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  1. Multiskill x100 Rates: XP x100 - SP x1 Drop x1 - Adena x30 Spoil x10 - party x2 Enchant: Safe 3 - Max 20 Armor - Max 25 Weapons FULL PVP http://nomercy.servegame.com/
  2. Line][Age II Elements BETA OPENING : FEBRUARY 27th 2016 Official opening : March 4th 2016 ===== RATES ===== XP / SP : x5 Adena : x6 Drop / Spoil : x3 Quest Drop : x2 QuestReward : x1 Safe Enchant Armor / Jewel : +3 Safe Enchant Weapon : +3 Max Enchant Weapon : +16 Max Enchant Armor / Jewel : +18 ===== INFORMATIONS ===== - L2J Based on FandC - Full Community Board - AntiBot SmartGuard - Community Board Scheme Buffer - Event CtF / TvT / Last Hero with Matchmaking and different maps for every round - Pet intelligence artific
  3. Hi guys. We going to sell rpg-club.com x7 H5 server Victory : ADENA 100KK - 1.2 e 1KKK - 12 euro Discounts for big buys Stock : 16kkk Sold : 214kkk SKYPE l2freaks
  4. Lineage II Goma2Spain Apertura 19/02/2016 14:00 GMT 0 Goma2Spain Ha decidido abrir las puertas para el Juegazo Lineage II High Five con la finalidad de crear un Servidor MID PvP x20 Pagina Web: http://www.goma2spain.com/ Foro: http://www.goma2spain.com//index.php?action=forum#c8 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goma2spain System: http://descargas.goma2spain.com/Lineage2/Launcher.rar A continuación se darán a conocer los Rates e Información del Servidor. Rates: [+] EXP: x20 [+] SP: x20 [+] Party Exp: 1.5 [+] Party Sp: 1.5 [+] Drop: 10 [+] Spoil: 10 [+] Quest:
  5. L2Cartel Adena 1b=0,25eu Adena 1KKK- 0,25 euro 24/7 in 5 min! Like in the topic - adena in game Lineage 2 on EternalFight x15 (l2tales.com) You paying 0,25 euro and getting 1,000,000,000 adena THE FASTEST and THE CHEAPEST 1.We always trying put adena the cheapest, but if some1 put it lower than us, contact with us, we will make better offer for sure! :) 2. We trying to be the best and the fastest Service, That's why we're sitting ~20h per day at PC, all adena trades takes 1-10minutes after payment! WARRANTY OF SECUIRITY -We are exeperienced team, who k
  6. START WILL BE 29/1/2016 18.00h https://www.facebook.com/L2Aeren/ Hi community, my first project is here, isnt a normal H5, I thought on new gameplay with summoners + tranforms. I open beta for u can see it & hope u will fun with it. Class available are Elf Mage, Dark Elf Mage & Human Mage(Only summoner available) Dwarf Crafter for Vesper & Moirai on Giran NPC shop NPC Buffer Start lvl 76 full A-grade 3rd Job Grand Boss are 85: -Ant Queen -Core -Orfen -Baium - ... Subclass disabled, dont need it, Certification Skill on NPC shop Blue Spoil - You char have spoil skill, you d
  7. Hi! I was looking for Party matching - Donation System, only request trusted ppl please. Chronicle H5 Java
  8. High Five [TERA] x100 Server! Beta Site : http://l2tera.czweb.org/ Forum : soon Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2Tera-1231563600192373/ Grand opening: SOON Open Beta Test: 03 JANUARY Rates » Xp 100x. » Sp 100x. » Adena 15x. » Drop 10x. » Spoil 15x. » QuestDrop 4x. » Starting character level - 20. Enchant / Attribute Rates » Safe enchant +4. » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12). » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 50%. » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 55%. » Max attributte armor/weapon - 120/300. » Stone Chance - 40%. » Crystal Chance - 30
  9. Hello, I started play on russian server Online / staff is awasome but i have problem :/ i have russian language (skills / npc / options menu) can u help me and add files for change language ?( only language i wanna stay on this serwer ) Please help me ;/
  10. Hi Guys As the title said, I'm looking for a good Lineage 2 H5 pack for mid low rates. The pack have to be in Java with sources and the payment must be by Paypal. The ideal pack should be: - Professional clean sources and ready for low rates server "Retail Like". - Chronicle H5 - Including Geodata (no encryption) - Tested by over +700 players - If you pack have some mods, its Ok as long they have an option to disable them. - And the most important, good support in case I need help or question in general. If you think your Java Pack have those requirement, please send
  11. Hello maxcheaters family :P i know that there is probably a lot of this kind of topics but i didint find what i need and some of them are rly old, so Im looking for server platforms for INTERLUDE and HIGHT 5 i do u know any good ones i dont care if they are with price or free i need good one
  12. Hello everyone! Lineage 2 Axel is coming back, wiped with a clean and fresh start with a lot of improvements, new features and re-work on many skills that didn't work as they should! Our new GM Team will be active every day to offer you manual GM events and full support! Also, a new anti bot which blocks 3rd party softwares has been added! We have fixed almost everything and we are ready for the Grand Opening on Sunday 8 November 2015! Don't miss the chance! Chronicle * High Five Part 5 Rates & Enchant * Rates x5000 (instant pvp without farm) * Starting Level: 85 * Normal Scrolls:
  13. Selling Soultaker nobl, certified with enchanted skills 30/15, cheap. Just because I don´t have time to play now. Gear: Vesper noble robe foundation set+6 full 120 (sigil found too) Veniplant+7+acu 300 olf+6 Vorpal jews +4/6, B. Freya +6 Adena: 67kkk Hero cloak - Black Some FA, other items....
  14. WTS items and chere: Doom skill 25-30 nobles all subs certification skill items: Vorpal L set (pvp) +6 7lvl atr Final blade (pvp) +10,300 dark atr,Focus,arggument passive Pvp P. atk Vrsper Bow +10 300 water atr 2x erring vorpal +7 + olly erring 1x elegia neckles +7 1x AQ +7 1x olly ring + 55k olly pointes Mithril C +6 cp Belt +6 pvp skill atack +30b adena + soo much cool items pm on mail or here mail: Kokanovmilan@gmail.com
  15. Hi, I decided to go healer class for oly mostly. It is mid rate server with full buffs (cartel). I want to ask any guide for healer what I need and do on oly, strategy tips. About armor I think best is vorpal... Now I have found vesper nobler robe set+6. What dyes he need, etc. Which healer is best for oly.
  16. Hello guys. Averia launching new x10 server. 2015-10-09 online 7k+++ WTS any char 1-84 level 1kkk - 18 euro 4 bil stock Noobless char with 3 subs :15 euro PayPal, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney Contact via PM.
  17. Hi, I am going to play mid rate server and I want to focus on pvp solo and oly. I decided to play mage but with full buffs (there npc buffer) if better necro or sps. Server like tales, cartel... Please tell me pros for both and if u know about guide. Thanks for all answers. (Sorry for my english).
  18. L2Devianne is a mid-rate server, and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated. These information are available below. Website: http://l2devianne.com/ Forum: http://l2devianne.com/forum/ Full Features: http://l2devianne.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1 GRAND OPENING : 01.10.2015 20:00 GMT +2 MAIN FEATURES: RAID BOSS INFORMATION: - All EpicBoss is Pvp Zone. Clan System: - Max Members in Clan ( 30 in Main , and 2 Royals of 15 every one ) Total Members 60 - Max Clans on Alliance 1 ( Main clan + Alliance Clan )
  19. ♞ ★ www.L2H5.com ★ ✓ Free DRAGON Weapons for all new Players! ✓ ♞ Players start with free equipped Top Lindvior, Valakas, Antharas DRAGONS Weapons and Raid Jewels! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) GM Shop full with everything for Adena. This special Server does NOT accept donations ! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Finally you can stop being the "sitting duck" for the "donators". + The appearance of ALL skills has been reworked to look like the new from the latest chronicle ! (Unique&Exclusive Feature) Flying Wyvern for all the new Players FREE! Cloak with H
  20. Hello i am here looking for serious partners to create a serious lineage 2 server . For more info add me at my Skype dhmhtrhsvou Thank you ! Καλησπέρα είμαι εδώ ψάχνοντας σοβαρούς συνεταίρους για να ανοίξουμε έναν σοβαρό lineage 2 server . για περισσότερες πληροφορίες dhmhtrhsvou Σας ευχαριστώ !
  21. WTS Adena/Chars/Pwlvl in new asterios.tm x7 H5 server Phoenix (9k online) ADENA 1KKK - 13 EURO pm here
  22. Γεια σας ρε κουκλοι!!!εχουμε καμια event machine gia H5??απαντησε μου φαστ σας πακαλω!!!
  23. Hello. I want to sell my services, I can level up any char to any level, do any quest, drive your character when playing in CP or playing solo, play in nights. Playing L2 since C2, know all quests, zones, all ways to farm etc, I got plenty of time to play, got 2 pc's, so can turn up to 4 windows. Play time : 24/7 almost Chronicle : from Classic to H5 (interlude, gracia final/epligue, freya including). Im not taking offers for GoD like L2 Core. Server/Rates : Any from x1 to pvp server. Services: Pwlvl (any char from spoiler to buffer), Quests (sub,noobless, class change etc) Drive chara
  24. HI I'm wondering how to set up the mobs can show their levels. I have Advext64 H5... thx so much!
  25. OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING 31.1.2015 !!! HighFive 20x... After more than five months, we are advised officially the date of the official opening of the server. Server will be opened Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 19:00 GMT + 2. Server will continue [beta] traffic until 28.1.2015, so if you still do not believe us let's try what else you do not like on the other servers, or what you dislike on our past server. Thank you for your patronage and look forward to you! Your L2ICS team. Base Features... Rates - 20x SP - 5x Adena - 15x Drop 15x Boss Drop 15x Spoil 10x Safe +3 / Max +25 / Changeable r