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  1. Hello, maybe someone need it ;) Now i will adding Hidden zones in map (like Olympiad arenas and etc...). Here i share [4.674 x 4.182] MAP in .JPEG format... I have [17.100 x 15.300] MAP in .PSD format (but still in work...). If someone has request i can upload .PSD file when i finished it...| SIMPLE > DOWNLOAD <
  2. Hello guys. i am having a problem with max camera zooming distance. I am setting different numbers, i have also tried to change other staff apart from maxzoomingdist and minzoomingdist but they dont have any effect on the game. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello guys, Yes, we are back! After few years we decide to come back. It’s the same team Lex and Tzu. For the guys that are new in Lineage 2 Community we had succesfull projects L2Pharos our 3rd server after L2Stars.com (~8 years ago, not .EU ) And L2Evolution.com. The ‘old guys’ can confirm that those servers were successfully ones without this `greedy-coruption-servers` etiquette that were killed by DDoS because we were competition. Also one of our biggest success was L2Silver which i think it doesn't need any presentation Let’s present us a bit: Lex –
  4. i adapt this... http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=31892&p=193413&hilit=pailaka#p193413 but need some fix if you can help and share....TODO: AGGRO IN GROUP FIX LATANA ANIMATION FIX LATANA RANGED SKILLS FIX BUFFS COUNTS TO 0 WHEN PLAYER DIE MOVIE WHEN YOU REACH TO LATANA Download
  5. Wish to sell the pack that L2Age/L2World/L2Woa was using + bug fixes. # The pack is based on l2r and has been developed for more then 2++ years. # I can say its most advanced pack with close to retail features and custom modifications on the market nowadays. # Several servers was using it so its 100% Stable. # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Working on website template.... # till then check fb page: https://www.facebook.com/l2agedev # Skype: L2AgeDev # ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. So I haven't played H5 server in quite some time, so i was curious to know which class would be better for PvP both solo and party. I've played a PK for over 10 years but I'm willing to try something knew because I wanan play a tank class with some damage but idk which one is better for pvp in H5 server so which do you guys think is better for PvP?
  7. Server Features: Server Rates EXP and SP: x75 Drop/Spoil: x75 Quest Drop: x4 Adena: x30 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +12 Normal Enchant Chance: 55% Blessed Enchant Chance: 65% Attribute Stone Chance: 60% Attribute Crystal Chance: 50% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Game Play Olympad max Enchant +6 No Sub Class Quest Sub Class max Level 85 Class Master Auto Learn Skill Auto Learn Loot Vitality System Champions System (9% Chance) Wedding Syst
  8. L2Reef x1000 PVP High Five Server -Website : www.l2reef.com -Facebook page : www.facebook.com/l2reef Grand Opening : 10/10/2017 GMT+2 Beta Starts 01/09/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Server Rates: Experience (EXP) : 1000x Skill Points (SP) : 1000x Adena : CUSTOM Drop Items : CUSTOM ENCHANTS Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 16 Donator Enchant : 18 Normal Scroll chance : 75% Blessed Scroll chance : 100% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 80% Elemental Crystal chance : 70% BASIC CONFIGURA
  9. As promised several times in the past, L2 AEPvP will officially launch an epic H5 version this year. The development was ceased last time due to lack of time and interest from the team but now the L2AEPvP team is making a comeback on the scene on the fresh H5 client that has never seen a true pride-like before. A few things about L2AEPvP team: L2AEPvP team currently consists of talented developers that devote their free time to develop an original pride like server from scratch (zero) by implementing ideas that were originally developed by Dav for the legendary L2Pride. We don't rely on s
  10. Hello, So I am playing in a new server and they made their own system, there are some things I like and some I don't. I know how to decrypt, encrypt, I know how to modify icons with UnrealED, some simple stuff. But here, I want to make some new changes and I don't know where are located the corresponding files and with which tools to modify them. See this screenshot: I numbered the blocks I would like to modify. 1) User Window Remove the header with the name; Remove the level; Remove the part on the left side; Add the experience percentage instead of
  11. Senyores tngo un pekenyo problema, tengo el sistema Rank pvp sistem del famoso masterio implementado a un proyecto, ahora el problema es que viene un tiempo de condicion que hasta que no haces 100 pvps no te deja usar el chat Shout (!) alguien lo ha tenido alguna vez? alguna idea de como desactivarlo?? porque lo he desactivado de la config.properties, y nada, ahora no me manda el mensaje de los 100pvps necessarios para usar el chat shout (!) ni manda el mensaje......
  12. Hi guys how to change the limit of PC Bang points?? i change them to 2 milion on properties config, but still showing limit 200,000 any script on core??
  13. Hi people, i got a problem, as in the IMG shows, i have the data with the svn source ( i dont know if im right ) now, when i want modify the file communityboard.class shows me the source is not found... any recomendation? any help? that do that appear?? thanks guys!... http://imageshack.com/a/img923/627/BO5NLC.png
  14. Hi people!! i now its a really basic config... but im more newer i guess... someone please remember me, where is the config to active the comunity board ( out of peace zone )?????? before was good, but then i changed somethig... i dindt know much i gues... and this happened to me... https://imageshack.com/i/pmHukXHmj The photo says.. as i said before,, ( CB CANT OPEN OUT OF PEACE ZONE )...... Thankks in advance...
  15. I'm not the Owner of this server and i wanna refresh ads to bring new life to this server. the old ads was very poor so 1 made new one. If this is against rules i'm apologise for that and ask mod to move this to old topic and mayby upgrade old post SERVER HAS STARTED IN OCTOBER 2016 Web : http://www.l2polaris.com/ Forum : http://www.l2polaris.com/forum/index.php RATES: Exp: x7 Sp: x7 Adena: x7 Drop: x7 Quest exp: x5 Quest sp: x5 Quest adena: x7 Quest drop: x3 Spoil: x5 Manor: x5 Weight limit: x3 Extract Fish: x1 Server time +2 GTM ENCHANTS Safe Enchant
  16. Can someone give me the "armorgrp.dat" from H5 Client? Thanks in advance.
  17. hi guys im new here my db dont have armorsets i have l2ava compiled pack h5 and i cant add custom weapon/sets i always got this message any idea?
  18. For details https://www.facebook.com/feelingreen
  20. Since someone has shared parts of code that are in mine pack, i will no more sell it.
  21. New Fresh Server Start 7 Jule 19:00 website http://www.halisha.com Platform: Java Chronicles: Interlude Rates: EXP: 500x SP: 500x Adena: 1 xDrop: 1x Spoil: 1x Quest: 1x What awaits you at the start : All Characters will apear in town of Goddard 80LvL and 3rd Class On Start In all places, the appearance arranged all the necessary service You will Have 0 Adena Free B Grade And Consumbles You can get from Shop General Information of Halisha Server A/S Grade From Shop 32 Buff slots 5 LvL Clan on Creation Clan Reputation Only from Raid Boss Clan Eggs from Raid Bosses and Gm Shop Goodard Castle
  22. Chaos Armor by ASUKI I created a complete data files for both server and also client. For Client: -complete textures and animations -itemname-e.dat - supplemented by PvP and missing Light and Robe helmets -armorgrp.dat - - supplemented by PvP and missing Light and Robe helmets -skillgrp.dat - supplemented by PvP stats -skillname-e.dat - - supplemented by PvP stats For server: -Skills -Items -Armorsets The stats are the same as Elegia sets including PvP States including passive skill are tested and 100% functional If anyone has a problem, I can help! Download1: https://mega.nz/
  23. WTS Adena on new Scryde x10 H5. 1$ = 100kk. PM here or skype: macabra1234567
  24. I'm looking to buy a trusted Lineage 2 High Five server pack. Multilingual support would be an advantage. Also, I'm down for buying a server pack based on L2Emurt project with fixes. I have the latest emurt pack and many features are disabled, so with my limited knowledge, I cant make them work. If someone could help me with unlocking/fixing still works. Basicly, what I'm looking for is a stable H5 source with working features. Also, I'd like to test the pack I'm buying, so test servers are to be expected prior to the payment. I will be making customisation, and this is why I'm emphasi
  25. I need a developer for a l2off h5 pvp server I want to make.I have no experience in this field - I am planning on buying a pack from l2-scripts website.I will pay for services(for example adding npcs events class balances and more).(if interested add me on skype : rwwlad)