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Found 5 results

  1. Caution! Full dive into the best chronicles of the Lineage 2 Gracia Final x20 - this is a combination of the classic Mid-Rate concept. Simplified character development, high relevance of crafting, a lively market and the original PVP system. Chronicle: Gracia Final Server time: GMT+3 Core: OFF-Like (PTS) Start date: 8:00 pm GMT+3 February 22 OBT date: 8:00 pm GMT+3 February 11 Rates EXP & SP: x20 Adena & SealStone: x6 Spoil: x6 Drop: x10 Drop Knight's Epaulettes: x5 amount, with chance 70% Fame: x2 Attribute Stone Drop Isle of Prayer Fire / Water - х2 Wind / Earth - х3 Hellbound Fire / Water - х3 Wind / Earth - х3 Holy / Dark - х2 Attribute Crystal Drop Amount of fragments obtained from the Fountains in SoD / SoI - х2 RB rates Raid EXP & SP: x15 Raid Drop: x5 You can use Premium Account service to increase basic rates (read more) Quest Rates Quest item drop: no changes, except for the quests below* Quest reward - Adena/EXP/SP: x5 Changes in quests for the character All quests for 3 class change quest - drop Halisha Mark's x5: Reward for completing the quest - 50.000.000 Adena, 6 Giant's Codex, 3 Giant's Codex - Mastery. Supply check - reward and drop rate х1; In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х5 amount; The Finest Ingredients, Part 1 - х5 amount; Supplier of Reagents - х5 amount; Alliance with Ketra Orcs - x3 amount, with chance 100%; Alliance with Varka Silenos - x3 amount, with chance 100%; Path of a Noblesse, Precious Soul #1 - item drop rate chance 100%; Changes in quests for resources and enchant scrolls Zero hour (Resources) - drop rate х2 (for every party member) reward: x1; The Finest Food (Resources) - х2 amount; An Ice Merchant's Dream (Resources) - х2 amount; Heart in Search of Power (Resources) - х2 amount; Necromancer's Request (Resources) - х2 amount; In the Forgotten Village (Resources) - х2 amount; Guardians of the Holy Grail (Adena and Enchant Scrolls) - х3 amount; Seekers of the Holy Grail (Adena and Enchant Scrolls) - х3 amount; A Game of Cards (Adena and Enchant Scrolls) - item drop rate х2, reward х1; Seductive Whispers (Adena and Enchant Scrolls) - item drop rate х2, reward х1; Changes in quests for A and S grade recipes Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 (recipes for A gr equipment) - amount х3, chance х3; Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 (recipes for A gr equipment) - amount х3; Legacy of Insolence (recipes for A gr equipment) - amount х3, chance х3; Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 (recipes for A gr equipment) - amount х3; Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 (recipes for A gr equipment) - amount х3; War with Ketra Orcs (recipes for S gr equipment) - amount x5; War with Varka Silenos (recipes for S gr equipment) - amount x5; Gather the Flames (recipes for S gr weapon) - x1-2 randomly; Relics of the Old Empire (recipes for S gr weapon)- x1-2 randomly. Changes in Gracia quests Containing the Attribute Power (quest for Attribute Stone) - reward х2-х3 Collecting Star Stones for Agathions - amount х5 How to Oppose Evil (Books, Icarus recipes, II Essence) - amount х3, reduced the cost of books in half Hellbound Island HellBound Island is closed from the start and opens automatically (up to level 11) 2 weeks after the start Matras' Suspicious Request (II Essence) - amount х3 Drop Ancient Tome of the Demon - amount x2 Gameplay changes NPC Buffer - NPC in all towns allow you to get Buff / Song / Dance (second class only), WITHOUT a feline queen/seraphim and resists. Buff till level 76 - free Buff after level 76 - for Adena NPC Buff duration - 60 minutes Character Buffs changes Buff from 1st and 2nd class character - 60 minutes Buff from 3rd class character - standard Dance/Song buffed by character - 5 minutes Elemental summoner/Warlock buff duration - 5 minutes Other changes Automatic learning of character skills - up to level 74 (except Boost HP and Fast HP Recovery, Resurrection and Mass Resurrection, Divine Inspiration). Autoloot - available via ".menu" Increased weight limit for all characters by 2 times Auto use of CP/HP pots and elixirs - available by right click to icon on the shortcut panel You can stop character leveling by command .expoff/.expon Getting class description Classes are available for Adena at NPC "Class Manager" in any town 1st class - 150.000 Adena 2nd class - 3.500.000 Adena 3rd class - full quest, "Halisha Mark's" amount of drop increased by 5 times. Sub-class - Standard Quest, Time of Quest Bosses Respawn changed: Level of all bosses for subclass raised to level 80 Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Respawn 6 hours +/- 30 minutes Death Lord Hallate - Respawn 6 hours +/- 30 minutes Kernon - Respawn 6 hours +/- 30 minutes Longhorn Golkonda - Respawn 6 hours +/- 30 minutes Nobless - Standard Quest, Time of Quest Boss Respawn changed:: Level of Barakiel raised to level 80 Respawn Barakiel - 6 hours +/- 30 minutes Changes for Seed of Destruction To enter the Seed of Destruction you need from 18 to 45 characters of level 75+ Changed drop from Tiat boss (83 level): 100% - random Icarus weapon 75% - random Vesper weapon 100% - random Forgotten Scroll: Fighter/Archer/Magician Will 100% - Forgotten Scroll: Elemental Protection 100% - Holy Spirit's Cloak Black Market In 2 weeks after starting the server in the personal cabinet for players, Black Market will be available with the ability to withdraw the received funds to the QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex, Mobile wallet without commission (first half a year of the server’s life) Events Schedule Seven Signs The beginning of the first phase - February 25 Phase - 7 days (4 days - stage of struggle, 3 days - stage of seals) Stage of struggle: Monday 18.00 - Friday 05:45 (GMT+3) Stage of seals: Friday 6:00 - Monday 17:45 (GMT+3) Clanhalls The first siege of Clanhalls - March 8 Clanhalls Auctions - Standard Sieges Sieges of Fortresses are available from the start of the server. The first siege of castles - March 10, 16:00 and 20:00 (GMT+3) Castle siege period - every 2 weeks Territorial wars The first TW - March 10, after the seiges of castles (only for owners of castles) The first common TW - March 23 Registration for the first common TW will be available from 18:00 (GMT+3) March 22 (available 24 hours) Period for TW - 14 days, every Saturday from 20:00 (GMT+3) Before the start of the Territorial Wars, each flag returns to its castle. Noblesse cost - 50 Territory Badges Other game events Cursed Weapon (Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah) available from the start Epic bosses From the start of the server, all the epic bosses are dead. The starting point of the respawn is the server start time (February 22 - 20:00 GMT/UTC+3) After 2 weeks after the start of the server, the respawn epic bosses will be changed to fixed in the evening Epic bosses time of respawn Ant Queen: 24 Hours +/- 1 hour (attention, added NoRelogin Zone) Core: 36 Hours +/- 1 hour Orfen: 36 Hours +/- 1 hour Zaken: 48 Hours +/- 1 hour Baium: 5 days + 0-4 Hours (Baium level increased to 83) Antharas: 8 days + 0-2 Hours (Antharas level increased to 83) Valakas: 11 days + 0-30 minutes Frintezza: 48 Hours + 0-2 Hours Grand Olympiad Start of the first period of the Olympiad - March 4, 2019 Changing periods of the Olympiad - 2 weeks Registration limit for non-class - 5 characters Registration limit for class specified - 5 characters Class specified fights are only available on Fridays. Restriction - 1 window from 1 computer Fights 3x3 - disabled All that is not specified in the description of the server remains unchanged relative to the official version of the game. The concept of the server can be changed before the server starts.
  2. Rates: * Rates - Xp x9300 | Sp x3000 * Enchant - Custom Based on scroll and item. There is info showed in-game. * Augmentation: Info is showed in-game. Unique Features: * Custom AIO (All In One) Item. Includes: Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Symbol Maker, Character Information and much more! * Working Castle Sieges. * Champion System. * Auto Reward for every online player (one for each IP). * Auto Server Restarter. * Nexus Event Engine with varius events. * Custom Scripted Items (Hero Item, Nobless Item, Farm Booster etc). * Custom Solo PvP Zone. * Many Raid Bosses. * Many Farm Zones. * Varius in-game currencies for a boring-free gameplay. * Unlimited Sub Classes. * Unlimited Time for Buffs. * Varius Tiered Custom Items. * Marriege System. * Custom Skills (Generally, Hero, Marriage). * Online Password Change. * Custom Bot Protection. * Custom Olympiad System (S Grade Only! Random Hours!). * Balanced Gameplay. Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/eaGTGHz Website: http://l2veil.com/
  3. Well since i was looking a while for those Interfaces ( Visual Patch ) i will share them. So lets start with the interlude Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : And the Gracia Final Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : Well credits are unknown i didnt made those very beautiful interfaces. so if anyone know the credits i will put them below. ( Inside the inventory on Interlude Version there is a name "Diamond". It might be a server name or creator name if this gets confirmed i will put him as main creditor.
  4. Dear Friends of http://www.lineage2dex.com ! On 26 oct , our Gracia Final x7 server have successfully started! During this time, we have stability, growing markets in towns, a lot of solo players and small groups, as well as large clans participating in big wars. Hundreds of players are already enjoying the game! If you are looking for a stable, long-term server with high online. Join now! Useful links: Register : https://lineage2dex.com/reg Updater : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/60/download Client GF : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/59/download Patch : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/62/download Exp/Sp: x7 Adena: x5-x3 SealStone: х3 (amount) Drop: chance х4 Spoil: chance х3* RB exp/sp: x7 RB drop: chance x2 Epic: x1 Quest (adena/exp/sp): x2 х3 This fall, the largest projects came together to create a truly impressive server (Triple-A class among on all free l2 projects), with a huge number of players from around the world, based on the Gracia Final. Server Features: GF off files, everything works on 100% One of the best defenses against third-party software, 24/7 bot-hunting Balanced concept of the server. Comfortable game for both large sides and small groups of players. Also find themselves and solo players who are accustomed to slowly play for fun and enjoy game Moderate GM Shop International community players from Asia, CIS countries, Europe, America more info about server setup : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/13255/
  5. L2 TRION PVP SERVER The best private server of Lineage 2 ® game in the Gracia Final version. The world of epic battles L2 TRION server came in the year 2013 with the main objective of bringing fun, entertainment and incredible moments to several players in love with the Gracia Final version of the Lineage 2 ® game. Version: Gracia Final Experience: 1000x Skill points: 300x Skill points in group: 2x Adena: 1000x Drop spoil: 30x Minimum Safe: +16 Max Safe: +21 Normal Parchment: 53% Blessed parchment: 100% Level of elements: lvl 4 Set elements: 100% Number of buffs: 36 Number of dances and songs: 16 Skills Certificates: Enabled Buffs +30: Free Items s84: Free No Tattoo TVT: 1 in 1 hour Olly: 30 in 30 days Siege: Every Sunday NCsoft®, the interlocking NC logo, Lineage® II, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks or service marks of NCsoft Corp. All rights reserved and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Website: www.l2trion.com