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Found 91 results

  1. Grand open 21ht December at 20:00 (UTC +3) Web site - www.L2MAD.WS ONLINE ON THE SERVER: CLICK SERVER FEATUES: Information about the Olympic and heroes: Olympics period: 7 days, the issuance takes place every Monday at 12:00 (GMT +3). To begin non-class battle must be 4 people, fighting class is off. All weapons and skills of the hero have been significantly strengthened, Hero crown gives more features than the Gladiator Helmet. Olympiad takes place in a classic outfit! On it: 1) Available all uniform until S grade (banned all new things) 2) You can join olympiad with enchanted gear, but it will give you like +7 3) Completely disabled all new passive skills 4) At your first registration you can choose one set of the dyes During the combat dyes are disabled on the character The main currency of the server: Rubles: This item drops from all monsters in the farm zone. Euro: Issued for victory in automatically events passing the Quest: Euro. Donate Coin: This item can be obtained by donations to server. L2MAD Coin: Using this coin you can buy Legendary armor. Tugrik: Drops for the victory in PvP. L2TOP Coin: This item drops for a vote in L2TOP rating. Event Coin: Issued for victory in automatically events. Enchant: Safe enchant +15, maximum enchant +65, breaks at +66. When fail on enchanting, thing becomes +15. Chance of enchant usual scrolls - 85% (on sale in Gm Shop for Adena). Chance of enchant L2MAD scrolls - 95% (on sale in Gm Shop for Euro and Rubles). How to farm Euro? There are 2 ways to farm Euro : 1) For the victory in one of the automatic Event You will receive 2 Event Coin (3 with premium), you can exchange Event Coin to Euro. 2) Passing Quest: Euro, will reward you 200 Euro (350 with premium) and L2MAD Chest. How to farm Armor? There are 4 types of ammunition on the server: Dynasty: Sold for Rubles from NPC Coin Shop. Vesper Freya: Sold for Euro from NPC Coin Shop. Epic Dark Knight: Sold for Euro and Event Coin from NPC Coin Shop. Improved Epic Dark Knight: can be improved for Euro and Event Coin at NPC Coin Shop. Legendary: can be improved for L2MAD Coin, Euro and Event Coin at NPC Coin Shop. How to farm Weapon? Dynasty: sold for Rubles at NPC Coin Shop. Icarus: sold for Rubles and Euro at NPC Coin Shop. Tera: sold for L2MAD Coin and Euro at NPC Coin Shop. Beer and Tauti Ring: Beer: For 2 hour increases CP, HP, MP +3000, P.Atk +10%, M.Atk +10%, P.Def +10%, M.Def +10% and Speed +15. Provides for the victory at the automatic events, and also on sale in Coin Shop for 150 Euro. In order to balance the players with the Lord Ring, and Improved Epic Jewelry and without it, we have added: Tauti Necklace: on sale for Euro and Event Coin at the NPC Coin Shop. Tauti Earring: on sale for Euro and Event Coin at the NPC Coin Shop. Tauti Ring: on sale for Euro and Event Coin at the NPC Coin Shop. Tauti Earring: on sale for Euro and Event Coin at the NPC Coin Shop. Tauti Ring: on sale for Euro and Event Coin at the NPC Coin Shop. Also, apart from Gladiator Helmet for PC Points, you can buy Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 and Greater CP Potion. L2MAD Random Rune, Helmet Gladiator, PC points and more: On the server we have system of presents for the spending time in the game - PC Bang Points. Every 10 minutes your character will receive 50 points. To purchase Gladiator Helmet You need to have: 7200 PC Bang Points (need to spend 24 hours in a game) 2000 Euro 6 Event Coin Also, apart from Gladiator Helmet for PC Points, you can buy Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 andGreater CP Potion. Which bosses are present on the server? • L2MAD Clan Boss Drop from 1 L2MAD Clan Skill and 3.000 clan reputation. It appears every day at 18:30, 20:30and 22:30(GMT +3, with the announcement). • Scarlet van Halisha (Donate Raid Boss) Drop from 1 to 3 Donate Coin. It appears every day at 18:45, 20:45 and 22:45 (GMT +3, with the announcement). • L2MAD Boss (PvP). Drop: 1 L2MAD Coin, respawn: 1 hour. This boss appears in PvP zone (Dion, with the announcement). • L2MAD Boss (Balanced). Drop: 1 L2MAD Coin, respawn everyday at 01:30; 03:30; 05:30; 07:30; 09:30; 11:30; 13:30; 15:30; 17:30; 19:30; 21:30; 23:30 (with the announcement). • Longhorn Golkonda. Drop: 1 of 8 Skill Books, respawn 1 hour 30 minutes (with the announcement). • Behemoth Dragon. Drop: Behemoth Coin, respawn from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours. All the characters are automatically flagged in this area. • Scarlet van Halisha. Drop: Halisha Coin, respawn from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours. All the characters are automatically flagged in this area. • Lilith. Drop: Lilth Coin, which can be exchanged for Behemoth/Halisha Coin or 3 L2MAD Coin, respawn 4 hours (with the announcement). • Valakas. Drop: Necklace of Valakas, respawn: 12 hours. • Antharas. Drop: Earring of Antharas, respawn: 9 hours. • Zaken. Drop: Earring of Zaken, respawn: 9 hours. • Baium. Drop: Ring of Baium, respawn: 6 hours. • Queent Ant. Drop: Ring of Queent Ant, respawn: 6 hours. How to farm Epic jewelry and Lord Rings? Epic jewelry falls from proper epic bosses. To get Lord Rings you need to collect Behemoth/Halisha Coin, you can get them from killing two raid bosses Behemoth Dragon and Scarlet van Halisha. Objects fall from the boss to the player which killed it, as well you should have Tauti Ring. It is also possible to improve the Lord Rings, thus increasing characteristics of your character. To get Improved Lord Ring You need to have: Lord Ring Ring of Baium Ring of Queen Ant 2500 Euro To obtain an Improved Necklace of Valakas, Improved Earring of Antharas or Improved Zaken's Earring You need to have: Relevant part of the regular Epic Jewellery Relevant part of the regular Tauti Jewellery 1500 Euro U can also buy and improve Lord Rings from NPC Ring pluralist (found in the Town of Giran, near NPC Mavra). Information about the new passive skills: To explore new passive skills you need relevant book, it can be knocked out from raid boss Longhorn Golkonda. Also, for 450 tugriks (PvP Coin) you can buy the Random Book of Skill. Passive skills are acting on all sub-classes. P. Atk. Each level increases P. Atk by 5% M. Atk. Each level increases M. Atk by 5% P. Atk Speed. Each level increases P. Atk Speed by 5% M. Atk Speed. Each level increases M. Atk Speed by 5% P. Def. Each level increases P. Def by 5% M. Def. Each level increases M. Def by 5% CP/HP/MP. Each level increases CP/HP/MP by 2500 Run speed. Each level increases Speed by 10 Castles, awards for capture: The siege of castles are disabled On the server, except Aden (siege every Saturday at 20:00 GMT +3), Giran (siege every Sunday at 20:00 GMT +3) For capture of the castle clan leader gets 30 Donate Coin, and leader crown of the castle (is an analogue of the Hero crown), which gives more features than the Gladiator Helmet. Life Stone farm and the chance of getting skill: Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76 sold in the Coin Shop for Euro. The chance of getting skill from Life Stone - 10%. Events of the Server: 1) TvT: all members are divided into 2 teams. The objective of the event: make kills more than the enemy team. The event happens everyday at 2:00, 6:00, 10:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 (GMT +3) 2) Capture of the base: all members are divided into 2 teams. The objective of the event: to destroy the enemy base. Event happens everyday at 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00, 20:00 After returning from event you will automatically recive all your buffs.
  2. Rates Experience (EXP) 500xSkill Points (SP) 500x500x Adena Enchants Safe +3Max Weapon: +12Max Armor/Jewels: +10Normal Scroll Rate 50%Blessed Scroll Rate 70%Blessed Scroll failure back +3Crystal Scroll Rate: Weapons +12 to +14 100%, +14 to +15 [15%], +15 to +16 [5%]Armors +10 to +12 100%, +12 to +13 [15%], +13 to +14 [5%]Crystal Scroll failure back, Weapons +12 / Armors +10Donate Scroll Rate: Weapons +15 [40%] +16 [20%] / Armors +13 [40%] +14 [20%]Donate Scroll failure: lose only Scroll Enchant General Informations PvP Server Interlude Server Time: GMT -3No Custom Items - Farm Items SCustom Starting ZoneSub-Class: FreeBarakiel Time Respawn: 3hNobless: Killing Barakiel or Farm (TvT Event)All Buffs: Free in NPC Buffer24+4 slots (Divine Inspiration) Buff Time: 4 hoursProfile Buffs "Macro in Npc full buffs"Geodata and Pathnodes 100%Offline Mode ShopClan - Retail Clan Penalty - 2 hours Auto Learn SkillsLearn Auto Loot Gameplay Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 secondsFlagged Zone: Each mob drops 10% LSSystem PvP: Lose Buff in Chaotic ZoneAugument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 2% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 10%Automatic Donater's in Shop Web site. Epic Bosses All Epic's Level 80Chaotic Zones: All Epic BossesEpic Bosses Drop Enchant Donate, Enchant Crystal and Special Drops85 Level - Valakas: 48h Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Antharas: 48h Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Baium: 24 Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Zaken: 24 Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Queen Ant: 24 Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Core: 12 Hours - Chaotic Zone.80 Level - Orfen: 12 Hours - Chaotic Zone. Bosses All Special Raids bosses are level 80 Raid Bosses of .raidinfo all drop: Enchant Donate, Enchant Crystal and Special Drops Clan/Siege Max 40 Players in ClanOnly 1 Clan per Ally No Royal GuardsSiege 7 in 7 DaysSieges Awarded Grand Olympiad Olympiad: 7 daysOlympiad time: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT-3Olympiad start day: 17 DecemberOlympiad: Weapon Hero Status: +16Rules: Retail Like Protections Secured Server uptime 99,9% Online 24 hoursServer with guaranteed stability No Lag for thousands of playersAll Injection ProtectionsDDoS Protection by HyperFilterGeodata and Pathnodes working 100% Website / Grand Opening www.L2Zyon.com / www.L2Zyon.com Grand Opening 14 December at 20:00 (GMT-3) JOIN US!!!
  3. THE LEGEND IS COMING BACK! Official launch date: 21 Deceber 2018 - 21:00 GMT +2 Server name: L2TheGame x15 Server chronicle: Interlude Server platform: L2OFF We focus this time on one thing: "LONG TERM SERVER" We have setted up our server based on real PTS Files. One of the best setup server! The most famous Interlude clans from Rusia, Greece, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Spain and many other countries that will be here to support this experience! No custumization and real PvP. A huge community will try to take a place on the Hall of Fame of Thegame Server. Big and small clans. Write your own history in Thegame! JOIN US! More server features coming soon. Website: http://l2.thegame.gr/ Forum: http://forums.l2.thegame.gr/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2thegame/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/l2thegame/ LINEAGE II AND ALL ASSOCIATED LOGOS AND DESIGNS ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NCSOFT CORPORATION. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
  4. I'm proud to announce after 2 years of hard work: Website: https://project-chimera.com Forums: https://project-chimera.com/forums Discord: https://discord.gg/KtFB9wx Social media: Facebook Twitter YouTube - soon Twitch - soon Welcome message: Rates: EXP/SP: x55 / Adena: x20 Drop chance: x10 Spoil chance: x10 Quests: x1-3 (depends on the Quest) Raid Bosses: x3 / Epic Bosses: x1 Augment Skill chance: 20% Enchant: Safe: +4, Max: +20 Chance Normal/Blessed: 66%, after +15: 50% chance Buffs: Buffs limit 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) Buffs from Npc Buffer are free until 40lvl After 75 lvl you can't use 3rd class buffs from Npc Buffer Premium Buffs costs 1-2 Champion's Coins (from Champion's Mobs) 2nd Class Buffs/Dances/Songs: 1h Resists: 20min, 3rd Class Buffs: 5min NPC Buffer: Other settings: Auto learn skills, except Divine Inspiration (you need to get it manualy to get that extra slots) Auto loot except Raid Bosses Inventory slots increased to 120, 150 for Dwarfs Weight limit increased x3 Tattoo System, 10 Tattoo's with 3 Levels each: All Scrolls, Life Stones and Books of Giants are stackable, no more mess in your inventory: Any Trainer can enchant your Skills and any Master/Magister can add/change your Subclass Master: Skills Manager: Mana Potions, regenerates 250 mana over 10 seconds: Anti Buff Shield: Command .exp turns off gaining EXP, type .exp again to disable the blockade: You can enter Catacombs and Necropolies at any time, teleports are in Global Gatekeeper Raid Boss status NPC: Vote System with rewards - you can exchange Vote Coins for Accessories Offline Shop Pc Bang Points - you can exchange them for Accessories Stackable Classes System (1+1): You can add Stackable Class (1+1) to Main class or Subclass You can add only 1 Stackable Class You can have 3 Subclasses If you want Stack on Main Class, you can add only Class from the same race (Olympiad allowed) If you want Stack on Subclass, so called "Mutant", you can add ANY class, you have full choice: You can add OL, Maestro, you can even mix two tanks together, it's your choice! But, you can't mix Elf with Dark Elf on "Mutant" Class To add Stackable Class you need Red Energy Stone (from Quest - to kill Raid Boss, or you can farm it) Red Energy Stone is not tradeable There is a chance that Raid Boss will drop an additional Blue Energy Stone which you can trade Once you add Stackable Class, you can't remove it Skills changes: Weapon and Armor Masteries are not stackable, you use Mastery from active Class Fist Fury and Totems have added different effect power on other weapons Angelic Icon and Zealot can’t be used in the same time Angelic Icon have different effect powers, depends on Armor type UD, UE and Vengeance have different effect powers, depends on Armor type Dash and Blinding Blow have different effect powers, depends on Armor type Recharge can be used on self, but with lesser effect Resistance Buffs has been slightly decreased Steal Essence have added element type: Earth Cleanse can be used on Party member only And many other skills, details about changes to the skills you can find in our Forums Skills can be enchanted to max +15 Clan & Alliance: Your Clan is level 8 after creation Academy, Royal Knights and Royal Guards are disabled Clan Reputation is disabled Clan Skills - you need only Eggs to learn Max members: 50 Max Clans in the Alliance: 1 Starting Package: Every new character gets Starting Package with: Top No-Grade items Soulshots/Blessed Spiritshots Scrolls of Escape Scrolls of Resurrection Class Master: 1st and 2nd Class changes are for free 1st and 2nd Class change gives you Coupons to exchange them for D-Grade and C-Grade items 3rd Class change costs 75.000.000 Adena and 500 Carrots , you also receive 1x Book of Giants Coupons Trader: Shops: You can buy items up to B-Grade All consumables are available in the Shop Tattoos lvl 1 in the Shop Chaotic Trader sells more advanced gear: He will sell more content added with future Updates/Expansions Eco System: What is it? It's an Market optimization It includes Adena and materials drop chances/amounts You can exchange one material for another You can exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena in Shop at any time You can exchange Stakato Fangs at any time You can buy Mammon's items at any time It includes Gold Bar system, 1 Gold Bar = 500.000.000 Adena Champion's Coin is a part of it, you can get them from Champion Mobs Olympiad: Period: 1 week You can play only Non Class based games Tattoo's are disabled in Olympiad Chaotic Dungeons: End game content, for full party only Don't even think to go there alone You have to get keys to be able to teleport to the Boss Room Debuffs and negative effects are affecting players inside the Dungeon You can farm there the most valuable Mats and Ingredients Epic Jewelry: Every Epic Jewelry have resistance effects decreased by 50% Ring of Core, Earring of Orfen and Frintezza's Necklace have 2 more versions: Enhanced and Refined: Accessories and Cosmetics: Accessories from higher Chronicles are added to our Server Accessories you can get from the Shop, Events, Votes or Donation Except Striders, we have 12 other Mounts to ride Costumes are also available Donation: You can buy Chimera Coins only You CAN'T buy Armors, Weapons or Enchants, Adena or Level - never, forever You can exchange Chimera Coins at Npc for: Premium Account for 1, 7 or 30 days (+50% EXP/SP/Adena and +35% Drop/Spoil) Life Stones Clan Eggs Accessories Mounts Costumes Long term Server's plans: To not overwhelm players with all our features at once - we have planned "Expansions" These expansions/updates will come online within months after official start They contains Chimera Armors, Dungeons, New Epic Bosses and much more. Server Status: We are finishing the Closed Beta phase. Thanks to all participants - you deserved promised rewards for your effort. Open Beta will launch soon so stay tuned! Join to see if our Server fits your expectations. Don't be shy and join our Forums, introduce yourself, find some friends or Clans to play with and answer in our polls!
  5. We proudly present you Lineage II Waytrel. A brand-new server using java platform files & highly modded retail engine. We want to revive the old memories including the amazing sieges, olympiad & massive pvp fights. Be a part of L2Waytrel and you won't regret it! BETA opening will take at 14/12/2018 20:00 GMT+2. Get ready! L2Waytrel Website L2Waytrel Community Boards L2Waytrel Facebook Page L2Waytrel Discord Referring to rates, you don't have to worry about. We have modified all exp, sp rewards to server's environment. Server's currency is based on farming, pvp, events and raid hunting. About balance since it's pretty easy to get maximum equipment, we have modified the balance to fit correctly when you've get the maximum equipment. As we know, balance is never perfect we are trying day by day to improve it for the best results. Also, by using retail details we ensure a higher percentage of balance. What we provide: - Stable gameplay. - Daily & weekly updates including new content. - A lot of manual events & activities handled by our experienced staff. - Protected gameplay (All 3rd party software & interface modifiers are blocked). - Online staff on a daily basis providing support & help. - We are giving all of our resources providing a stable, quality & protected gameplay instead of high amount of players. Rates & Enchantment - Safe enchant: +4 - Max enchant: +12 (+16 with crystal). - Normal scroll chance: 40% (in case of failure, goes back to +0) - Blessed scroll chance: 60% (in case of failure, goes back to +4) - Crystal scroll chance: 80% (in case of failure, goes back to +12) - Blessed scrolls can be found only in Yogi's Box. - High Grade Lifestone: 7% - Top Grade Lifestone: 12% Buffs & Skills The buff system needs a little explaination. Because, we want to keep the retail level of buff system there are 26 (+4) buff slots available. The buffs which are counting at buff slots are the buffs of the Magic Support NPC and a list of resists (which resists aren't available at Magic Support NPC). All the other buffs/skills are not counting at buff slots. - Buff Blocker skill (blocks unwanted buffs). - Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds. - Cleanse is not removing Malaria buffs anymore. - Available buff slots: 26 (+4 from Divine Inspiration). - Divine Inspiration books can be found at Custom Merchant and from raid/grand bosses loot. - Many buffs are not counting at buff slots (for example active augment skills, heroic valor, nobless). - Reworked augmentation skillmap (removed all useless skills). - Improved attack active skills for support classes (like Stone, Prominence and so on). - Available augments: 1 active & 1 passive. - 2 hours buff duration. - Saving your buff sets option is available. - Ready-made buff sets are available too. - Summoning pets isn't requiring mob's corpse anymore. Grand Olympiad - Daily schedule is from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT+2). - New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2). - Skill refreshing after each fight. - Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game. - If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes. - Olympiad manager shows ranking and points for each character. - Ranking updated after every match. - Information for daily & weekly olympiad period. - Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable. - Minimum 4 participants for classed & non-classed games. - Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with Kalie's Token for every olympiad fight victory. Siege & Clan - Available castle for siege: Rune. - Siege for Rune is every Saturday at 18:00. - The crest of the clan who owns a castle, will be shown at their town. - Variety of rewards & benefits for clan members who owns the castle. - Starting level is 5. - Increasing level prices are based on server's currency. - Creating royal/knight units has one and only requirement, clan's level. - You can earn reputation points by killing chaotic monsters, raid/grand bosses & clan war players. - Clan eggs for skill learning are available at Custom Merchant. - All clan penalties are disabled. - Real clan ranking system based on server's activities. - Ranking points can be obtained by killing a war, killing raids, conquering castles, declaring wars, reaching top clan level. - Every week the top 1 clan based on ranking, will be kindly rewarded. PvP & PK - Unique reward for pvp inside massive pvp zone, arena & events (Kalie's Box). - Killing a player with karma is counted as pvp. - If you die while having karma, the whole karma is getting cleaned. - There is 10% chance to drop items in case of having karma. - Dynamic pvp zone which changing every 2 hours (auto flag, auto nobless, random respawns & stat restoring - you can leave by pressing To Village button or you can respawn by pressing Respawn button). - Protection against pvp feeding. - Every 1 hour, a player is getting rewarded for having the most pvp kills. - Several announcements regarding your pvp count. - Title colors based on pvp count. - You can earn reputation points by killing a clan war player. - Modified /duel with reward (requestor & target should have atleast 1 Kalie's Token, winner takes it from loser). - Unique & non-spam death recap (information about killer). - Extra reward in case of stopping enemy's killing spree. Events & Entertainment All events are running 24/7. - Automatic event engine with 5 global events (Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing). - Lucky Manager with 2 passive events (Betting, Dice rolling). - Top players of the hour (farm & pvp). - PC Bang Points (1 point per hour online). General Information - Perfect geodata & pathnodes. - Spawn & teleport protection. - Player's spawn protection delay is 7 seconds. - Auto learn skills & auto loot (for bosses, the loot is dropped). - Increased inventory slots. - Champion monsters with extra rewards. - /unstuck command with 15 seconds teleport delay. - Death penalty is disabled. - Delevel is disabled. - Raid curse is disabled. - In any case (dying, unstuck etc.) you are getting teleported to Main Town. - Cursed weapons are back in the game and kills for stages are decreased to fit server's needs. - Global chat (!) is worldwide. Additional Information - All NPCs are available in main town. - Available sub classes: 5 - All sub classes are available at Maximilian. - Wedding system (homosexual too). - Soulshots & arrows are inconsumable. - Stackable enchant scrolls, life stones and skill enchant books. - 5 special raid bosses & 5 grand bosses. - Custom quest-like nobless system. - Perfect designed farm zones including protection for new characters. - Voting system for events and portable event functions by typing /events - Class-based armor restrictions. - Announcement for raid boss spawn/death. - Information about raid/grand bosses (drops, respawn date) can be found at Raid Manager NPC. - Character inventory inspection by typing /inspect on target to avoid corruption. - Chaotic farm zone for more pvp & farm action. - Enchant announcement when reaching the top enchant. - Shift + Click on monsters/bosses shows the droplist. - Individual voting system with real IP check of voting. - Global voting system which is rewarding only 1 client per IP. - You are able to trade augmentations like any other weapon. The augmentation effects on the weapon are visible when hovering the weapon in the Trade Window. - You are getting rewarded for every level increased. Equipment & Items - Elder Cloak providing extra HP/CP & attack/casting speed. - Titanium Armors slightly better than S grade armors. - Major Arcana Armor has same stats as Dark Crystal Armor. - Raid boss jewels are available only at drop of grand bosses. - All accessories are increasing 17% the base value of character's speed. Currencies - Adena > Can be dropped from level up monsters & farm monsters. - Mouse Coin > Can be dropped from farm monsters. - Kalie's Token > Can be dropped from Champion monsters. Also, can be found as reward from events (incl. top Pvp, Farm), vote, olympiad, duel. - Kalie's Box > Can be obtained from winning a pvp fight (contains random rewards). - Yogi's Box > Can be dropped from monsters, bosses (contains random enchant scrolls). - Iris' Letter (for nobless) > Can be dropped from monsters (low chance), bosses. Useful Commands - /inspect - /information - /events - /duel - /direct - /gmlist - /partymatching - /friendinvite - /frienddel - /friendlist - /unstuck - /allblock - /allunblock - /olympiadlist We are open to suggestions & new ideas. Feel free to share them with us. L2Waytrel Website L2Waytrel Community Boards L2Waytrel Facebook Page L2Waytrel Discord
  6. GRAND OPENING: 2018/12/27 WWW.L2NEO.COM Server rates: Xp / Sp - 100x Aden - 50X Drop - 25x Spoil - 25x Quest Reward - 3x (Not for all) Quest Drop - 10x (Not for all) Raidboss Drop - 7x Rate party XP - 1.3x Zero our Reward - 2x Olympiad: Olympiad Starts 18:00 Olympiad Ends: 24:00 Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00 Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Enchantment Rates: Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16 Max Enchant (Jewelery): +8 Safe Enchant: +4 Simple Scroll: 60% Blessed Scroll: 65% Additional Information: 24 Buff Slots + 4 debuff Buff Time 2 hours Class Change 1- Free | 2- Free | 3- Free Free SubClass Change Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in GM Shop. Global Olympiad Auto Learn Skills Scheme buffer Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment) Pvp Zones: Antharas, Baium, Valakas, AQ. Near Frintezza NPC - PVP zone. Added newest geodata. WWW.L2NEO.COM
  7. GENERAL RATES Exp/SP: x25 Adena: x10 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x3 Quest Reward: x3/x4 Manor: x1 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56% Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60% GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Server Platform: Official PTS Files Maximum Clients per PC: 3 1Hour duration on all buffs, dances, songs, prophecies. Retail Buff Time on summon buffs. Buff slots: 20(+4 Divine Inspiration) Skills are auto learn. Automatic loot for monsters. Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses. 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC. Sub-Class Quest is not necessary. Mana Potions: 250 MP Restoration with 10 seconds cooldown. 20-Level Player Gap System has been disabled. Cancel removes 0-3 buffs randomly. Quest Rates The Finest Food - Rate x3 Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints) - Rate x3 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 - Rate x3 Supplier of Reagents - Rate x2 War with Ketra Orcs - Rate x2 War with Varka Silenos - Rate x2 Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames - Rate x4 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Rate x2 Alliance with Varka Silenos The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - Rate x2 Halisha's marks - Rate x2 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 - Rate x3 Legacy of Insolence - Rate x3 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - Rate x3 An Ice Merchant's Dream - Rate x3 Protect the Water Source - Rate x3 Guardians of the Holy Grail - Rate x4 Seekers of the Holy Grail - Rate x4 Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - Rate x4 Yoke of the Past - Rate x4 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - Rate x4 A Powerful Primeval Creature - Rate x4 Delicious top Choice Meat - Rate x5 Increased reward The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest) - Rate x7, Chance 66% SUBCLASS SYSTEM Attention, The Quest is not Required! Attention, You are not Required to hit raid bosses just talk to the chest that appears after death the raid is enough to get the item. In order to get the Subclass Status you will need: - The 4 Scepters (Cabrio, Golkonda, Hallate, Kernon) - 25,000,000 Adena - Minimum Char Level: 75+ Note: Scepters are not tradeable/soldable, you can only delete them. Note: The required NPC for getting subclass is located into Giran. NOBLESS SYSTEM & OLYMPIAD Nobless: In order to get Nobless Status, you will need to be subclassed already and complete the 4-Part Quest. Olympiad: Olympiad Season last for 7 Days. Heroes will be nominated every Sunday night (00:00 Time) Custom NPC Global Gatekeeper By using this npc, you can teleport all over the world for free! GM Shop Here you can find all consumables/potions/scrolls/gear up to B-Grade! Buffer NPC You can get your buffs or create your custom scheme in order to save time every time you buff up yourself! EPIC BOSSES, RAID BOSSES RESPAWN TIMES Orfen (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: None Tuesday: 17:15 GMT+2 Wednesday: None Thurdsday: 17:15 GMT+2 Friday: None Saturday: 17:15 GMT+2 Sunday: None Core (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: 16:15 GMT+2 Tuesday: None Wednesday: 16:15 GMT+2 Thurdsday: None Friday: 16:15 GMT+2 Saturday: None Sunday: 16:15 GMT+2 Ant Queen (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: 23:00 GMT+2 Tuesday: 23:00 GMT+2 Wednesday: 23:00 GMT+2 Thurdsday: 23:00 GMT+2 Friday: 23:00 GMT+2 Saturday: 23:00 GMT+2 Sunday: 23:00 GMT+2 Zaken (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: None Tuesday: 17:00 GMT+2 Wednesday: None Thurdsday: 17:00 GMT+2 Friday: None Saturday: None Sunday: 17:00 GMT+2 Frintezza (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: 22:00 GMT+2 Tuesday: None Wednesday: 22:00 GMT+2 Thurdsday: None Friday: 22:00 GMT+2 Saturday: None Sunday: None Baium (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: None Tuesday: None Wednesday: 21:30 GMT+2 Thurdsday: None Friday: None Saturday: None Sunday: None Antharas (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: None Tuesday: None Wednesday: None Thurdsday: None Friday: None Saturday: 21:30 GMT+2 Sunday: None Valakas (Lvl 80) Spawns Every: Monday: None Tuesday: None Wednesday: None Thurdsday: None Friday: None Saturday: None Sunday: 21:30 GMT+2 Note: Baium/Antharas/Valakas/Frintezza HP has been reduced by 50%. Note: Core/Orfen/Zaken/Ant Queen HP has been increased by 150%. Subclass/Nobless Raidbosses: Death Lord Hallate (Lvl 80): 5-6 Hour Kernon (Lvl 80): 5-6 Hour Longhorn Golkonda (Lvl 80): 5-6 Hour Death Lord Cabrio (Lvl 80): 5-6 Hour Flame Of Splendor Barakiel (Lvl 80): 5-6 Hour Alliance Raidbosses: Ketra's Hero Hekaton (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Ketra's Commander Tayr (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Ketra's Chief Brakki (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Varka's Hero Shadith (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Varka's Commander Mos (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Varka's Chief Horus (Lvl 80): 11-13 Hour Other Raidbosses: All Other Raidbosses: 23-25 Hour SEVEN SIGNS & MAMMONS Cycle Duration: 7 Days Struggle/Event Period: 4 Days Seal Period: 3 Days To be more Specific: Event period: 16:00 Monday - Friday 16:00 ( GMT +2 ) Seal period: Friday 16:15 - 16:00 Monday ( GMT +2 ) Note: Until 1st Cycle Starts, you will be able to enter on Catacombs/Necropolis but the mobs WON'T drop seal stones. AUGMENTATION SYSTEM Skill Gain Possibilities depending on Life Stone: No-Grade Life Stone: 1% Mid-Grade Life Stone: 2% High-Grade Life Stone: 5% Top-Grade Life Stone: 7% Note: All Tyrannosaurus have 10% drop rate of Top LS 76 and High LS. CASTLE SIEGES Giran Castle Every Week: Friday: 19:00 GMT+2 Aden Castle Every Week: Saturday: 19:00 GMT+2 Goddard Castle Every Week: Sunday: 19:00 GMT+2 Rune Castle Every Week: Monday: 20:00 GMT+2 Notes: The Reward for Castle Winner is 100 Castle Badge's (You can buy various goods at Event Shop) Inside Every Castle exists a NPC Buffer & Global Gatekeeper CLANS/ALLIANCE'S & CLAN HALLS Clan Level Up Requirments: Clan Level 1: 20,000 SP & 650,000 Adena Clan Level 2: 100,000 SP & 2,500,000 Adena Clan Level 3: 350,000 SP & Proof of Blood Clan Level 4: 1,000,000 SP & Alliance Manifesto Clan Level 5: 2,500,000 SP & Seal of Aspiration Clan Level 6: 7,500 Rep. Points & 30 Clan Members Clan Level 7: 15,000 Rep. Points & 80 Clan Members Clan Level 8: 30,000 Rep. Points & 120 Clan Members Alliance Rules: Max Clan Per Alliance: 2 (Anti-Zerg Rule) Notes: Every Raidboss Reputation Point Bonus has been increased by 50% Inside Every Clan Hall exists an Advanced Buff System (You need to buy it with the usual way) & a Warehouse Manager Your clan need to be at least 5 Level in order to participate into Clan Hall Auction System Clan Hall Auction & Renting prices have been increased by 80% AUTOMATIC EVENTS Team Vs Team The most known event of all times, 2 Teams, Random Pick from Server Engine. Participation: 65+Lvl, All Classes, Max 80 Players Limitations: 1 Player Per PC Event Time: 10min Registration / 15min Fight Respawn Time: Instant Winner: The team which will have the most kills Prize: 200 Event Medal per player, winning team Korean Style An event which comes from the past times of Korea! Participants will be divorced into 2 teams, and then (by turn) will play 1vs1 PvP's. The team who will kill everyone on the oposite team will win the event! Participation: 65+Lvl, Support Classes are Forbidden, Max 80 Players Limitations: 1 Player Per PC Event Time: 10min Registration / No-Limit on Fights Respawn Time: No Death Respawn Winner: The team which will kill all the opponents Prize: 200 Event Medal per player, winning team Capture The Flag The upgrade of the beloved TvT Event! Well here, you will be seperated into 2 teams, your team goal is to find the opponent flag and capture it, then you have to return it on your flag in order to take the point! Participation: 65+Lvl, All Classes, Max 80 Players Limitations: 1 Player Per PC Event Time: 10min Registration / 15min Fight Respawn Time: 5 Sec Winner: The team which will collect more flag points Prize: 200 Event Medal per player, winning team Last Man Standing This event is a little bit different from the others cause you don't need your team! Everyone fight with Everyone and the winner takes it all! The last survivor will win the event! But wait! There is a catch! You can die max 3 times! Participation: 65+Lvl, Support Classes are Forbidden, Max 80 Players Limitations: 1 Player Per PC Event Time: 10min Registration / No-Limit on Fight Respawn Time: 15 Sec / Max Deaths 3 Winner: The last alive player Prize: 1000 Event Medal to the winner Good Vs Evil Hour Well, this is for the tough one's! In order to join you will need to have event medals! When you kill someone you take from him 1 medal, when someone kills you, you loose 1 event medal! You have the balls for risk your medals? Participation: 65+Lvl, Support Classes are Forbidden, Max 80 Players Limitations: 1 Player Per PC Event Time: 10min Registration / 1hour Fight Respawn Time: 15 Sec Winner: Everyone can be a Winner! Prize: 1 Event Medal Per Kill Notes: During the day will be handled 6 Events! 1 Event per 4 hours! Stay online and tuned for the Announcement in order to participate The System picks automatically who will play and who won't!
  8. Lineage 2 VISERION 500+ ONLINE L2Viserion - Lineage 2 Interlude. Time Server, Site and Forum - UTC -5 Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buffs Slots - 24 + 4 Olympiads Max Enchant -. +10 Olympiads Every 15 days Siege Every 15 days Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) The only system of votes - with reward Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Free Nobless Quest - si Sub-Class Maximum Level - 80 Master Class - Yes Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - Not Champions System - Yes Wedding System - Yes Gm Shop Armors and Weapons only grade B / Grade A and S only Craft Mana Potion: yes Change Clas: lv 20 (100k adena) lv 40 (1kk adena) lv 76 (50kk adena / 5kk AA ) Limit of accounts: 3 per IP (if you want to open more check the Vip specifications) Rates Experience (EXP) - 40x Skill Points (SP) - 40x Adena - 20x Drop Items - 10x Quest Adena - 10x Quest Items Drop - 5x Spoil - 10x Weight Limit - 7x Manor - 3x Extract Fi <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Pq13WNdxyiI" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> sh - Retail Epic Boss Valakas: Respawn Time 240 +2 (Waiting time until Valakas disappears without a fight: 4 Hr) Antharas: Respawn Time 192 +2 (Waiting time until Antharas disappears without a fight: 4 Hr) Frinteza: Respawn Time 72 +2 Baium: Respawn Time 120 +2 (Waiting time until Baium falls asleep without hitting him: 1 Hr) Zaken: Respawn Time 48 +2 Ant Queen: Respawn Time 24 +2/ Chance jewel 50% Orfen: Respawn Time 36 +2/ Chance jewel 50% Core: Respawn Time 36 +2/ Chance jewel 50% Raid Boss Quest Flame Of Splendor Barakiel: Respawn Time 8+2 (lv 74) Varka's Hero Shadith: Respawn Time 12+6 Varka's Commander Mos: Respawn Time 12+6 Ketra's Hero Hekaton: Respawn Time 12+6 Ketra's Commander Tayr: Respawn Time 12+6 Enchants Safe Enchant - 3 Max Enchant - 16 Normal Scroll chance - 50% Blessed Scroll chance 70% y no se cristaliza System Vip More Exp 50% More Sp 50% More Drop 50% More Adena 50% More Spoil 50% Teleport Vip ( .vip_teleport You need to be in party and your companion has to be Vip) Extra Coins ( It gives you Automatic 100 coin of dragoon silver every 24 these hours they increase in 100 for every Vip's level ) Extra account (allows you to open an account more than allowed by each character VIP one character per account) Changes NPCs - NPCs The weapons, armor and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment. Skin System - Unique system of suits, which does not work with the armors and do not give any status or bonus, it is only a visual theme. All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.
  9. Welcome to Lineage 2 Fake Interlude Server Below you can check all information from our server. GREAT OPENING 15 DEC AT 19:00 GMT-3 SERVER RATES Experience (EXP) x500 Skill Points (SP) x500 Adena x500 Party: x2 Drop: x10 SERVER FEATURES Main Town: Giran Wedding System Farming Custom Zones Custom Skill Enchanter Siege 7 in 7 Days PvP Area: Primeval Island Protection: Smart Guard Buff Slot 32 + 4 (Divine Inspiration free) Class Change: Free Sub Class: Free  PvP Colour System Olympiad Period: 1 Week/7 Days, all days 18h ~ 00:00 Gmt-3 ITEMS Armor: Titanium Weapon: Epic and S - Grade (Same Status) Jewels Boss Tattoo, Accessories and Shirts ENCHANT RATES Safe enchant +4 Max Enchant Weapon +20 Max Enchant Armor +16 Enchant Scroll: 60% Blessed 80% +12 Armor/ Weapon +16 Crystal 50% +16 Armor | +20 Weapon. Failed? Return +12/16 Augment chance: 5% Only STR+1 MEN+1 CON+1 INT+1 Website: https://www.l2fake.com/
  10. THE LEGEND RETURNS 28 DECEMBER 2018 Interlude Chronicle with Ertheia Graphics Site : https://linezeus.gr Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/linezeus Features page : https://linezeus.gr/features.php Downloads page : https://linezeus.gr/downloads.php ( Accounts are auto create by your first login ) SERVER RATES EXP - x5 SP - x5 Adena - x3.5 Drop - x2.7 Spoil - x2.7 Drop Keymats - x1.5 Spoil Keymats - x1.5 RB EXP/SP - x7 Weight Limit - x2 Herbs - x1 Seal Stones - x1.5 Halisha's Mark drop - x2 SERVER FEATURES Droplist Calculator with search options in all the Items & Monsters database Soul Crystal Database helper Dances / Songs & Summon Buffs have 3 minutes duration ↪ but can be increased up to 5 minutes with Premium Account Total buff slots 18 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) ↪ Joining a lvl 5 Clan or more provides you with +2 buff slots Unique Newbie Guide provides you with buffs until 51 level ↪ but you can buff until 80 level with Premium Account Destroyer skill changes wearing a polearm ↪ Character will attack up to 4 targets maximum when using a spear while affected by frenzy. Also he will receive -15% P. Attack while spear is equipped. ↪ Character will attack up to 4 targets maximum when using a spear while affected by guts. Also he will receive -15% P. Defense while spear is equipped. ↪ Character will receive -15% zealot's bonuses when using a spear while affected by zealot. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Automatic Loot system for monsters & raid bosses Maximum Clients per PC: 4 Skills are auto learned until level 40. After 40 level they require SP only to be learned Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances Support classes have the ability to setup a buff store with a price of their choice There is 15% fee on the buff stores earnings which is added on the regional castle's vault Unique Clan War System: ↪ • When 3 different members of a clan PK at least 1 member each of an enemy clan within 60 minutes, clan war is declared automatically on the attacker's side. ↪ • On a Clan vs Clan action, once each clan defeates minimum 5 members of the enemy clan and the enemy clan does the same within 60 minutes, clan war begins on both sides. Enemy war tags appear with orange colorname (C4 like) Required Clan Level to bid for a Clan Hall is 6 Secondary Password system with a 4 digit PIN code to unlock the character Delivery of Special Liquor & Egg Delivery Quests starting level changed to 76 and 3rd Class required The Zero Hour Quest reward is decreased by 60% Overlord buffs affecting party members as well Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used on epic bosses but it can be used on normal bosses Dualsword Craft Stamp added in Merchant of Mammon for 3.000.000 Ancient Adena Restarting your character or being logged out of the game will not stop your self buff duration & your HP/MP/CP regeneration Vote Reward is a 12 hours duration Rune of Loyalty, providing 15% CP/HP/MP regeneration, 5% Atk. Speed by ,5% Casting Speed by and 4% Movement Speed Auction house available in Community Board for everyone, although only Premium Users may submit items for sale Trade Chat (+) has global range and works with 10 seconds delay accessible only by Premium Users ... More information : https://linezeus.gr/features.php
  11. Welcome to Lineage 2 ChaoX PvP Server Introduction. Lineage 2 ChaoX Team have been working for about two years on this project in order to provide the best expeirence possible on Custom PvP Servers. Invite your friends, your enemies and join us for a new adventure. Our Grand Opening: 09 Dec 2018 - 19:00 GMT+2 Experience Points (EXP): 5000x Skill Points (SP): 500x Drop Items: 1x Adena: 500x Party EXP: 1x Party SP: 1x Starting Level: 80 Safe Enchant: +4 Weapon Max Enchant: +27 Armor/Jewels Max Enchant: +20 Normal Scrolls Enchant Rate: 40% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 80% Crystal Scroll Enchant Rate: 95% Lifestone Rates: 20% Active Augments are stuckable Main Town: Giran Market Town: Pegasus Wedding System: Unique Farming Zones: Npc Skill Enchanter: Siege Manager: PvP Area: Primeval Island Unique Farming Zones: Special Monsters & Npcs: Buffs Slots: 75 Aio Buffer With Special Unique ChaoX Buffs: Class Change: Free / No Quest Needed Sub Class: Free / No Quest Needed Weight Limit: PvP/Pk Colour System: Easy Augmentation System: 20% Chance Olympiad Heroes: Every Week Castle Sieges: Every 2 Weeks Custom Armors: Titanium / ChaoX Custom Weapons: Valakas / Antharas / Lindvior Special Tattoo Special Accesories https://l2chaox.com/ https://www.l2chaox.com/forums/
  12. Dear players, We are excited to announce that, L2OmegaWorld Pride like server is about to begin ! TIRED OF PLAYING THE SAME KIND OF SERVERS ? JOIN US FOR A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE GATHER YOUR TEAM BEAT YOUR ENEMIES ! AND CLIMB THE HIGHEST RANK ! ARE YOU READY ? Beta Opening 8/12/2018 18:00 GMT +2 Grand Opening 14/12/2018 18:00 GMT +2 USEFUL LINKS ❗ Website | Facebook | Discord | Youtube ❗ (Our community is completely hosted on Discord) -= ! LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY BELOW ! =- GENERAL INFORMATION > Client : Interlude < > Rates : [EXP:4000x] [SP:4000x] [Adena:400x] < > Starting character level - 1 < > Max Level : 90 < > Main Town : Giran < > Maximum Buff Slots - 56 < > Anti-bot System < > Heroes every 1 week < > Buffer on Community Board ( ALT + B) < > Drop list by shift+click on mob < > Offline Shop : Yes < > Auto Learn Skills < > Wedding System < > Max SubClasses - 4 < > Sub-Class Quest : Not required < > Clan Manager < ENCHANT SYSTEM Safe Enchant : +6 Max Enchant : +25 Normal enchant scrolls chance : 60% (If your enchantment fails, your item will be crystallized) Crystal enchant scrolls chance : 65% (If your enchantment fails, your item won't be crystallized but it will return to +0) Blessed enchant scrolls chance : 85% (If your enchantment fails, your item won't be affected) EVENT SYSTEM - DeathMatch - - Team VS Team - - Capture The Flag - - Last Man Standing - - Lucky Chests - Visit Sir Bastian and learn about all events! FARMING ZONES Cave Of Trials : Newbie farming zone ( You cant get flaged inside) Cemetary : Hard party farm zone Ruins Of Despair : Mixed farm zone INSTANCE You follow a path protected from different mobs. At the end,you have to kill a Raid boss. KAMALOKA : It requires 3 people to join at least 20 PvP and 86+ lvl , you can go in there once a day. COMMUNITY BOARD > Home (Server Info) < > Auction House (Buying and Selling) < > Region (Shows Online Players) < > Ranking (Top20 PvP-PK-Online-Clans) < > Services (GateKeeper-Gm Shop) < > RB Info (Shows Alive RaidBosses) < > Buffer (Player-Pet Buffs) < CUSTOM TATTOOS SKILLS : Custom skills can be found on custom WEAPONS JEWELS: Relic ARMORS Unique Titanium Dread Dynasty Rykros WEAPONS Unique Dynasty Relic ACCESORIES COMMANDS .report : using this command sending captcha to suspicious players and informing server staff too ! (Can be used by targeting an in-combat player) .orc : to join orc village .leave : to leave orc village .menu : using this command you can access ( Antibuff Shield and Trade/Pm/Friend Refusal ) ACCOUNT SETTINGS You can manage your account via our Website Step 1) Log in : Step 2) Choose : ORC VILLAGE Orc Village is our custom PvP-Zone . Custom items allowed: Unique In this area your Name changed to "Unknown" and your Tittle-Clan become invisible ! Hero Aura is invisible too Auto-flagged when you join the area No party allowed ! No hero skills / hero buffs Auto-respawn every 5 seconds on random spot By killing you have the chance to get enchant (+1) an item you wear ! COLOR SYSTEM 1000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 2000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 3000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 4000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 5000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 6500 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 8500 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 12000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE 25000 PvP : NAME - TITTLE ! Meet us in http://l2omegaworld.com/ and check out all the features ! ! which have not been said !
  13. Bienvendos a L2Shuana Interlude : x100 L2OFF Gran Apertura 21 December, 2018 • 19:00 (UTC -3) Information Server time: UTC -3 Server Chronicles: Interlude L2OFF PTS Sub-Class Personalized Noblesse Quest Geodata and Pathnodes 100% Off-line Shop mode Auto Learn Skills Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops) Wedding System Only 1 Clan per Ally Rates Experience (EXP) x100 Skill Points (SP) x100 Adena x1 (Para mantener el comercio de nuestro serve) Enchante Safe Enchant +3 Max. Enchant Weapon +15 Max. Enchant Armor/Jewels +10 Chance Scroll: 50% Blessed Scroll: 60% No arguments: 0%Siege Gludio Available Dion Available Giran Available Oren Available Aden Available Innadril Available Goddard Available Rune Available Schuttgart Available Misc.Shop Buffs (20+4 buffs)Buffs full NPC's (NO MALARIA)Buff time 1 hours Shuana.Shop Global Gatekeeper Grand Olympiad Schedules: 18:00 UTC-3 New periods on each 14 days. Protections Secured Server uptime 100% Online 24 hours Server with guaranteed stability No Lag for thousands of players All Injection Protections DDoS Protection Jguard protecion ANTI BOT. Website: https://www.l2shuana.com Forum: https://www.l2shuana.com/foro Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2shuana
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Drop 1x. Party Xp 2x. Party Sp 2x. Starting character level 80. ~~~~~~~~~~> Enchant Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Safe enchant +7 Normal Scrolls 100 % and max +7 Blesseds scrolls 95 % and max +16 Crystal scrolls 70 % and max +20 ~~~~~~~~~~> Augmentation <~~~~~~~~~ Mid life stone skill change - 5% High life stone skill change - 10% Top life stone skill change - 20% ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Features <~~~~~~~~~ Main town - Giran Automatic-Manual Potions. Working 3 castle sieges. {Giran-Aden-Goddard} Stackable scrolls,lifestones,book of giants. More than 11 active raid bosses. Wedding System. Unique Farm Areas. Npc skill enchanter. Full npc buffer with auto buff. Max count of buffs - 50 Max subclasses - 3 Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest subclass. Raid boss that gives full pt nobless status No weight limit. Unique protection anti-heavy armor for archers/daggers etc. Ingame password change. Top pvp/pk ranks NPC. Unique monsters & NPC. Interlude retail skills. Server up-time 24/7 99%. Perfect class balance (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations). Announcements on double kills triple kills etc. Announcements on Grand Boss death , with the name of the killer as well as clan name of the player. Information Npc in game with all servers informations. ~~~~~~~~~~> Custom servers Gear <~~~~~~~~~ Epic Armor Titanium Armor Dusk Weapon Custom fighter/mage tattoo Custom Wings/Hairs Custom Mask and more!! ~~~~~~~~~~> Server commands <~~~~~~~~~ .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join or leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .exit - PvP zone exit in case you are bullied. .auto - Enable/disable auto potions. .changepassword - Opens online menu then u can change ur password in game. ~~~~~~~~~~> Event System <~~~~~~~~~ TvT Event. CTF Event. DM Event. Unique Event Shop. ~~~~~~~~~~> Olympiad Game <~~~~~~~~~ Retail olympiad game. Competition period [1] week. Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT +2. Olympiad no custom , +6 gear. New heroes every Sunday. ~~~~~~~~~~> GRAND OPENING <~~~~~~~~~ 6/7/2018 20:00 GMT +3 http://L2hellhound.com STAY TUNNED!
  15. L2J-Mobius The Start As a teenager I wanted to make my own game. Back on year 2000...something, game engines cost insane amount of money. Unlucky for me, L2jserver claimed to be legal, if you made no client modifications. I thought it would be a great to use Lineage 2 as a client and customize the server. So I joined L2jServer as Pandragon, later invited as an advanced member. Work with L2jServer At that time trying to launch a live server was devastating. Major reworks where never finished and official information was interpreted wrong. Fixes for these problems either took months to be committed, or if shared by non inner team members, denied even as tempfixes. Also even under GPLv3 license, they would not commit work of fork projects (see L2DC, aCis etc). Supposely to be open source and unlike other emulator projects, many things where kept and still are strictly available only to inner circle members. (See Hellbound committed after years and GeoData tools that still are private.) Goddess of Destruction After some time I saw many packs, selling for hundreds of euros, that actually was L2j plus my free shared implementations shared on L2jServer forum that was never committed. So I decided to share all my work for free as a new project based on russian forks. In fact, I was the first person that shared freely Goddess of Destruction files. L2jUnity Relationship For two years I worked with russian forks, but at the same time I worked with L2jServer as well. So I tried to make a GoD based L2jServer, at that point L2j did not have an Ertheia branch. Right after making that, L2jServer inner team decided to make an Ertheia branch. Since I already worked with L2jServer and it was open source I used it and made a new branch. Right after making that, L2jServer team (except Zoey) decided to leave L2j and make L2jUnity private. Since then L2jServer is essentially a dead project and their inner team is now known as L2jUnity. A year later when they released a free version, I used it, mainly for their reworked skill system. Since then I am blamed to use their, essentially free and shared work, as if I stole it. Main reason that lead making the project private in order to find serious people to work with. Project Progress Merged most of the work made while working with russian forks. Hundreds of commits fixing severe L2jUnity inherited issues. Made Interlude and HighFive branches following my way of working. Reworked many core features noone dared to touch to match retail behaviour. Fixed hundreds of bug reports made by people that had live servers. Added several custom features requested by people that had live servers. Followed all game updates from Ertheia to Salvation and Classic. Project Future Recently I decided to stop accepting subscribers on 1/1/2019. I do not agree on how things are done on L2j projects. Download FREE compiled versions. http://l2jmobius.com/get/ Register to my forum for more news. http://www.l2jmobius.com/
  16. L2 Adealia is the new interlude pride style server Client: Interlude Type: Custom PvP server Rates: High rates Starting Level: 1 Experience: x4000 Skill Points: x4000 Rate Party Experience: x1 Rate Party Spell Point: x1 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil: x1 Adena: x500 Enchant System: Safe Enchant: 7 Max Enchant: 25 After +16 enchant rates decreases Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Others: With your pvps your color name & title gonna change. More over it will be a list of pvp skills that are going to be added on your char related to your pvps. Item Store: Up to S grade items, Consumables, Potions & more. Mysterious Merchant: Up to S84 items , Armors, Weapons, Accessories & more. Npc Buffer: All buffs ( Special and full buffsets ( without berserker spirit ) for mage / fighters ( you can take berserker spirit from normal buffs list ) . Class Master: Free Class upgrade. Custom Items: Armors: ( Tier 1: Unique ), ( Tier 2: Adealia ), ( Tier 3: Legacy ), (Tier 4: Abyssal). Weapons: ( Tier 1: Unique ), ( Tier 2: Adealia ), ( Tier 3: Abyssal ). Jewels: ( Tier 1: Raid Boss Jewels ), ( Tier 2: Relic Jewels ). Accessories: Up to 30 Accessories with unique stats. Dyes-Tattoos: Custom Dyes-Tattoos with special stats. Main farm areas: 1.Cave of Trials 2. Dragon Valley Cave Training area: 1. Execution Grounds Adena areas: 1. Varka Silenos Outpost 2. Ketra Orc Outpost PVP areas: 1. Hunters Village 2. Gludin Village Custom Raid Bosses with custom drops: 1.Roaring Skylancer 2. Shadow of Halisha 3. Ember 4. Lilith We have special NPC called: Boss Status With time will be added more raid bosses. http://l2adealia.eu/index.html https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Adealia/ https://discord.gg/JRS9EWz
  17. General Info: Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Events, Custom Items, Mass PvP! Website: http://l2pw.com/ Forum: http://l2pw.com/forum GENERAL Chronicle 6 - Interlude Starting & Subclass level - 80 Free noblesse status on starting Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP) Starting system - Press couple buttons and you ready to play Alt+B Community Board with everything you need (Shop, Buffer, Etc) Anti-Bot Protection SmartGuard & Captcha OLYMPIAD Enchant limit +6 No Custom S-Grade Items Augmented Items disabled Class battles are disabled Required 5 players to start match Skills reused after every match Ranks updates after every match Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 [GMT+3] Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+3] Hero obtain hero skills in all sub-classes ENCHANT RATES Safe Enchant: +5 Max Simple/Blessed +20 Max Crystal +25 Simple Scrolls 60% Blessed Scrolls 100% Crystal Scrolls 100% Max skill enchant +10 Skill enchant chance 80% AUGMENTATION Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 15% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive Removed chance and magic attack skills Augment skills restricted from olympiad SIEGES Sieges duration 60 minutes There are 3 castle sieges (Giran, Rune, Aden) Sieges are scheduled everyday 20:00-00:00 Passive skill added for castle owners as reward Leader crown of the castle stats = Donate Hat AUTO EVENTS DeathMatch Last Man Standing Team vs Team Capture the Flag Raid in the Middle Events Scheduled Every 1 Hour CUSTOM ITEMS Apella Armors Dynasty Armors (TOP) Mix of Dusk/Icarus/Epic Weapons Unique Hair Accessories with HP/CP Boost PVP ZONE Chaotic Zone Changing every 2 hours After death random spawn in same zone RAID BOSSES There are 10 Raid Bosses Respawn time 1,5-3 hours All Chaotic Zones After death you will be teleported only after 30 secs CLANS All clan penaltys removed Clan after creation: 5 level Maximum players in clan - 40 Maximum clans in ally - 1 Removed Royals & Knights Clan skills affect all members regardless of rank OTHER INFO Auto Learn Skills & Auto Loot Stackable BOG/LS/Scrolls No Consume Shots/Arrows/Potions No Grade and Weight penalty No Sub-Class Quest No Noblesse Quest Free Class Change 6 Max Sub-Classes 99 Buff Slots 10 Seconds Unstuck Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Spawn Protection Anti-Heavy for Archer & Dagger Drop Items At Karma Offline Shop System PvP KillingSpree System Unique Economy System Stable Platform (aCis) Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes Full interlude geodata / pathnode Website: http://l2pw.com/ Forum: http://l2pw.com/forum
  18. Hello ! We are here to present you a new stable PvP-Farm Server ! Our Grand Opening set for 21st December at 20:00 GMT +2 Website : http://l2elite-pvp.com/ Forum : http://l2elite-pvp.com/forum/ Server Rates - XP: 100x. - SP: 100x. - Adena: 200x - PartyXp: 1x. - PartySp: 1x. Enchant Rate -Safe Enchant : 3 -Max Enchant Weapon : N/A -Max Enchant Armor : N/A -Normal Scroll Chance : 60% -Blessed Scroll Chance : 70% -Top Grade Lifestone : 20% -High Grade Lifestone :10% -Mid Grade Lifestone : 5% Basic Information -Gm Shop item untill A Grade (SA) and S Grade (NO SA) -Custom Shop for L2 Elite-PvP Armors/Jewels -Olympiad Shop -Subclass Free : Enabled -Auto learn skills : Enabled -Banking System : Enabled -Offline Shop (Add shop & Quit) : Enabled -Wedding System : Enabled -Weight Penalty : Disabled -Death Penalty : Disabled -Clan Penalties : Disabled Custom Features -Buffs Duration : 2 Hours -Max Buffs Amount : 24+4 -Max SubClasses : 4 -Subclass Starting Level : 40 -Geodata & Pathnodes : Enabled -Vote Reward System : Enabled -Augment Active SkillsDuration : 19 Min -Class Master : Enabled Olympiad Settings -Heroes Circle : 2 Week -OlympiadTime : 24h -Skills Recharge before match starts : Enabled -Max Enchant : +6 Custom Starting -Starting Adena : 50 Millions -Starting Area : Elven Village Custom Items Clan Reputation Item Elite-PvP Armor (Scroll Down for info and pictures) Elite-PvP Jewels (Scroll Down for info and pictures) Olympiad Medal (Scroll Down for more informations) Varka's Badge (Farm item) Ketra's Badge (Farm item) Noblesse Item Elite-PvP Tattoo (Rare Item, Scroll Down for more informations) Custom Farm Zones Drop rate of adena at our custom farm zones is 100% but the change to drop Varka's and Ketra's Badge is 70% Varka Silenos : Ketra Orc Outpost : Raid Bosses We have some edited Raid Bosses with Custom droplist , all raids have the same droplist with the same chance of drop and the same respawn time Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration. Respawn Time : 12 Hours Flamestone Giant : Ocean Flame Ashakiel : Fire of Wrath Shuriel : Last Lesser Giant Glaki : Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs : Longhorn Golkonda : Cherub Galaxia : Ketra's Hero Hekaton : Varka's Heros Shadith : Queen Shyeed : Ketra's Commander Tayr : Varka's Commander Mos : Ember : Uruka : Ketra's Chief Brakki : Varka's Chief Horus : Master Anays : High Priesttess Van Halter : Grand Bosses Valakas: Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, , Necklace Of Valakas ,Valakas Head (Accesorie) Respawn Time : 7 Days Antharas Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, Earring Of Antharas, Antharas Head (Accesorie) Respawn Time : 5 Days Frintezza Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, Necklace Of Frintezza , Frintezza Head (Accesorie) Respawn Time : 24 Hours Baium Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token, Ring Of Baium , Baium Hair (Accesorie) Respawn Time : 3 Days Zaken Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, Earring Of Zaken , Zaken Hat (Accesorie) Respawn Time : 24 Hours Queen Ant Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, Ring Of Queen Ant Respawn Time : 24 Hours Orfen Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, Earring Of Orfen Respawn Time : 24 Hours Core Possible Drops: Weapon SA,Blessed Scrolls,Top Grade Life Stone, Book Of Giants,Tatto Of L2Elite-PvP(rare Item),Soul Stage 13,Raid Token,Divine Inspiration, , Ring of Core Respawn Time : 24 Hours L2Elite-PvP Armor - Jewels Lineage II Elite PvP Jewels have 10% (Set) more M.Def than Tateossian Jewels. Elite-PvP Light Stats : Dex +1 , STR +1 , CON -1 , P.Defence +15%, Sleep / Hold Ressists, Att. Speed/P.Att. 8%, Max MP 489 . Elite-PvP Robe Stats : WIT +1,INT +1 , MEN-2, P.Defence +15%,Sleep / Hold / Stun Ressists, Movement Speed +7, Casting Cansel Probability-50%,M.Attack/ C.Speed +20% Elite-PvP Heavy Stats : DEX-1 , STR +2, P.Defence +15%, Maximum HP+750, Sleep / Hold Ressists. All custom Armors and Jewels are farmable with Varka's and Ketra's Badge L2Elite-PvPTattoo (Rare Item only from Drop) Elite-PvP Tattoo Rare Item : + 1.000 CP/MP/HP (This item CANNOT be used in oly) L2Elite-PvP Olympiad Medal System We deploy a new olympiad system where there's no loosers ! Just with your participate you get 10 Olympiad Medal but if you win you will get 40 more and with these you can get awesome prizes like Raid Boss Jewels , Blessed Scroll or custom accesories (10 Olympiad Medals for loosers 50 for winners. (That means that you need 100 wins to get a Valakas for example)
  19. Dear L2Mordor players, after many suggestions from our players we decide to open our New Server Interlude x5. It will be classic Interlude concept, with some simple idea, which makes gameplay more comfortable. In our plans provide you New Events, auto tournaments, services for single players and clans. Our main goal is provide you the game, as it meant to be. Why you should preffer L2Mordor Interlude server: - Official L2OFF PTS files without bugs - with full support from AdvExt team. - International English based community - Long term project - Minimum Life of Shire is 2 Years! - Instant support and troubleshooting - Instant permanent ban on botters - SmartGuard + active GMs Team - Donations which do not influnce game life - Zero lag from any place in the world - Epic bosses from 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+1! Grand Opening: THIS WINTER! OBT: 5.12.2018! Informations: Server Platform: L2OFF - PTS Interlude Low Rate Server Server Timezone: Time (GMT +1) Server OBT: 5.12.2018 Website: https://l2mordor.com Discord: https://discord.gg/EXX89zQ Rates: Experience (XP): x5 Skill Points (SP): x5 Drop (Adena): x4 Drop (Items): x4 chance, 1x amount Spoil: x4 chance, 1x amount Drop (Raidboss): x2 Drop (GrandBoss): x1 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quest reward XP/SP: x4 Quest reward adena: x3 GamePlay: 3 Client limit per PC Antibot system - SmartGuard & also antibot policy Travelers' weapons (no-grade and D-grade) Olympiad Period - TBA / Olympiad duration period - 20:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1). Olympiad Start- soon First heroes- soon Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles Stackable Life stones / Enchants / BOGs / Books & Amulets Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks. Full Working Geodata Teleport Rune <-> PI. 150.000 Adena Offline Shops Drop Item Live Time -> 15min Agumentations System Skill: /unstuck - 60sec Max clans per alliance: 3 Secure Anti-DDoS protection @ sites + servers New locations on the map. Additional plugins VIP Account: NO EXP/SP/DROP/SPOIL BONUS! Global chat: once every 15 minutes, will be displayed as Trade chat, message must start with ^ .expon / .expoff - works only for premium account. Double your weight limit. Increases the number of items an individual can possess. Increases the number of items that can be bought and sold at private stores. Free SOE Skill Seven Signs: Regular state (two weeks period) Raid Bosses: Valakas: 11 days from 20:00 to 21:00 Antharas: 8 days from 20:00 to 22:00 Baium: 5 days from 20:00 to 22:00 Frintezza: 2 days from 21:00 to 23:00 Queen Ant: 22 hours / Random + - 1h Zaken: 48 hours / Random + - 1h Core: 36 hours / Random + - 1h Orfen: 36 hours / Random + - 1h All Normall Bosses - Retail ( 12+8 ) The limitation on amount of players inside of the Valakas lair was removed. Relog protection: Baium- 4h ( After waking up the timer will start. After expiring it will teleport all players out and put Baium to sleep) Drop (Quest Item): x2 Delicious Top Choice Meat Seekers of the Holy Grail Guardians of the Holy Grail An Ice Merchant's Dream A Powerful Primeval Creature Clean up the Swamp of Screams Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 Gather the flames In Search of Fragments of Dimension Legacy of Insolence The Finest Food The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 War with Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos Alliance with Ketra Orcs Alliance with Varka Silenos Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe Relics of the old empire Yoke of the Past For Sleepless Deadmen Seductive Whispers Illegitimate Child of a Goddess The Finest Food (x3) The Zero Hour + new exchange look: - Dangerous Seduction reward capped at 200k! - Kamael: A Window to the Future adena reward x1, required lvl - 20 Enchant: Safe Enchant amount: +3 Max. Enchant amount: +16 Classes transferring: 1st profession - 100.000 Adena 2nd profession - 3.000.000 Adena ( 1 mark - 1kk ) Sub-class: Retail Noblesse: Standard quest The Server conception and settings could be changed.
  20. http://l2warfare.com SERVER OPENING: 2018/11/24 18:00 GMT+2! -=INTERLUDE CUSTOM PVP =- -=Server Rates=- - RateXp = 3000. - RatePartyXp = 3000. - RateDropAdena = 1. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +5 - Max Weapon Enchant: +30 - Max with Crystal Scrolls Enchant: +35 - Normal Scrolls: 60% - Blessed Scrolls: 80% - Crystal Scrolls: 100% - Golden Scrolls: 100% - PvP server, Average farm. -=LifeStones=- - High Grade LS Chance = 10% - Top Grade LS Chance = 12% -=Custom server=- - Custom Weapons: Monster weapons, Dusk weapons - Custom Armors: Dynasty Armors, Vesper Armors, God's Armors - Custom Tattoo: Fighter Tattoo,Mage Tattoo - Custom Wings: Epic Wings, Pixie wings, Baium Hair, Kamael Wings, Goddess hairs, Butterfly Wings, Shock Wings - Custom Mask: Epic Mask, Golden Mask, other masks [NEW] -=Custom Npc's=- - GM Shop - Custom Shop - Buffer - Global GateKeeper - Skill Enchant Manager - Augument Manager - Clan Manager - Class Manager - Wedding Manager - Olympiad Manager - Siege Manager - Vote Manager - Top PvP/Pk List - Boss Info - And Much more.. -=General Features=- - Sieges duration: 90 minutes. - 90% Balaced PvP/Oly. - Olympiads full retail work. - GM EVENT TIME 20:00 Gmt +2 - In game you can change password. - Olympiad period is every week. - NPC Buffer duration 3 hours ( 60 buffs). - Custom event, TvT, DM. - Auto Events every hour. - Auto PvP Zone every hour. - L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection. -=Commands=- .online Shows how many players are online. .menu Main menu about server and more. .status Show player status. /gmlist See if there's any Gm online. .exit Leave pvp zone. http://l2warfare.com
  21. Fast Preview: Download (3,17KB) :[Hidden Content] Credits: HappyLDE <npc id="9994" idTemplate="100912" name="Jolie" title=" Enchant Items"> <set name="level" val="70"/> <set name="radius" val="13"/> <set name="height" val="20"/> <set name="rHand" val="22"/> <set name="lHand" val="26"/> <set name="type" val="L2Npc"/> <set name="exp" val="0"/> <set name="sp" val="0"/> <set name="hp" val="2444.46819"/> <set name="mp" val="1345.8"/> <set name="hpRegen" val="7.5"/> <set name="mpRegen" val="2.7"/> <set name="pAtk" val="688.86373"/> <set name="pDef" val="295.91597"/> <set name="mAtk" val="470.40463"/> <set name="mDef" val="216.53847"/> <set name="crit" val="4"/> <set name="atkSpd" val="253"/> <set name="str" val="40"/> <set name="int" val="21"/> <set name="dex" val="30"/> <set name="wit" val="20"/> <set name="con" val="43"/> <set name="men" val="20"/> <set name="corpseTime" val="7"/> <set name="walkSpd" val="50"/> <set name="runSpd" val="120"/> <set name="dropHerbGroup" val="0"/> <set name="attackRange" val="40"/> <ai type="default" ssCount="0" ssRate="0" spsCount="0" spsRate="0" aggro="0" canMove="true" seedable="false"/> </npc>
  22. We from L2Sublimity are proud to present to you our latest server: Destiny 25x Grand Opening 16 November 2018 / 20:00 PM GMT Website: https://www.l2sublimity.com Promo page: https://play.2sublimity.com Forum: https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum Chronicle Interlude Platform L2Off Type PvP-Craft EXP 25X SP 25X Spoil 5x Quest 5x Adena 1X Adena rate to maintain a healthy in-game economy (shop-prices are adapted accordingly) Game updates Weekly new content/changes with high-quality gameplay updates Daily GM-hosted Events Bi-Daily automated Events Server-wide battlefields events Community content and activities To have some fun next to the grind When is this server something you would like? If you like old-school Lineage II that feels like authentic high-quality Lineage II and not heavily over-customized. With PvP and PvE and a slight new touch to the entire experience via a reworked interface, new features and visuals. When this server isn't something you would like? If you do not like the Interlude chronicle and anything before Interlude. If you did like C4-C5 we recommend you to come and try our new server. Global Gatekeepers Yes Misc Shop Yes Armor Shop Yes, but limited. All other armory has to be crafted Weapon Shop Yes, but limited. All other weaponry has to be crafted Olympiad Cycle: 2 weeks Max weapon enchant allowed +6 Max armor enchant allowed +6 Open World One of the best aspects of Lineage II is its vast Open World and we are determined to keep it somewhat like that by rotating the main hunting areas twice per day. The main hunting areas will be highlighted on the World Map. 100% Interlude Areas Full 100% NCSoft-intended Interlude Hunting Areas Our hunting areas are fully Interlude-like as NCSoft has intended them to be and has coded them. This means you are able to enjoy Primeval Isle, Pagan's Temple and the Monastery of Silence like no other server has represented it before. Fully functional and straight from its original creators. Auto Party Matching via the Interface You can easily put yourself in party matching queue to find a party or fill your current party from the queue. This will automatically put you in a party with other players allowing you to either fill your half-full party or find another party because you are all by yourself. We've provided Lineage II worlds since 2008 and in these last 10 years, we've launched 5 servers. We've started out of an immense passion for the game and we're still here for that very same reason. We're constantly pushing ourselves to create features that feel like they are part of the original game. Delivering features such that it is deemed of high quality. Innovation is key for all of our worlds and we will never settle with anything less than that. For example, our newly created intuitive Sublimity On-Screen Damage Indicator which is hopefully the replacement for the less attractive non-interactive system messages once and for all: Or our self-made launcher which makes use of a global distribution network ensuring you get the highest of speeds anywhere in the world. This means the full client can be with you ready to be played in literally minutes. or our... well... I think you get my point... We hope you appreciate our mindset and hope - because of that - you'll ♥ the experience we provide. Augmentation Passive/Active Skill Chance 5-8% You are able to trade augmentations like any other weapon. The augmentation effects on the weapon are visible when hovering the weapon in the Trade Window. Castle Sieges The Rune Castle and Aden Castle sieges are held every 2 weeks. The first one being 2 weeks after the Grand Opening. Clan Hall Sieges Clan Hall Sieges are unique because they grant your clan a skill across the entire clan. The available Clan Hall Sieges are Devastated Castle and Bandit Stronghold. Each giving a different skill. Clan Hall Sieges are very frequent meaning you will have to put an effort into defending these Clan Halls. Conquering a Clan Hall will not result in losing your Town Clan Hall. Class Manager You are able to freely change your class without completing the class transfer quests Marriages Via Quest. Married couples are able to teleport to one another via a special skill. Daily Story Quests For special items and boosts for your character. An easy and great way for players who do not have much time to make their daily progress effectively. Daily PvP Quest Reach 20 kills each day you log-in for special exclusive PvP-Quest-only items. Real Clan Ranking Ranking based on world dominance and takes all historical events into account. Reworked Fishing System For character boosts such as increased weight capacity, inventory slots and warehouse slots. Skills auto-learned You automatically learn skills with the exception of; Divine Inspiration Auto-loot To reflect a more casual gameplay you automatically pick up loot from monsters you have killed. Loot is also automatically picked up in parties where the party distributing (Random, Finders Keepers, By Turn) is respected. Epic jewelry are NOT picked up automatically. Our 10th anniversary will be a couple of days after the Grand Opening. We'd like to thank you all for supporting us and making it possible for us to do what we love. We hope to see you in-game on 16 November 2018 Thank you. - OpalSnow Website: https://www.l2sublimity.com Promo page: https://play.2sublimity.com Forum: https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum Grand Opening 16 November 2018 / 20:00 PM GMT
  23. Site: www.L2Adealia.eu General Info Client: Interlude Type: Custom PvP server Rates: High rates Starting Level: 1 Experience: x4000 Skill Points: x4000 Rate Party Experience: x1 Rate Party Spell Point: x1 Drop Rate: x1 Spoil: x1 Adena: x500 Enchant System Safe Enchant: 6 Max Enchant: 25 Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate) Others With your pvps your color name & title gonna change. Moreover it will be a list of pvp skills that are going tto be added on your char related to your pvps. Item Store: Up to S grade items, Consumables, Potions & more. Mysterious Merchant: Up to S84 items , Armors, Weapons, Accessories & more. Npc Buffer: All buffs Class Master: Free Class upgrade. Custom Items Armors: (Tier 1: Unique) (Tier 2: Adealia) (Tier 3: Legacy) (Tier 4: Abyssal) Weapons: (Tier 1: Unique) (Tier 2: Adealia) (Tier 3: Abyssal) Jewels: (Tier 1: Raid Boss Jewels) (Tier 2: Relic Jewels) Accessories: Up to 30 Accessories with unique stats. Dyes-Tattoos: Custom Dyes-Tattoos with special stats.
  24. Hello community! I'm Nasiferus and I represent the latin community in Lineage 2 Interlude Servers. You think... How? Simply... have my social network (facebook only latin contacts), as well as I am in forums and I have contact with as many Latinos as you can imagine. I also have contact with the leaders of the most important clans as well as the small clans [CONTACT] Skype: Nasiferus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2server.interlude Forum MxC
  25. Ladies and Gentlemen! L2Realm presents Interlude X20, OFF-Like! Grand Opening - 23 November 2018! Huge fan base + 14.000 Euro for advertisment and attracting new users! [ Website ] We are saving all the principles of Lineage 2 Interlude. Mid-rate X20 this is the average character development speed, the original Interlude battle system in PVP and Mass PVP, big and lively marketplace. Basic Information Platform: OFF-Like (PTS) Style: Craft-PVP, Mid-rate Server Parameters Chronicle: Interlude (OFF-Like core) Exp: X20 SP: X20 Adena: X10 Drop: X10 (chance) Spoil: X7 (chance) Quest Reward: adena/exp x7 [ Go to detail description ] Multifarious Crafting and Farming system! Farming resources or buying them at Giran trade zone, all up to you. Gameplay not affected by Mana Potions and NPC buffer! You still need mana recharge and 3rd class buffs. Original off-like PVP system without changes! Burning mana give you an advantage. We are waiting for You! www.l2realm.com