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  1. Grand Opening - May 5 - 20:00 +2 GMT Website: http://l2neverland.com
  2. Support and translation will be soon available on all this languages. Return to the essence of Lineage II Play the game as it was meant to be played. WEBPAGE : www.l2remorse.com PROMO PAGE : www.l2remorse.com/promo FORUM: www.l2remorse.com/forum General Features Interlude - Dive deep into the best Lineage II chronicle OFF-LIKE PTS - off-like core platform from the best developers Low-rate x3 - Hardcore character development, maximum level 80 High population - Our aim is to have a minimum of 2000 players at the opening of the server Ads - We will launch a major advertising campaign starting one month before the opening date of the server Anti-Bot - Software as well as a team of GMs will protect you against cheaters - Read more about this Chapter system - Our solution to prevent speedrunning which has become a major problem on servers lately - Read more about this Balanced classes- Classes have been changed to make them more balanced Read more about this Game server - Fixed idea Not open to discussion Chronicle : Interlude Lineage2 Interlude Official Files L2OFF PTS New ANTI-BOT System/Protection Read more here ANTI-DDoS Date of Opening : 12 April 2019 Open Beta Test : 8 April 2019 Opening time : 21:00 GMT+1 Dualbox : Yes Maximum 3 clients + 2 Offline Shop Max alliance members : Retail Max clan level : Retail Available Proxys; United States New Yor City Las Vegas Nevada Canada Toronto Vancouver Brasil Sao Paulo Russia Moscow Rates - Fixed idea Not open to discussion EXP: x3 SP: x3 Adena : x3 SealStones : x2 Spoil : x2 Drop : x2 Raidboss XP/SP/DROP : x3/x3/x1 Epicboss XP/SP/DROP : x1/x1/x1 Class/Subclass/Nobless quests - Fixed Not open to discussion First class quest : Retail Quest / Available also for Donation Second class quest : Retail Quest or 3.000.000 Adena or Donation Third class quest : Retail Subclass quest : Retail Alternative option for Red Pipette Knife item has been added. (Fates Whisper quest) Read more here Nobless quest : retail Alternative option for Staff of Goddess : Rain Song has been added (Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul Part 3 quest) Read more here Other quests (We have modified these to avoid abuse) Blood Fiend was 42,130 adena, became 4,213. Dangerous Seduction was 102,680 adena, became 10,268. Bard’s Mandolin: was 10,000 adena, became 1,000. Warehouse Keeper's Ambition 212 adena for one item, not repeatable, unchanged. Added Moon Armor quest Olympiad RETAIL-LIKE - Fixed idea Not open to discussion Seven Signs - Fixed idea Not open to discussion Seven Signs will start on the 19th of April From the 12th April until the 18th of April, Catacombs will be open with no Seal Stone drop and no fee of signing up. Epic Boss Respawn times - Not a fixed idea - Help us with your opinions here Orfen* 24h (1 day) Window +- 1 Core* 24h (1 day) Window +- 1 Queen Ant 24h (1 day) Window +- 2 Zaken 48h (2 days) Window +- 2 Frintezza 48h (2 days) Window +- 2 Baium 120h (5 days) Window +- 2 Antharas 192h (8 days) Window +- 2 Valakas 264h (11 days) Window +- 2 * Core ring stats has changed to ; + 31 MP, CON+1, MEN+1, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells * Orfen earring stats has changed to : Add 21 MP,, +1 STR, +1 INT, +15 chance of physical crit, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy. Chapter System - Full information here To avoid speedrunners wich nowadays are one of the biggest problems on Lineage II servers. We will split the game content into three different chapters. PVP Zones added - Fixed Not open to discussion Tower of Insolence Floor 13 (TOI) is now a pvp area. (for Baium fights). Imperial Tomb main room is now a pvp area. ( for Frintezza fights). Zaken Ship is now a pvp area. (for Zaken fights). Heart of Antharas Lair is now a pvp area (for Antharas fights). Valakas nest is now a pvp area (for Valakas fights). Core room and Cruma 3rd floor is now a pvp area (for core fights). Ant Nest bottom floor is now a pvp area (for Queen Ant fights) Sea of Spores Orfen Spawn and Nest are now a pvp area ( for Orfen fights). Unique leaderboard 'Interlude King' You can read more here DONATIONS - Full Donation list here No pay-to-win policy On the donation shop you'll find stuff like ; Nickname color change Accessories Nickname change Gender change Karma Removal etc. You can find Server Rules here Should you have any questions or wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to ask on our Discord or leave a post on our forums in the General Discussion section!
  3. GRAND OPENING Saturday 20th of April 2019 at 20:00 GMT +3 Cronos is an Interlude PVP server within L2Mafia Network, that comes with a unique features and seen for a very first time in any Interlude Lineage II Server. Our opinion is that Interlude client is the best client Lineage II can can offer but it is very limited to some gameplay aspects. We decided to take action and in order to encounter this, we added a unique Augmentation System developed by L2Mafia team and provide a better, more interested and of course long term gameplay. You can augment your armor / jewels and with our client patch you will be able to see the Augmentation Skill / Stats as shown in the image above. Armor & Jewel augmentation will be available with Top-Grade Lifestones. Every character will make his own combinations of Augmentations, so it will be really difficult to have the exact same stats with another player, unlike other pvp servers when players reach "top build" all characters are the server. A demanding player will want to have the best Augment stat in every part of his equipment which is won't be so easy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL RATES & GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATIONS Exp/SP: x3811 Adena: x1 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Quest Drop: x1 Quest Reward: x1 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x2 Safe Enchant: +4 Blessed Max Enchant: +20 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 95% Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 100% Crystal Max Enchant: +25 Chances on Crystal Scroll of Enchant are Dynamic: +21 (95%) / +22 (90%) / +23 (85%) / +24 (80%) / +25 (75%) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum Clients per PC: 2 1h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies. Buff slots: 30 Dance / Song slots: 18 Skills are auto learn. Automatic loot for monsters. Automatic loot for raid bosses & epic bosses. ↪ The drop on Raid/Epic bosses x2 because it rewards the most damage and the last hit also. 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change is free on Class Manager NPC. Sub-Class is free (No Quest required) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BASIC FEATURES Full NPC Buffer with all buffs available. GM Shop up to S-Grade items. Global Gatekeeper with all the important zones. Ranking System on our ranking NPC. Retail Auctioneer with a all clan halls. Item Auction House NPC: UNIQUE Character Control Panel with many functions accessible by .menu command. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRA FEATURES Vote Reward System with a 12h cooldown usage and a 12h duration Vote Buff that you can obtain each time you vote. Increases your Maximum HP by 15%, your Magic Defense by 5% and your Physical Defense by 5%. Stream Reward System, every player that live streams our server for at least 4 hours a day will be rewarded with 5 Donation Coins daily! We have Automatic potions enabled, you can use them just by left-clicking on the potion of your choice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OLYMPIAD Olympiad has a 30 days circle. (First Olympiad Period begins 1st of May) New heroes every 1st day of each month. Olympiad needs 9 minimum participants to begin. Class based option disabled. There is no maximum enchant limit in Olympiad ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPOIL ZONE Description: A unique zone full of drops that only Spoilers can enter. (Fortune Seeker base or subclass) - Zone is available 4 times a day for 20 minutes. - All players enter as Female Dwarves appearance to make it more fun. Event Duration: 20 minutes TEAM VS TEAM Description: In Team vs Team Event all participating members are divided in two sides (Red - Blue) and the only goal is to kill as many players you can from the enemy side. Each kill brings score to your Team. Event Duration: 10 minutes CAPTURE THE FLAG Description: Capture the Flag is a Team Event. Try to steal Flag that is placed near enemy spawn location and bring it to your territory. Don't forget to defend your flag, we don't want it to be hold by enemy hands! Event Duration: 10 minutes EPIC & CRUMA RAIDBOSSES Unique Raidbosses will appear in Cruma Tower every hour with a chance to drop Legacy Armor, Dynasty Armor, Weapon, Jewel or Lifestones Valakas: 24h Respawn Antharas: 24h Respawn Baium: 24h Respawn Zaken: 24h Respawn Ant Queen: 24h Respawn Frintezza: 24h Respawn Barakiel: 12h Respawn Orfen: 24h Respawn Core: 24h Respawn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASTLE SIEGES 3 Siegable Castles (Giran, Aden, Rune) with Castle Sieges every 15 days. Giran Castle Every Friday at 20:00 GMT +2 Rune Castle Every Saturday at 20:00 GMT +2 Aden Castle Every Sunday at 20:00 GMT +2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOICED COMMANDS .menu - Opens your Account Control Panel .vip - You can check the remaining time of your VIP Status and your VIP benefits. .vote - After you submit your votes for L2Mafia, use it to get rewarded with our Vote Buff .boss - You can check the respawn time of all Raid bosses. .pvpevent - You can check the Top PVP Player of the hour. .buffon / .buffoff - Allow or Disallow if other player's buff will effect your character. .repair Use it only when your character is stuck - Repairs your character. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.l2mafia.net/ https://www.l2mafia.net/cronos/ https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/
  4. Grand Opening: May 2019 Hour: TBA Welcome boys, girls and other little creatures! I would like to introduce L2Evoke to you: a low rate Lineage II Interlude [OFF] server that brings Lineage II back to the community as it was intended! We intend to deliver a balanced low rate server to the community that will cater to your needs! Server rates After the recent discussions on our forum we have decided to go for the following rates: EXP/SP: 5x Adena: 5x (1x chance) Raid drops: 1x Spoil rates: 5x Server Hardware Cpu: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 Ram: 32GB DDR3 Harddisks: 2 x Intel SSD DC S3500 6Gbps Network: 1 Gbps (OVH Data center, France) OVH Anti-DDoS Protection PRO Features Offlineshop available (free) One box and one offline shop allowed simultaneously Working community server Travelers' weapons (No-grade and D-grade) Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks All raids & quests working exactly like on Retail Interlude by NCsoft (Fairy Queen, Frintezza etc) Appearance system (unique Skins for your character) and many other surprises are coming our in this 2019 season! Increased rates for vital quests Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х2 Alliance with Varka Silenos - х2 An Ice Merchant's Dream – x2 A Powerful Primeval Creature – х2 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х2 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 Gather the flames - х2 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х2 Legacy of Insolence – х2 Matras' suspicious request – х2 Supplier of Regeants - 2x The Finest Food - х2 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х2 The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 - х2 War with Ketra Orcs - х2 War with Varka Silenos - х2 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х3 Relics of the old empire - х2 Yoke of the Past – x2 Vote coins to be gained by voting for the server that can be exchanged for cosmetic items in-game (hats, hair, dyes, potions etc) No custom add-ons such as: Gm Shops Custom buffers Custom Gatekeepers Donations Donations for first and second class change and hats are currently under consideration. There will in any case never be any game influencing donations on L2Evoke, that we can guarantee you! The team behind this project owns the machine the software is running on and is professionally involved in managing servers for corporate clients. We are therefore not depending on our players to pay our server bills! Launch ETA We are aiming to have our grand opening near May 2017! www.lineage2evoke.com
  5. L2 Scolt Interlude NO CUSTOM. Grand Opening 11/05/2019. 18:00 GMT-3 www.l2scolt.club Experience: x300 Sp: x300 RateParty Experience: 3.0x Drop (Adena): x300 Safe Enchant - +3. Max. Enchant - +25. Normal Scroll chance: 0 to 20 = 75%. Blessed Scroll chance: 0 to 20 = 85% Golden Scroll chance: From +4 to +20 = 100% +21,80%, +22,60%, +23,40%, +24,20% +25,10% Golden enchantment fail? return +20! Nobless Custom. Last hit in Barakiel. Barakiel Random Spawn 2 to 3 hours. Interlude / No Custom Items. Retail status. Server Timezone: Time (GMT-3). Auto learning skills. Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones. Vip System. (Drops x2) Augument: NG SKILL: 3% | MID SKILL: 5% | HIGH SKILL: 12% | TOP SKILL: 15%. Teleportation for all Towns: GK Global. Spawn protection: 15 seconds. Weight penalty are disabled. Unlimited Number of running client. DualBox Event Protection. Allowed Offline Trade. Max clan in ally 2 Sieges 1 week +Reward (Ticket Donater) Olympiad time - 18:00 p.m. to 00:00 p.m. Items Grade-S Retail Jewells Boss allowed Oly Enchant - +6 Period - 1 week. 1st, 2st and 3t free. SubClass No Quest needed - free. Up to 5 subclasses . SubClass BaseStartup Lvl 78. All Buffs at NPC. 2 hours buffers time. Buffs Slots 22 + 4 (Divine Inspiration). Schemer in Npc full buffs. D-Grade and A-Grade by Adenas. S-Grade by Custom Farm Item.
  6. GRAND OPENING 19 April 2019 18:00 GMT +2 STUCKSUB SERVER ServerSite: www.L2Elementalist.com Server Rates Exp x1000 Sp x1000 Adena x1 Drop x2 Party Exp x1.5 Party Sp x1.5 Starting character level - 79. SubClass Lvl 66 StuckSubs : 3+1 Enchant Rates Safe Weapon/Armor = 4 Max With Bless = 20 Max Armor with crystal = 25 Max Weapon with crystal = 30 Normal Enchant Scroll = 75% Bless Enchant Scroll = 85% Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45% Your weapon dont lose enchant if it enchanted with crystal and brake Clan Lvl UpS ystem in order to get clan lvl up lvl 8 full clan skill you need 10 Players Online in the clan Augment Rates Life Stone = 3% Mid Life Stone = 7% High Life Stone = 11% Top Life Stone = 15% Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70% You can use All Active & 1 Passive Skill VIP Characters have +5% chanse for all life stones* Zones 1 Farm Zones (Varka) 3 Spots 1 Pvp Zone (Primal) Server Features Geodata Working 100% Flawless Working 100% Pathnodes working 100% Auto Learn Skills Buff Slots 99+4 DBuff Slots 8 Duration Buff 2 hours Caslte Siege every week Class Balance Skill Balance DDoS Protection Flood Protection Walker Protection Ani-Bot System Free Sub-class Sub-class without quest Noble From Barakiel Olympiad every 15 Days Custom Starting Zone Stuckable Scolls Stuckable Life Stones Stuckalble Bogs Anti-Buff Shield All items in GM Shop Economy System Based to Farm Items Main Town Giran Pvp Reward 1 Pvp Coin Auto loot mobs Auto Loot on Raids Wedding System Ranking System Anti Feed Protection Dueling System PvP&PK Color System Augmentetion System Auto Vote System Auto Vote Reward Auto Event System 99% Uptime No weight limit Dont lose Buff Custom Items Dark Dynasty Armor Dark Dynasty Weapons Epic Wings Tattoos Server Commands .dressme .secure .menu .online .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo .repair .deposit .withdraw /unstuck
  7. Hello players! Chronicles of the past reopened yesterday on 01-02-2019. This is a serious Interlude build aimed at a long life. Quick info: - L2J Interlude Build - 15XP, other rates are all 5 - Alt+B Buffer in towns. Buff duration 2 hours - Overhauled and rebalanced PvP system (read website for more info) - Balanced Adena based economy with its own correction measures - Unique raid boss and epic system (read website for more info) - Multiple methods of guaranteeing our players large PvP battles - Very good mob pathing and geodata (VERY VERY VERY GOOD) Other options: - S grade Apella. Upgradeable from A grade. Apella set bonus working - Enchant system ensures A grade and B grade armor can be used on end game build - Olympiad, retail like - Boosted siege experience. Guards / Mercenaries are a force to be reckoned with We attempt to make a long lasting server. This server is for people who want longevity and stability. VISIT OUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEOS ON OUR FEATURES https://www.l2cotp.com https://www.facebook.com/l2cotp 1. General Philosophy: L2COTP is a craft / pvp type server. No custom GM shop for B/A/S exist. We have a custom VIP shop that allows players to buy epic quest items (Portal Stone, Floating Stone, Noble Quest Item etc.). On this server with our relatively low rates, players must farm to create batches of gear which they will then enchant to the desired level. This is the craft aspect of the game. The PvP aspect of the game refers to multiple measures that force players to PvP for certain gains. Examples are: - Grand Boss Combat Zone (AQ, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Antharas, Baium, Valakas, Frintezza/ImperialTomb) - Players flag whenever they hit a normal raid boss We have ensured that our economy will stay stable enough for new players and existing players who use extensive asset management to build their characters towards an end game build. 2. More about the raid system: On our server, the general idea on epic bosses and regular raid bosses, is that after PvP has taken place, the winner gets the opportunity to kill the boss. On most private servers, killing bosses has become a routine job. We have therefore, boosted all bosses in game. All epic and regular raid bosses have been boosted. Stats have been increased drastically. Killing bosses means bringing the right classes and enough people. You will also need to bring escorts to protect you against enemy players. Attacking any boss will make you flag so enemy players can easily sabotage your raid. Bosses level 58+ and epic bosses also drop the Gold currency. Relevant areas around epic bosses are turned into combat zones. In this area, killing other players is without consequence. Additionally, killing a player outside of the zone while the killer is standing in the zone, will not lead to karma or PK points. To make epic bosses more challenging, their stat boost is substantial but they have also been made vulnerable to debuffs. Root, stun, sleep, slow / entangle / freezing strike, poison, bleed, silence, Demon Wind, Blizzard, Inferno etc., are landable. The following skills have been changed specifically for epic boss slaying: - Demon Wind: Sets HP Regen to 0 for 120 seconds - Blizzard: Sets speed to 40% for 120 seconds - Inferno: Deals ALOT of damage per tick. Ticks once per 3 seconds for 120 seconds. Total damage: 700.000+ HP on an epic boss These skills are absolutely nessecary for Baium, Antharas and Valakas. 3. More about Clans / Alliances: Clans are made and levelled up just like official servers. Multiple quests need to be done and reputation must be farmed at some point. For clan reputation, raidbosses can be killed. They instantly offer clan reputation to the party dealing the final hit. Beware though, attacking any raid boss will make you flag. Regarding alliances, we allow only up to 2 clans in 1 alliance. This has been done to ensure a 3 or 4 sided server. Coalition deals between alliances are always possible but this still leads to separate sovereign alliances. 4. Enchanting / S, A, B: We will not disclose the exact mechanism behind our enchant system. We consider +6 S grade to be a good end-game armor set. We have measured and ensured that our enchant system gives players a reasonable chance to obtain +6 S grade armor when they have invested the proper time and effort. To give PvP and character builds an extra dimension, we have modified the A and B enchant rates so that the effort to enchant A and B armors to +10 and +12, is about just as difficult as S grade to +6. The pdef of A and B armor items has been changed appropriately. This leads to a situation where A, B and S enchanted at +12, +10 and +6, have similar pdef. Players are now able to use any A. B or S armor set on an end game built without having to sacrifice unreasonable amounts of pdef. As +6 S grade is considered to be end game, new players will not be at a very great disadvantage compared to older players. Examples: - Archers with a +10 MJ Light set have similar pdef to Drac +6 Light - Daggers with +10 DC Light or +10 NM Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Daggers with +12 Zubei Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Duelists / Destroyers with +10 Tallum Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) - Tanks / SWS with +12 Doom Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) Here is a quick impression of the first weekend, alot of people in D and C grade. So far, there are no complete B or A sets on the server. Today the first player hit 76+ & Third class. One clan was able to kill a higher level boss. This was done the old fashioned way by debuffing and slowing the boss. They used DEMON WIND to stop his HP regeneration. Then they kited the boss and brought enough firepower and heal/recharge power to outlast the boss. D and C armor while farming, debuffing, kiting and outlasting raid bosses. This is the old L2 like C1 - C4 retail. This is what COTP is about. So far, no epics killed. The server is progressing steadily with a loyal core of players.
  8. First I would like to say, that l2fightclub.com project wont leave You easy. No, that wont happen! Server is designed and maintain to ensure, that unexpected wipes wouldn ot occur, but we cant promise 100% online, because of the electricity or ISP problems. It is not rapid though. We always wanted and still want to be different from other servers, thats why our community is always growing. SERVER OPENING: 2019-05-03 18:00 GMT+3! www.l2fightclub.com Chronicle: - Interlude. Rates: - Xp 5000x. - Sp 5000x. - Aden 5000x. - Drop 5000x. - PartyXp 1x. - PartySp 1x. - Starting character level - 1. Enchant rates: - Safe enchant +4. - Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16). - Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20). - Simple enchant scrolls chance - 40%. - Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 60%. - Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 80%. Augmentations: - Mid life stone skill chance - 5%. - High life stone skill chance - 10%. - Top life stone skill chance - 15%. Custom items: - Armors: Dynasty Armors, Apella Armors. - Weapons: L2Gold Weapons. Icarus Weapons. - Wings: Epic Wings, Kamael Wings & others. - Mask: Apella Mask, Dynasty Mask Main Features: - Main town - Giran. - Unique farming areas. - Wedding system. - Max count of buffs - 76. - Max subclasses - 5. - Casino event manager. - Unique PvP zone, every 1hour zone changed. - And much more.. Voiced commands: .menu - opens online menu panel. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .online - current online players count. .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join or leave dm event. Olympiad game: - Retail olympiad game. - Competition period [1] week. - Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. - Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager. www.l2fightclub.com
  9. L2Mumij.com - Interlude Craft-PvP x100 Opening date: September 26 April 20:00 (GMT +3). Opening date: April 26 at 20.00 Moscow time! Platform: Java Chronicles: Interlude Main: Quality platform and implementation of INTERLUDE chronicles - adena - PvPCoin: given for PvP -Mumij Coin: In the locations of Ketra / Varka fall Mumij Coin with a 20% chance Start: The character starts with level 10 in the TOP NG gear, the starting location is Dion! Rates: Server Rates: Premium Account: Exp, SP: x100 Exp, SP: x200 Drop: x200 Spoil - h250 Quest: x25 Quest: x25 RB Drop: x15 RB Drop: x25 Epics: x1 Epics: x1 Seal Stone: x15 Seal Stone x20 Profession: 1 profession - free 2 profession - free 3 profession - 5.000.000 Adena Trade condition: Offline trading and craft items are enabled with the .offline command. Gm Shop: Donat Shop: A few days later, Kore and Orfen will be added. Sub class and nubless: Sub-Class: The price of adding each sub-class is 4.000.000 Adena, maximum 5 sub-classes. Noblesse = To obtain the Nobility, you must use a sub-class level 75+ to kill the Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel. RB and 80 level security. Respawn Noblesse RB = 3 - 6 Olympiad: The duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time. The period of the Olympiad is 7 days. You can go to the Olympics with reground equipment, but it will give as +6. Hwid protection. Non-class fights require 4 player registrations. Class battles require 6 player registrations. The minimum number of battles to get into the list of people fighting for the title of hero is 9. Of these, the minimum number of victories is 1. Raid Boss: Respawn the usual Raid Boss 12-24 hours. Buffer Services: Buff duration: 2 hours The number of allowable buff slots is 36 (+4 Divine Inspiration). Server Concept: Multi Craft server with x100 Multi Craft. The maximum number of gaming sessions from one PC is 9. The chance of augmentation on the server is Low Grade 1%; Mid-Grade 3%; High Grade 5%; Top Grade 7%. Top Grade Life Stone 76 drops out of Tyrannosaurus with a 40% chance. Safe sharpening +3. On failure (blessed scrolls) is reset to 0. Maximum sharpening on weapons -25 / 50%. armor - 14/25%, costume jewelry 14/25%. The chance of sharpening is the same, both for blessed and regular scrolls. Full information on stats / drop / spoil / resist on Shift + Click. Automatic learning of all skills. The maximum difference in the level of parties for gaining experience is 19. Additional server commands: .menu - The main command on our server contains all the basic settings. .acp - Auto use of CP / HP / MP cans. .epic - Epic Boss Status. .relog .restart - Quick Relog .premium - Purchase and Verification Premium Status Epic Boss, their rep and features: From the start all epic bosses are dead! Ant Queen: - 24 hours +/- 2 hours from 20:00 (GMT +3)
  10. Opening at 13 April 20:00 GMT+2 http://l2criminal.com http://facebook.com/l2.criminal http://facebook.com/la2criminal General Informations Server Type: CUSTOM PVP Chronicle: Interlude Rates: 3000x Starting level: 80 Starting zone: Talking Island Vilage Customized killing spree system (Like on dota) Easy farm 3 farm zones 5 customized raidbosses 1 Party zone (changes everyday at 18:00) Pvp zones changing every hour Solo and party dungeons Max subclasses: 7 Max clan members: 20 (No alliances) Speed boost to all characters 99 Buff slots (VIP buffs included via vote coins) Enchant Rates Safe: 4 Max: 18 Normal scrolls: 65% Blessed scrolls: 60% ( +14 max for weapon / +12 max for armor ) If you fail it goes back to +4 Crystal scrolls: 45% ( +18 max for weapon / +14 max for armor) If you fail it goes back -1 Augment Rates Stackable active augments ( 1 passive + more actives ) Mid Grade LS: 10% (Farm Zones) High Grade LS: 15% (Dungeons & shop via event coin) Top Grade LS: 20% (Party Zones, Party Dungeons & shop via vote coins) http://l2criminal.com http://facebook.com/l2.criminal http://facebook.com/la2criminal Made for you with love and alot of involvment
  11. Dear community, we are here for let you know we open our servers: SERVER #1 -> Teon x50 Retail ( NO CUSTOM ) SERVER #2 -> Teon x50 Stack-Subclass 1+1 WEBSITE: http://www.lineage2-teon.com/ GRAND OPENING 01 MARCH 2019 18:00 GMT+2 SERVER PLATFORM: PTS L2OFF We will present you some of our important features INNOVATIVE CUSTOM GAMEPLAY REMOVED SPOIL REMOVED CRAFT (added custom craft system by NPC) NEW CUSTOM QUESTS EPIC RAID BOSS QUESTS BLOOD POOL SYSTEM During your journey you will collect 2 type of Blood Stones: Blood Stones (tradeble) - This type of stone can be used for aquire equipment and various goods, it can be traded, dropped, selled or stored in warehouse. You can collect Blood Stones (tradeble) from open world monsters and raid bosses Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) - This type of stone can be used for choose the specific Augment Skill you want on your weapon Augment your weapon directly via Blood Pool System will cost you 25000 Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) WARMING! Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) can be lost during PvP and PK Killing a flagged player(winning a pvp battle), you will steal 3% of your enemy's Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Killing a innocent player (pk a player), you will steal 6% of his Bloody Soulds (non-tradeble), but be carefull, it is not very easy to lose your karma, and if you get killed, the player who defeat you will steal 25% of your Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Killing a PK player (a players marked with karma), you will steal 25% of your enemy's Bloody Souls (non-tradeble) Fighting inside Special zones for PvP, you will earn(not steal) 1 Fame Point per enemy killed and still steal 3% of your enemy total amount Blood Stones (non-tradeble) will be needed to enter and fight inside our party instance which will be avaibile every 24 hours EVENT ENGINE Win kill in TVT = reward = 1 Medal oh Honor Win TVT event = reward = 10 Medal oh Honor TVT TOP KIller Reward = 10 Medal oh Honor Win kill in Deathmatch = reward = 1 Medal oh Honor Win Deathmatch event = reward = 30 Medal oh Honor Special NPC where you can trade all Medals of Honor you have aquaried SPECIAL FARMING ZONES: Blazing Swamp (lv. 60-75) Loot: 3x Blood Stones / 3x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) Varka (lv. 78-80) Loot: 6x Blood Stones / 6x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) EWS / EAS / EWA / EAA / Ancient Varka Totems / S-Grade Jewels Ketra (lv. 78-80) Loot: 6x Blood Stones / 6x Bloody Souls / Adena (retail) EWS / EAS / EWA / EAA / Ancient Ketra Totems / S-Grade Armors Primeveral Isle (lv.78-80) Loot: Blood Stones x8 / Bloody Souls x8 / Adena (retail) / Ancient Primeveral Totems Low/Mid/High LS / S-Grade Weapons / T-Rex Loot: Top LS (5%) SPECIAL ITEMS ADDED: Special Pirate Fruit A-Grade Armory Box 70% A-Grade Jewelry Box 70% A-Grade Weaponary Box 70% S-Grade Armory Box 70% S-Grade Jewelry Box 70% S-Grade Weaponary Box 70% EWS/EAS Lucky Box 30% EWA/EAA Lucky Box 30% Lifestone Lucky Box 20% Blood Stone Gamble Box 50% (reward x2) Blood Stone Gamble Box 25% (reward x4) Blood Stone Gamble Box 10% (reward x8) Improved / Blessed Core Ring Improved / Blessed Orfen Earring Improved / Blessed Queen Ant Ring Improved / Blessed Baium Ring RATES EXP/SP: x50 Adena: x30 Drop: x15 Spoil: x15 Seal Stones Drop: x10 NO CUSTOM ITEMS 3 Special Tattoos (well balanced) Everything in GM SHOP for Adena Autoloot from Monsters: ON Autoloot from Raid Boss: OFF Autoloot from Grand Boss: OFF Autolearn Skills: ON Subclass Quest Free Caradine's Letter (lv. 65) in shop Weight limit x10 NPC Buffer with all buffs avaibile 26 + 4 Buff Slots ( total of 30 ) 6 Debuff Slots ENCHANT Armory/Jewelry Normal Scroll 60% chance Armory/Jewelry Blessed Scroll 65% chance Weaponary Normal Scroll 65% chance Weaponary Blessed Scroll 70% chance Crystal Scroll: DISABLED Armory/Jewelry Max Enchant +8 Weaponary Max Enchant +16 Obtain Normal and Blessed Scroll by farming/raiding/events AUGMENT Low LS Chance 5% / Mid LS Chance 10% High LS Chance 15% / Top LS Chance 20% You can have 1 Active and 1 Passive Augment OLYMPIAD SYSTEM All skills will be recharge before enter a new olympiad match New heroes every WEEK All Items will be counted as +6 If your items +16 they will have +6 power durring olympiad battle Hero skills will be avaibile only on Main Class Olympiad Games start everyday at: 18:00 GMT+2 and end at 00:00 GMT+2 Require 5 registred players to start battle. DRESSME COSTUME FEATURE Type: .dressme in game and will pop-up Dressme Panel There you can change your armor appearence to your favourite skin UNIQUE RAID BOSS SYSTEM All Raid Boss lv. 50+ has been edited to have full drop with x5 higher chance We have added custom drops to some Raid Boss (see them in RB Spawn NPC) STACK-SUBCLASS FEATURE FROM SERVER #2 First of all we will explain you what is about stack-subclass system: You can combine 2 classes from the same race, find your best class combination and dominate For get subclass you will need to camp one of our 8 Raid Bosses which have 12 hours respawn time Once you kill a Raid Boss he will drop "Raid Hearth" -> item needed to complette stack-subclass quest WEBSITE: http://www.lineage2-teon.com/
  12. First of all hello to all and i hope i am at the right section...if not i apologize and i hope mods would be kind to move the topic where its supposed to be. So after a long pause in my L2 career (xD) i started playing again and after many many mediocre servers i found L2Mad which is one of the best ive played so far at least in my opinion :P (if any1 is interested its a pretty good server pvp/rbs stable no bugs at least that i know of, and needs some farm ofc :P ) So as u understand i really like the particular server BUT my problem is enchanting and augmeting which i always hate hated and i WILL hate because its a complete waste of ur time..therefore i wanna use "my" interface which includes "auto" enchant and augment cause honestly enchanting to +65 can be the most boring thing in the world ...if anyone has the skills or even the smallest knowledge on how i can modify something (yes i know a thing or two about l2 file editing) or what to do in order for my interface to work i would be in ur dept for ever....for the haters : i dont wanna bot(cause there is a way to bot with a macro loop with this interface) i honestly want to save some time for more farming / pvping cause time is precious when the years have passed and u have to work everyday :P best wishes to all and thnx for ur time reading my post :)
  13. Athena x45 Features List -Rates: - x45 Experience - x55 Skill Points -x200 Adena - x20 Spoil - x5 Seal Stones - x1 Drop - Weapons Information: -Safe Enchant +3 -Maximum Enchant +20 -Medium Enchant Rate -New Weapons - Ancient Weapons - Grand Bosses drop Raid Letter, these Letters will allow the player to exchange for an Ancient Weapon at the Ancient Merchant. - Armors and Jewels Information: -New Armors - Special Ability S-Grade Armory - Mithril Mines (Center) monsters will drop a spoilable item (Blood of Chaos) this will allow the player to add Special Ability to a S Grade Armor. -Armors and Jewels Safe Enchant +3 -Armors and Jewels Maximum Enchant +8 -Hard Enchant Rate -Shop about to B grades - A grade weapons/armors traded from ancient merchant for sort of adenas and ancient adenas - No A/S blessed grade scrolls in shop (Raid or spoil in custom zones) - Customized Zones: - Imperial Tomb Chaotic (76-80) Farm/PvP Area - This area was customized to a Chaotic Zone Area: -Players with Karma won't drop items when killed inside one of the rooms; -When a player dies in this zone, the player will be respawned to the teleport location; -S Grade Weapons are obtained in this zone (Monsters inside the rooms will drop the weapons) - There's only this method to obtain S Grade Weapons -Mithril Mines Entrance (65-75): -Leveling area (Recommended 65-75) -Seal Stones Farm (Green and Blue) - Mithril Mines Center (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set - Mithril Mines Grounds (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set -Level 80 Raidbosses were added to end of this zone (Thief Kelbar, Anakim and Lilith) - Customized Raidbosses - located in Mithril Mines -These Raidbosses drop Raid Letter and a set of S Grade Weapons + *NEW* Angel Slayer with Evasion Special Ability - Retail Raidbosses from 60-80+ levels -bosses from level 60 to 75 in TOI drop Armor/Jewels A Grade sets, scrolls and Blood of Chaos -Main quest bosses drop 1 S-Grade set, 1-2 s grade weapons, blood of chaos and scrolls -Galaxia drops 3 S Grade Sets(Major,Draconic,Imperial) 3-6 S Grade WeaponsBlood of Chaos and Scrolls - NPC's Added: -Global Gatekeeper (Clarissa) -Ancient Merchant: In this Merchant you exchange your Ancient Adena and add Special Ability to your Armor and Weapon -Exchange Raid Letters for Ancient Weapons -Purchase A Grade Armors / S Grade Armors -Purchase A Grade Jewels / S Grade Jewels -Add Special Ability to S Grade Weapons / Armor -Special Merchant: In this merchant you exchange your currencies -Exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena -Exchange Event Medals for Hair Accessories -Exchange Adena for an Adena Credit Card ( - Adena Credit Card) -General Buffer: -The level of the buffs aren't maximized, giving the purpose and utility to Support Classes (Hierophant, Sword Muse, Eva Saint, Spectral Dancer, Shillen Saint, Doomcryer) -Castle Special Ability (Enchanted) - -This NPC has the feature of adding Special Ability to a weapon without loosing its current enchant value. (Example: Draconic Bow +12 - Draconic Bow Focus +12) -Only available inside Castles (Examples: Aden Castle / Giran Castle / Goddard Castle) -Available for S Grade Weapons only -Raidboss Manager: -Allows a player to get information about Grandbosses and Customized Bosses. (If they are currently alive or the time left to respawn) -Account Manager -Allows a player to edit his account password in-game. -Magic Supporter (1,5KK AA each buff). -Allows a player to receive a Prophecy. (Wind, Water or Fire) -Player vs Player Merchant - Player vs Player reward system, a player earns Honor Medallions after they defeat another player in a battle. - In this Merchant you can exchange your Honor Medallions for special rewards. - Quests: -Subclass (Quest required, Red Pipette Knife can be purchased in Misc Merchant) -Noblesse (Caradine Letter level 65 can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Goddess Quest Items can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Killing barakiel can give you nobless status, if and only if you are in an active sub at level 75 and above) - Every time a Clan leader party kill raid boss -> You will be granded with 300 clan reputation points. - Olympiad: -Retail like with the only custom option that it is weekly. -Every player is informed on login, when the period ends and when new heroes will be performed - Rune Siege: Everytime that rune siege is running Benom will spawn at throne room Benom will attack both clan(s) He will despawn if you don't kill him in 2 hours: He drops: x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 1-3 S Grade Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Scroll Weapon 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Weapon x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants - Misc: -24+4 Buff Slots -Auto learn skills -Class Master -Offline shop system. Website: http://es-l2.org/index-1.php Forums: http://es-l2.org/forums/index.php Grand Opening: 02/11/2018 - 19 PM GMT +2
  14. Interlude Final x7 Grand Opening 5 APRIL : 19:00 CEST Dear players! There are little time left before the Grand Opening of the Interlude Final x7, and we are also preparing for the start same as you! Much work has been done to make this start the most comfort and smooth ever. However, that is most likely we will face the DDoS attacks at our portals during the Grand Opening of the server Grand Opening, so we suggest you to take care in advance about registration of your Game Accounts and update your client to the latest version. Pre-Start We are making pre-start for your convenience and to decrease load on our web servers. What does it mean? It means that at 18:30 CEST you can login to your game account and create a character. However, you will get disconnected immediately. After that you will be able to go to your Master Account and send the items to your character. [/hr] Links: [*]Register Account (you can use your old master account, but you need create new game account) [*]Download Game client (Grand Crusade, updated for Interlude Final) - torrent [*]Download Game client (Grand Crusade, updated for Interlude Final) - mirror [*]New updater [*]STARTER PACKAGES! Install and update your game client using our new update right now (link above). [*]There is a small instruction inside the game client. Installing and launching the game through the update is MANDATORY from now. [*]Our Game Launcher is a standalone application and you can NOT install it into the Lineage 2 game folders, in other case you will not be able to update your client. [*]After you install Launcher, set path to game files in settings. [spoiler=screen] [/spoiler] [*]Our updater is new and it's still in beta testing stage. [*]Some Antivirus PO may mistakenly consider our Game Launcher as a malevolent software, because it just been created and released and Antivirus just "don't know" the signature of it's work. Don't worry, it will be gone soon. We've sent our application to the ALL antivirus software companies and some of them already replied and removed our Game Launcher from the false considering\reacting. Other just need some more time. [*]When you run the updater it will check and auto update the game files. However, if you have any problems starting the game, we recommend you to delete System folder from the game client, and then use the “fix game client” [*]function in the updater settings. We wish you to have maximum emotions and enjoy every aspect, feature and each moment on the server. Good luck All players that has take part in OBT and helped us to make our server a better place (at least by being here) - will receive an automatically prize that will be at warehouse of your Master Account. Thanks, You are the best! If you don't see the prize at your MA, it can mean that your MA didn't take part at OBT or just try to logout-login at your MA.[/hr]
  15. Hello everyone im looking for this macro color's to Interlude Client. Please i need the archive that change it. If someone can share it i'll be so grateful Regards for all and thanks if u can help me (:
  16. http://www.l2sp.eu/ INFO http://www.l2sp.eu/
  17. L2Pure is an unique new pvp server which has experienced staff members. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lagless, enjoyable as well as close-to-retail yet spiced Lineage II experience. Website: http://l2pure.net/ Gameplay No Custom Items Experience (EXP) - 500x Skill Points (SP) - 500x Adena - 20x Drop Items - 1x Starting level 52 with Top B grade Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP) Jewels Bosses (GM Shop - Hard Farm or in Grand Boss) Enchants Safe Enchant - 4 Max Enchant - 16 Scroll chance: 60% Max +10 Blessed Scroll chance: 90% Max +12 Pure Scroll: 1-12 chance 90% / +13 (80%) +14 (60%) +15 (40%) +16 (20%) Failed ? only loses scroll Augmentation Тop LS - 15% / High LS - 10% / Mid LS - 5% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill Removed chance and magic attack skills Augment skills disabled from olympiad Olympiad Max enchant for all +6 Augmented Items disabled Class battles are disabled Required 5 players to start match Skills reused after every match Ranks updates after every match Heroes changing every sunday 24:00 [GMT+2] Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+2] Hero obtain hero skills in all sub-classes Events DeathMatch Last Man Standing Team vs Team Capture the Flag Raid in the Middle Events Scheduled Every 1 Hour PvP Zone Chaotic No-Bs Area with random spawns Changing every 60 minutes Party Farm Event Launches everyday 12:00;17:00;21:00;01:00 for 60 minutes Chaotic zone with Mini Raid Bosses Raid & Grand Bosses There are 10 Raid Bosses All Boss Chaotic Zones Frintezza Everyday 00:00 - 00:30 Valakas Every 2 days 23:00 - 23:30 Antharas Every 2 days 22:00 - 22:30 Baium Every 2 days 21:00 - 21:30 Zaken Everyday 20:00 - 20:30 Queen Ant Everyday 19:00 - 19:30 Clan & Alliance Max Clan Level: 5 Disabled all clan skills Max clan members: 40 Royoal Guard and Knight Guard disabled Alliance Info: 2 clans Castle Sieges There are 2 claste sieges (Giran and Rune) Castle siege duration 60 minutes Sieges are scheduled 3 days 20:00-00:00 Passive skill added for owners as a reward Additional Info Maximum Buffs Slots - 44 (+ 5 debuff) Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Cancellation Return Buff after 7 Secs Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Max subclasses - 5. Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - No Wedding System - Yes Website: http://l2pure.net/
  18. L2Free - Interlude Private Server Started on March 30, 2019. Website: https://l2free.org/ Forum: https://l2free.org/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Free/ Server info: https://l2free.org/forum/index.php?/topic/2-informações-informations/
  19. Server will be opened 4/6/2019 16:00 GTM +2 Server Basic Rates EXP:1000X SP: 1000X ADENA: 100X DROP: 100X Enchant / Augmention Rates Safe +5 Max +25 Normal Scroll 70% Blessed Scroll 100% till +20 Crystal Scroll ( enchant +25) 100% Top Life Stone 15% High Life Stone 10% Mid Life Stone 5% 1 Active or 1 Passive Augment Skill ( 1+) Gameplay Easy Farm Instant level 80 Free A Grade Shop Buff Time 1h No Weigh Limit No Clan Penalty Max Subclasses 5 [ Free Subclass & Free proffesion ] Max Clans on Alliance 3 Armor | Weapon Mastery Penalty Block-Buff Skill Flawless Geodata & Pathnotes- Olympiad Period 1 week [ Every Monday ] [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 ] Working Grand Bosses Mini Bosses Unique Features Advanced NPC Buffer with full buffs and counting buff slots Detailed Gatekeeper Advanced Shop Top Manager Castle Manager Clan Manager [ Instantly clan lvl 8 or +10000 clan rep one time ] Olympiad Period 1 week [ Every Sunday ] [ Starts 18:00 | Ends 00:00 Sieges Every 1 week goddard/rune/giran/aden Unique Vote Machine Advanced PvP Title Colors Events Events Every every hour. Team vs Team Last Man Standing Deathmatch Capture the Flag Site: http://l2rose.com/
  20. Official launch at the end of March! Main page Facebook page Youtube channel 15x EXP by Monsters/Raid Bosses 12x SP by Monsters/Raid Bosses 7x Adena 1x World Bosses drop 3x Seal Stone drop 2x Weight Limit 1.5x Academy Rep. Points 1-73 Level Monsters Drop & Spoil: → 5x for Equipment & Materials → 6x for Scrolls of enchantment → 3x for Recipes → 3x for Keymats 74+ Level Monsters Drop & Spoil: → 3x for Equipment & Materials → 4x for Scrolls of enchantment → 2x for Recipes → 2x for Keymats 1-73 Level Raid Bosses Drop: → 4x for Equipment → 5x for Scrolls of enchantment → 1x for Keymats 74+ Level Raid Bosses Drop: → 3x for Equipment → 4x for Scrolls of enchantment → 1x for Keymats Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 55% Blessed Scroll Chance: 58% Custom Quest List: ( All quests are not mentioned are 1x ) Multibox - YES, unlimited. Autopickup - NO, manual loot for items from monsters & raid bosses. Auto pickup system only for adena from monsters. Total buff slots 16 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) → Joining a Lv 5 Clan or more provides you with +4 buff slots. All skills are autolearn. Cursed Weapons - from 15th of April. Offline Shops - YES, by using the command .offline after you setup a private store. Subclass - requires the retail quest. Mana Potions - available in General Merchant Shop. → Replenishing 1.000 mana upon click with a 12-second delay. Class Master located in every town & village. → 1st class transfer costs 150k adena. → 2nd class transfer costs 3kk adena. → 3rd class transfer requires the retail quest or 15 Donation Pounds. NPC Buffer Information: → PP/SE/EE buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists) → BD/SWS buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists) → Summon buffs are not available in NPC Buffer. → All buffs duration 1h. → Buffs free until 40lvl., after costs 5k adena each. → Heal CP/HP service. General Merchant Shop: → Includes top NO Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x2 than their selling worth price) → Includes top D-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x2.5 than their selling worth price) → Includes low/top C-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x4 than their selling worth price) → Includes low/top B-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. (x8 than their selling worth price) → Includes soulshots, spiritshots & blessed spiritshots up to B-Grade. → Includes a variety of consumables. Seven Signs - from Monday, 1st of April 2019. → Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon available in the cities of Giran & Aden. → Players may exchange Seal Stones to Ancient Adena only during seal validation period. → Curse of Destruction, from the Preacher of Doom working retail like, so beware in which cabal you will choose to register. Castle Sieges - first sieges on 13th & 14th of April 2019. → Gludio Castle, Saturday 18:00 GMT+2. → Innadril Castle, every Saturday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Giran Castle, every Saturday, 21:00 GMT+2. → Dion Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Oren Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Rune Castle, every Sunday, 21:00 GMT+2. → Schuttgart Castle every Monday, 18:00 GMT+2. → Goddard Castle, every Monday, 22:00 GMT+2. → Aden Castle, every Wednesday 22:00 GMT+2. Olympiad: → 10 days olympiad period - starting from 21st of April 2019. → Heroes will appear every 1st, 11th and 21st of each month. → Olympiad operates every day from 19:00 until 01:00 GMT+2. → Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games. → Mages receive: Acumen lv. 3, Empower lv. 2 & Wind Walk lv. 2 before the game starts. → Fighters receive: Haste lv. 1, Might lv. 1 & Wind Walk lv. 2 before the game starts. → Participants are fully healed only when they enter the stadium and not before the game begins. → Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased, except Soultaker's. Auction House in Community board available only for Equipment & Scrolls. Shift & Click on the monster or raid boss shows its droplist & chances. All Giants Codex, Enchant Scrolls & Life Stones are stackable. Trade C hat (+) has global range and works with 5 seconds delay accessible only by Premium Account service owners. In a Command Channel, only the CC leader has the looting rights of an Epic Boss. Overlord buffs do NOT affect alliance members. Overlord buffs effect party members as well. Skill "Restore Life" cannot be used in World Bosses but it can be used in normal Raid Bosses. Event Festival Adena Collector: → Festival Adena dropping only from specific monsters in Varka & Ketra hunting regions. → Grand Seers, Elite Soldiers, Head Shamans, Head Magus'es, Prophets & Commanders have higher chance & drop count for Festival Adena than ordinary monsters. → Festival Adena can be exchanged in Exclusive Shop for various items such as Recipes A & Keymats, Soul Crystals, Greater Dyes, Quest Items, Scrolls, Life Stones. Clan War System: → When a member from a clan, kills a member from an other clan on a PvP, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan. → When a member from a clan PK's a member from an other clan, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan with a 24h war closure penalty. All the Sub-Class Raid Bosses respa wn is 16-24 hours. Noblesse Raid Boss - Flame of Splendor Barakiel is 12-16 hours. PvP Zones inside Baium's Lair, Valakas Nest & Antharas Nest. Frintezza respawn is 48 - 50 hours. Anth aras respawn is 192 - 194 hours. Valakas respawn is 264 - 266 hours. Queen Ant respawn is 26 - 28 hours. Core respawn is 35 - 36 hours. Orfen respawn is 35 - 36 hours. Zaken respawn is 43 - 45 hours. Baium respawn is 5 days. → Baium spawns on : 5th / 10th / 15th / 20th / 25th / 30th of each month from 21:00 until 24:00 GMT +2. Read Full Information . . .
  21. Web: www.l2zariche.eu [Server Rates] Exp/SP: x5000 Party Exp/SP: x2 Quest Exp/SP: x2 Adena: x5000 Drop: x5000 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Adena: x2 Spoil: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Karma Drop: 60% Farm Economy: Come full in 16 Hours split by 4 days (4hours a day) [Enchant Rates] Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +16 With Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant Weapon = +16 With Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +20 With Crystall Scrolls Max Enchant Weapon = +20 With With Crystall Scrolls Safe Enchant = +4 Normal enchant scroll rate = 55% Blessed enchant scroll rate = 100% Crystal scrolls rate = 100% Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke [Events] DeathMatch Team vs Team Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Simon Says VIP Team vs Team Capture The Flag Mutant Korean TvT [NPCs] GMShop & Customs Shop Global Gatekeeper Custom Buffer Exchanger Top 20 PvP / PK / Clan Boss Manager Augmenter Skill Enchanter Vote Manager Castle Manager Password Changer [Customs Armors] Epic Armor Abyssal Armor VIP Armor [Custom Weapons] Epic Weapons Abyssal Weapons Demonic Weapons [Custom Raid Jewels] Hell Jewels Kadesh Jewels [Extreme Items] Custom Tattoos Custom Accessories Custom Wings Custom Agathions Custom Shields [Custom Skills] Super haste lv 1-3 Akamanah lv 1-3 Zariche lv 1-3 Boss Haste lv 1-3 [Server Mods and Extra Features] Startup lvl 79 with top starter items: Abyssal Armor, Epic Weapon, Hell Jewels Farm Economy 1-2 Hours then 2-3 Days for learn custom skills Max one Siege only Giran for more PvP Restricted All Custom Skills and Items in Olympiad Games PvP Medals earn from Events and PvP's Hard rules for PK'ers 60% Drop Items from PK. Gold Coins earn from Farm Mobs in all Areas in GK and from Votes Dynamic Zone and Bosses, get extra Gold Coins with High rates Fixed all customs one by one from Dev Teams Fixed all balanced classes one by one tested by Dev Teams Donated items you can get by Farming Gold Coins and PvP Medals Exchange your Top Farmed item for Free Donate Coins - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GRAND OPENING 6 APRIL 2019 AT 17:00 GMT +0
  22. L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com/ Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 15/03/2018 17:00 GMT +3 What's new in a nutshell? NO donations for gear Improved gear dependent rewards New Mines of Moria mission Twitch streamers rewards Many gameplay improvements / fixes Order VS Chaos is an event-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos. Maps: 30 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control. Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team. Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Moba Arena. Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction gets its own realm and the first to complete it wins. Currently implemented instances: Blood Castle, Castle Invasion, City Under Attack, Clear the Chamber, Cursed Village, Dimensional Rift, Four Sepulchers, God's Tower, Ice Queen Cabin, Lair of the Snowman, Magician's Tower, Rescue the Princess, Search the Beast, Undead Camp, Water Factory, Wisdom Test. Mini Events: short duration events where each event has its own unique goals. Currently implemented mini events: Battle Royale, Battlefield, Bomb Fight, Buffless TvT, Death Match, Guardians, Humans VS Mutants, Humans VS Zombies, Hunting Grounds, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Raid in the Middle, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, VIP TvT. Boss Events: raid in the middle style, you must take out all enemies before challenging the raid, reward depends on your activity during the event. Currently implemented boss events: Antharas, Baium, Core, Frintezza, Orfen, Queen Ant, Sailren, Valakas, Zaken. Daily Events: mimic of retail-like events which will run 24/7 and switch every midnight. Currently implemented daily events: Change of Heart, Heavy Medals, Letter Collector, Master of Enchanting, Playing with Fire, Power of Love, Squish the Squash, Zaken's Curse. Missions: consists of solo/duo/squad PvE mini games, only players level 78+ can participate once a day. Currently implemented missions: False God, Frozen Tundra, Mines of Moria, Statue of Peace. Aden Siege: the only siegeable castle on the server using free for all PvP regardless of players faction. Castle owners will receive the following benefits: +25% XP, +50% SP, +1 CRP per kill, Territory Bonuses, Clan Shop, Special Raid Boss, Crowns/Circlets, Strider. Farm Zone: new players can enjoy a farm zone for quickly leveling up and farming a decent amount of adena and items. Be aware: you can enter the farm zone once a day for 1 hour, the farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, every death inside the zone will cause a 5 minutes penalty. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Increased EXP/SP rewards when playing in party. * Party limiting to 28 points max, so a party cannot become too strong. * Healers count as 15 points, tankers as 12 points, anything else 0. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Retail clan penalties. * 9 members maximum in main clan. * 1 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * 1 extra member for every royal knight the clan has. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Prices for leveling up, royal guards/knights and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Clan war can be declared against clans of opposite faction. Class Balance No effect in Olympiad: * FOI duration reduced to 8 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * Support classes (except SE) cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes (except Recharge). * Prayer is a self buff. * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.6 * Removed full lethal. * Cat/Pony buffs are self/owner only and increased to 4 hours. * Snipe duration reduced to 30 seconds. * All Fear/Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 4 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 10 seconds. * Mana Burn power doubled. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Armor Mastery penalty enabled. * Reduced magic critical rate by 75%. * Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist AoE force skills damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist single target force skills damage by 15%. * Reduced tyrant force skills damage by 10%. * Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by 12%. * Reduced elf archer critical damage by 7%. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 67% of player/summon max CP+HP in a single hit. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 15% of flag/king HP in a single hit. * Increased warlord damage by 25%. * Summons will get damage bonus according to owner's gear. * Increased human tanker damage by 20% when not wearing a bow. * Increased elf/dark elf tanker damage by 50% when not wearing a bow. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Necromancer summons doesn't require a corpse to be summoned. * Necromancer summons can only be buffed with speed buffs. * Heroic Valor is target self. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Hero Rod/Scepter heal chance reduced from 3% to 1%. With effect in Olympiad: * Aggression/Aura of Hate reuse delay increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. * Dash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 16 seconds. * Mirage chance reduced from 80% to 60%. * Arrest range increased from 150 to 400. Features * Starting level 76 with 3rd class, max level 80. * Starting gear B-grade, full GM shop. * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 500 Adena. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Only blessed enchant scrolls, retail enchant / life stone rates, safe +3, max +16. * AIO buffer, 4 hours buff duration, 20+4 buff slots. * Buffs kept after death / resummon. * Symbol and event buffs do not take buff slots. * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global/Personal vote reward systems. * Streamer reward system. * Get rewarded with XP/SP/Adena/Items by doing PvPs according to damage/debuffs/heals. * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear/level/rank/class and more. * Team balance based on Elo/Count. * Anti farm / AFK systems, anti buff griefing system. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. * Double XP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing spree/streak system with sounds. * Events voting system - vote your favorite map/mini event to be played next. * One town for both factions, players can duel in town. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat, shout/hero chats will show player's faction. * Visit Noblesse Manager inside the farm zone to start your noble quest. * Visit Tablet of Information to see a list of useful commands, info and statistics. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Heroes every Monday, olympiad 1vs1 class/faction irrelevant fights at Friday-Sunday 18:00-22:00. * Free warehouse and freight. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pincode security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker, Lottery and Casino. * Wedding with gotolove and extra skills.
  23. Grand Opening: 05 April 2019, 20:00 (gtm +2) OBT: Online Website: https://l2e-global.com/ Interlude Final x7 can be described in three main points: The total number of changes and improvements that have been developed and integrated into the game over the past year. Their goal is to make your game more comfortable, interesting, varied and return the long lost balance of good old chronicles. In order to get acquainted with the main changes, we recommend you to learn this topic: Interlude Final Update Chronology (topic coming soon). But they will all be intuitive during the game. The so-called signature of the project, its unique features that personalize and set E-Global apart from others, regardless of which version of the game and on which rating we launch. Namely: Achievements, Daily Quests, Clan Unity, Cronus Raid Boss, NPC Adventurers' Guide and Butler, a proxy server access system that allows players from China to play on the server, and even the general “breach of good manners" - everything goes from server to server, improving and adapting to the realities of the concept and your expectations. The concept of a specific server: its rates and features; its uniqueness and originality. In this topic, we announce the server concept and describe the components of Interlude Final which you should pay attention to, in order to fully touch this game world. Rates: Basic rates: EXP & SP x7, Raid EXP & SP x5 Exp & SP depends on monster level, which you farm: From 1 to 65 level of monster - static x7 rate; Starting from 66 to 78 level of monster - from x7 to x5 gradually; Monsters from level 78 have fixed rate x4 Premium Account provides +30% personal EXP bonus and 50% SP bonus. Basic rate: Adena x5 Basic rate: Seal Stones x3 Chance Adena and Seal Stones - basic, 70%; Amount of Seal Stones - х3, fixed, doesn't depend on monster level; Amount of Adena depends on monster level: From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х5; From 61 to 77 level - from х5 to х3 gradually; Starting from 78 level of monster - fixed rate x3. Premium Account provide +25% to amount of Adena and Seal Stones. Basic rates: Drop x4, Raid Drop x3, Epic Drop x1 Amount of item drop is basic, x1; Chance of items drop is depending on level of the monster, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount; From 1 to 60 level - fixed rate х5; From 61 to 77 level - from х5 to х3 gradually; Starting from 78 level of the monster - fixed rate х3. Premium Account provide +25% to drop rate. Basic rates: Spoil x3 Amount of received items is basic, x1; Chance of items receiving x3, overrun the 100% will cause to increasing of items amount; Premium Account provide +25% to the chance of receiving items (to character, who have spoiled => gather spoile). Basic rates: Manor - x1 Cooldown of the daily Manor cycle: ~20:06 (gmt+2) We remind you that the Manor system dependents directly on the Siege, respectively, the first seeds will be available on Monday, April 22 (if the owners of the castles put the seeds for sale). NPC Family Club Manager (improved analogue of Newbie Helper) can be found Near Gatekeeper at every town, as well as at places where a lot of players are getting together. These are NPCs from which you can take Support Magic, Daily tasks and rewards for them, as well in the future they will be responsible for holding weekly Events and issuing Prizes. Support Magic , Club Card: Adventurers' Guide provides additional improving magic for your character and his pet / samona: The list of available Buffs and their levels depend on the level of the Character and the presence of a Club Card. Duration of all buffs - 60 min: Buff are being removed if a character didn't have Noblesse Blessing at the time of death; Can be canceled along with other similar improving skills; Are being removed using Alt-click on them. You can create buff profiles. Buffer is available for all players level 1-62, with a Club Card a player can get buffs up to level 80. More detailed list of available buffs will be announced a bit later, however you can say for sure: there will be no 3rd class skills, songs and dances. Daily Quests: We have prepared personal daily quests, which will provide some useful bonuses for your character. Important information: You can start quest at NPC "Pathfinder Worker" which you can find at: Gludio, Dion, Heine, Oren, Schuttgart, Rune; You can start a quest 1 time a day; Quest cooldown: 6:30 server time; Some reward has a time limit as well as they are personal (can not be trade). List of the Quests: 1. Challenge the Rim Kamaloka Available only for characters with Premium Account; Type: solo; Goal: Complete solo Kamaloka; Stable reward: Ivory Coin - 50 q-ty. Reward is reliant on rank of completing Kamaloka: Rim Kamaloka Box Grade D (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 20 mins; Rim Kamaloka Box Grade C (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 30 mins; Rim Kamaloka Box Grade B (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 40 mins; Rim Kamaloka Box Grade A (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 50 mins; Rim Kamaloka Box Grade S (48 hours limited period) - includes Rune 50% of EXP/SP, duration 60 mins; 2. Challenge the Hall of the Abyss Type: group; Goal: Kill RB in Kamaloka; Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit); Reward: Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed. Ivory Coin - 35 q-ty. 3. Challenge the Labyrinth of Abyss Type: group; Goal: Kill RB in Kamaloka; Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit); Reward: Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed. Ivory Coin - 35 q-ty. 4. Successful raid Type: group; Goal: Kill any RB; Raid Boss exeption: Epic Bosses, Instance Bosses, Four Sepulchers and Rift Bosses; Quest mechanics: quest will consider as completed once character will make a last hit (if he will be in group - quest will be completed for all group, if he will be solo - only for character that have made a last hit); Reward: Nobless Scroll (48 hours limited period) - You will feel Blessing of Noblesse effect on your after you use this scroll. Duration: 60 mins. All effects (buff\debuff etc) will still affect on your character after it's death. Scroll effect will be removed. Ivory Coin - 40 q-ty. 5. Fighting Evil Type: Group, party or solo. Goal: Collent 50-250 Shard of Evil from monsters. Amount of items depends on the level of chosen location. Player can choose only one quest per day, depending on your chracters leve\fitable location: 1-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-75, 76-80. Mechanic: For every level there are 2 location for your choice. The list of the monsters is also available at quest description. Rewards: Ivory Coin - from 50 to 200 q-ty. Amount of coins depends on the level of chosen location. Preliminary version. Before and during the OBT the assortment of the shop could be changed. Stay tuned! Family Coin - donation currency, which you can purchase at your Control Panel: 1 Family Coin = 7.5 Rubls; 10 Family Coins = 1 Euro; Family Coins - can be traded, also you can set a private store on buying and selling Family Coins. So as all Shop assortment is available ingame you can get them. Currency of the Family Coins is stick to the currency of rubls to euro. Premium Account: Premium 1 30 days 50 Family Coins (5 euro) Ingame at NPC or at your Control Panel Premium 2 Infinity 130 Family Coins (13 euro) Ingame at NPC or at your Control Panel EXP +30% q-ty Personal, bonus to mobs and RB Exp\SP; SP +50% q-ty Personal, bonus to mobs and RB Exp\SP; Adena & Seal Stones +25% q-ty General, averaged in the group; Drop +25%chance General, averaged in the group; Spoil +25%chance Personal, PA must be on spoiler himself. Box limit up to +4 boxes On the start - 3 boxes. For players that uses PA can load +4 box, but not more then 7 (+1 for each PA box). Off-line traders are NOT counts as a box. Rim Kamaloka Access 1 time per day + access to special quest in this reward. Bonus will applied to all characters on your game account (but not on master account); How to check if you have Permium status or not: system message when you log in to the game will show when PA is going to end. Also you will have the golden frame at your level parametr. Class Transfer: First class 150.000 Adena 6 Family Coins Second class 2.000.000 Adena 30 Family Coins Third class Full quest Not available at the start Reward for 3rd clanss transfer: 5.000.000 Adena, 2 Giant's Codex, 1 Giant's Codex - Mastery and 1 Giant's Codex - Discipline or Giant's Codex - Oblivion. Grand Opening: 05 April 2019, 20:00 (gtm +2) OBT: Online Website: https://l2e-global.com/
  24. Previous Page Next Page GRAND OPENING FROM - 29/03/2019, FRIDAY, 20:00 +2 GMT ! LONG SEASON EVER ! Summer finised and we are full of motivation to start working on updates. New winter season coming. All characters will be deleted and game will starts for everyone from zero. It`s great chance for new and old players to start, who got bored or had some problems. We promise you a good and stable game ! You have great chance be a server leader. So get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment ! Be patient and use this time to advertise server start date to people for more fun ! See you in game ! Rates: » Xp 9000x. » Sp 9000x. » Aden 9000x. » Drop 9000x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16). » Crystal scrolls max enchant (+20). » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%. » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 100%. Augmentations: » Mid life stone skill chance - 5%. » High life stone skill chance - 10%. » Top life stone skill chance - 15%. Unique features: » Main towns - Giran, Goddard, Gludio. » Working all castle sieges. » Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants. » Unique primeval isle flag vs flag pvp area. » More then 9 active raid bosses. » Casino event manager. » Unique aden system. » Wedding system. » Unique farming areas. » Npc skill enchanter. » A grade items for free. » Shops till top S grade. » Unique tattoos. » Full npc buffer with auto buff. » Max count of buffs - 76. » Max subclasses - 5. » Free and no quest class change. » Free and no quest sub class. » Free nobless status. » No weight limit. » No grade limit. » Quake pvp system. » Pvp/pk show on title. » Online password change. » Top 20 pvp/pk npc in game. » Augmentation system (preconfigured). » Server information npc. » Unique monsters. » Offline trade system. » Interlude retail skills. » Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. » Perfect class balance. » No custom items ! Voiced commands: .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join of leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .vote - opens vote panel in every place. .check - opens captcha panel. Event system: » TVT event [12:00 15:00 17:00 20:00 23:00] hours. » CTF event [13:00 16:00 19:00 21:00 24:00] hours. » DM event [11:00 14:00 18:00 22:00] hours. » Quiz event delay [120] minutes. » Casino event working [24/7]. » Unique event shop. Olympiad game: » Retail olympiad game. » Competition period [1] week. » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. » Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager. Web site - www.l2damage.com Forum - www.l2damage.com/forum GRAND OPENING - 29 MARCH 2019, FRIDAY 20:00 +2 GMT ! Previous Page Next Page