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Found 63 results

  1. Dear players, We are very excited to announce that our Project which is starting on August! Website - http://l2ignite.gr Forum - https://www.l2ignite.gr/forum/ Information L2Ignite - Lineage 2 Interlude. If something is not mentioned here, you guessed it - It is retail. L2OFF GameServer files Anti-Bot System - Enabled Geodata and Pathnodes - Retail Auto loot for normal monsters - Enabled Auto loot for Raid Bosses - Disabled Auto learn skills - Enabled until 40 (Inclusive) Class Changer - Enabled for 1st & 2nd class only Offline mode shops - Enabled (See below) VIP System - Enabled (See below) NPC Buffer - Enabled (See below) Rates Experience (EXP) - x3 Skill Points (SP) - x3 Adena - x3 Drop Items - x3 Spoil - x3 Quest Experience (EXP) - x2 Quest Skill Points (SP) - x2 Quest Adena - x2 VIP System Get VIP status and enjoy the following benefits: Experience (EXP) +25% Skill Points (SP) +25% Adena +25% Drop Items +25% Spoil +25% Ability to set Offline Shop - You are also able to set auto-announce messages (10 min interval) Ability to use the NPC Buffer from Lv. 52 and up NPC Buffer She will provide you with the most necessary buffs to aid you in your quest to become the best! Her buffs do not include resistances, dances/songs, summon buffs and 3rd class skills. We adore support classes and we want to keep them as useful as the rest of the classes, but we also want to give solo players the opportunity to be able to farm effectively. Her list of buffs progresses according to your character's level and you may also apply buffs to your pet/summon. These are the tiers for each buff list: Tier 1: Character Lv. 1 - 19 Tier 2: Character Lv. 20 - 39 Tier 3: Character Lv. 40 - 51 Tier 4: Character Lv. 52 - 60 (For VIP characters) Tier 5: Character Lv. 61 - 75 (For VIP characters) Tier 6: Character Lv. 76 - max (For VIP characters) Noticed anything strange? Tier 6 has combo buffs. Our server not only is based on PTS Interlude files, but is also built from the ground-up on top of the Gracia Final engine!! This means we are able to provide you with retail C6 experience while also enhancing your gameplay. Merchant Shop Contains ONLY cosmetic items like accessories and costumes that you can acquire using Coin of Luck. It might contain also consumables and quest items like the pipette knife. It is there as another way for you to show your support for the server and also a way for us to say thanks! Changes Aggro / Passive in-game patch included Droplist / Mob statistics in-game patch included Infinite zoom out in-game patch included And so many more that you will find out as you progress!!
  2. Hello dear Lineage2 community, We would like to introduce you the most complete pvp server of 2019 that is coming back! Opening Date: 2019/06/29 at 21:00 GMT+3 (Europe), 15:00 GMT -3 (America). What awaits you in the server? Largest international high rate community (expecting 1000+ players online). Best bot protection - no corruption - 100% fair gameplay. DDos protection guarantee for us 100% uptime. Many international clans (server cp/clan based) Website: http://l2extreme.net/ Gameplay: Experience (EXP) - 1000x Skill Points (SP) - 1000x Adena - 1000x Drop Items - 1x Starting, Subclass level - 80 Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP) GM Shop free S-Grade items Titanium Armors and Extreme Weapons obtainable by killing Raid Bosses Enchants: Safe Enchant - 4 Max Enchant - 16 Scroll chance: 60% Max +10 Blessed Scroll chance: 100% Max +12 Extreme Scroll: 1-12 100% / +13 (80%) +14 (60%) +15 (40%) +16 (20%) Failed ? only loses scroll Augmentation: Тop LS - 15% / High LS - 10% / Mid LS - 5% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill Removed chance and magic attack skills Olympiad: Retail olympiad game (classic) Max enchant for items +6 Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 Events: Party Farm Tournament: (3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9) DeathMatch Last Man Standing Team vs Team Capture the Flag Raid in the Middle Clan & Alliance: Max Clan Level: 8 Max clan members: 40 Royoal Guard and Knight Guard disabled Alliance Info: 1 clan (for crest) Castle Sieges: There are 2 claste sieges (Giran and Rune) Castle siege duration 60 minutes Sieges are scheduled every 3 days 20:00-00:00 Passive skill added for owners as a reward Additional Info: Buffs Slots - 30 Dance/Song Slots - 18 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Cancellation Return Buff after 7 Secs Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Max subclasses - 5. Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - No Wedding System - Yes Website: http://l2extreme.net/
  3. Previous Page Next Page GRAND OPENING FROM - 23/08/2019, FRIDAY, 20:00 +2 GMT ! New season coming. All characters will be deleted and game will starts for everyone from zero. It`s great chance for new and old players to start, who got bored or had some problems. We promise you a good and stable game ! You have great chance be a server leader. So get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment ! Be patient and use this time to advertise server start date to people for more fun ! See you in game ! Rates: » Xp 9000x. » Sp 9000x. » Aden 9000x. » Drop 9000x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20). » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%. » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%. Augmentations: » Mid life stone skill chance - 5%. » High life stone skill chance - 10%. » Top life stone skill chance - 15%. Unique features: » Main towns - Giran, Goddard, Gludio. » Working all castle sieges. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants. » Unique primeval isle flag vs flag pvp area. » More then 9 active raid bosses. » Casino event manager. » Unique aden system. » Wedding system. » Unique farming areas. » Npc skill enchanter. » A grade items for free. » Shops till top S grade. » Unique tattoos. » Full npc buffer with auto buff. » Max count of buffs - 76. » Max subclasses - 5. » Free and no quest class change. » Free and no quest sub class. » Free nobless status. » No weight limit. » No grade limit. » Quake pvp system. » Pvp/pk show on title. » Online password change. » Top 20 pvp/pk npc in game. » Augmentation system (preconfigured). » Server information npc. » Unique monsters. » Offline trade system. » Interlude retail skills. » Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. » Perfect class balance. » No custom items ! Voiced commands: .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join of leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .vote - opens vote panel in every place. .check - opens captcha panel. Event system: » TVT event [12:00 15:00 17:00 20:00 23:00] hours. » CTF event [13:00 16:00 19:00 21:00 24:00] hours. » DM event [11:00 14:00 18:00 22:00] hours. » Quiz event delay [120] minutes. » Casino event working [24/7]. » Unique event shop. Olympiad game: » Retail olympiad game. » Competition period [1] week. » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. » Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager. Web site - www.l2damage.com Forum - www.l2damage.com/forum GRAND OPENING - 23 AUGUST 2019, FRIDAY 20:00 +2 GMT ! Previous Page Next Page
  4. Beta Opening: 22 Aug 2019 - 19:00 UTC+3 Grand Opening: 25 Aug 2019 - 19:00 UTC+3 Server Rates for Normal Players: Experience Points (Exp): x100 Skill Points (Sp): x100 Party Experience Points (Exp): x1.3 Party Skill Points (Sp): x1.3 Drop Adena: x1 (Custom) Drop Ancient Adena: x1 (Custom) Drop Items: x1 (Custom) Drop Raid Items: x1 (Custom) Server Rates for Legend Players: Experience Points (Exp): x200 Skill Points (Sp): x200 Party Experience Points (Exp): x1.3 Party Skill Points (Sp): x1.3 Drop Adena: x2 (Custom) Drop Ancient Adena: x2 (Custom) Drop Items: x2 (Custom) Drop Raid Items: x1 (Custom) Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Rate (Max +12): 55% Blessed Scroll Rate (Max +12): 75% Crystal Scroll Rate (Max +16): +13-70% +14-65% +15-60% +16-50% Augment Rates: NG Chance: 1% MG Chance: 5% HG Chance: 10% TG Chance: 15% Augments 1+1 Server Features: Autolearn Skills Autoloot Items Delevel Class Master SubClass Quest Maximum Sub Class: 5 Weight Limit Boosted Grade Penalty Class Based Rescrited Items Max Buffs: 56 Buffs Duration: 2 Hours Max Debuffs: 4 Clan Penalties Maximum Clans in Alliance: 2 Announcement when a Raid Boss spawns Custom Color Names based on PvP Count Custom red screen effect when a player dies Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance Fully Working Geodata Antibot Protection Starting Information: Starting Level: 20 Starting Buffs Starting Adena: 10kk Starting Zone: Hunters Village. You can buy everything you need for free from Newbie Trader and then use newbie teleporter to start your adventure. Server Events: DeathMatch Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Simon Says Team vs Team VIP Team vs Team Capture The Flag Mutant Korean TvT Server Clan System (anti-zerg): Create a clan = lvl 8 instantly Max Clan Members per clan = 30 = 3 pt (Max Side with ally & Clan 6 Party) Max Clan ally = 1 Automatic Custom item for clan skills + Rep All your members of your clan have all the clan skills (u dont need to create Royal Guards & Knights) Royal Guards & Knights are disabled Olympiad Information: Olympiad Start at 18:00 EEST-UTC+3 Olympiad Heroes: Weekly Olympiad Max Enchant: +6 Also Check our Server Zones Information. Our Website: https://www.drenepiaworld.com/ Our Forums: https://www.drenepiaworld.com/forums/
  5. The server will be launched on 24/08/2019 17:00 (GMT+2). Site: https://pvp4fun.com Features Chroncle: Interlude. Mode: Custom PvP. ▪ 40 Custom RB / 7 Grand Boss / 1 PvP Boss. ▪ New pvp zone with chaotic flag. ▪ Armors: Apella, Dynasty, Vesper. ▪ Custom Jews - L2 Gold. ▪ Weapons: Forever - L2 Gold . Upgrade weapon with PvP Coins / PvPs. ▪ Max LvL on weapon 11 PvP . ▪ Sub Free / Hero evry 5 days. ▪ Enchant: Safe +4, Max +25. ▪ PVP Server with FULL Customs. ▪ Easy Farm / Medium Custom RB / Hard Grand Epic RB. Basic Rates Start at 80lv, no need level up. Adena Drop Rate: 1x Spoil Drop Rate 10x ( Enria ) Augmentation About augments, We will have an augment shop. 1 active +1 passive augments at the same time. Enchant Rates Enchant Safe: +4 Enchant Weapon - Armor With Bless +21 Max Enchant Sets With Crystal: +25 Normal Enchant Scroll Rate 75% from 1 to 4 Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate: 95% from 4 to 21 Crystal Enchant Scroll Rate: 100% from 21 to 25 Custom Community Board -Announcements -Rules -GM Shop -Features -Events -Top Players / Heroes / Clans / Castles / Stats -Support -Contact ( Balance no Op Item ) Preview PvP Color 30PvP: Name/Tittle Color 100 PvP: Name/Tittle Color 300 PvP: Name/Tittle Color 800+ PvP: Name/Tittle Color Additional Features Auto Loot: Enabled Auto Loot Raid : Disabled Auto Learn Skills: Enabled Weight Limit: Disabled Grade penalty: Disabled Max Subclasses: Four (4) Subclass Without Quest Anti-Farm Protection for PvP( You don't get PvP points from Same IP ). Anti-Farm Protection for PvP ( If u kill the same player Over 3 times. ) Raid Boss announce. Player spawn protection - 10 seconds. Menu Alt + B : Caracter menu .menu : autopotion .checkbot : if u see anyone with bots Class Penalty Bow Penalty in Tanks, Titans, Tyrants, Warlords. No Heal and Buffs at Monsters and Raids. Healer Class have 1sec delay about Great heal but Boost about P.D + M.D. +HP AIO NPC Buffer There is a support buffer spawned in Main Town Scheme buffer in every important town The buffs last for 3hours and are free of charge Boosted Buffers In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc. DB and SS have self dance and song lvl3. L2Beast Accesories * Silver Circlet : Special stats. more m.d. * Gold Circlet : Special stats. more p.d. * Fighter Mask: Special stats. hp100 , 1Str , 1Dex , 7Speed ,2%At.S. , 2%P.A. * Mage Mask: Special stats. hp100 , 1Int , 1Wit , 7Speed ,2%Ma.S. , 2%M.A. * Demonic Wings: Special stats. Speed +7 and 2 Evasion. * Angelic Wings: Special stats. Speed +7 and 2 Evasion. * Special Mage Tattoo: Special stats. 7%At.S. , 7%P.A. * Special Fighter Tattoo: Special stats. 7%Ma.S. , 7%M.A. Custom Boss Jewels They can be collected only by killing the Raid Bosses that owns them. Earring of Garacsia: MP +31, +10% bow resistance and +7 speed. Earring of Ipos: MP +31, +10% dagger resistance and +7 speed. Earring of Kandra: MP +31, +20% wind resistance and +7 speed. Earring of Von Helman: MP +31, +20% dark resistance and +7 speed. Earring of Vermilion: MP +31, +20% fire resistance and +7 speed. Earring of Falston: MP +31, +20% water resistance and +7 speed. Ring of Horuth: MP +21 and +5% P.Def. Ring of Mos: MP +21 and +5% M.Def. Ring of Shadith: MP +21 and 500% faster hp regen. Ring of Tayr: MP +21 and +100 bow range. Necklace of Hekaton: MP +42 and +10% CP. Necklace of Brakki: MP +42 and +60% resistance to most of the debuffs. Necklace of Naga: MP +42 and +10% HP Customized Raidbosses A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added. L2Custom Armors *Free S - A grate armors and jwls in Armor Shop! * Apella (Medium) * Dynasty (Best) L2Beast Weapons Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be buy FREE in Weapon Shop! * Forever (Medium) * L2Beast (Best) / L2Beast upgrades with PvP coins Olympiad Games Every 4 day hero. A - S grade gears only with enchant limitations : Weapons +25 / Armors +25, and no customs at all. Winner take hero aura , custom hero buffs and hero weapon. Rebirth System Once a player becomes 80 level, he can choose to rebirth at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths.(Droped from Raid Bosses) Additional Information Stackable enchant scrools, life stones, secret book of giants Pk Guards in Easy PvE zones with Autoress if u die and 1 hit on PKer Zone With PvP but Mods give 0 exp and sp Special items with only adena and PvP Award Balance Class Global and Trade chat with 50+ PvP Manny Customs Weapons /unstuck - 10 seconds Offline shop [add your shop and exit] PVP Name Color Changes / PK Title Color Changes. Player which have done the most damage to the monster will get the drop. FREE Auto Noblesse. Events The events available events are: TvT (Team vs Team) (Automatic) Death Match (Automatic) CTF (Capture the flag) (Automatic) Lucky Dice KIll The Gm ( PvP style ) Hitman kill = adena price Hide&Seek Others. Custom Zones Main Town Aden. Safe Zone [ Imperial Tomb ] Normal Farm Zone's [ Monastery ] CLAN ZONE : ( cemetery ) Normal Farm Zone's With Bless Drops + Enria ( Bandit strong Hold - Pvp +Pk ) Hard Farm Zone [ Elven Fotress ( Here mods give 0 exp + sp ] Free PvP Zone . Farm Zone with custom matirials ( Mithril Mines ) Grand Raid Boss ( Chaotic Zone) PvP Zone [ Custon pvp zones] PK kiler = drop item if die. Castle sieges Aden Castle start Friday at 18:00 and finish at 20:00 Giran Castle start Saturday at 21:00 and finish at 23:00 5 Diferent Fortress 5 Diferent Clan halls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3prZKoa7zcc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnMthezcykY
  6. Server officially started on 31/05/2018, which is already half a year ago, despite the low online we keep our word and the server is still Online. Players who stayed on it are mostly casual players, we were asked by them to try to revive the server, so be it! There have been many changes on the server since the start, many bugs have been fixed, and we have improved its stability. We're still working on improving the files, so we're trying to fix all reported bugs quickly. If you play casually, you are looking for a server that has an active administration and will live long without wipe, then you should check it out! :) Here is the list of changes we have made as part of Server Resurrection project: -Free Tickets for Weapon / Armor / Jewelry TOP D Grade -Buff Potions with Buffs for 20min, Mage 10xs Fighter 10x -Premium Account Coin (1 Day) 7x, everyone decides when he uses his Coins. -Free First and Second Class, class change available at the Cat (Class Manager) or in the pop-up window after reaching 20 and 40 lvl, after each class change player gets 5 Potions with Buffs and after the second class player gets additional Shadow C Weapon Coupons (3rd Class works as standard - Quest) -Maximum number of online accounts has been increased to 1 + 4. -Party EXP/SP x2 Changes regarding NPC Buffer (Newbie Buffer): From1 lvl to 40 lvl players will receive Master's Blessing Buffs for 2h. Fighter: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Focus, Death Whisper, Greater Might, Chant of Victory. Mage: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Greater Shield, Wild Magic, Clarity, Prophecy of Water. Here, it remains unchanged: From 40 lvl to 61 lvl players will receive Newbie Buffs for 2 hours (Only their time has changed) Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration. Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration. I think that this should make reaching the 40 level more enjoyable, I believe most of you will agree with me that 1-40 is a very boring period. Additionally, every weekend we are going to launch: -Double EXP / SP rate -Double Adena rate -Double Drop / Spoil rate (of course not all at one time) In addition, GM's often give away buffs to players that will make game fun and quicker. (they are doing it now) The above changes are already introduced on the server, but additionally the plan is to introduce: - Skill Learn w/o SpellBooks until 75lvl, to learn skills from 3rd Class, SpellBook will be required - We will probably add auto Learn Skills until 40lvl All these changes are designed to help new players to some extent catch up with the current players. Server reactivation is mainly directed to casual players who do not like to change servers often, to players who want to be sure that server will be standing for a long time without "Wipe" and allow them to play without loss. Officially changes will come into life on 21/12/2018 at around 8 PM CET, immediately after Maintenance. On the same day at 8 PM first Event is going to be launched: Double EXP / SP and Adena! It's going to last until Sunday, December 23, 2012, at 23:59 Currently, server Features: Website: http://l2emi.eu/ Forum [EN]: http://l2emi.eu/Forum/ Forum [PL]: https://forum.lineage2.com.pl/index.php?board=431.0 Account Panel: http://www.base.l2emi.eu/account/ Drop Calc: http://www.base.l2emi.eu/drop/ Rate: Exp - x7 SP - x7 Party Exp - x2 Adena - x5 Drop - x4 Spoil - x4 Drop Seal Stones - x4 Quest Reward - x1 Quest Item Drop - x2 Raid Boss Drop - x1 Raid Boss Drop Chance - x3 Epic Boss Drop - x1 New Players: -Free teleports until 40lvl'a -Free Tickets for Weapon / Armor / Jewelry TOP D Grade -Buff Potions with Buffs for 20min, Mage 10xs Fighter 10x -Free First and Second Class, class change available at the Cat (Class Manager) or in the pop-up window after reaching 20 and 40 lvl, after each class change player gets 5 Potions with Buffs and after the second class player gets additional Shadow C Weapon Coupons. -Newbie Buffer from 1lvl to 61 lvl. From 1 lvl to 40 lvl players will receive Master's Blessing Buffs for 2h. Fighter: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Focus, Death Whisper, Greater Might, Chant of Victory. Mage: Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Greater Shield, Wild Magic, Clarity, Prophecy of Water. From 40 lvl to 61 lvl players will receive Newbie Buffs for 2 hours (Only their time has changed) Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration, Focus. Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration, Clarity. General Features: - Low B Grade Weapon, Armor, Jewelry w Luxury - Buff time: WC / EE / SE / OL / PP - 20 min (Retail), Dance / Songs / Summon buffs 4min (That is x2) - 20 buffs slots +4 Divine Inspiration - Free First and Second Class. 3rd Class Quest to be done normaly (Quest) - .Menu - Repair, Password change, PM on / off, Trade on / off, Bind IP, Auto HP / CP. - Light boost for Core Ring and Orfen Earing. - Weight Limit x3 - The quest for the subclass will be slightly modified, it will be possible to kill baium or get 30 fabricks . - All Epic Bosses will have fixed respawn time + random time. (eg Baium every 4 Days always at 18 +/- 1h) [The date of the next respawn will be displayed on the page without exact hour] - IP lock on the Olympiad, 1 IP = 1 Character. - Unlimited Offlineshop. - Number of active accounts per HWID 1 + 4 - LS, GC, Enchants stackable - Anty-Bot, Anti-Cheat - L2s-Guard Protection - Additional Bot Report on the site, GMs will receive notifications about your report in game - Web Statistics: Top 50 PvP, Top 50 PK, Castle Owners. - Own Drop Calculator on the site, will be based on our Drop / Spoil Database. - Server location: France, Strasbourg. Boss Respawn: -All Raid Bosses 24h +12h Random -Subclass Raid Bosses 12h +6h Random -Queen Ant 2 days -> 18:00 +2h random -Core 2 days -> 17:00 +2h random -Orfen 2 days -> 21:00 +2h random -Frintezza 2 days -> 22:00 +2h random -Zaken 3 days -> 19:00 +2h random -Baium 5 days -> 18:00 +2h random -Antharas 8 days -> 18:00 +2h random -Valakas 11 days -> 19:00 +2h random Low B-Grade changes: Core and Orfen boost:
  7. It's time, greetings everybody, hope everyone is doing great! After a whole year filled with a ton of happy moments, a bunch of adventures and experiences from our players and our staff themselves, we are happy to announce our upcoming masterpiece x3 Interlude project. OPEN BETA TEST: May 26th - 21:00 (GMT+2). OFFICIAL LAUNCH: May 31st - 21:00 (GMT+2). Site : https://l2elixir.com Forum : https://l2elixir.com/forum Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/l2Elixir Features & Gameplay setup full information you can find here : https://l2elixir.com/features.php Good luck everyone!
  8. GRAND OPENING 17-08-2019 AT 19:00 GMT +2 ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Drop 1x. Party Xp 2x. Party Sp 2x. Starting character level 80. ~~~~~~~~~~> Enchant Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Safe enchant +7 Normal Scrolls 100 % and max +7 Blesseds scrolls 95 % and max +16 Crystal scrolls 70 % and max +20 ~~~~~~~~~~> Augmentation <~~~~~~~~~ Mid life stone skill change - 5% High life stone skill change - 10% Top life stone skill change - 20% ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Features <~~~~~~~~~ Main town - Giran Automatic-Manual Potions. Working 3 castle sieges. {Giran-Aden-Goddard} Stackable scrolls,lifestones,book of giants. More than 11 active raid bosses. Wedding System. Unique Farm Areas. Npc skill enchanter. Full npc buffer with auto buff. Max count of buffs - 50 Max subclasses - 3 Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest subclass. Raid boss that gives full pt nobless status No weight limit. Unique protection anti-heavy armor for archers/daggers etc. Ingame password change. Top pvp/pk ranks NPC. Unique monsters & NPC. Interlude retail skills. Server up-time 24/7 99%. Perfect class balance (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations). Announcements on double kills triple kills etc. Announcements on Grand Boss death , with the name of the killer as well as clan name of the player. Information Npc in game with all servers informations. ~~~~~~~~~~> Custom servers Gear <~~~~~~~~~ Titanium Armor Dusk Weapon Custom fighter/mage tattoo Custom Wings/Hairs Custom Mask and more!! ~~~~~~~~~~> Server commands <~~~~~~~~~ .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join or leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .exit - PvP zone exit in case you are bullied. .auto - Enable/disable auto potions. .changepassword - Opens online menu then u can change ur password in game. ~~~~~~~~~~> Event System <~~~~~~~~~ TvT Event. CTF Event. DM Event. Unique Event Shop. ~~~~~~~~~~> Olympiad Game <~~~~~~~~ Retail olympiad game. Competition period [1] week. Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT +2. Olympiad no custom , +6 gear. New heroes every Sunday WWW.L2HUM.COM
  9. Grand Opening 17th August at 20:00 (UTC +3) Top 3 best clans - Prize fund: 1500$! Web site - www.L2MAD.WS OLD x100 SCREENSHOTS: CLICK SERVER FEATUES: Main Information: Classic Interlude server. Rates: EXP/SP x100, Drop x10, Spoil x10, Adena x1, Raid Boss x5, Seal Stones x4, Quest x1 (except for some quests x3-x10) The duration of the buffs: 2 hours, number of slots under the buff: 40 Implemented automatic use CP/HP and MP cans. To activate ACP, you need to take the potion to the skills panel and press CTRL + left mouse button on it. A .relog command has been added to clear FPS for convenience. Implemented a handy Alt + B that repeats all the NPC functions. Information about Premium Account (learn more). Profession: 1 profession - free 2 profession - free 3 profession - 3.000.000 Adena Gm Shop: Sale Weapons, Armors, Jewelry only for B-Grade. Available Blacksmith, exchange Seal Stone, recipes/x100 resource recipes. Quests: Quests with increased rates (x3-x10): Enchant: Maximum enchantment for weapons +16, Armor and Jewelry +12. Chance of enchant Weapon: 4,65; 5,40; 6,27; 7,23; 8,20; 9,18; 10,15; 11,15; 12,15; 13,15; 14,15; 15,15; 16,15 Chance of enchant Armor/Jewelry: 4,65; 5,40; 6,27; 7,23; 8,20; 9,18; 10,15; 11,15; 12,15 Life Stone: Respawn Tyrannosaurus - 5 minutes; chance drop Top Grade Life Stone - 50% (100% with premium). The chance of getting skill from Top Life Stone - 10%, High Life Stone - 5%, Mid Life Stone - 1%, Life Stone - removed from the game. Noblesse and Sub-Class: Sub-Class price: 1.500.000 Adena, maximum is 5 sub-classes. To obtain Noblesse, you must kill the Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel with a sub-class 75+ level. RB and Guard 80 level, Boss respawn: from 3 hours to 4 hours, (Announcement within 1 hour before the present respawn). Olympiad: Olympiad period: 7 days, battles take place everyday, from 18:00 to 00:00 (UTC +3), the issuance takes place every Monday. To begin non-class battle must be 5 people, class-based games are disabled. You can join olympiad with enchanted gear, but it will give you like +6. A new bonus system for winning in Olympiad has been developed (learn more). Automatic Events: By participating in events, you can get Event Coin (not to be transferred) that can be exchanged for valuable items from Events Manager. Team vs Team: Description: The objective for your team is to kill as many enemies as possible. Reward: 1 Event Coin (For the winner team) Top 3 killers: 5, 4 and 3 Event Coin Event happens everyday at: 12:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00; 20:00; 22:00 (UTC +3) Death Match: Description: Every man for himself. Your task is to kill as many opponents as possible. Reward (Top 3 players): 15, 10 and 7 Event Coin Event happens everyday at: 13:00; 15:00; 17:00; 19:00; 21:00; 23:00 (UTC +3) Raid Bosses: Varka’s Hero Shadith (Alliance with Varka Sileno's - Level 4) - from 12 to 14 hours. Varka’s Commander Mos (Alliance with Varka Sileno's - Level 5) - from 12 to 14 hours. Ketra’s Hero Hekaton (Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Level 4) - from 12 to 14 hours. Ketra Commander Tayr (Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Level 5) - from 12 to 14 hours. Respawn other Raid Bosses from 8 to 12 hours, (Announcement within 30 minutes before the present respawn). You can teleport to some bosses 75+ LvL them using Global-GK. In drop Raid Bosses 75+ LvL added: Epic Bosses: From server start all the epic bosses are dead, implemented AOE/PVP zone. To view information about respawning bosses in the game, .epic command is available Restore epic bosses (except Core, Orfen) is allowed. Frintezza – Every 2 days, Time: From 22:45 to 23:45. Valakas – Every 6 days, Time: From 20:00 to 22:00. Time to enter: 20 minutes.Time to kill: 120 minutes. Antharas – Every 5 days, Time: From 22:00 to 23:00. Time to enter: 20 minutes.Time to kill: 120 minutes. Baium – Every 4 days, Time: From 21:30 to 22:30. Zaken (80 lvl) – Every 2 days, Time: From 22:00 to 22:30. Queen Ant (80 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 20:00 to 21:00. Drop Chance Ring of Queen Ant - 30%. Core (80 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 18:00 to 19:00. Drop Chance Ring of Core - 100% (NEW: Core and Orfen upgrade). Orfen (80 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 21:00 to 22:00. Drop Chance Earring of Orfen - 100% (NEW: Core and Orfen upgrade). In drop Core, Orfen added: The time of appearance is indicated by MSK (UTC +3). Passage to Zaken opens at 22:00 for 10 minutes. L2MAD Boss: Respawn from 5 to 6 hours, (Announcement within 30 minutes before the present respawn). Noblesse status for the group that has dealed the last hit (must have subclass 75+ level). Drop: You can teleport to them using Global-GK. Clans: When clan is created, it immediately receives the 8th level and full Clan Skills. The maximum number of people in the clan = 36. The maximum number of clans in the alliance is 1. Guard and knights - disabled All members of the clan receive all clan skills (regardless of rank). Castles: For capture of the castle Giran, Goddard, Rune, Aden clan leader gets 50 Coin of Luck, other castles 30 Coin of Luck. Registration for sieges is available 1 hour before they start (instead of 24 hours). Other information: Core and Orfen upgrade (learn more). L2DAY: Collect "L2MAD" or "BONUS" (learn more). Bonus system for winning in Olympiad (learn more). Flames of Invincibility = 5 seconds - Static cast. Flames of Invincibility = 60 minutes - static reuse. Purification Field = 10 minutes - static reuse. Apella sets are analogues of Dark Crystal, Draconic and Imperial. You can get Vote Coin reward for voting for server in ratings (.vote command in the game) that can be exchanged for Coin of Luck.
  10. It’s only one real retail Lineage 2 Interlude project. Our main project future is to offer real almost retail Lineage 2 gameplay, it’s subscription-based project, like and real lineage 2 was, without any other donatable items. Without any long-term event and helpable items. All server rates, bosses’ spawns will be like and was in retail Lineage 2 Interlude chronicle. Beta test starts in 2019-08-16 20:00 CEST time. Grand Atharas server start in 2019-09-13 20:00 CEST time! Main rates table EXP/SP by Monsters Retail EXP/SP by Raid Bosses Retail Adena Retail Seal Stone drop rate Retail Herbs drop rate Retail Epic Bosses drop Retail Drop Retail Spoil Retail Quest rates Retail More information in website: http://l2.ggames.eu
  11. L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com/ Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 09/08/2019 17:00 GMT +3 What's new in a nutshell? NO DONATIONS FOR GEAR ! New achievement system with real money reward ! New Daily Quests system New Hybrid Map - Gods Arena Improved balance for solo and team players Twitch streamers rewards Order VS Chaos is an event-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos. Maps: 25 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control. Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team. Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Moba Arena, Gods Arena. Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction gets its own realm and the first to complete it wins. Currently implemented instances: Blood Castle, Castle Invasion, City Under Attack, Clear the Chamber, Cursed Village, Dimensional Rift, Four Sepulchers, God's Tower, Ice Queen Cabin, Lair of the Snowman, Magician's Tower, Rescue the Princess, Search the Beast, Undead Camp, Water Factory, Wisdom Test. Mini Events: short duration events where each event has its own unique goals. Currently implemented mini events: Battle Royale, Battlefield, Bomb Fight, Buffless TvT, Death Match, Guardians, Humans VS Mutants, Humans VS Zombies, Hunting Grounds, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Raid in the Middle, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, VIP TvT. Boss Events: raid in the middle style, you must take out all enemies before challenging the raid, reward depends on your activity during the event. Currently implemented boss events: Antharas, Baium, Core, Frintezza, Orfen, Queen Ant, Sailren, Valakas, Zaken. Daily Events: mimic of retail-like events which will run 24/7 and switch every midnight. Currently implemented daily events: Change of Heart, Heavy Medals, Letter Collector, Master of Enchanting, Playing with Fire, Power of Love, Squish the Squash, Zaken's Curse. Missions: consists of solo/duo/squad PvE mini games, only players level 78+ can participate once a day. Currently implemented missions: False God, Frozen Tundra, Mines of Moria, Statue of Peace, The White Walkers. Castle Sieges: free for all PvP every weekend, all clans auto registered, special rewards for castle owners. Currently implemented castles: Aden Castle. Farm Zone: new players can enjoy a farm zone for quickly leveling up and farming a decent amount of adena and items. Be aware: you can enter the farm zone once a day for 1 hour, the farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, every death inside the zone will cause a 5 minutes penalty. Features * Real money achievements system. * Starting level 76 with 3rd class, max level 80. * Starting gear B-grade, full GM shop. * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 500 Adena. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Only blessed enchant scrolls, retail enchant / life stone rates, safe +3, max +16. * AIO buffer, 4 hours buff duration, 20+4 buff slots. * Buffs kept after death / resummon. * Symbol and event buffs do not take buff slots. * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global/Personal vote reward systems. * Streamer reward system. * Get rewarded with XP/SP/Adena/Items by doing PvPs according to damage/debuffs/heals. * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear/level/rank/class and more. * Team balance based on Elo/Count. * Anti farm / AFK systems, anti buff griefing system. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. * Double XP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing spree/streak system with sounds. * Events voting system - vote your favorite map/mini event to be played next. * One town for both factions, players can duel in town. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat, shout/hero chats will show player's faction. * Visit Noblesse Manager inside the farm zone to start your noble quest. * Visit Tablet of Information to see a list of useful commands, info and statistics. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Heroes every Monday, olympiad 1vs1 class/faction irrelevant fights at Friday-Sunday 19:00-22:00. * Free warehouse and freight. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pincode security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker, Lottery and Casino. * Wedding with gotolove and extra skills. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Increased EXP/SP rewards when playing in party. * Class limits so a party cannot become too strong. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Retail clan penalties. * 9 members maximum in main clan. * 1 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * 1 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * 5 extra members for academy with CRP and circlet rewards. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Prices for leveling up, royal guards/knights and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Clan war can be declared against clans of opposite faction. Balance No effect in olympiad: * FOI duration reduced to 8 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * Support classes (except SE) cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes (except Recharge). * Prayer is a self buff. * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.6 * Removed full lethal. * Cat/Pony buffs are self/owner only and increased to 4 hours. * Snipe duration reduced to 30 seconds. * All Fear/Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 4 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 10 seconds. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Armor Mastery penalty enabled. * Reduced magic critical rate by 75%. * Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist AoE force skills damage by 30%. * Reduced duelist single target force skills damage by 15%. * Reduced tyrant force skills damage by 10%. * Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by 12%. * Reduced elf archer critical damage by 7%. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 67% of player/summon max CP+HP in a single hit. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 15% of flag/king HP in a single hit. * Increased warlord damage by 25%. * Summons will get damage bonus according to owner's gear. * Increased human tanker damage by 20% when not wearing a bow. * Increased elf/dark elf tanker damage by 50% when not wearing a bow. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Necromancer summons doesn't require a corpse to be summoned. * Necromancer summons can only be buffed with speed buffs. * Heroic Valor is target self. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Hero Rod/Scepter heal chance reduced from 3% to 1%. With effect in olympiad: * Aggression/Aura of Hate reuse delay increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. * Dash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 16 seconds. * Mirage chance reduced from 80% to 60%. * Arrest range increased from 150 to 400.
  12. We from Lineage 2 Europa are proud to present to you our server: Aria x50 Grand Opening 18 August 2019 / 20:00 PM GMT+2 Open Beta Test 14 August 2019 / 20:00 PM GMT+2 Website: http://www.lineage2europa.com/ Forum: http://www.lineage2europa.com/forum/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2official/ Chronicle: Interlude Platform: Java (everything is based on PTS Retail Scripts) Type: PvP-Craft We present you Aria Features here: http://www.lineage2europa.com/rating/ We promote a server based on both PvE and PvP Unique PvE envoirment, intresting new quests, intresting way to achieve equipment and goods Unique PvP envoirment, the new Blood Pool Engine make everyone become greedy and try steal others rewards Why Java? This is the most frequent question we've got over the few months. Well... it's quite simple, we have reworked our Java server to be as good as PTS L2 OFF. We assure you that you will have a better game experience then all other java servers you have played before and it will be similar with the retail one. We watched all popular servers which had success and we wondered, why don't we replicate the exact same server and put it online for the public? This can be a tricky question of course, however, the answer is that we don't care if someone names us copycats, but that server already existed and is closed for a reason... We took what we considered good and what we liked from all the popular servers. We are here to bring to you a retail game experience but without the boring parts of the game or the boring solo spoiling nights (PS: for some of us is called the night we leave house for have fun with friends and we leave the bot program to do the job for us...) Every player who loves to PvP 1 vs 1 or even team vs team, calling friends and create a party to go rape some asses in the game, is fun right? We all know that Lineage 2 Classic have cool interface and graphics, we took this too to our server and implemented in interlude chronicle, but... what else is cool in Lineage 2 Classic and would be nice to see in Interlude? The enchant bonus system on armors, they have until +10, we mastered it to +12. Now all armors from D-Grade to S-Grade can be great, have you ever expected a Duelist in Brigandine set +12 to come and kick your ass? Or a Dagger Class wearing Zubei Leather Set +12 instead the famous Majestic or Draconic? Even Blue Wolf is cool to be honest with you. Why? Now is cheaper to have D/C/B-Grade set +12 all then A/S-Grade which is much harder to obtain and even enchant to the max, A/S-Grade still remain top items but for the mid game you can still have fun with lower tier armors.
  13. L2Free - Interlude Private Server Grand Opening August 10th - 18:00 (UTC -3) https://l2free.org/ Rates Experience x50. Skill points x50. Adena x100. Seal stones x5. Quest x1. Enchants Safe +4. Max. Armor +12. Max. Weapon +16. Normal rate 65%. (-5% at each level) Blessed rate 75%. (-5% at each level) Augmentation Skill chance: 0/10/20/30. Glow chance: 0/10/20/30. Deleted skill when changing weapons. Skills retail. (not edited) Buffs Npc buff & schemes - All buffs. All buffs time - 2 hours. Max. slots 20 + 4 (divine inspiration free) Self-skills not count slots. Gameplay Server time (utc -3). Auto loot. (not for boss) Auto learn skills. 1st, 2nd, 3rd job free. Subclass free. Nobless quest. Limited access - 3 sessions per HWID. Farm zone - Only 1 character per HWID. Offline shop - Open store and exit game. Wedding system - Npc located in Giran Temple. Champion system - Drops x5 and Mid-Grade Lifestone. Vote system - Vote every day and exchange your votes for rewards. Achievement system - Complete the achievements and earn rewards. Color system - 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000. Auto restart - 07:00 hours. (utc -3) Clan & Alliance Clan level 8, skills and reputation free. Clan penalty disabled. Clan max. 40 members. (royals and knights disabled) Alliance max. 1 clan. (only for larger flag) Server Economy Equipments up to B-Grade - on sale by adenas. Equipments A-Grade - on sale by farm. Equipments S-Grade - obtained by drop. (farm zones & bosses) Soul crystal info's CLICK HERE. Primeval Isle - An Pvp Zone with drop of Top-Grade Lifestone and up soul crystal stage's 11-12 on Tyrannosaurus. Unique craft system - Collect pollens to create rare items, visit the Merchant of Mammon and see the list. Pollens can be dropped by Raidbosses level 85+ (25% chance) or Grandbosses (100% chance). Commands .bank - Tells how to operate the banking system. .expon - Enables the gain of experience. .expoff - Disables the gain of experience. .time - Displays the server time. Events Capture the Flag - automatic system, every 2 hours. Death Match - automatic system, every 2 hours. Team vs Team - automatic system, every 2 hours. Olympiads Starts August 16th. Oly period ends - days 1 and 15. Battle time - 20h ~ 00h. Battles per base class disabled. Number of registration to start - 5 players. S-Grade item not allowed. Sieges Siege period - 3 castles every Sunday. Battle time - 18h ~ 20h. Max. 10 registered clans. Only 1 character per HWID. Siege with prizes on Donation Tickets. Gludio, Dion, Oren, Innadril and Schuttgart - 60 Donation Tickets. Giran, Goddard and Rune - 80 Donation Tickets. Aden - 100 Donation Tickets. The clan leader must be online at the end of the siege to receive the prize (mandatory), the ticket delivery is made automatically. If the leader is not online, he will lose the reward. Raid Bosses Flame of Splendor Barakiel - respawn time 4h ~ 6h. All Raid bosses - respawn time 12h ~ 24h. All Raid bosses flag when attacked. All Raid bosses level 85+ have custom drops and up Soul Crystal 13. (one party random) Epic Bosses Core - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Orfen - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Queen Ant - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Zaken - respawn time 2 ~ 3 days Frintezza - respawn time 2 ~ 3 days Baium - respawn time 5 ~ 9 days Antharas - respawn time 8 ~ 14 days Valakas - respawn time 8 ~ 14 days All Epic bosses respawn time between 18 and 00 hours. All Epic bosses are level 85+, jewelry drop 100% and up Soul Crystal 13. (full party) All Epic bosses zones are chaotic and allow only 1 character per HWID. Contacts Email: admin@l2free.org Facebook: https://facebook.com/l2free
  14. The first server has been running for 5 months. Now we are announcing a new server, which at the end of 2019 will be merged with the first! Enjoy the game in Lineage 2 Remastered!
  15. Hello everyone. Have question. Is it possible to turn of Auto-attack after Skill?? On some servers i play dagger and after skill landed it does not start auto attack. So its easy to make combo of dagger skills. But some servers after skill it attack auto so no chance for combo. Maybe someone will help me and explain how does it works ? Auto-attack after Skill: true i believe its somewhere in system files so need just make Auto-attack after Skill: false. Anyone ? HELP :) INTERLUDE
  16. Hi, all! I'm interesting in getting some answers to questions: 1. How to properly get current player instance (variable). 2. How to get current player actions/events (ex. mouse clicks, left+right mouse click) 3. Is it possible to make character running (Run + Point view), when (both / LEFT + RIGHT) mouse is clicked? Lineage 2 Interlude / Java server Thank you!
  17. Hello players! Chronicles of the past reopened yesterday on 01-02-2019. This is a serious Interlude build aimed at a long life. Quick info: - L2J Interlude Build - 15XP, other rates are all 5 - Alt+B Buffer in towns. Buff duration 2 hours - Overhauled and rebalanced PvP system (read website for more info) - Balanced Adena based economy with its own correction measures - Unique raid boss and epic system (read website for more info) - Multiple methods of guaranteeing our players large PvP battles - Very good mob pathing and geodata (VERY VERY VERY GOOD) Other options: - S grade Apella. Upgradeable from A grade. Apella set bonus working - Enchant system ensures A grade and B grade armor can be used on end game build - Olympiad, retail like - Boosted siege experience. Guards / Mercenaries are a force to be reckoned with We attempt to make a long lasting server. This server is for people who want longevity and stability. VISIT OUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEOS ON OUR FEATURES https://www.l2cotp.com https://www.facebook.com/l2cotp 1. General Philosophy: L2COTP is a craft / pvp type server. No custom GM shop for B/A/S exist. We have a custom VIP shop that allows players to buy epic quest items (Portal Stone, Floating Stone, Noble Quest Item etc.). On this server with our relatively low rates, players must farm to create batches of gear which they will then enchant to the desired level. This is the craft aspect of the game. The PvP aspect of the game refers to multiple measures that force players to PvP for certain gains. Examples are: - Grand Boss Combat Zone (AQ, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Antharas, Baium, Valakas, Frintezza/ImperialTomb) - Players flag whenever they hit a normal raid boss We have ensured that our economy will stay stable enough for new players and existing players who use extensive asset management to build their characters towards an end game build. 2. More about the raid system: On our server, the general idea on epic bosses and regular raid bosses, is that after PvP has taken place, the winner gets the opportunity to kill the boss. On most private servers, killing bosses has become a routine job. We have therefore, boosted all bosses in game. All epic and regular raid bosses have been boosted. Stats have been increased drastically. Killing bosses means bringing the right classes and enough people. You will also need to bring escorts to protect you against enemy players. Attacking any boss will make you flag so enemy players can easily sabotage your raid. Bosses level 58+ and epic bosses also drop the Gold currency. Relevant areas around epic bosses are turned into combat zones. In this area, killing other players is without consequence. Additionally, killing a player outside of the zone while the killer is standing in the zone, will not lead to karma or PK points. To make epic bosses more challenging, their stat boost is substantial but they have also been made vulnerable to debuffs. Root, stun, sleep, slow / entangle / freezing strike, poison, bleed, silence, Demon Wind, Blizzard, Inferno etc., are landable. The following skills have been changed specifically for epic boss slaying: - Demon Wind: Sets HP Regen to 0 for 120 seconds - Blizzard: Sets speed to 40% for 120 seconds - Inferno: Deals ALOT of damage per tick. Ticks once per 3 seconds for 120 seconds. Total damage: 700.000+ HP on an epic boss These skills are absolutely nessecary for Baium, Antharas and Valakas. 3. More about Clans / Alliances: Clans are made and levelled up just like official servers. Multiple quests need to be done and reputation must be farmed at some point. For clan reputation, raidbosses can be killed. They instantly offer clan reputation to the party dealing the final hit. Beware though, attacking any raid boss will make you flag. Regarding alliances, we allow only up to 2 clans in 1 alliance. This has been done to ensure a 3 or 4 sided server. Coalition deals between alliances are always possible but this still leads to separate sovereign alliances. 4. Enchanting / S, A, B: We will not disclose the exact mechanism behind our enchant system. We consider +6 S grade to be a good end-game armor set. We have measured and ensured that our enchant system gives players a reasonable chance to obtain +6 S grade armor when they have invested the proper time and effort. To give PvP and character builds an extra dimension, we have modified the A and B enchant rates so that the effort to enchant A and B armors to +10 and +12, is about just as difficult as S grade to +6. The pdef of A and B armor items has been changed appropriately. This leads to a situation where A, B and S enchanted at +12, +10 and +6, have similar pdef. Players are now able to use any A. B or S armor set on an end game built without having to sacrifice unreasonable amounts of pdef. As +6 S grade is considered to be end game, new players will not be at a very great disadvantage compared to older players. Examples: - Archers with a +10 MJ Light set have similar pdef to Drac +6 Light - Daggers with +10 DC Light or +10 NM Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Daggers with +12 Zubei Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Duelists / Destroyers with +10 Tallum Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) - Tanks / SWS with +12 Doom Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) Here is a quick impression of the first weekend, alot of people in D and C grade. So far, there are no complete B or A sets on the server. Today the first player hit 76+ & Third class. One clan was able to kill a higher level boss. This was done the old fashioned way by debuffing and slowing the boss. They used DEMON WIND to stop his HP regeneration. Then they kited the boss and brought enough firepower and heal/recharge power to outlast the boss. D and C armor while farming, debuffing, kiting and outlasting raid bosses. This is the old L2 like C1 - C4 retail. This is what COTP is about. So far, no epics killed. The server is progressing steadily with a loyal core of players.
  18. Grand Opening: 24 May 2019 Hour: 18:00 GMT+1 (London Time) Website: https://lineage2evoke.com Forum: https://lineage2evoke.com/forum Account Panel: http://account.lineage2evoke.com Welcome boys, girls and other little creatures! I would like to introduce Lineage 2 Evoke to you: a low rate Lineage II Interlude [OFF] server that brings Lineage II back to the community as it was intended! We intend to deliver a balanced low rate server to the community that will cater to your needs! Server rates After the recent discussions on our forum we have decided to go for the following rates: EXP/SP: 3x Adena: 2x (1x chance) Raid drops: 2x Epic Raid Drops: 1x Spoil rates: 3x chance, 1x amount Seal Stone: 3x (1x chance) Party exp: retail! (from 30 to 72%!) Quest adena rate: 2x (Dangerous Seduction reward capped at 200k) Fishing Rewards (POCAF): 3x Server Hardware CPU: Intel Xeon E5 Ram: 64GB Hard disks: NVME SSD 6Gbps Network: 1 Gbps Anti-DDoS Protection PRO Features Offline shop available for 5,000 adena (All towns & Monster Derby Track) Working community server (incl party matching) Travelers' weapons (no-grade and D-grade) Spawn windows for epic bosses limited at 4 hours Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks Raid Bosses Increased rates for vital quests: Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х2 Alliance with Varka Silenos - х2 An Ice Merchant's Dream – x2 A Powerful Primeval Creature – х2 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х2 Coins of magic - x2 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 For Sleepless Deadmen - 2x Gather the flames - х2 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х2 Illegitimate Child of A Goddess - x2 Legacy of Insolence – х2 Supplier of Regeants - x2 The Finest Food - х2 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х2 War with Ketra Orcs - х2 War with Varka Silenos - х2 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 Rise & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х2 Relics of the old empire - х2 Yoke of the Past – x2 Vote coins to be gained by voting for the server (max 1 each 12 h) that can be exchanged for cosmetic items in-game (hats, hair dye potions etc) NO GM SHOP NO CUSTOM BUFFERS Dual boxing policy One main + one alt and 10 offline shops allowed simultaneously That means you can play with your main account, one extra box (eg a buffer) and have 10 offline shop in-game simultaneously. Donations Donations for first class, second class change and hats will be available at launch. As class change marks will also be available for adena (1 mark = 1kk) we feel we are providing enough options for players to advance in the same way as those that donate. There will in any case never be any game influencing donations on L2Evoke, that we can guarantee you! The team behind this project owns the machine the software is running on and is professionally involved in managing servers for corporate clients. We are therefore not depending on our players to pay our server bills! Money that we gain from donations will be used to compensate our advertising budget and future projects. Launch Date: 24.05.2019 Hour: 18:00 GMT+1 (London Time) Website: https://lineage2evoke.com Forum: https://lineage2evoke.com/forum Account Panel: http://account.lineage2evoke.com
  19. www.l2sinai.com Informations Lineage 2 SINAI is a fully dedicated server for its infrastructure in Europe. Thus, the server has the opportunity to be located in a strategic position within the virtual world. SINAI is based on the old lineage 2 server. We wish you the best gameplay possible to enjoy as much as possible. This server aims to focus on a retail gameplay without the hardcore grinding part of retail or low rates. It allows casual players to have a great experience as well as hardcore ones. Features Auto learn skills. System clan. Quest Nobless Retail. Sub Class Free. Equipments [C] and selling for adena. Armor/Jewels [A] selling for adena, required. Weapons [A] selling for Adena, required. Armor/Jewels selling for farm. Weapons selling for farm, required. Slot buffs: 26+4 (Divine Book). Buffer full in NPC. Rates Experience (EXP) 100x Skill Points (SP) 100x Adena 100x Party Exp 1x Party Sp 1x Enchant Safe +3 Max Weapon: +12 Max Armor/Jewels: +12 Enchant Rate: Retail Crystal Enchant: +12 ao +16 Farm System Varka Silenos - Solo Farm. Pagan Templan - Solo Farm . All epic boss are level 80 (Chaotic Zones). Drop changed whith drop Grade and Blesseds Enchants. www.l2sinai.com
  20. General Features XP: x1000 SP: x1000 Max Enchant +10 Safe Enchant +3 Grand Boss Spawn Time ‪‎Antharas‬ = 4h+1 ‪‎Valakas‬ = 4h+1 ‪‎Baium‬ = 4h+1 ‪‎Queen‬ Ant = 4h+1 ‪‎Zaken‬ = 4h+1 ‪‎Frintezza‬ = 4h+1 Solo Farm Zone Ruins Of Despair Party Farm Zone ‪‎Not Available Yet. Raid Boss Zone We have retail raidbosses & some custom ones,you can check them in game! Full NPC Buffer: Max buffs: 50 + 4 Debuffs All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Pet Buff! Includes a scheme buffer where you can manage your own buff sets. All buffs are free. Enchat System Safe +3 Max+10 Normal Scroll Rate: 65% Crystal Scroll Rate: 75% (From+8 until+10) Blessed Scroll Rate: 80% GM Shop: Up to A Weapons, armors, Jewels Shots, Potions, Consumables Quest items for Clan level 3, 4, 5, & others. Pets, Event reward items & more… Custom Clan Reputation Coins Class Master: 1st class transfer – FREE. 2nd class transfer – FREE 3rd class transfer – FREE. More Information: Sub-classes are without quest. Max 3 subclasses are allowed.Subclass start lvl 80. Start lvl 80. Clan war rewards increased. All skills are auto-learned. All Skills 100% work. Geodata 100% work Siege Only Aden , Giran Clan Leveling needs 5,10,15 members for lvl 6,7,8 Olympiad every one week. All skills can be used again after olympiad match end. Items have limit to enchant in olympiad game.(all are +6). Vote system with reward. Augment system one active and one passive (1+1) Olympiad ranking update after every match IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION ON HOW WE CAN IMPROVE OUR FEATURES YOU CAN GO HERE SERVER WEBSITE SERVER FORUM
  21. Information for the world of Metal 75x. Get ready and ensure incredible gameplay. Opening August 3 at 18:00 UTC-3. Website: http://www.l2metal.com/ Interlude Chronicles. Server Platform: L2OFF - Official PTS Files Rates / Enchant: Exp / SP (EXP) x75. Drop (Adena): x40. Safe+4. Max Enchant: +16. Rates Enchants: 50%. SealStones x25 Spoil x10 Quests with increased rates: The Finest Food - rate x7 Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints) - rate x7 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 - rate x7 Supplier of Reagents - rate x7 War with Ketra Orcs - rate x7 War with Varka Silenos - rate x7 Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames - rate x7 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x7 Alliance with Varka Silenos The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - Rate x7 Halisha's marks - rate x7 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 - rate x7 Legacy of Insolence - rate x7 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - rate x7 An Ice Merchant's Dream - rate x7 Protect the Water Source - rate x7 Guardians of the Holy Grail - rate x7 Seekers of the Holy Grail - rate x10 EWS 2 EAS 3 Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - rate x7 Yoke of the Past - rate x7 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - rate x7 A Powerful Primeval Creature - rate x7 Delicious top Choice Meat rate - rate x7 Increased reward The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest), some others - rate x10, Increased reward Gameplay: Time Server (UTC-3). No Custom Items All status Retail Jobs 20, 40 free and 76 level 50kk Adena Advanced Cancel: buffs returns after 10 seconds Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion restore 1500mp with delay 10secs- at Shops of server for Adena Auto learning Skills (fishing and Divine Inspiration skill need be learn manualy). Auto loot System (expect raid's drops). Offline Shop: Need a special item selling in GM Shop, each item can stay 2 days with shop activated. Chaotic Zone in all Semi and Epic Raid Bosses. Infinity Scape to Town of Giran. Augument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 2% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 7 Weight limit is increased twice. Basic Materials Craft (Click) x20 No Donations that affect game balance. Traders: C-Grade and B-Grade by Adenas. A-Grade and S-Grade CRAFT (Retail) NO SELL Items S or A for donate Buffs: 22+4 slots (Divine Inspiration) (Learning with Divine Inspiration); 1 hour buffs Npc Full Buffs - All buffs Free without summoners buff and malaria. Profile Buffs "Macro in Npc full buffs" Summoners buffs: 10 minutes Getting a Sub Class: You can get sub class from NPC: Attention, the quest is not required! Attention! You are not required to hit raid bosses, talk to the chest that appears after death the raid is enough. To get you need tall of 4 Scepters and 250kk adena; 75+ lvl. Scepter mined by killing raid bosses (to hit is not necessarily) and search the chest that appears (necessarily). Only characters level 75 + for get a scepter in the chest. Scepters is not tradeable / no sell, you can only delete. After the talk with a chest, the scepter appears in quest inventory. After that you'll get Cabrio Infernium Scepters and 250kk adena, you should return to the NPC Class Master and with one click you will get a subclass. Getting a Nobless: Attention, the quest is not required! Nobless: (Party) Killing Barakiel (Last Hit) For you need to have Sub class and level 75+ The part that gives the last hit, wins automatic nobless Boss Event Chaotic A special boss was added on the server, named Semi Epic. He will be the only RB with teleport available on GK. The area will be totally Chaotic Zone. Location: Clan Hall of Bandit Stronghold List of Drops:Top and High Life Stones 76 = 100% chance of drop. Scroll of Enchants = 100% chance of drop. Blessed Enchants = 100% chance of drop. Earring of Orfen = 30% chance of drop. Ring of Core = 30% chance of drop. Epic Bosses: All Epic's Level 80 Jewels boss Only epic boss drop Chaotic Zones: All Epic Bosses Spawn 80 level - Ant Queen - Respawn = 24hour Respawn - Drop Ring - 30% 80 level - Core - Respawn = 48hour Respawn - Drop Ring - 30% 80 level - Orfen - Respawn = 48hour Respawn - Drop Earring - 30% 80 level - Zaken - Respawn = 48hour Respawn - Drop Earring - 100% 85 Level - Frintezza - Respawn = 48hour Respawn - Drop Necklace - 100% 80 level - Baium - Respawn = 120hour Respawn - Drop Ring - 100% 85 Level - Antharas - Respawn = 144hour Respawn - Drop Earring - 100% 85 Level - Valakas - Respawn = 168hour Respawn - Drop Necklace - 100% Dead on server start Special Bosses: 80 Level - Flame Splendor of Barakiel: 6 Hours . 80 Level - Cabrio: 6 Hours . 80 Level - Golkonda: 6 Hours. 80 Level - Hallate: 6 Hours. 80 Level - Kernon: 6 Hours. Alliance Bosses 80 Level - Ketra's Hero Hekaton 12 Hours. 80 Level - Ketra's Commander Tayr 12 Hours. 80 Level - Ketra's Chief Brakki 12 Hours. 80 Level - Varka's Hero Shadith 12 Hours. 80 Level - Varka's Commander Mos 12 Hours. 80 Level - Varka's Chief Horus 12 Hours. Others Bosses level 75+ All Normal Boss 75+: 12 Hrs Extra / Epic Jewels: Tyrannosaurus Respawn 5m with drop chance 25% Top-Grade Life Stone 76 Sell of Item Quest for Teleport in GM Shop Epic Jewels Control on Website Clan Alliance Limit: 0 clan - Disabled Clan penalty 1 hour. CH BID only clan lvl 8. Maximum Members in a Clan: 40. Olympiads: Daily Times: 18:00 - 00:00 (UTC-3). Max Enchant in Olympiads: +6 Olympiad Fights start 05 August Olympiad Cycle 14 Days Seven Sings: Seven sings with npc in town and start (the first Monday open register to collect). Catacombs open 24/7 Comandos: .help - shows this help. .online - shows the amount of online players ! .time - shows the current server time ! .expon - turn exp gaining on ! .expoff - turn exp gaining off ! .offlineshop - start offline shop ! .autopickupon - turn on auto pickup ! .autopickupoff - turn off auto pickup ! .delevel - delevel your character by 1 lv ! .dispelall - dispell all your buffs ! .offannounce msg - sets your offline shop, auto announce message (600s interval). Contact: Email: support@l2metal.com
  22. 28 July GRAND OPENING! www.l2legacypride.com Join our discord channel Legacy Pride - Interlude Project - Discord Channel Bringing back the best copy of the memorial L2Pride server. The features list is currently not stable. #Server Rates -Fast leveling to 80 level. From level 80 to level 90 the leveling process is slow. Bonus experience is available in many ways. -Adena rate is reduced. -Custom drops. #Buffslots -Limited buff slots for each class. -Any self-buffs as Rage, Warcry etc do not take up buff slots. -You do not lose any buff effect after your death. #Enchanting -Enchant rates are totally custom. They depend on the item you are trying to enchant, the enchant scroll that you are using and the enchant level of the item. #Characters -No weight penalty, no grade penalty, no exp loss in PVP. -By increasing your PVPS you gain custom skills, and your name/title colors change to a different color. #Hero -Heroes are chosen every two weeks. The Olympiad period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, exactly 14 days after the start. -Extra Hero skills such as raidboss skills(Force Halo, Lightning Erruption, Pressure Bomb) #Events -Autoevents such as TVTs, CTFs, DMs. All events have absolutely robust team-attack protection, spawn zone protection, and reward the loser teams with 1/3 of the prize.
  23. Opening 12 of July 2019 at 20:00 (+2 UTC) https://www.lineage2dex.com/reg Open Test of the server will be available from 8 of July 20:00 (+2 UTC) Dear friends, 8 of July at 20:00 (+2 utc) will be available access for our test server. UTC+2 - exact time now - Time.is During beta test will be available Test Server Helper with all necessary items for test. We strongly recommend visiting beta. Check the concept of the server before it starts. View the NPC Buffer, Shop, Services. For participation in our open beta you can use your old Master Accounts. But you need create new Game Account fore Genesis server on your Control Panel. We recommend use UPDATER, just put it in Interlude folder, run and press Full Check. If you dont have Interlude client, put it in clean folder and run Full Check, updater download all necessary files for game. Download links: Updater - Direct Link (video guide how use updater) Patch - Direct Link Patch - Google Interlude Client - Direct Link Interlude Client - Google Also, you can join to our Discord Support Chanel. In our support channel you can feel free to ask any questions or ask for help The concept of the server can change up to the start of the Beta test on July 8 RATES - Exp: x50 - SP: x50 - Adena: x30 [*]Drop: х20 [*]Spoil: x10 [*]SealStones: x10 [*]RB Exp/SP: х3 [*]RB Drop (chance of the general group): х1.5 [*]Epic Rb Drop: x1 [*]Quest: x1 [*]Quest Reward: adena, exp, sp x10 (only quests for adena, exp, sp) Quests with increased rates [*]Gather the Flames - rate x2, amount of Torch [*]Relics of the Old Empire - rate x2, amount of Broken Relic Part [*]Delicious Top Choice Meat - rate x2, amount of quest items [*]Alliance with Varka Silenos - rate x2, amount of quest items [*]Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x2, amount of quest items [*]War with Ketra - rate x2, amount of Molar of Ketra Orc [*]War with Varka - rate x2, amount of Varka's Mane [*]Heart in Search of Power - rate x2, amount of Gem of Submission (Gem of Saints) [*]The Zero Hour - rate x2, amount of Stakato Fang Gameplay [*]Auto learning skills [*]Auto loot [*]Weight limit is increased twice [*]Mana potion 1000mp [*].chest buy - ingame command which converts adena to a chest [*].chest sell - ingame command which converts a chest to adena [*].menu - Universal game menu [*].offtrade - 50k adena [*]Teleport cost increased 5 times (only for 76+ char) [*]Free TP for players who dont get 20 lvl NPC Buffer & Buff book [*]Time of buffs - 60 minutes [*]Maximum buff slots - 24 [*]Buff book doesn't work on epics [*]List of buffs from NPC: the list will be soon [*]List of buffs from Buff Book: the list will be soon Equipment [*]B-Grade equipment you can buy for Adena in shop [*]A-Grade equipment recipes such as weapons, armors, jewelry are sold via NPC Genesis for adena and ancient adena [*]S-Grade recipes are obtainable only from quests Raid Bosses The following list shows the Raid Bosses whose level was raised up to 80 and drop rate have been reduced to x1 due to short respawn time. [*]Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and TOI Sun RB (needed to obtain Infernium Scepters) - 8 hours [*]Flame of Splendor Barakiel (needed to obtain Nobless Pass) - 8 hours and 10 minutes of random time. [*]Varka’s Hero Shadith (4th level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time. [*]Varka’s Commander Mos (5th level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time. [*]Ketra’s Hero Hekaton (4th level of alliance with Varka Silenos) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time. [*]Ketra Commander Tayr (5th level of alliance with Varka Silenos) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time. Epic RB [*]Queen Ant (40 lvl): 24hour +/-1hour [*]Core (50 lvl): 36hour +/-1hour [*]Orfen (60 lvl): 36hour +/-1hour [*]Zaken (60 lvl): 48hour +/-1hour [*]Baium (80 lvl): 120hour +(0-2hour) [*]Antharas (80 lvl): 192hour +(0-2hour) [*]Valakas (85 lvl): 264hour [*]Frintezza (85 lvl): 48hour +(0-2hour) Learning professions [*]First class transfer - 100.000 adena [*]Second class transfer - 1.000.000 adena [*]Third class transfer - 400 Black Halisha's Mark and 50.000.000 adena [*]Black Halisha's Mark drop in Shrine of Loyalty from monsters: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard [*]You don't need a quest. Getting a sub class Sub-class can be obtained from NPC Genesis: Attention! No quest required! Two ways to get a sub-class: [*]Cheaper way: Items required: 4 Infernium Scepters and 100.000.000 adena; Required lvl 75+; Necessary Raid Bosses: Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and TOI Sub RB [*]Shorter way: Items required: Cabrio Infernium Scepters and 300.000.000 adena; Required lvl 75+; Necessary Raid Boss: Shilen's Messenger Cabrio You don't have to hit any of these raid bosses, just talk to the chest which appears after their death. Return to the NPC Genesis and with just one click you will get a sub-class! Getting a Noblesse Noblesse status can be obtained from NPC Genesis: Attention! No quest required! [*]Items required: Noblesse Pass and 150.000.000 adena; Required sub-class lvl 75+; Raid Boss to kill: Flame of Splendor Barakiel The only way to get Noblesse Pass is to make a last hit on Flame of Splendor Barakiel, or to be in a party which do the last hit. To get a Noblesse Pass you have to be on your sub-class lvl 75+. Characters who already have noblesse status won't get Noblesse Pass again. Olympiad [*]Olympiad launch day - 15 september [*]Cycle: 2 weeks [*]Olympiad start from 20:00 to 02:00 UTC +2 [*]During a week you can join the fights without a class distinction. The class-based fights will be held during the weekends along with fights without a class distinction [*]Members needed to run olympiad: 5 Seven Signs [*]The Seal Stones farm period: from Monday 18:00 (GMT+2) to Friday 17:45 (GMT+2). Functional of Mammon will be add on Tuesday - Wednesday. [*]The Mammons period: from Friday 18:00 (GMT+2) to Monday 17:45 (GMT+2) Castle Siege Will be available soon Clan halls [*]Minimum bet has been increased by 10 times [*]Maximum bet is 999.999.999 adena [*]Clan Hall rent has been increased by 25 times Only clans that reached level 7 can buy a Clan Hall. To raise the clan to lvl 7 you will need 20.000 Reputation Score and minimum 80 clan members
  24. Day by day, year by year, anytime and anywhere we are with you. Our team always do their best to ensure you biggest adventures in Lineage2 life. This why we would like to announce a few important changes in upcomming Warfire X150. X150 WARFIRE INTERLUDE START: 2019 AUGUST 4! Opening time: 19:00 UTC+3 Automatic registration on game login window, unnecessary registration in website! Do you want stability? Lagless and bugless game? Instant support? Daily PVP? Long-Term playing? You are in the right place, time to start! Opening Bonus! First 300 Warfire players after second class changing will receive Premium Coin and first 50 after third class changing will receive Caradine Letter! How to connect STEP BY STEP: 1. Install clear Lineage2 Interlude client 2. Download our patch, delete old system folder and add our 3. Delete, turn off anti virus or add our system folder to anti virus exceptions 4. Run l2.exe from Lineage2/system 5. Enter data on login window and enjoy the game! * You have to remove, turn off or use exceptions of antivirus because of our security protection. It is not a virus. * If you have connection issues with Windows 8 or 10, press right mouse button on l2.exe icon, press Properties, choose compatibility and unmark compatibility mode. Hearts of War EVENT! Collect War Hearts from Hot Springs monsters: Yeti, Buffalo, Antelope, Bandersnatch, Atroxspawn, Flava, Nepenthes, Grendel (3%), Atrox with (6%) and Heart Breaker Boss in Hot Springs Stage 2! You can trade it, sell it or spend in shop! Raid Boss Heart Breaker spawn every 4 hours (+4 hours random) Custom Raid Boss drop list: - Raid Boss Horus, Ember and Brakki, Nakondas: 1 VIP COIN (25%) | Korim (70%). - Raid Boss Apepi, Shacram, Atraiban, Korim: 1 BEWS (10%). - Raid Boss Glaki, Olkuth: 1-2 BEAS (40%). - Raid Boss Golkonda, Galaxia: 1-3 BEAS (60%). - Raid Boss Shyeed: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 BEAS (40%) | 1-5 TOP LS 76 (50%). - Raid Boss Shuriel: 1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (60%). - Raid Boss Ashakiel: 1-2 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (75%). - Raid Boss Antharas Priest Cloe: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 TOP LS 76 (70%). ------------------------------------------------ - Hestia: Demon Splinters / Forgotten Blande (30%). - Ember: Arcana Mace / Draconic Bow (30%). - Galaxia: Angel Slayer / Heaven's Divider (30%) * First server heroes will be formed after August 10 fights! Take your friends, clan, alliance, enemys, sharp your swords, clean your armors and meet your destiny at 2019 AUGUST 4! WEBSITE: WWW.L2BLAZE.NET