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  1. Welcome to your next Lineage 2 Server, we are one of the best new servers around, with handmade files, npcs, and 98% of bugs fixes, we want to invite you to our grand openning the 25th of this month!! From now, you can join our beta test so you can see everything and propose new stuff. Our website is www.l2alianza.com Here is the information about our project : Rates: Experience: x50 Skill Points: x50 Adena Drop: x10 Items Drop: x5 Items Spoil: x5 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Grand Boss Drop: x1 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Reward: x5 Manor: x2 Fishing: x2 Normal Enchant Chance: 66% Blessed Enchant
  2. LIVE NOW! Join us on www.l2patriot.com Basic Gameplay Starting Level: 85 Subclass Stating Level: 85 Max Subclasses: 3 Safe/Max Enchant: +16 with one scroll One click attribute Weekly sieges, olympiad and territory war! Country system When you first create your char you will be called by your country to join their lines. Together with your fellow Patriots that will be from your country you can organize Raids and PvP armys to the ultimate Country Showdown! Compete with other countries, select a president to lead your country and clash agains the strongest
  3. Hello. WTS Adena/gold/items in new server averia.ws x50 H5 (10k online) server overcrowded, started 10th june contact me here PRICES = 1KKK - 4 EURO, BUT PRICE WILL DROPPED HARD IN FEW DAYS.
  4. Characters: Mystic Muse 85+ all FS lvl 82 3 euros Nobless Shilien Saint 83+(Subclass Soul Taker lvl 80) 3 euros Nobless Titan 83+(full certificates,fighters will, all FS lvl 82) Nobless Moonlight Sentinel Nobless Trickster (all FS lvl 82, Full subs certs, Judicator lvl 80 with +13+14 Apetite, etc...) Nobless 8 euros Shilien Templar (Have SOS, all FS lvl 82) Equipment: Any S84 Weapon Dynasty Crusher 300 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 12 euros Dynasty Crusher 150 Attribute Risk Focus ~~Hot~~ 8 euros Vesper Nobl Robe set 900+ attribute ~~Hot~~ 8
  5. Delete this topic please Double post
  6. So i was thinking... What are the chances of getting GOD skill animations in H5? Should i try it? Is there any guide for SKILL ADAPTATION? Any thoughts?
  7. Lineage 2 Dorn Internationalx50 [ENGLISH] [BRAZIL] [RUSSIAN] Server Main Features: - OFFLINE buffers in any safe zone - Sell & Buy Shops item quantity increased to 20 - Donation will never contain items that are increasing stats - 24/12 buffs , Buffs availible from ALT+B manager ( removed Cat/Seraphim/Dwarf/Dance of Berserk etc.) - Olympiad period 1 month - Siege and Territory Wars once every 2 weeks - Vote bonus ( Increase drop/spoil & Knight Epaulette ammount by 30% ) - Vote is automated, have to be online to redeem vote. - ENG CHAT for international players - Const
  8. Looking for GOD armors for High Five.
  9. im selling adena on new l2ru/dex project Hell x30 h5 server. fast and secured transactions. best price on the market. stock:40bil ++ contact me here via pm or on skype:ecstasy36
  10. L2 AEGNOR http://www.aegnor.es/ http://www.aegnor.es/ http://www.aegnor.es/ RATES E INFORMACION Chronicle: High Five * Buff slots: 24+4 Slots * Buff slots song/dance : 12 Slots * Buff duration: 1 hours. * Experience: x20 * Experience in party: x1 * Pet experience: x1 * Skill Points: x15 * Adena Drop: x4 * Spoil: x9 * GrandBoss Item Drop: x1 * Quest Drop/Reward: x4 * Weight Limit: x5 * Chances for : Normal Scrolls * Enchant Safe: +4 * Enchant Max: +12 * Chances for : Scrolls 50% Chance * Chances for : Blessed Scrolls 66% Chance * Gift of vitality * Chances for : Elemental
  11. Chronicle: High Five Part 5 Opening Date: February 6, 2015 at 19:00 Germany time (GMT +1) Open Beta Testing: January 26, 2015 at 18.00 Germany time (GMT +1) website : http://www.l2-redemption.com forum : http://l2-redemption.com/forum facebook : http://facebook.com/RedemptionLineage2 Server rates experience : x15 skill points: x15 adena: x10 drop: x10 (recs-keys 1x) spoil: x10 safe enchant: 3 max enchant: 16 normal ecroll enchant rate: 60% blessed scroll enchant rate: 65% element stone rate: 40% element crystal rate: 30% sieges and tws every weekend 2 Weeks Olympiad : every 1st and 15th of
  12. L2Raze - H5 Instant PvP Server I would like to introduce You, something you have never seen before Unique Features, Massive PvP Battles, Stable Server for Years Custom Character Creation Instant 85 Level Free Elegia +12 Free Level 4 Attributes Skills Enchanted to +20 Free Boss Jewelry Unique Storyline Sheredyns are taking control over Aden Continent King with shattered army is hiding in Abandoned Camp Champions League Whole Server is taking part in the Great Battle Complete assigned Tasks & earn Champion Status Fight Types: Slay the Bosses King of the Hill Ent
  13. Website Link We want to introduce our project to you and we are going to explain the basic ideas behind it. L2 Adena is a summer relax server which wants to give you an easy way to obtain good gear and fun while playing. We were players that disliked servers with op donations, hidden donation list (servers for money only), lies and corruption, many custom features that are strange or not balanced at all. We want to try something new and we started to work on the server. We want to make the gameplay simple and without many other currencies like FA, CoL, Medals and other things. You can buy
  14. L2BotOlympics is the server where you can show off your botting skills, both in PvE and PvP! Botting is heavily encouraged to anyone who joins this server, and there is no limit to the amount of clients/bots you can log in. Bot protection is disabled and you won’t ever banned for botting, as it is the main playstyle of the server. Gameplay H5P5 Everything not stated as custom has retail settings Rates Everything x1 Custom Starting level 40 Free C Grade Teleports cost no adena Auto-learn skills Auto-learn Forgotten Scrolls Auto-learn Divine Inspiration Free subcla
  15. Hi, what you recommend talismans in olympiad on ghost hunter? So lets discuss. I think: 1. Divine protection 2. Max clarity 3. Life force 4. Eplosion whats next some yellow talisman, or black talisman? i really dont know difference free speech, vocalization, speed, allarcity, hp recovery? so lets go
  16. Layout PSD Lineage 2 - only PSD Price : 35USD Method payment : PAYPAL Skype: votehot Sold [0/3]
  17. Hi. wts valakas and AQ on averia.ws x10 H5 server, all info pm.
  18. IN BETA PHASE www.L2Valiant.eu Game Rates EXP: x300 SP: x300 DROPS: x1 ADENA: x1200 Item Enhancement Rates Maximum/Safe Enchant: +12 100% Success Attribute Enhancement Rates Maximum: Lv4 Chance: 30% 1 Element Per item (Epilogue Like) Skill Enchancement Maximum Skill Enchant: +20 Buffing System Buff Duration: 3h Buff Slots: 32 (+4 with Divine Inspiration) Dance & Song Slots: 12 Canceled/Stolen Buffs Return: 10 seconds Auto Events Team Vs. Team Capture the Flag DeathMatch Quiz Mini Event CB Features GM Shop (Full) Global Gatekeeper Scheme Buffer Rankings (Top PvP/PK/Online) Olymp
  19. L2Dragon team wishes you a pleasant game. The server is online. Enjoy the game First hour 900+ online L2-Dragon.net is a brand new L2 server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Server version High Five , our files are private & better in every aspect than most private projects, And we claim this not by arrogance but by knowledge & experience in last 8 years . This is a fact, and all are challenged to join and fight like old times!! Server will be based of mid-rate server with some custom features Player online time in beta increase pre
  20. Today opens new server retail-like x20. http://pvp.l2nofear.com Freya High Five Server Mid-Pvp x20 Opens April 17th 2015 18:00 GMT+1 Exp/Sp/Adena: x20 DropItems/DropSpoil: x10 QuestRate/Raid/CommonItems/Fish: x5 RateManor/QuestReward: x3 DualBox: 3 clients max. More info: http://pvp.l2nofear.com/forum/showthread.php/1-Server-Info
  21. L2-Dragon.net is a brand new L2 server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II. Server version High Five , our files are private & better in every aspect than most private projects, And we claim this not by arrogance but by knowledge & experience in last 8 years . This is a fact, and all are challenged to join and fight like old times!! Server will be based of mid-rate server with some custom features Beta Server is available now Player online time in beta increase premium account in live server! Read more Li
  22. Visit our website - L2 Consortio
  23. Today i wanna sell Custom Community Board CB contains: Sheme Buffer, Teleporter, Raid and Grand Boss info, Castle Info, Top pvp, pk, fame, online and clan, Dressme, Playerinfo, New Region info, GM Shop. Community board is configurable to open in combat, specific zone (raid, siege, only in peace or town zone) also buffer and gm shop have config that allow only use multisell id or skill id that is in config. 1 Raid and Grand Boss Info + drop info. http://youtu.be/UNVyVQmCFm8 2. Scheme Buffer. http://youtu.be/OPfmsWcM98Y 3 Castle Info + castle manager. http://youtu.be/mms
  24. SERVER RATES - HIGH FIVE - Rates: x1000 - SP: x1000 - Adena: x1000 - Drop: x1 - Starting level: 85 - SubClasse level: 80 ENCHANTS RATES - Safe: +15 - Max: +18 (obtainable by RAIDS) - Success Chances: 100% - Attribute Chance: 100% SERVER FEATURES - Auto-Accounts - 5 Zones (1 SP Zone / 2 PvP Zone/Instance) - Zone Sp Gludin Harbor - Zone PvP Wasteland, Random Respawn - Zone PvP Instant Respawn. - Zone Instance Cruma Partyx5 - Time Limited - Drop Festival Adena. (M.Strong) - Zone Boss - Mana Potions - Offline Shops - Max Sub-classes: 3 - All Hi5 features implemented - Unique NPCS - Zone