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Found 28 results

  1. Server High Rates: Exp: 1000x Sp: 1000x Party Xp: x2 Party Sp: x2 Adena: 1000x Drop: 10x Server Enchant Info: Safe Enchant: +6 Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 70% Limit +8 Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 90% Limit +8 Divine Scroll Enchant Chance: 100% Limit +8 - (1 click = instant +8) Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 30% Limit +10 L2Global Scroll Enchant Chance: 100% Limit +12 Attribute max level 7 100% - (1 click instant level 7 ) Server Machine: CPU: Intel Core i7-3770, 3,40GHZ. RAM: 32 GB DDR3. 2 x SSD fast speed. TRAFFIC: 10TB. UPLINK: 250 Mbps Upload Speed. NETWORK AVAILABILITY: 99%. Auto Backups every 24 hours. Server General Info: Antibot/Anticheat/Anti ddos etc. Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting, VIP Augmenting, Symbol maker, Removal of Attribute, Subclass change, Noble manager, Donations, Certifications, PvP items creation/removal, Gender change. Farm zones: Unique farm area with variety of maps. Drops such as Divine scrolls, Giant Codex Mastery. Unique safe farm area with drops such as Wind/Fire/Water Mantra. Useful for purchasing TOPS84 Items & epic jewels. Unique Raid Boss area where people can summon raidbosses and farm variety of drops such as ANCIENT SCROLLS (S/A/B) (and many more)! Instances such as Zaken, Frintezza,Freya, Queen ant. Drops such as ANCIENT SCROLLS (S/A/B) and many more! Epic zones that are including the following : Grand Bosses such as Valakas, Baium, Antharas. Ancient Scroll (S/A/B) drops, Winged cloak drops, Festival Adena drops and many more! -- Grand Bosses drop rate for Ancient scrolls (S/A/B) is 100% with quantity of 4-5 scrolls. Custom raids & Instances drop rate for Ancient scrolls(S/A/B) is 100% for S grades between 1 to 2 scrolls drop. 100 % for A/B grades with quantity of 2! PvP zone: Balanced PvP's at : TvTzone area where Blue team fights Red team. Auto respawn. No buff loss upon death. Supportive skills such as healing restricted between enemy and teammates. Unique Solo zone, No buff loss upon death. classic PvP zone with variety of maps. No buff loss upon death. Support Classes in pvp have the chance to win the same reward as pvp kills, if is in party, flagged and around the party member killer you get reward. NEW EVENT MODE BATTLE ROYALE unlimited time! Min players to start the event is 15. Max players to instant start the event is 25. the waiting registration time inside the event is 10 minutes. you will be teleported nude in this event and you must pick up items in order to be more strong than others. once the event start all players will be teleported to the battle zone , and you will have 30 seconds (in peace mode) to pickup items on the ground. on enter in the battle zone automatically you will obtain wind walk/haste/acumen and you can enchant all the equipment called "battleroyale" with the enchant scrolls that you will obtain while you kill players or pickup in the ground. you can pickup weapons/armors/jewels vesper and vesper noble enchanted +3, +5, +8 random in the ground and scrolls for buffs like (prophet buffs , songs, dances , cov/pow depending if fighter or wizard) if you die in the battle all your "battleroyale" items will be dropped in the ground including your current enchant scrolls, and your killer will win 1 enchant weapon and 2 armor and a greater healing potion to heal him a bit. if you die you have 2 choices, go to village to start another BR game or keep yourself in observer mode in the current game until finish. once exit from the BR zone all the "BR items" will be auto deleted. heal skills are not possible to use inside, but support classes can join it. dominator clan skills are restricted to his target only. the event is over antifeed mode no clans/names/ etc. once the event reach the last 5 minutes, the alive players will be teleported to the middle of the battle, to prevent those players that hide to win. the last man standing obviously will win the event. added a balance system only for this event mode, wich we will use to balance all we need inside. the command to join the event from far is .joinBR Subclasses limit 10 Subclasses max level 85 Certifications allowed in subclasses All classes can sub to whatever class they like. (example : Dwarf can sub to Dominator subclass). Scheme buffer, enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 4 hours duration All buffs available (except Kamael and class specific) 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances You're able to create up to 10 schemes! Olympiad system (6 hours long | enchant limit to +6) HWId protection Heroes selected every Sunday Territory Wars every week (Saturday 20 : 00 server time) Wards limit : 3 Castle Siege every week (20 : 00 server time) use command /time ingame to stay informed about server time. Others: *FREE* unique dressme system with amazing skins including GoD textures, Dragon skins. School uniforms, Assassins, formal wears & Many more and its all for free! *FREE* Absolutely unique protection system to pervent scamms from your account. Vote reward system with rewards such as Vote Coins. Usefull for purchasing Vote bracelets and many more! VIP Augmenting system. (STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIT/MEN + the actual augment). VIP augments are reworked to pervent disbalance between classes. Augmented/{PvP} items are enchantable, mailable & tradeable. Unique automatic PvP event hosted every hour at PvP zones. Upon player kill rewards are Glittering medals & Festival Adena. PvP coloured system for your nickname. Title colour can be changed if you have a clan that owns a Castle. Inside every castle there's a npc Named John. There you can change your title colour. Offline shops enabled. augment skills have the same duration use/reuse 4min. Instant Clan lvl 11 full skills. Custom: Custom Time Limited Talismans 3 days (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN, ALL STAT.). WARNING : Only 2 talismans are allowed to equip. Class cloaks / Hero cloaks / Exalted cloak / Winged cloaks (Radiant Cloak & Cold cloak of darkness) - each gives different stats. The most p.def are giving the Winged cloaks. Cancel and Steal Divinity return buffs Automatic use of HP MP CP potions Olf T-Shirt. wings of destiny circlet and The Lord's Crown Give +2CON. Staff : ultra active admin working everyday to keep the balance and get rid of buggs. All you need is to report what bothers you using our forum. Game master custom events in-game such as : Hide & Seek. Deathmatch etc. And many more! LOG IN AND WATCH BY YOURSELF. ONE VIEW IS ENOUGH TO KEEP YOU WITH US! Server Site: http://www.L2Global.com/
  2. L2 Mytles H5 mid PvP-craft server freshly started 18/01/2019 Spots full of people. Come and join asap! Webpage http://www.l2mytles.com Server info: Server Rates Exp - 20x. Sp - 20x. Adena - 15x. Drop raid - 4x. 7rb drop: +- 40 % chance items vesper. Recs: 1x Quest Adena: 1x Manor x5 Weight limit x10. Fish extract x5 Spoil - 15x. Quest Drop- 1x. Chance de scroll- 55% Chance scroll blessed- 60% Safe 4 - +16. Max Weapon/Armor - +12. Element Lvl 7 max. Elemental stone chance : 40. Crystal stone chance: 45. Cliente - High Five GM Shop up to S grade Armor y Weapon Upgrade System. Automatic and staff made events Max SubClass: 3 - SubClass Max Lvl: 85 Epic PvP zone TW every 2 weeks Buff Slots 24+4 - Dance/Song 12. (2h duration) Drop calculator Raid boss Engine Party Matching - Auction - Atribute manager Active Secondary auth Grand Boss info Antharas and Valakas every 7 days from 22 to 00 GMT -3 Baium spawns every 4 days from 22 to 00 GMT -3 Queen Ant spawns every 48 hours from 22 to 23 GMT -3 Beleth spawns every 5 days from 22 to 00 GMT -3
  3. Lineage 2 Saga - Private Lineage 2 High Five Server Detailed Features: High Five Server! Grand Opening: Friday-11-January-2019 Website: http://l2saga.net Forum: https://forums.l2saga.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sagagaming/ Skype: L2SagaSupport Rates: Experience (EXP): 50x Skill Points (SP): 50x Adena : 7x Drop Items: 7x Spoil: 7x Recs: 1x Keys: 3x Quest Experience (EXP): 1x Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x Quest Adena: 1x Quest Drop Items: 1x Weight Limit: 5x Manor: 3x Enchant: Safe Enchant: 4 Max. Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll chance: 52% Blessed Scroll chance: 58% Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 Elemental Stone chance: 50% Elemental Crystal chance: 40% Server Commands: cfg //Opens player’s control panel .whoami //Information and stats for character .party /Party matching system .offline //Sets offline private store .repair //Repairing character located in same account .password //Change your password .buffstore //Setup buffer store .offlinebuff //Make Buffer store offline .buffshield //Protects you from unwanted buffs .siege //Full siege information .dressme //Change your visual texture appearance of armor, weapon, cloak .report //Report a player you think is botting .openatod //Open ancient tome of demon Server Features & differences (READ THIS) New addons for Players Daily login: Daily login rewards for all players. Just login and get your daily gift. You only need one login on server for every day in order to get continuous gifts. Be careful, this system is bonded to the pair PC & Char so choose wisely the character that will get the 1st reward! Daily and weekly challanges: Daily and Weekly Challenges (mini custom Quests). Get great rewards by completing daily tasks like killing monsters, participating in events or getting PVP & PK & many more. Achievements: New achievements system will follow you as you grow your player, giving you amazing rewards for each step. Grand Opening: Friday-11-January-2019 Website: http://l2saga.net Forum: https://forums.l2saga.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sagagaming/ Skype: L2SagaSupport Leave your comment about our server features>>>> HERE
  4. Experience: x15 / Skill Points: x15 / Adena: x8 / Drop: x7 / Spoil: x5 / Quest Drop: x2Quest Reward: x2 / Manor: x1.5 / Raid Boss Drop: x4 /Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Welcome back to L2 Cosmos high five! L2 Cosmos is Back after half year,with a New High Five x15 server. After hundreds of emails and messages from our Community,we decided to Re-Open L2 Cosmos with the most stable files we purchased from Insidious,Developer of L2 Tales,with the latest Updates and Unique features! Site - https://l2cosmos.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/la2cosmos Our Beta Opening: 24 December 2018 21:00 GMT +2 Grand Opening: 29 December 2018 21:00 GMT+2 With our passion for the Game and our hard work,we promise to L2 Cosmos Community a Long Term gameserver with a Unique experience and of course our 24\7 support. - With the last L2 Tales sources all of our last server issues are now gone,the server will run smoothly and without any bug.With our Beta phase everyone will be able to test everything and send us your feedbacks and suggestions. - Our Website will be running on the most secured hosting and server will be protected with the Best Ddos protection to avoid and defend any kind of attack. - Last but not least,server has Smart-Guard protection & the Best custo Bot protection which can prevend any 3rd party program and provide to all players the most Balanced and fair gaming experience. This Winter of 2018-2019,the most Powerful High Five server will be here. Don't miss the Best Gaming Experience,only L2 Cosmos can offer you with a Long Term built ultimate project! We are waiting for you!
  5. Open Wings 21 October 2017 at 13:00 GMT+2 RATES Experience (EXP) 50x Skill Points (SP) 50x Adena 45x Drop for Spoil 20x General Drop 25x RaidBoss Drop 4x Manor 4x Quest Drop 2x Quest Reward 4x Fishing Drop 10x Vitality System 25x Clan Reputation Point 2x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +4 Max. Enchant +16 Normal Scroll chance 65% Blessed Scroll chance 75% Max donation enchant is +9 Yogi event enchant rate is 45% Enchant Chance Crystal Armor Olf Max +9 70% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 60% Elemental Crystal chance 55% CONFIGURATION Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances, Songs Duration 2 hours Buff Slots 28+4+12 Max. Clients per PC 5 Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 Premium Geodata and Pathnodes Sub-Class Max. Level 85 Off-line Shop mode Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Champions System Wedding System Class Master EVENTS Team vs. Team Last Man Standing Treasure Hunt Korean Style Capture the Flag Lucky Creatures RAIDS RESPAWN TIME Valakas 7 days Antharas 7 days Baium 48 hours Baylor 24 hours Beleth 48 hours OTHER Special Goddess of Destruction and Heroic Cloaks Maximum number of slots for Private Store is 50 The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85 Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board Real number of players is visible using command .online (shops included) You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click All major raids have lower respawn time and RB drop rate improved Olympiad - Heroes are formed every ~ 15 days, on 1 and 15 at 00:15 GMT +2 Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for perfect play Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 4 schemes per character Special Quiz event every 5 hours with over 200 questions and GCM reward Custom special Raids with special drop, with A.I against bots All major raids drop Donation Coins, you can also win DC from Achievements Super T.Rex with better drop and starting premium pets Glittering Medals from all mobs to exchange for special items Reduced number of clan members to raise the clan level and less repution required Clan / Alliance penalty was reduced to 1 hour and clan reward for new clans at NPC http://l2viserion.com https://www.facebook.com/l2viserion
  6. BETA OPEN JOIN US ! https://www.facebook.com/l2apocalyps http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum Rates: Exp/Sp - x15 Adena: x10 Drop/Spoil - x10 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Quest Drop: (x1 - > x5) Normal Enchant Chance: 60% Blessed Enchant Chance: 66% Attribute Stone Chance: 40% Attribute Crystal Chance: 30% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 Information: Community Board content: User Control Panel / All Custom NPC's{Shop, Buffer} / Event Registration / Custom Services / Vote System / Attribute Enchant / Donation and much more new things. FindParty System ClanHall NPC System Attribute Stone CTRL System Much more new things on server. Server Information: Powerfull Dedicate Machine based on Cent-OS Linux Distribution Anti-bot protection - Available DDoS Protection - Available Contact Us: Email: admin@apocalyps.eu Skype:apocalyps.eu More Information will be available soon* http://apocalyps.eu http://apocalyps.eu/forum
  7. Start date: 15 January 2019 13:00 (UTC-2) Are you on linux ? Then you can join our Lineage 2 PVP Server. Just download the Client (High Five) from our website and you can play on your linux. We officially support Ubuntu right now but it actually should work on all linux boxes :D Rates Exp: x1000SP: x1000Adena: x500Drop: x500Spoil: x500Quest Reward: x100Quest Items: x100Epaulettes: x100Raid Boss: х5100 Join us on www.Lineage2-Linux.com This is just an idea ! It's not real - yet. If you want to do this for the linux community, for this untapped market.. here you go. You have the idea now. :D Linux can and did run Lineage 2 High Five very wuell unless the server has GameGuard enabled or some other windows-specific-made security wrap. Anyway that would be so great. What do you guys think?
  8. Start date: 26 January 2019 16:00 (UTC-3) Web site: http://www.l2vampire.club/ Server OBT Beta Test: 16 January 2019 Why you should preffer Vampire HighFive server: - Chronicle: HighFive Mid Rate Server - 100% [L2OFF] official platform PTS High Five [NOT JAVA] - Fully authentic gameplay. - Fixed all known game bugs. - Exceptional quality and stability! - Unrivaled security and safety - Good ping and proxy servers for players worldwide. GENERAL RATES Exp/SP: x15 Adena: x10 Drop: chance x3, amount х3 Spoil: chance х3, amount х3 RB drop: chance х3, amount х1 Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1 SealStones: x7 Enchants Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56% Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60% Elemental Stone chance: 50% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Maximum Clients per PC: unlimited 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC. Certification skills retail like (Quest required) Mana Potions: 500 MP Restoration with 5 seconds cooldown. Skills are auto learn. Skills Improved Buffs learn with forgotten books Automatic loot for monsters. Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses. Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones Offline shop with radius to organize town. Use command .offlineshop - start offline shop ! BUFFS Macro Profile Buffs in Npc 1h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, prophecies. Summon buffs time: Retail Time Buff slots: 20(+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance/Song slots: 12 Chars Buffs: 1hour Armos & Weapons B-Grade, A-Grade S-Grade by Adenas. S80-Grade and S84-Grade by Craft. Game Shop Armor and weapons up to S grade by adenas All consumables are available in the store. Seven Signs: Regular state (two weeks period) RAID BOSSES, EPIC BOSSES AND INSTANCES Ant Queen - 80 level - Respawn = 24hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 30% Core 80 level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 30% Orfen - 80 level - Respawn = 48hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 30% Baium - 80 level - Respawn = 120hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Ring - 100% Antharas - 85 Level - Respawn = 168hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Earring - 100% Valakas - 85 Level - Respawn = 240hour Respawn Random + - 1hour - Drop Necklace - 100% Frintezza Instances: Required players: 9 Zaken Instances: Daytime Lv 83 Required players: 9 Zaken Daytime Lv 60 Required players: 9 Zaken Nightly Lv 60 Required players: 7 TIAT Instances: Required players: 11 Beleth Instances: Required players: 18 Normal Freya Instances: Required players: 9 Hard Freya Instances: Required players: 18 All Normal Boss 75+: 12 Hrs +1- H. Flame Splendor of Barakiel - 80 Level : 6 Hours (Random -+10min). Cabrio - 77 Level : 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). Golkonda - 80 Level : 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). Hallate - 79 Level : 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). Kernon - 80 Level : 6 Hours (Random + - 15 Minutes). Nobless and Sub class Retail like (Quest required) VOICED COMMANDS LIST .help - shows this help. .time - shows the current server time ! .expon - turn exp gaining on ! .expoff - turn exp gaining off ! .offlineshop - start offline shop ! .autopickupon - turn on auto pickup ! .autopickupoff - turn off auto pickup ! .delevel - delevel your character by 1 lv ! .dispelall - dispell all your buffs ! .offannounce msg - sets your offline shop, auto announce message (600s interval). OLYMPIAD Olympiad on 14 Days circle Olympiad needs 6 minimum participants to begin (First Olympiad Period begins 02th February) Clan Infos Alliance Limit: 2 clan Clan penalty 3 hour Protection Ant DDOS Protection "Hyper Filter" Ant Bot: Smart Guard 3.0 - Auto BAN bot Start date: 26 January 2019 16:00 (UTC-3) Downloads and Register Online 16 January 2019 Web site: http://www.l2vampire.club/
  9. Hello, i was searching for this command but i didnt found it in our forum so i decided to share it, below you can preview the html's How to install it? EASY: 1. GameServer\data\html\mods (add here the repair FOLDER not only the files) 2. GameServer\data\scripts\handlers\voicedcommandhandlers (only the file Repair.java) (dont forget to edit your masterhandler.java script) [Hidden Content] Credits: Szponiasty
  10. Mid Rate PvP Server LINEAGE II. Basic Rate: -Xp/Sp x15 -Adena x 10 -Drop Reward Items x 5 Reward Chance x1 -Spoil Reward Item 1 -12 Reward Chance x1 -Recipes Drop: x1 -Keys Reward item: 1-12. -Chance Craft Fundation: 5% -Enchant Normal : 50% -Blessed Enchants : 50% -Element Stone : 40% -Crystal Element Stone: 30% -Reward drop quest: x2 -Raid Boss x3 --------------------------- ITEM RATE x1 --------------------------- -Enchants.ĺ -Element Stones. -Giant's Codex. -Recipes. -cloacks. ---------------------------------------------- ️MORE FEATURES ---------------------------------------------- -Gm shop: A -Soulshots: B -Gk Global -Buffer 2 hours/20+4 Dance/Songs12 slots. -Subclass: free -Nobleza: Retail. -Eventos PvP: TvT y CtF -Olympiad : Max enchant +6 -Hero: 15 Days. -Territory war: 15 days -Castle Siege : 15 days -Ant Queen : level 83 [Crystal level up 15-17 30% ] -Orfen : level 83 [Crystal party random level up 16-17 chance random 30% ] -Core : level 83 [crystal party ramdon level up 16-17 chance random 50% ] -1 account zone Ant queen. -1 account zone Epic Raid. -Raids Orfen Core zona free PVP. -Accounts max PC no limited. - Epic Raid only weekends ------------------------ ️DONATION ------------------------ NO SELL Sets,WEAPON,, Auto ENCHANT,Agumentacion,Auto Fundation. Etc.... Donation List: -Clan level 8-9-10-11 -Clan Skills level 8-9-10 - Noble Quest. -Recomendation. -Auto level up -Ancient Adena. -Scroll Enchants. -Premium account Open Server: 21-12-2018 16:00 GMT-2 Server GMT -2. Host : OVH Canada Source Server Privado. WEB SITE: https://l2amber.com/
  11. Nuevo server L2 Mytles mid-rates craft GRAND OPENING 28/12/2018 20 HS GMT-3 Nuevo server mid-craft rates de habla hispana Server Rates Exp - 20x Sp - 20x Adena - 15x Drop raid - 4x 7rb drop: +- 40 % chance items Vesper Recs: 1x Quest Adena: 1x Manor x5 Limite de peso x10 Fish extract x5 Spoil - 15x Quest Drop- 1x Chance de scroll - 55% Chance scroll blessed - 60% Safe 4 - +16. Max Weapon/Armor - +12 Element Lvl 7 max Element stone chance : 40%. Element crystal chance: 45%. Información del servidor Cliente - High Five GM Shop hasta Grado S Armor y Weapon Upgrade System Eventos automáticos y eventos realizados por el staff Max SubClass: 3 SubClass Max Lvl: 85 Épicos PvP zone TW cada 2 semanas Buff Slots 24+4 - Dance/Song 12 (2h Duración) Drop calculator en el community Raid boss Engine Party Matching - Auction - Atribute manager en el cb Secondary auth activo Listado de comandos .buffstore (Para sentar a los buff y que no se bugeen o aparezcan en otro lugar, con tan solo sentarlos a vender y cerrar el cliente quedan offline) .control (Abre un panel con muchas opciones desde damage god hasta ocultar dressmes, autoloot y demas) .online (Muestra un estimativo de usuarios online) .openatod .register / .unregister .engage/.gotolove/.divorce .engage/.gotolove/.repair .changepassword .deposit/withdraw .getreward .combinetalismans .spawnhallnpc .away .security .stream .facebook Nuestro dedicado CPU : Intel Xeon E5-1650 Six-Core RAM : 64 GB DDR3 HD : 2x SSD 160 GB Hosteado en: CANADA Información de épicos Antharas y Valakas spawnean cada 7 dias de 22 a 00 GMT -3 Baium spawnea cada 4 dias 22 a 00 GMT -3 Queen ant spawnea cada 48 horas 22 a 23 GMT -3 Beleth spawnea cada 5 dias 22 a 00 GMT -3 Respawn de épicos Antharas spawnea el día sábado 5 de enero de 2019 de 22 a 00 GMT-3 Valakas spawnea el día domingo 6 de enero de 2019 de 22 a 00 GMT-3 Baium spawnea el 4 de enero de 22 a 00 22 a 00 GMT-3 Queen ant spawnea el día del open Beleth spawnea el 28/12/2018 de 22 a 00 GMT -3 Instancias Frintezza : Nivel: 87 Requiere Command: NO Mínima cantidad de pj: 9 Máxima cantidad de pj: 45 Level Up Cristal: Si Drop del Necklace: 50 % Freya Easy Mode : Nivel: 85 Requiere Command: NO Mínima cantidad de pj: 9 Máxima cantidad de pj: 45 Level Up Cristal: Si Drop del Necklace: 45 % Freya Hard Mode : Nivel: 85 Requiere Command: Si Mínima cantidad de pj: 18 Máxima cantidad de pj: 45 Level Up Cristal: Si Drop del Necklace: 85 % *Se habilitara el dia 5 de enero Tiat : Nivel: 85 Requiere Command: Si Mínima cantidad de pj: 18 Máxima cantidad de pj: 45 Level Up Cristal: Si Drop de la claw: 90 % *Custom drop: Vorpal *Duración de la instancia estimada: 2 horas Aenkelei todos los niveles (Delusion) : Nivel: 70 - 84 Limite Diario: 8 Requiere Command: No Mínima cantidad de pj: 2 Máxima cantidad de pj: 9 Level Up Cristal: Si Zaken Requiere Command: No Todos los zaken la mínima cantidad de pj: 9 Máxima cantidad de pj: 36 Level Up Cristal: Si *Todos los zakens dropean el zaken (Común) y el pirate hat como agregado al servidor *Blessed zaken chance 4 % Puedes Contactarnos en : Web : www.l2mytles.com Fan Page : www.facebook.com/L2Mytles Foro : www.l2mytles.com/Foro
  12. Hello Community of Maxcheaters, im here to announce our 2 month Server with Stable Online and Serious H5 Project with 350-400 Stable Online. We are waiting you in game for make the new H5 Mid Rate Best Server! EXP: 25x, SP: 25x, Drop: 10x, Spoil: 10x , Adena: 15x DropEpolets 10x, QuestsReward 5x, QuestsDrop 5x, RateRaidBoss 5x, - Our active staff working everyday to make your game even better! Vote Rewards –.getreward ( HopZone / TopZone / L2jBrazil ) S Guard Protection –Bot protection - No overpowerful donations. Custom –TvT every 1 hour Other Options -OffLine Trade (just when you make your shop type .offline ) - Need Quest for the nobles –Autolern skills, Auto pickup –Fast Attribute –Champoins Mobs Level 20 - 79 –Add a subclass without quest - Max 3 subclass, max subclass lvl 85 –Starter pack for newbie players –Premium Buffer npc, Event Shops npc , - Class Manager npc, Siege Informer npc, Special shop(Gm) npc, PC Bang, Donate Shop npc, Global Gk (pop up window to Community Board) BUFFS -Max Buff: 30 -Dances/Songs: 12 -Time Buffs/Songs: 2 hours from alt&b -Free Buffer until 40 Lvl from alt&b ENCHANTS -Max Enchant: +20 -Safe Enchant: +3 Siege -Every week OLYMPIAD -Olypiad system chose every Week -Olympiad Arenas have HWID Protections to avoid players that play on same IP Adress. RAIDBOSS INFO -AQ Resp: 1 Days +/- 6 Hours -Antharas Resp: 7 Days +/- 4 Hours -Valakas Resp: 7 Days +/- 4 Hours -Baium Resp: 4 Days +/- 4 Hours -Beleth Resp: 1 day +/- 24 hours(official) INSTANCES INFO -Request for Normal Freya = 9 Players -Request for Hard Freya = 12 Players -Request for Frintezza = 9 Players -Request for Zaken = 9 Players -Request for Zaken = 9 Players -Request for Zaken Nightly = 27 Players Our purpose is to provide you with a server that you can play for many years. Our developers will support you from our forum if you have any InGame problem so you have the best experience from the game. Our Server is the best way to spend your winters. Server Website : https://l2eclypse.com Server Forum : https://l2eclypse.com/forum/
  13. Experience: x7 / Skill Points: x7/ Adena: x5 / Drop: x5 / Spoil: x5 / Quest Drop: x4Quest Reward: x3 / PartyXp/Sp: x2 / Raid Boss Drop: x2 /Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1-2 Grand Opening: 28-12-2018 14:00 (GMT+1) Website: http://asontia.com/ Community: http://asontia.forumotion.eu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage-2-Asontia-High-Five-119699674770080/ Settings ServerRATES: » Xp 7x.» Sp 7x.» Aden 5x.» Drop 5x.» Spoil 5x.» PartyXp 2x.» PartySp 2x.» Starting character level - 1. » Starting bonus Horse Pets 7 days.Enchant rates:» Safe enchant +4.» Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+30).» Simple enchant scrolls chance - 66%.» Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 80%.Augmentations:» Mid life stone skill chance - 15%.» High life stone skill chance - 30%.» Top life stone skill chance - 45%.Unique features:» Main towns - Floran. » Fishing Upgrade. » Fishing Zone Only: Floran.» Working all castle sieges.» Wedding system.» Max subclasses - 5.» Offline trade system/only Floran.» Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.» Perfect class balance.» No custom items ! » No Buy to WIN !» Guard/Shield Server Event system: » Coming Soon! Olympiad game:» Competition period [1] week.» Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].» Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.Asontia Team:» Admin: KantikSGC[CZ/EN]» Developer: KantikSGC[CZ/EN]» Master GM: Jara[CZ/EN], KantikSGC[CZ/EN], GM: Matias[GR/EN] » Support GM: Matias[GR/EN]» Event GM:
  14. Untouchable x7 [ - GVE PROJECT - ] based on Tales version sources with 2 factions Site - https://l2redmoon.eu Forum - https://l2redmoon.eu/forum How to connect - https://l2redmoon.eu/downloads.php GRAND OPENING Friday / 30th November 21:00 GMT+2 GENERAL INFORMATION Minimal donations in store without custom items. (such as Olf/Talismans/Hero Cloaks) All players that donated in Redmoon x12 server will be able to claim back their Donation Pounds on x7 server. Longterm game conditions on basic rates, olympiad kick off, castle sieges & epic respawns. BASIC FEATURES Good Faction will have Aden Town as their mother base. Evil Faction will operate in Rune Township as their mother base. 5 Level difference is required in order to hit or be hitted by a player from the opposite faction. Killing a player of the opposite faction will reward you with 1 Festival Adena. Global Gatekeeper, will show you on map how many players (by HWID) of each faction are located to the spot you want to port. Using command .gotobase or any kind of normal Scroll of Escape, will teleport you back to your mother base town. Faction Balance Manager that will allow you to change faction based on the current server state and the balance between both factions. On castle sieges, Poll will be announced including all the clan leaders of level 6+ Clans. Players from each faction will vote for their desired Kings. The 3 clan leaders that will be elected will have the ability Seal of Ruler in the upcoming Castle Siege to engrave the Altar. GENERAL RATES EXP: X7 ADENA: X5 DROP: X5 SPOIL: X4 RAID BOSS DROP: X4 \ EPIC JEWEL: X1 SAFE ENCHANT +4 MAX ENCHANT: +10 QUEST DROP x2 QUEST REWARD x2 MANOR x1.5 NORMAL SCROLL CHANCE 56% BLESSED SCROLL CHANCE 60% ELEMENTAL STONE CHANCE 50% ELEMENTAL CRYSTAL CHANCE 30% GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Maximum Clients per PC: 4 2h duration on all buffs Buff slots: 20 +4 Divine Inspiration Dance/Song slots: 12 Skills are auto learn Automatic loot for monsters Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena Sub-Class retail like (Quest required) Mana Potions: 1000 MP Restoration with 10 seconds cooldown Champion Monsters (2% to chance to spawn) UNIQUE FEATURES NPC Buffer with all the important buffs GM shop up to S80 Dynasty & consumables Item Auction House in Alt+B Global Gatekeeper Ranking System in ALT+B Auction House with offers in Donation Pounds in Alt+B Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions EXTRA FEATURES & INFORMATION "Vote Reward Bottle" with a 12h cooldown usage and a 12h duration Increases your CP/HP/MP regeneration by 15%, Atk. Speed by 5%, Casting Speed by 5% and your Movement Speed by 4% Stream Reward System with an active "Forged Liquid Rune" which lasts as long as your stream session Increases your CP/HP/MP pool by 15% and all your based stats by +1 Automatic potions clicker system, setup window appears by typing .cp / .hp / .mp commands UNIQUE EVENTS LAST HERO STANDING TEAM VS TEAM CAPTURE THE FLAG TREASURE HUNT KOREAN STYLE FIGHT FOR THRONE DEATHMATCH Official Facebook pages : https://www.facebook.com/l2redmoon https://www.facebook.com/l2redmoon MORE FEATURES: https://l2redmoon.eu/information.php Greetings everybody and welcome back to our boards, this time we will do more things right and provide you a game server with a lifetime uptime, stability, minimal donation rewards & the best classes balance. L2Redmoon, will be an x12 High Five gameserver based on latest L2 Tales sources revision, it will run on a stable High Five version developed by Insidious with minimal future game changes and it will be managed by L2Tales Team. Open Beta - 28 October Grand Opening - 02 November Site - http://l2redmoon.eu Forum - http://l2redmoon.eu/forum Full server features - http://l2redmoon.eu/information.php GENERAL RATES EXP: X12 ADENA: X8 DROP: X5 SPOIL: X4 RAID BOSS DROP: X4 \ EPIC JEWEL: X1 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +10 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Reward: x2 Manor: x1.5 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56% Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60% Elemental Stone chance: 50% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION Maximum Clients per PC: 4 2h duration on all buffs Buff slots: 20 +4 Divine Inspiration Dance/Song slots: 12 Skills are auto learn Automatic loot for monsters Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena Sub-Class retail like (Quest required) Mana Potions: 1000 MP Restoration with 10 seconds cooldown Territory wars every Saturday 20:00 CEST BASIC FEATURES NPC Buffer with all the important buffs GM shop up to S80 Dynasty & consumables Item Auction House in Alt+B Global Gatekeeper Ranking System in ALT+B Auction House with offers in Donation Pounds in Alt+B Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions Donation Store with limited available options EXTRA FEATURES & USEFUL INFORMATION "Vote Reward Bottle" with a 12h cooldown usage and a 12h duration Increases your CP/HP/MP regeneration by 15%, Atk. Speed by 5%, Casting Speed by 5% and your Movement Speed by 4% Stream Reward System with an active "Forged Liquid Rune" which lasts as long as your stream session Increases your CP/HP/MP pool by 15% and all your based stats by +1 Automatic potions clicker system, setup window appears by typing .cp / .hp / .mp commands OLYMPIAD Olympiad on 2 weeks circle First Olympiad Period begins 20th November New heroes every 1st & 15th of each month Class based option disabled There is no maximum enchant limit in Olympiad Games Unique Events LAST HERO STANDING TEAM VS TEAM CAPTURE THE FLAG TREASURE HUNT KOREAN STYLE FIGHT FOR THRONE DEATHMATCH Official Facebook pages : https://www.facebook.com/l2redmoon https://www.facebook.com/l2redmoon L2Redmoon.eu x12 Official Trailer
  15. Start date: 22-12-2018 19:00 (GMT+2) Website: www.l2gaia.com Community: www.l2gaia.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2GaiaH5/ Discord: https://discord.gg/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/L2Gaia ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General rates and features EXP/SP 25xAdena x5 MORE INFOSeal Stone x5Drop chance x10Spoil chance x10Epaulettes х3Manor x1Fame x1Fish x2RB drop x1Drop quest item x2Atribute stones 40% chanceAtribute crystals 35% chanceMax enchant +12Safe enchant +4 Enchants on shop up to A grade.Songs and dances 12 dedicated slotsVote system every 12h - you get a vote reward that increases your stats. Just type .getrewardCombine talismans - type .combine .Free class transfer.GM shop up to S grade.ALT+B buffer.Auto events.Auto potions. (Ctrl + Left Click)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________GameplayServer time - gmt+1.Autoloot - enabled.Offline trades - activate by using the command .offline.Skills autolearned - enabled.Box limit - 3Cursed weapons - from server opening.Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting at lvl 60.Anti Bot Protection - SGuard.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OlympiadStart - Not decided yetFirst heroes - not decided yetMinimum number of people to start Olympiad - 8.Server features all High Five Olympiad arenas in which you can fight.All hero weapons working.Heroes every Saturday 12:00 gmt+1.Number of matches per week - 70Starting Olympiad points - 50.If you get disconnected in Olympiad, you will lose the points and GM won't give you the points back.If matches end in a TIE, both opponents lose points.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Castles, Sieges and Territory WarSieges start - Not decided yetTerritory War starts - Not decided yetAfter that, Sieges and Territory Wars will be every week: Territory Wars on Saturday and Sieges on Sunday.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Epic RaidBosses and Respawn timeValakas - 7 days +/- 4hBaium - 5 days +/- 4hAntharas - 7 days +/- 4hBaylor - 24H - 12H Random respawnQueen Ant - 24h +/- 10 min, (Retail)Beleth - 8 days, needs 18 players to enterSailren - - 24H - 12H Random respawnFreya Easy - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Freya Hard - needs 18 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Zaken lvl 83 - every Monday and Wednesday, needs 9 players, min-max lvl to enter 82-85Zaken Nighttime - needs min 18 players, min-max lvl to enter 55-56Frintezza - needs min 9 players to enter, min-max lvl 82-85Core - 3 days, (Retail)Orfen - 3 days, (Retail) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. Lineage 2 Emperors High Five x10 Live since May 2009 Web: http://l2emperors.com/ Forum: http://l2emperors.com/forum FB: https://www.facebook.com/L2Emperors/ ...::::::::::: RATES SERVER :::::::::::... Rate Experience Points = 10x/1000x Rate Skill Points = 10x/1000x Rate Adena = 10x/1000x Drop Item Crafter = 10x ...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::... Safe Enchant = +3 Max Enchant Weap = +20 Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +20 Scroll Enchant = 55% chance of success Blessed Enchant = 65% chance of success Vote Enchant Scroll = 90% chance of success Safe Enchant Scroll = 100% chance of success ...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::... 1 Team vs Team 2 Capture the flag 3 Domination 4 Mass Domination 5 DeathMatch 6 Last man standing 7 Advanced Team vs Team 8 Lucky chests 9 Battlefields Every event rewards is: Festival Adena,Event Medal,Fame ...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::... All high five zones reworked and working All high five quests finished and working Reworked a lot of skills formulas and calculations Reworked and working Territory Wars Reworked and working Seed of Infinity Reworked and working Seed of Destruction Reworked and working Seed of Anihilation Chamber of Delusion working retail like Seed of Destruction working retail like Seed of Infinity working retail like Kamaloka instaces working retail like Pailaka instances working retail like Crystal Caverns working retail like Tower of Naia working retail like Steel Citadel working retail like Tully's Workshop working retail like Hellbound Town working retail like Fortress/Castle working retail like All G.Rbs quests working retail like ...::::::::::: CUSTOM FEATURES :::::::::::... Core Protection System Premium accounts system Captcha anti bot-enchant system .getreward vote reward manager Individual ingame vote reward manager Color title or name system Pc Bang Points system Character Control Panel Custom Commands Chaotic Zone & Flag Zone New Characters Title And much more! ...::::::::::: COMMUNITY BOARD :::::::::::... Custom index with announcements and info Character control panel Option to enable/disable every feature Informations for Server Manage Events and Statistics Attribute Manager Vote Manager Blacksmith Services Gm-Shop Buffer Gatekeeper Symbol Maker Warehouse Custom services Remove Pk function Top Rankings Status for all raidbosses on the map Option for fake players count Join us Now! http://l2emperors.com/
  17. | EXP: 50x | SP: 50x | Spoil: 15x | Drop: 10x | Adena: 10x | www.l2world.eu 3 days before Grand Opening BETA TEST SERVER 04.12.2018 GRAND OPENING 07.12.2018 20:00 GMT+1 Special features, events, rewards on the server Active GM staff - online support 24h (ingame, skype, mail) Events with GM for good rewards Russian Roulette event Raid Boss event with good reward Stream event - watch ours stream and win items in game Gathering event - event for all online players in cities L2 And more events with our active GM Castle Sieges / Territory Wars / Grand Boss Zones - Bot protection (entry to the zones only one character per computer) Next Bot Protection - Antibot Protection SG + special Captcha system Olympiad / Castle Sieges / Territory Wars - Every week + feed protection .getreward every 12 hours (Vote Rune + random Items) - Reward from voting / L2Hopzone and L2Topzone / Grand Opening Event - Reward for all players on opening day Custom server gear - Dress me system with special costumes, shields, weapons and hats Clan reward - Every clan on the server get a special reward Stream - Reward for Streaming Other Server Information Server Rates: » Xp 50x. » Sp 50x. » PartyXp 2x. » PartySp 2x. » Spoil 15x » Adena 10x. » Drop 10x. » Starting character level 1. Enchant rates: » Safe enchant +4. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16). » Simple enchant scrolls chance – 50% » Blessed enchant scrolls chance – 60% Buffs: » Max Buffs: 24 + 4. » Max Dances/Songs: 12. » Buffs time: 2 hours Automatic events: » Capture the Flag. » Death Match. » Domination » Korean Style » Hunt Ground » Last Man » Mass Dominion » Team vs Team Olympiad game: » Retail olympiad game. » Competition period [1] week. » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT+2. » New Heroes every Monday. Castle Sieges & Territory Wars: » Every week. Boss Informations: Baium: 5 days + 1 hour random Antharas 5 days + 1 hour random Valakas 5 days + 1 hour random Beleth 5 days + 1 hour random Queen Ant 1 day +- 1 hour Instances for 1 party = 9 players Custom server gear: Dress me system with special costumes, shields, weapons and hats Unique features: » Main town – Giran » Automatic-Manual Potions. » Automatic-Manual reward from Vote » Vote Rune for better stats » Working Castles. » Unique Grand Boss PvP zone » Wedding system. » Full npc buffer with auto buff. » Max subclasses – 3. » Max lvl subclass – 85. » Free and no quest sub class. » Ingame password change. » Secondary password security. » HighFive retail skills. » Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. » Announcements on Raid Boss spawn » Top pvp/pk/online ranks in Community Board ALT+B. » Community Board ALT+B with functions for players. » Community Board ALT+B with all servers infromations and commands. » Perfect class balance
  18. L2Name - High Five x100 Opening 08.12.2018 at 17:00 (GMT +3) • Rates: EXP x100 SP x100 Adena x50 Drop x50 Spoil x20 ClanRepScore x10 Manor x10 Quest x10 RaidBossDrop x10 Epaulette x10 Fame x10 Fish x10 • Limits: MaxHP = no limit MaxMP = no limit MaxCP = no limit LimitPatk = no limit LimitMAtk = no limit LimitPDef = no limit LimitMDef = no limit LimitCriticalDamage = no limit LimitAccuracy = no limit LimitPatkSpd = 1999 LimitMatkSpd = 2499 LimitMove = 250 LimitMoveHorse = 500 LimitEvasion = 300 LimitCritical = 750 LimitMCritical = 30 LimitFame = 100000 • Uniqueness of the new server: Start Lvl - 40; Max members in clans - 15 + CRP and LvL Up for clans in Alt+B service; Penalty for invite in clan - 60 sec; Reduced stats for Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Blessed Freya; Epic Bosses Baium and Queen Ant 85 LvL; Craft Rare Vorpal and Rare Elegia; Drop and LvL up SA from Baium = Drop and LvL up SA from Dragons; 3 RB in LoA + Knoriks have LvL up SA like Zaken (1 member in party random until 17 LvL); Olympiad start points = 30; Chance of rare craft + 7%, with Premium Accaunt 10%; Not sale equipment higher, than Vesper; You can get Mid_S84 and Top_S84 from Kamaloka (81-83) and Grand Raid Bosses; Sale Coin of Luck for Adena in the GM-Shop for fix price; Increase chance to get belts from Territory Wars; Autolearn skills; Subclasses without quest untill 85 lvl. Start LvL of subclass - 75; Weight x50 of standar; Buffer in Alt+B; 32 (+4) buff slots and 12 for dances/songs; Manager of professions in Alt+B (professions are free); Buffer and Teleport are free until 81 lvl; Section for craft with many functions include Augmentation; Free get shadow equipment С, В, A-grade; You can insert the Life Stone and PVP Attributes to weapons and transferred weapons with Life Stones; .km-all-to-me 120 sec; AutoBan S-Guard, no bots; Limit for windows - 3; Technical support 24/7. The flags of all Castles return before each Territory Wars; Max enchant for Olf's T-Shirt +10 and other equipment +20; Safe Enchant +3. Chance to Weapon 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%); for other equipment chance 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%). More information about the server: https://forum.l2name.ru/index.php?threads/the-opening-of-the-new-pvp-craft-server-x100-8-december-at-17-00-moscow-time.11024/
  19. L2Grasf x80 Craft-PvP Beta - Nov 29th Grand Opening - Dec 1st Server Rates Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x50 Drop: x80 (Recs-Keys 1x) Spoil: x80 RaidBossDrop: x3 Quest Drop: x1-x3 Quest Reward: x1 Safe Enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 12 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Element Stone Rate: 40% Element Crystal Rate: 30% GMshop up to Dynasty Class manager Free subclass Autolearn skills Special Features Multiple addon attribute system Clan level up requires 5 members Freya/Tezza/Zaken instances require 5 players Buff/dances-songs 30/14 Masterwork craft chance 8% Buyable noblesse quest Auto potions Fortress owners passive farm boost Tradeable augumented weapons Canceled buffs return after 15 seconds Party invitation from every member Siegeable castles: Rune - Goddard - Giran - Aden Website: www.l2grasf.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/l2grasf
  20. Opening x30 Reborn! We have prepard for you new world "Reborn" from new concept, as well as a modification in the form of entry into the game through CLASSIC client now you can play your favorite chronicles HIGH-FIVE as through old client HF and new client CLASSIC! HIGH-FIVE + CLASSIC Opening November 23 in 20:00 GTM+3 Web: https://thebattle.club/ Community Forum: https://forum.thebattle.club/index.php Server Rates and FAQ Chornicles: High-five Part 5 You can use standard High-Five client, or Salvation (Classic Client, higher FPS) Craft-PvP Server time GTM +3 (Moscow Time) EXP x30 | SP x30 Adena x15 | Drop x10 | Spoil Chance x10 | ClanRepScore x5 Manor x4 | Quest x3 | Reward x3 | RaidBossDrop x4 | Epaulette x10 | Fame x2 Server Platform : Java. New players starts with a NG equiepement (TOP) + 300 000 Adena and Soul Shots (NG,D,C Grades) Buff - 1 hour 24(+4) buff slots , and 12 for Dance/Songs Free buffer up to 80 level Class Change for free . Shout/Trade chat available only at 60 level. Max level for subclass 85. On server you can find Champion Monsters (Red x5, Blue x3) max level of champions - 80, without att drop. Hellbound - open , max level. Mana potion restores 1000 MP Coldown 10 sec. Expanded inventory - 110 slots ( dwarfs - 130 ). Boxes Limit - 3 Safe Enchant +3. Max Enchant +16. Autoloot -on . Skills learning - automatically till 81 level, After you need - spell books, spell books not available in donate shop. Trade Zone Giran Olympiad: Server Currency: Events: Sieiges , Fortress Sieges, Terretori Wars First Sieges in December 1 at 16:00-18:00 и 20:00 - 22:00 (GMT +3) First Terretory wars in December 2 20:00-22:00 (GMT +3) Registration ends in 24 hours before siege will started. Next Fortress is Avaialable : Bayou Fortress, Antharas' Fortress, Borderland Fortress, Cloud Mountain Fortress, Floran Fortress, Hunter's Fortress, Swamp Fortress, Southern Fortress, Western Fortress All other Fortress UNAVAILABLE Fame & Epaluete drops x1,25 Raid and Epic Bosses: All Epics/Raid Bossess respawn from 20:00 to 23:00. (GMT +3) Queent Ant - 85 level , Ring drops 100%, Second Ring 50% respawn 2 days . Core & Orfen 85 level , Ring/Earring drops 100%, respawn 3 days. Baium , respawn 5 days , After Baium Awaking, other players will have 10 min to tp inside the Baium spot. Antharas Respawn 8 days Valakas Respawn 10 Days Command Channel priority works. PvP zone around all Epic Bosses. In the server start, all epick bossess are dead. Queen Shyed - / Crystal SA 16 level / QHP 100-150 items New Raid Bosess RaidBoss features : High HP/P.attack New Drop List : Vorpal Vesper Rare Mid Weapons Enchanting SA crystal to 14 100% 1 random party member Enchanting SA crystal to 15 100% 1 random party member Enchanting SA crystal to 16 100% 1 random party member Enchanting SA crystal to 17 50% 1 random party member Enchanting SA crystal to 18 to 18 50% 1 random party member Server features Instance Zone Game features: Ingame Commands
  21. Welcome to Lineage 2 Black Pearl! This is server for people who like servers in classic style.. http://l2blackpearl.online/ SERVER RATES: EXP/SP: x300 Adena: x300 ENCHANT: Safe Enchant: +4 Max Weapon +16 Normal Enchant – 75% Blessed 100% Olympiad period – 1 month. Siege – 1 week. All profession is free. Champions – NO Autoloot – YES Raidboss autoloot – NO Dualbox 1+1 Max 5 Subclass, Max lvl is 85 No Quest for Noblesse NPC`s: GM Shop Buffer with schemes, buff time 4h and limit is 32+20 Global GK Global GK and GM Shop available in community board. Upgrade Master – Player can here augument, dyes, WH, Clan WH and get Noblesse.
  22. New Quality L2 Server x50 Rates HighFive! Beta Server Is OPEN Join Us ! Grand Opening in 24-11-2018 at 21:00 +2Gmt High Quality Gameplay! Balanced Classes! Website: http://l2amazons.com Download System: https://l2amazons.com/connect/system1.03.rar RATES: Exp: x50 Sp: x50 Adena: x25 Drop: x20 Spoil: x20 Quest items: x1 [quests have different rates] Knight Epaulette: x3 SERVER CONFIGURATION: Subclass - no quest Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song Auto Loot Offline Trade Offline Buffs Auto learn skills Vitality System Olympiad 2 weeks Master Work Items Global GK NPC Buffer scheme Vote reward All instances/quest works 100% ENCHANT: Safe +3 Max +13 Normal Rate 60% Blessed Rate 66% Attribute stone: 40% Crystal stone: 30% Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 EVENTS: Team vs Team Dungeons Events Protect th King Last Man Standing Korean Style Capture the Flag Fight For Throne Death Match Tresure Hunt COMMANDS: .party - invite players to your party . .control - full menu of player . .offline - go in offline mode if you are selling buffs/stuffs . and more ......
  23. Webpage: www.l2jmaster.com Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team Chronicle: High Five Part 5. Base: High Five 100%. Java: 8.1. Gradle: 3.5 Rev: V-011 Stable. Pack: Source + Geodata Premium + Pathnodes Premium. + Textures + System Access: FREE SUPPORT FOR LIFETIME & UPDATES. PERFECT TO ALL RATE SERVERS. Custom: Premium Account System. Subclass Between Elves Castle Manager Cloak. Champions / Super Champions with Aura. Community Board (Auction, Rebirth System, GM Shop, Gk, Services, Rules, Rankings, RB/GB, Online, etc). Announce Hero Login. Announce Castle Lord Login. Announce Boss Kill & Boss Spawn. Blue Spoil Class Switcher. Class Cloak With Stats. Cancel Return. Clan Leader Name & Title Color. MultiFunctionZone / Custom PvP. PvP / PK Nick & Title Color. System PvP / PK Reward. Support PvP / Pk System. Stack Subclass. Quake System. Auto Restart Game Server. Chat Limit per Level. Master Transformation. Newbie Guide. Dead Player Chat Disabled. Custom Start Title on Newbie Characters. LeaderBoards (Arena, Craft, Fisherman, TvT). Custom Clan Halls. Recipe Elegia System. Vote Reward. Wedding System. Welcome Message. Fantasy Isle Parade. Auto CP Pots Shift + Click. Commands: DressMe Command + Races, Online / Offline. (New design, Armors & Configs) Epic. Online. Go To CL. Go To Mob. Teleport (.Giran. .Aden, etc). SellBuff Online/Offline + Enchant Skills. Repair. Combine Talisman. Hellbound. Change Password. Divorce. Engage. Bank. Premium. Events: Achievement System. Casino. The Avatar Element. Questions Event. Event Engine (TvT, CtF, DM, SV). Pc Bang Points. Squash Event. Monsters. Legion Squad. Traesure. Classic Events: Gift of Vitality. Character Birthday. Heavy Medal. Christmas Is Here. Hallowed You. The Valentine Event. Freya Celebration. Love Your Gatekeeper. Master of Enchanting. Elpies. Rabits. Race. April Fool's Catch A Tiger Npc's: Augment Manager Bug Report. Deluxe Gatekeeper. Scheme Buffer. Premium Scheme Buffer. Delevel. Uplevel. Vote shop. Donate Merchant. Forgotten Scrolls. Medal Shop. Services. Top PvP / PK. Safe Enchant. Protections: Antibot. Npc AntiBot Over Enchant. Enchant Near Warehouse. Class Item Protection. Instances & Quests: Crystal Caverns (Baylor). Seed of Infinity: Attack and Defence (Sufferng, Erosion, Infinity Ekimus). Zaken (Easy, Hard, Night). Freya (Easy & Hard). Tower of Naia (Epidos & Beleth). Pailaka Injured Dragon. Seven Signs (All 12 Quest). Seer Ugoros. Fixed / IMP: Lucky Pig. Blood Altars. Nevit's Blessing System All Working (Hunting Bonus, Nevit's Voice, Bonus Time, Nevit Hourglass). Nevit Herald. Treasure Chest (Retail Location and Drop). Valakas Family. Missing Html's. Skills. Custom Items: Premium Item for Status. Donate Coins. Vote Coins. Rune Spoil / Adena Cowboy Outfit + Hat. Archer Red Armor + Hat. White Royal Suit + Hat. Green Wizard + Hat. Dark Assassin + Hat. White Assassin + Hat. School Uniform. Santa's Outfit Class Cloaks. Castle Cloaks. and More... Contact: www.facebook.com/L2JMaster or Skype: L2JMaster Team
  24. Hello dear community. We (L2Mercury staff) after many requests from players are proud to present a new "Season" of L2Mercury. Many improvements have been made on our servers and new systems and files are been added on this new season. Dear players, we decide to bring back L2Mercury. There will be a really hot start with many players, big clans and huge online playing communities. We have worked hard to deliver the best gameplay, many useful services and functionality. We will give to you that feelings wich others servers can`t suggest. Why our server is the best choice : - Defenses against DDOS attacks. - Protection from bots. Smart-Guard - High quality server performance! - Comfortable game without freezes or delays. - Active & Professional GM Team. SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15Grand Opening: Friday, November 16, 20:00 GMT+2Website: http://l2mercury.com/ Forum: http://l2mercury.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2mercury/ Grand Opening Special Event for all online players SERVER RATES (Note: Even tho the rates remain the same we fixed all the drop/spoil rates) | Exp x15 , SP x15 | Adena x12 | Drop x12 | Spoil x15 |Quest Drop x4 | Quest Reward x4 | Manor x2 | RaidBoss Drop x4 (Epic Raid x1) |Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll chance : 50% Blessed Scroll chance : 60% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 50% Elemental Crystal chance : 40% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h Buff Slots : 32 Dance and Songs Slots : 14 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot (+ Report system) Geodata and Pathnodes GENERAL INFORMATION Sub-Class Free without Quest Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Class Master Off-line Shop mode Off-line Buffers mode Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Vitality System Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board RAID BOSS & INSTANCES INFO Boss: Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24 h. +- 2 h. Boss: Antharas Respawn Delay: 7 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Valakas Respawn Delay: 10 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Baium Respawn Delay: 5 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Beleth Respawn Delay: 8 d. +-2 h. Boss: Epidos Respawn Delay: 2 h. Instances: Normal Freya Required players: 9 Instances: Hard Freya Required players: 11 Instances: Frintezza Required players: 9 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-83 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-60 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Nightly lvl-60 Required players: 9 Instances: TIAT Required players: 11 Instances: Beleth Required players: 18 OTHER SERVER FEATURES .control : Character control panel .stats : Shows exact information about character statistics .vote : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting .online : Shows how many players are online in game .offline : Sets Offline Private Store .repair : Repairing character located in same account .password : Changing Password of your Account .buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store .buffshield : Protects you from unwanted buffs .siege : Full siege information .combine : Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! .dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak! .report : Target a player you think is botting SERVER: L2Mercury High Five x15 Grand Opening: Friday, November 16, 20:00 GMT+2 Website: http://l2mercury.com/ Forum: http://l2mercury.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2mercury/ Some images from our last season:
  25. L2 Axel The most loud returning of the epic server! L2 Axel Beta Test : 12/08/2018 L2 Axel Grand Opening : 31/08/2018 Chronicle HIGH FIVE PART 5 New platform. Everything working like it should. General - Community Board with everything you need - Rates x1000 - Starting level 85 - Starting pack with free Elegia/Vorpal items and Epic Jewels - Shop with everything you need for adena and special coins - Easy farm, pvp balance, pvp reward (supports/assists), free skins, massive pvps - Pvp Items are tradeble - Augmented items are tradeble - Vote system with awesome rewards - Cancel return back buffs - Amulet system d - c - b - a - s - s80 - s84 (giving stats) Enchants - Normal Scroll 100% to +12 (Instant with 1 click) - Blessed Scroll to +13 70%, +14 50%, +15 30%, +16 15% (If it fails item keep the same enchantment) - Max Enchant +16 (Donator Scroll max enchant is +16 too) Element - Crystal 100% to Level 7 (Instant with 1 click) - Max Element Level 7 Buffer (With scheme) - All buffs available (Except Kamael and Class Specific) - All important buffs are enchanted to their specific route +15/+30 - Buffs duration 2 hours - 32 Buff Slots + 4 Divine Inspiration, 16 Songs/Dances Potions - Automatic use of potions including kamael bottle of souls (HP/MP/CP/SOULS) - Mana potions restores 1000 MP with 10 seconds reuse - Right click in order to activate them Subclass - Ultimited subclasses available with no restrictions (Instant level 85) - Heroic and certification skills available on subclesses aswell Olympiad - Weekly heroes given on Saturday 12:00 - Last olympiad day is Friday - Max Enchant +6 - 50 starting olympiad points - 100 olympiad games available - Special information on screen about the waiting time - Special information on screen about match duration - Information about the class u meet inside Sieges - Weekly sieges on sunday 16:00 and 20:00 - Updated castle defenses - PvP Rewards and spree available inside war zone Territory War - Weekly territory wars on saturday 20:00 - Wards reset every week - Wards anti-hiding mechanic - PvP Rewards and spree available inside war zone Epic Raids - Daily epic raids from monday to friday - Winner exclusive rewards - If you participate you get a small fee as reward Skins - Suits, Weapons, Armors, Cloaks, Name Color, Title Color, Encahnt colors, Soulshot. - Posibility of disable or enable the system - You have a lot of options to make your character look awesome! Auto Events - Team vs Team - Capture the Flag - Protect the King - Fight for Throne - Last Man Standing - Death Match - Korean Style - Treasure Hunt GM Events - Fun Events (Russian roulette, dice etc.) - GVG Tournaments (1v1,3v3,5v5,7v7,9v9) Infrastructure - DDoS Protection - Powerfull Server Machine - Anti bot ----> L2 AXEL WEBSITE <---- ----> L2 AXEL FORUM <---- OBT : 12.08.2018 The Grand Opening : 31.08.2018