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Found 75 results

  1. L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com/ Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 28/07/2018 17:00 GMT+3 New Moba Arena map (in addition to Castle VS Castle), new events and many gameplay improvements! The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features. The event routine includes Maps, Instances, Mini Events and a chance for a Boss Event at the end of each routine. Players can view Territory Control, Event Statistics, Toplistis and more through the Tablet of Information NPC in town. In addition to the regular events, players can participate in Farm Zone, Mini Games, Olympiad, Siege, Daily Events and Holiday Events. Maps Longest time events with biggest kind of goals to accomplish. A raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends. Winning faction will own the map, owning all maps in a certain territory grants special rewards. Currently implemented map types: * Battlefield - Transfer as many bases as possible from the enemy to your team by killing them. * Capture the Flag - Steal as many flags as possible from the enemy and deliver it back to your base. * Domination - Rule a certain area on the map for as much time as possible by having more players in it than the enemy. * Escort the Payload - Protect an NPC from the enemy team while it makes its way from one point of the map to another. * Fortress - Use the Capture Fort skill on the NPC inside the fortress to capture it for your side. * Siege - Kill the king inside the castle in order to capture it and prevent the enemy from killing your king. * Team VS Team - Kill as many enemies as possible to score for your team. * King of the Hill - Similar to Domination, just when a point is being captured, another one becomes active. * Hybrid - Can have a combination of any of the above goals in a single map. Instance Events After a map ends an instance event will start. Instance events are divided into 2 realms, each team will get its own realm. The teams are not able to see each other, the first team to complete the instance wins. If none of the team completes the instance in time, the team that made more progress wins. The score bar will show the progression of each team. Currently implemented instance events: * Blood Castle - Pass all 3 stages by killing all monsters and then killing the boss at the end. * Clear the Chamber - Kill all the monsters before the enemy does. * City Under Attack - Be the first to kill 50 invading monsters. * The God's Tower - Be the first to slay the enemy god. * Castle Invasion - Be the first to invade the castle and kill the king inside. * Rescue the Princess - Kill the boss at each stage in order to free the princess. * Search the Beast - Find and kill the hidden beast. * Ice Queen Cabin - Kill the Ice Queen Guard at her Cabin. * The Magician's Tower - Weaken the magician by killing all its minions and then kill him. * The Undead Camp - Destroy all 4 undead altars in order to win. * Cursed village - Be the first to clear out the Undead Hordes and the Undead Boss. * Water Factory - Be the first to destroy all the water pumps. * Dimensional Rift - Clear every room of monsters, kill the boss at the last room. * Four Sepulchers - Clear every room of monsters, kill the boss at the last room. * Lair of the Snowman - Be the first to get past the snowman army and kill the boss at the end. * Wisdom Test - Answer correctly as many questions as possible to weaken the boss and kill it. Mini Events A mini event will start after an instance event. These are usually short time events with small objectives to complete. Currently implemented mini events: * Battlefield - Use the Capture Base skill on each NPC in order to capture it for your side. * Bomb Fight - Use the Bomb skill to spawn NPC that explodes after a few seconds and kills all surrounding enemies. * Death Match - Make the biggest amount of kills in order to win the event. * Hunting Grounds - Use the bow to shoot enemies and turn them into your side. * Korean TvT - Survive more rounds than the enemy in order to win. * Last Man Standing - Survive the event in order to win. * Lucky Chests - Open as many chests as possible in order to win. * Humans VS Mutants - Make as many mutant kills or kills as a mutant as possible. * Raid in the Middle - Kill the boss while staying safe from the enemy team. * Russian Roulette - Each round try to guess which chest won't die in order to win. * Simon Says - Say exactly what Simon says each round in order to win. * VIP TvT - Kill the enemy VIP while keeping yours safe. * Guardians - Killing enemies has a chance to spawn guardians, kill guardians to score for your team. * Buffless TvT - Team VS Team type event with no buffs, every kill counts. * Battle Royale - Find loot during the event and make your way to the top killing others. * Humans VS Zombies - Be the last to survive the apocalypse. Boss Events After every mini event there's a chance a grand boss event will start. Chance depends on amount of players online and day of week. There are 2 types of boss events: Team VS Team and Free for All. FFA will start only if there's not enough players for a TvT. In order to increase your chance for better rewards, you must take a vital part in the event. Currently implemented boss events: * Antharas * Baium * Core * Frintezza * Orfen * Queen Ant * Sailren * Valakas * Zaken Daily Events These type of events are a mimic of the retail ones. Daily events will run 24/7 and will switch every midnight. These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone. Currently implemented daily events: * Change of Heart - Collect 9 heart pieces in order to play a paper, rock, scissors game and win rewards. * Heavy Medals - Collect 2 types of medals and exchange them for rewards. * Letter Collector - Collect as many different letters as possible to build up your rewards. * Master of Enchanting - Try to enchant a staff as high as possible for better rewards. * Playing with Fire - Get ingredients for making fireworks, the more fireworks you make the more rewards you get. * Power of Love - Collect Tokens of Love and trade them for a reward. * Squish the Squash - Collect Pollens and use them to buy/grow a seed, better squashes means better rewards. * Zaken's Curse - Pigs will spawn randomly during maps, killing pigs results in getting rewarded. Holiday Events These type of events will run through holiday seasons. These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone. Currently implemented holiday events: * Black Friday - Prices of all items will reduce by 33%. * Halloween - Always night, hat drops, NPCs transformed into undead/zombies, XP/SP rates +25%. * Christmas - Snowmen attack event, hat drops, xmas blessing. * Valentine - Marriege price cut by 50%. * Easter - Special events will occour randomly in the world, participating will grant rewards. Aden Siege Aden Castle will be used as a retail like castle siege, the only one on the server. All clans can participate, the castle siege will take place every Sunday. The siege area is a free for all PvP zone, regardless of player's faction. The clan who will own Aden Castle will receive the following benefits: * +25% XP, +50% SP. * +1 Clan Reputation Point per kill. * Access to Gigantic Chaos Golem Raid Boss. * Castle Crowns and Circlets. * Members who are rank 7 or above can ride a Strider. * Members get special passive skills depending on the territories their faction owns. Farm Zone Players will be able to join a farm zone (solo or with party) at any time of the day. The farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, so choosing the right time to join is vital. Once joining, players can stay inside until they die once or 1 hour have passed. Besides of being full of monsters, there's also a boss free for all to farm. Noblesse In order to get noblesse status players must achieve the following: * Reach level 80. * Reach rank 5. * Get Ring of Goddess Quest Item by PvE. * Get Necklace of Goddess Quest Item by playing events. * Get Staff of Goddess Quest Item by killing the boss inside the Farm Zone. After meeting all of the requirements, you will need to search for the Noblesse Manager. The NPC is hidden at random locations inside the Farm Zone. Expert Skills Players will get 1 Expert Book each rank they get (9 books). Players will get 1 Expert Book for reaching levels 78, 79, 80 (3 books). These books can be used to learn special custom Expert Skills. Expert skills will give small bonuses to the character and will be stored among all subclasses. Expert skills can be reseted if a player feels like changing the skills he learned. Buffs * AIO buffer with 7 premade editable schemes. * Option to restore default schemes. * 4 hours buff duration. * Buff slots 20+4. * Summons restore buffs when resummoned. * Buffs kept after death (including toggles). * Anti buff griefing system. * Symbols and Event buffs do not take a buff slot. * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds. Enchanting * Modified enchant rates depending on game progression. * Failing a normal enchant will reset item enchant level to 0. * Failing a blessed enchant will reduce item enchant level by 1. * Safe enchant +3 (+4 full body). * Max enchant +16. * Life stone chance: 12%. * Enchant Advisor NPC in town where you can check enchant rates. PvP * PvP rewards with EXP/SP/Adena/Items which players can use to make progress ingame. * Players get rewarded according to damage done on enemies when they die. * Players can be spoiled for extra rewards. * Debuffs and heals also count as damage. * Players get rewarded for resurrecting (limited to 5 minutes per player). Class Balance No effect in olympiad: * FOI duration reduced to 8 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * Support classes cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes. * Prayer is a self buff. * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.6 * Removed full lethal. * Cat/Pony buffs are self/owner only and increased to 4 hours. * Snipe duration reduced to 30 seconds. * All Fear/Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 4 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 10 seconds. * Mana Burn power doubled. * Increased the amount of targets a warlord can hit by 5. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Armor Mastery penalty enabled. * Reduced magic critical rate by 75%. * Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist AoE force skills damage by 25%. * Reduced duelist single target force skills damage by 15%. * Reduced tyrant force skills damage by 10%. * Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by 15%. * Reduced elf archer critical damage by 10%. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 50% of target's max CP+HP in a single hit. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 10% of flags/unicorns HP in a single hit. * Increased warlord damage by 25%. * Increased summon damage by 10%. * Increased human tanker damage by 20% when not wearing a bow. * Increased elf/dark elf tanker damage by 50% when not wearing a bow. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Necromancer summons doesn't require a corpse to be summoned. * Necromancer summons can only be buffed with speed buffs. * Heroic Valor is target self. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Hero Rod/Scepter heal chance reduced from 3% to 1%. * A healer cannot resurrect other healers in maps and mini events. With effect in olympiad: * Aggression/Aura of Hate reuse delay increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. * Dash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 16 seconds. * Arrest range increased from 150 to 400. More Balance Changes * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear. * Team balance based on Elo/Count. * Anti farm / AFK systems. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. Olympiad * Only 1vs1 class irrelevant matches available. * Time left until olympiad period ends shows up for players upon login. * Runs only at Friday/Saturday/Sunday 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2. * Weekly cycle with reduced rewards, heroes every Monday. * Fights regardless of player's faction. * Minimum participants needed is 5. * Players need to play at least 5 maps a week in order to participate. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Increased EXP/SP/Adena rewards when playing in party. * Party limiting to 28 points max, so a party cannot become too strong. * Healers count as 15 points, tankers as 12 points, anything else 0. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Retail clan penalties. * 9 members maximum in main clan. * 1 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buy able from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Prices for leveling up, royal guards/knights and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Clan members cannot temporary change faction in events. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Weekly retail like Aden castle siege for clans with a variety of rewards. * Clan wars - clans can declare war against clans of opposite faction. Voiced Commands * .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events. * .shotsoff / .animon / .animoff / .allanimoff - show/hide animations, use if have client lags. * .scoreon / .scoreoff - show/hide the score bar during events. * .msgon / .msgoff - show/hide killing streak messages on screen. * .radaron / .radaroff - show/hide player radar in events. * .changepin - manage character-level security pin code. * .autorespawn / .manualrespawn - change respawn mode while in maps. * .elo - if used on others can show others Elo points, otherwise shows self Elo points. * .info - show information while in an event or farm zone. * .menu - manage any voiced command through a html window. * .gotolove - instantly teleport to your partner. * .repair - use to fix all charactrers on the account if having login problems. * .notice - clan leaders can set message for all members to see upon login. * .joinparty - auto join a party during an event. Features * Starting level 76 with 3rd class (including sub classes). * Max level 80 (including sub classes). * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 500 Adena. * Starting gear C-grade. * S-grade locked for the start of the server. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global vote reward system for Adena. * Personal vote reward system for temporary passive skill. * Double EXP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing streak system with sounds. * Killing spree system with sounds. * Events voting system. * Announcements upon raid bosses/grand bosses spawn/death. * Full GM shop with gifts system. * Grand master for sub classes, clan/ally management, skill learning and more. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Return skill for all classes instead of SoE. * Special town for both factions for improved server economy. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat. * Shout and Hero chats will show player's faction. * Players can duel in town. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Tablet of Information NPC shows useful tips, info and boss status. * Free warehouse and freight. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pin code security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker, Lottery and Casino. * Wedding with gotolove and extra skills. * /unstuck will teleport the player to another spawn location while in events.
  2. The Grand X100 Interlude Opening 2018 August 16 19:00 GMT+3 Premium Medals Bonus! First 300 players at opening day after changing second class will receive Premium Medal which will be available for 24 hours! On Lineage2 Interlude LA2AXE.NET we guarantee: - Stablest platform in nowadays L2 world. - Strongest protection from DDOS attacks in market. - Long term game without wipe. - Comfortable game without freezes and delays. - Daily EVENTS and PvP 24/7 everyday. - Helpful administration team. - And much more! Website: WWW.LA2AXE.NET We would like you to present novelty of Lineage2 Interlude world! Special Raid Boss Drop: - Golkonda BEWS 1-3 (50%), BEAS 1-3 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%) - Shax BEWS 1-3 (50%), BEAS 1-3 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%) - Decabria BEWS 1-2 (50%), BEAS 1-2 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%) - Kernon BEWS 1-4 (50%), BEAS 1-4 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%) Rates Information: XP/SP: x100 Party XP/SP: x1.4 Adena: x70 Drop: x35 Spoil: x35 Seal Stones: x1.2 Manor: x2 Quest Reward: x3 (Not for all) Quest Drop: x10 (Not for all) Item RaidBoss: x10 Adena RaidBoss: x2 Item GrandBoss: x1 Adena GrandBoss: x Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +3 / full armor +4 Max Enchant for armor / weapon: +16 Max Enchant for jewelery: +16 Normal Enchant: 65% Blessed Enchant: 75% PVP Zones 1. Baium Lair and TOI 13/14 are PVP zones. 2. Valakas PVP zone near NPC "Klein". 3. Antharas Lair and near "Heart Of Warding" are PVP zones. 4. Frintezza PVP zone is in first Imperial Tomb room. 5. Queen Ant PVP zone after the bridge and near Boss. - When you enter to zones you get violet nick( FLAG ). When you exit from zone, after 20s your flag remove. Basic Full working Raid / Grand Boss instances. Cursed weapons system. Automatic table for class change at 20, 40, 76 levels. 1st class reward: 5kk, 2nd class reward: 10kk, 3rd class reward: 30kk adenas. Retail augmentation system. No quest for subclass. Skills auto learn. Champions system. Maximum Buffs: 28 ( +4 Divine Inspiration ). Buff Time: 2 hours. Caradine Letter in shop. Scheme buffer. Offline Shop from 30 level. Everyday event: TVT. Mana potions: 500MP / 5SEC. Shop: up to Top B-grade. Max clients per pc: 5. Command: .menu Olympiad Olympiad period - one week. Olympiad time 18:00 -24:00. Heroes change at saturday. Validation period at sunday 00:05 - 12:00. On 12 hours period you have to exchange noblesse gate pass. Join, invite your friends and begin new era of Lineage2 Interlude! The Grand X100 Interlude Opening 2018 August 16 19:00 GMT+3 Website: WWW.LA2AXE.NET
  3. Ultimate Edition More information about the functions here Built-in Bot (2018) Full Auto Farm/Spoil. Choose Range for Skills. Auto Assist. Auto Follow. Auto Use HP/CP/MP Restore Skill (For yourself and your Party Members). Auto Use Buff (For yourself and your Party Members). Auto Cleanse (For yourself and your Party Members). Auto Resurrection Party Members. More Description Here Any skill can be inserted (If it fits the conditions). Also, the action has no effect - Locked. (Prevents misuse) Hunting List The service for Managing the List of Mobs is farmed by Bot. With it, you can delete and add Mobs to the List. You can add from a Target or by entering the Name of the Mob. Lists are available for Saving and Loading. More Description Here Looped Macro L2 Classic Click on the macro with the right mouse button, as in the toggle post-501-0-31470100-1510945822.jpg Now the macro will be looped, until you disable its use by click again. The looped macro is not interrupted by any action! You can continue to move and fight. And also you can insert a macro into a macro! Thanks to the use of looped macros, your possibilities are limited only by your imagination - you can use it for combos in pvp, farm mobs, taking an assistant or trading in a town. To choose from 105 icons from L2 Classic! Macro Tooltip Now, as in modern chronicles, when you hover over a macro, the tooltip displays its content. Automatically Spoil & Sweep This option is located in the Support Setting Window. Just activate and your spoiler will himself spoil and sweep the mobs that he has in his target. Important! You can use Auto Assist Settings and then your spoiler will spoil those mobs that you have on target. You can farm them with your main character, and he will spoil and sweep them yourself. Auto Assist No Unwanted Character Move. No Hotkeys. No MA Self-Assist. Just Pure Auto Assist. Works only between this interface owners. 1 - Support Setting. 2 - Enable / Disable «Give Assist». 3 - Enable / Disable «Take Assist». Service of Automatic re-use of Buff / Toggle / Dance & Song Automatic Loading & Sorting Skills of Your Character. Instant re-use Skill if it is Missing: Time-Up / Cancel / Die. *Located in Skills & Magic Window (Alt + K). Tab - Setting. Automatically Enchant Skills Service Thanks to the built-in database, allows you to see the exact value of the bonus, which gets a skill with a certain enchanting. For example, you enchant a skill for Chance, you can see what his chance of passing through at the moment is and what will happen if you enchant it. The same applies to other types: Power / Cost / Time / Recovery. Most skills do not have a fixed increase for the level of enchant, but receive it on some levels. Now you can achieve the same effect, but spend much less books. ACP 2.0 (2018) Automatically Loads Potions into slots. Always Displays Only Those Potions that are in stock. Potions Counter. Can use 2 types of CP Simultaneously Thus, restoring by 25% more CP! Auto Use Potions Automatically Detect Your Class & Determines Potions for it. Use Only if there is No Analog. For example: If the Character has a Wind Walk / Pa`agrian Haste / Sprint or Same Potion - He Doesn't Use. Also Doesn't Spam Potions if there is a block effect. For example: If the Character has a Celestial Shield / Etc - He Doesn't Use. Hold Target Say Goodbye to: Trick / Switch / Bluff / Aura Flash / Mirage / Shock Stomp / Etc Ignore Aggression Say Goodbye to: Aggression / Aura of Hate / Provoke Returns the Previous Target! Service of Automatic Enchant 2.0 (2018) Implemented the possibility of Conveyor Enchant: If the item is successfully Enchanted or Crystallized, Bot will Enchant the next item of the same type. (Optional) Thus, you can Enchant an unlimited number of items, being AFK. If, of course, you have enough scrolls Scrolls are inserted automatically after inserting the item Implemented blocker, preventing unintentional Enchanting: If the Enchant of the item is equal to or greater than the value specified in the Enchant To, The Enchant button is disabled. Works on All Servers. Scroll Counter. Sound Alert. Adjustable Speed. Can work in tray (Without «Phantom» Windows). Service of Automatic Augmentation Multi Craft Service Automatically create a specified number of items. When the pre-set number is created, the function automatically terminated. If the Crafter does not have enough MP, the function will resume attempts at small intervals until a specified number of items are created, after which the function is automatically terminated. Swap Party Members Now, as in modern chronicles, the function of moving the Party Member is available, by holding down the Alt key. Now you do not need to re-collect the party to order the members. Display Character Skill Use Force Exit Alt+Q Instantly kick your character out of the game, even if he is in a Combat State (Fight / Debuff / Etc) Automatically Clean Garbage Just click on the remove items button - "Trash". Now garbage collection mode is activated. (You will see this by changing the button) Every time you delete an item in this mode, it falls into the garbage list and will be automatically deleted from the inventory. (While the mode is active.To stop the automatic garbage collection - just press the button again) The garbage list is saved in a separate configuration file and you do not have to re-create it every time. Minimap L2 Classic 2.0 Antharas (2018) Optional. You can remove it in Option > New > Show Minimap On / Off, thus you return the default Interlude radar. All standard functions of the minimap are available: Search for a target and search for Party Members. You can: fix your location relative to the center, Make the mini map transparent, move it to any place, As well as Increase or Decrease it (256 or 512). Change Render Type (Map or Radar). The settings button is located in the upper left corner of the minimap. The size switch is in the bottom left corner of the minimap. Town Map L2 Classic 2.0: Antharas New, highly detailed maps on a transparent background, More contrasting and clear than before. Maps of catacombs, Epic dungeons and other locations in the style of L2 Classic Ant Nest, Stakato Nest, Devil Isle, Forge of Gods (Upper & Lower), Imperial Tomb, Giant Cave, Etc. More information about the functions here Guaranteed Support For All. Regular Updates. All Updates Are Free For Everyone. Forever. Interface Only - 25 USD. Bypassing All Type Protection Exept: (Active AntiCheat & SmartGuard) Bundle (Interface + Protection Bypassing) - 40 USD Bypassing All Type Protection: (Active AntiCheat / SmartGuard / Etc) Developed By L2NPHRN:Live To be continued. Everything is possible :)
  4. i noticed on l2jacis is not being used javolution also fastmap changed to hashmap , what about the typeformat ? import javolution.text.TypeFormat; <-- BLESS_WEAPON_ENCHANT_LEVEL.put(TypeFormat.parseInt(writeData[0]), TypeFormat.parseInt(writeData[1])); wich iis the new '' typeformat import' and what i'll change for this option i wish to use ! thank you
  5. At 2008 was the year which L2 Elixir open its gates for first time, was that year when we decided, as ex-lineage 2 players, to open our own server. A server different than the others, a server for players who love this game and want to enjoy it. We hadn't any purpose of making money, our goal was to make a server which will provide to all lineage 2 players a fair and free game to enjoy their time. For more than 3 years, L2 Elixir was alive with daily updates and improvements and with one of the largest number of players a private server ever had. Unfortunately after 3+ years of a Live server without any corruption, without any kind of unbalanced donation which affects the gameplay, nights without sleep, lots of money spent to offer a free server to L2 Elixir players and our nerves on the breaking point, the circumstances prevent us to continue the operation of the server. More money needed to be spent for new equipment to host L2 Elixir. Several players offered financial support for the server, but we couldn't find a way to manage it, without any problems. So L2 Elixir shut down, on a time that we were preparing a full Freya update, AFTER 3+ years of operation. At 2018 is the year which,L2 Elixir takes life again. Me and Ocean,the primarily members of L2 Elixir team, decided to open again the server after 7 years! All these years we follow the Lineage news, but we didn't take part because our lives and circumstances didn't allow us to have the time to spend like we did back at 2008. So now its the time, L2 Elixir to be the greatest server again. To bring all the old players and the new players of this game back to L2 Elixir, for a long and interesting adventure once again! We have again this need to offer to Lineage 2 players, the Best server that they need, the server that they don't have! To unite the old players and Clans, with the New ones. To remind to the old players, the game that they loved, and learn to the new players, the game that they never had! We have this need to watch the epic fights again, All the clans which fought each other as enemies, or fought together as teams. With a few words, we want to remember the old time classic memories, and live them again on a new different period of time with people love the game it self and mesmerized from our work. L2 Elixir makes the big comeback this summer with one of the biggest projects of this decade to offer its services and dedicate once again to the players and provide an extremely competitive gameplay to all these clans like LittlePigs / Crush / Just4Fun / Exiles / Ophalim / Emperors / AwakenDemon / PinkFloyd22 / BadBoyZ TnT / Allegro / Breathe / Gr33kWarriors / NewOrders / 4usOnly / Horama / ReJoice / TheBlackDragon and many many more which made L2 Elixir one of the greatest servers of all times. We would like as well to see all the new clans and players shined last 10 years, unite them all in one server with a long term plan, as only we know, to write their own history once again, enjoy their epic battles and the game they loved to play on a younger age, with the guarantee of L2 Elixir!] Client: Interlude Rates : x4 Open BETA: Wednesday 04 July, 21:00 GMT+3 (Greece timezone). Official Launch: Saturday 07 July, 21:00 GMT+3 (Greece timezone). Site: http://l2elixir.com Forum: http://l2elixir.com/forum Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/l2Elixir Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/l2elixir
  6. Hi, the server has being upgraded to the H5 client, featuring a full C6 Server-side implementation old pride-style. Grand Opening ETA: 5 September Features C6 Pride Style on H5 Client Starting Level 85Max Level 96 Kamaloka, Multiverse Instances 40+ Raidbosses, Smart APCs Unique, Epic, Legendary and Relic Gears Max Enchant +20 The above videos are community made. The Community will be hosted completely on Discord, it will be the only mean to contact with the server! Discord Facebook Page The server will have full integration with Discord: Discord PvP Announcer and soon much more integration is comming! More info on this topic will be added!
  7. Hello and welcome to L2 Aria, my team and I have decided to reopen this beautiful server after a year. Our game has been made for hardcore players what i mean you will read it in the next lines There is a level up system, big farming system, and you must put effort to be the best in this game. This server has been made for players who like the mid-rate servers and you won�t be the TOP character in 1 day. If you are a player that likes: Insta up to level 80 being TOP geared and enchanted in a blink of an eye then, this server is not for you. We know that everyone has their playable style but we picked the best one, which will never leave the player bored. Thanks for taking your time and reading this. Also, we thank you choosing L2 Aria because we know you have choice when it comes to online entertaining. Rates exp - 50x Rates sp - 40x Adena rates - 40x Enchant scroll rates - 80% Normal scroll rate - 60% Blessed scroll rate - 80% till +15 After 15 we gift you 100% rate to 16 Jewels max enchant - 12 Armor max enchant - 12 http://www.l2aria.net/index.php. <~ Official WebSite https://l2aria.net/community/ <~ Official Forum For more Informations Join In WebSite L2Aria No Custom x50 Mid Rate PvP Interlude Server L2Aria Staff Wait you for one special Play Game! L2Aria Is Back Coming Soon Full Protection System Full Anti Bot System Full DDos Protection Full Balance Server Special Accessories added for you Classic Quests L2Aria Looking For Special Players Grand Opening Event Grand Opening Clan Event Special L2Aria Staff Events We working now for one special server for the date and time for opening we will tell you in next days!
  8. General Rates Exp: 100 Adena: 10* Enchant: 50%** Augmentation: 50% * - retail zones multiplier, custom zones has boosted drop ** - may be changed in near future New Character All new characters are born at 20 level in Town of Giran, inside the Template. To help you on your journey, you are granted with a Starting Pack . Double click it to obtain following items: After that visit Elena, the Newbie trader to exchange Newbie Armor/Weapon Ticket's for D-Grade gear. Castle Sieges To ensure you the greatest PvP experience from the beginning, initially, there are only two available castles: Aden and Rune. Olympiad The olympiad cycle lasts for 2 weeks. Default competition hours 18:00 - 00:00. To enhance the battle experience, you are able to select 5 basic buffs. Subclass In order to obtain the subclass status you have to accomplish few tasks. Collect 100kk of Adena, 100 Moonstones and be level 76, at least. Noblesse In order to become a nobleman you must bring me following ingredients. Subclass Contract, 300 Moonstones, 500kk of Adena, Noble Emerald and of course be equal or greater to 76 level. Shadow of Halisha Halisha is located inside Imperial Tomb. You must slain Halisha in oder to collect Noble Emerald required to obtain the noblesse status. Before you reach the Halisha, you must pass through 4 rooms full of mobs. Each 1 min, the gates are being opened. Speak to the monument to open the first gates. Once initialized, the gates opens automatically. Caution: the Halisha's room is a combat zone. Droplist: Noble Emerald Anakim Despite her power, she looks like a beautiful and innocent young girl. Slain Anakim to obtain the Ring of Anakim . The twin, magic version of Queen Ant. She is located near the Elven Village. The place is secret, you must find it. Produces the following effects: Labyrinth of the Abyss Labyrinth of the Abyss is an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h. Depending on the level of your party, different Raid Bosses will be spawned. Important: You must have an party consist of 7 players, at least. Droplist: to be announced Hall Of Nightmares Rim Kamaloka, it's also an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h. You can enter solo or with a party. Droplist: Adena Lair of the Antharas Your very first farm zone. Gain experience, collect necessary items, fight for the boss. Feel the essence of PVE. Droplist: Adena, Reagent Pouch Ruins of Despair Second, S-Grade zone. Here you can obtain sealed S-Grade gear and other necessary items. Over the Ruins of Despair you can find several raid bosses, see below. You may farm here solo, eventually, but party farm is highly recommended. Droplist: Adena, Life Stones, Flames of Desire, Black Flames of Desire, Weapon/Armor/Jewerly Tresure Chest* Caution: Monsters also do dop Life Stones. Available only by spoil. * - double click to obtain a random item Swampland Swampland is our custom items farm zone. It's an instanced, pvp zone. You will get here all necessary items to create your custom armor, weapon and SA. Caution: Once you enter the zone, your buffs will be removed. Your own buffers are required. Droplist: Dark Astatine, Darkness Gem, Black Coin, Black Gemstone, Energy Condenser Find the Chest Everyday at 20:00 mini event will take place. Invisible chests will be randomly spawned over the Garden of Eva's secret room. In order to reveal the chest, use the Sixth Sense . Then, use the Magic Key to obtain the drop. Droplist: Event Medals Party Event Register your party, show that you are not afraid. You can register any party count from 2 to 9. Caution: You must challenge the same party size. Do your best to get the MVP status of the challenge and earn Prince's Trophy . You can exchange it for various goods. Useful commands .res - instant resurrection of your character* * - Blessed Resurrection Stone required .repair - repairs all characters on your account .changepin - assign new PIN code to your character .instancezone - shows re-use time of instance entry .aiotime - shows time left of AIO status .aiolist - displays the list of all AIO characters .sellbuffs - support classes are able to sell buffs double-click the Adena* to convert it into Bellows Gold** * - the conversion rate 500.000.000 : 1 ** - double-click Bellows Gold to receive Adena Note that, server still is in development, so some features may be changed and definitelly added. You can expect new updates soon. Despite the fact, server is accessible, currently in BETA mode. Feel free to connect and share your first thoughts. Initial opening is set on 1st September. Website https://l2swamp.com/ Forum https://l2swamp.com/forum/
  9. Dear friends! of https://www.lineage2dex.com We are glad to announce that the opening of a new Interlude server is coming soon! According to the tradition of L2Dex, we want to give you all a preliminary information about the server rates and the date of opening. Also as a part of our tradition we will give you a possibility to choose how this server will looks like. Interlude - September 2018 Server will be opened in mid-September. The exact date and rates will be announced next week. Server section on the forum will be opened and we will start series of votes. It will depend on you what server you will play on. Based on the results of voting and your comments, the concept of the server will be drawn up. Voting and discussions will last until the end of August. What awaits you on the new server? The same classic Interlude that everyone loves, with a dynamic and exciting game. The server will have some additions that will add variety to the established world of Interlude, but without affecting the main aspects and the oryginal gameplay. The best build of (PTS) Interlude is tested time-tested. Characters that will always be with you We all know that the server sooner or later loses its relevance and online, as a result of which other projects are doing wipe or server shutdown. But not in our case! We already have a Union database server, which always has active players who will happily accept newcomers from other "out-of-date" servers. During the next week, we run a series of polls, in which you will select the features of the server. Follow the news, Team Lineage2dex.com
  10. Why you should preffer L2 100ka Interlude server: - Official L2PTS files without bugs - with full support from lucera2 team. - International English based community - Long term project - we plan to keep this server for years! - Instant support and troubleshooting - Instant permanent ban on botters - Smart Guard + active GMs Team - Donations which do not influnce game life - Zero lag from any place in the world - Secure Anti-DDoS protection @ sites + servers - Epic bosses from 17:00 - 23:00 GMT+1! Grand Opening: 11.08.2018! Informations: Server Platform: L2PTS files Interlude craft/pvp server Server Timezone: Time (GMT +1) Server OBT: 28.07.2018. RATES: Experience (XP): x70 Skill Points (SP): x70 Drop (Adena): x30 (all price is balanced) Drop (Items): x50 Spoil: x50 Drop (Raidboss): x20 Drop (GrandBoss): x2 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quest drop: x15 (dynamic) Quest reward XP/SP: x5 Quest reward adena: x3 Basic Features: Augmen system: full activ in buff slot!! active buff time 60 min. Autopickup and autolearn skill. Respawn Announce for RB it's 20 min before spawn. All RBs 70+ level. NO GM shop only luxury. (npc spawn main town) Trader holly has added D/C shots,mana potion and Q items. Mana potions - reus 5 sec Antibot system - Smart Guard & also antibot policy Start pack No grade armor/weapon and 21 lvl (spawn main town) Olympiad Period - 1 week/ Olympiad duration period - 20:00 to 00:00 (CET \ GMT +1). Maximum enchant +6. Free teleport to 40 lvl Global chat ON 40+ lvl Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles Balanced all Raid/Epic boss, mobs and all class! 4 custom farm zone for Enchants! Stackable Life stones / Enchants / BOGs Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks. Full Working Geodata exp on/off + other commands providing comfortable gaming Seven Signs retail - MoM and BoM added in Warehouse keeper Taurin Offline Shops - min. level for shop: 40, command: .offline Premium : Exp/SP +50% NPC Buffer - YES (helper buffer) The buffer has only PP / SE / EE buffs Buff time 60 min. from players and NPC buffers Classes transferring: 1st profession - Free 2nd profession - 500 000 Adena 3rd profession - 500 Halisha Mark (drops without a quest, drops from mobs in wall of argos tunnel) Enchant: Enchant chance Normal scroll: 70% Enchant chance Blessed scroll: 80% Enchant chance Crystal scroll: 100% (only from vote) Safe Enchant amount: +4 Max. Enchant amount: +50 Sub-class: Mini Quest Max. sub: 5+ main Items for Sub Quest: Noblesse: Carradine letter lvl 3 in GM shop for 500 MSS and 50kk or Quest Raid Bosses: Valakas: 4 days from 21:00 to 22:00 Antharas: 3 days from 21:00 to 22:00 Baium: 2 days from 20:00 to 21:00 Frintezza: 2 days from 22:00 to 23:00 Queen Ant: everyday from 19:00 to 20:00 - max. level 48 to enter zone Zaken: everyday from 18:00 to 20:00 - max. level 68 to enter zone Core: everyday from 17:00 to 18:00 Added drop Top LS 76 and S BoG Orfen: everyday from 18:00 to 19:00 Added drop Top LS 76 and S BoG To view information about respawning bosses in the game, .epic command is available (displays the spawn date) Barakiel: 5hours / Random + - 1h All Normall Bosses - ( 12-24 ) The limitation on amount of players inside of the Valakas lair was removed. Farm zone: GM 1 farm/pvp zone: Drop Enchants A/S increased chance of drop as on GM 2/3/4 GM 2 normal farm zone: Drop Enchants A/S GM 3 normal farm zone: Drop Enchants grade B GM 4 peace zone: Drop Enchants B/A/S website: http://100ka.cz/
  11. Fast Preview: Download (3,17KB) :[Hidden Content] Credits: HappyLDE <npc id="9994" idTemplate="100912" name="Jolie" title=" Enchant Items"> <set name="level" val="70"/> <set name="radius" val="13"/> <set name="height" val="20"/> <set name="rHand" val="22"/> <set name="lHand" val="26"/> <set name="type" val="L2Npc"/> <set name="exp" val="0"/> <set name="sp" val="0"/> <set name="hp" val="2444.46819"/> <set name="mp" val="1345.8"/> <set name="hpRegen" val="7.5"/> <set name="mpRegen" val="2.7"/> <set name="pAtk" val="688.86373"/> <set name="pDef" val="295.91597"/> <set name="mAtk" val="470.40463"/> <set name="mDef" val="216.53847"/> <set name="crit" val="4"/> <set name="atkSpd" val="253"/> <set name="str" val="40"/> <set name="int" val="21"/> <set name="dex" val="30"/> <set name="wit" val="20"/> <set name="con" val="43"/> <set name="men" val="20"/> <set name="corpseTime" val="7"/> <set name="walkSpd" val="50"/> <set name="runSpd" val="120"/> <set name="dropHerbGroup" val="0"/> <set name="attackRange" val="40"/> <ai type="default" ssCount="0" ssRate="0" spsCount="0" spsRate="0" aggro="0" canMove="true" seedable="false"/> </npc>
  12. L2Pandora Interlude 50x L2OFF Craft-PvP Grand opening August 31, 2018 website: http://l2pandora.net Server Rates & Features Exp: x50 SP : x50 Adena : x25 Drops :x15 Spoil : x15 SealStones x8 Weight Limit x3 Herbs x2 QUEST: The Finest Food - rate x5 Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints) - rate x5 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 - rate x5 Supplier of Reagents - rate x5 War with Ketra Orcs - rate x5 War with Varka Silenos - rate x5 Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames - rate x5 Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x5 Alliance with Varka Silenos - rate x5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - Rate x5 Halisha's marks - rate x5 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2 - rate x5 Legacy of Insolence - rate x5 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - rate x5 An Ice Merchant's Dream - rate x5 Protect the Water Source - rate x5 Guardians of the Holy Grail - rate x5 Seekers of the Holy Grail - rate x5-(Party) EWS 2/ EAS 3 / adena x10 Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - rate x5 Yoke of the Past - rate x5 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - rate x5 A Powerful Primeval Creature - rate x5 Delicious top Choice Meat rate - rate x5 Increased reward x2 The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest), some others - rate x5, rewards x1 ============================================================================= Auto Loot system for adena & items from monsters Manual Loot for Raid Bosses Enchant Safe +3 Max Weapon: +16 Max Armor/Jewels: +12 Enchant Rate: 55 % Normal / 60 % Blessed Other Features Maximum Clients per computer : 3 Required Clan Level to bid for a Clan Hall is 6. Dualsword Craft Stamp added in Merchant of Mammon for 1.500.000 Ancient Adena. Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances. Premium system increase your rates by 50 %(EXP / SP / Adena / drop chance / spoil ) , access to global chat( 1 message every 10 minutes ) Using command : ^Message ! Free access to epics without quest. Offline Shops CLass Master NPC Sub Class: You can get subclass from NPC: Attention, the quest is not required! Attention! You are not required to hit raid bosses, talk to the chest that appears after death the raid is enough. To get you need all of 4 Scepters and 100kk adena; 75+ lvl. Scepter mined by killing raid bosses (to hit is not necessarily) and search the chest that appears (necessarily). Only characters level 75 + for get a scepter in the chest. Scepters is not tradeable / no sell, you can only delete. After the talk with a chest, the scepter appears in quest inventory. After that you'll get Cabrio Infernium Scepters and 100kk adena, you should return to the NPC Class Master and with one click you will get a subclass. Boss Sub Class Spawn: 80 Level - Cabrio: 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). 80 Level - Golkonda: 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). 80 Level - Hallate: 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). 80 Level - Kernon: 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). Buffs 22+4 slots (Divine Inspiration) (Learning with Divine Inspiration); Buffs, Dances and Songs duration 1 Hour Npc Full Buffs - All buffs Free without summoners buff , rezists and malarias. Profile Buffs "Macro in Npc full buffs" V.I.P. buff system for full resists , malarys , cat/horse buffs Players self buffs/dance/prophecys is RETAIL TIME CLASS TRANSFER 1st class change costs 100 000 adena 2nd class change costs 1 000 000 adena 3rd class change through the regular transfer class quest . (x5 Halisha's Mark drop rate) Or by adena 50 000 000 on Class Master NPC GRAND OLYMPIAD Olympiad Period Weekly , heroes will appear every Sunday! At 12:00 we announce heroes Entering the Olympiad all cubics, pets or summons are getting erased, except Soultakers. Participants are healed fully on their CP/HP/MP when they enter in the stadium but not before the game starts. Using common craft and targeting yourself with a special ability buff weapon will not provide any buff. Olympiad operates daily from 19:00 GMT +2 to 01:00 GMT +2. (Server time 6pm to 00 AM) Olympiad minimum participants requirement to start is 7. Olympiad class based games are disabled. Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 EPIC BOSSES All Epic's Level 80 Jewels boss Only epic boss drop Chaotic Zones: All Epic Bosses Spawn 80 level - Ant Queen - Respawn = 24 hours Respawn Random +/- 1 hour - Drop Ring - 50% 80 level - Core - Respawn = 36 hours Respawn Random +/- 30 minutes - Drop Ring - 30% 80 level - Orfen - Respawn = 36 hours Respawn Random +/- 30 minutes - Drop Earring - 30% 80 level - Zaken - Respawn = 48 hours Respawn Random +/- 1 hour - Drop Earring - 100% 80 level - Baium - Respawn = 120 hours Respawn Random +/ - 1 hour - Drop Ring - 100% 85 Level - Antharas - Respawn = 168 hours Respawn Random +/ - 30 minutes - Drop Earring - 100% 85 Level - Valakas - Respawn = 240 hours Respawn Random +/- 30 minutes - Drop Necklace - 100% 85 Level - Frintezza - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100% All Epic bosses Chaotic zones Alliance Bosses 80 Level - Ketra's Hero Hekaton 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). 80 Level - Ketra's Commander Tayr 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). 80 Level - Ketra's Chief Brakki 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). 80 Level - Varka's Hero Shadith 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). ok 80 Level - Varka's Commander Mos 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). ok 80 Level - Varka's Chief Horus 12 Hours (Random -1h +1h). Noblesse Boss 80 Level - Flame Splendor of Barakiel: 6 Hours (Random -+15min). ( Increase HP x10 times ) All Normal Boss : 12 Hrs +6 Hrs Nobless: Quest Retail - Noblesse Can buy Lunarget ( 20 kk adena each) & Hellfireoil ( 50 kk adena ) from GM Shop Armos & Weapons C-Grade and B-Grade by Adenas. A-Grade and S-Grade by Craft. Game Shop Armor and weapons up to B grade. All consumables are available in the store. Available Trader of Mammon Blacksmith of Mammon in town. CASTLE SIEGES Giran Castle =Saturday 9th of September at 17:00 and every 2 weeks same day & time. Aden Castle =Saturday 9th of September at 21:00 and every 2 weeks same day & time. Rune Castle =Saturday 16th of September at 17:00 and every 2 weeks same day & time. Goddard Castle =Saturday 16th of September at 21:00 and every 2 weeks same day & time. Schuttgart Castle =Disabled Innadril Castle =Disabled Oren Castle =Disabled Dion Castle =Disabled Gludio Castle =Disabled OTHERS: Clans Allyance MAXIMUM 2 clans Clan penalty -- 6 hours Auto learn skills Augmentation Chances: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 5% | HIGH SKILL: 8% | TOP SKILL: 12% All Tyrannosaurus have 20% drop of Top LS 76. With respawn 5 min Chance Tyrannosaurus lvl cry 20 % lvl 11-12 Mana Potion restore 1000mp with delay 15 secs- avariable at Gm Shop Donation List: Souls Crystal Red/Blue/Green 13 | LS High and Top LS 76 | Book 61/76/76 slot of buff | Giant Codex | Proof of Catching a Fish | Cps Potions | Blesseds Enchants ( S,A,B) | Ally with Ketra and Varkas lvl 5. Also quest items for epics | Subclass | Nobless Status | Change Grender | Change Sex | Color name & Title More updates will be posted ! ATTENTION : We do not sell anything but that, we want to build a balanced long-term server. Others : Clan ranking on website. TOP PVP / TOP PK /TOP Online / TOP LVL / Oly Ranking / Castle Owners and informations of Siege. Seven Sings: Seven Sings with npc in town and start (the first Monday open Register to collect). Contacts Email : gml2pandora@gmail.com or skype: live:gml2pandora Protection Anti DDOS Protection "Stormwall" Anti Bot: SGuard
  13. ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Drop 1x. Party Xp 2x. Party Sp 2x. Starting character level 80. ~~~~~~~~~~> Enchant Rates <~~~~~~~~~ Safe enchant +7 Normal Scrolls 100 % and max +7 Blesseds scrolls 95 % and max +16 Crystal scrolls 70 % and max +20 ~~~~~~~~~~> Augmentation <~~~~~~~~~ Mid life stone skill change - 5% High life stone skill change - 10% Top life stone skill change - 20% ~~~~~~~~~~> Server Features <~~~~~~~~~ Main town - Giran Automatic-Manual Potions. Working 3 castle sieges. {Giran-Aden-Goddard} Stackable scrolls,lifestones,book of giants. More than 11 active raid bosses. Wedding System. Unique Farm Areas. Npc skill enchanter. Full npc buffer with auto buff. Max count of buffs - 50 Max subclasses - 3 Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest subclass. Raid boss that gives full pt nobless status No weight limit. Unique protection anti-heavy armor for archers/daggers etc. Ingame password change. Top pvp/pk ranks NPC. Unique monsters & NPC. Interlude retail skills. Server up-time 24/7 99%. Perfect class balance (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations). Announcements on double kills triple kills etc. Announcements on Grand Boss death , with the name of the killer as well as clan name of the player. Information Npc in game with all servers informations. ~~~~~~~~~~> Custom servers Gear <~~~~~~~~~ Epic Armor Titanium Armor Dusk Weapon Custom fighter/mage tattoo Custom Wings/Hairs Custom Mask and more!! ~~~~~~~~~~> Server commands <~~~~~~~~~ .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event. .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event. .dmjoin .dmleave - Join or leave dm event. .online - current online players count. .repair - repairs stuck character in world. .menu - opens online menu panel. .exit - PvP zone exit in case you are bullied. .auto - Enable/disable auto potions. .changepassword - Opens online menu then u can change ur password in game. ~~~~~~~~~~> Event System <~~~~~~~~~ TvT Event. CTF Event. DM Event. Unique Event Shop. ~~~~~~~~~~> Olympiad Game <~~~~~~~~~ Retail olympiad game. Competition period [1] week. Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT +2. Olympiad no custom , +6 gear. New heroes every Sunday. ~~~~~~~~~~> GRAND OPENING <~~~~~~~~~ 6/7/2018 20:00 GMT +3 http://L2hellhound.com STAY TUNNED!
  14. NEW L2RELOAD CUSTOM PVP SERVER SEASON STARTS THIS SATURDAY at 20:00EET! More info: http://l2reload.net Information: MAIN INFO Chronicle: Interlude (aka C6) Type: Custom PvP No Grade and Weight penalty Anti heavy Offline shop system Unique Economy System(Adena is the main currency) Stable Platform Constantly evolving classes balance Full interlude geodata/pathnode In-game vote rewards mass+individual. Castle Sieges Giran and Adena every week Custom Buffer Full+Custom GMSHOP SERVER RATES EXP 700x SP 800x ADEN 1000x DROP 1x ENCHANT RATES Safe +5 Max +20 Simple Scrolls 85% (Max +16) Blessed Scrolls 95%(Max +16) Crystal Scrolls 100%(Max +20) CUSTOM ITEMS Level 1 Items: Epic armors/weapons Dynasty armors/weapons Valakas armors/weapons Antharas armors/weapons Level 2 Items: Reload Weapons Reload Armors Reload Jewelery Other Items: Special Tattoos Wings Masks with stats ZONES Many special custom zones! 12 Raidbosses with their separate zones COMMANDS .online .repair .title /pin .autopot OLYMPIAD Retail olympiad Constanly evolving olympiad classes balance Competition period week (hero changes every Monday at 23:59) Olympiad start time 18:00 end 00:00 EVENTS Event engine with 11 events every 30-40 minutes! Special GM Events CLAN Max clans in ally: 2 Max members in clan: 15 More info: http://l2reload.net
  15. GRAND OPENING: 2018/09/02 WWW.L2NEO.COM Server rates: Xp / Sp - 100x Aden - 50X Drop - 25x Spoil - 25x Quest Reward - 3x (Not for all) Quest Drop - 10x (Not for all) Raidboss Drop - 7x Rate party XP - 1.3x Zero our Reward - 2x Olympiad: Olympiad Starts 18:00 Olympiad Ends: 24:00 Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00 Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes Enchantment Rates: Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16 Max Enchant (Jewelery): +8 Safe Enchant: +4 Simple Scroll: 60% Blessed Scroll: 65% Additional Information: 24 Buff Slots + 4 debuff Buff Time 2 hours Class Change 1- Free | 2- Free | 3- Free Free SubClass Change Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in GM Shop. Global Olympiad Auto Learn Skills Scheme buffer Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment) Pvp Zones: Antharas, Baium, Valakas, AQ. Near Frintezza NPC - PVP zone. Added newest geodata. WWW.L2NEO.COM
  16. www.l2warfare.com SERVER OPENING: 2018/08/11 18:00 GMT+3! -=Server Rates=- - RateXp = 2000. - RatePartyXp = 2000. - RateDropAdena = 2000. - Drop: 1x. - Spoil: 1x. - Safe enchant: +5 - Max Weapon Enchant: +30 - Max with Crystal Scrolls Enchant: +35 - Normal Scrolls: 60% - Blessed Scrolls: 80% - Crystal Scrolls: 100% - Golden Scrolls: 100% - PvP server, Average farm. -=LifeStones=- - High Grade LS Chance = 10% - Top Grade LS Chance = 12% -=Custom server=- - Custom Weapons: Monster weapons, Dusk weapons - Custom Armors: Gold Armors, Epic Armors, God's Armors - Custom Tattoo: Fighter Tattoo,Mage Tattoo - Custom Wings: Epic Wings, Pixie wings, Baium Hair, Kamael Wings, Goddess hairs, Butterfly Wings, Shock Wings - Custom Mask: Epic Mask, Golden Mask -=Custom Npc's=- - GM Shop - Custom Shop - Buffer - Global GateKeeper - Skill Enchant Manager - Augument Manager - Clan Manager - Class Manager - Wedding Manager - Olympiad Manager - Siege Manager - Vote Manager - Top PvP/Pk List - Boss Info - And Much more.. -=General Features=- - Sieges duration: 90 minutes. - 90% Balaced PvP/Oly. - Olympiads full retail work. - Unique PvP zone, every 1hour zone changed. - Raid bosses spawn every 2 hour. - GM EVENT TIME 20:00 Gmt +3 - In game you can change password. - Olympiad period is every week. - NPC Buffer duration 3 hours ( 60 buffs). - Custom event, TvT, DM. - Auto Events every hour. - Special Farm/Start/Pvp zones - L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection. -=Commands=- .online Shows how many players are online. .menu Main menu about server and more. .status Show player statistics. /gmlist See if there's any Gm online. .exit Leave pvp zone. www.l2warfare.com
  17. L2J-Mobius The Story It's been a long time since I wanted to make my own server. So I turned to sources as L2j to make it happen. The problem with L2j was that after trying to launch a live server, all hell broke loose, especially after major L2j reworks/improvements. People complaining for wrong implementations, missing stuff, broken stuff, performance etc. So on the way I learned to make stuff on my own, that players on my server appreciated. Never the less, even I shared my improvements to L2j, they where never committed, because they where not "retail" or they needed to be implemented in another more "proper" way. After some time I saw many packs, selling for hundreds of euros, that where actually pure L2j plus my free shared implementations. So I decided to share all my work for free as a new project. In fact I was the first person that shared freely Goddess of Destruction files. The Cost I decided to make the project subscription based to keep the quality of the people to a certain level. Considering you are given access to files that actually work and are clean as hell. Its cheap as it can get. Register to my forum for more news and free stuff. http://www.l2jmobius.com/
  18. Im Looking for a Anti Farm PVP Protection with ip/hwid option , im using l2jacis 370
  19. I'm proud to announce after almost 2 years of preparation: Website: https://project-chimera.com Forums: https://project-chimera.com/forums Social media: Facebook Twitter YouTube - soon Twitch - soon Beta for Registered players is starting soon, don't miss it! Register for Beta HERE The most active testers will receive Premium Account for their effort. Some Screens: Buffer, Shop, GK Tattoos: .exp, Anti Buff Shield
  20. BETA IS NOW LIVE GRAND OPENING 03 AUGUST 2018 18:00 GMT+2 L2 Deathpain is a interlude customed PvP server, so it has some features, such as Rates, Configurations, Npcs, Modified and Differentiated Areas and Drops. We provide this information here. WEBSITE: http://www.l2deathpain.com/ FORUM: http://www.l2deathpain.com/forum/ EXP X100 SP X100 DROP X1 ADENA X100 CUSTOM ARMORS CUSTOM WEAPONS CUSTOM JEWELRY CUSTOM TATTOOS NEW TALISMANS FROM GRAND CRUSADE CHRONICLE SKIN SYSTEM -> CUSTOMIZE YOUR HERO APPEARENCE NEW MAPS WITH NEW MONSTERS NEW CONTENT NEW QUESTS INGAME ITEMS It’s in your best interest to bedeck yourself in quality pieces of equipment. Belts, rings, sandals and similar accoutrements aren’t just for looking good - these items are often enchanted to make you swifter or safer. Some can even enhance your skills. All added items does not unbalance the pvp or pve gameplay, all items have exactly retail stats from high five chronicle, other added talismans and Olf's T-Shirts have well build stats created by proffessionals. Everything was tested before beeing added to our game server. We have also implemented different ways to farm an item, you can go for the booring way, killing monsters in our farm zones and then buy items from Morgomir Store, you can go with your party or clan for killing Raid Bosses, or you can make quests, for example for achieve freya weapon faster, you can make the 7 Raid Boss quest, more details in game... All armors are good for use, there is no armor better then other, you have to find your strategy and figure out which is the best armor for your class and your needs. For example Vesper Noble Heavy Set (Masterwork) is very good armor for Duelist class, Moirai Heavy Set (Masterwork) is very good armor for a Hell Knight and so on. Build your character and be the best! COMBAT & SKILLS Skills are the legendary powers that define heroes: the ground-shaking strikes, waves of flame, and frightful invocations that flash across the battlefield, scattering groups of minor demons and wracking Hell’s most murderous lieutenants with pain. Each class has its own unique skills, specialized to complement that class’s particular talents. For example, the DreadNought can use the Rush skill to reach in the back of enemy and spin in an arc and attack all adjacent enemies at one time, perfect for taking on an entire group of monsters or heroes and smashing them into gory paste. Some skills are defensive in nature, while others are utility-focused. The overwhelming majority of your skills, however, are attack skills, suited for killing different types or numbers of enemies quickly. MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT OUR SERVER FEATURES YOU CAN FIND HERE: http://www.l2deathpain.com/rating/index.htm
  21. Athena x45 Features list: -Rates: - x45 Experience - x55 Skill Points -x200 Adena - x20 Spoil - x5 Seal Stones - x1 Drop - Weapons Information: -Safe Enchant +3 -Maximum Enchant +20 -Medium Enchant Rate -New Weapons - Ancient Weapons - Grand Bosses drop Raid Letter, these Letters will allow the player to exchange for an Ancient Weapon at the Ancient Merchant. - Armors and Jewels Information: -New Armors - Special Ability S-Grade Armory - Mithril Mines (Center) monsters will drop a spoilable item (Blood of Chaos) this will allow the player to add Special Ability to a S Grade Armor. -Armors and Jewels Safe Enchant +3 -Armors and Jewels Maximum Enchant +8 -Hard Enchant Rate -Shop about to B grades - A grade weapons/armors traded from ancient merchant for sort of adenas and ancient adenas - No A/S grade scrolls in shop (Raid or spoil in custom zones) - Customized Zones: - Imperial Tomb Chaotic (76-80) Farm/PvP Area - This area was customized to a Chaotic Zone Area: -Players with Karma won't drop items when killed inside one of the rooms; -When a player dies in this zone, the player will be respawned to the teleport location; -S Grade Weapons are obtained in this zone (Monsters inside the rooms will drop the weapons) - There's only this method to obtain S Grade Weapons -Mithril Mines Entrance (65-75): -Leveling area (Recommended 65-75) -Seal Stones Farm (Green and Blue) - Mithril Mines Center (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set - Mithril Mines Grounds (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set -Level 80 Raidbosses were added to end of this zone (Thief Kelbar, Anakim and Lilith) - Customized Raidbosses - located in Mithril Mines -These Raidbosses drop Raid Letter and a set of S Grade Weapons + *NEW* Angel Slayer with Evasion Special Ability - Retail Raidbosses from 60-80+ levels -bosses from level 60 to 75 in TOI drop Armor/Jewels A Grade sets, scrolls and Blood of Chaos -Main quest bosses drop 1 S-Grade set, 1-2 s grade weapons, blood of chaos and scrolls -Galaxia drops 3 S Grade Sets(Major,Draconic,Imperial) 3-6 S Grade WeaponsBlood of Chaos and Scrolls - NPC's Added: -Global Gatekeeper (Clarissa) -Ancient Merchant: In this Merchant you exchange your Ancient Adena and add Special Ability to your Armor and Weapon -Exchange Raid Letters for Ancient Weapons -Purchase A Grade Armors / S Grade Armors -Purchase A Grade Jewels / S Grade Jewels -Add Special Ability to S Grade Weapons / Armor Special Merchant: In this merchant you exchange your currencies -Exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena -Exchange Event Medals for Hair Accessories -Exchange Adena for an Adena Credit Card ( - Adena Credit Card) -General Buffer: -The level of the buffs aren't maximized, giving the purpose and utility to Support Classes (Hierophant, Sword Muse, Eva Saint, Spectral Dancer, Shillen Saint, Doomcryer) -Castle Special Ability (Enchanted) - -This NPC has the feature of adding Special Ability to a weapon without loosing its current enchant value. (Example: Draconic Bow +12 - Draconic Bow Focus +12) -Only available inside Castles (Examples: Aden Castle / Giran Castle / Goddard Castle) -Available for S Grade Weapons only -Raidboss Manager: -Allows a player to get information about Grandbosses and Customized Bosses. (If they are currently alive or the time left to respawn) -Account Manager -Allows a player to edit his account password in-game. -Magic Supporter (Only located in Imperial Tomb Chaotic) -Allows a player to receive a Prophecy. (Wind, Water or Fire) -Player vs Player Merchant - Player vs Player reward system, a player earns Honor Medallions after they defeat another player in a battle. - In this Merchant you can exchange your Honor Medallions for special rewards. - Quests: -Subclass (Quest required, Red Pipette Knife can be purchased in Misc Merchant) -Noblesse (Caradine Letter level 65 can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Goddess Quest Items can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Killing barakiel can give you nobless status, if and only if you are in an active sub at level 75 and above) - Olympiad: -Retail like with the only custom option that it is weekly. -Every player is informed on login, when the period ends and when new heroes will be performed - Rune Siege: Everytime that rune siege is running Benom will spawn at throne room Benom will attack both clan(s) He will despawn if you don't kill him in 2 hours: He drops: x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 1-3 S Grade Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Scroll Weapon 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Weapon x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants - Misc: -22+4 Buff Slots -Auto learn skills -Class Master -Offline shop system Website: http://es-l2.org/index-1.php Forums: http://es-l2.org/forums/index.php Grand Opening: 02/11/2018 - 19 PM GMT +2
  22. GRAND OPENING DATE IS 11.08.2018 Website: http://l2kaia.com Community: http://l2kaia.com/forum/ Discord: https://discord.gg/v6p445g General Version: Interlude Rates Experience: x2500 Skill Points (SP): x2500 Adena: x100 Drop Items: x1 Drop Seal Stones: Removed Quest Adena: x1 Quest Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Weight limit: x10 Manor: x5 Extract Fish: 3x Enchant System Safe Enchant: 3 Max. Enchant: 17 Normal Scroll: 75% Blessed Scroll: 75% without crystallize. Ancient Scroll: 100% Augment System High-Grade LS: 15% Top-Grade LS: 20% Awakening Grade LS: 100% Settings Starting Level: 80 Max. Level: 85 Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs: 2 Hours Maximum Buffs Slots: 40 Minimal Debuff Chance: 10% Maximum Chance of Debuffs: 90% Maximum Debuff Slots: 6 Sub-Class Quest: Disabled Sub-Class Maximum Level: 85 Offline Shop mode: Enabled Auto Learn Skills: Enabled Auto Loot: Enabled Auto loot Raid & Grand Boss Loot: Disabled Vote Reward System: Enabled Champions System: Enabled Wedding System: Enabled Team War Zone: Enabled Olympiad Hero Period: 2 Weeks Olympiad Start Time: 18:00 GMT +1 Olympiad Max Enchant: 6 Farm System HUNTING AREAS All game hunting areas exclusively drop Adena, equipment and Ancient Adena, varying only by their level. The other drops, considered disposable on a PvP server (materials, containers, parts, etc.) have been completely removed from the game. Next we will list the high level hunting zones, which have more specific drops. ZONE FARM 1 CHALLANGE RATING: Very Low , Low Ancient Adena: 628 - 1225 // Adena: 2.456.000 - 5.752.000 // High-Grade Lifestone (2 - 3% chance) // Top-Grade Lifestone (0,3 - 0,5% chance) // Book of Giant (0,3 - 0,5% chance) // Random Moirai Armor Part or Jewel (1% chance) // Random Vesper Noble // Armor Part or Jewel (1% chance) // Random Icarus Weapon (0,3% chance) // Blue Crystalized Stone (random) ZONE FARM 2 CHALLANGE RATING: Medium Ancient Adena: 1922 - 4522 // Adena: 8.832.000 - 17.520.000 // High-Grade Lifestone (10 - 20% chance) // Top-Grade Lifestone (5% chance) // Blessed: Scroll Enchant Weapon S (1,5 - 2,5% chance) // Blessed: Scroll Enchant Armor S (1,5 - 2,5% chance) // Random Vorpal Armor Part or Jewel (1% chance) // Random Elegia Armor Part or Jewel (0,5% chance) // Random Vesper Weapon (0,5% chance) // Yellow Crystalized Stone (random) ZONE FARM 3 CHALLANGE RATING: Hard Adena: 44.138.000 - 52.232.000 // Ancient Adena: 11325 - 13558 // Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon S (25% chance) // Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor S (25% chance) // Top-Grade Lifestone (100% chance) // Book of Giant (25% chance) // Random Freya Weapon (0,5% chance) // 1-3 Red Libra (100% chance) // Purple Crystalized Stone (random) KAMALOKA RAID BOSS CHALLANGE RATING: Very Hard 1 Icarus Weapon Box // 0-1 Vesper Weapon Box // 1-2 Moirai Armor Box // 1-2 Vesper Noble Armor Box // 0-1 Vorpal Armor Box // Adena: 300.000.000 // Ancient Adena: 100.000 // 2-4 Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon S // 3-5 Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor S // 2-4 Top-Grade Lifestone // 1-3 Book of Giant // 3-6 Red Libra // Blue/Yellow/Purple Crystalized Stone (random) // 350-650 Masterwork Essence // 10 different Talisman of abundance (100% chance) // 6-9 Ancient Pergaments CUSTOM RAID BOSS CHALLANGE RATING: Very Hard 1 Icarus Weapon Box // 0-1 Vesper Weapon Box // 1-2 Moirai Armor Box // 1-2 Vesper Noble Armor Box // 0-1 Vorpal Armor Box // Adena: 300.000.000 // Ancient Adena: 100.000 // 2-4 Blessed Scroll Enchant Weapon S // 3-5 Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor S // 2-4 Top-Grade Lifestone // 1-3 Book of Giant // 3-6 Red Libra // 150-250 Masterwork Essence // Random Talisman of abundance (50% chance)
  23. L2BattleRoyale. Quick, fun, fair. GRAND OPENING ON THE 27TH OF JULY 17:00 BST The server The game engine is designed to run infinite instanced games in parallel, so you don't have to wait to play a game. Every character has the same stats. Level is 1 and it doesn't matter. You cannot level up (for now). Armors are COSMETIC ONLY. They give no stats or skills. The main game lobby is the town of Giran. You can queue for a game using the Tutorial window which is always visible in the lobby. There are no classes. Instead your class is set based on the item you are currently wielding. There are 5 ranks of weapons D Grade: One low level skill C Grade: One higher level skill B Grade: An extra skill A Grade: An extra skill S Grade: An extra skill You gain adena in games and you can use them to buy cosmetic items. The game's rules The objective is simple. Be the last man standing in the game. Each game has 4 phases. Teleport to the map Game starting n Circle stages Game ending Each map has a minimum and a maximum amount of players it can host. When the minimum amount is in the queue then a game will start it's teleport stage. If the game isn't full at this stage then people can still join. If someone leaves, the game is aborted. During the "Game starting" stage you can run around but you cannot attack or pickup items. At the end of this stage the chests will spawn. During the "Circles" stage you must loot chests for weapons and other items like potions and prepare for the pvp that is to come. Two circles will also spawn. - The Blue Circle indicates that if you go outside you will take damage per second. - The White circle indicates where the blue circle will be at the end of the round. You have to stay inside the blue circle if you don't want to take any damage. While outside the White Circle, you will get a radar above your character pointing you to the White Circle. Be the last man standing and win the game. The season system After the launch a season system will be introduced. Each season lasts for 1 month. During this period all your stats will be recorded. By the end of the month the top 5 players will get Hero aura and Hero Circlets, while the top one will get the Castle Circlet. A leaderboard with all the stats will be ingame and on the website. The weapon classes Rogue Mage Duelist Archer Warlord Fists dude (Need a better name) Gameplay Here are a couple of videos showcases what a 5man game looks like Disclaimer This server is NOT your typical L2. It bites off the Battle Royale genre and it adapts it for Lineage2. If quick and fair pvp sounds fun then I would highly recommend you give it a go before rejecting it. This is also NOT a pay to win server. In fact there will NEVER BE DONATIONS THAT GIVE ANY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE EVER. Doesn't matter if you start today or in 2 months, you will have equal chances in winning. Download the system here http://l2battleroyale.com For more info join us on Discord today!
  24. Server Rates: Experiance (EXP): x75 Skill Points (SP): x75 Enchant Rates: Safe enchant: +4 Max enchant: +16 Change normal scroll: 50% Change blessed scroll: 60% Blessed scroll fail: Return to +4 Buffs: Buff slots: 22+4 (Divine inspiritation) Buff time: 2 hours All buffs in NPC Olympiad Games: Olympiad period: 2 Weeks Base Class: Battle time: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT -4 Castle Sieges: Siege Period: 1 week Clan Castle Leader Reward +50 Event Medals Features & Informations Chaotic Zones Achievements and faily quests - say NO to routine! Team vs Team events Death Match events Custom events Kamaloka events L2Day events Change of Heart events Halloween events Christmas events The Fall Harvest PvP Zone Automatic events system Max 3 Dualbox Cursed weapons Offline stores Auto learn skills Auto pick up drops (Expect bosses) Grand bosses quest item in GmShop PK drop items from 5 or more pks Champions system Pincode system Wedding manager Pawn Shop (Sell your items) Balanced classes Ranking manager sub-class free (No Quest) Nobless quest (Retail, optionalsitems in GMShop) Clan penalties disabled Maximum 1 clan per ally Global gatekeeper GMShop full (expect boss jewerly) buffer full Casino manager Auto Restart 07:25hrs GMT-4 Farming Areas: Monastery of Silence - Event Medals Ketra orc outpost - Event Medals Imperial tomb - Event Glittering Medals Forge of the gods Event - Glittering Medals Primeval isle - Adenas Stakato nest - Adenas Disciples Necropolis - Ancient Adenas The Saints Necropolis - Ancient Adenas Necropolis of Martyrdom - Ancient Adenas Catacomb of the witch - Ancient Adenas Catacomb of darkomens - Ancient Adenas Catacomb of the Forbidden patch - Ancient Adenas Abandoned Camp (Chaotic) All Items Drop Respawn Raid Bosses: Antharas: Respawn +2 Day (17:00 - 17:15hrs) GMT -4 Baium: Respawn +2 Day (18:00 - 18:15hrs) GMT -4 Valakas Respawn +2 Day (19:00 - 19:15hrs) GMT -4 Queen ant Respawn +1 Day (20:00 - 20:15hrs) GMT -4 Frintezza Respawn +2 Day (21:00 -21:15hrs) GMT -4 Orfen Respawn +1 Day (22:00 - 22:15hrs) GMT -4 Core Respawn +1 Day (23:00 - 23:15hrs) GMT -4 Zaken Respawn +1 Day (00:00hrs) GMT -4 Clan Boss Respawn 2-3 Hours Raid Boss Respawn 1-2 Hours PvP Boss Respawn 2-3 Hours Grand Boss Respawn 8-12 Hours Commands: .achiv Opening Achivements .acp Opening Auto CP / HP / MP Panel .class Opening class manager .epic Shows epics&rbs respawn times .menu all configurations .pa shows premium status days left .whoaim shows your personal status .offline your character stayts offline store .deposit Create 1 gold bar for 500.000.000 Adenas .withdraw Create 500.000.000 adenas for 1 goldbar Website: http://l2gamers.cl/
  25. E-Global & Valhalla-Age Presents Unique World conception Interlude Final x25 Grand Opening: 3 August, 2018 Open Beta: 23 July, 2018 Mid-rate х25 - is a project, which collects all the best from previous servers, such as x20 and x25 by Valhalla-Age and E-Global. Unique World full of fun and drive, which has been proved at 2016 and 2017: More video to show the scale of our Mid-rate servers: World, that easily combine different temp of game: from hardcore confrontation to measured pleasure from the most popular chronicles of Lineage 2. We marge unique concept of x25 world with our new modern chronicles of Interlude Final to create comfortable and interesting game. If summer sun makes you too lazy to find out "What Interlude Final is and why this chronicles has been created?" You can just read this paragraph: Facts and Figures of new server! Grand Opening: 3 August, 2018 OBT: going to be announce a bit later Server time: GMT+3 Chronicles: Interlude Final 1.4 Concept can be changed, all changes are going to be mentioned in this thread. (First post going to be updated in any changes are going to be done). You can discuss and suggest your ideas in this thread. Rates Exp/SP - x25 RB Exp/SP - x15 Adena - x15 Seal Stone - chance 100%, q-ty х5 Drop - chance x10, q-ty х1 Spoil - chance x10, q-ty х1 RB drop - chance x5 Epic Boss Exp/SP/Drop - x1 Manor - new system Drop quest item - x2 * Quest - reward (adena/exp/sp) x10 * Q-ty of items droped of spoiled will be increased if chance is over 70%. Gameplay Base info Version of Interlude Final - 1.4 from the server opening Premium Account - detailed description Skills auto-learning - until level 74 Auto-loot - no, but you can learn about agathion-helper Mana Potion - available for Adena (300 MP, 10 sec cooldown) Location Primeval Isle and Forge of Gods has system of step by step discovering C-grade weapon/armor - available for Adena B-grade Low weapon/armor - available for Adena B-grade Top weapon/armor - available for C-Crystals and B-Crystals Spellbooks - not needed until level 74 (3rd class skills are required spellbooks) Difference between Interlude and Interlude Final 1.4 Interlude Final - it's an update of Interlude without changes of key-vectors, which are the reasons because major amount of Interlude community choose this chronicle as a main version. In other words: Interlude - its's the most popular (according to amoun of players) chronicle and we making them better and interesting. You can find more detailed changes description at the servers portals. What is remain the same: Open world; Key-equipment; Methods of character developing; Methods of ingame goods gathering. What we are doing to make in better: Adding variety to daily routine; Working on balancing of all classes; Fixing of common Interlude issues; Adding modern and comfortable game interface. Update 1.5 This update was designed to solve an issue of Interlude chronicles, such as absence of daily content (opposition at locations) and adding addtitional game content which will let players improve characterisitic of your character. Date of update - approximately 2 weeks from the server opening You can find more detailed description at the servers portals. Introduction: Briefly regarding update: Class Transfer 1st profession - 150.000 Adena 2nd profession - 1.500.000 Adena 3rd profession - Standard quest Grand Olympiad Olympiad Games on Interlude Final chronicles is divided on 2 cycles: 1st Olympiad stage - Week of contest\battles (no hero during this period) 2nd Olympiad stage - Week of Hero (no contest\battles during this period) Basic information: Maximum olympiad points that can be withdrawn from your character in case of lost - 10 Maximum olympiad points that can be added to your character in case of win - 10 Minimum required number of participants to start Olymiad games - 5 Battles without class specific - every day (during 1st stage) Class-based battles - Friday and Saturday Duration of the Olympiad games - from 17:00 to 21:00 (CEST) Reward from participation at Grand Olympiad Games: Olympiad Games buffs: Grand Olympiad Stadium: Changes in Nobles Gate Passes Olympiad store: Buffer & Buffs NPC Pathfinder Worker (Buffer) Buffs - 2nd profession, 120 minutes; Dance\Song - 2nd profession, 120 minutes; Buffs - 3rd profession, no; Dance/Song - 3rd profession, no. Elite Club (Club Card) - gives you an option to use additional buffs: Buff duration - 2 hour. Elemental Protection Bless Shield Advanced Block Resist Shock Holy Resist Resist Fire Resist Aqua Resist Wind Divine Protection Arcana Protection Detailed information of buffs: Sub-class To make a sub-class you will need finish regular quests. Standard quest: Fate's Whisper Quest Mimir's Elixir Also you can make an alternative quest: 30 Blood Fabric instead for Pipette Knife: Bosses re-spawn: Noblesse Status To make a Noblesse status you will need finish regular quests: Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1 Possessor of a Precious Soul - 2 Possessor of a Precious Soul - 3 Possessor of a Precious Soul - 4 In the future, the quest will be facilitated: Nolesse skills: Pets Your pet can now evolve to the next stage! When they reach certain level you can upgrade them at NPC Pet Manager. Equipment at Pet Manager has been re-worket, some of items has been removed. Link to the quests: Kookaburra - Quest Wolf - Quest Wolf Evolution Stage Wolf - starter stage; Stage Great Wolf - available at pet-level 55; Main goal: attack; Stage Fenrir - not available at Interlude Final. Kookaburra Evolution Rare Equipment There is a chance to create rare item when crafting. Bonuses are not big, but useful; Elemental protection\resistance - will not be added as a bonus to rare items. Seven Seals Duration period - 14 days (7 days - period of struggle, 7 days - period of seals). Start of the first period - 6 August Period of struggle - 6 - 12 August Period of seals - 13 - 19 August Sieges Sieges info: All castles going to be under sieges ever 2 Sunday. First sieges: 19 August Fortress Fortress - useful as a strategic point and rally point. Every fortress has it's own unique teleport. Fortress will not provide any other useful bonuses! Epic Bosses Epic Bosses that are alive at server start: Epic Bosses that are dead at server start: New stats of Epic jewelry: Update epic jewellery Speical upgrade for some epic jewelry, such as Core and Orfen at Giran Castle Town at Luxory shop. Epic Bosses spawn has been changed. A new possibility to upgrade Ring of Core: A new possibility for Earring of Orfen: Concept can be changed, all changes are going to be mentioned in this thread. (First post going to be updated in any changes are going to be done). You can discuss and suggest your ideas in this thread.