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  1. English Official Spam Topic Here you can spam as much as you want, talk about anything, etc., as long as you follow a few simple rules. There may be no post count here, but continuous, nonsense replies such as "sadsadas" or "σpam" will be deleted. Flaming other users is not allowed here. Users flaming will be punished with a karma smite or a ban (depends). Posting improper images, such as ones with nudity or gore content, is prohibited. Any user posting such pictures will be immediately banned. Advertising other websites in here is not allowed. If you do this, you will be punished (Permanent Ban). We (staff) own the right to delete ANY post with or without a reason. In this thread we speak ONLY English. Nothing less, nothing more. The first insult even if you make it on a friend for fun is a ban. Flaming with highly insulting or racist comments are forbidden. Advertising of any kind is prohibited. Discussions about staff (Who left, got promoted, demoted and such) is forbidden. This will end up to 1 month ban as a warning. Rules can change anytime, with or without notice. Before posting in here you shall check the first post to be updated aswell. Thanks, MaxCheaters® Staff.
  2. Hello friends My iPhone 11 had music issues when I bought it two days ago. all the ringing sounds are working normally and the speaker is not faulty, just when listening to mp3 there is no sound, I did a lot of research on the internet and followed and failed. Can someone help me or guide me fix this error? Thanks very much.
  3. Release Date : September 4 2020 The NBA 2K21 release date comes with extra poignancy following the death of Kobe Bryant in January. It's out on PS4 and Xbox One on 4 September. The basketball legend, synonymous with the series, was killed in a helicopter crash aged just 41, and will be one of three cover athletes for this year's game. Below we catalogue all 2K's digital b-ball plans as well as what we know of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. This is your NBA 2K21 guide. NBA 2K21 trailer: watch it here The first NBA 2K21 trailer hit Youtube on 6 August 2020, and you can watch it below. Note that it pertains to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. NBA 2K21 cover star: Bryant one of three covers Kobe Bryant’s glittering b-ball career encompassed five NBA championships, two NBA-finals MVP awards, one overall MVP awards, and adulation across the nation - indeed, the entire world. Little wonder, then, that his tragic passing immediately had fans clamouring to make him this year’s cover star on social media. A petition was even started in the hope of triggering 2K’s attention. Sure enough, Bryant is one of three NBA 2K21 cover athletes, along with Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, and New Orleans Pelicans' Zion Williamson. Lillard fronts the current-gen edition, Williamson the next-gen version, and Bryant special edition covers across both formats. “Each of our cover athletes represent different eras of the game of basketball – Damian Lillard dominates the court today, Zion Williamson is a standard bearer for the next generation of NBA superstar and what more could be said about Kobe?,” says Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing at NBA 2K. “Three athletes representing the current, future and storied history of the game." NBA 2K21 release date: 4 September on current-gen As with many series in the sports genre, there’s a pattern behind 2K series releases. NBA 2K18 came out on 15 September, NBA 2K19 on 7 September, and NBA 2K20 on 6 September. Sure enough, just as we predicted when this feature premiered in May, the NBA 2K21 release date on PS4 and Xbox One is Friday 4 September. PS5 and Xbox Series X are tabbed to emerge a little later, with a loose release period entitled ‘Holiday 2020’. NBA 2K21 hasn’t been confirmed as a launch title for either, but you suspect it will be. None of the big publishers want to miss out on early sales, so expect it to line up on shelves right next to FIFA 21. NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant edition: what's the deal? To honour Kobe Bryant, the version of the game with him on the cover is known as the Mamba Forever Edition. It features him wearing a #8 jersey on the current-gen edition, and a #24 jersey for next-gen. Along with the base game, the Mamba Forever edition includes 100,000 in VC (NBA 2K's in-game currency), 10 MyTeam tokens, 40 MyTeam packs (10 at launch, with 10 additional packs available each week for the next three weeks) and sapphire versions of Lillard and Williamson that can be used in MyTeam. It also includes Bryant-focussed perks such as the Sapphire Kobe MyTeam card and a Mamba MyPlayer uniform. NBA 2K21 PS5 and Xbox Series X: What to expect The first edition of any sports game on a new console tends to focus on aesthetics over wholesale gameplay improvements. That’s not necessarily developers being lazy - more that it takes a year or three to fully master new hardware. As such, you shouldn’t expect the NBA series’ next-gen debut to completely transform MyCareer, or reinvent the sport. What it will do is look sensational. NBA 2K’s player likenesses and overall presentation have led the genre for years, only matched in those fields by Sony’s MLB The Show games. So players like Giannis Antetokounmpo will look just as they do on a live TV broadcast. 8K supported gameplay, meanwhile, is the stuff of dreams - offline at least, everything should run as smoothly as an end-to-end Toronto Raptors passing move. Online play will be more dependent on server reliability and connection speed, as ever, but for two opponents on high-end fibre-optic broadband the experience should be as silky slick as offline play. Cool. NBA 2K21 MyTeam: does progress carry over? In a word, yes. Much like in FIFA 21, progress made on current-gen systems will be transferable to next-gen consoles. "In NBA 2K21, your entire MyTeam collection and progress will seamlessly carry over from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X, so you can enjoy MyTeam uninterrupted, all year long," 2K says in a press release. "Start earning on NBA 2K21 for current-gen on September 4 and your entire balance of VC, MyTeam Points, pulled cards and Tokens will be there later in the year when you upgrade to NBA 2K21 for next-gen." NBA 2K21 features wishlist: What do the fans want? In a rarity among the sports community, Reddit has a dedicated forum where the best community suggestions actually get forwarded on for consideration by developer Visual Concepts. Better AI, especially late in games, features high on NBA 2K21 fan wishlists. “I can’t count the times I've jumped into a down-to-the-wire game, in the last minute or during overtime to find the stupidest lineups on the floor,” writes kainsta929. “Dwight Howard at PG with no LeBron James or Anthony Davis, or [for the Rockets] James Harden on the bench – only to check in with five seconds left, when down by more than 10. [Then you have] teams calling time out, then calling again it the play after. Waiting ages then chucking up some stupid shot. Setting up to play through a star player, then that star player only attempting 5 shots in a game. Small things like that really sour the game.” More specifically, ibuytiers has an excellent suggestion on how to improve the Park, where players meet up in order to find online team-mates. “[My idea is you] press the left stick to open up a menu similar to the running animations, where you could choose "looking for a *insert position*" or "looking for a rec squad". Then these would be shown above your player in the park.” “This would act as a catalyst for the Park,” he continues,” as the lack of communication available makes it hard to distinguish between people looking for a game, and players just standing there. In the player list on the phone, you could sort by players needed at a certain position. This would increase teamwork as there would be more squads, and help out players who play Park as a solo find more games. Right now there's very little incentive to play Park as a solo [rated] above 95 and this would help that.” Credits to : & Ben Wilson
  4. The FIFA 21 features list doesn't pack any massive surprises. Career mode, Ultimate Team, and Volta all return for FIFA 21, along with incremental gameplay tweaks. But the leap to PS5 and Xbox Series X brings some promising signs, and below we look at how it's shaping up on both current- and future-gens, beginning with an all-weekend playtest of the PS4 version. Get your shinpads on and venture forwards into GR's FIFA 21 features guide. FIFA 21 features: gameplay put to the test It’s impossible to judge any football game in a single weekend, but our first two days testing FIFA 21 gameplay on PS4 delivers some encouraging signs. Improvements are subtle but key – the most immediate being centre-forward intelligence. Depending on their awareness rating, strikers attempt to stay in line with the last defender, only breaking towards the ball as it’s released in behind the defence or crossed into the box. In sides with a Kane or Aguero it opens up an additional 3-5 chances per game, again depending on whether they’re being shadowed by Van Dijk or Van Dunderhead. Other small but important observations, in no particular order: Goalkeepers are much stronger on the near post. Heading hasn’t been overhauled completely, but isn’t nerfed like in FIFA 20. Central midfield play is less soupy, offering a touch more space and time on the ball. Defenders’ improved recognition of passing lanes, coupled with new blocking animations that make timely interventions feel less arbitrary, tidily counterbalances the improved attacking intelligence. Overall, it’s promising stuff – but we’ll reserve final judgement until our late-September review. One more, super niche, observation: as predicted in our FIFA 21 player faces guide, Benfica have been scanned and the likes of Pizzi and Odysseas Vlachodimos finally have accurate starheads. Socially distanced party on the streets of Lisbon tonight, anyone? FIFA 21 features: what to expect on PS5 and Xbox Series X FIFA 21 is released on PS5 and Xbox Series X to tie in with those consoles’ Holiday launches, but EA hasn’t yet gone into detail on the next-gen versions. It has admitted, however, that haptic feedback is an area of focus: “Sense the impact of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, and hits with immersive controller haptics. A new DualSense controller on PlayStation 5 with rich and responsive haptic feedback deepens the gameplay experience letting you feel the rhythm of the game in your hands.” More promisingly, the mega-publisher also says FIFA will feature the most “authentic character behaviours ever seen in sports gaming”. An example given is players adjusting their shin pads in the 89th minute, but that’s a cosmetic improvement. What we really need from this humanisation is better player awareness – and the forward runs outlined above are a promising sign – and the end of comical decision-making, such as a midfielder passing the ball straight of play when there’s a winger five yards away. FIFA 21 features: play Ultimate Team now for free stuff As outlined in our FIFA 20 pre-season guide, this year EA is bridging the gap from its old game to the new one by offering free content simply for sticking with the current edition for another four weeks. Across August there are five FIFA 21 items you can unlock by amassing gameplay time in FIFA 20, as follows: x2 Coin boosts (5 games x 500 coins) FUT 20 Icon Home Kit FUT 20 Future Stars Kit Anchor Chemistry Style Engine Chemistry Style FIFA 20 pre-season rewards will be granted in FIFA 21 on or before 16 October. If you don’t have the game by then, note that they need to be claimed by 23 November. FIFA 21 features: career mode upgraded at last FIFA 21 career mode has finally been given some love and attention this year, with the option to jump into simmed games and play key moments at any point one of many upgrades. A major point of focus is your youth set-up, In real life players sometimes start off in one position only to find excellence at another as they near first-team football: Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan Bissaka was a winger in his formative years at Crystal Palace. Those position changes are finally represented in-game, so you can switch a promising left-back to centre-forward if his traits are better suited in that role. Also cool is the option to sim matches but jump in any point to take control of key moments, such as free-kicks and penalties. FIFA 21 features: Volta gets new tweaks and new locations Like career, FIFA's small-sided mode has received a fairly comprehensive reworking. Interest in the FIFA Street redux waned as last season progressed, but EA hasn’t given up on it. The opposite, in fact. Features Battles neatly apes the Squad Battles of Ultimate Team, Volta Squads enables online gameplay alongside up to three friends, and confirmed locations include Sao Paulo, Rome and Dubai. For much more dip into our FIFA 21 Volta guide. FIFA 21 features: upgrade your game free of charge This is cool. FIFA 21’s release date on PS4 and XBox One is 9 October, two months ahead of the next-gen versions. That presents a dilemma to day-one buyers which EA has resolved smartly with its new Dual Entitlement program. Buy the game on current-gen and you can switch over to PS5 or Xbox Series X once you’ve picked up your new console, with Ultimate Team and Volta data carrying over. The one small-but-understandable catch is that you can't switch from digital to physical edition, or vice versa. "The physical copy of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 also includes your entitlement to download and play the PlayStation 5 version of the game (and Xbox One with Xbox Series X), so you’ll still be able to upgrade via Dual Entitlement if you purchase a next generation console with a disc drive," says EA. "If you intend to buy a discless next generation console, you will need to purchase FIFA 21 digitally to take advantage of the Dual Entitlement offer as physical discs cannot currently be used to upgrade to discless consoles.” FIFA 21 is released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on 9 October, and PS5 and Xbox Series X to tie in with the Holiday release of those consoles. Credits to : & Ben Wilson
  5. As the Marvel’s Avengers campaign ends, to be replaced by samey missions, it reminds me of the dual identity of so many superheroes. Avengers straps on its tightest, glossiest spandex for the campaign and dazzles with its moves, but once that adventure ends and it returns to the daily grind of a multiplayer-oriented endgame, it blurs into the crowd. Inoffensive, yet indistinguishable but for its famous superhero superstars. The frustrating thing about Marvel’s Avengers is that for the first few hours, you see hints of what it could have been—a visually spectacular and satisfying adventure—but then a functional, unoriginal loop of missions takes over, and you realise that that’s the actual game you’ll be spending most of your time with. The campaign offers a simple story, following future Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan as she seeks to reassemble the Avengers following a disaster that creates a wave of new superheroes labelled as ‘Inhumans’. You’re pitted against floating-head-with-tiny-limbs, MODOK, who’s intent on wiping out all Inhumans with the help of AIM’s Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini and her army of robots. A pretty regular Marvel setup then, and beautifully written, animated, and voice-acted throughout. I found myself actively looking forward to the cutscenes and snippets of in-game banter. The relationship between Bruce Banner and Kamala Khan unfolds beautifully. Banner’s unsure body language and mix of irritation and avuncular care he shows towards Khan—whose chirpy teenage optimism is just what 2020 needs—is a masterclass of voicework and mocap. It also elegantly addresses the fact that, to a 30-plus curmudgeon like me, the fresh-faced Khan can be kind of annoying, but her convincing character arc soon gets me completely onboard. Given the amount of big names the campaign has to introduce, it’s understandable that not all the relationships get the same level of attention, but each character still entertains as you bring the Avengers’ floating command centre back to life. The villain MODOK, with his pustulent, hypertrophic head that seems to swell up with every scene, is brilliantly brought to life. The performance turns one of Marvel’s goofiest-looking heroes into a memorable, eerily soft-spoken villain. However, once you’re aboard the Avengers’ Chimera ship, it becomes a little too obvious that you’re being roped into the publisher’s long game. You walk around on deck as your Avenger of choice, picking up time-limited challenges from vendors, buying gear using real or in-game currency, and using a map to freely drop into missions set across several biomes around the world. Some you do solo, others you do alongside up to three other Avengers, who can be controlled by AI or online players. I’d play with others where possible, and it speaks to the simplicity of the missions and combat that there’s not too much need for communication or a balanced squad. I did get to play online alongside Hulk wearing a Hawaiian shirt and fedora though. The combat is a curious mix of classic brawler moves like juggling, suspended aerial attacks and light-heavy combos with the counter-and-dodge-based style of the Arkham games (there’s even a move where you jump over a shielded enemy’s head to break their shield). Little icons on the edges of the screen tell you how close a missile or laser is to blasting you away, while enemy melee attacks are telegraphed by coloured circles, which let you know whether to dodge or parry them. Get enough attacks together, and your rage meter fills, letting you unlock spectacular special moves like Iron Man summoning his Hulkbuster mech, or Ms. Marvel turning into a long-limbed giantess resembling a wacky waving inflatable tube girl. The icons give you a lot to think about while filling your screen with a confetti of mechanised enemies and special moves executed by your fellow Avengers, and it doesn’t always feel like you—or even the game itself—can keep up. A couple of dozen hours in, I’ll still often dodge instead of parrying when the enemy attack circle is white (dodge for red, dammit!), and that all-important telegraphing of enemy moves isn’t entirely consistent, and the camera’s a little too close for comfort - great for ogling Hulk’s slabs of back muscle, not so great for managing space in a scuffle. Playing as the speedsters of the group, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, feels much better than Hulk, whose lumbering style doesn’t sync well with the already slowish animations and floaty jumping physics. High-flyers Iron Man and Thor, meanwhile, definitely offer a buzz as you can freely swoop into battle from way overhead of your buddies. Unfortunately finer aerial maneuvering and attacks are fiddly and much weaker than melee. It may be fun to fly, but the action’s really on the ground. But in a game so much about fan service, there’s something to be said for making each superhero feel unique, even if that is at the expense of balance. The characters move and attack just like you remember from the movies or imagine from the comics, right down to the disinterested way Hulk toe-pokes chests open. During these little moments, and amidst the on-screen muddle when you string together a bunch of counters and executions before letting rip with a hero’s special move, the superhero fantasy successfully shines. The bigger problems come later. Missions may be set all over the world, but levels themselves are sparse expanses of snow/forests/city where you hunt for crates hidden in metal bunkers guarded by faceless robots, before proceeding to complete a main objective—destroying a few structures, or holding onto some control points, Battlefield-style. The game tries to spruce things up with awkward platforming segments and hunts for SHIELD stashes (essentially a slightly better stash among endless stashes), but they’re visually ugly and unvaried, in stark contrast to the elegantly animated and designed superheroes that run around them. Also, for some reason the ‘Power’ level required for various missions is all over the place, greatly restricting the amount of missions you can tackle. I was quite up for a boss-fight mission that SHIELD offered for their daily challenge (which improves your faction rank with SHIELD, which lets you buy locked-off gear yada-yada), only to find that I was dozens of levels below being able to do it. These are the kinds of things that can be smoothed out over the coming months, but as things stand a good chunk of the endgame remains level-gated. Back aboard the Chimera, the metagame of daily challenges, endless gear upgrades (with daily ‘specialty’ items) and missions becomes particularly noticeable post-campaign. Without the more bespoke campaign-specific missions and story to break them up, the monotony begins to set in, and while there is an obsessive feedback loop to repeating missions, upgrading your gear, and improving your character in perpetuity, you don’t even get to see these gear upgrades. The only aesthetic changes are different costumes, which are a hard to find, and otherwise locked behind higher levels and real-world currency. There’s nothing too egregious about the microtransactions, which are purely cosmetic and also include emotes, nameplates and execution animations, but there’s nothing particularly satisfying to work towards in the endgame either. Perhaps a fleshed-out single-player campaign will never be enough to satisfy Avenger's marketing aims. The story is worthy of Marvel’s movie canon, but it’s too short and ends up being a shiny wrapper for what’s currently a rudimentary game-as-service. This comes with the caveat that it’s just getting started, and there have been plenty of online-oriented games that started slowly. There’s enough button-mashy mileage in the combat system, especially as new heroes get introduced as DLC, but it’s the mission design and loot loop that let it down. It's just not strong or varied enough to justify the long-term investment the game wants from you. Not that justification beyond a 14-hour campaign and 'it’s your favourite superheroes and they look amazing' is needed for a day one purchase, based on the game’s early sales. But if Marvel’s Avengers wants to keep loyalists sweet and expand its player-base, it needs a lot more flesh on its vibranium skeletal armature. If only the game could carry some of its narrative prowess from the campaign over into the endgame. Credits :
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  7. Is there a way to edit the name of a spoiler?
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  9. @Maxtor You could bring back that section to be more easy for the members to express their opinions about forum improvements though.... Without that section where can they start a suggestion topics about community? Good afternoon everyone.!!!!!
  10. In case you didn't know you can get Grand Theft Auto V , for free ! link : have fun :)
  11. Seense we dont have a section for music i decide to make a theard where we could post anything related to music For example you can post something like: -Preview Review of an album -A Musical video you like -Ask for song you dont know by showing a video , add , etc -Put wtf are you listening at the moment -Or what ever that is related to music This is the main part of topic ^^ Only 1 Rule , if you post a video , check the link of the vid it isnt dead The offspring - You are gonna go far kid
  12. Hello just making a gallop, is a x100 custom server with retail stats just customs gives u a small bonus of hp for longer pvp duration and weapons got double special abilities. Just wondering if you like this type of textures here is one of our custom weapons do you like it? If not explain why
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  15. Hello, I would like to delete this account. Pls tell me how, because I cannot find the button in settings.
  16. Video:
  18. Hello. Since iOS 13 was added for 24h ONLY time format the leading zero. Now it looks line Android style. This zero constantly annoys me. Anybody can help me to find Cydia's tweak for changing the time format in all system applications? Thanks.
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  22. Lets start with this: The worlds funniest laugh!!! Z4Y4keqTV6w -Dont quote. -Comments are allowed only if you include a youtube video also. -ONly youtube videos, use the button. -This is not a music thread (we already have a billion on spam topic board) Use this one: Or make a new one, i dont care. -This is not a WWE Thread, make a new thread IN SPAM TOPICS section if you love it so much. -If you have a lot of videos with the same tematic post them all in 1 post. -you can post more than 1 video per post but only one post per day. Last Rule -If you abuse of this thread you will get banned for 1 week.
  23. Hello there, i found Rivenverse Studio they make promo videos for lineage 2 server etc.. Is there anyone who has bought services from this guy?