armors, Spellbooks, Tattoos, Quest Items (1st & 2nd) and Misc stuff such as Enchant scrolls, Soulshots, arrows potions etc, and S Recipes -Custom events, where winners receive event tokens & medals as prizes -Maximum level 80 -Auto SS working -Disabled CP (working but we don’t like it) -Party buffs (Alt+F while in party) -Alt+M for ingame Map -/loc and /time work -Custom masks which increase speed + Max. MP -Bow of Halisha/Tomb Staff/Axe of Ketra Orc -Anti Hlapex & anti dupe fixes (+ lots of security fixes) -Working Sieges -Wyverns for Castle Owners -Craft Level 1 for all Classes the best L2 server ever!! come and join us !
  7. Web: www.l2rod.com (under construct) Forum: www.forum.l2rod.com (more info lookUp there) Facebook help US and like :-) Server grand opening 28.9.2013 at 12:00 GTM+2 Incoming clans of 9-minimum number of unique IP addresses get full clan lvl 10reward a coin for each character! Valid for the first three days. Beta server will start in the end of August for public testing. Cheers! Exie. http://s17.postimg.org/o8gark52n/adversite_02.jpg[/img]
  8. The Rise of Darkness is constantly patched for fixes and improvements. Server Rates : Exp. - 4x | Drop - 4x | Adena -4x | Spoil - 4x | Server features: • Full Anti-Bot System • Full Anti-Hack System • Standard & Custom events • Enchant Safe +4, Max +16 • Working Fishing and Manor System • Hero and Olympiads • Castles & Clan Hall & Fortress • Instances like kamaolka, cc, etc. • Fully working Improved pets • New quests • New transformations Skills • New hunting grounds • Skills certification • Attribute system • Attribute skills enchant • Skills +80 • Champion mobs • Vitality system
  9. The server is now LIVE! Join today!! Did you love original l2eXtreme? Or just loved the c1-c3 era? IT'S BACK! Visit our "Downloads" page for information on how to connect. Hey guys just wanted to mention a new server i'v ran accross. It's l2off c3 Rise of Darkness.. all skills working + al features working..the only one you will find out there. It has been in development since October of 2008 and just went into open beta last month (july 2009). Beta will be over soon & will be a great server. It's basically a remake of the l2extreme gameplay back in c1-c3 times but they have added their own system. These guys have put in almost a year of development.. remaking these c1 server files to be a duplicate of c3 retail & fixing so many bugs. Anyway, it has a unique 75+ hero system and custom skills.. hardins academy shopping area with the original l2ex traders, dusk items & titanium armor. A/S grade is craft but they have custom added the materials to monsters in certain areas & the items drop off raids at great %.. it's really nice just check it out! 35x rates. www.L2OldSkool.org Please register on the L2OS forums! Thanks to the head admin Silentz0r! My name is "nemesis" on the ingame so pm me with any questions you have.
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