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  1. Hi Guys I have been trying to make this Vitality Bar on H5 Client. As you can see, it looks fine as GOD client like, but my problem is when I tried to stretch: The dividers doesn't moved proportional as Status Windows. It supposed to be like this: So, there is someone who has already tried this on H5 client? or even on IT or GF? Thx guys and I hope someone can give me a clue. cheers
  2. Hi. WTS Adena,Items,Chars,Pwlvl L2E-Global x5 H5 all info skype coinsbomb
  3. I tried to decrypted this Interface, but for some reason I got crush my exe file. Can anyone help me?... If someone did it but not for free, write me a PM. here is the file: https://mega.nz/#!fJInWIBL!vDZeI2dB40F7byHJ019PgCYvegNTGCL-S2RtnS9QiQc Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/el/file/3b9d11b3afbfea791ec3e8103c4929986678ed9fcf7ce3f18334d9c65de19a14/analysis/1494273256/ Thx!!
  4. Hi I wanted to present my Gold Armor Assassin for MFighter. downloads: http://www.4shared.com/rar/owUKE_IXba/MFighter_Assasin_Asuki.html? ________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE Present concepts full set, but I have done for MFighter ONLY MFighter - Heavy, Light, Robe downloads: http://www.4shared.com/rar/S13hm3gSce/Assasin_Asuki_Set_Full_MFighte.html?
  5. Greetings to all. Recently I made the decision to move my old H5 server to the new "master" one available on L2J, However, a few error has appear :?: , when try to put my customization environment, which is made by this list: 1 - Auto Announcement: handle auto announcement over the server, 2 - Event Manager: handle faenor events like GlitteringMedals, L2Day, MasterOfEnchanting, Valentines, etc... 3 - Services Manager: main NPC which handle Buffer, Gatekeeper, Shops, Clan, Warehouse, Dyes, the list is endless 4 - Subclass Stack Manager: handle substack system 5 - Tattoo's Workings
  6. L2 Giran Vs Aden NOW LIVE!!! New Faction H5 L2J Server Website http://www.l2gva.online If you are looking for a good pvp server where fighting becomes your life. You do not have to search anymore, this is what you need. Rates: Exp/Sp/Drop - Custom Starting with S Grade items +16 and full attribute. Starting lvl 81. Subclass - no quest. Max Subclass - 3. Max Level Sub - 85 LvL. Buff Slot: 26 + 4 buff slot, 12 dance/song. Enchant: Safe +4 Max +16 Enchant scrolls - Failure will not break the item and goes -1. Blessed Enchant scrolls - Failure will not break the item, it will als
  7. GRAND OPENING TODAY! Dear player, we are glad to see you! We are pleased to present to you a short description of our server. Our server was tested many times and worked out to bring the maximum balance as for low level game, as well as for high level. We know that Lineage 2 - High FIve is not a new chronicle anymore and many of you already know everything about them, but we tried to make the game as fun as possible and still keep some difficulty in the game, so you could feel every aspect of it. ~ Server Description: Rate XP/SP: x10. Rate Adena: x7. Drop: x7 (Chance:
  8. Hello everyone. I have a problem here. Problem no, actually I need something and I tried everything and I did not succeed. I wanted to make an autoloot mod just for adena. I tried everything on L2Attackable and I did not succeed. Does anyone know any mod, or could you help me? Thank you in advance.
  9. L2 Thalassic Beta Open : 24/03/2017 Horario : 22 Horas Argentna UTC-3 Open Oficial : 31/03/2017 Horario : 21 hs UTC-3 Rates : Experience: x18 Skill Points: x25 Adena: x15 Drop & Spoil : x12 Max. Enchant: 12 (safe: 4) Enchant chance: 60% Blessed chance: Progresivo % Ver Foro Elemental Chance: 45% Crystal Chance: 35% Sub-Class Max. Level: 85 Buffs & Dances/Songs Duration: 2h Buff Slots: 24+4 | Dance Slot: 12 Max. Clients per PC : 5 Anti-Bot client<->server protection Caracteristicas : - Anti-bot Smartguard - Skills 80 + auto-learn - CTRL+CLICK en los Elements Stone - Automa
  10. High Five 13/3/2017 STARTED www.l2knights.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8YyARqBkgI Welcome to L2Knights, so you are a fighter? You came to the right place, here you can show us what are you made of. In L2Knights we have two heroes one is Walton who killed all the Raid Bosses and the Grand Bosses back in the old days and now all the monsters drop the Walton's Coin as a respect to him. Wait i haven't finished yet where are you going traveler? As i said we have two Heroes the second one is Uldie. Uldie she is the siste of Walton I do not have enough time to explain he
  11. Καλησπερα σε ολους εδω μεσα. Ειμαι καινουριος στο forum, μπηκα προς αναζητηση βοηθειας και ομολογω βρηκα πλουσιο υλικο και μπραβο σας. Ειμαστε μια παρεουλα 4 ατομα ερασιτεχνες, λιγο αυτοδιδακτοι, βλεποντας και κανοντας. Εγω προσωπικα ειμαι ο πιο ερασιτεχνης και αυτοδιδακτος απο τους υπολοιπους 3 :-[, οποτε σε μερικες περιπτωσεις κολλαμε και λιγο και προσωπικα δεν ντρεπομαι κι ολας να ζητησω συμβουλες και βοηθεια. Ειπαμε να σηκωσουμε ενα server H5 high-rate PvP για τον χαβαλε μας, να διασκεδασουμε και να το κανουν και αλλοι μαζι μας. Δεν προσβλεπουμε επενδυτικα ουτε για κερδη, για εμας το καν
  12. Some body have the same issue on Macro List using edKith Patch? Patch: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/202556-interface-h5-by-edkith/?hl=edkith Someone had it fix it? Its anything I should edit on interface.u? or interface.xdat? Thx for you help
  13. I come to all convene the pre-inauguration on April 28, 2017 of L][ IllusiOn and the official premiere on May 5, 2017. The project can be accompanied by ( facebook.com/ldoisillusion ). We are building a team to better serve you. * Server Version High Five * •Start level: 1 + 1kk Adena + Fast Book with (GK+RANK+INFOSERVER) •Auto learn skills •Subclass without quest & exp •Max subclass level: 85 •Max. Sub-Class: 5 •Become noblesse with Gold Bars •No Grade Penalty. •8 Different PVP nick colors •Custom Npcs •Working Offline Trading. •XP/SP: 100x •DROP: 100x •There are re-des
  14. Hello guys, i adapt armorgrp form h5 to IL. But have this problem. Someone can help me? The item in gloves LOL
  15. WTS Adena/items/chars/pwlvl/rurs in www.rpg-club.com x3 Party server (started 21st November) epic jewels, top items on sale! Adena 1kkk - 15 E Stock - 12kkk Any class (noobless,subs) skype coinsbomb
  16. L2 HALLATE ​High Five x1 server GRAND OPENING: 04/02/2016 18:00 (UTC+1) WEBSITE: www.hallate.com SERVER RATES •Experience (EXP): 1x •Skill Points (SP): 1x •Adena: 1x •Drop Items: 1x •Spoil: 1x •Recs-Keys: 1x •Quest Experience (EXP): 1x •Quest Skill Points (SP): 1x •Quest Adena: 1x •Quest Drop Items: 1x •Weight Limit: 1x •Manor: 1x •Extract Fish: 1x ____________________________________________ ENCHANT RATES •Safe Enchant: 3 •Max. Enchant: 16 •Normal Scroll chance: 60% •Blessed Scroll chance: 60% •Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 •Elemental Stone chance: 40% •Elemental Crystal chan
  17. Hi everyone i'm looking for good interface for h5 client but i preffer the next 2 options. 1° Option: 1 interface like this. But adding the skill load as the following image 2° Option: Classic H5 interface but whit 5 skill bars and skill loader like last option ! Sorry for my english, im latin guy.. Thanks a lot if u have the files share whit me ♥
  18. Wtb Highfive PvP Server Files , full everything + source skype : delux.13 ( Brazonka )
  19. SERVER INFORMATION PARTY [x3] Official anouncement >>> Start Date and Time 21 November 2016 17:00 UTC Chronicles Freya High Five (part5) Server rates Basic: Adena/EXP/SP: amount х3 Seal Stones: amount х3 Drop: chance х3, amount х1 Spoil: chance х3, amount х1 Quests - items drop: amount х1 Quests - rewards: EXP х3, Adena х1 RB drop: chance х3, amount х1 Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х3 PA VIP - Additional box + Special Proxy + Inreased EXP, SP +50% (299 RUR/month). Shop Includes premium consumables (as on off servers), server items (cloaks), decora
  20. 1St multiclient server C6-H5 The official opening of Lineage 2 Interlude PVP server is set on 19 November Server specs Chronicles of server: Interlude - Classic. Rates: Instance 80 LvL. Profession is received automatically. Free B grade on Start Cpanel ALT+B. 7 main locations for farming / PvP : Ketra, Varca, Woa, IT,Fog,HS,4s New Features: Reworked whole Interlude client and server side now is you can fill High Graphic and Performance like GF or H5 You can play with any client ( From C6 to H5 and any Os Windows/Linux/OS X) You can Share you item information with other player by clic
  21. I want to sell my doombringer in lionna which has a lot of items ready. Its hero atm with most +30 skills Or i can sell items instead of the whole char. What items it has: Ring Queen Ant +8 Blessed Zaken +6 Slasher focus +10 augment str 1 holy 300 mw Vorpal l set lvl 7 +6 +dressme Tezza +9 Belt defense +6 Shirt cp +6 ~Random other items Vesper noble heavy set +4 no elem Nagan +6 pvp 300 passive pvp attack mw for oly Finale +6 health 300 ///////////////////////// Also have an sph if interested If any other info is needed feel free to message me
  22. Hello. L2 Lionna price 1kkk=1eu stock around 50b U can pm me here, or skype "afgan katoromski"
  23. Hello, im lf good H5 server files, retaile/clean ;) best files for low rate severs... Files must be with source, geodata, ans support - updates and fixes help ;)
  24. WELCOME TO L2MERCURY H5 25X GRAND OPENING 17/09/2016 20:00 GMT+2 Website : http://www.l2mercury.com/ Forum : http://www.l2mercury.com/forum Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/l2mercury We are glad to announce that we are ready and server will open... Prepare your clans.. Prepare your Cp's.. Call your friends and join to one of the complete servers... Rates x25,much retail things and big community... We are waiting for you..!! L2MERCURY RATES EXPERIENCE (EXP) : 25X SKILL POINTS (SP) : 25X ADENA : 20X DROP ITEMS : 20X QUEST EXPERIENCE (EXP) : 3X