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Found 513 results

  1. It’s been a while since the last time I browsed over here, tho I saw few old members overhere while I was checking around the sections etc. How are you going guys; :<
  2. Seense we dont have a section for music i decide to make a theard where we could post anything related to music For example you can post something like: -Preview Review of an album -A Musical video you like -Ask for song you dont know by showing a video , add , etc -Put wtf are you listening at the moment -Or what ever that is related to music This is the main part of topic ^^ Only 1 Rule , if you post a video , check the link of the vid it isnt dead The offspring - You are gonna go far kid
  3. I come to make a denounce to all, do NOT USE... or STOP use topl2jbrasil. I've been analyzing some of the top sites for a few months, and I've found concrete evidence that topl2jbrasil is a corrupt site and no have suficient traffic. The first positions are being sold, some sites even offline are obtaining automatic votes by the own system of topl2jbrasil. We have several evidence, including the denunciation within their forum, which was then erased by the corrupt administrator who could not justify his actions. How it works? The first 8 positions are already prepared for certain servers, the automatic voting system activates as soon as someone surpasses one of these sites, it is impossible to surpass them. The corrupt Administration! When I made the first complaint, after having surveyed the evidence and analyzed the site for months in order not to make a slanderous denounce. The first 8 positions had more than 116k of votes for each of those servers involved. The administrator decided to reduce these votes to 16k, not to draw the attention of other users who might come to question this. Therefore, my denounce was excluded. After the denounces, no server was banned or had their votes removed. This is further evidence that administration is involved, selling positions. And the servers that did not buy positions and use votebot, also did not have the votes removed, because they generate profit every month buying banners. Warning! If you register in the top L2jBrasil, you will be giving players to mafia servers, totally corrupt and you will not receive any traffic.
  4. Hello friends I am looking for funny ringtones for my iphone x device, but I am very bad at this. Can someone help me or share me the best ringtones? Thanks in advance :) See more free ringtone 2019: "die 10 besten klingeltöne"
  5. First 5 people who write there his subreddit get 100 subscribes
  6. Video:
  7. Hello I start promote my YouTube channel . I'm playing l2 h5 client currently at l2devil. Well enjoy
  8. English Official Spam Topic Here you can spam as much as you want, talk about anything, etc., as long as you follow a few simple rules. There may be no post count here, but continuous, nonsense replies such as "sadsadas" or "σpam" will be deleted. Flaming other users is not allowed here. Users flaming will be punished with a karma smite or a ban (depends). Posting improper images, such as ones with nudity or gore content, is prohibited. Any user posting such pictures will be immediately banned. Advertising other websites in here is not allowed. If you do this, you will be punished (Permanent Ban). We (staff) own the right to delete ANY post with or without a reason. In this thread we speak ONLY English. Nothing less, nothing more. The first insult even if you make it on a friend for fun is a ban. Flaming with highly insulting or racist comments are forbidden. Advertising of any kind is prohibited. Discussions about staff (Who left, got promoted, demoted and such) is forbidden. This will end up to 1 month ban as a warning. Rules can change anytime, with or without notice. Before posting in here you shall check the first post to be updated aswell. Thanks, MaxCheaters® Staff.
  9. Rootware

    EN T-shirt

    Hi. I need to find this for one girl. She wanted to lose weight by the summer but could not. Tell me where to buy this to her. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello friends My iPhone 11 had music issues when I bought it two days ago. all the ringing sounds are working normally and the speaker is not faulty, just when listening to mp3 there is no sound, I did a lot of research on the internet and followed and failed. Can someone help me or guide me fix this error? Thanks very much.
  11. Hey guys, I once posted about it few years back, but would like to post again, I would like to show you my mobile game about construction, it has over 30 million downloads, so it is quite good game, drive over 25 heavy equipment vehicles to complete various tasks, please rate if you like it, it helps a lot, thanks :) DOWNLOAD
  12. Complete protection of Internet resources from bots without losing customers We introduce Active Bot Protection – the first intelligent protection technology worldwide against bots Our products for complete protection, based on the Active Bot Protection technology DDoS protection: Including protection against attacks on layer 7 Bot mitigation: Negative bot activity is often not visible but should be dismissed API protection: Solution to filter mobile and loT traffic out of illegal bot activity Security audit: Full expertise how secure customer's infrastructure is in terms of negative bot activity Variti innovations Intelligent Active Bot Protection technology — traffic analysis, detection and stopping of malicious bots in real-time and effective response to DDoS attacks without influencing customer experience. Existing methods of protection against automated attacks do not fully protect against the smart threats that are difficult to identify. Active Bot Protection — is a set of highly optimised algorithms that allows us to classify online inquiries to the resources of our customers as legitimate or illegitimate in real-time. Mission Provide owners of online services with effective security instruments capable of protecting from both regular and most sophisticated cyber threats. Make innovative protection against all types of automated attacks a standard feature at the global level. Website: Email:
  13. he just added me to flame me, just because i told him to give credits to rizen whose code he is selling Kara`, 3:13 PM (wave) Kara`, 3:13 PM Trash kid bulgarian gipsy Kara`, 3:13 PM It's funny how u don't know me yet i know what kind of trash you're Kara`, 3:13 PM it's not rizel's engine BruTuS, 3:13 PM it is Kara`, 3:13 PM xaxaxa BruTuS, 3:13 PM I have proofs Kara`, 3:13 PM show me Kara`, 3:13 PM go show me BruTuS, 3:14 PM ill show u nothing BruTuS, 3:14 PM i have a client BruTuS, 3:14 PM with it Kara`, 3:14 PM xaxaxaax Kara`, 3:14 PM GLO Kara`, 3:14 PM ? Kara`, 3:14 PM :) BruTuS, 3:14 PM its exactly the same Kara`, 3:14 PM you piece of shit BruTuS, 3:14 PM one more Kara`, 3:14 PM xaxaxaxa Kara`, 3:14 PM xaxaxaxa Kara`, 3:14 PM prove it Kara`, 3:14 PM give me his name Kara`, 3:14 PM else ur just Kara`, 3:14 PM the same bulgarian shit BruTuS, 3:14 PM i do not share clients Kara`, 3:14 PM who stole 200e Kara`, 3:14 PM for drugs Kara`, 3:14 PM ye Kara`, 3:14 PM u don't share Kara`, 3:14 PM shit BruTuS, 3:14 PM i didn't stole anything from u BruTuS, 3:14 PM ;d Kara`, 3:14 PM gtfo trash BruTuS, 3:14 PM u came to me BruTuS, 3:14 PM u must gtfo :D Kara`, 3:14 PM u scammed Kara`, 3:14 PM 200e BruTuS, 3:15 PM who? Kara`, 3:15 PM and u even have mouth Kara`, 3:15 PM who? Kara`, 3:15 PM LOL Kara`, 3:15 PM brutus trash kid Kara`, 3:15 PM go do drugs BruTuS, 3:15 PM i ask who Kara`, 3:15 PM and talk for drug dealers Kara`, 3:15 PM u piece of shit Kara`, 3:15 PM u have no Kara`, 3:15 PM even 1 line BruTuS, 3:15 PM who did i scam i ask u Kara`, 3:15 PM of my engine's code Kara`, 3:15 PM NOT Kara`, 3:15 PM EVEN BruTuS, 3:15 PM i did show the proof to sweets already Kara`, 3:15 PM A FUCKING LINE Kara`, 3:15 PM NOT Kara`, 3:15 PM EVEN Kara`, 3:15 PM A DAMN Kara`, 3:15 PM line Kara`, 3:15 PM :) BruTuS, 3:15 PM i have your engine BruTuS, 3:15 PM its taken from phoenix Kara`, 3:15 PM its Kara`, 3:15 PM not phoenix Kara`, 3:15 PM retard BruTuS, 3:15 PM yes it is Kara`, 3:16 PM phoenix were having reflection methods Kara`, 3:16 PM you're trash gipsy BruTuS, 3:16 PM doesn't matter BruTuS, 3:16 PM u took his code Kara`, 3:16 PM the only client Kara`, 3:16 PM u have Kara`, 3:16 PM cause i have 200000 clients and i know with who u work Kara`, 3:16 PM is GLO BruTuS, 3:16 PM all events are same Kara`, 3:16 PM and i can see all ur skype convs Kara`, 3:16 PM from all clients Kara`, 3:16 PM ur trash BruTuS, 3:16 PM u can see what? BruTuS, 3:17 PM u cant see anything cuz u cant access my skype ;d Kara`, 3:17 PM i enter other's via TV Kara`, 3:17 PM retard Kara`, 3:17 PM even yesterday Kara`, 3:17 PM u were talkin to GLO Kara`, 3:17 PM at night Kara`, 3:17 PM stupid retard Kara`, 3:17 PM gtfo now Kara`, 3:17 PM bulgarian monkey as u used to be 5 years ago BruTuS, 3:17 PM so what Kara`, 3:17 PM wannabe programmer BruTuS, 3:17 PM i fixed all your codes :D BruTuS, 3:17 PM whos the wannabe here Kara`, 3:17 PM u fixed Kara`, 3:17 PM none of my codes Kara`, 3:17 PM cause all my codes Kara`, 3:17 PM are in a H5 PROJECT BruTuS, 3:17 PM even your event :D Kara`, 3:17 PM on xp dev Kara`, 3:17 PM nop BruTuS, 3:17 PM mobius is 1:1 h5 :D Kara`, 3:17 PM retard Kara`, 3:18 PM GLO Kara`, 3:18 PM :'( Kara`, 3:18 PM np Kara`, 3:18 PM ill block him BruTuS, 3:18 PM u are free to take my fixes :D Kara`, 3:18 PM hahahaha BruTuS, 3:18 PM glo have nothing to do with that :D Kara`, 3:18 PM im so glad Kara`, 3:18 PM u dont remember of me Kara`, 3:18 PM but i do remember Kara`, 3:18 PM the way u talk BruTuS, 3:18 PM but u do Kara`, 3:18 PM and what u wanted to do BruTuS, 3:18 PM means i am important person Kara`, 3:18 PM u even asked me BruTuS, 3:18 PM thanks Kara`, 3:18 PM to go around steal credit card Kara`, 3:18 PM this is the person u are Kara`, 3:18 PM but ur bulgarian BruTuS, 3:18 PM what? Kara`, 3:18 PM so is normal BruTuS, 3:18 PM steal credit card ?! :D BruTuS, 3:18 PM what do u mean by that BruTuS, 3:19 PM u lie so much BruTuS, 3:19 PM :D BruTuS, 3:19 PM ive seen more creative insults than yours :D
  14. Hello, I would like to delete this account. Pls tell me how, because I cannot find the button in settings.
  15. It seem that MxC's Old Freakz has been retired/Left allready... Is this the end of Legendary ERA???... RIP MxC....From now it's only available for Lineage 2 Section as it seem so...
  16. I watched a documentary about bigfoot:
  17. As you know, fifa coins are very important, and they are the lifeblood of this gameplay. Fut coins are used to buy various things to strength your squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, but they are hard to obtain, so you may wonder where the best place to buy fifa coins. If you have much time and energy, you can make fifa 20 coins by yourself. This is a real player nick’s strategy video. There are some free ways to get fifa 20 coins. Read this article to learn more.
  18. Hello guys. Wanna show to you my arts, enjoy and give feedback is have any :)
  19. Lets start with this: The worlds funniest laugh!!! Z4Y4keqTV6w -Dont quote. -Comments are allowed only if you include a youtube video also. -ONly youtube videos, use the button. -This is not a music thread (we already have a billion on spam topic board) Use this one: Or make a new one, i dont care. -This is not a WWE Thread, make a new thread IN SPAM TOPICS section if you love it so much. -If you have a lot of videos with the same tematic post them all in 1 post. -you can post more than 1 video per post but only one post per day. Last Rule -If you abuse of this thread you will get banned for 1 week.
  20. First 10 registered servers will receive 50 EURO bonus for advertising - premium features How to register your server ? it's very simple just follow this steps: Register FREE account Register Activate e-mail Add your server Lineage2 | WoW | Mincraft | Aion | Mu | PW | RF | Other online game Add our vote code banner in your website In order to receive bonus you must add our vote code banner in your website The money that will be added to your account, you can use your choice at any time
  21. I want to try myself in the field of online business. I chose the sphere of stock trading for myself. Friends, please tell me the applications for stock trading. I would be very grateful for your help.
  22. Здравствуйте уважаемые форумчане ! Хотелось бы представить наш анонс игровых серверов: MMO-1.RU Ведется анонсирование игровых проектов по направлениям: World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 и Perfect World. Главная цель нашего сайта - помочь бывалому игроку в поиске игрового сервера той или иной игры. Планируется постепенное и плавное развитие ресурса, соответственно, кто еще не знаком с подобным типом рейтингов, скажу, что подобная концепция выгодна администраторам игровых проектов, и игрокам соответственно. Всё таки одни ищут хороший, качественный сервер, другие ищут хороших адекватных игроков ;) Уместна здравая критика, уместны любые предложения по улучшению и совершенствованию ресурса. А на этом всё, спасибо за внимание :)
  23. Is that possible and how?