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Found 22 results

  1. Melody2War is a complex of game servers. Our server is a classic concept with its own gameplay. We are working on a daily basis to improve the gameplay and implement certain (Missing) moments and game mechanics. Our project does not strive to become the best among all the other "Free" servers, but, as it was said earlier, we are actively working to make you comfortable playing with us. (Primary language Russian). Web: Melody2war.ru To start playing (Homunculus x500) To start playing (Grand Crusade x3000) Game server description - Chronicles of the game server - "Prelude of War" or "Grand Crusade" - Game server rates x500 or x3000 - Informative Community Board, only basic functionality (Nothing more) - Automatic consumption of cans (Command .apon (On) / .apoff (Off)) - Ability to sell buffs (Team .sellbuff or .sellbuffs) - Ability to block experience (Command .expoff, to enable .expon) - Nobility is free - Choice of class / professions (1,2,3, 4 - rebirth) through the dialog box or at the cats in the city (Completely free, no quests) - Maximum level 120 or 110 (Prelude of War / Grand Crusade) - Completely overhauled raid and grand bosses - Standard siege system - Olympiad daily from 20:00 to 00:00, excluding Sunday and the day of certification - Certification of the Olympiad / Issuance of Heroes every two weeks (i.e. every 2 weeks) - Dual class certification - No quest - Flexible sharpening system, the maximum level is +30, and the chance is varied with the help of special scrolls and stones. Content (Instances, Raids, etc.): - Most of the instances are implemented and fully operational (Including session hunting zones) - Fully implemented and available all the main Raid Bosses and Grand Epics - The number to enter group zones (including instances) from 2 or 3 people, depending on the complexity of the instance (In the main instances, the command channel has been canceled) - Separately allocated and improved farming zones, divided by difficulty level (For more comfortable development and farming) - Flexible equipment system and its improvements - The start of the character in the city of Gludio. In the bag you will find a "Thank You Letter" which you can exchange for Polina's equipment. - Main game currency "Adena", additional game currency "Free coin" - There are specially redesigned field raid bosses - System of automatic events, events - Symbolic donation system (Minimum donation), 99% of game values can be obtained by game. Features: - Completely classic PvP / PvE system, nothing more. - Main game currency: Adena. - Most of the items, even from the "Top" segment, are available through the game. - Completely redesigned field raids (AI, their level, characteristics, implemented a unique drop and much more) - The system of tasks is involved (Quests) - Sophisticated farming system (Advanced and well-developed farm zones, full implementation of the "Auto-hunting" system).
  2. Custom Rates: https://lineage2knight.com Opened 6/11/2020 Custom Armor, Weapon SAs, New Unique Classes heavily influenced by original classic classes A L2 custom server, lineage 2 knight brings a new playstyle never introduced to the lineage 2 world. I created a L2 that is geared towards Western style MMOs where the work you put in, you are rewarded. No terrible game mechanics based solely on RNG, p2w, and new leveling experiences. No more breaking weapons and armor on enchants that you worked so hard crafting. Crafting is completely re-made so any class/race can craft their gear through grinding, and dungeons are actually dungeons with Elite/Difficult monsters that greatly reward players. Everything is unique in a rewarding way. Try it out! Youtube video: See you in-game 😉
  3. TENKAI [Open Beta] L2 Tenkai is coming back under Prelude Of War 3 with our lastest server A totaly reworked economy and many new farm zones are waiting you ! Check our discordfor more informations ! Discord : https://discord.gg/P46Z9f3 Site : Under Construction We already have fixed / implemented everything from pow1 and now we're working on implemting pow3 stuffs. You can follow the advancemets on our discord and help us by joining the open beta (next week) New Hairstyles & Face for all races ! here is a list of the Features : Common Information Lineage 2 version/client: Prelude Of War 3 Exp rate: 1x. We have built our own experience table, it's no longer a simple multiplier. Summarizing, you'll reach level 120 in less than 24 hour of gameplay. SP rate: 10000x. In our server SP should be the smallest of your concerns, and we've made sure it's true. Adena rate: 1x. Again, we tweaked all the items' prices and monsters' adena drops by hand, so there's no point having a multiplier there. Drop rate: 1x. Safe enchant: +30. Max enchant: +30. Common Features We're in continuous development, without performing any changes to the economy. Practically all the classes and skills are working and up to date. Aria and Giant Life Stones implemented. Ring of Authority and Truth implemented. Shiny Elemental Shirt Abundance Talismans Ensoul system implemented. Damage and debuff formulas are extremelly close to the official ones, with a very special care and tweaks for your best experience. All GoD features up to Infinite Odyssey have been implemented. L2Store can be used with our donation coins Dimensional Rift Dimensional Crack Giants Cave Superion Fortress Ramona Helios Live world map information New Agathion item support New clan system support Artifact item support Support for R110 items Retail gatekeeper teleports Equipment upgrade system Teleport list system New henna system New starting quests Auto attack system Auto potion system Rank system New beauty shop items Ingame Economy The economy has been completely redesigned from scratch, with a focus on keeping it simple and solid. Adena is our main currency and it's dropped by all the defeatable monsters. One of our features is going to be very adena-hungry, so its value will never decay. Coins of Luck are our donations currency, and each is equivalent to 1 Euro. They are tradeable, and they basically make your life easier. Gold Einhasad are like the Coin of Luck cents, and you can loot them from certain monsters or events. Bring 100 to the Merchant NPC to make a Coin of Luck. There are some farmable items such as Elcyum which will be used as a currency for players. Server NPCs General Merchant Services NPC Global Teleporter Buffing Services GM Event NPC Bank NPC Augmented Item NPC Community Board There you will be able to find tons of information about the server and its current state, by using its specific tabs: Server News: a little index with the latest server announcements, taken from the forum. Castles: information about the current castle ownerships and status Raid Bosses: all the Raid Bosses and their current status/respawn timers. Epic Bosses: open world Epic Bosses together with the instanced epic bosses' information. Player Panel: your custom gameplay panel. Check it out! Rankings: as its name says, some rankings. Item Auctions: the Ebay.com of the server! Events: information about the current state of the server's automatic events. GM Events: information about the current GM event occuring. Custom Private Stores By typing .sell you will be able to set up a special private store in which you can accept as currency not just adena, but any item you can mark from your inventory. When a player clicks on you he will visualize it like a NPC multisell, but he will actually buy the items from you and pay what you've asked for. Summarizing, it's like any private store but without the adena limitation. Other Ingame Features Magic Gem: use this item in order to spawn the teleporter and the buffer NPCs near you... anywhere! World Altars: Don't get bored and discover the world of lineage 2 by doing the world altars ! Deck: do you want to see this ugly monster's drop list? Just use the deck on him, it will show you everything you need to know. Anti cheats system: it won't ban you automatically but send me an e-mail. And I will ban only highly geared chars, so don't bother testing crap programs with dummy characters, they will work until you decide to use them on your main. Client Updater The Updater is the best tool we provide to our players, it was made with the intention to make everyone's life easier when trying to connect to the server, and also to help us making sure every player is running on the same client version. It is also in charge of a very important part of our cheats protection system, and this is the reason why you're required to use it. Hosting Information Our server machine is hosted at the OVH Data centers, geolocated at Germany Hardware specs: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 @3.70GHz (TuboMode @3.90 GHz) 1 TB HD SSD RAID 64GB Ram DDR3 1066MHz 1Gbps Network Interface There is a more detailed list : Server Rates: Rates are evolutives ! All the server's economy is based on Adena and Shiny Coins. There are ways to get Gold Einhasad by just playing. The new Soul Crystals system implemented. When a subclass is made dual class it automatically goes up to level 99. There's no level cap, but after level 105 every new level will need much more experience than the previous one. Complete shop redesign! Now it's much more newbie-friendly. All the gear can be bought with a little amount of Adena. Safe and Max enchant with scrolls is +16, and enchant scrolls are cheap. You will be able to enchant over +16 through a custom shop without other boundaries (every +1 will cost much more adena than the previous one). Basic boss jewels will be purchasable with Adena, and bosses will drop the blessed ones (~20 jewels per boss). Epic Dragons will drop ~15 Fragment Dragon Weapons and ~750 Dragon Claws. The Magic Gem will only spawn Dahlia (teleporter) and Genius (buffer). The others will be in the main town. The good old Raid Bosses' strength and drops have been completely revamped. The Community Board has been redesigned to be more user friendly. Clans will be level 10 and full skills upon creation. Main Town System: There will be 9 possible main towns, one for each castle. SoE/Unstuck/To Village will always bring to the current main town. Custom NPCs will spawn only in the current main town. New characters will appear at the current main town. The current main town will randomly change every certain time. During the main town change, all the players from the current main town will be teleported to the new one (shops included). Castle taxes (dark tendency) will affect all the shops' adena prices. Clans will be able to give up their castle to the NPCs clan so that they can register to attack another one. Olympiads will run during the workweek. On Mondays and Tuesdays matches will be class-based, and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays they will be non-class-based. There will be new heroes every Saturday at 6:00 AM. A massive boss will spawn every Saturday at 6~10PM in a random place which will become an open PvP area while the boss is alive. Brooch jewels are directly level 5. Insanity talisman is in the shop for Adena. 3 farm zones at Hellbound: 1 for the 3rd SA,1 for the CHA/LUC dyes and 1 big/strong for DW mats (All farm in esthus will happen at Hellbound). Raid Bosses got a new makover and are uber strong.(all bosses & instances too). Instances also received a new makeover making all of them more enjoyable within a party(7 players party is required now to be able to join). All epics/instances monster levels have been changed to 107. Open World Raids levels have been adjusted to level 105. Sieges will take place every Sunday afternoon/evening between 18.00 and 22.00 GMT+0
  4. L2 Hell Discord L2 Hell is a Prelude of War free to play GameServer. Retail like gameplay. With adjusted drops for easier farming. Hell team wish you to enjoy your stay here. Project idea: An easier version of Official GameServers. RATES Max lvl: 120 EXP/SP: x2 Adena: x2 Safe/Max Enchant Weapon: +3/+20 Safe/Max Enchant Armor: +3/+20 FEATURES Olympiad: 1 Week Olympiad time: 20:00 - 00:00 Siege: 20:00 Auto loot
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a software other than the L2file project edit by Miko, to open my Grand Crusade client because it can not open all the files and it's still annoying. Please help me. Cordially.
  6. Website: https://l2.selfnet.org/ Forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2selfnet/ Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv Join us on Discord if you have any questions or just to be a part of the community. Join us on L2SelfNet Grand Crusade on our quest to the greatest server ever! A week long of continuous events starting the 6th of April 2019! Event : BATTLE THE BEASTS!!! A week long event with a lot of killing and a lot of fun !!! You and the players that would want to join the event will be locked in a CAGE where you will encounter a lot of monsters and one different raid boss per day. THERE ARE NO RULES!!! You may PK each other without getting flagged or get any kind of karma; be a part of this EVENT where everything is possible!!! See you there! Some of the event settings: *Vote Coins are usually obtained from voting the server and issuing a command in-game. They are used in L2Store to purchase goodies. Want to get involved on the server? Want to help? We though of a way to thank you for promoting our server and bring new players in:
  7. WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR BETA GRAND CRUSADE! Official live launch date: 31-March-2019 Website: https://l2.selfnet.org/ Forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2selfnet/ Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv Let's go on a quest were Lineage 2 was meaning something, were Lineage 2 was Farming, Spoiling, Leveling, Sieging and PvP. This is not a pay to win server! We came with a Lineage 2 server like no other and we promise: - No Wipes - No GM Interference in game play - No Pay-to-Win We came with a retail-like server with good rates, retail-like game play: - No Custom Weapons - No Custom Armors - No Custom Quests - Custom NPC Buffer allowing you to save presets and buffs of 60 minutes - Custom GM Shop - Custom Community Board with buffs and other goodies - Custom L2Store - Buffs and Songs for 60 minutes We would like you to be a part of the L2 SN Grand Crusade experience; we would like you to join us! Server rates : XP: x5 SP: x4 Adena: x4 Drop: x1 Drop chance: 4x Spoil: x1 Spoil chance: 4x Quest: x1 RaidBoss: x2 Maximum Enchant: +20 Server launch date: 31-March-2019 Join US NOW and we promise you the best experience of your Lineage 2 life! Our web site
  8. L2-Memorial unique Grand crusade Project Warfare update Website Facebook XP - x100 SP - x100 Drop chance - x50 Drop amount - x10 Spoil chance -x50 Spoil amount -x10 Adena rate - x3 Guide about unique features Information about Warfare update Features
  9. Server Grand Crusader Unique Server. http://l2memorial.com/ Custom Areas. http://l2memorial.com/pages/L2-Memorial Release Notes.pdf Server Live : June 08 - at 18:00 GMT +0
  10. RELEASE NOTES Forum: http://l2memorial.com/forum/ Web: http://www.l2memorial.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Memorial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/l2memorial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/L2_Memorial Discord: https://discord.gg/ySUqfTq Insert existing attachment
  11. Hello, I present you guys L2 BloodEra.. Server Just opened today 3/31/2018. Website : http://www.l2bloodera.com/ Forum : http://www.l2bloodera.com/forum/ Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/L2BloodEra The server has special ways to get Armors Weapons - R85 - R95 - R99 please visit our Forum to see how most things can be get. Server is not Pay2win at all :D check it your self. L2BloodEra Rates / features » Xp 15x. » Sp 15x. » Aden 2x. » Drop 1x. » PartyXp 4x. » PartySp 4x. » Rate Quest Drop = 3. » Rate Quest Reward XP = 5. » Rate Quest Reward SP = 5. » Rate Raidboss Points Reward = 5. » Training Camp Xp/Sp = 25. » Max-Level: 110. » all Raid instances need at least 3 players at least not +70 at least. » Raid (P) Defence lower by 40% Raid (M) Defence lower = 60%. » Max skill enchant: +20. » Enchanting items is Extended Proccess but as you go higher in item Enchant the success rate get lower. » Community board - ALT+B > Buffers- GMShop - Teleport - Find item. » Custom Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries. » Offline Trade. » Hero's every 30 days. » TVT Event. » Sell buffs. » Pc Cafe Points with great items to buy. » PvP title color. » Players can view NPC stats via shift-click. » Crafting gives EXP and SP. » No Clan Penelty. for more info please visit our Website.
  13. L2 Order VS Chaos Grand Crusade Factions Server Website: http://l2ovc.com Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/ Opening Date: 27/05/2017 17:00 GMT+3 The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features. The event routine includes maps, faction events, mini events and a chance for a boss event at the end of each routine. The Portal NPC will display statistics from past events as well as personal player statistics. Every weekend there's also a unique retail like event running. Territories New feature in L2 Order vs Chaos, each map belong to a spesific territory such as Giran , Aden , Oren etc... By winning a map your faction becomes the owner of it. if your faction owns all maps in the same territory you earn big bonuses such as Adena , Drop , SP , XP ! Maps Longest time events with biggest kind of goals to accomplish. Maps will end faster if their goal is achieved. A raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends. Faction Events After a map ends a faction event will start. Faction events are divided into 2 realms, each team will get its own realm. The teams are not able to see each other, the first team to complete the event goal wins. The score bar will show both teams the progression of each team. Mini Events A mini event will start after a faction event. Players will have 3 minutes to register before the mini event will start. These are usually short time events with small objectives to complete. Boss Events After every mini event there's a chance a grand boss event will start. Chance depends on amount of players online and day of week. There are 2 types of boss events: Team VS Team and Free for All. FFA will start only if there's not enough players for a TvT. In order to increase your chance for better rewards, you must take a vital part in the event. Buffs * AIO buffer with premade editable schemes. * Option to restore default schemes. * 4 hours buff duration. * Buff slots 20+4. * Summons restore buffs when resummoned. * Buffs kept after death (including toggles). * Cubics casted on self are kept after death and last for 4 hours. * Anti buff griefing system. * Symbols and Event buffs do not take a buff slot. * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds. Enchanting * Retail enchant rates. * Only blessed enchant scrolls available. * Safe enchant +3 (+4 full body). PvP * PvP rewards with EXP/SP/Adena/Items which players can use to make progress ingame. * Players get rewarded according to damage done on enemies when they die. * Debuffs and heals also count as damage. Olympiad * Only 1vs1 class irrelevant matches available. * Time left until olympiad period ends shows up for players upon login. * Runs only at Friday/Saturday/Sunday 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2. * Weekly cycle with 1/4 rewards, heroes every Monday. * Fights regardless of player's faction. * Minimum participants needed is 5. * Registration to olympaid is open only for players with at least rank 5. Parties * 7 Members maximum inside events. * Increased EXP/SP/Adena rewards when playing in party. Clans * No clan penalties. * 10 members maximum in main clan. * 5 extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has. * 2 clans maximum in an alliance. * Free leveling up to level 2. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buy able from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Only same faction can be invited to clan or alliance. * Weekly retail like Aden castle siege for clans with a variety of rewards. * Clan wars - clans can declare war against clans of opposite faction. Features * Starting level 95 with awakened class. * Max level 99 (including sub classes). * Free class change and subclass. * Starting gear R-grade. * Unique achievements system with levels and amazing rewards. * Personal vote reward system for temporary passive skill. * Double EXP/SP event at random times during the day. * Player ranks system. * Killing spree system. * Events voting system. * Announcements upon raid bosses/grand bosses spawn/death. * Return skill for all classes instead of SoE. * Special town for both factions for improved server economy. * Trade chat is faction only chat. * Players can duel in town. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Free warehouse and freight. * All NPCs available in town. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * Stats boost on death spree. * Stats boost on losing gap. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. Website: http://l2ovc.com Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forums Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/
  14. Ok guys, this is the Grand Crusade geodata map. This map created for those of you who uses my freeshared maps. And for those of you who used my maps creation service. Enjoy.
  15. Teleport data: 212856 -159768 -11712 224008 -159784 -11712 226472 -143016 -11712 Short info: Doors data here: download me Geodata Radar map here p.s. liked? press +1 rep button.
  16. TP Coords: x=-245761.781250 y=150377.859375 z=12075.068359 Geodata preview: Enjoy.